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On the 8th and 9th of March a series of strange incidents took place in Cracow (Kraków) area. Several independent witnesses observed a strange aerial craft resembling a classical flying saucer with a ring of lights along its rim. In one instance, the object was hovering just above the highway. In two other ones, the UFO passed over the witnesses cars and in the next an unidentified object crossed the sky above Kraków district. Officially nothing is known about it. But the eyewitnesses’ reports don’t lie.

The first report about sighting of a strange aerial craft in Kraków appeared on March 10th. It contained a description of a strange flying object that appeared over Bronowice estate and then flew away towards Balice Airport. The sighting took place on March 9th but soon it turned out that 10 minutes earlier a similar object passed over a car of female witness in Kryspinów. Further reports suggested that two sightings of a very similar object occurred a day before. In the first instance the object was seen in Myślenice area and passed over the witness car then disappearing into night. Two hours later two women saw a strange light hovering over a highway. When they passed below the object, it turned out that it was a metallic saucer with red lights underneath.

First sightings

Cracow (Kraków) on map (source: Wikipedia). The UFOs were seen both in the city and in its vicinity - in Kryspinów and Łyczanka.
The first sighting in order took place in Łyczanka on the 8th of March 2011 at about 7:20 p.m. The witness was returning home with his daughter when he noticed a strange disc-shaped object hovering overhead. He decided to stop the car. According to his report, the object was about 15 m. (49 f.) in diameter and was hovering about 30-50 m. (98-165 f.) over the ground. The saucer had a row of white lights on its rim and also green and red lights on the bottom. It was also slowly rotating around its axis.

The next incident involved two female witnesses heading towards Kraków. According to their report, the object was noticed for the first time at about 9:25 p.m. and resembled a bright light. Women took it for a starting plane since the Balice Airport is in direct vicinity. After a while, when their car passed just under the light, it turned out that it was in fact a huge metallic flying saucer with a row of red lights along its rim.

"Closing to the light we looked up and saw a regular shape of a metallic saucer with red lights around. We passed under the object and then saw it again on the left side. I don’t know if it was the same object that turned left or another one" – wrote the witness who was sitting on the passenger place.

The witness who was driving the car during the encounter confirmed the report of her mate. Both women are highly reliable but demanded anonymity fearing that publicizing their names can affect their careers. In this case it turned out that the UFO was of similar size that in the first encounter. Due to relatively small height, the object was posing a threat to car traffic. Moreover, no other effect appearing in close UFO encounters were observed (for example interaction with the car engine). The object also emitted no sounds.

Kraków saucer

The next two sightings took place on the next day. The first one involved a scenario similar to first two cases. In this instance the object was seen in Kryspinów located just south-west of Kraków. It appeared over the female witness car. The UFO was also seen by two children on the backseats. According to the report the object was in a shape of saucer with a row of white point lights “resembling lightbulbs”. It stopped for a moment in the mid-air, and then disappeared heading north.

About 10 minutes later a similar object was seen in Kraków over Bronowice estate. The witness who first forwarded her report, wrote: “I heard sound similar to that emitted by helicopters but different. […] I looked towards the sound source and got stunned. It wasn’t a plane! It was quite dark but I noticed a white ring of lights of diameter similar to that of a plane. The object was traveling low over the ground. […] Inside of the ring there was a some kind of dark space, darker than night. There were also two other color lights inside.”

According to her report, the object disappeared heading towards the airport.


The drawing of one witness who saw the UFO over the highway on March 8th 2011.
A detailed report in Polish (look below for translation in more languages) was compiled and published on website. The first conclusion is the witnesses saw an unidentified flying object or objects and all the cases may be connected in some manner. The main problem is that there are some differences in description of lights seen on the bottom of the object. In two instances we deal with a row of white “lightbulbs”. In other ones the witnesses saw a row of red point lights or a solid white ring.

All the witnesses said that the object wasn't in any way similar to conventional flying crafts. Moreover, in some instances they are accommodated to sight of a planes since they’re living in an airport area. UFOs were also flying at very low altitude. A conventional craft flying on this level would pose a great threat to witnesses below. Moreover, both airport officials and a military Air Transport Base located in Balice know nothing about “unusual aerial activity” between 8th and 9th of March 2011. What’s interesting, in two instances witnesses mentioned an increased helicopter activity some time after their sightings. Nothing more is known about it. As it was mentioned before, in all Kraków cases there were no interference with the cars or the objects’ influence on witnesses. Only the last sighting involved a sound effects.

Kraków sightings are very interesting mainly because the number of very reliable and independent witnesses. In fact, they’re only a chapter in somewhat increased UFO activity over Poland in 2010 and first months of 2011. In the days after Kraków events a very interesting mass UFO sighting took place in Podkarpacie region in southern Poland. Report on this case will be available soon. Also several similar encounters were reported in 2010 although they involved triangle-shaped objects. There is also a fifth sighting from 9th March from Kraków but it involves a object resembling a “plane” that was hovering motionless in the air.

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► More about 2011 UFO sightings in Poland
By: P.Cielebiaś, M.Kuśnierz, INFRA

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In August 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend's house.

Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it. The Dandenong foothills, near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia would have its location forever linked to one of the most unusual sightings of a strange creature in Ufology archives.

Journey Home:

After midnight, the Cahills were on their journey home when they first noticed the lights of a rounded craft with windows around it.

It silently hovered above the road. Different colored lights were clearly visible on the bottom of the object. The UFO was so close to the ground that Kelly thought she could see people through the window openings.

As she began screaming to her husband what she was seeing, the craft zoomed off to their left, disappearing as quickly as it had made itself known.

Blinding Light:

Continuing their drive home with a renewed interest in the sky, they suddenly came upon a light so bright they were practically blinded.

Shading her eyes from the intense light with her hands over her eyes, Kelly begged of her husband, "What are you going to do?" Her husband, now frightened to death by the glowing presence before them, replied, "I am going to keep on driving." Within what seemed only a second or two, Kelly was now very relaxed, suddenly calmed by the absence of the UFO.

Missing Time:

The first words out of Kelly's mouth were, "What happened, did I blackout?" Her husband said nothing, as he had no answer to give his wife. He cautiously drove his family home.

Upon their safe arrival Kelly could smell a foul odor, like vomit, and she suddenly felt as though something was missing from their drive home. Something was missing... an hour or so of time had vanished from her and her family's life.

That night as Kelly undressed for bed, she noticed a strange triangular mark on her navel-a mark she had never seen before.

It must have been created early this every night. But how? And why? And most importantly, by whom? Kelly suffered from general malaise for the next two weeks, and was taken to the hospital on two occasions, one for severe stomach pain, and another for a uterine infection.

Walking Toward a Giant Craft:

Kelly would recall the object they had seen in a slightly different place than she first remembered. It was hovering in a gully, and the UFO was big. She estimated it at 150 feet in diameter.

She could also recall that when the object was first spotted, her husband had stopped the car, and both her and her husband had gotten out of the vehicle, and walked in the direction of the massive craft.

Not Having a Soul:

To their surprise, they noticed another car stopped on the side of the road. As they walked toward the craft, they saw a creature unlike either of them had ever seen before.

It was black, not a black color but black as if all matter was removed where its presence was. Kelly would later describe it as "not having a soul." Kelly's words for the alien were "void of color." The black alien entity was taller than an average man, about 7 feet tall, according to Kelly.

Aliens Moved Effortlessly:

After being mesmerized by the sight of the being, she saw more of them. "Heaps of them" is how Kelly described them as she stared into the open field. The aliens were out there in the field, beneath the immense flying craft.

The beings seemed to congregate in small groups, and one group glided toward Kelly and her husband, covering a hundred yards in a mere few seconds. Another group was approaching the other car which sat motionless near the hovering craft.

Second Family Abducted:

Her great fear and dread would cause her to scream at the alien-looking entities to leave them alone. She remembered going unconscious, and then... she was back in their car. As strange as this encounter seems, it was not without corroboration.

The occupants in the other car would come forward and tell almost an exact story, a story of abduction, mind control, and embarrassing medical procedures.


This particular case is the only one to my knowledge to describe such a being, although there are some very strange aliens described in various accounts. We have no reason to discount the Cahill account, and it remains one of the best cases of alien abduction on record.


In August of 1993, the then 27 year old, Kelly Cahill was traveling in a car with her husband and her three children in the Belgrave area of Australia. This should have been an average car journey through the Dandenong foothills for Kelly Cahill and her family but it turned out to be about as far removed from normal as could ever be possible.

At some point beyond midnight the Kelly Cahill family were struck by the sight of a glowing and rounded craft that had windows where Kelly Cahill can recall seeing the shapes of bodies that she now believes were alien bodies.

As they continued on their car journey the craft returned and the lights on the possible UFO got brighter and brighter. Kelly Cahill then went limp in the car and eventually 'woke' back up and asked her husband if she had blacked out. He didn't answer and they continued home.

On the nights that followed her possible UFO sighting, Kelly Cahill began to suffer a number of odd illness, often gynecological in nature and have flashes of what she could only conclude was an alien abduction. These symptoms included the sudden appearance of a strange triangular shape around her navel.

Kelly Cahill finally started to speak to 'officials' about the possible UFO sighting and alien encounter and it was then that she discovered that she had not been the only person to have had the same experiences.

Other women had reported the same experiences on the same night and even drew the exact same type of space craft even though they had never met each other.

Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions - Bill Chalker

From Phantoms and Monsters blog: stricklersports@aol.c

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The following article is from the book UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLIEADES, a Supplementary Investigation Report. Used by permission of the Copyright holder,

Wendelle C. Stevens is the author of this book. Ptaah told Billy Meier’s he was the only person on earth in contact with the Plieadeans (Plejarans) but what Wendelle found out proves that is not true. Thus this article.

“When I started my investigation of the Plieadians UFO contacts in Switzerland in late 1976, they had already been going on for over a year and a half, kept in relative secrecy with a closed group, and very little of the true nature of the contacts were getting out. Up to that time I had never heard of UFO contacts from the Plieades before, and the whole idea was fascinating and very exotic, and quite possibly not even true, at least that is what I thought then. For a time I thought these Pleiadian contacts originated with Eduard Meier on 28 January 1975, their first contact with him.

When I got on scene and began working directly with Meier and the other witnesses there, I discovered that these same UFOnauts had been using another contactee before Meier, one M. RASHID, a priest in Jerusalem. Then the Contact Notes being kept by the Swiss group showed that Meier had been told that this group had at least TWO OTHER ACTIVE CONTACTS with Earth humans going on at the same time. They had told him that theirs was not the only inhabited planet in the Pleiades, a comparatively young star group, and that other similar humans from some of those other planets were space travelers, and that yes, some of them were even contacting Earth. They told him that their group had contact operations going on in THE ORIENT and in the WESTERN PART OF NORTH AMERICA but would not reveal any more, saying that it had nothing to do with their relations with Meier.

When I released my first article on the Swiss case in 1977, I was amazed at the amount of relevant information it stirred up. Over the next three years my attention was called to several other UFO contactee cases where the UFOnauts said they came from the Pleiades.

The first was the discovery that a well known Argentinian UFO researcher, FABIO ZERPA of Buenos Aires, was investigating a case involving Pleiadian contacts with Engineer ENRIQUE RINCON of Bogota, Colombia. This was also a profound series of ongoing contacts that began in November of 1973, and was still going on. He thought his was the only such case too.

Then in 1979, a correspondent who had read my magazine article, called my attention to another Contactee case involving Pleiadian extraterrestrials who were visiting one SENOR GUILLERMO TORRES of Hacienda Las Cruces, and had been doing so since 1974. These Pleiadian ETs were also entirely human as with the ones visiting the Colombian, but these contacts were centered near El Tocuyo on the north coast of Venzuela. These ET visits and contacts were still going on too, and hundreds of pages of notes and technical dialogue had been recorded. This was also kept highly confidential with a small select group of participants who were not letting the story out.

Then in 1983, Lou Farish of the UFO Newsclipping service, sent me some notes on another Pleiadian contactee case that began in July of 1974, and was also still going on. It involved contactee CHARLES A SILVA who was repeatedly met by an extraterrestrial human woman who said he could call her Ramatis, and that she and other UFOnauts associated with her came here from their home planet in the Plieades. Those contacts were taking place in Southern Peru, and they also are still going on up to this time. SILVA described these contacts in a 400 page book privately published, which got little distribution.

Another correspondent who had purchased a copy of our Preliminary Report of investigation on the Swiss case, wrote me and gave me the address of another contactee whose extraterrestrial visitor told him he came from the Pleiades, and more specifically the Alcyone system. His experiences began with UFO sightings that led up to the later face-to-ace contact, and long discussions after DELAMER DUVERUS was “prepared” for telepathic communication. Those contacts continued for many years and are also still going on, and a whole philosophy of life and being and Earth man’s relationship to the greater plan was imparted, and in 1973 DUVERUS published this information in a 214 page book titled “The Golden Reed.”

About the time I received that book, I received a registered letter from Argentina, from an old friend, SENOR PEDRO ROMANIUK* of Argentina, who had seen something concerning my activities with the Swiss case, and wrote to tell me that he had been in contact with ET beings who told him their home was in what we call Alcyone in the Pleiades.

I received scores of letters from sincere people who claimed they had observed UFO craft that were very similar to or even identical with some of the spacecraft pictures in the Preliminary Report. All of the UFO clubs were receiving these too, which infuriated them to the extent that none of them ever told me what they were receiving. I had to get my information from those who were put down by the clubs for even reporting.

Having examined all of this from a knowledgeable point of view, we can draw some comparisons that seem to be of interest.

1. All of those mentioned here who claimed they came from what we call the Pleiades looked as much human as we, and were all about our size in stature and build.

2. All of them articulated the language of their contactee, speaking fluently on our sciences, history and culture.

3. They all said that Earth humanity was descended from their own ancient ancestors, from whom we had inherited our unusual aggressiveness.

4. All of them said their ancestors had been here many times before over the ages, coming and going as conditions changed.

5. They all claimed that they participated in some of the great events in our religious works and our mythologies, sometimes being adored and worshipped as Gods, which they said they were not.

6. They all claimed extensive lifespans at least ten times what is normal for us now.

7. They all, without exception, deplore our misuse of our sciences today, saying that our mind has outrun our spiritual development, and that we have already prepared the end of our Planet and our own species, as we know it, and that we have done this before, over and over, and still have not learned this important lesson. For this we are a valuable laboratory study and many ETs from far and wide come here to observe.

8. They all travel faster than the speed of light as we know it in their interstellar ships.

9. There was no conclusive evidence that any of the groups mentioned were in direct contact with any of the other Pleiadian groups mentioned.

10. They all mentioned other inhabited planets in what we call the Pleiades.

11. They all mentioned other extraterrestrial beginings from elsewhere in the Universe coming here to study and observe Earth. Three mentioned actual contact and willing cooperation with other ETs of other race-types and systems. Three of them used robotoid, part mechanical and part organic, created beings in limited operational functions.

12. They all used organic computers that could be controlled telepathically.

13. They all foresaw great changes in our planet in the near future.

14. None of them had money as we know it, religion or a competitive political system.

15. Three of them had active bases operating on the surface of our planet.

16. They all were capable of underocean operations and used our oceans to great advantage.

17. They all used a variety of different spacecraft in their operations, and they all had distinctive styles of ships and equipment, yet there were many similarities in many respects.

18. Three groups, that we know of, used very large carrier-type mother ships in deep space near our system while they were here.

19. In each case, to the group of individuals who formed around the contactee, the new contacts and information was so mind-boggling and so profound, and so far exceeded their knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in this world, that they carefully guarded their secret within their own immediate circle for a number of years, and then only confided it to very trusted friends.

20. Up to 1979, none of these groups had ever heard of each other, and there was no cross-correspondence!

Why weren't the other contactees told the real name of the place of origination like Billy was?

* Pedro Romaniuk is the person who wrote the book “Aldis”. Aldis was Gorbachov’s son and a crystal child. We are trying to obtain a copy of this book. I have been in contact with Pedro and he said he would send a copy of the book but it is in Spanish. We will have it interpreted into English thanks to CeCe Stevens.

** I believe if we started a class just on this book by Wendelle Stevens, UFO Contact from the Plieades, a Supplementary Investigation Report, that persons would learn so much they had never dreamed of.

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Location. Tarqui, near Cuenca, Ecuador
Date: 1965 Time: night

A female peasant reported to authorities that at a local ‘abandoned house’ she was able to see on separate occasions ‘somebody or something’ taking refuge or hiding in the old dilapidated structure. According to the witness, Noelia, whoever it was it always arrived around 3 in the morning apparently to sleep. Noelia immediately thought that it could be a thief or ‘drug addict’ that had begun to frequent the region. Thinking that things might get out of hand Noelia decided to investigate herself. She went to the location one night accompanied by several other neighbors or locals, and decided to confront what they were sure was a thief or robber.

The abandoned house was located at about 200 meters from hers, in an almost direct line, except for several hills that blocked certain angles of vision. One night a group including Noelia armed with sticks and knives invaded the house sure to catch someone hiding there but were surprised to find it empty. Looking around for clues one of the group suddenly noticed a strange odor, which the group could only compare to rotten eggs or sulfur. There was a sudden change of ambiance and the group felt that some unseen presence was stalking them. Suddenly something unseen appeared to leave the abandoned house, something that could not be seen, at the same time the strong odor permeated the air.

The group, now afraid, decided to leave the house and as they stepped out of the house they all saw at about 40 meters away a “man” that appeared to be staring intently at them. Apparently the stranger had been observing the group’s behavior for quite some time. The man appeared to be wearing a worn gray cloak or hooded outfit, which covered him completely, his face was not visible. His height was about 1.70-80m. There was a bright full moon that night, thus the visible details. Upon seeing the strange figure the group immediately ran in his direction in an attempt to capture ‘him’ at the same time the stranger did the same, but according to Noelia in a very peculiar manner. As he ran away, the group noticed that he never seemed to turn around, and seemed to be able to ‘run’ remaining in the position when he was first seen, or facing the astounded crowd of pursuers. He maintained this position the whole time he fled from the group. The stranger seemed to be able to gain distance from the group in great leaps and bounds, and as the group advanced they noticed strange tracks on the sandy terrain on which the stranger had fled over. The strange tracks were not normal feet or footwear; the stunned witnesses could only compare them to those of “goat’s feet.” Alarmed, the group stopped in unison and ended their pursuit. Terrified they watched as the ‘man’ also stopped and then began to glide away at high speed without touching the ground until he disappeared behind a nearby hill.

HC addendum
Source: Esteban Coronel, Ecuador Type: E

The location is Tonnarella, Messina Province, Italy, in August of 1966, the time around 2030.

A young woman, identified as D. R., while looking out the window of her apartment located in the center of town spotted a luminous spot which was quickly approaching her location from the direction of Santa Barbara de Montalbano just southwest of where she was. As it got close the luminous object began to assume a cylindrical shape, transparent in nature. The curious witness watched as the strange cylinder-shaped craft approached even closer. The cylinder was illuminated from within with a homogeneous light source. The craft then descended to within several meters from the ground and about 50 meters away from the witness. She could hear a low motor-like sound apparently coming from the object. Inside the object was visible a male human-like figure that appeared to be floating in a vertical position inside the object (she didn’t see any furniture or equipment). The figure was about 1.68m in height, while the cylinder appeared to be about 3m in height. The eyes of the figure were closed and he was totally immobile, apparently meditating. The facial features were human and he sported a very long gray beard, giving him an “elderly” or ancient appearance. The humanoid figure was wearing a one-piece red tunic type garment and what appeared to be sandals on his feet. The witness however was very impressed about a large silvery medallion which the humanoid had on his chest area, shaped like a circle with an iridescent spot in the middle. In an instant the craft suddenly shot away, quickly disappearing from sight and again becoming a luminous spot in the distance and finally disappearing in the direction of Capo Milazzo.

Just maybe the aliens do not all look like the typical Hollywood “Gray” version that is rammed and impregnated into our subconscious by the television and film industry.

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From "About UFOs" - Billy Booth

World-wide attention was drawn to the UFO mystery in 1987 by one wave of sightings, those which occurred over Gulf Breeze, Florida. These were much more than just sighting reports-the sightings were accompanied by many photographs and videos. The majority of the attention was on one Ed Walters, a contractor from the area, who took extraordinarily clear photographs of UFOs.

Walters' First Sighting:
Walters claimed that his first sighting of a UFO occurred on November 11, 1987. He was working in his living room late at night when he noticed a light shining through the window. He immediately went outside to find the source of the light. He saw a glowing object which was only partially visible because of a large pine tree in his yard. He moved to get a better look at the object-now he noticed that the object was shaped like a top.

UFO in the Road:
The UFO was hovering just above the surface of the road. Walters could see some details of the UFO-square windows and portals. The object also had a ring around the bottom which glowed brightly. He ran and grabbed his Polaroid camera, and took several pictures before he moved even closer to the road. He stood motionless on the pavement to get the best photograph he could, but suddenly, he was hit by a beam from the UFO

Effect of the Beam:
Walters was almost directly underneath the UFO when the beam lifted him off of the ground. This is eerily similar to the case of Travis Walton. Walters then heard a voice saying, "Don't worry, we will not harm you." He then began to receive images in his mind. He stated that they were revealed to him "as if they were turning the pages of a book." His next conscious memory was waking up.

Gulf Breeze Sentinel:
The UFO was gone for now. On November 17, only a few days after his encounter, he took the photographs of the object to the local newspaper, the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. He told the editor the details of a UFO sighting and taking of the photographs, but attributed them to a friend of his, a Mr. X. Obviously, Walters was afraid of being laughed at by the editor. Mr. X's account was given thusly:
Statement of Mr. X:

"Bang! Something hit me. All over my body, I tried to lift my arms, I couldn't move them. They were blue, I was blue, everything was blue. I was in a blue light beam. I was trying to breathe but my chest wouldn't expand. My feet lifted off the floor, a voice groaned in my head, 'We will not harm you.' I screamed, and the voice said to calm down."

Credibility under Fire:
Walters also supplied the editor a letter from Mr. X, but Ed's anonymity would not last. Soon, the man who took the great UFO photographs was known all over Gulf Breeze, and before much longer, the whole world would know who Ed Walters was. Ed took more and more photographs of the enigmatic flying objects, and claimed more visits from the beings who drove them. Though Walters was known as a trustworthy man, the UFO photos had caused his credibility to come under fire.

MUFON: "Photos are Genuine." :
Walters reputation would receive a big boost from MUFON, the world's largest UFO organization. After hearing about Walters' photographs and sightings, they began a full blown investigation into the Gulf Breeze story. After they completed an initial look into the evidence that Walters had, they were convinced that he and his evidence was genuine.

MUFON's statement:
Walter Andrus, state director of MUFON studied the case for three years. His conclusions were: "The overwhelming evidence is in. Gulf Breeze is indeed one of the most incredible cases in modern UFO history." This was a rare declaration of this magnitude for any UFO case.

Despite the glowing stamp of approval by MUFON, many investigators were not convinced, and called the photographs hoaxed. On February 18, and 23, 1988, Ed was given two polygraph tests by Harvey W. McLaughlin Jr. He passed both of them.

Although Walters was the star witness of the Gulf Breeze sightings, he was not alone. Over 200 other witnesses came forward validating the sighting reports, and some even had taken their own photographs. Looking back on the Gulf Breeze case, it is still uncertain if Walters had hoaxed the photographs or not, and the UFO community is divided on a final verdict.

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By Aileen Garoutté

Wendelle Stevens was my good friend. I feel that since he has passed over to the other side we should remember all the wonderful things he did while he was here. We should never forget his achievements. He wrote a total of 57 books. His daughter CeCe has them all in Ebooks now. All his work can be found at

Wendell put so many years into his work, and was considered the Grand Father of UFOlogy. Many people got their start from Wendelle and his work.

I met Wendelle in 1981 at the National UFO Conference put on by Tim Beckley and Jim Moseley in Tucson, Arizona. We became fast friends. At the time I lived in Mesa, Arizona so it was easy to go and visit Wendelle periodically.

Wendelle was so knowledgeable about so many contact cases. I never tired of hearing a new story. Wendelle was instrumental in setting up the first International UFO Congress in Tucson, Arizona. He asked me to be one of the hostesses because of our friendship and because I was Director of the UFO Contact Center International. I met several persons at that Congress that remain as my friends today. If it wasn’t for Wendelle the IUFO Congress may never have become as popular as it is today. It was because of his efforts and the persons he brought to the Congress from foreign countries to share their cases that made it so interesting.

An important case he worked very hard on was the Billy Meier case in Switzerland. Lee and Britt Elders and Wendelle went there and thoroughly investigated Billy’s claims. The three of them published beautiful books about Billy’s case. It became the most popular case in history. It still is. They enlisted scientific labs to prove his pictures and the metal sample.

Because of Wendelle many “contact” books were written. He typed almost all of them himself and had them published in a hard bound edition. Can you imagine how much work that was? If he hadn’t of known of those foreign cases and wrote the book about them people would never have known about what took place with the different people throughout the world. We learned so much!

It is time to honor Wendelle Stevens for all the work he submitted to UFOlogy and for his knowledge. We should never forget him. I am so sad that so much that he knew went with him. I would like him to know how many persons cared for him and honor his life time of work in this subject. There will never be another like Wendelle. I hope in some way he sees this award from our hearts. We will miss you always Wendelle.

Some of the books he published were:

And many others


Back in,1988 I had no idea that on July 1 my life would be propelled into a direction that would change my life forever.

I owned my own business and moon lighted with a friend as a assay lab tech purifying gold and silver extracted from high tech military components. It was early Sunday morning , my wife and our kids packed up for a 12 hour drive to her relatives in New Mexico while I stayed home to finish the work we contracted for. In a hurry to get this contract finished and out the door, I made a mistake that would send me into the hospital leaving me blind. After many operations I was left with my left eye blind and partial vision in my right eye.
My father asked me to fly up to Northern Idaho for a visit. He would read to me information on the UFO subject and that is when I heard for the first time Ret Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens name.

My Dad said, “If you are interested in this strange field of UFO’s then why don’t you contact this Stevens guy in Tucson?” I had to admit that the subject was interesting and Mr. Stevens was living in the same town, so when I got home I did just that.

I had my wife look his name up in the phone book and dialed the number.

“Hello , Stevens here.”

I was pulled back for a minute, he caught me off guard. I was expecting to hear the voice of a female secretary,

He said again , “Stevens here , anyone there?”

I then said, “Yes Sir my name is Ted . I’m looking for answers to the UFO subject.”

His response was “so are a lot of other people.”

I then replied, “Is there somewhere I can get more information?” He then gave me the name and phone number of a Mr. Allen Benz .

Then the next twenty years is history.

Wendelle and I became GOOD friends and as time went on Wendelle appeared on our TV program over ten times along with MANY field investigations through the state of Arizona AND New Mexico.

Wendelle was a person, that you could trust, confide in, and know that anything you told him in confidence would be kept . He was a man of his word. I’ll never know and most likely forget more than WENDELLE had compartmentalized in that fantastic total re-call of his.

He was amazing.

This sometimes crazy field of Ufology name calling can be brutal and self-serving but in all my years knowing this gentle man, he never once said an ugly remark about any of his contemporaries. I gave him plenty of chances too.

Pages and pages can be written about this giant of a man and will certainly happen in the years to come. For now I’ll end with this.

If anyone of you that are reading this and have had the pleasure to come in contact with Wendelle you know what I speak and for you, those that never got the chance , I can only hope that what I’ve written can bring you closer to one of the greatest investigators of modern time in the field of Ufology. .

Ret. Lt. Col . Wendelle C. Stevens was a man of adventure, a prolific author, a collector of books , pictures, and artifacts, along with a keeper of many secrets.


Wendell Stevens, who in life was the voice of unembellished UFO reporting. An unimposing, kind and gentle man whom I called friend. He refused to be silenced. Even in death, his works still speak volumes about his passion for this type of investigation. Every case was an adventure and it was very important to get the facts right, unlike some in the field who may put forth their own interpretation of the facts. He was a kid who refused to grow up when it came to his research and investigation of UFO cases.

I first made contact with Wendell in the early 1980’s after acquiring the coffee table picture book in San Diego, and later, volume one of the contact notes of the Billy Meier case. I called him to find out if there was going to be a volume two. I believe I have all the books pertaining to the Meier case and then some. I stopped by his home in 1992 while returning to Washington state after a trip to San Antonio, Texas. $150.00 lighter, I had more of Wendell’s books and the three pictures he and the Elders had enlarged for analysis, during the Meier investigation and the tapes made by Nippon TV. I consider the Meier case, the most important case in the history of the world and if it hadn’t been for Wendell and the Elders, little would be known of this case today.

It was my great pleasure to have known him. He is missed.

Edward Barth

Thursday, March 10, 2011


During 1977 to 1979, before moving from Venezuela to Puerto Rico, Senor Ramon Rosa Alvarado had a series of unique experiences as an observer in a local Venezuelan UFO Group which was being contacted by UFOnauts who told the local contactee there that they came from the PLEIADES.

At that time Alvarado and his wife were living near Giudad El Tocuyo, Districto Moran, Venezuela in a sugar cane growing district. Reports of strange disc-shaped aerial objects were occurring almost every night. They would be seen approaching from below the crest of a small sparsely vegetated mountain above the sugar cane field, and would fly about in the sky in all directions in a random fashion. Word had gotten out about the almost nightly visits, and people from all around began coming to the area to witness the phenomenon.

One night around eight P.M. Sr. Alvarado and his wife watched many different colored glowing objects of luminous disc-form flying over the cornfields. They were of blue, green and amber radiance and were estimated to be 15 to 20 feet in diameter. Ramon counted 25 such craft on this occasion. Some of them approached quite close, and some hovered low over the corn tops and in other places only a couple of feet above the ground. The upper level of these operations was only about 400 to 500 feet above the ground surface.

On this particular night the witnesses saw a large number of shiny silver metallic balls, nonluminous but highly reflective, also flying around in the dark sky. Though these spheres were not luminous, they could nevertheless be easily seen in the light of the other disc-shaped UFOs. The balls reflected the many lights of the larger craft flying about. There may have been as many as several dozen such shiny balls only a few inches to a few feet in diameter, in several sizes. The silver balls kept moving rapidly and did not stop and hover like the luminous disc-shaped larger craft.

On another night a few weeks later, Ramon and his wife joined a group of about 80 people who had come to witness the phenomena. It was a Wednesday evening (the objects seemed to be most active in mid-week) and they had seen the lights below the top of the large hill.

Suddenly they saw three of the blue and green 15 to 20 foot diameter glowing disc-shaped flying objects about 400 to 500 meters to the north of their position. The objects were situated, one over the river to the north near the left road, another to the right of dead center, between the two roads, and a third over the cornfield across the road to the right. As one of the witnesses started down the road to the left with a Jeep, to get closer, the one to the far right began to approach up the right road. Alvarado and his wife were standing to the right and the light came slowly toward them. Suddenly a ball of white light about one meter in diameter burst into view in front of them and began to fly a tight vertical circle about 12 to 15 meters in diameter only a few feet away. Mrs. Alvarado fainted from fright.

Then a much larger round glow of light came on in the distance, across the river towards the hill. It must have been huge, because all of the disc-shaped craft and the white ball of light raced toward it and went inside, and the whole thing rose and flew away as one object. Before they departed, however, the disc-shaped luminous craft on the right that was approaching up the road stopped, and an array of horizontal light beams of several colors including blue, green, violet, amber and orange came "ON" on top of the object and radiated out horizontally. Then they began to rotate like helicopter blades, in a counterclockwise direction. These light beams blinked out before this object went toward the larger light in the distance and went into it.

There was a principal witness in that vicinity whom these alien visitors picked up and contacted directly. They addressed the contactee in his native Spanish but they conversed among themselves in another language. When he asked what language it was, they called it IRDIM. They said it was a proto-Sumerian tongue used long ago on Earth by their predecessors here, and that most other languages used on Earth today were derived from it. They said that their ancestors came from what we call the PLEIADES.

The space beings said that they lived lifespans of 1,000 to 1,200 years of our time in a single physical embodiment. They said that they live simultaneously in the 3 dimensions we normally think of, - plus a 4th dimension we know very little about at the present time. They said that the laws of the 4th dimension are entirely different, and that the speed of light in our dimension does not apply in the physics there. They said that they simply shift all matter up to the 4th dimensional state and the laws of time and space change. They have offered scores of detailed descriptions on very scientific subjects, including other dimensions and other beings. Sr. Alvarado estimated the contact notes and dialogue he has seen amounted to several hundreds of pages.

These Pleiadians, like those visiting Switzerland also describe two other planets in our Solar System not familiar to us today. They called one of them Nemus and the other Siris (these are our spellings from the phonetics used). They say that these planets will be found in orbits between what we call Neptune and Pluto. The visitors to Switzerland said they were both beyond the orbit of Pluto. The visitors to Acaya said one was side and one outside the orbit of Pluto. We are unable to account for these disparities, however the fact that all spoke of only two may be significant. They all mentioned undiscovered moons for the sub-suns Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and they have now been proved to be correct in 3 out of 4 and one still to be survey by close observation.

They all said that there were many inhabited planets in the vast Pleiades systems.They were all aware of other human and non-human visitors to our planet at this time, and each was in active contact with some of those others.

A friend of one of the sugar farmers, Sr. Guillerr Torres of' Hacienda Las Cruces, near Ciudad El Tocuy successfully photographed one of the larger ships visiting this locality. It is seen as a large lens-shape circular craft with a wide low profile transparent translucent dome on top. It occasionally radiates light from the rim, and some of this light is seen in the photograph. The skin surface of the craft seems to be matt gray in color and has a brushed metal finish. Two craft was an estimated 400 meters away when the picture was made.

They all operated, used or shared bases of limited accessibility in high mountain peaks and in equally inaccessible under ocean locations.

The UFO Cosmonauts contacting the Colombians told that group that they came from what we call the PLEIADES. To those there involved, these new contacts were so mind-boggling and so profound, and so far exceeded their internal knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in the world that they carefully guarded their secret within their own immediate circle for three years, and then only confided it to very trusted friends in UFO research also. None of them or their friends had ever heard of Eduard Meier.

Those in Switzerland, on the other hand, now conducted themselves in a similar fashion. Stranger still, the Pleiadians, in neither case, made any mention of contacts with the other groups of terrestrials, and they even used different styles of equipment and spacecraft, although at the same time, there were similarities in some respects.

Both groups used a variety of spacecraft for different functions. Both the Swiss and the Colombian contactors employed part organic/part mechanical creatures in labor operations aboard the spacecraft, and both used a large mother-ship in space as an operating base. Both had similar technological wonders aboard the spacecraft that came to the surface of our planet, and in both cases the environment aboard the mother-ship was 99% recyclable and almost standards. In both cases the cosmonauts seemed to be fully aware of the ancient history of our Earth.

It is odd that the contact in Switzerland was told that the people he was in contact with were from the Plejaries, not the Plieades. They only told him that they were from the Plieades so that copy cat contacts would be known as making up their stories. Finallly he was told to tell where they really came from. So it is puzzling why these aliens would say they were from the Plieades? - P. Urial

Friday, March 4, 2011

Deputy Terminated for Contradicting Horse Mutilation Official Findings

EPSO photo: Former El Paso County Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Chuck Zukowski

(I detest injustice and this is blatant injustice! - P. Urial) From Phantoms and Monsters blog

tucsoncitizen - A UFO investigator in Colorado has been terminated from his volunteer deputy post following a horse mutilation investigation.

Back in November 2010, Fox31 News in Denver posted an article about a strange horse mutilation incident at the Schneider family ranch in El Paso County, Colorado. The family found two of their horses dead and badly mutilated on their ranch last August. After the discovery, the family filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and called in paranormal investigator, Chuck Zukowski, to search for answers.

The horses were discovered with their throats slit and chests cut open. The genitals, tongues, and eyes of the horses were removed. The family stated that there were no footprints around the horses and no blood evident. Since El Chupacabra, humans, predators and satanic cults would leave footprints, Zukowski blamed UFOs, according to the report by Fox31 news.

Zukowski’s findings, as reported by bloggers and the media, were contradictory to the official findings of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, for whom Zukowski served in a volunteer capacity for for 8 years.

Following the posting of the original post in the Tucson Citizen in November, Zukowski blamed ‘bad journalism’ on the parts of Fox31 and the Tucson Citizen for misrepresenting his statements. He stated that the family and area ranchers believed that the horse mutilations were alien or military-related, but that his written findings always conclude as “unknown death”. Zukowksi referred to his publicly posted investigation findings for clarification, which were considered prior to the November posting. However, the statements attributed to Zukowski, as reported by Fox31, were included in the Tucson Citizen post, clearly attributing Zukiowski’s statements to the interview with Fox31.

The official findings from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department pointed to predators as causing the demise of the horses. Zukowski’s publicly available online report and statements made to the news media, does not come to the identical conclusion, which contributed to his termination

Zukowski’s termination letter from the department states among other things:

“The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations, and then publicly contradicting and being critical of official Sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum. Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.” This adversarial position, without having full knowledge of the information gathered by detectives, is unacceptable.”

Zukowski told in an interview: “I know in the letter it says that I contradicted their statement, but I didn’t contradict them per se. Where I mentioned El Paso County Sheriff’s Department was wrong, I’ve never, ever done that.”

A fresh piece of information included in the Tucson Citizen‘s post from November, was the fact that Zukowski served as a volunteer deputy for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department. This information was publicly available in his bio page, on his UFO investigation website, to outline his relevant experience. Although the information is now updated to read: “a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff with El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado”.

Ten days after the post on the Tucson Citizen, an article posted at the website, also identified Zukowski as a reserve deputy for the department. Zukowski told News5 that he never represented himself to the author as a reserve deputy.

Whether the information of Zukowski’s volunteer post with the department was found on the Tucson Citizen or Zukowski’s public website, was not stated in article.


Chuck Zukowski's response:

ufonut - Throughout the course of the television show, The X-Files, agent Fox Mulder was continually threatened with dismissal from the FBI due to his passionate and serious pursuit of supernatural phenomena, paranormal events and government conspiracy. This pop-culture series made clear that our government and law enforcement agencies around the country are not open, philosophically or intellectually, to take seriously the field of paranormal investigation.

One thing I pride myself in, is being honest about my investigations. Now I want to be honest about an event which developed not only from one of my investigations, but circumstances which arise due to media attention I get.

The following blog is about what happens when a person (me) challenges authority and now deals with the outcome. (I deal with the outcome by telling you.) At no time do I mean any disrespect to the fine men and women who work for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, I’m simply stating the circumstances which involved me and now letting the readers (you) decide if I made the right decision.

Chuck Zukowski

On February 9th 2011, two deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff’s department stopped by my home and relieved me of my badge, gun and ID. Most people visiting my website had no idea I was a Reserve (volunteer) deputy, since I’ve never blogged about it. My Reserve title was posted on my bio because I was proud of it.

The following are two segments from the termination letter handed to me.

First segment:

“The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations, and then publicly contradicting and being critical of official Sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum. Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.” This adversarial position, without having full knowledge of the information gathered by detectives, is unacceptable.”

The previous segment is referring to the August 2010 Rush Colorado Horse mutilation. The “publicly contradicting and being critical of official sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum” started with an interview I did with Heidi Hemmat – KDVR Fox News Denver.

The statement “Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy”. This is referring to news media who have picked up any stories I’m in, and then researched me.

The statement,” Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy” is because in the eight years with the department. I’ve never conducted an investigation while representing the department.

Also in the segment with Fox News I said, “Local law enforcement, they’re really not trained to look at something like this.” And this is true! I’ve learned some deputies have taken a one week course on investigating animal deaths, but this doesn’t give them the experience needed to decide if it’s of a paranormal nature.

Generally when detectives are called to a potential mutilation site, they’re training involves looking for evidence which could tie it to possible human intervention which caused the death of the animal. This could make it a criminal case in which they would need to pursue the incident further. If lack of human intervention evidence is seen, (ie. footprints, tire prints, animal drag markings) then law enforcement representatives will assume a natural cause of death may have occurred. Without previous study in animal mutilation phenomenons, law enforcement representatives can make the wrong assessments determining the death of the animal. Lacerations in uncommon areas, circular incisions, missing tongues, lack of an abundance of blood, and strange animal behavior of the surviving ranch animals, are the clues ranchers see which points to a kill which they’re not familiar with. This may be difficult for law enforcement representatives to understand if never fully understanding the mutilation phenomenon.

So what type of experience does a UFO/Paranormal investigator have?

My experience includes years of research, interviews, conferences, networking with other animal mutilation experts, and my own investigations. I’m also in direct communication with representatives from Colorado State University’s veterinary lab on every case relaying information to them. The majority of my investigative techniques searching for clues of an animal’s death are also learned by talking to the ranchers themselves. They know the predators which frequent their property, they’re familiar with natural deaths which take down their animals, and they can spot the signs when pointed to something very unfamiliar to them. In 2009 the five ranchers for whom I investigated their mutilated animals had over 300 years of combined ranching experience between them! Manual Sanchez who lost four calves within a month’s time is a “third” generation cattle rancher! If he says he doesn’t know what killed his animals, you can pretty well bet, I’ll listen to him.

Simple communication between law enforcement agencies and animal mutilation investigators could increase the odds needed to find the answers both parties are looking for. Unless law enforcement agencies step up their investigative techniques by increasing the possibilities the animal deaths could be of an unknown nature, they’ll never be able to solve these particular cases. Also, the more law enforcement agencies disregard an experienced cattle/horse rancher’s opinion, the more often a loss of respect will exist between the ranchers and the agency. This is a direction I see time and time again. If the ranchers were comfortable with the investigating law enforcement’s assessment of the animal’s death, then there would be no need for them to involve the press and call investigators like me.

Second segment:

“Furthermore, when spoken to by Reserve Sergeant (name on file), it was suggested you refrain from conducting paranormal and unidentified flying objects investigations, which could be viewed as a conflict of interest if being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. You clearly indicated this was not acceptable and you would not recuse yourself from such investigations.”

Of course I can’t agree to this. The department could use any type of UFO/Paranormal sighting including animal mutilations which were reported via 911, as being investigated by the department. I would have to refrain from investigating every occurrence in 2200 square miles of El Paso County which 911 was utilized. This would also exclude working with MUFON as one of their STAR investigators, or OpenMinds, or UFO Matrix, or or or…. Get the drift?

Now some questions to ponder:

Is having a volunteer deputy sheriff running UFO/Paranormal investigations on his personal time considered an eye sore to the Sheriff’s department? So much so, that they want him out of their department?

Or, should they utilize his personal skills in the paranormal field?

How about just generally asking:

Should law enforcement personnel acting out of uniform in a non official position be restricted from contradicting statements released by their departments?

Imagine what would happen if our own congressional men and women were terminated for publicly disagreeing with the president who is within their own political party? Could this be a violation of the First Amendment? Freedom of Speech?

Law Enforcement agencies along with some high courts generally make it tougher for police officers who cry 1stAmendment, as a relevant argument. Most cases I’ve read side with the department not the police officer when the statements made by the officer are offensive to the department. This protects the integrity of their department.

So is disagreeing with the Sheriff’s department’s assumptions on a horse mutilation considered so detrimental to the department’s integrity, that it constitutes a dismissal?

Now in my defense:

When I was confronted by the sergeant about this incident, I asked to talk with my commander to explain my position. I also requested to give a lecture on animal mutilations to the deputies who investigate animal deaths so we could compare notes. This would have also given me the opportunity to find out if I was stepping over an invisible boundary.

A meeting was never granted, my sergeant never had updates when I confronted him, and I never received the opportunity to defend myself. Well so much for the First Amendment and the 14th Amendment as well (Denial of Rights to Represent Yourself Properly).

After receiving the termination letter, I emailed the Sheriff’s office in my defense. As of the writing of this blog, I have not received a response from them.

I’ve worked as a volunteer with EPSO for over eight years along side some of the best deputies in the state of Colorado. On duty I would have laid my life on the line for them, and they would have done the same for me. I’ve never had any type of conflicts with the deputies I’ve worked with, and they’ve never had any negative comments about me. (As far as I know.)

Now back to animal mutilations. There have been law enforcement agencies who have investigated cattle mutilations in the past and who have stepped up to the challenge. The following are just to name a few.

April 7th, 1993 the Fyffe Police Department, Fyffe, Alabama released a press conference about 30 animals which had been discovered dead in pastures with various internal and external organs missing.

March 28th, 1997, the State of Florida formed a task force to investigate mysterious wounds found on cattle in Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties.

August 11th, 2001, Police in Montana investigating cattle mutilations were so frustrated with their lack of progress, that they asked the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Nevada research institute dedicated to the study of anomalies, for help. (Great Falls Tribune article)

So there are law enforcement agencies which are quite concerned about mutilation cases. Remember, since the media release of Snippy (Lady) the horse’s mutilation near Alamosa Colorado in 1967, there have not been anyone caught, tried and convicted of any mutilation crime. And just for the record, the Rush horse mutilation wounds were very similar to the 1967 case. Of course law enforcement wouldn’t have known that unless they studied previous mutilation cases.

So what do you think, did I make the right decision?


The following are full posts on reference to these mutilation incidents:

Colorado Horse Mutilations Raise Questions and Disagreements - 11/9/2010

tucsoncitizen - The Schneider family in El Paso County, Colorado found two of their horses dead and badly mutilated on their ranch. After the discovery, the family filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s department and called in a paranormal investigator to search for answers.

The horses were discovered with their throats slit and chests cut open. The genitals, tongues, and eyes of the horses were removed. The family stated that there were no footprints around the horses and no blood evident. Since El Chupacabra, humans, predators and satanic cults would leave footprints, the paranormal investigator on the case blamed UFOs, according to a report by Fox31 news in Denver.

News reports make no mention of how long the horses were missing prior to the discovery of the carcasses.

The paranormal investigator on the case, Chuck Zukowski, examined the horses and determined that UFOs were to blame. With 8 animal mutilations in Colorado.this year, Zukowski said that the evidence points to the horses being mutilated in a manner that would support his assertion.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s department doesn’t agree with the conclusion of Zukowski’s investigation.

Although they did not examine the horses closely, since the animals were “badly decomposed”, they say that the state of the horses were consistent with a predator attack.

Zukowski and the Schneiders state that they know what predator attacks look like and choose to believe that this was an alien-related mutilation. The family is fearful that it could happen again.

According to Zukowski’s website UFONut, he has 30 years of experience in the paranormal and specializes in “a diverse area including UFOlogy, Roswell, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, UFO investigations and ghost hunting”, Zukowski is also “a Sworn Deputy Sheriff for Colorado’s El Paso County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit”.


kwgn - A Colorado family is searching for answers after finding their horses carved up and left to die.

"I just started to cry," Glenda Schneider told FOX31 News.

Schneider discovered two of her horses had been mutilated, with their throats slit and their chests cut open. Their genitals, tongues and eyes had been removed.

Yet, there was no blood, no footprints, and no witnesses to the crime.

"You wonder what happened," Schneider said. "What took place? What did it?"

The Schneider‘s filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and they contacted paranormal investigator Chuck Zukowski.

Zukowski examined the horses and determined the horses died from unknown causes, and said there was plenty of evidence indicating the animals were mutilated.

"The straight cuts, the open rib cage, the flesh taken off. Those are red flags," Zukowski said. He believes UFO’s could be to blame.

The Schneider’s are not alone. Paranormal investigators say there have been 8 animal mutilation cases in Colorado in just the past year.

Hundreds of animal mutilation cases across the country have been documented since 1967.

But the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department disagrees with Zukowski's assertion.

They believe the horses were killed by predators, though they admit investigators weren’t able to examine the horses as closely as they would like to because the animals were so badly decomposed.

Still, the Schneider’s insist they know what predator attacks look like, and what happened to their horses is anything but.

They fear whatever killed their horses could come back, and it has shattered the peace on their quiet ranch.

NOTE: Bottom line - the El Paso County Sheriff's Office is attempting to cover up the truth or to cover their collective asses...Lon

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Since I am from Washington State this item was of interest to me!

The following is an interesting post from July 2008: (From Phantoms and Monsters Blog)

Woman Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens Near Mount St. Helens

Joy French is fully aware that it sounds a little far-fetched to say that she might have been abducted by an alien near Mount St. Helens more than two decades ago.

But since she began hosting UFO meetings in April 2007, she has seen and heard so much evidence of extraterrestrial encounters that she wishes she had spoken up earlier. Now the energetic octogenarian devotes her life to opening closed minds.

“We are the only country trying not to tell the truth about UFOs,” she said. “The government is not being honest with people.”

French, 84, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, will host a meeting for believers in UFO sightings — and those who want to believe — at 7 p.m. Friday in the Cowlitz County PUD meeting room.

French lived in Longview from 1965 to ‘67. In the early 1980s she was staying in a small trailer on Lake Merwin. A friend camping in the area, Don McMann, called her on the CB radio and invited her to watch a video with him.

Most of that night is a blank. She remembers starting to drive downhill to his trailer, and the next thing she remembers is being a passenger in her car, with him driving.

“I’m an independent person,” she said, so being a passenger made no sense to her. “I usually drive my own car.”

She doesn’t recall watching the movie. She said neither of them drank.

This took place around 10 or 11 p.m., in the thick darkness of a mountain forest. Suddenly the sky lit up as bright as daylight, and her 1966 Cadillac stopped dead.

McMann, a mechanic, hopped out and lifted the hood. He checked the engine and shrugged.

“There’s nothing wrong with your car,” he said. He slammed the hood, and the car started.

“That’s the last thing I remember until the next day,” French said.

In the morning, she called McMann on the CB and arranged to meet at the community kitchen.

“I told him, ‘What happened last night, that’s what happens when a UFO’s around,’ ” she said. “He said, ‘I thought of that, too.’ ”

They never spoke of it again, nor did they mention it to the other campers at Merwin because they were afraid of ridicule.

“Now I wonder if the others saw and didn’t tell,” she said.

She believes the light came from a spaceship, and that she and McMann were taken into the craft and examined. Their memories of the incident were erased before they were returned to her car, she believes.

McMann died in 1998. A couple of years ago, French, now living in Idaho, discussed the incident with a childhood friend — and discovered the friend once saw a UFO when she was picking huckleberries.

“The government told her never to speak of it,” French said.

She has read numerous books about extraterrestrials, met investigators and scientists and heard many people share their experiences, including Gloria Hawker, author of “Morning Glory,” an account of being impregnated by an alien.

“Some of this stuff blows my mind,” French said. “It’s kind of hard to swallow.”

She’s positive she didn’t have the same experience as Hawker.

“If they took me and checked me out, they probably threw me back because I had a complete hysterectomy and I’m no good to them,” she said.

French believes extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for centuries, citing the Egyptian pyramids as one example of their work. She also believes aliens can be credited with the world’s rapid advancements in technology during her own lifetime.

“I can’t believe the government is still covering up,” she said.

She thinks extraterrestrials want to save our world.

“I don’t think they want to hurt us. I think they want to save us from destroying our planet,” she said. “Or pick us up after we destroy it.”

She understands that many people are afraid to come forward and admit they believe in UFOs. She offers her meetings as a safe place to learn more.

“People with closed minds never learn a thing.”