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 Golden Field of Barley

By Janet Ossebaard, The Netherlands, used with permission

On July 17, 1998 I discovered a strange side-phenomenon of the crop circles in the Cher Hill Formation (Wiltshire, England): Dead Flies.

The small, black flies were attached to the seed heads in a strange fashion: stuck with their tongues/snouts as if glued to the plants.

It seemed like they were consuming something at the moment the circle making energies struck.  But not only that; they seemed to have died in shock.  Their legs and wings were stretched out; all they were attached with were their snouts. But there was more.  I also found other variants.  Some flies seemed to have been exploded; body and limbs scattered all over the seed heads. It reminded me of the blown nodes, the expulsion cavities that are created when the energies strike the plants shortly but fiercely.  Were these "blown flies"?

Other flies seemed to be in perfect shape, but when I took a closer look they too turned out to be dead.  And there were variants somewhere in between those who were attached to the plants, drugged as they seemed, but who flew away after I carefully freed them from the seed heads.  They first needed about ten minutes to recover, after which they took off.

Nobody had ever seen this before, me neither.  For a while, it looked like a new lead, a new hint so to speak.  Something that would give us new insights.

Were they flies killed in order to help us discover more?  Quite necessary, I would say.  After all, we don't get much further with our research, do we?

But then, a more perceptive 'croppy' - Ed Sherwood - told me he already saw dead flies on crop circles back in 99; he just never reported them.  So, nothing new after all.  We had just never really looked well enough.

What a weird side-phenomenon - dead flies.  I don't have a clue right now what to think of it.  I sampled the entire formation (including of course the dead flies) and sent them to Dr. Levengood in the USA and to a British lab.  Dr. Levengood is working on them so hopefully we will get some answers at short notice.

But until then, some question just won't leave my mind:

o  If the crop circles are indeed characterized by kindness, friendship, love and light, as so many believe (and I am one of them), then how come animals die in them?

o  If the energies are so strong and powerful that they can drug and explode insects, to what extent is the phenomenon safe and peaceful?

Sometimes I wonder when the phenomenon will give us some answers instead of more questions.

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The sri yantra consists of nine interwoven isosceles triangles: four point upwards, representing Sakti, the primordial female essence of dynamic energy, and five point downwards, representing Siva, the primordial male essence of static wisdom The triangles are arranged in such a way that they produce 43 subsidiary triangles, at the centre of the smallest of which there is a big dot (known as the bindu). (George Joseph)

As you may know, Eastern Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala Formation in August 1990.  It arrived in a dry wilderness lake bed east of Steens Mountain, and consisted of 13.3 miles of lines, each 10" wide and scored to a depth of 3 inches in the hardpan.  The graphic above is the Sri Yantra, and the Pattern discovered in the dry earth was identical in all respects.

Four jokers claimed it - the joke was that they alleged they pulled a 'garden cultivator' like a plow for over 13 miles, in an officially designated Wilderness Area, in the August desert heat - where not even cars are permitted.  They concocted the story that they hauled all their gear 3/4 mile to the site each day.  (It turned out that that was one of many discrepancies in their story, for they'd allegedly told a sergeant from he Air National Guard that their campsite was actually two miles from the Formation.)  A second  discrepancy; In their initial 'confession letter' to the newspaper they wrote that all four of them were hitched up simultaneously to pull the cultivator, but the video shows only two of them attempting to pull it.  Another one I found of interest is the apparent major exertion seen to be required to gouge a thin 1/2" deep line into the earth (as seen in the video) vs that needed to create a trench 10" wide and 3" deep - apparently without effort, according to the same video. (Editor's note:  I do not know where the video is to be found!)  (The reason the 'real' line was easy to dig out is because it was already there - they had apparently filled in the trench with the soft dirt, and hoped to give the illusion that they were digging the furrow with their plow.)  These 'variations,' as well as various others stretched my own and others' credibility well beyond believability.  One can reasonably conclude that the only creativity these four expressed was though their over-active imaginations and not through any grand desert artistry.

Interestingly, the skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard's pilot training area.  According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge pattern on August 10, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress: the pattern had simply 'appeared' one day.

Various points in the purported 'documentation' which those who claimed the Sri Yantra offered were easily picked apart by researchers who subsequently visited the site.  I, too, have noted non-sequiturs and blatant manipulation in previous fraudulent 'Crop Circle documentaries,' manufactured and aired solely to convince an unknowing public that the Circle Phenomenon is not worth serious study.  I strongly urge each of  you to use critical discernment when evaluating any kind of 'evidence' presented by anyone about anything - perhaps most especially so-called 'expert' testimony - and especially as regard the Circles.

For additional information on this Sri Yantra Formation, check out Dr. James Deardorff's excellent report in the UFO Magazine, volume 6 #3, 1991 (A symbol on the Oregon Desert).

Written up by Ilyes

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The following is the narrative supplied to the area commander of the California State Highway Patrol by Stanley Scott and Charles Carson, who are the principals in the case:

Officer Scott and I were eastbound on Hoag Road, east of Corning, looking for a speeding motorcycle when we saw what at first appeared to be a huge airliner dropping from the sky.  The object was very low and directly in front of us.  We stopped and leaped from the patrol vehicle in order to get a position on what we were sure was going to be an airplane crash.  From our position outside the car the first thing we noticed was absolute silence  Still assuming it to be an aircraft with power off, we continued to watch until the object was probably within one hundred to two hundred feet from the ground when it suddenly reversed completely at high speed and gained approximately five hundred feet altitude.  There the object stopped. At this time it was clearly visible to both of us and obviously not an aircraft of any design familiar to us.  It was surrounded by a glow making the round or oblong object visible.  At each end, or each side, of the object there were definite red lights.  At times about five white lights were visible between the red lights.  As we watched, the object moved again and performed aerial feats that were actually unbelievable.

At this time we radioed Tehama County Sheriff's office requesting they contact the local radar base.  The radar base confirmed the UFO - completely unidentified.

Office Scott and myself, after our verification, continued to watch the object.  On two occasions the object came directly toward the patrol vehicle.  Each time it approached, the object turned and swept the area with a huge red light.  Officer Scott turned the red light on the patrol vehicle toward the object and it immediately went away from us.  We observed the object used the red beam approximately six or seven times, sweeping the sky and ground areas.  The object began moving slowly in an easterly direction and we followed.  We proceeded to the Vina Plains fire station where we again were able to locate the object.  As we watched, it was approached by a similar object from the south.  It moved near the first object and both stopped, remaining in that position for some time, occasionally emitting the red beam.

Finally both objects disappeared below the eastern horizon.  We returned to the Tehama County Sheriff's office and met Deputy Fry and Deputy Montgomery, who had gone to Los Molinos after contacting the radar base.  Both had seen the UFO clearly and described to us what we saw.  The night jailer also was able to see the object at 2350 hours and observed it for approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.The night jailer, from a point farther north, saw it, and marched his several prisoners out onto the roof of the jail, each of whom saw it.  Each time the object neared us we experienced radio interference.

We submit this report in confidence for our information, we were calm after our initial shock and decided to observe and record all we could of the object.

Subsequent investigation yielded the facts that radio interference had been experienced by law officers in the area for about two hours prior to the sighting itself, and Fry and Montgomery had contacted the radar base and knew that the object was confirmed.

This report was given to APRO  August 13, 1960 at 11:50 p.m.

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Another roadway encounter this time from Scandinavia, Finland to be more specific; it
seems as if a ‘cosmic car’ and its bizarre occupants had taken a brief spin around this beautiful
Location. Vihtilajarvi, Kankanpaa, Finland

Date: December 8 1993

The witness, a 45-year old handyman had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia.
Driving in his car he suddenly noticed that the surroundings had become brightly illuminated. He first
thought that it was an airplane descending and he tried to look up, but could not see anything unusual.
After a while bright lights could be seen in his rear view mirror. On the next straight section of the
road the lights came up very quickly towards him and stayed just behind his car. The lights then briefly dropped back but then came up again on the next straight section of the road and passed his vehicle silently. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red color was glowing and appeared somehow transparent. In the “car” there were 3 or more beautiful completely white women, aged 20 to 30. As the “car” passed, they smiled and waved at the witness. Except for their black eyes and the mouth, they were completely white in color even their hair, which reached to their shoulders.

After the “car” had passed it accelerated and vanished towards the end of the straight section of the
road, about 500 meters away. After the observer had driven for a couple of km he noticed the “car”
again. It had stopped on a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously but as the object began to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitable the witness braked hard. Yet the object continued to approach and the witness was sure he was going to hit it. Then suddenly as the object was only a meter away from his car it stopped and vanished abruptly. Astonished the observer got out of his car to see if he could find some traces of the object, but he could not find anything.

The ‘cosmic car’ again vanished abruptly in plain sight of the witness, did it go back to its other-
dimensional realm or was it suddenly ‘teleported’ back to its mothership? The next case in this listing
appears to involve an otherworldly ‘car’ which then led to a full blown abduction onboard a possible

Location. St Petersburg, Russia (then Leningrad)

Date: 1971

Graduate student Tatiana Syrchenko was reading a technical manual accompanied by the student
chief when she suddenly felt a “push” from the back and could not overcome an urge to go for a
walk. She walked out in an area, which was pretty isolated at the time as twilight quickly approached.

Suddenly she noticed a very strange “automobile” approaching her. It was cherry red in color with
dark tinted glass, with a peculiar oval shape, never seen by her in the Soviet Union. She stood in
stunned surprised staring at the “automobile”. The strange machine drove up to her and a door was
slightly opened, a man wearing a black coverall leaned out and asked her if her name was Tatiana, if
she were then she must go with them. She glanced into the machine and saw two men sitting inside.
She was very afraid, but almost as if he was able to read her thoughts the man in the black coverall
said, “Do not be concerned we will bring you back safely”. He smiled and this gave Tatiana confidence, she immediately entered the machine. She noticed as she looked out the windshield that the machine dipped down in a steep 180-degree angle and had bright lights on the front. In a moment she found herself sitting in a square room that had walls and ceiling covered with a material resembling cotton, very soft to the touch. The room was well lit but she could not see the source of the light. The men who she had previously seen in the strange vehicle now wore silvery gray coveralls. She was told by one of the men that someone called “The Cardinal” wanted to see her. She protested saying that she was not dressed for the occasion. One of the men then approached the wall, raised his hand and a slot opened, and inside was two coveralls; one was silver and the other lilac in color. She chose the lilac coverall and quickly put it on, she remember that the material was also very soft. An aperture then became visible in the room and a man wearing the same lilac colored coveralls appeared. He looked elderly with long silvery white hair. He said something like, “I am glad to meet you Tatiana”. As she approached the stranger in order to greet him she suddenly blacked out. She then found herself back at the Institute still reading the manual. The clock still read 1600 hrs.

A cosmic car used in the commitment of a UFO abduction? Intriguing indeed. From
the Bonnybridge Scotland area comes a case investigated by researcher Malcolm
Robinson that appears to describe one of those elusive ‘cosmic cars’ in this case
apparently a ‘cosmic truck’.

Sometime in July of 1992 the Slogget family was out walking on the moorland above
Bonnybridge and as they claim, saw what daughter Carole then aged 26 described
as a huge “Tonka Toy” emerge from behind some trees. The sighting was heralded
by an intense blue light that illuminated the road around them and the object
appeared emitting a loud whirring noise. A door was heard opening accompanied
by a ‘howling’ sound. A brilliant white flash emanated from the object, rather like a
photographic flash gun, then it disappeared behind the trees again.

One of the most bizarre ‘pseudo vehicle, cosmic car’ reports come from tireless and
veteran researcher Don Worley and comes from that memorable year, 1973.

Location. Near Milroy Indiana

Date: September 2 1973

Part time preacher, Conner Corey had prayer with his sister’s family in northern Kentucky
and then headed north toward his home in Indiana. He stopped at Greensburg, Indiana
and placed some religious tracts in autos parked there. He was on State Road 3 near Milroy
when he noticed, in his rear view mirror, what appeared to be a dark green car with fenders
like barrels. Suddenly it was very close to his rear window, and now looked like a van, but
had a large curved windshield. A buzzing sound filled the air and he observed two indistinct
human-like figures with shoulder length hair inside the object. There was a brilliant flash
and the buzzing ceased. The witness continued to watch the scene on his rear view window
by looking in his rear view mirror. Suddenly it looked like water filled his rear window. Then
what resembled eagles moved across the top of the window and he felt the sensation of
flying into the air. Next, he found himself looking at the inside of an indirectly lighted room.
Three ordinary looking men in gray clothes came up into the room---two of them wearing
hospital surgery-type masks. This scene faded and was replaced by a distant aerial view of
an earth-like surface. A planet or moon came up between two mountains in the distance.
Following this he viewed a water covered surface from a lower altitude. Situated in the
middle of this surface was a huge dark cross-like area. Two man-like figures emerged from
the center of this area and became luminous. They moved toward him as if they were on a
conveyor belt, and steadily increased in size. The dark eyed figures were dressed in tight-
fitting suits that had a cloak and sash tied in front. The on-coming figures seemed about
to burst right out of his rear view mirror, and for the first time his intense desire to watch
gave way to fear. At this moment he was released as his eyes dropped from the mirror and
he found himself looking at a slow moving Amish buggy as he sped down the highway. The
preacher’s radio and watch malfunctioned after this event. He does not know with certainty
how much time he could have lost on his journey home. He thought he was driving about 50
mph, and he was sure he traveled ¾ of a mile during the contact.

Don Worley writing in UFO Universe summer 1993, apparently spoke about the same witness
who in April of 1973 while working in his auto parts shop in Milan Indiana and after having
photographed a UFO was visited by two very strange looking humanoids described as having
long hair and pale expressionless faces and wearing tang clothing with very heavy gloves.

One was very tall and the other was four foot tall with a long head. The witness’ dog began to
whimper and hid in a corner. The beings spoke in a mechanical monotone and demanded the
UFO photographs. They then left in what appeared to be a yellow Buick La Sabre with tinted
windows and no seats or steering wheel.

A very bizarre and little known report investigated by John Giambrone of Massachusetts and
published in the HUMCAT catalog, describes short humanoid creatures encountered by a
motorist that were riding what appeared to be small surface vehicles resembling Roto Tillers
(!), below is the report:
Location. Near Duxbury Massachusetts
Date: September 3 1974

Late in August, while driving on her early morning paper route, the witness observed a red pulsating
object at treetop level. When two beams of light emerged from its base to play across a nearby
cranberry bog, her car engine “fluttered” and the car radio emitted much static. On either this
occasion, or the following, the car interior became extremely hot and witness felt nauseated. Shortly
after the above while driving in the same area as her previous sighting, the witness heard a voice
“inside her head” telling her to run left at the next intersection, which she did. Then her car radio
went out and the motor died. She saw four humanoid figures, each standing upon a “small surface
vehicle” resembling a Roto Tiller, darting up and down the road a few inches above the surface. One
figure approached her and requested her, telepathically, to open the car door; when she did not; all
four doors flew open at once. The humanoids, after inspecting the interior of the craft, requested
the witness to make certain arm movements, then to bend her head forward. Looking at the back of
her head, one being said, “Yes, you are different,” and touched the spot with something that left 5
small puncture marks. He then “told” her that there were thousands of ships that have been visiting
earth for many years and many people who have been examined by the occupants, voluntarily or

They come from a planet whose name resembled “Omius” or “Omnigus;” there was a “mother ship”
at that time in Scituate Harbor. In reply to her own questions, the examiner said that she was not
permitted to touch them or to board one of their ships, but he promised that she would see a ship
subsequently; she was advised that she would suffer headaches for some weeks, which proved
to be true; he also said that she would “not like to look upon their faces.” They departed and she
arrived home an hour and a half later than usual. The figures were 4-5 feet tall, with small heads in
transparent helmets, through which she was able to see only “small, beady, very shiny eyes.” The
spokesman had two stripes on the upper part of his arm; the other 3 had stripes that were longer
on their sides, just above their waists. The leader had a buckle on his belt upon which was a wavy
line. She was extremely upset by this encounter, and told only her husband, who gave details to the
investigator. On the night following this encounter, the witness again experienced E-M effects in her
car as a large, disc shaped object with multi-colored lights descended; 3 landing legs extended from
the bottom, which passed barely inches from the windshield of the car; an insignia was observed
“resembling mathematical symbols.” After hovering briefly, the object shot straight up and vanished.

Cosmic cars!  Thanks for this article.
I think it was 2003 driving from Farmington to Santa Fe on the northern route, via Dulce.  There was a car following me that appeared futuristic, with lifting body wings behind the passenger doors, that means small lifting surfaces.  There were two passengers, looked like a man and a woman, the man wearing sunglasses.  They followed me for a long way, 35-45 minutes,  I kept staring at it ,trying to figure out if it was an optical illusion from my mirrors seeing their mirrors, or if it was some new style of car.  It reminded me of one of the Japanese or Korean makes, except for those wing like structures.  I made some turn and lost them when I looked for the car after the turn.
I have looked at vehicles following since and never seen that appearance of wing like things again, so I do not know if an illusion of small wings is something that can occur.
I thought I would share that.  Thanks   love and light from Belize     Randy

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In 1981, June introduced me to a remarkably interesting man by the name of Arthur Cathcart.  In a series of meetings held on the lawn of the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, and at June's residence in Watanae, Arthur talked about the Hawaii of yesteryear, of ghosts, and of his personal knowledge of the akualele.

As I have written in a past issue of FULL MOON, such personal testimony regarding a persons direct experience with Hawaiian sorcery rarely surfaces.  Arthur's testimony of witnessing the actual processes of akualele arousal is a rare gem, almost impossible to find in popular literature.  Arthur Cathcart's testimony was turned into a lengthy article for the April 1982 issue of FULL MOON.  The title of that article was:  "FLYING LIGHTS:  Concerning the ritual generation of a luminous phenomenon."


Dr. Kikuchi's ground-breaking research on akualele, "The Fireball in Hawaiian Folklore," was published in 1976 in the book "Directions In Pacific Traditional Literature."  (Bishop Museum Press).
Dr. Kikuchi's paper was aided and encouraged by the late Dr. James E. McDonald, University of Arizona.  Most UFO researchers know who Dr. McDonald was and are acutely aware of his many contributions to the UFO field.

If memory serves, Dr. Kikuchi was also a student of the late anthropologist Dr. Katherine Luomala, who taught at the University of Hawaii.  She was widely known for her work on Hawaiian folklore, so Dr. Kikuchi's paper uses analysis that derives from that discipline.

In his study, Dr. Kikuchi acknowledges that the fireball motif is present throughout the Pacific region: from New Zealand to Hawaii.  He notes that the stories of the akualele and other tales of the supernatural were used to "instruct the listener' and to educate in a subtle manner and instill a respect for right and wrong in selected areas of behaviour."

Social control, if you will.

Pre-european Hawaii was "stratified, integrated and cohesive."  In other words, rigid and under control.  The ancient Hawaiian Kapu system (a system of laws that forbade the people from doing certain things under penalty of death) was overthrown by King Liholiho in 1819.  This was done in order to undermine the supernatural foundations of Hawaiian society.

Asiatics streamed into the islands beginning in the 1800s, and the Japanese brought with them their own tales of the supernatural, including stories about the tama-shii (ball wind) and the hinotama fireball.

Dr. Kikuchi acknowledges that the akualele is derived from sorcery and quotes author Martha Beckwith:

"Sorcery had become one of the strongest forces in shaping the life and character of the Hawaiian people and in determining the careers of their leaders."

Dr. Kikuchi mentions two kinds of akualele sorcery:

The first occurred sometime during Hawaii's ancient past and the incident remains undated (although it has been discussed by Hawaii historians).  According to Hawaiian tradition, on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, three "gods" and here Kikuchi lists their names, entered into a grove of previously harmless trees on the slope of Moanalua. A place with the specific name of Puuahaukina.  Tradition states that their entry into this grove of trees occurred "with a horrendous flash of lightning."

The trees comprising this grove were the nioi, 'ohe, a'e and possibly the kauila.

These trees became infected with a strange power.  Contact with the wood resulted in death.  Being hit by a chip of wood from these trees while attempting to cut them down resulted in death.

A way was finally found to shape this poisonous wood into an image.  This image was called kalaipahoa.  Wood from the nioi tree, or images caved from the nioi tree were brought into contact with the Kalai-pahoa image and energy was transmitted from that image to the nioi wood.

This was the beginning of Kalai-pahoa fireball sorcery and it was apparently very prevalent during the reign of King Kamehameha I, around 1812.

Dr. Kikuch gives us a good description of Kalai-pahoa fireball generation, which was probably provided by Hawaiian historian Samuel M. Kamakau:

"Akualele were described as resembling 'fire rockets,' traveling great distances.  When it was within the wood, the god-spirit was content.  However, when (the wood was) scratched by its keeper, it would fly out, pulsating as though throbbing in anger at being hurt."

Another variation on akualele utilized Kalai-paho mana (probably chips of that wood) kept in a bundle.  This was referred to as akua-kumu-haka sorcery.

Dr. Kikuchi posits five identifiable beliefs about the akualele:

1.  Fireballs are sent by someone human.

2.  Fireballs can be stopped by swearing.

3.  Fireballs fly leaving sparks.

4.  Fireballs vary in color from red, orange and white to blue.

5.  Fireballs are omens.

Indeed they are omens.  The are omens of someone's impending death.

Dr. Kikuchi summarizes his research on akualele as follows:

The akualele "is generally described as an elongated ball which in flight resembles a tadpole with a long tail leaving sparks as it flies.  This is called the pu-ali shape.  Its flight seems to be directional at above tree level, but at times haphazard at lower levels.  Because of their color range, these akualele can be identified as to the sex of the captured spirit.  Red was said to signify range, these akualele can be identified as to the sex of the captured spirit.  Red was said to signify male, whereas all lighter shades, from yellow to blue, signified the female... The spirit manifests itself as a blazing, pulsating fireball, and as it pulsates, it reaches some optimum size in its flight.  The fireball can be stopped in flight and destroyed simply by swearing at it.  Its destruction always starts with a brilliant explosion which does not harm people standing nearby; neither does it cause secondary fires.  Upon explosion, each piece moves about on the ground; and these according to one informant, are the   'e' epa people who scamper about to do their missions of mischief."


As I have previously recounted, I was first introduced to Mr. Cathcart through authoress June Gutmanis.  He traveled a good distance on the bus to keep his many appointments with us.  He was never late.  He never complained.  I found him to be a truthful man, a man of enormous integrity.

Arthur Cathcart "...a Hawaiian-ha ole, was born in the Paloma area of Honolulu in 1903  His father was English, vice-president of Wilder Steamship Company.  His Hawaiian grandparents had been invited to King Kahlua's coronation.  They took Arthur to Molokai at the age of four to cure a serious illness with Hawaiian medicine.  After his return to Honolulu at the age of eight for schooling, he continued to spend holidays with his grandparents on Molokai where he learned much about his Hawaiian cultural heritage and customs.

'He attended a Catholic Seminary for approximately two years.  After he dropped out, he went to work as a dance instructor and steward for Matson Line.  Before he was 10, he went to Hollywood with Charlie King's music group, where performances of plays about the monarchy were put on.

"He returned to Honolulu, worked as a Hawaiian Pineapple Company security guard for 25 years until his retirement.

"Arthur attended both Prince Kuhio's and Queen Liliuokalani's funerals.  He never married, and has always taken an active interest in preserving his Hawaiian cultural heritage."

Many of Hawaii's kahunas were trained on the island of Molokai.  Many Hawaiians were not too keen about being around these sorcerers.  Arthur Cathcart told me a rather telling tale which summarizes the attitude of the common Hawaiian to these dabblers of darkness.  He told me that very often, when a kahuna sorcerer completed training, he would move to a neighborhood of his choice on one of the islands.  When this happened, it would not be an unusual scene to see residents of that area pack up their belongings and move out.  Such was their fear of living next to these artisans of the darkside.

My interview with Mr. Cathcart appeared in my April 1983 issue of  FULL MOON.  I did not include everything he disclosed to me.  There were things that were discussed, specifically about spirit capture, that stunned me.

Certain Kahunas knew how to capture and enslave spirits (unihipili).  These spirits were captured and placed inside ti-leaf bundles that we call pu'olo. I asked Arthur many questions about this.  Any witnesses?

Yes, there are those who have witnessed the process.  Arthur was one of them.  And he described to both June Gutmanis and I how it was done.  And when Arthur completed his narrative, I sat back, and after all these years, I still remember my response;

"Oh... my... god!!  It's so damned simple!

Well, it's not simple in the sense that any Tom, Dick, or Hillary could do it.  It's the "logic" of it that is stunning.

Let me put it this way.  Certain Kahunas, those who practiced the darkness, had a very, very deep understanding of not only the pre-death state, but the actual termination process which results in final death.  And they also knew about the vulnerabilities suffered by the spirit during this period.  And they exploited it.

The reader can expect no further elucidation from me on this matter.  It will simply not be forthcoming.  While the spiritual technology of the kahunas is absolutely fascinating, I find both the physical and spiritual enslavement of any person much less their spirit - to be repugnant.

Once captured these enslaved souls would be kept in a pu'olo bundle made of kapa and ti-leaves.  They needed to be fed and cared for.  In an unpublished letter written to Fate magazine by the late Mr. Theodore Kelsey (Hawaiian translator) he has this to say about the feeding of spirits:

"The keeping of an unihipili incurred a grave danger to its possessor, for if prayer and offerings were neglected, the offended entity would turn against its keeper and strike him, with dire consequences."

During my research for sources of information  on paranormal events in Hawaii I had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with former Honolulu Police Department (HPD)  Police Chief Bernard Suganuma.  Enormously gracious with his time, Mr. Suganuma not only confirmed HPD involvement with high strangest cases, but also related an experience that he had with a family in the Spackle area of of Oahu.  This family kept a pu'olo bundle in a basket in their home.  He stated he could hear this bundle shaking and moving as if something that was trapped inside desperately wanted to get out.

I have always had an issue with the whole concept of feeding entities (spirits) and I have never fully understood the Japanese tradition of leaving fruits and other edibles on the graves of their loved ones.  I come from a different set of beliefs.  Let them go to where they have to go.  Don't let them linger here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013



Kalani Hanohano, a Hawaiian himself, has researched these stories in great depth and detail.  I asked him to share with us how he came about researching the akualele phenomena and what he learned.  Below is a summary of key points that he provided.


Simple translation from the Hawaiian, akualele means "flying god" Akua = god; lele = to fly.


When I was a young child growing up in Hawaii the most prominent parental and cultural dictate was that a child "should be seen and not heard." Knowing fully what this meant, I made sure that I quietly sat at the feet of my elders so that I could listen intently while they discussed the many Hawaiian ghost markers, menehune sightings, kahuna practitioners, phantom hitchhikers and the hidden art of the hula and lua (Hawaiian martial arts).  It was during one of these many family discussion sessions that I learned about the akualele.  Like most children of a certain age, stories of the supernatural energized me.

During my early teen years (60s) my father introduced me to Fate magazine.  Shortly afterward I discovered at our downtown Honolulu newsstand  Ray Palmers two publications, Flying Saucers Magazine and Search Magazine.

Discovering that there were groups "out there" dedicated to solving the UFO and other paranormal mysteries galvanized me, and I began by small steps to formalize my borderline intrests.  Files were built, newsclippings clipped and my personal correspondence to pen pals increased.  The NICAP and APRO Bulletins became close companions, while I yearned to save enough money to subscribe to Briatian's Flying Saucer Review.

It was during this formative period (the early 1960s) that I became aware of Rily Crabb.  He had at one time directed a local Hawaii UFO organization that he called the Akualele Research Group.  When I discovered him (via a local radio station interview), he had already taken over the directorhsip of Meade Layne's Borderland Sciences Research Associates (California).

Although I listened to a few Hawaii radio talk show interviews with him, I never met Riley Crabb.  Nor have I ever been able to obtain copies of his old Akualele Research Group Newsletter.

But one thing struck me immediately and changed the way that I dealt with the UFO topic:  I knew from my own personal research that the akualele was a supernaturally generated light phenomenon produced by Kahuna sorcery.  It was not a visiting craft from elsewhere in the universe as was so commonly believed in the 1950s and 60s.

While I certainly appreciated what Riley Crabb was doing by suggesting that the akualele was also a stand-in Hawaiian term for UFOs, I felt strongly that this was greatly misleading. I developed the need to make a clarification of this discrepancy.  The opportunity to do this would not rear its head until the early 1980s, when I left Seattle to return to Hawai.  Within 6 months of returning home I began the production of 'FULL MOON: A Report From the Islands."


The akualele are devices manufactured by Kahuna sorcery whose main function is to harm or kill another human being.


I returned to Hawaii in late 1979 after having lived for 11 years in Seattle.  During my period of residence in Seattle I had the great fortune to work very closely with Bob Gribble, former fireman turned UFO investigator.  Bob Gribble established one of the very first UFO organizations in the United States during the 1950s.  This was before either NICAP or APRO came into the picture.  A small group of Seattlites interested in the UFO mystery began to meet at Bob's home.  The result was the formation of an organization that Bob called Phenomena Research.  About a year or so later, just in time for the 1973 UFO flap that clobbered the USA, the National UFO Reporting Center was set up.  We were then receiving clippings from 3 sources:  Rod Dyke of the UFO Newsclipping Service; the later Gilbert Bernier, a long time ufologist who subscribed to a press clippping service; and Bob Gribble, who was then subscribing to Allen's Press Clipping Srvice.  Today, the National UFO Reporting Center is owned and run by Peter Davenport.

As Bob Gribble's assistant, I spent many, many hours, one-on-one, discussing many aspects of the UFO phenomenon.  Discussions with other members of the group, particularly Aileen Garoutté, who has known Bob Gribble for much longer than I, transformed my relationship to the UFO topic.  It forced me to be far more critical of the data that I was ingesting on a daily basis, and proved to me with certainty the necessity of establishing a more functional data-base of worldwide UFO sightings.

When I returned to Hawaii in 1979, I brought with me a good deal of UFO knowledge acquired through my association with the National UFO Reporting Center.

My formal research on the akualele began almost immediately after my return to the Islands. And then, all of a sudden, something extraordinary happened.  Let me tell you about it.

In 1980, I was on the hunt for akualele information.  Over the years I've developed a proficiency for library research, but my search for scholarship on the akualele topic was heading nowhere fast.

One beautiful afternoon one of many in the islands I drove to the Bishop Museum.  I asked the ticket taker if she would let me in free as I wanted to see the museum's book store.  What happened next is absolutely true!  I will swear it with my hand on the Bible, or a used copy of George Adamski's "Flying saucers Have Landed."

On entering the book store, I looked around and unconsciously reached out to a paperbound book on the shelf.  I did not grasp it correctly and it fell to the floor.  I could see that the book had opened to reveal an article.  I bent down to pick up the book and was shocked to the core to read the following:


By William K. Kikuchi

University of Arizona, Tucson

Thus began my formal and intense inquiry into the subject of this article.  A gift from the gods of synchronicity.  And it happened exactly as I have described it.

Dr. Kikuchi's article became the centerpiece of the first issue of my newsletter, "Full Moon."  I received permission directly from Dr. Kikuchi to reprint his article.  The response to the first issue was wonderful, particularly since some of it came from those in the anthropological and transpersonal psychology fields.  I also received a great response from Bob Rickard (Fortean Times) and other British readers.

The next phase of my research began when I was introduced to, and was befriended by, the late June Gutmanis, herself an author of several books on kahuna healing and ancient Hawaiian prayers.  She was aware that I worked at two jobs: one as an editor for several Hawaii magazines, and the second as an on-air technician and video editor at Hawaii's Oceanic Cablevision.  She noticd that I needed to get out of the city to write and collect my thoughts so she offered me her Waianae home (located in the country area of Oahu) for weekend stayovers.  I seized the opportunity and accpted her offer.

June Gutmanis was72 when she died in the late 1990s.  She was a noted historian who lectured to university students.  She authored 4 books on Hawaiian themes. She had also authored several articles for National Geographic and Readers Digest.  She was also a consultant on the movie "Hawaii."

June Gutmanis was born in Pawnee Country, Nebraska.  She was a pilot during WWII and worked alongside military meteorologists.

June had no formal college degree.  Just a passion for things Hawaiian.  She was a Caucasion woman who had found her way home to Hawaii.

June Gutmanis was a treasure trove of information about Hawaii.  And if she did not know something, she knew who did.

June was the caretaker to the late Mr. Theodore Kelsey.  He was also a non-Hawaiian who had a lot of knowledge of the old Hawaiian ways.

And he spoke the Hawaiian language fluently.

June would provide care to the very aged Theodore Kelsey, and in return, Mr. Kelsey would translate Hawaiian documents or newspaper articles that would come into her possession.

(To be continued)

Sunday, April 7, 2013



Scientists in China have discovered the remains of a civilization that thrived 60,000 years ago and was more advanced than any of today's modern societies!

The ancient ruins contain evidence of super-sophisticated transportation networks, high-tech devices for the generation of power and ingenious defense systems.  And incredibly, experts believe the ancient settlements were wiped out by nuclear war.

"Modern man is not the first intelligent life form to have lived on Earth - there was at least one thinking, reasoning creature before us," said Dr. Mai-ling Deng, head of the Peking archeological team.  "At this point we don't know if these creatures were human or not.  All we can say with certainty is that they had a vast and complicated civilization."

Dr. Deng and her colleagues have been working at the sites - called the Kansu sites - since 1976, when a farmer in western China plowed up pieces of a light, shiny metal never seen before.

The metal, part of what archaeologists believe was a rapid transit vehicle, was taken to Dr. Deng's university in Peking for identification.

Over the next few years, the ruins of an enormous city were uncovered.  By 1989 another 15 separate sites had been identified.

"As far as we can tell, the sites were last inhabited right around the time the dinosaurs disappeared 60,000 years ago" said Dr. Deng in a news conference.  "It may  be that the long lasting nuclear winter that followed a horrifying war wiped out these ancient citizens along with the dinosaur.

"But while they lived, the primeval Earth dwellers were incredibly intelligent and technologically sophisticated much more advanced than we are.

"We believe they may even have had the ability to travel in space  We have even considered the possibility that this was the Earth colony of travelers from another planet," Dr. Deng said.

"They might also have been a highly evolved form of dinosaur that had developed incredible brain-power, relatives of the dinosaur people whose remains were found in Denmark.

"To date we have nothing definite but we are continuing our work.  We believe there are at least  another dozen unexplored sites in the region.  One of them is bound to hold the secret to these ancient settlers."

It may be that the "Dropa Stones" were part of this civilization? - Aileen

By Beatrice Dexter

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Here's a great article about the desert Sasquatch, written by Ken Hulsey, and sent to me by Molly Lebherz.

The Borrego Sandman (1939 - Present)
Written By: Ken Hulsey

Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with the legends of Bigfoot and all of his ape-like kin who are reported to dwell in the numerous remote wilderness areas and swamps throughout North America. These vast areas where man seldom treads provides a perfect refuge for these creatures where food and water are plentiful and protection from the elements can be easily attained.

It may come to your surprise that the legendary monster is also a desert dweller as well.

As hard as it may be to fathom there are many reports from the vast deserts of Southern California of Sasquatch-like creatures roaming the sand, much like they do in the lush forest. These very dry areas with little vegetation, and almost no water supply would seem like the last place that a 6-to-10-foot-tall animal that weighs upwards of 400 pounds, and not to mention is covered with thick fur, would want to call home, yet the sheer number of Bigfoot sightings in these areas are too numerous to ignore.

In the late 1960's reports of Bigfoot sightings in the desert towns of Lancaster and Palmdale reached a feverish pace that lasted well into the 1970's, then tapered off. Though these areas border on the Mojave desert, they also border on the Angeles National forest, so it wouldn't seem to unlikely that the creature could have been lured out of the wilderness and into the desert for some unknown reason.

More bizarre are the stories that have surfaced from nearby Edwards Air Force Base, that is farther inland and farther from the forested areas near Los Angeles, of frequent intrusions by creatures that match the description of Bigfoot. As the story goes, Base Security is in possession of several surveillance video tapes that plainly show giant, up-right, apes trespassing in the numerous underground tunnels under the facility. How, or where, the Bigfoot break into, or gain access to these tunnels has never been revealed, obviously for security reasons, but reportedly these incidents happen rather often, and are a nuisance.

The Mojave Desert and Death Valley are two of Southern California's more famous barren areas, but there is also a stretch of inhospitable desert that stretches from the Mexican border northward to the edges of the San Bernardino mountains. This area to has had it's share of Sasquatch sightings over the decades, and this is the area I wanted to focus on today.

The desert wilderness of the Anza-Borrego area has been home to many a tall-tale and several strange events over the past several hundred years. Many a desert rat has emerged from the region with tales of a mysterious Spanish ship filled with pearls inexplicably marooned in the sand, or of a Viking boat embedded in the rock, strange lights in the night skies, and most commonly, of vast quantities of gold just waiting for some lucky prospector to cart out.

It was undoubtedly the lure of these reported gold deposits that first lured the white man into this desolate area and it is from one of these fortune hunters that the first report of Bigfoot, or the Borrego Sandman as it is known in these parts, came. Reportedly in 1939 a prospector, who when interviewed in the 1970s wished to remain anonymous, was attacked by a large group of upright-walking-apes as he camped near the Borrego Sink. The frightened man described the creatures as very large, covered in white fur, with glowing red eyes. The only thing that saved the man from the attack was the fact that the monsters were afraid of his camp fire.

Another report of giant footprints from that same general area came from a man named Victor Stoyanow in 1964. His story was retold in a famous article in SAGA magazine entitled, "America's Terrifying Woodland Monster-men" in 1969. The piece also featured the story of Harold Lancaster, a miner who encounter the Sandman in 1968. Here is an excerpt:

Gold prospectors and treasure hunters frequently seek their lost bonanzas in isolated areas. Since 1964, treasure hunters in the Borrego Valley desert in California have whispered about "the Abominable Sandmen of Borrego." The arid area is near the Mexican border, it is virtually uninhabited. There are many fissures, caves and crevasses in the Superstition Mountain region and prospectors say the Cocopah Indians have told of a subterranean labyrinth under the mountain, Maj. Victor Stoyanow was seeking an access into the Superstition Hills in January 1964, when he noticed large, humanoid tracks in the sand dunes. "The prints ran in pairs, generally parallel and averaged about 14 inches in length and nine wide at the instep," Major Stoyanow declared. He returned to the desert on several other occasions, made plaster casts of the prints, and snapped photographs."Curious as I am, I hope that the person who discovers what kind of beast it is doesn't happen to be me." Major Stoyanow said after his thorough investigation into the tracks.

The San Diego Union ran an unverifiable article some years ago of a "sandman" that was shot by hunter Frank Cox at Deadman's Hole, near Warner, California in San Diego County. The beast was described as a cross between "a man and a bear." The head was rather small, with protruding teeth and powerful jaws. The muscular creature had feet that measured 24 inches in length and the body weight was estimated to be 400 pounds.Harold Lancaster, treasure hunter, was prospecting in the Borrego Sink, east of the settlement of Borrego Springs. California in July 1968, when he saw a "sandman." "I was camped up on a mesa one morning when I saw a man walking in the desert," he reported. "The figure came closer. I thought it was another prospector. Then, I picked up my binoculars and saw the strangest sight in my life."It was a real giant apeman," Lancaster said. "I had heard about the screaming giant apeman up in Tuolumne County that frightened people for a couple of years. Another person and I even went up there to look for the thing. I decided it was a hoax and never expected to actually see one."

As the "sandman" drew closer, Lancaster became worried. "That thing was big. I was no match for it," he reported. "I had a .22 pistol on my hip but it would have been like shooting at a gorilla with a pea shooter. I was afraid the beast might get too close. So, I fired a couple of rounds into the air. The sandman jumped a good three feet off the ground when the sounds of the shots reached him. He turned his head, looked toward me and then took off running in the other direction!"Why didn't Lancaster shoot the alleged sandman? "I was afraid," he admitted. "They should be protected. They're a form of a human, a primitive species. It would be murder to kill one. They should be studied."

Reports from the area continue to this day. In 1998 some hikers discovered a set of strange footprints near Boundary Peak, close to the Mexican border. Likewise in 1993 a hiker saw a Bigfoot, um ...... using the restroom on the La Jolla Indian Reservation. Reports have also surfaced from military personnel at Camp Pendleton who had encounters with the creature while on maneuvers during the 1960's and 1980's.