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This page will endeavor to draw together what I believe to be a cover up about the hidden air force. I have looked for the original article by Wendelle Stevens that appeared in the Arizona Highways magazine to no avail so what I relate is from my memory. It was an article about his investigation of the craft seen down by the Child's Power Plant in Arizona. But first...

Sighting, 1971
Our encounter was a brief sighting of three objects. In order to bring a bit of authenticity to our encounter, I will attempt to set the stage.

I was working for the Arizona Public Service at a very remote power plant at the bottom of Fossil Canyon near Payson, Arizona. There were two employee encampments. My first wife, our son and I were located at Irving. The other camp was Childs, located further down the canyon on the Verde River.

We were new but some of the families at Childs had lived and worked there for many years. Childs was an ideal place to live and the employees made every effort to keep visitors and tourists out. It was private land so they had the law on their side.

For years the employees had seen objects hovering over the power plant. We were never told about it and did not find about it until we had left the canyon. We saw a write up about it in one of the area papers.

There were only two roads in or out of the area. Both were narrow, rough and very steep with curves. It was necessary to travel out to buy supplies and gasoline. On one trip out to stock up we returned in daylight. For some distance, perhaps a mile or more, it was possible to see the Childs plant area but not the power plant or encampment. As we drove around a curve in the road my wife exclaimed, "Look! Look!"

I stopped and we all could plainly see three objects hovering over what we were certain was the plant at Childs. Each was stationary and maintained a stair step formation. We observed them for sometime before all moved off in formation traveling away from us. During this time period an airplane passed by a long distance away and could be easily recognized as a plane.
We did not confide in anyone about what we saw as we were not aware of any other sightings at Childs. We left shortly after.

Occurred : 10/15/2000 19:00 (Entered as : 10/15/2000 19:00)
Reported: 4/23/2005 9:59:32 PM 21:59
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Strawberry, AZ
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 minutes
Disk shape on Ground and viewed at length with Scope from a Deer rifle.

I have practiced Civil Engineering for at least 14 years and my Father in law has been a general Contractor for 35 years and the third witness whereabouts is unknown.

Vehicle or craft was on the ground at about 1 mile away. It was disk shaped and on the ground. It had lights on top and a doorway that was opened to the ground. Various windows and movement on the surrounding shrubbery and grass. Said craft was landed on an inaccessible portion of a mountainside and viewed at length through a high power scope for a deer rifle. Elevation of sighting is about 5500-6500 feet in elevation.

Several other local sightings of this type have been accounted for from local residents near the Child's power plant. Strawberry is approximately 70 miles West of Heber, place that "Fire in the Sky" was based upon.

This Canyon is said to routinely have low flying craft of unknown origin causing motor stops, watch stops and burn marks on ground.

Wendelle Stevens investigates sighting at the Child's Power plant - approximately 15 years ago

The persons who lived at the Child's Power plant, close to Strawberry, Arizona on the Verde River were excited to see a silver disc accompanied by two helicopters going up the river. The round silver disc had U.S. Air force on the side. The two helicopters went up the river but soon the disc came back down the river by itself.

Across the river from the Power Plant was the foundation of an old hotel. We were told that it was where the Mafia would come in the old days and enjoy themselves without being detected. The road down to the Power Plant was narrow and not in the best shape, I can't imagine what it was in those days.

Several of us went there and stayed the night in our tents. Of course we didn't see anything but we did see the trees full of vultures! Our friends that accompanied us had a little poodle. When they let her out of the tent in the morning those vultures had their eye on her as a good breakfast! We shooed them away before they could eat "Dinky" the dog.

What struck me was the insignia on the round silver disc.


Last week on Coast to Coast a man called in that lived in Oregon. He said he knew that the black ops had a base near Table Mountain in the Cascades. One day he was outside with his mother when he saw a huge "UFO" flying over. He didn't have time to tell his mother to look up so he just tipped her head up so she wouldn't miss it.

He said that the craft was at least 5 miles wide. He thought it would cover all of the city of Portland it was so huge. What amazed him was on the bottom it said UNITED STATE OF AMERICA! He said that it looked like the Star Ship Enterprise! Where could they build such a huge ship??

Several nights ago on Coast to Coast one of the callers spoke about the hacker from England, Gary McKinnon, that the US is so upset about because he hacked into the Air Force and NASA's files. I never heard this part before but it came out on the program that he had told what he found. He found evidence of ANOTHER Air Force in the US that persons were not aware of. He found the names of "ships" and the Off World officers names. When he checked out the names of the ships, they were not ocean going ships but he surmised they were "off world" ships owned by the government.

This is why the US wants him so badly. They have been trying to expedite him so he can stand trial and serve up to 70 years of his life for hacking into their files. What they are really worried about is that the information has come out about their secret projects! I have a feeling that England will not send him over here to live the rest of his life in prison. Anyway I hope not.


So put all that together and you have the pictures clear enough. We have no idea what is going on but we now know where a lot of the money in the budget is going!

P. Urial

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by Joseph Hufham

In 1910, the year Halley's Comet came back, I was eight years old. Mama and Papa, my two brothers and two sisters and I lived in a little North Carolina sawmill village called New Berlin, on the Atlantic Coast Line railroad 20 miles west of Wilmington.

By May 18, the day the earth was supposed to pass through the tail of the comet, people were pretty well stirred up. Newspapers had been telling about the comet for weeks. The Wilmington "Morning Star" had even run a couple of accounts of how some people had gone outside to view the comet and then dropped dead. In those days before radio and television there were rumors everywhere, most of the scary.

Our family lived next door to Papa's grocery store, which also housed the town's post office. Mama was the local midwife. Papa's full name was Noah Daniel Hufham, but most people called him "Parson" because he was also the local preacher, what we called a Missionary Baptist preacher.

Times were hard for us and for the handful of people who gathered for Papa's sermons. There was no church, just an old hull of a building made of rough lumber, with a tar paper roof. Papa had always dreamed of building a country church with a steeple. It seemed impossible. But then Halley's Comet came...

The train depot down on South Front Street held status as New Berlin's hub of activity. People often came running when they heard a train pull in, just to see who and what was getting on and off, and to hear the news from down the line.

Tom Pridgeon, our stationmaster, operated the telegraph, and when big news broke, like the presidential election returns or a heavyweight championship fight, townsfolk would gather outside the depot while Pridgeon listened to the telegraph and called out the window with the latest report.

And so it was on the night of May 18. I remember standing on the big broad porch of Papa's store and looking up. The comet as yellow like the moon and it bulged like an onion. The tail on it looked like an old dollar sweep broom, not much longer than the body; I could just see it swooping down and scrubbing on the mountains.

Tom Pridgeon was at the depot calling out the news to over 100 mean and women standing outside. My brother Dempsey, six years older than I, worked as a station boy. Every so often he would run over to us with the latest report.

The wires that night were singing with all kinds of news. One time Tom called out, "If the comet hits the earth head-on, it'll knock it out of orbit, and the earth will shoot away like a star." Dempsey said the crowd was murmuring like a swarm of bees somebody had taken a stick to.

Tom Pridgeon shouted out a warning that had come of the telegraph: "Even if the comet just misses us, its tail will strike the earth like fire and brimstone and will sweep it clean of every living thing." Women gasped and fanned themselves and men's faces dripped perspiration.

Little by little a lot of the men in the crowd left the depot and headed for Wright Carroll's place. Wright was the town policeman, and he lived upstairs over his shop. Downstairs he operated a cider business, where for a nickel you could buy a jelly glass of cider that had the kick of a wild mule.

Wright was nicknamed "Righteous." He was a tall, lean man, and he even wore a nice blue suit and a black plug hat. He was a soft-spoken man, subject to a fear of the hereafter. And if he drank anything stronger than coffee, nobody caught him at it.

The crowd at Wright's grew. and cider glasses were filled and refilled. From time to time Dempsey ran to give them the latest news. Finally, when he ran to the door and yelled, "They say the comet has its tail bent down to sweep the earth," the men fell silent.

Minutes later most of those fellows came clomping down South Front Street to our place, and they called out to Papa to come and talk to them. Papa was a little ole wiry man, not much bigger than a washing of soap, with a big nose. He sat down on the top step of the store's long porch. "Well boys, good evening," said he.

The men, some a little too wobbly to stand comfortably, all sat on the steps around him, and Wright Carroll got straight to the point:

"Parson, this ain't a praying bunch, but we decided we'd rather be with you at a time like this than in my cider shop. Tell us what you think about this comet and all what's being said."

None of them could see the comet from where they sat, but I could and I yelled, "It's getting bigger and brighter!" A shiver ran through those men.

Papa spoke to them in his slow, even voice. He spoke of fear, especially fear of the unknown. He quoted them stories and passages from the Bible that told of perilous times. But he told them how God looked after his people, and there was no reason to be afraid of anything if you had your trust in the Lord.

The night stilled down a bit, and only the rasping chirp of katydids shadowed Papa's voice. The men sat there hanging onto Papa's words, listening to the things that Papa could quote from the Bible as easy as silk.

Gradually the men relaxed a bit. I heard a sigh. The men were looking more at peace. Then Dempsey, running from the depot, gasped out, Pridgeon just reported that the comet is turning, an neither it nor its tail will strike the earth. But it will be back again in 75 years."

With that, the men got up and quietly shuffled off. Papa figured that was probably the first and last time he'd ever be preaching to those fellows.

But that same year, word went round that Papa had in mind to build a church. Andy you know every one of those men came back and pitched in and sawed some boards and drove some nails.
From the Guidepost Magazine, sent in by Laura Cyr


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Howard Menger case illuminates Extraterrestrial infiltration of Earthbound human society

by Ed Komarek

I read a lot of contactee stories from the 1950's when I first got interested in UFO/ET as a young man. I did not know what to make of these stories and just moved on. Now that I am much older and have quite a lot of experience under my belt I found myself rereading the book, From Outer Space by Howard Menger. As we all know these contactee stories were heavily debunked in the 1950's and 1960's and to a point where most mainstream UFO investigators to this day easily dismiss these cases of human extraterrestrial infiltration into our society. I believe this is a big mistake.

First, the very fact knowing what we know now about the propaganda campaign propagated against the public since the 1940's ought to be cause enough to revisit these old cases. Second, in light of current knowledge of human Extraterrestrial encounter cases and possible meetings between human ET's and Eisenhower in 195Os is another reason to take a good look at these old cases. Third, I have local contactee friends that have been providing me with stories for many years that are no different from these old contact cases.

The only difference between these newer local cases and the very public cases of the 1950's is that the human ET's seem to have changed tactics in light of resistance from earth humans as well as some other races that have been troubling them and us. Fourth, this discussion of tight fitting ET flight suits having a slight glow with invisible pockets, a kind of small square image recording device that fits into the palm of the hand and projects a holographic image, electromagnetic propulsion systems, doors on craft that just open up and are invisible when not open, view screens etc. all compare well to what we know today about ET technology from crash retrievals.

This image recording device seems similar to the device that holds a ET history known as the Yellow Book. Something else I have not heard anywhere is that the ET men don't have a problem with facial hair on their worlds but when on earth for awhile they have to shave. Menger remarked that on his moon trip his facial hair quit growing. What could be causing this effect I have no idea but it could be important.

From what I am hearing from my local contactee sources is that extensive contact and infiltration into earth human society has continued unabated since the 1940's. What is different today from the 1950's is that what once was a very overt infiltration has morphed and gone underground due to resistance from world military, economic and government elites. From what I am hearing is that the human ET's intent to turn things around on earth has not wavered even though tactics have had to be modified so as to adapt to changing external conditions. It also seems that there continues to be a high turnover rate amongst individual ET's with earth educated ET's being constantly replaced with new recruits. I am speculating that there are two reasons for this, one being the stress involved, and the other being growing interest in earth affairs by more ET individuals and groups.

Howard Menger gives a very broad perspective on extraterrestrial humans and their relationship to earth's indigenous people. He is saying that there are different human races living in parallel worlds around other planets, moons and the sun of our solar system as well as elsewhere about the universe. One of the main criticisms by the uninformed and skeptical is that the rest of the solar systems seems to be inhospitable to life at least complex life forms. But Menger makes it clear that these ET humans are living not in our dimension around the inhospitable planets, moons and sun, but in other hidden to us dimensions.

It looks to me that maybe what we have are habitable finite dimensional shells or zones around large accumulations of mass that are held together by some processes of gravitation and quantum entanglement.

I have heard of speculations by physicists that gravity is weak because it is holding together mass in other dimensions. Menger talks about being in orbit around the moon for 10 days according to his watch having his body adjusted on a molecular and atomic level before setting foot on a inhabited moon. This compares well to what some of the Rama folks in Peru have been saying since the 1970's, that their human ET contacts go in and out of other dimensions even here on earth. There is some really interesting physics going on that physicists should be taking a good look at.

But Menger's broad view is even broader and he says that his ET friends tell him that all these parallel worlds are connected and that souls transmigrate between these different parallel worlds. He is talking about this way back in the 1950's and in a big way on the Long John Nebel radio show that reached millions of people just as George Norey and Art Bell do today.

While we can see from cases like the 1958 Fontes Briefing that the military was freaking out about an ongoing alien invasion and trying to shoot down craft and mostly getting shot down themselves in the process, while Howard is helping his human ET friends infiltrate into earth society. He is cutting their hair, getting them earth clothes, briefing them on local ever-changing language, going about helping them install transceivers about the country that have a range about 25 miles to monitor earth humans etc. He says his ET's are vegetarians, the men don't like having their shoulder length hair cut off and the ET women can't stand bras. The only time he knew them to be really upset and angry was when they themselves were being infiltrated both by earth humans and it seems at least one other ET race causing them and their contactees a lot of trouble.

In fact a contactee friend of mine believes that things have only gotten worse over the years with some troublesome ET's and that this friend thinks a ET war may be brewing. Other than that the human ET's are keeping a lower profile, not much has changed in regard to their activities and their long range plans of earth humanity.

My friend said that a mutual contactee friend even got clothes for his ET's so they could walk around Walmart and feel and touch things. Another contactee that I know about says he calls some ET's stupid ET's because they have had to ask about simple things like what is Christmas? Its obvious that many ET humans are still dropping in cold turkey without going through any formal courses on earth affairs. What does seem to have changed is that human ET's now favor involvement and infiltration with lower economic social classes because when people talk it won't be taken seriously causing them security problems. Social class divisions restrict information flow to the military and economic elite that give the ET's trouble.

Its even kind of funny in that all this infiltration and interaction with earth humans is happening right under the military's arrogant noses, right around their military bases where they engage in cat and mouse games with ET craft and have their Blue Beret Teams stationed. It seems that our military has all this hard power just as Fulford claims but little soft power.

The U.S. political-military-industrial complex is enamored with technology and it is getting us into no end of trouble even in terrestrial affairs. This all makes our military and intelligence community look like the Keystone Cops when compared against the ET military and intelligence community. America's terrestrial HUMIT intelligence is pretty bad but it would seem that extraterrestrial HUMIT intelligence is even worse. Those of us that have taken the trouble to become informed have seen plenty of cases of human ET's involved in earth affairs, so all this infiltration should come as no surprise.

Even Bob Dean has commented that the military brass at NATO were very upset at these human ET's that look just like us infiltrating our planet. Its obvious from the Fontes Briefing, The Three Star General Report and other cases that the military was very paranoid about this in the 1950's and 1960's with a reactionary faction of the military even today just as paranoid, dangerous and delusional. This mentality about shooting first and asking questions later is pretty dangerous and stupid if you ask me.

I thought Menger was quite clear about the motives of his ET friends and that it was in their and our self interest to turn things around on earth. In light of the much bigger picture of soul migration and the interconnectiveness of these parallel dimensional worlds this makes since. It would seem that earth human devolution is harming others in the cosmic neighborhood in ways that are difficult for us to understand and the celestial humans are determined to get things straightened out here even if they have to fight us and other troublesome ET's in the process.

In fact other UFO investigators are beginning to comment that there are just too many crashes for it to just be due to equipment malfunction. Not only are earth forces still fighting with some ET groups but ET groups seem to be fighting amongst themselves not only around earth but on a much wider universal scope.

Why should we think conflict ends with us when we see conflicts between predators and prey all through the natural world. If the world's military and economic elite would just observe more and act less, things would be better for everybody concerned. But no, earth humans have to make it hard not just on themselves but on everybody else as well. So what is new? The immensity and reality of the situation is just mind boggling for anybody who tries to get a handle on it both inside and outside of government. As usual our worst enemy is ourselves!

Thank you X for this enlightening article - and Ed Komerck who wrote it.

P. Urial

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Anomalies and fraud in the New Mexico Desert

By Philip Mantle

In June 2007 I was invited to take part in field trip into the New Mexico desert by an American colleague by the name of Ed Gehrman. Ed is a firm believer in the authenticity of the Alien Autopsy film and he was of the opinion that he had actually discovered the location, the crash site if you will, where the events took place. I have to say here and now that I totally disagree with Ed on the authenticity of the Alien Autopsy film but that has been covered before by me and details can be located on my web site at:


We were joined on this field trip by Ed’s daughter Jody and her partner Dave. They, along with Ed were making their own independent documentary and were to film out in the desert as well as at the UFO festival in Roswell, which we were to head to later.

After meeting in Albuquerque we set off to head for the location in the desert, which probably lies closer to Socorro, than it does Roswell. In fact it is the Nogal Canyon area. Ed had been at this site several times so he knew exactly where to go. What I can say about the site is that it is well and truly off the beaten track. I’m glad Ed had hired a 4 X 4, as at times it was a tough place to drive to.

It was a very hot day in New Mexico when we finally reached our destination in the desert. I have to be honest, Ed had described this place to me before and even sent me some photographs and it was exactly as he had described it. You reach a kind of canyon, which has a dry lake or riverbed running through it. In front is a rock face with trees and bushes running up to it.

Before you get to the rock face Ed pointed out that in just one area there are a large number of burnt rocks that are only burnt on one side. There are also trees that are burnt and just in front of the rock face is a large cottonwood tree that is also fire damaged.

The rock face itself is literally covered with bluish material that Ed’s brother had nicknamed ‘alien puke’ as it is splattered all over the place. Loose rocks here and there also have this material all over them. We spent quite a while at this site to take lots of photographs, film for Ed’s documentary and I took several rock samples to take back home. It is a most curious site I have to admit but I kept an open mind as to the possible cause of these anomalies and could not agree with Ed that this was the crash site of the UFO that contained the creatures filmed in the Alien Autopsy film. If the Alien Autopsy film is a fake, which I’m convinced it is, then this by definition could not be a crash site associated with it. It does not mean of course that Ed could not have located a real UFO crash site. Leaving the site we headed to Roswell for the UFO Festival where I was to lecture at the International UFO Museum, and Ed, Jody and Dave were to carry on filming for their planned documentary. After a few days in Roswell we headed back to Albuquerque. I flew home to the UK and Ed and the rest drove back to where they live in California.

Upon return to the UK I wrote about the trip, which was published in a variety of magazines as well as on my web site. The rock samples that I had brought back with me were stored away and remained so until the early part of 2008. Ed had previously had his own test on such samples and the bluish material had been identified as cristobalite. I made a few enquiries in the UK as to where I might get someone to look at the samples I had but I drew a complete blank.


In the early part of 2008 I was contacted via email by American UFO researcher Ronnie Milione in New York. Ronnie has a BS, MS and PhD in computer science. Eventually I mentioned to Ronnie in one email exchange that I had these rock samples from New Mexico and wondered if he knew anyone who could take a look at them for me. Ronnie didn’t hesitate and informed me that he had a friend at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in New York who would be wiling to analyze the rock samples I had. Three rock samples were sent to Ronnie Milione and the results came back in September 2008.

The samples had been analyzed by Dr R. Ronald Rau. Although retired Dr Rau still holds a position at the BNL as a Guest scientist at the Physics department. In two reports Dr Rau in the first report numbered: CNM-080108RAU details over 4 pages the radioactivity found in the samples. There is a lot of technical information contained in this report and I put it to one side to ask further questions. I asked Dr Ray via Ronnie Milione what he made of the bluish material that covered the rocks. The second report numbered: 080109RAU again is very technical but on page 4 under the heading of Final Comments it states: Analysis by x-ray diffraction has revealed the material is mainly a variety of cristobalite, a mineral in the tetragonal system which is a form of SiO2 – polymorphous with quartz, coesite, stishovite and tridymite. According to the analysis, tridymite is found in moon rocks and meteorites, and tridymite alters into cristobalite when subjected to high temperatures, as micro traces found in these samples given by Ronnie Milione. As one would be the case when as stricken UFO disintegrates upon an uncontrolled, high-speed entry into the Earth’s atmosphere could be this situation.

To be perfectly honest I was taken by surprise by this last statement. Was Dr Rau saying that these rocks and the material found on them were caused by a stricken UFO? I contacted Dr Rau and asked him to explain in layman’s terms the significance of the radioactivity measured and whether or not he really did think these were the results of a UFO crash. His reply in full is as follows:

“Hello Philip,

Thank you for your questions and working with my dear friend, Ronnie Milione. Ok to answer your questions lets answer you in two parts here.

1. In ref. to report CNM-080108RAU the reports basically is saying that there are small traces of radioactivity. The radioactivity traces was a measurable amount 238 U [which is the most common isotope of uranium found in nature] but is very surprising that it would be on these samples. The other micro-trace picked up was 214Pb [lead] and 214Bi [bismuth] which has very short half-lives but to my account this can be viewed as negligible. What is interesting is 238 U on the rock samples. This can be caused by a condition called Locard's Exchange Principle. This also can be explained in my second report [CNM-080109RAU] as the same phenomena.

2. Basically here is what Locard's Exchange does - "Every Contact Leaves a Trace". So when you have a huge high impact and high temperature yield you can have a transfer of materials from the source to destination at the point of impact. For example from so-called ship to the surrounding area in that impact area can be very well the cause.

I would conclude that something of a very fast high temperature yield caused the surrounding area to exhibit the Locard's Exchange transformation.

Would I tag it a "UFO"...Probably because the unknown source is unknown!

If you need anything else please don't hesitate to write.

Sincerely yours,

Rau –“

So it would seem that Dr Rau is saying that it could well have been a UFO that caused these effects. I had fully expected his reports to offer a conventional explanation but apparently not. I hope to publish both of Dr Rau’s reports in full on my web site so you can read the technical details in full for yourself. I’ve taken the liberty of showing Dr Rau’s reports to a select few UFO researchers to see what the made of them. The reports themselves came via Ronnie Milione so it seems only right that Ronnie should be the first to comment on them. He is in no doubt “After reviewing Dr. Rau report on the rock samples submitted from Socorro, New Mexico I'm strongly convinced that some object of high velocity, temperature and unusual extraterrestrial properties and radiation was exposed to the surrounding crash site and still to this day after more than 60 years left a unique signature of an "unknown object" that still mystifies the UFOLOGISTS of today and proof that the US GOVT still hides the truth!”

In the UK Nick Pope, formerly the Ministry of Defence’ UFO desk officer in the l990’s was intrigued by the results, he stated; "This looks to be a potentially very interesting and significant development, though further clarification needs to be sought on the question of whether a meteor impact could have caused the effect documented. More generally, widespread media and public acceptance of UFO-related claims is unlikely to be forthcoming unless such claims are underpinned by proper scientific analysis. By engaging with Dr Rau, Philip Mantle is doing what few in this controversial field of research have had the courage and foresight to do, namely taking the subject out of the fringe and putting it where it belongs - in the laboratory".

Back in the USA Ed Gehrman was delighted: “I'm glad you had this material tested but it is just as I have always stated. The material is cristobalite. Cristobalite shouldn't be there in this quantity and spread in this manner. The material is not desert varnish, but covers desert varnish. I am 100% correct. Nogal canyon in Socorro is a crash site for the craft and creatures in the Alien Autopsy Film”.

I’ve sent Ronnie Milione a CD with lots of photographs of the site in New Mexico so that he and Dr Rau can perhaps get a better idea of what it looks like. For me I don’t quite know what to make of it. I take no credit for finding this location, that all lies with Ed Gehrman. I cannot agree with Ed with regards to the Alien Autopsy Film but has he stumbled on something out of the ordinary? Ed will be visiting the site again in 2008 and will collect more samples for analysis.


All seemed to be going well and the story had circulated quite literally around the world. However, not everything was as it seemed. On October 14th I received an e-mail from Frank Warren who runs the web site The UFO Chronicles ( Frank had some intriguing news;

“Good Day Philip,

Today a fellow who claims to be with the Brookhaven Lab claimed the following:

I work in the Media & Communications Office at Brookhaven Lab. Claims have been posted online that Dr. R. Ronald Rau at Brookhaven National Laboratory recently confirmed an alleged UFO crash site by analyzing rock samples from the area. These claims are false.

Dr. Rau retired from Brookhaven Lab in 1990 and now holds a guest appointment at the lab. He did not analyze rock samples, he has not written reports on rocks, and he had no knowledge of these claims until contacted on October 8, 2008, by a reporter.

When Dr. Rau was a working scientist, he did experiments using particle accelerators. As an administrator, he held various appointments in senior management at Brookhaven Lab.

The rock analysis reports attributed to Dr. Rau appear to be poorly made forgeries that are only distinguished by the use of the Brookhaven Lab and U.S. Department of Energy logos, which are readily available online. They are not in the format of an official Brookhaven Lab report and have multiple grammatical and spelling errors.

Additionally, in perusing the Brookhaven web site, there is confirmation that Rau did in fact retire in 1990--please explain.

Frank Warren”

I phoned Ronnie Milione is New York and he gave me a not too convincing story. I then contact Dr Rau via the email address provided by the BNL and he has told me that he has never tested any such rock samples and that’s it. His full email is reproduced here:

“Mr. Mantle, all of this is nonsense. I have never dealt with rocks from New Mexico or any other place. I am a High Energy Physicist not a geologist. I am retired from Brookhaven National Laboratory and they know about this fabrication. I do know casually Dr. Milione as he helped me set up a new computer a few months ago.

Please stop this fabrication.

Thank you Dr. R. Ronald Rau.”

I also checked with a person I respect in the USA who gave me a long list of frauds and falsehoods that Ronnie Milione had previously been involved with. I could not however find anything on the Internet that detailed anything suspicious about Ronnie Milione. I had checked this before but drew a complete blank. However, I have no doubt that my colleague in the USA is telling me the truth. Milione also claims to have A PhD; again this seems to be false. Milione was even behind the fake e-mail’s allegedly from Dr Rau. What else he has falsified remains to be seen.

Basically this whole thing has been a fraud perpetrated by Ronnie Milione. He has produced fake lab reports on Brookhaven head stationary and has used one of their doctor’s names fraudulently. As a result I will be consulting my lawyer to see if I can sue for damages.

I have emailed Dr Rau to apologise and advised him to consult a legal representative. I have also contacted the BNL to advise them of this and have suggested they too seek legal advice. I have offered my assistance to both Dr Rau and the BNL should they choose to take legal action against Ronnie Milione.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask. I can only apologise to the BNL and Dr Rau for any embarrassment caused but the culprit is Ronnie Milione and the BNL. Dr R.Ronald Rau and I are the victims.

I would like to thank Frank Warren for alerting me to this and for my colleague in the USA for supplying me with the low down on Ronnie Milione. For the record I phoned Milione on his landline as soon as I could but guess what, it was coming up and engaged. I did however leave a message on his mobile answering service telling him just what I thought of him. Any further communication with him will now be with my lawyer. However, if anyone would like his full contact details please let me know and I will gladly supply them.

Lessons have been learnt but unlike the Alien Autopsy Film, which took me 14 years to prove as a fake, these sorry events only took a few days.


In recent weeks I have learnt of a number of alleged misdemeanours perpetrated by Ronnie Milione and I am keen to learn more. If you have been a victim yourself you can contact me, in complete confidence at:



Philip Mantle



PO BOX 280




LS26 1AN


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Wichita UFO Sighting: 'Weird'...Possible Military Prototype

Posted: 10 Feb 2009 08:37 AM PST

It flew fast like a jet, made a whirling sound and left an odd glow.

That's how an amateur photographer described a flying machine he spotted in the skies near Rose Hill on Friday. The UFO world is now paying attention to his photograph.

On Monday, the photo appeared under the headline "Weird Object in Wichita," on UFO Digest, a Canadian Web site.

The object looks like some kind of new-technology fighter jet, possibly a prototype, said UFO Digest editor and publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg.

Jarrod Bartlett, spokesman for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems-Wichita, said in an e-mail that he checked with flight operations staff "and they were not able to identify the aircraft. We do not often get calls regarding unidentified aircraft."

McConnell Air Force Base declined to comment.

The man who captured the image said he took the photo at 8:42 a.m. Friday near 210th and Prairie Creek Road, about three miles south of Rose Hill.

"I was facing east when I shot the photo," the man, who asked not to be identified, said in an e-mail.

He described what he saw: "The object came out of the clouds really fast. It sounded kind of like a jet but much, much softer and had a whirling sound with it.

"I only got off one shot because it was really close before I realized it was something different. It went back upward, much like a jet, and was gone.

"There was a odd pinkish glow in the sky behind it."

In a telephone interview, the man said he takes still-life photos as a hobby. He said it was fortunate he had his camera out when the object flew into his view because he saw it for only a few seconds.

"The only problem was I had a real slow lens... . I wasn't planning on taking a picture of anything moving," he said.

He said he used to work at Boeing and has seen a lot of aircraft over the years.

"It didn't sound like one of these jets that I hear all the time.... It was much quieter, much quieter," he said.

He noticed that the flying machine's exterior looked black and shiny.

He estimated the object came no closer than 1,000 feet above the ground. It swooped in as if it was on "a bombing run."

"Then in one smooth motion, it went back up," he said.

After he took the photo, relatives urged him to send it to the UFO publication. He was reluctant.

"I didn't want people to think I'm nuts," he said.

Vander Ploeg, the UFO Digest publisher, said he is a former small-plane pilot who is familiar with various aircraft. He said he was confident that the image is not a hoax.

"But I can't tell you what it is," he said.

"I've never seen a plane that looks like that."

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I have been involved with ufology for 30 years now and during that time I have, by one means or another, obtained quite a large collection of UFO memorabilia of one form or another. The vast majority of this is made up of magazines and newsletters from all over the world.

Some years ago I obtained a number of files which contained UFO sighting report. In among this is a unique piece of UFO history.

In l959 the Reverend Father William B. Gill along with a further 38 other witnesses in Papua, New Guinea, reported a hovering UFO at 500ft complete with humanoids who responded when waved at by Reverend Gill. This observation has gone down in UFO lore and has appeared in countless books and periodicals.

I have for sale an original (not a copy) of that report. It is type written by The Rev. Norman E.G.Crutwell of the Anglican Mission, Manapi, Papua, New Guinea. It was typed in March 1960. It is 17 pages in length plus 4 carbon-like copies of letters from the Rev Gill which are signed by S.L.Smith, Director of Research for BUFORA and dated 6.8.1970. The report itself also includes hand drawn pencil and ink sketches of the objects and humanoids observed by Rev Gill. These drawings have hand written notes to accompany them.

Apart from a few creases here and there this unique piece of UFO history is in excellent condition.

I am offering this item for sale to the highest bidder. You will not find it on Ebay or other type of auction site. If you are interested in this item which is rarer the Roswell debris please email me at:

If you have any questions you would like to ask please feel free to do so and please feel free to forward this on to any possible interested parties.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Mantle.


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President Eisenhower's 'Close Encounter' at Holloman AFB

Posted: 30 Jan 2009 02:14 PM PST

by Clark C. McClelland, Former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet
KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992

"Shortly after the US Air Force became a separate branch of the service, Alamogordo Air Base became Holloman AFB in honour of Colonel George V. Holloman, a pioneer in Air Force research and development." The old Alamogordo airfield had been a training base for heavy bombers. Then, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower was landing at Holloman. It was a smooth landing as landings go. The big Lockheed Constellation in passenger service in those days carried over 125 passengers, but there were fewer than twenty aides and secret service men in the main cabin with the crew of fourteen each at his station. At about 7,000 feet into the landing, Major Bill Draper, the pilot, started reversing the engines, and the plane slowed measurably and taxied to the end of the runway.

Air Force One taxied back up the runway about 75 yards and stopped. All engines were shut down. There were probably 300 people with a vantage point, who saw Air Force One land, and as it did, they called others to other windows, work stations and vantage points. It must have seemed very eerie for the president's plane to be seen sitting out there almost a half mile away, alone and quiet.

No red carpet, no band, no honour parade, just a few horned meadowlarks calling in the distance. Eventually, the base workers returned to their stations. And always the question was asked: Is Ike here? What's going on? The civilians and military on the base had been told that while the president was here, this would be a "business as usual" day. A few minutes earlier, Col. Sharp, the base commander, and several officers had gone to the base operations tower to see the president's plane land.

The first communication they heard about 8:10 was "HOLLOMAN TOWER, THIS IS AIR FORCE 7885 TEN MILES EAST OF MARYHILL."

They requested landing instructions, other traffic in the area, and base wind direction. The runway they were assigned was the farthest away from the hangars and workshops. It was obvious to base personnel that what was happening or going to happen was as far away as it could be. Little could be seen unless one had a vantage point and binoculars. Phones all over the base were very busy, many questions were asked, is he still out on the runway?

But about ten minutes after the plane landed the radar officers gave instructions to shut off all radar. He had turned base operations over to his deputy base commander as long as the President was here. He felt it his duty to be with him with no distractions.

There were a dozen visual patrols out around the base and some of the up-range small radars were on. A phone rang in the tower with a report of two unidentified objects passing over Range Road 12. Then a minute later the bogies were over Range Road 7 only a few minutes from the runways. Men in the tower swung their glasses to the north in the morning haze. Then something glinted in the sun, then something else just below it.

A report came in of a third bogie five minutes behind the first two. The tower personnel who did not know what these were, were stunned. No tail, no wings, no motors. Just round objects approaching the president's plane sitting alone on the far runway with a covey of base officers in the tower, including Col. Sharp. They knew something big was up. They reported the objects, logged them and did their job which was "business as usual." The two objects stopped about 300 feet over Air Force One, and one descended on the far side of the plane and gently touched about 200 feet ahead of the plane.

The other hovered briefly and then came across the near runway towards the big hangars and some shop buildings. It took up a position somewhere above the buildings over the tarmac. The disc had a good vantage point of anything that might come towards the president's plane and the disc on the ground. It was with some disbelief that two UFOs had come to Holloman AFB in February of 1955. There was little background for believing in them at all as extraterrestrial. Some who saw or heard about the two craft at the base that day thought they might be new Russian or German innovations.

Soon after the UFO landed in front of Air Force One, a man many assumed to be the President, came to the doorway of the plane, descended the portable stairs and approached the saucer on the ground. Some sort of a hatch had been opened a few minutes before and had folded down to become a small ramp. The man walked up the ramp, stood briefly at the opening, shook hands with someone, and went inside.

Observers thought the period of time to be about 45 minutes. When he emerged from the craft, he walked towards Air Force One. Part of this time he was facing the observers, and most were sure it was Ike. He wore no hat, and many recognized the hairline and his erect military walk.


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By Regan Lee (Used with permission)

George Adamski is probably the best known contactee from the contactee era, and his name is recognized by many civilians -- those not involved in the UFO phenomena. while Adamski captured the world's attention at the time, including royalty, politicians, celebrities, and the media, there were other contactees with their experiences of extraterrestrial contacts who shared their stories with the world.

Daniel Fry, author of The White Sands Incident is among those latter contactees. Fry wasn't as glamorous as Adamski. He didn't have the fame, the following, or the charisma. But Fry did have followers, and his book was popular, as were his newsletters and his other books.

Daniel Fry came to the West Coast by way of Mississippi. He eventually moved to the aptly Fortean-named town of Merlin, Oregon in the early '60s after selling his California business, the Crescent Engineering & Research Company, which was a million-dollar success for Fry and his partner.

And his followers followed, although Fry was in no way a cult leader. Fry did create an organization called Understanding, Inc., which is now World Understanding. There were critics who called it a cult, although this was not accurate. Fry insisted that members had differing beliefs and opinions, and there was no particular doctrine that members had to subscribe to. The original Understanding was more of a metaphysical group than a religious or cultish one.

But before the move to Oregon, Fry worked at the White Sands proving grounds in New Mexico as a technician from 1940 to the 1950s. It was at White Sands that Daniel Fry had his encounter with an ET who called himself Alan, also referred to as A-lawn, and A-lan.

During the hot night on the fourth of July in 1949 - Fry later changed it to 1950, which was problematic - Fry went out for a walk to escape his hot stuffy room. He had missed a bus into town and was alone back at the base. Alone in the desert, he noticed an odd star that turned out to be not a star at all, but a craft that was an "ovate spheroid" which landed roughly seventy feet away from where Fry stood. Fry found himself approaching the landed UFO. As he did so, he wondered if he should report the sighting. He explains his reasons why he didn't;

"What should I do next? Should I return to the base and report the advent of the craft? This, at first, seemed the logical thing to do, but then another thought intervened. It would take at least three quarters of an hour for me to get back to the base, find someone in authority, and return with other observers. What if the craft took off in the meantime? There would be nothing but a crumpled patch of brush to substantiate my story. Who would believe me? If any one did believe, who would dare to admit it? I had read enough of the ridicule heaped upon those who had been incautious enough to admit having seen some unexplained objects flying in the air. How much worse would be the lot of one who claimed to have seen one land and to have been close enough to touch it, yet had no proof except a flattened patch of brush!" (The White Sands Incident)

Continuing with his exploration of the outside of the object, Fry touches the smooth metal. At this point, Fry writes, he hears a voice: "Better not touch the hull, pal, it's still hot!" Now this seems absurd, and for some reason it reminds me of the pancakes given to good Wisconsin farmer Joe Simonton. Simonton's was a classic UFO story; In April 1961 a UFO landed on his farm. The aliens gave Simonton a silver pitcher, which he filled with water and returned to the ETs. They then made pancakes from the mixture -- four of them -- and gave them to Farmer Joe. It makes little sense; it makes no sense, and yet many UFO encounters are full of these disconcerting episodes.

Fry, like the other contactees of that era, was magnanimously invited to take a ride inside the spaceship, and he accepted. Fry found himself traveling over the United States to New York and back within thirty minutes. All the while, he communicated with A-lan the ET, who gave him insights into such eclectic topics as physics, prehistory, and the philosophies behind civilizations. For example, Alan told Fry that Alan's ancestors came from earth:

"There is so much to tell and so little time. Our ancestors came originally from this earth. They had built a great empire and a mighty science upon the Continent which your legends call "Mu" or "Lemuria." At the same time there was also a great empire upon the Continent of Atlantis.

There was rivalry in science. Friendly at first, but becoming bitter with the years, as each nation flaunted its achievements in the face of the other. In a few centuries their science had passed the point of development which exists here now. Not content with releasing a few crumbs of the binding energy of the atom, as your physicists are doing now, they had learned to rotate entire masses upon the energy axis. Under the circumstances, it was inevitable that the two nations should eventually destroy each other, just as the two major nations of the earth of today are preparing to do."

This warning of a potential devastating war on earth is typical of messages given by ETs to contactees.


Photos and 16 mm film were taken of the flying saucer, but, as is usual in these cases, they didn't prove anything and in fact, seemed to point to a hoax -- also unprovable, of course. But as UFO researcher Timothy Good writes:

"I have always been dubious about the authenticity of Fry's 16 mm films of UFOs (copies of which are in my possession), particularly an object he said he saw in Oregon in May 1964, which to me looks like a couple of lampshades or similarly shaped devices fixed together and suspended with fine twine. He went into some detail as to the circumstances of the filming, and claimed that some frames show the limb of a cloud coming in front of the saucer. I remain unconvinced; the movement of the craft gives every indication of being a suspended fake. Perhaps I am wrong. But does this prove that Fry was lying about his previous experiences? I think not. Most probably, he thought that a few fabricated movie films of "saucers" would bolster his unprovable claims." (Alien Base, Timothy Good, from

Like all UFO witnesses, experiencers, abductees, and contactees, we'll never know if the individuals involved are telling the truth. Are they outright liars, deluded, mentally ill, hucksters, disinfo agents? Or are they genuine? And even if they are genuine, what do we make of their stories? Such it is with Daniel fry. Was he a liar, victim of manipulation, truth teller, or some combination of these possibilities? We'll never know, of course.

It may be easy to brush Fry off as a liar; he seemed to have failed a lie detector test on national television. Fry wrote about his experience with the polygraph in Saucers magazine, "My Experience With the Lie Detector," in 1954. Fry maintained that the experience could have been a hallucination, although real, and there are questions surrounding test administrator Chris Gouges's credibility and motivation. One thing seems clear: There were those out to disprove Fry, regardless of the truth.

Daniel Fry's credibility naturally has been an issue. He's referred to as Dr. Fry at times; though his doctorate was from a mail order house in England. This is what the site has to say:

"One interesting data point is that the date on the degree is April 26, 1960 and yet in the first issue of Understanding in January 1960, it lists Daniel as 'Dr. Daniel W. Fry.' The previous issue, December 1950. did not. This suggests that Daniel was expecting the degree.

"Did he pay for it? Hard to know for sure, but there are three pieces of evidence that he didn't. First, the 1960 Understanding announced it as an honorary degree; second, early in its existence the college granted honorary doctorates; and third, Daniel said he never paid for it: "I certainly never paid anything for this one, neither was I asked to." (Alien Base, Timothy Good) Conclusion: That the institute existed and awarded Daniel a degree is certainly not in doubt; however, is the doctorate valid? The history of the institution makes that claim doubtful."

Fry also changed the date of his encounter from July 4, 1949 to July 4, 1950. An obvious question: Why would someone with Fry's background intentionally lie about such events, given his profession and experience? One reason is that he could have been a willing player in a disinformation campaign. This seems as far-fetched as anything else however; why go to such extremes and carry on the ruse for so long, and across many states?


Whenever we consider cases with a connection to White Sands, New Mexico and the related areas, it's important to remember the context. White Sands has its own folklore; stories of crashed UFOs, landed UFOs, and interactions with extraterrestrials swirl throughout ufology. Daniel Fry wasn't the only person to experience something highly unusual there.

Whatever happened, it affected Fry for the rest of his life. Like many contactees, Fry was given a directive to tell his story. Fry asked Alan how he could do this; who would believe him?

"But what can I do?" I said, "I am an unknown. How can I reach the public, and who would listen if I could?"

"Those who are not blind to truth will recognize the value of the message, regardless of who the messenger may be. Write what you have learned from us, in a book. You have already met the man who will publish it. Tell the story through your newspapers, your radio and television stations, and if necessary, shout it form the house-tops, but let the people know."

And Fry did. He continued his mission throughout his life. He published a newsletter, Understanding, from 1956 until 1979 with a circulation at one point of 1,500. At the newsletters peak, Fry put out several pages per issue.

When it comes to the contactees, some UFO researchers, and of course, all chronic, cranky skeptics, focus on the veracity of the individual. Did Adamski, Fry, Van Tassel, and all the others lie, or were they telling the truth? It's often a black and white issue; either were lying, and if so, forget 'em. Or, they're telling the truth, which means there really are extraterrestrials form outer space landing on earth and imparting wisdom in American slang.

The question is why did Fry continue on this strange journey? He didn't make much money from it. For a good while he had his own money; he didn't need to put himself out there publicly and become the object of ridicule. He gave away a lot of material and lectured for little or no pay.

In fact, he experienced financial problems later in life. There was the burning of his property in Arizona in 1976, including his library, which is suspicious, and arson was suspected. There's more to Daniel Fry than his initial extraordinary contact at white Sands.

He wrote many books, not just Incident at white Sands; he published the newsletter Understanding, reached out to others, and traveled to Scotland where he was one of the first visitors to Findhorn. He has been described as a mild-mannered Christian man with deep spiritual beliefs. And he seemed to quietly go about his mission until the end of his life.

There are many things about all the contactee stories that, at first glance, seem to scream fake. In Fry's case, the hokey film and photos, the polygraph, the discrepancies in dates of the encounter, the experience itself. Then there's the meeting with the ET Alan -- he never sees the entity.

Communication takes place through voices, through some sort of telepathy. Either Fry didn't have enough imagination left over to describe an alien's appearance, or he was telling the truth, and it happened just as he said. An argument could be made for both possibilities.

These frustrating glitches are just enough, kind of, sort of, to say hoax, but these kinds of little irksome bits are a basic component in UFO and Fortean experiences. Just enough to make one wonder, but not enough to be conclusive. It's that inherent Trickster element in the UFO and Fortean phenomena that is maddening, true, but it wouldn't be what it is without it.

But there are also may similarities in the contactee encounters. There is the benevolent ET who often speaks in a quaint combination of folksy American slang and didactic, academic speak. The ride in the spaceship. The warnings about nuclear devastation, global wars. The history lessons on civilizations along with the lessons on medicine, science, religions, philosophies. The fact that the ETs look a lot like us -- if and when they're seen. Telepathic communication between space brother and human. And the urgent imperative from ET to human to go forth and share the incredible experience with the rest of the world.

Of course, we can never say for sure what happened to Daniel Fry, and the other contactees. Whatever happened, it was strong enough to keep Fry going with is message until his death in 1992. Despite failing finances, personal tragedies, and several moves, he continued to tell his story. It's possible that what happened to Daniel Fry was a combination of many factors, including some sort of manipulation efforts on the part of our own military or government that o into the entire contactee and abductee experience. It's simply too simplistic to make such hard-edged distinctions of liar vs. truth-teller.

I have been to White Sands Proving Grounds. Did you know that the white sand isn't sand at all? It is gypsum. There are signs along the highway not to take any of it. I guess they think it will all disappear.



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Thanks to Dex for this article.


Throughout his tenure Sgt. Clifford Stone was to do and learn things the Department of Defense would classify Top Secret. When he became the unit communications-specialist Nuclear-Biological-Chemical - Communications - Non Commissioned Officer in Charge - (NBC/COMMO/NCIC), he signed an agreement - Standard Agreement Form #4193 - that would never permit him to share his experiences with anyone, not even his family.

With the death of Sgt. Stone's son on Aug. 18/1995 he feared his family did not really know him. Grief stricken, Stone decided to make information which he would have otherwise taken to his grave, public. Stone's decision to do this is an effort to show his family why he could not tell them what he did; why military personnel would come late at night precipitating Stone's absence for weeks; why he could not always be there for his family; why he missed the ball games, graduations and birthdays.

The material contained herein has been reviewed by Sgt. Stone prior to publication. In January of 1970 Stone arrived in Vietnam for what he considered would be a "plush" assignment. He was assigned to 277th SS (Special Services) battalion Headquarters-headquarters. Upon his arrival Stone decided to tell the First Sergeant that he could not type despite his file showing that he was a 71-Bravo (clerk-typist.) Having a deep sense of duty, Stone chose to put it all on the line by asking to be assigned to combat. Although his superior felt this was admirable and showed signs of being a good soldier, Stone's request was denied. Stone assumed his 8AM to 4PM-shift which left his evenings open to other pursuits.

Stone reflects: "There was not a lot of night-life in Vietnam - particularly in the base camp located only 7 miles from the Cambodian boarder - and being young, and I guess foolish - I felt I had to prove I was not afraid to face the enemy." Stone found himself sneaking out of camp in the evenings to encounter the enemy. One evening while Sgt. Stone was chatting with Sgt. Gaston, they noticed unusual red, green and blue lights dancing above and through the trees in the area of a rubber plantation owned by the Michelin Rubber Company. "The lights," reflects Stone, "were red, green, blue, self luminous and unusual."

Stone left for that area the next evening in hope of determining the source of the lights. Upon arriving at the road which paralleled a section of the three-hundred meter kill-zone surrounding the camp, Stone heard someone say, "You're late. What kept you?" Stone spun in the direction of the voice raising his weapon. Stone could make out a familiar face. It was the face of the man Stone had come to know as "Colonel." Stone had met the Colonel on several previous recovery operations. He had always been the man in charge. "You're lucky I didn't shoot you," said Stone. The Colonel smiled saying, "I don't believe you're here to kill. I believe you would die for your country, and you might kill to protect others, but I don't believe you would kill to save yourself."

The Colonel motioned towards three helicopters known as "Jolly- green's." Stone noted that they looked like the "Psy-opps" craft used for dropping propaganda leaflets. Stone followed the Colonel and entered one of the helicopters. Stone immediately noticed the equipment within the craft was not typical equipment. He recalled that it looked as though the chopper was equipped for electronic surveillance rather than for war. Stone turned to the Colonel and asked what he was doing there and why he (the Colonel) had him (Stone) flying with him. The Colonel said, "We have a situation here that we think you may be able to help with."

Stone concluded that his nocturnal forays from the camp had not gone unnoticed. "We uncovered a VC tunnel complex half way up the Black Virgin Mountain," the Colonel said. It was generally believed that the US-forces had the top of the mountain. This position was held by a special-forces communication center gathering information for the National Security Agency. The bottom of the mountain was also considered to be held by the US- forces. Everything between was thought to be held by Charlie.

The choppers found a safe landing-zone touching down. Sgt. Stone was extremely concerned, thinking that Charlie was about to unload everything it had on the group. Curiously, nothing happened. The Colonel told Stone this was a dead zone and quite safe. "Dead zone," thought Sgt. Stone, "what did that, mean?" The group exited the craft making their way toward the opening of the alleged communist tunnel complex - one hundred and fifty meters away. They encountered other friendly troops which were alleged to be combing the area for the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Vietcong (VC) who were known to be in the area. They were told by these troops that they would remain in touch with Stone and his group because Charlie was known to have many entrances and exits in their tunnel systems.

Stone and the team entered the tunnel and started to deploy their equipment. Stone was shocked when he noticed the tunnel surface was not typical with any tunnel he had ever encountered. "You could drive a truck through that entrance. The rock wasn't chipped away like it would be with an air-hammer; it was like a shiny-black rock. When we shone our flash lights on it, it was smooth all the way around." The team started to move down the tunnel maintaining communication with their field radios. Shortly, the team noticed that their radios were going dead the further they moved into the tunnel. This prompted the team to deploy a 3-12-field telephone and run the wire back to a contact team at the tunnel entrance. The team kept running wire as they moved further into the tunnel.

Sgt. Stone recalled: "As we got back one hundred meters or so, we started to notice that our flash-lights were going dead and that our field radio was not working the way it should. We found a location where the telephone would work properly, which was about like if you would draw a line in the sand, if you were on the outside of the line, the telephone would work. If you stood inside of the line, it wouldn't work - nor did our flash-lights. Our flash-lights would just go dead on us. Anything electric would not work the way it was supposed to." Puzzled, the team noticed that they did not need their flash-lights - the tunnel seemed to possess a luminescence of its own. The team left 3 men to maintain the field telephone at this point. It was clear any communications would have to be made by having a man run back and relay the information to this team so they could in turn relay it back to the team at the entrance.

The main team pressed further into the tunnel. The tunnel became brighter the further they moved forward. Stone felt he was in some science fiction setting. Things did not make sense. A complex of this size should have been noticed by reconnaissance. Even the removal of the enormous amount of rock should not have gone undetected. Shortly, the team came upon what looked like a big cavern. Stone recalled: "Stepping into that cavern was like stepping into a light bulb. You couldn't make out anything in the room. Even the soldiers with us looked like a dark silhouette." Stone thought if a fire fight was to break out he would not be able to distinguish between Charlie and his own team.

Stone looked about the cavern telling the Colonel that he did not have a good feeling about this place. Stone felt a genuine fear expressing it to the Colonel that Charlie could not have built this place. He further suggested that if the Colonel wanted to blow it up, that would be fine, but they should not be in this place. The Colonel stayed close to Stone as they moved around the area.

Stone noticed a green luminous glow which looked to be fifteen inches to eighteen inches by three feet. Stone and the Colonel walked over to the glow and noticed a holographic image of what Stone considered to be dials, gauges and control buttons. As they looked at the control panel, the Colonel suggested that Sgt. Stone touch it. Stone used several expletives to point out what he thought of the Colonel's idea. Stone continued to look at the panel. He overcame his immediate fear and ran his hand through the luminous glow. The bright light in the cavern immediately reduced itself to a twilight setting allowing the team to see that they were standing in a huge cube. The light had seemed to be coming from the walls of the cube. They noticed a shiny black cigar-shaped craft with, Stone felt, were windows emanating an arc-welders type of beautiful blue light.

The team looked around noticing what appeared to be human-organs -- lungs, hearts, livers, skeletal structures -- encased in glass casings. Stone figured that they had stumbled into a biological laboratory of sorts. In close proximity to the glass vessels, the team noticed the cadavers of American service members, VC and, as Stone called them, `unearthly'. He said the unearthly beings were what most would term Grays, having the large heads and spindly bodies and arms. There were also other bodies which Stone could not say were of this earth. Although these cadavers had humanoid features, Stone could not catalogue them against anything he had ever encountered or read about in any intelligence reports.

An Aside: The team found, what they thought were, glass test tubes. Stone was later to find out that if you were to fire at one of these test tubes, it would not break. In effect, they were on par with several inches of armor plating. He was further told it was not so much like glass but a modified acrylic polymer.

As Stone continued to play with the control panel, the wall of the cavern next to the ship became clear. They could see out on the night sky but could not see any grass or earth. The team could also see troops outside moving about. It looked as though the troops were walking on thin air. They, however, were not aware of the team within the cavern. A runner was sent back to the 3-12 field telephone to ask the troops to stop and look to see if anything strange could be noticed. The troops were asked to perform different motions so the team within the mountain could reconcile which group of troops they were observing. Nervous laughter rippled through the team.

The Colonel gave an order to carry all material that could be lifted, out of the cavern. Stone continued to play with the control panel. At one point Stone decided to attempt lifting the panel. The panel moved easily. Stone recalls: "The side that was open to the night sky, went out. A buzzing sound went off and thin red lights shot around the room. They were about the size of a number two lead in a pencil." Stone was hit in the eye with one of the beams. He screamed out in excruciating pain, spinning away from the light. As he turned falling, Stone could hear other screams and felt as though his back was on fire. From this point on Stone could not recall what happened inside the cavern. Stone regained consciousness outside the tunnel. He recalled being carried to a helicopter and flown to the 25th med-detachment. Stone recalls a doctor looking him over and telling the doctor that his right arm would not function properly. Sgt. Stone said his arm had significant spasms. The Colonel arrived and asked Stone to follow him to a hut after his eye was patched - Stone was introduced to another doctor. The Colonel then asked, "Do you recall anything that happened in the cavern?" Sgt. Stone was puzzled saying, "You were there with me, sir. You know what happened." "No," said the Colonel. "Do you recall anything of an alien presence being in the cavern? Any communications?" Sgt. Stone said all he could remember was being hit with the beam of light and feeling like his back was burning - like he had been hit with napalm. The Colonel then told Stone that the doctor was going to give him a shot to help him remember what had happened. Sgt. Stone protested saying, "It just happened, I remember everything. Didn't I just tell you everything that happened prior to me passing out?" Stone said the Colonel looked at him with a weird look saying, "Sergeant, you didn't pass out. There were other events that happened that are not coming through. We all were out. You were down. Let me explain to you that we need to know what happened during that forty-five minutes or so that you were away from us, you were still in the room, we were not there."

Sgt. Stone did not like what he was hearing. He felt he was being used as a guinea pig. He felt something was wrong - that he felt he would have remembered if anything happened in there. Stone told the Colonel that if he remembered anything because of the shot, he did not want anything to be blocked - he wanted to know that happened. The Colonel agreed, saying, "Okay. But remember Sergeant, you can't prove anything. I'm going to tell you now that the events of this night never occurred. You are not to mention this Stone smiled asking, "What the hell service I am providing? All I'm doing is being there with you." The Colonel answered, "Oh no, you know more about this than even you know, you know." "To this day, "Stone confesses, "I still don't know what he meant by that statement." The doctor administered the shot. Within moments Stone recalled being hit by the beam once again. This time however, his memory continued. As Stone started to recall his voice became broken - he was fighting hard to keep his composure. With a sobbing voice he continued with fragmented statements, "I didn't pass out. I was in tremendous pain.

You know, a lot of people know I have a fascination with grasshoppers. This is the incident that caused this. These creatures of humanoid shape started to appear. I can remember looking into their face." With a fear stricken voice he continued, "These were like big grasshoppers. I can remember going ahead and picking up my M-16. I was going to shoot. One of them grabbed my M-16 but I wouldn't let go. Then I heard a voice which I had heard many times before, even through childhood - I never wanted to bring this up, but it's going to be brought up in my life's story and it's got to be brought up now. One of the entities I have always known, I always called Koronos - as a matter of fact the first time an effort to try to smile and say you may call me Korona, and that's Korona with a K. - any how he went ahead and told me they had to take care of my eye or I'd lose it - that I'd lose all sight. But it would still be sore for a couple of days and that my people could go ahead and treat it with medications that they had available to them.

Once again I was asked, like I was asked several other times before, `Why are you here? What are you doing, here? This is not your nature. You should not be involved in this - what they call a war.' That's all I could recall. I would still be drilled because the Colonel wanted to know what other exchanges were made. But when I came out from underneath the shot, I remembered vividly that contact but I remembered nothing else." When Stone was ready to leave, the Colonel transported Stone to a position outside his unit location and told Stone that if anyone asked, Stone was to say he was injured by an insect and the burns on his back were to be referred to as a sunburn. Stone remembered at that time a person could get an article fifteen or even a court-marshal for a sunburn. He said, "All they had to do was prove that you were trying to avoid duty." Stone did not consider himself a person to slough off and did not try avoiding his duty. His captain, Captain Pelton, demanded that Stone see a doctor about his eye. Stone ended up seeing the doctor who had first treated him. The doctor said, "I knew they would be sending you back over here." The doctor patched his eye providing a diagnosis suggesting that an insect had sprayed the eye causing the retina to be scratched. Stone returned to his unit.

A few days later the Colonel asked Stone to meet with him in the NCO club. They met talking about the events of the recovery. The Colonel said that after that evening the incident would not be mentioned again. He told Stone that some troops from the 25th infantry and the 1st Calvary had been used around the area of the recovery. The troops were aware of some of the strange things brought out from the tunnel but were not directly involved in the bizarre things that Stone and the composite team had seen. The Colonel said that there was no way to cover up the burns on Stone or the injury to his eye, or the fact that the injuries had happened within the tunnel. The effective cover story, should it be required, was that they did in fact uncover an underground location that was brought about by elements of the 88th NVA Division - 347th NVA Brigade, in which they were working on a biological aspect of producing the bubonic plague to introduce to specific base camps in order to inflict biological casualties among the American forces along with South-Vietnamese forces.

Stone told the Colonel he was still concerned about the bodies which he had seen inside the cavern. The colonel was reluctant to answer Stone's questions but he knew that Stone was extremely troubled by what he had seen. Stone feels the Colonel had a rare moment of compassion when he decided to give Stone some answers. The Colonel shared that some of the bodies and organs were synthetic. He went on to share that the bodies of the American service people were identified and that they had been killed by means of war and not by the visitors. The bodies had been sent to Hawaii where a military forensic unit had made these determinations. When they parted company that evening, Stone felt he had been given the truth by the Colonel. He still feels that to this day.

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P. Urial