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From Mr. X

by Timothy Good
(Story from Timothy Good's book - Alien Base)

Of all my case files involving extended contact with extraterrestrial, quasi-human beings, there are a few which I have found to be completely convincing. The following one involves a witness whom I knew as a friend for 30 years; a compelling case for contact, and one in which I believe the extraterrestrials did not impart any false information. That is not to say that I believe every word, for a few inconsistencies in the witness's story, owing to a tendency to embellish at times, emerged over the years. Because she was reluctant even to have the story published after her death, which occurred in 1995, I will refer to her only as Joelle.
Joelle was born in St Petersburg, Russia, of French and Russian parents, in 1914. During the Second World War she became a passive member of the Maquis, the French resistance to the Nazi occupation of France. After the war, she worked in Paris for the Ministry of Armaments, then came with her family to live in London. By a strange coincidence, her two daughters, Frederique and Isabelle, were roommates and friends of mine at the Arts Educational School, where, in addition to the usual curriculum, we studied acting and dance (1952-53), and it was then that I first met Joelle. We were not to meet again until 1967, in the company of her husband and Lou Zinsstag, from whom I learned of Joelle's contact story.
It was in September 1963, when Joelle was in the Sheffield area conducting a house-to-house field survey for a market research company, of which she was a senior partner, that her extraordinary adventures began. The survey included questions relating to domestic appliances, and at one house she was struck by the number of very modern-looking gadgets in the living room, none of which was on the market. Queried about these, the lady of the house (whom I shall call Rosamund) responded that her husband was a scientist who regularly tested the latest devices to assess their practicability.
Joelle noticed a large radio transceiver, and was informed by Rosamund that her husband was an amateur radio ham who talked with people all over the world. To demonstrate, Rosamund turned the set on, then left the room temporarily. Hearing a very brief message in English, Joelle wrote it down on the back of her survey notepad. When Rosamund returned, Joelle said that a message had come through, but did not say that she had written it down. Looking suddenly shocked, Rosamund switched the set off, explaining that her husband would never forgive her if he knew she had turned it on without his permission.
Later, back at her hotel, Joelle pondered the message. 'Will be at Blue John tomorrow, 4.30 p.m. - Mark', it read. It meant nothing to her at first, but later she became intrigued and made a few equerries. 'Blue John' turned out to be the Blue John Caves near Castleton, in Derbyshire's Peak District, the name deriving from the French blue-jaune, given to the blue fluorspar mineral found in Derbyshire. Wondering if perhaps she had uncovered a spy-ring, Joelle determined to find out what was going on.

The Blue John Encounter

On the afternoon of Monday 16 September 1963, Joelle set off by car to return to London, via the Blue John Caves. Arriving in the vicinity of the caves at around 14.30, she parked in a vantage spot overlooking a mildly sloping valley, ate her packed lunch, then waited to see what might happen.
Shortly before 16.30, Joelle noticed a brilliant light in the sky, which she first took to be the Sun. It was moving, though, and when it came to rest, several hundred yards from her position, the brilliant glow ceased, and she could now see that it was a highly unusual disc-shaped aircraft, approximately 20 feet or so in diameter, supported on tripod landing legs with inverted mushroom-shaped pads on their earth-contacting ends. Beneath a cupola could be seen several circular windows. After a pause, a man - presumably 'Mark' - stepped out from the other side, dressed in a blue one-piece suit and a cloth helmet of some sort. Simultaneously, a man came out of the car parked some distance away and began walking down the slope towards the craft. Joelle recognized the car as the one that had been parked outside Rosamund's house. After the two men had greeted each other warmly, Mark turned towards the craft and signaled briefly to the other (presumed) crew member(s), then both men headed towards the car and drove away. The craft began to glow and lift off the ground, retracted its landing gear, hovering momentarily before shooting off at a fantastic speed.

A Safe House

At that time, Joelle did not accept the fact of flying saucers. She assumed that this was a highly advanced aircraft, perhaps of Soviet origin, its occupant a spy liaising secretly with Rosamund's husband. So she decided to wait before driving to Rosamund's house, finding out what she could, then perhaps reporting the matter to the police.
Half an hour later, she knocked at Rosamund's door. The scientist (whom I shall call Jack) opened the door cautiously and asked what she wanted. Joelle gave the excuse that she had interviewed his wife the day before and needed to double-check some questions. Jack made as if to close the door, but at that point Mark - now dressed in terrestrial clothes - interjected. 'That's alright, Jack,' he said, 'let her in.' Reluctantly, Jack opened the door and showed Joelle into the living room.
'Why don't you tell us the real reason why you're here?' began Mark.
'Because I need to check some questions with Rosamund for my market research survey.'
'That's not true, Mrs -----.'
Joelle swore to herself.
'Tut, tut, said Mark, teasingly. 'You shouldn't swear like that.'
How had he known that she had sworn?
'You came here,' continued Mark, 'because you saw my craft and wanted to find out what was going on, didn't you?'
Reluctantly, Joelle admitted the truth. And from then on, she was 'let in' on the alleged alien liaison. The discussion that night lasted well into the small hours. At first incredulous, she gradually accepted the sensational truth: that Mark was indeed a man from another world. For the next 15 months or so, Joelle had a total of about eight and a half hours of meetings with Mark and another member of his race, a man who, because of his deep voice sounded like that of the actor Valentine Dyall, was given the name of 'Val'. These meetings reportedly took place at several locations in England, including at least two in Joelle's London flat, near Earls Court.

Alien Bases

Joelle told me that, having no knowledge of the subject at the time, she began asking some 'rather stupid' questions. Later, after reading a few books, she was able to make more sophisticated inquiries. Her first question, naturally, related to the origin of the visitors. This was one of a number of things that Mark and Val politely refused to discuss in precise terms: they responded merely that they came from a planet, similar in many ways to Earth, located in another solar system. They also stated that we are not alone in our solar system, and implied that they had bases on two (unspecified) moons of Jupiter. Interestingly, it was reported in 1997 that signs of life, in the form of molecules containing carbon and nitrogen, had been detected on two of Jupiter's largest moons, Ganymede and Callisto, based on data gathered by NASA's Galileo spacecraft. For many years, some astrophysicists have speculated that life might exist in the warm water lying beneath the frozen surface of Europa, the smallest of Jupiter's moons. Thousands of years ago, said Mark and Val, their people had bases on Mars and the Moon. They also revealed that they had a number of bases on Earth, located in South America, Australia, the Soviet Union and elsewhere (though not in the United Kingdom).
Although Homosapiens originated on Earth, the visitors explained that, to speed up human evolution, they had on two occasions genetically 'interfered' with us. While similar in appearance, Earth humans and extraterrestrial humans evolved separately. Because of their advanced evolution, aliens live longer than Earth people. Val and Mark were extremely refined, fair-skinned, with perfect teeth and a not immediately noticeable peculiarity about the eyes. On one occasion, Joelle says she saw, though did not meet, a dark-skinned man who was a member of the same group.
Mark and Val said they were liaising in great secrecy with a team of scientists from several nations, having initially established their English contacts through Jack eight years earlier. None of those names was ever revealed to me. In addition to Jack, Joelle met two other such scientists, one of whom worked at the Woomera rocket range in Australia, set up jointly with Britain at the end of the Second World War. As to the purpose of the extraterrestrial missions, this was another question that they declined to answer precisely. 'We are not here for entirely philanthropic purposes,' was all they volunteered on one occasion. Whatever the mission, it demanded considerable dedication from the scientists, some of whom ostensibly worked with the aliens at the bases, or even (on rare occasions) traveled to their planet, necessitating their going 'missing'. Ideally, therefore, those without family responsibilities were involved.
In Alien Liaison, I discussed an alleged alien base located at, or in the vicinity of, Pine Gap, America's most secret facility in Australia, some 15 miles from Alice Springs. According to information supplied by Professor J.D. Frodsham in 1989, three hunters returning from an all night trip witnessed a 'camouflaged door open up in the grounds of the base and a metallic circular disk ascend vertically and soundlessly into the air before disappearing at great speed'.
Officially a 'Joint Defense Space Research Facility' sponsored by both the American and the Australian defense departments, Pine Gap serves principally as a down link site for reconnaissance and surveillance satellites. It was established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1966 and is run jointly by the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA). According to one American observer: 'The Australians have accorded the [Pine Gap] facility remarkable hospitality. People and cargo routinely fly in and out, entering and exiting without the burden of customs or immigration checks. The place enjoys almost extra-territorial status.' According to one of my sources, formerly a CIA employee, Alice Springs is considered to be a 'reward' posting - which is not to say that an actual alien base exists, or did exist, at Pine Gap. Nevertheless, there are some intriguing early references to the alleged existence of such a base, located '1,400 miles from Sydney' (which could place it in the Alice Springs area), in letters written by George Adamski. In 1951, for example, he wrote to a correspondent as follows:

"Under very interesting circumstances I had previously been told of a big space laboratory 1,400 miles from Sydney [which] has been in operation for the past three years. I was made to understand that space ships could be landing there [and that] a communication system could be going on through this laboratory between Earthmen and spacemen . . . It wasn't given to me as definite fact, but as a possibility from which I was to draw my own conclusions."

If there is any truth to this rumor, the implication is that the laboratory was functioning in about 1948, years before Pine Gap was officially known as a satellite intelligence-gathering and relay base. In replies to questions from the same correspondent a few months later, Adamski explained that he had acquired the information in 1949 from a scientist attached to the Chilean government, a former commanding officer in the Chilean Air Force. 'A communication system is definitely going on,' wrote Adamski, 'not only there but in [the United States] as well.
Regarding the existence of alien bases in the United States, in January 1952, prior to his first contact in the Californian desert in November that year, Adamski spoke with a marine engineer from Alaska who claimed that spacecraft regularly landed in a certain area in that state. According to the unnamed engineer, the 'space people' he saw ranged in height from three to six and half feet.
I include the foregoing information from Adamski for three reasons: first, it pre-dates any publication relating to the existence of alien bases on our planet. Secondly, as discussed in Chapter 7, Joelle claimed to have met a similar group of extraterrestrials to those who contacted Adamski in 1952 (and who regrettably were obliged to discredit him). Joelle's contacts also informed her that they had a base in Australia, location not specified, where they liaised with a team of human scientists. Finally, one of my most reliable and well-connected sources has learned that a number of such bases exist worldwide, and that a limited liaison between extraterrestrials and our people was established in the late 1940s. Interestingly, the locations of two of these bases were given as somewhere in Alaska - and Pine Gap.

Continuing Contacts

On one occasion, Joelle said she was invited to inspect a spacecraft at close quarters. This turned out to be the same craft as the one she saw at a distance in September 1963. On this occasion, in the vicinity of the Welsh border, one of the scientists was being taken to a base in South America. Joelle told me she was poor at judging sizes, but estimated that the width of the landing legs was about three inches and that the inverted mushroom-shaped pads were possibly an inch or so wider. Apart from a series of round portholes, no further details of the craft could be discerned, as it was dark at the time. Also, the entry point was out of her view. She was not allowed to go aboard, though she did touch the hull, which later caused her to feel 'slightly ill'. Shortly afterwards, she and Rosamund drove up to the top of a nearby hill to watch the craft take off. With a sound as of a swarm of bees, it rose vertically, slowly at first, then shot off, illuminated, at an angle.
Joelle said she helped the visitors in a number of ways. Once, they asked her to translate a certain Russian manuscript at the British Museum. Also, on more than one occasion, she cooked meals for them at her London flat. Both Mark and Val had 'perfect manners', enjoyed drinking wine with their food, and had a great sense of humor. They stressed a desire to be treated normally. 'We may be thousands of years in advance of your people,' they said once, 'but please don't look on us as angels.'
Mark and Val did not rely on telepathy to communicate between themselves; they also spoke their own language. When communicating at a distance with the scientists, they used a type of radio system with prearranged 'secure' frequencies, using tiny radios strapped to their wrists. More sophisticated methods of communication could be used, as Joelle was to discover. Arriving back at her flat on one occasion, she was astonished to see Val standing in the living room. 'How on Earth did you get in?' she asked, as she went to greet him. 'Don't come near me - don't touch me!' he said. 'Just calm down. I'm not actually here.'
Val went on the explain that what she saw before her was a projected image, effected mentally between minds as a means of enhancing communication from a distance. 'Maybe it was, as he said, just a picture in my mind,' Joelle told me. After a short discussion and a farewell, the 'picture' simply faded out. This particular phenomenon has been reported in a number of contact cases, including that of Cynthia Appleton.

The Home Planet

On one occasion at her flat, by means of a certain technical device, Joelle said her friends projected for her some three-dimensional still images (similar to our holograms, though more realistic) of their home planet. Certain kinds of trees could be seen, as well as houses, mostly circular in shape though not all of identical design. Tubular-shaped vehicles, which traveled just above the ground, were shown. These could hold up to four people and were programmed to stop at certain points, unless otherwise desired. Animals shown included cows, similar to certain of our breeds, though smaller.
Joelle learned that weather on the home planet was not as drastically contrasted, neither were the seasons the same, as on Earth. The aliens did not eat as much as we do, and consumed a great deal more fish than mammal meat, which was seldom eaten. Fruits were plentiful, and a fermented drink similar to wine was produced.
No separate countries or governments existed, as such, though from what Joelle could gather, there was a type of 'council'. No social or racial divisions existed. Though there was no money, a system of 'credits' was used. One did not get something for nothing and everyone had to contribute to society in some way. Even those normally engaged in, for instance, scientific work, took their turn at performing more menial tasks. Couples restricted themselves to two children, who matured much earlier than do humans. There were no hospitals: injuries caused by accidents, for example, could be healed by sophisticated machines.
Music was enjoyed, though different from ours. Stringed (not bowed) instruments were mentioned. Val and Mark made a point of emphasizing how much they liked our music.
It was implied that travel between the visitors' solar system and ours was 'virtually instantaneous', Joelle told me, though they declined to give her any details as to how this was effected. In any case, she felt that she probably would have been unable to understand the modus operandi. They did explain, however, that certain differences in their planetary environment made it difficult for them to live on Earth without periodic 're-conditioning', a process similarly reported by some other contactees, such as Howard Menger. From what little Joelle was told about this, I infer that these difficulties related principally , perhaps not wholly, to atmospheric pressure and gravity. While Mark and Val were working here, it was necessary for them to undergo re-conditioning or 'decompression' about every four days, either in the spacecraft (including a giant carrier craft) or at their bases. They required no more than four hours of sleep at night.
The visitors pointed out to Joelle that, were she to visit their planet, 'you may not see us'. This could imply that they existed in another dimension or 'frequency', though Joelle was inclined to the view that our less well-developed physical senses, vis-a-vis our limited perception of the electromagnetic spectrum, would be responsible for this condition. She always emphasized to me that, in spite of their technical, mental and spiritual advancement, her extraterrestrial friends were physical beings, requiring physical sustenance and transport. She also had the impression that they were not necessarily dependent on planets, their carrier craft being completely self-sufficient.

The Home Office

In 1967, three years after the last of her meetings with Mark and Val, Joelle claimed to have received a visit from two representatives of the Home Office in London. The men began by asking questions relating to the 'disappearance' of Jack and Rosamund and some of the other scientists, who by this time were supposedly living 'elsewhere', perhaps at a base in South America. Joelle presumed the men had located her from one of the missing scientists' address books they found at his home. In any event, they were knowledgeable about the story. Joelle politely refused to answer certain questions. 'You don't really expect me to answer that, do you?' she would reply; a response which seemed to please the investigators.

A Spiritual Link

During the course of her meetings with Mark and Val, Joelle learned a great deal. She did not tell me everything, and on a few occasions I noticed that when she might have been on the point of a keen revelation, she suddenly stuttered to a halt. She believed that somehow she had been hypnotized to prevent her disclosing any sensitive information; a hypnotic block effected without recourse to any conventional induction method.
If Mark and Val were reluctant to discuss their origin and technology and the actual purpose of their mission, they were more forthcoming on other subjects of discussion. Generally, they explained once, they preferred to exert their formidable powers of telepathy when influencing humanity, though on occasions they had interfered directly. They would do so in future, for instance, in the event that a nuclear catastrophe threatened to destroy our planet - perhaps with severe consequences extending beyond it which might impinge on them. Other extraterrestrial beings were coming here, they said, who were not so well disposed towards us, though no further information was made available.
In addition to the visitors being responsible for genetically 'upgrading' the human race on two occasions in our distant past, it was alleged that a few of our great spiritual leaders, including Jesus, were genetically 'engineered' by a type of artificial insemination, in an attempt to instill Earth people with spiritual concepts. The reluctance of this particular group of extraterrestrials to communicate with humanity at large was due mainly to the fact that we are not psychologically or spiritually ready for contact with a higher civilization, and it is necessary for us to evolve independently. Essentially, Joelle was informed, we are spiritual beings, surviving beyond death.
For Joelle, the experiences with her friends remained a treasured and vivid memory for the rest of her life.
Seldom do we hear nowadays of encounters with spiritually advanced extraterrestrials. Have they left our planet for ever? Are they alive and well but engaged in less ambitious projects? In any event, I often wonder if a principal reason behind their presence here on Earth is related to the very survival of our planet - as an alien base.
'What a beautiful planet,' they once remarked to Joelle. 'Such a pity you're destroying it . . .'


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