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Argentina - A Contactee's Story
From Scott Corrales

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
By Raul Oscar Chaves
CIUFOS- La Pampa (Argentina)
(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved

In 1998, Gregorio T.R., 55, married, a resident of Santa Rosa, La Pampa and a watchman by profession, began to experience recurrent "contact" experiences with a strange entity. These have continued to take place through January 2005.

While performing his duties as a watchman at a computer school in Santa Rosa one evening, he went to the restroom and caught a glimpse of a strange creature moving behind him as he looked into a mirror. The entity was silver-colored and stood some 7 feet tall.
This event took place on December 6, 1998.

It should be noted that on two occasions the computers in the teaching facility were found to have lost their programming the next day, without the causes ever being established.

On December 28, 1998, a similar experience took place in the same city but at a service station, where the witness also performed security duties. On this occasion, the entity was seen standing upright in a hallway, one hand against the electric circuit breaker panel.

The entity, startled by the onlooker, spun around clumsily and looked at the witness, who described its gaze as "piercing" and the eyes having a green color. The witness reported feeling an intense burning sensation in its eyes for 30 days.

In this instance a mental or telepathic "dialogue" ensued in which the witness was told, "not to fear, that while he was not the chosen one, they would nonetheless be in contact with him."

The witness remained ecstatic, mechanically and involuntarily reaching his hand to his chest and ascertaining that his cardiac rhythm was normal. At no time did he feel excitement or fear.

On January 23, 1999, while on duty at a gas plant in Santa Rosa, Gregorio detected the presence of these entities without being able to detect them physically. On this occasion he was performing his customary rounds and the time was nearly 0200 hours.

On this occasion, the witness experienced a "missing time" event with an estimated duration of 3 hours. Upon recovering, he detected moisture on his trousers, which proved to be seminal fluid; his genitals were affected, as evidenced by a state of continuous, persistent and painful erection, showing signs of apparent inflammation. He returned home in a state of crisis and told his wife and relative that he had "been taken by aliens" before breaking down into tears.

This state of shock lasted some 15 days during which the erection persisted, accompanied by intense pain. The witness achieved some degree of relief by taking extensive sitting baths.

Gregorio believes that semen was extracted from him, although he ignores the time and the method used.

In November 2001, while working at the computer school and finding himself in a classroom with work desks, wearing short pants and a t-shirt, Gregorio fell into a dreamlike state: he thought that the classroom was completely empty while he felt his body temperature rising, causing him to break into abundant sweat. This circumstance prompted him to undress and wring out his clothes, leaving a puddle of water on the floor after doing so.

Subsequently, he headed for the yard, where he recovered from his fugue state, ascertaining that his clothes were dry. Faced with this, he headed back to the classroom in order to see if his experience had been a dream or not: he found the puddle described earlier.

In December 2002 he performed security duties at the service station and suddenly became aware of the Entity's presence. This prompted him to go sit on a box in order to avoid the contact experience. He suffered an estimated 3-hour time loss at this point, and was unable to recall what happened.

On January 1, 2003, while on security duty in Santa Rosa and in the company of his wife, since it was New Year's Day, he saw the same Entity in the vicinity but no contact took place. He felt the urge to inform his wife of the experience but chose not to, unable to explain the cause of his refusal.

The last contact event occurred at 15:00 hours on January 21, 2005.
On this occasion, the witness was acting as an employee/driver for a distribution company in La Pampa.

He was returning from [the town of] General Acha, located 115 km south of Santa Rosa, heading for the "Padre Buodo" Rest Area and Shelter on Provincial Route 152 and from there to Santa Rosa along National Route 35.

At some 110 km from Acha he began to feel restless and nervous, and decided to open the passenger side window of his vehicle - a Ford 100 pick-up truck - only to discover that the strange entity from his previous contact experiences was sitting beside him.

Gregorio T.R. recalls that a powerful storm was taking place at the time, with strong winds and significant loss of visibility. The sky turned dark and the other vehicles driving along the road were seeking shelter from the meteorological phenomenon.

Subsequently, the witness reacted and regained awareness, pulling over his vehicle and getting off. He discovered that he was on Route 35 and very close to Ataliva Roca, a town some 40 km distant from Santa Rosa. The estimated time required to cover the aforementioned distance he calculates in some 20 minutes, a fact that disconcerted him, since his habitual driving speed is some 60 kmh.

He also verified that he had never made a delivery at the "Padre Buodo" Rest Area, nor could he remember how he reached Ataliva Roca, being unable to remember any details of what happened during that leg of the trip.

It should be noted that during the "telepathic dialogues" he is told not to share his experiences with anyone at all, nor make them public, and that the contact events would repeat whenever they were necessary or required.

Also noteworthy is that the materialization of the Entity occurred first through the mirror, where the body's details first began to appear and acquire shape, like a hologram, with the facial features and the body. He subsequently saw that it had acquired the physiognomy of a human being.

His family discusses these experiences seldom, depending on the listener, stating that given the nature of his job, the witness feels no fear whatsoever and at all times feels protected and looked after.

Gregorio T.R. also states feeling extremely active and vibrant, especially in sexual matters. He has discovered his ability to "assimilate electricity" (sic), a capacity hitherto unknown and whose causes he ignores. . Faced with this new experience, he insists on not wanting to offer greater explanations or details, considering that restating circumstances as the ones indicated above lead him to believe that he is faced with a phenomenon that is beyond his control, feeling calm and resigned about it.

He adds that [the entity] could be a robot or a humanoid, since while its appearance is human, its attitude and gestures are "mechanical" and somewhat clumsy, especially when walking.

The witness comes from a state school background and while he offers no greater details, he is extremely coherent in his statements. In this researcher's opinion, the experiences described are fully credible.
Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

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Stories and theories on the whereabouts of Montezuma's treasure are numerous. Amateurs and experts alike have spent countless hours studying the long-ago story of the Aztec ruler who allegedly sent a large group of warriors north with a load of treasure.

So, when someone comes forward saying they know the location of at least part of that treasure, most folks treat the claim with a certain amount of doubt.

Which is why Gordon Smith of Beaver has spent years trying to figure out how to tell his story.

Smith a part-time packer and guide who spends much of his free time exploring the nooks and crannies of the Arizona Strip, believes he has stumbled onto a major discovery in relation to Montezuma's treasure.

His biggest problem: Figuring out how to tell the world.

"I'm caught in between a rock and hard place," said the quiet Smith.

Smith, described by friends and family as a survivor who feels more at home in the outdoors than under a permanent roof, but as a person who can be counted on, claims to have found a large ice cave containing artifacts, gems and as many as 27 bodies, which he believes makes up part of King Montezuma's legendary cache.

Accounts say Montezuma sent a part of more than 2,000 warriors north, ahead of invading Spaniards with a heavy load of gold and silver. Speculation persists that the treasure is located somewhere near Kanab, in the canyons and mazes along the Utah-Arizona border.

Smith, who now works as a guide says he was riding his mule one day in March 1985, when he stopped to smoke a cigarette on a slope in the Mount Trumbull-Mount Logan area. He felt cold air coming from under the slab of rock he was sitting on.

Investigating what appeared to be an ice cave, Smith stepped inside the entrance and saw what he thought were bodies and vessels along each wall. The spooked Smith immediately covered up the entrance and left the area, not returning until mid-1989.

On his second visit, Smith explored more of the cave, careful not to disturb the contents. He returned again earlier in 1991 to explore further.

"I haven't slept much since I found this cave," Smith said. "Every time I go back, I'm jumpy for weeks after."

Smith recounts finding what appears to be six animal skin sacks full of gems of a variety of colors. He also says he found as many as 30 closed animal skin vessels that are 2 feet to 3 feet long. Stacked along one wall are 26 bodies, wrapped in some kind of material, but well-preserved because of the frost that has enveloped them in the cave.

But no gold.

Smith, who claims to have studied the many legends and stories of the huge treasure since finding the cave, says everything fits into place.

But getting Bureau of Land Management officials and the news media to believe his story has been a battle.

Bill L...., district manager of the Arizona Strip of the BLM said when he heard of Smith's find several years ago.

"We hear stories like this all the time, usually things over near the Kanab area... When people come in
and tell us, we record them and look into them. Still, if he's found something, he deserves credit for it."

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By Gary Richmond

Terrifying UFOs blitzed a town and stole thousands of gallons of water from residents' swimming pools, reveal stunned eyewitnesses including a police officer. (No date on article)

"I personally saw a huge illuminated oval object cruising over housetops, and, as strange as it seems, I saw it pull water up out of a swimming pool." declared police Sgt. Carlos Palacios of Olavarria, Argentina.

"There was no noise, and I even verified it by checking the pool. It was empty. I couldn't believe my eyes. But as incredible as it sounds, it was not science fiction!"

The astonishing event repeated itself over several nights in early January, and caused a sensation in the town, about 200 miles from Buenos Aires.

The occurrences bore a striking similarity to the recent smash TV miniseries "V: The Final Battle," in which space aliens pumped water from earth into their hovering spaceships.

"I saw a huge, long oval object literally parked about 100 feet above the yard," said electrician Carlos Borelli, who was awakened at 3 a.m. by bright lights outside.

"The object was twice the size of a blimp and had a ring of colored lights around it which flashed on and off - red, yellow, orange and green.

"All of a sudden, a beam of bright white light shot down from the object, and the water from the pool rushed up through the light so fast it appeared it was being sucked up a drinking straw.

"Suddenly, the object shot off at an incredible speed - in less than three seconds it was gone. The whole event took 10 or 20 seconds. I've never seen anything like it.

"I thought I might have been dreaming - but going out to the pool, I saw it was empty!'

Jose Veiga, manager of a local bank added that the pool at his bank's employee club was also struck.

"Our club was visited by a flying saucer which emptied our swimming pool," Veiga said. "More than 10,000 gallons disappeared."

Many other area residents - including Roman Catholic priest Romeo Musaragno and two Argentine Army soldiers - reported seeing brightly lit UFOs.

"More than 20 witnesses of high caliber saw the incredible lights in the sky," said assistant police chief Juan Carlos Longobardi.

"That and the mysterious extraction of water from swimming pools point to what we recognize as fact: Olavarria has been visited by UFOs.

While following up on correspondence sent to us while still in Seattle we visited an older gentleman in Elna, Washington. He had seen a UFO over a close by beaver pond suck up the water. It had lowered the pond over a foot. Interesting that the pond was full of bull frogs, water plants, etc. If they wanted to study our water and what is in it they got the whole gamut! I have an idea they were taking the hydrogen out of the water for their ships to operate but that is only a guess.

P. Urial

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On the sunny July morning in 1965 that John Hembling, geologist and exploration manager for a mining company, and a companion geologist stepped from a helicopter atop a mountain ridge in north-central British Columbia they expected it would be another routine day of reconnaissance and survey.

For several weeks they had been studying this mineral-rich terrain about 70 miles north of Hazelton. Working above the timberline they had a sweeping view of the country's rocky peaks, some of which already bore the mark of mining development. Soon they would submit their report on the feasibility of further development.

But on this particular day they were to have the unexpected opportunity of making a study of a much different sort." It was about 10 o'clock and we had just set up our equipment after the helicopter left," Hembling told us, "when we saw a silvery object, shining in the sun, appear over a small ridge below us. It had a flattened-out look and our first reaction was that it was some kind of delta-wing aircraft. We soon realized it was not."

Facing west away from the sun, with the object below them about half a mile away, they had a clear view of what was happening.

"The object was about 50ft, in diameter," he said. "On top of its dome there was a little knob, and around the base of the dome there were circular markings. They might have been some kind of riveting, or even windows. They were a bit too small to tell.

"Below these, on the face of the disc itself, there were larger rectangular markings which could have been glass or metallic. Our impression was that they were windows. As far as we could see, there were three of them."

As the two men watched in astonishment, the object moved slowly across the ridge until it was above a small glacial lake, barely more than a pond. Hovering there an instant, it then descended to less than 50ft, above the water. Again it hovered and, to the men's further amazement, lowered a pipe-like instrument from its underside into the water.

"At first we thought it was something like a rope-ladder." Hembling said, "but it didn't just drop down. It came out smoothly and steadily as if under mechanical control."

During this procedure the observers were conscious of a humming sound from the object "like a quiet electric motor." With its appendage in the lake, the disc then rotated slowly like a water-borne top until its "windows" faced the two men.

"We had a distinct feeling it knew we were there," Hembling said.

After remaining in that position for about eight minutes - as the men judged it- the object withdrew its "pipe" as carefully as it had lowered it.

"It climbed slowly, then all of a sudden it was off," Hembling said. "It shot over the ridge, made a sharp turn without skidding and was out of sight in about 20 seconds. We figured it had gone 20 or 25 miles by the time it disappeared.
That would give it a speed of at least 3,600 mph."

So extraordinary was their experience that the two men discussed it for the rest of the day, comparing observations and impressions. They also wondered how the pictures would turn out, for a meaningful part of the whole incident was that Hembling's companion carried a camera and took numerous shots of the sighting. But, for Hembling at least, that part of the incident was to lead to disappointment.

"I never heard from him again," he said of his companion. "He returned to the states before he had a chance to get the pictures developed, and that was the end of it. I wrote him twice asking about the pictures but he didn't reply. I don't know what happened."

Somewhere, as a result, there is a UFO witness who may have some of the most remarkable camera shots of this phenomenon ever recorded. Perhaps, as had happened before, he submitted them for official scrutiny and, after being bound to silence, failed to have them returned.

(Taken from Canadian UFO Report. Edited by John Magor)

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By Rudi Beardman

I can't say I was never a believer in UFOs; I just never thought about them much. Little did I realize that not only are these things real, but there are people on board them! And these people apparently will stop at nothing to get what they want. I know this sounds crazy and confused. Maybe I had better start at the beginning.

When my husband died about five years ago, I accepted the kind offer of one of my daughters and her husband to live with them. I have five daughters; two in California, two in Phoenix, Arizona, and one in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was very happy to stay in Alburquerque with my daughter Rita and her husband Ed. They were very happily married and had two beautiful boys, John and Jimmy. It seemed as if nothing could be nicer.

But in the summer of 1975 my daughter started acting really strange and preoccupied. I thought that she might be having problems with Ed, so I didn't stick my nose in. But that wasn't the problem at all! All of a sudden, all she could talk about were UFOs! We had been having a lot of sightings then, yet it was more than that. She believed they were trying to contact her!

Of course I kidded her about such nonsense. I told her it was her imagination and there were no occupants in UFOs because there was no such thing as a UFO. (!!!) She wouldn't listen, though. In fact, I remember once at a church meeting when she almost had me believing in them. After the meeting she introduced me to a man named Powle Regg. He acted very peculiar, to say the least. He talked very softly, and when he looked at me I became so stiff I couldn't move!

I am not a drinker. At church I am known for my "Shirley Temple" drinks of fruit juice I make for everyone so there will be no alcoholic drinking at our outings. What that man did to m just by gazing at me really happened and scared the daylights out of me. After meeting Mr. Regg I told my daughter to stop being around such people. I told her I thought they were evil.

But it was too late. She became more and more preoccupied with UFOs and her psych contact with them. She became very ill and used the attention of her family to convert them into believers in the UFO contacts. I remember one evening when she was lying in bed and suddenly started screaming in pain. I ran in to see what I could do and saw her holding her forehead. She said one of the spacemen had been to see her and had touched her on the head. When I looked at her I saw a hideous burn on her forehead. It was not like a cigarette burn or any other burn I had ever seen. It looked like the impression of a man's finger!

She told her family that Aaron, her "space father," had visited her, and the whole family believed her wild story. Soon afterward her son John, who was only 12 years old, fell very ill with a sharp pain in his side and we rushed him to the hospital. The doctors told us they couldn't classify his blood, but otherwise there was nothing physically wrong with him. They kept him for observation. The next few days were like hell to me, as the whole family seemed very distant and strange. Finally the doctors called and insisted that we remove John from the hospital because he was ordering the nurses around! "Go and get me a hot fudge sundae," he would say, and they couldn't help obeying him. This was too much for me. I had to move out of that house. I got an apartment in town away from the family I once loved so dearly.

Then one day my daughter came bursting into my apartment saying that four men in black were trying to capture her! I tried to calm her, but she was hysterical. Before my eyes she grabbed her head, and when she removed her hands there was that same peculiar burn on her forehead. Suddenly she was at ease and said that Aaron had come to protect her -- he had touched her forehead! I pleaded with her to stop such nonsense, but she only said she was sorry I could not go with her to another world that was better than our own. She said she would be leaving soon with her space father Aaron and her space mother Ena Eta. It was all too much for me and I ordered her to leave my apartment.

Now I am so ashamed of the way I acted. I should have listened to her and helper her somehow. After that episode I went to her home to try to help somehow. But when I arrived there was absolutely no one around! All the clothes and food were there but the family was gone. I was really scared! I went to the police, who said my daughter and her family probably just went on a trip without telling me.

In all, seven people are missing: my daughter Rita, 37; her husband, 39; their sons, aged 12 and 18 and three of their friends -- Ray Sieber, Faith Sieber and Della Sutherly, all in their 40s. They have been gone since May 26.

I am now afraid to think about what really might have happened to them. And I am afraid for myself, too. A few weeks ago there was a shiny black limousine parked in front of my house for over five hours. I noticed it because it looked so unbelievably new and shiny. Inside were four men, all dressed in black, and they looked like carbon copies of each other. Even their faces were exactly alike!

I don't know, maybe I am going crazy. I am afraid for my daughter and her family; I am afraid for myself; I am afraid for all of us.

Will I ever see my daughter and grandchildren again?
From the pages of OFFICIAL UFO

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by Jean-Luc Vertongen

This Belgian case, which has been very thoroughly investigated, occurred at Vilvorde, an industrial town in Flanders, some 12 kilometers to the north-northeast of Brussels

The eyewitness made the sighting from the ground floor of his home, a modes house facing on to the street and surrounded by dividing walls. Behind the house lies a small garden measuring about 72 square meters and with three, high, whitewashed walls. Beyond the back wall there is a large property owned by a convent of the Ursuline Sisters. The witness has asked that his identity be kept confidential.

The sighting was in mid-December of 1973. The happening came only a few days after an interesting near landing case at Boondael already reported in Inforespace, Number 14. The weather was very cold at the time, though there was no longer any snow, and a strong wind was blowing over the region.

The witness, Monsieur 'V.M." was aged 28 at the time. He and his wife were in bed and asleep. At 2:00 a.m. he arose to go to the toilet, which is in a small outer yard adjoining the kitchen. In order not to disturb his wife he made his way in the dark, using a hand-torch. (flashlight) Reaching the kitchen, he heard, coming from the outside, a sound like that of a shovel striking the ground, and filtering in through the gap at the left-hand side of the kitchen window curtain, he perceived a greenish light. He compares it with the diffused glow of an aquarium light. Knowing that his garden would normally be plunged in total darkness at such an hour, and puzzled by the noise, he went to the window and parted the curtain, to behold an astonishing sight. At the other end of the little garden there was a small being about 1 meter 10 centimeters in height and wearing a shining one-piece suit emitting a greenish luminosity. The entity's back was toward him in three-quarter profile. He was of medium build, and his head, arms, and legs normal in appearance. His green uniform was very bright and sparkling and the witness compared it with the material of the upholstery of certain "buggy" types of cars (polyester tinged with metallic particles). The entity's head was protected by a transparent globular helmet, and from the rear of it a tube led down to join a sort of rectangular "haversack" on his back. The "Haversack" covered his back roughly from the waist upward to the level of the shoulder blades -- should indeed a humanoid possess such things as shoulder blades. All this apparatus was of exactly the same appearance as the rest of the uniform.

The clothing appeared to be entirely without stitching, with no buttons, no fasteners, or pockets. The witness noticed a belt, and when the entity moved about, he was able to see that, on his abdomen, at waist level, he had a small bright red "square box," luminous and sparkling. The belt was about 3 - 4 centimeters wide and the small "box" was about 8 meters long and some 3 or 4 centimeters wide (we must emphasize that these measurements are very approximate). The trousers, the lower parts of which were slightly baggy, were thrust into small, close-fitting boots which had the same appearance as the rest of the uniform. No detailed features of the entity were visible. His hands were of the same shape as ours, but with smaller proportions. They were gloved and the sleeves of his suit were tight-fitting at the wrists and, like the bottoms of the trousers, slightly puffed out. Seen from the rear, the head looked round and black, and V.M. thought the entity must have short hair. A luminous halo surrounded him from head to foot, and also partly illuminated the ground and the wall on his left. No sound was emitted by the entity and the witness could detect no respiratory movement in him.

In his hands he was holding an instrument closely resembling a vacuum cleaner, or a mine detector, which he was slowly passing to and fro over a heap of brick-bats that the witness had gathered together at the bottom of the garden a few days previously. The instrument had a long shaft bent at one end to form a handle, with a small rectangular box below the handle. The "detector" itself consisted of a thick rectangular plate with the frontal edge leveled. The other side, to the rear, consisted of a cylinder with about the same diameter as the thickness of the plate. The shaft was connected to the instrument between these two areas. In color the instrument was identical with the humanoid's uniform. Witness detected no sound or light emission from it.

The witness noticed that the small personage seemed to have difficulty in getting about. He moved slowly, with a waddle, and bending his knees slightly. His gait seemed particularly heavy. It was at this point that V.M. made use of his torch, flashing it twice toward the end of the garden. Thereupon the humanoid turned round, and it seemed as though his neck must not be movable, for he did not simply turn his head but slewed the whole body around. Then for the first time, the witness caught sight of the dark face of the strange visitor. Neither nose nor mouth was visible. All that he could distinguish was a pair of somewhat pointed ears. The eyes, oval and yellow in color, were particularly large, very bright, and surrounded by a green rim. Upon the iris part of the yes the witness noticed small black and red veinlets. the pupil was black, and slightly oval. At times lids came down over the yes and simultaneously the face became completely dark for a few moments. When the eyes were open, these two upper lids were invisible. One might liken them to a kind of black blinds or shutters, which progressively masked the eyes as they descended.

As he now stood there, eying the witness face-to-face and holding his "detector" in his left hand, the ufonaut seemed to answer the luminous signals from the flashlight by raising his hand and giving the "V" sign with the index and second fingers, after which he turned away again and, with his characteristic gait and gently swinging his arms, walked off toward the back wall.

Arrived at the wall, the creature placed one foot flat against it and the, without any hesitation, did likewise with the second foot and walked straight up the wall with no change of gait except that now he was holding his legs stiff. During this astonishing progression the personage still continued with the same arm movements and continued to hold his instrument in the same position as when he was on the ground. Reaching the top of the wall, which was about 3 meters high, he executed a complete arc of a circle as he became erect again and then swung down and forward to descend the other face of the wall in this same surprising fashion.

Four minutes or so after this unwonted exploit, a, vivid halo of white light appeared beyond the wall and the witness heard a faintly perceptible chirring sound somewhat muffled by the wind. (Let us also bear in mind that throughout the sighting the witness was behind a closed window.) Then, rising very slowly, a round object began to appear, hardly a few meters distant beyond the wall.

After rising a short way, the "machine" halted and remained there stationary for about four minutes, still emitting the same chirring noise comparable to the noise of a cricket rubbing its wingcases together, and with about the same degree of loudness. The diameter of the object might have been about 5 meters (this estimate being based on the width of the witness's garden). Its upper half was orange-colored, phosphorescent, and surmounted in the center by a transparent cupola emitting a greenish light. The color of the lower half was a dark claret and on this darker area, showing up very sharply, were three lights disposed horizontally, the one on the left as seen by the witness being blue, the middle one yellow, and the right-hand-side one red. These three lights flashed on three times in sequence.

On the periphery of the machine, the witness noticed what looked like showers of sparks resembling the sparks of a cigarette lighter. They were located at the juncture between the dark underpart and the bright upper-part of the machine, that is to say, at the part where the craft's circumference was greatest. The sparks seemed to be thrown outward by a rotary movement, although the object did not seem to be rotating on its own axis.

Beneath the transparent dome, V.M. could see the humanoid, bathed in a bluey-green light. No other detail in the cabin was visible to him.

Immediately below the cupola, the witness noticed more-over an emblem outlined upon the orange portion of the craft. It consisted of a black circle traversed diagonally by a yellow lightning flash of a brighter shade than the phosphorescent orange area.

The UFO now rose again vertically about 20 meters, still retaining its horizontal position, and began to rock gently to and fro. The showers of sparks were still coming out all around it. The the chirring sound grew louder and because a sort of hiss, and the craft gathered speed and shot straight up into the sky, leaving behind it a luminous trail. In a few seconds it was no more than a tiny point of light lost among the stars.

At no time during this extraordinary encounter does the witness claim to have felt any fear and he says he experienced no hostile reaction against the humanoid. It must like-wise be mentioned that throughout the whole close encounter V.M. received no verbal of "telepathic" message. After the machine had vanished he does not seem to have been greatly shaken by all that he had seen, for he sat down at the kitchen table and prepared himself a light snack, after which he very normally returned to bed and peacefully went off to sleep again. In addition to his wife, a cousin of his was also living in the apartment. During the sighting he thought of calling the cousin, but in the end, we don't know why, he did not do so.

Next morning he arose, as on every other day, without any complaints about headache or any sort of malaise, and in the course of the morning he went out to inspect his garden. He found nothing particular there: seemingly nothing had vanished and he found no impressions on the ground and no marks or scratches on the wall. The humanoid had not even left his footprints.
From the pages of Flying Saucer Review

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Used without permission because all of the e-mails are no longer viable.

New Mexico UFO Crash
Encounter In 1945
Part 2
By Ben Moffett
Mountain Mail
Copyright© the Mountain Mail, Socorro, N.M., and Ben Moffett

In mid August, 1945, before the term "flying saucer" was coined,
Remigio Baca, age 7, and Jose Padilla, 9, were first on the scene
of the crash of a strange object on the Padilla Ranch west of
San Antonio, a tiny village on the Rio Grande in central New Mexico.
Both Remigio, or "Reme" as his friends called him, and Jose, believe
they saw "shadowy, childlike creatures" in the demolished, oblong,
circular craft when they arrived at the scene, well before anyone else.

The U.S. Army told the public nothing about it, and told the Padilla
family it was a "weather balloon," according to Reme and Jose, now
in their mid 60s. And the two men insist the Army went to great
lengths to keep the operation under wraps, even concocting a cover
story to mask their mop-up mission on the ranch.

The recovery operation actually started two days after Reme, Jose,
Jose's father, Faustino, and state policeman Eddie Apodaca, a family
friend, visited the site on August 18, 1945. It was then that a Latino
sergeant named Avila arrived at the Padilla home in San Antonito, a
tiny southern extension of San Antonio. After some small talk,
Sgt. Avila got down to business. According to Reme's and Jose's
recollection, and what they learned subsequently from Faustino,
the conversation went something like this: "As you may know,
there's a weather balloon down on your property," Avila said.
"We need to install a metal gate and grade a road to the site to
recover it. We'll have to tear down a part of the fence adjoining
the cattle guard."

"Why can't you just go through the gate like everybody else?" asked
Faustino. "Well, the problem is that your cattle guard is about 10 feet
wide, and our tractor trailer can't begin to get through there," said the
sergeant. "We'll compensate you, of course." The sergeant also asked
for a key to the gate until the military could install its own. He also
wanted help with security. "Can you make sure nobody goes to the site
unless they are authorized. And don't tell anyone why we're here."
"What should I tell them?" Faustino asked. "You can tell them the
equipment is here because the government needs to work a
manganese mine west of here," the sergeant said.

"That was to justify the presence of road-building equipment," said
Reme in a recent interview. "It wasn't until decades later, on the Internet,
that I learned the Army told a lot of fibs along about that time. I found
another manganese mine story was used to cover a UFO incident on
the west side of the Magdalenas near Datil in 1947, about the time of
the Roswell UFO incident." "I know for sure that the cover story was
at least the second piece of misinformation they gave out in a month,"
noted Reme, a former Marine, chuckling and referencing the
acknowledged false press release used to cover the Trinity atom bomb
explosion as the first.

It wasn't long after the sergeant's departure that the Army was on the
scene with road building equipment. Long before the road was graded,
however, soldiers were at the site, carrying scraps of the mangled
airship to smaller vehicles that were able to immediately get close to
the scene.

Although they were warned by their father to stay away from the area,
Jose, sometimes with Reme, and sharing a pair of binoculars, watched
from hiding as the military graded a road and soldiers prepared for the
flatbed's arrival. Jose actually made off with a piece, which is still
in their possession.

"The work detail wasn't too efficient," said Reme, who noted from his
experience in the Marines that military parts had numbers and were
carefully catalogued. "The soldiers threw some of the pieces down a
crevice, so they wouldn't have to carry them," he said. "Then they
would kick dirt and rocks and brush over them to cover them up."

According to Jose, four soldiers were stationed at the wreckage at
all times, with shift changes every 12 hours. "One stayed at a tent
as a guard and listened to the radio. I could hear the music. They'd
work for an hour and then lock the gate, climb in their pick-ups and
go to the Owl Café, where they'd look for girls. I know because one
of my (female) cousins who was there told me."

Once the flatbed was in place, the soldiers used wenches to hoist the
intact portion of the wreckage in place. "They had to build an L-shaped
frame and tilt it to get it to fit into the tractor-trailer, because it bulged
out over one side," Jose said. "They finally cut a hole in the fence at the
gate that was 26 feet long to get it out." Off it went, shrouded under
tarps, through San Antonio and presumably to Stallion Site on what is
today White Sands Missile Range, where, according to Reme, it still may
be today. **

Was this clandestine operation undertaken to recover a weather balloon?
Or, as Jose and Reme contend, was it something far more mysterious?
"I think the term 'weather balloon' was a euphemism, a catch-all for
anything and everything that the government couldn't explain, said, Reme.

Reme and Jose knew about typical military weather balloons. "My father
and I found about seven of them before and after the 1945 crash,"
Jose remembers. "We always gathered them up and gave them back
to the military. They were nothing but silky material, aluminum and wood,
nothing like what we found in that arroyo in 1945." "Those weather
balloons were not much more than big box kites," said Reme. "They sure
couldn't gouge a hole in the ground. Remember, in 1945, despite the bomb,
we weren't all that sophisticated.

The Trinity Site bomb, Fat Man, was transported on a railroad car to the
site. Radar was primitive or non-existent in some places. Maybe the
military knew what they had, maybe they didn't, maybe they couldn't say."
Reme and Jose are convinced, and they say Faustino soon came to join
in their belief, that the object on the ranch was no mere weather balloon,
but an object of mystery. Faustino, however, had no interest in
challenging the status quo, nor did state policeman Apodaca, whatever
his beliefs were.

And why would a mere sergeant be sent to negotiate with Faustino Padilla
on a mission that involved something more than a routine weather balloon
flight. "He wore sergeant stripes," Reme said. "That doesn't necessarily
mean he was a sergeant. And he was Latino. He was sent to San Antonio
because he could communicate with the locals." Finally, why would the
military allow such cavalier treatment of the wreckage, if it were a
foreign or alien craft with scientific value?

"I don't know if they knew what they had," Reme said. "It was a fairly
crude craft with no parts numbers on it, and the piece we have, we were
told is not remarkably machined even for 1945. But there's nothing that
says aliens have to travel in remarkable spaceships.

"Given what we know about distances in the universe, space travel seems
far-fetched, I'll grant you. Perhaps they got here by some method we can't
fathom and they manufactured a crude object here to get around in this
atmosphere. We hear about other dimensions, and parallel universes.

"I don't know much about those things. But I do know what I saw,
which was some unlikely looking creatures at the crash site. I know
that later other people in the area reported similar things. And I know
the government was interested in keeping it quiet."

Reme has studied the UFO phenomenon in his spare time over the years,
especially as it pertained to New Mexico. "The military opened the door
at Roswell, and then they closed it," he said, referring to a July, 1947
report by the Roswell Air Force Base information office about the crash
and recovery of a "flying disc" that they reported had been bouncing
around the sky. Then the base retreated by reporting it was merely a
"radar tracking balloon" that had been recovered.

Details of the Roswell event can be found in a 19-page Freedom of
Information Act request by the late New Mexico Congressman
Steve Schiff and released by the General Accounting Office
July 28, 1995. It can be found on the Internet at

The Roswell crash, which along with the sighting of a UFO south of
Socorro by city policeman Lonnie Zamora in 1964, are the two most
famous of a string of UFO reports over central New Mexico and in all
of UFO lore. From 1946 through 1949, 25 UFO sightings that "may
have contained extraterrestrial life" were reported worldwide by the
Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Of those, seven
came from New Mexico, including one near Magdalena (1946),
Socorro (1947), Roswell (actually near Corona), July 4, 1947,
Plains of San Augustin (Catron County), July 5, 1947, Aztec,
1948, White Sands, 1949 and Roswell again, 1949. Another
was in the pattern, too, on the Hopi Reservation of Arizona in 1947.

"There was a pattern of sightings and incidents in a band across
New Mexico. Socorro and San Antonio are right at the center," notes
Reme. "Our 1945 sighting just adds to that base of information. It's
intriguing to say the least. If you were an eyewitness it becomes even
more intriguing."

Reme and Jose are excited enough to tell their story after more than
55 years, even knowing the problems that plagued Lonnie Zamora after
his spotting a UFO near Socorro, less than 10 miles away, in 1964.
Jose and Reme would like to see an excavation of the crevice where a
few odds and ends from their "alien craft" were tossed. The crevice
was recently covered up by a bulldozer doing flood control work. And
they'd like to have the part they have from the wreckage examined more
closely. They are not eager to surrender it to anyone, however. "I've
heard from others that if you give it up to the government, you stand a
good chance of not getting it back," Reme said. A second piece, which
Reme likened to the "tin foil in a cigarette pack," is gone. "I used it to stop
a leak in a brass pipe under a windmill at our house in San Antonio in the
early 50s," he said. "I used it to fill the stripped threads on two pieces of
pipe." Reme said he regrets using it now, but it was handy. "I kept it for
years in an old Prince Albert (tobacco) can in the pump house, and it was
the nearest thing available." Reme said the foil stopped the leak in the pipe
for years.

The windmill is now gone and the property is no longer owned by the family.

Finally, Jose and Reme were asked why they decided to tell the tale today,
after nearly 60 years. "It's something you can never get out of your head,"
said Reme. "When we saw it, we had never heard the term UFO, and 'flying
saucers' didn't become a part of the language until June of 1947 when a
pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported nine objects in a formation in the area of
Mount Rainier. "We didn't invent this phenomenon," said Reme. "We
experienced it. Others have apparently had similar experiences. I believe
Jose and I have an obligation to add our information to the mix."


Remigio Baca of Gig, Harbor, Wash., was born in San Antonio in
October,1938, to Evarista Serna and Alejandro Baca. He attended
San Antonio Grade School and Socorro High until he transferred to
Stadium High in Tacoma, Wash., in his freshman year.

Reme served in the Marines for six years during the Vietnam War,
worked as a tax compliance officer for the Washington Department of
Revenue, and was involved in Washington politics. A meeting with
Vernon Jordan, national chairman of the Urban League, encouraged
him to get into politics, which he did with enthusiasm. Reme was
instrumental in the election of the famous scientist and Nixon
administration politician Dixy Lee Ray to the governorship of
Washington as a Democrat, and served on Ray's executive staff.
In that role, he helped get qualified Latinos in administrative
positions in government.

When Ray was defeated, Reme became an insurance agent in Tacoma,
moved to California for awhile as an independent insurance broker in
Oxnard, Santa Paula and Santa Barbara, and retired in Gig Harbor,
a suburb of Tacoma.

He has been married for years to Virginia Tonan, a classical pianist and
teacher. He has been back to San Antonio many times, and has relatives
in Socorro County.

Jose Padilla was born in San Antonito in November, 1936, to Faustino and
Maria Padilla, attended first San Antonito Grade School and then San Antonio Grade School when San Antonito's school burned down. He also attended
the Luis Lopez Grade School for a time. He made first communion with Reme
Baca at the San Antonio Church. While at Socorro High he left to join the
National Guard at age 13, when very young children were allowed to sign up because of the World War II death toll in the New Mexico Guard. After leaving
San Antonio, Jose continued guard duty in Van Nuyes Calif., Air National
Guard, and when the unit was activated, spent time in Korea. He married
his wife, Olga, and served with the California Highway Patrol for 32 years
as a safety inspector.

The Padillas have three boys, including a son, Sam, who lives in Contreras,
near La Joya, and he has numerous relatives in Socorro and vicinity.

(Editor's note: Thanks to the Mountain Mail for allowing us to run this piece
by Ben Moffett. The newspaper, which covers Socorro and Catron County in
rural New Mexico, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a "good news" newspaper
with strong editorial pages which come from both the left and the right,
innovative pieces on such locally controversial subjects as rooster fighting,
gay rights, and, yes, UFOs, and such locally important ones as birding, farming and ranching.)


We would like to have had permission to print this very interesting article but the e-mails within the
article are no longer viable. We could choose not to print it but all of that information that is so
important would never be seen again. If any of the participants read this on the internet please
contact us and give us retroactive permission. Thank you in advance.

P. Urial

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We would like to have had permission to print this very interesting article but the e-mails within the article are no longer viable. We could choose not to print it but all of the information that is so important would never be seen again. If any of the participants read this on the internet please contact us and give us retroactive permission. Thank you in advance.

P. Urial


New Mexico UFO Crash
Encounter In 1945
Part 1
By Ben Moffett
©. 2003 The Mountain Mail - Socorro, NM

Just before dawn on July 16, 1945, scientists detonated
the world's first atomic bomb at Trinity Site, some 20
miles southeast of San Antonio, N.M. Three weeks later,
on August 6 and 9, the United States brought World
War II to a dramatic end by using the bomb to destroy
the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

On August 6, the world first learned that the Trinity
event, which had frightened San Antonioans witless,
was not "an ammunition magazine containing high
explosives and pyrotechnics" as the military had
reported. It was an atomic bomb, "death, the
destroyer of worlds," in the words of project
physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer.

It was in this crucible of suspicion and disinterest
bred by familiarity that a small contingent of the
U.S. Army passed almost unnoticed through
San Antonio in mid-to-late August, 1945 on a
secret assignment. Little or nothing has been
printed about the mission, shrouded in the
"hush-hush" atmosphere of the time. But the military
detail apparently came from White Sands Proving
Grounds to the east where the bomb was exploded.
It was a recovery operation destined for the mesquite
and grease wood desert west of Old US-85, at what
is now Milepost 139, the San Antonio exit of
Interstate 25.

Over the course of several days, soldiers in Army
fatigues loaded the shattered remains of a flying
apparatus onto a huge flatbed truck and hauled it
away. That such an operation took place between
about Aug. 20 and Aug. 25, 1945, there is no doubt,
insist two former San Antonioans, Remigio Baca
and Jose Padilla, eyewitnesses to the event.
Padilla, then age 9, and Baca, 7, secretly watched
much of the soldiers' recovery work from a nearby
ridge. Their keen interest stemmed from being the
first to reach the crash site.

What they saw was a long, wide gash in the earth,
with a manufactured object lying cockeyed and
partially buried at the end of it, surrounding by a
large field of debris. They believed then, and believe
today, that the object was occupied by distinctly
non-human life forms which were alive and moving
about on their arrival minutes after the crash.

They reported their findings to Jose's father,
Faustino Padilla, on whose ranch the craft had
crashed. Shortly thereafter, Faustino received
a military visitor asking for permission
to remove it.

During their school years, Jose and Remegio,
best friends, would sometimes whisper about the
events of that August, which occurred before any
of the other mysterious UFO incidents in New Mexico,
but they didn't talk to others about it on the
advice of their parents and a state policeman friend.

The significance of what they saw, however, grew
in their eyes over time as tales of UFOs and flying
saucers multiplied across the country, especially
in a band across central New Mexico. Among the
most prominent was Socorro police officer
Lonnie Zamora's April 24, 1964 on-duty report of
a "manned" UFO just south of Socorro, less than
10 miles north of the heretofore unnoticed 1945
Padilla Ranch crash. Jose and Remigio were long
gone from the area by the time UFOs and flying
saucers became news, and although both kept up
with Socorro County events, they lost contact
and never discussed the emerging phenomenon
with each other.

Reme moved to Tacoma, Wash., while still in
high school and Jose to Rowland Heights, Calif.
Then, two years ago, after more than four decades
apart, they met by chance on the Internet while
tracking their ancestry. It was then their interest
in the most intriguing event of their childhood was

During one of the conversations, Remegio and Jose
decided to tell their story to veteran news reporter
Ben Moffett, a classmate at San Antonio Grade School
who they knew shared their understanding of the
culture and ambiance of San Antonio in the forties
and fifties, and who was familiar with the terrain,
place names, and people. This is their story as told
to Moffett.

By Ben Moffett Mountain Mail
SAN ANTONIO, N.M. (Address is not good)

The pungent but pleasing aroma of grease wood
was in the air as Jose Padilla, age 9, and friend,
Remigio Baca, 7, set out on horseback one August
morning in 1945 to find a cow that had wandered
off to calf. The scent of the grease wood, more
often called creosote bush today, caught their
attention as they moved away from this tiny
settlement on their horses, Bolé and Dusty. The
creosote scent is evident only when it is moist,
and its presence on the wind meant rain somewhere
nearby. So, as they worked the draws on the
Padilla Ranch, they were mindful of flash flooding
which might occur in Walnut Creek, or side arroyos,
if there were a major thunderstorm upstream.
Gully-washers are not uncommon in late summer
in the northern stretches of the Chihuahuan Desert
of central New Mexico, especially along the
oothills of the Magdalena Mountains looming to the

Despite minor perils associated with being away from
adults, it was a routine outing for Jose and Reme.
It was not odd to see youngsters roam far afield
doing chores during the war years. "I could ride
before I could walk," said Jose in a recent interview.
"We were expected to do our share of the work.
Hunting down a cow for my dad wasn't a bad job,
even in the August heat."

At length, they moved into terrain that seemed too
rough for the horses hooves, and Jose decided to
tether them, minus bridles, allowing them to graze.
He had spotted a mesquite thicket, a likely place for
a wayward cow to give birth, and they set off across
a field of jagged rocks and cholla cactus to take a look.
As they moved along, grumbling about the thorns, the
building thunderheads decided to let go. They took
refuge under a ledge above the floodplain, protected
somewhat from the lightning strikes that suddenly
peppered the area.

The storm quickly passed and as they again moved out,
another brilliant light, accompanying by a crunching
sound shook the ground around them. It was not at
all like thunder. Another experiment at White Sands?
No, it seemed too close. "We thought it came from the
next canyon, adjacent to Walnut Creek, and as we
moved in that direction, we hear a cow in a clump of
mesquites," said Reme. Sure enough, it was the
Padilla cow, licking a white face calf. A quick
check revealed the calf to be healthy and nursing,
and the boys decided to reward themselves with a small
lunch Jose had sacked, a tortilla each, washed down
with a few swigs from a canteen, and an apple.
As they munched, Jose noticed smoke coming from a
draw adjacent to Walnut Creek, a main tributary
from the mountains to the Rio Grande.

Ignoring their task at hand, the two boys headed
toward it, and what they saw as they topped a rise
"stopped us dead in our tracks," Reme remembers.
"There was a gouge in the earth as long as a
football field, and a circular object at the end
of it." It was"barely visible," he said, through
a field of smoke. "It was the color of the old pot
my mother was always trying to shine up, a dull
metallic color."

Illustration by James Neff ©2003
Based on the description by Reme & Jose. When asked
how close this rendering comes to what they saw,
Reme says "Almost as if you were there... It doesn't
get any better."

They moved closer and found the heat from the
wreckage and burning grease wood to be intense.
"You could feel it through the soles of your shoes,"
said Reme. "It was still humid from the rain,
stifling, and it was hard to get close."

They retreated briefly to talk things over, cool off,
sip from the canteen and collect their nerve, worried
there might be casualties in the wreckage. Then they
headed back toward the site. That's when things really
got eerie. Waiting for the heat to diminish, they
began examining the remnants at the periphery of a huge
litter field. Reme picked up a piece of thin, shiny
material that he says reminded him of "the tin foil in
the old olive green Phillip Morris cigarette packs."
"It was folded up and lodged underneath a rock,
apparently pinned there during the collision," said
Reme. "When I freed it, it unfolded all by itself. I
refolded it, and it spread itself out again." Reme put
it in his pocket. Finally they were able to
work their way to within yards of the wreckage, fearing
the worst and not quite ready for it. "I had my hand over
my face, peeking through my fingers," Reme recalled.
"Jose, being older, seemed to be able to handle it better."

As they approached they saw, thought they saw, yes,
definitely DID see movement in the main part of the
craft. "Strange looking creatures were moving around
inside," said Reme. "They looked under stress. They
moved fast, as if they were able to will themselves from
one position to another in an instant. They were
shadowy and expressionless, but definitely living beings."

Reme wanted no part of whoever, whatever was inside.
"Jose wasn't afraid of much, but I told him we should get
out of there. I remember we felt concern for the
creatures. They seemed like us-children, not dangerous.
But we were scared and exhausted. Besides it was
getting late."

The boys backtracked, ignoring the cow and calf. It
was a little after dusk when they climbed on their horses,
and dark when they reached the Padilla home.
Faustino Padilla asked about the cow, and got a quick
report. "And we found something else," Jose said, and
the story poured out, quickly and almost incoherently.
"It's kind of hard to explain, but it was long and round,
and there was a big gouge in the dirt and there were
these hombrecitos (little guys)." Their tale unfolded
as Jose's father listened patiently. "They were running
back and forth, looking desperate. They were like
children. They didn't have hair," Jose said "We'll check
it out in a day or two," Faustino said, unalarmed and
apparently not worried in the least about survivors or
medical emergencies. "It must be something the military
lost and we shouldn't disturb it. Leave your horse here,
Reme, and Jose and I will drive you home, since it's so

Two days later at about noon, state policeman Eddie
Apodaca,a family friend who had been summoned by
Faustino, arrived at the Padilla home.Jose and Reme
directed Apodoca and Jose's dad toward the crash site
in two vehicles, a pick-up and a state police car. When
they could drive no further, they parked and hiked to
the hillside where the boys had initially spotted the

As they topped the ridge, they noted the cow and calf
had moved on, probably headed for home pasture, then
they walked the short distance to the overlook.

For a second time, Jose and Reme are dumbfounded.
The wreckage was nowhere to be seen. "What could
have happened to it?" Reme asked. "Somebody must
have taken it," Jose responded defensively. Apodoca
and Faustino stared intently but unaccusingly at Jose
and Reme, trying to understand. They headed down the
canyon nonetheless, and suddenly, "as if by magic,"
in Reme's words, the object reappeared. "From the top
of the hill, it blended into the surroundings," Reme
explained recently. "The sun was at a different angle,
and the object had dirt and debris over it," which he
speculated may have been put there by someone after
the crash.

Apodoca and Faustino led the way to the craft, then
climbed inside while Jose and Reme were ordered to
stay a short distance away. "I can't see the hombrecitos,"
Reme offered. "No," replies Jose. "But look at these
marks on the ground, like when you drag a rake over it."
"The huge field of litter had been cleaned up," Reme
recalled. "Who did it, and when, I have no idea. Was
it the military? Using a helicopter? Or the occupants?"

The main body of the craft, however, remained in place
with odd pieces dangling everywhere. Now it was time
for the adults to lecture Reme and Jose, Reme
remembers. "Listen carefully. Don't tell anyone about
this," Reme quoted Faustino as saying. "Reme, your
dad just started working for the government. He doesn't
need to know anything about it. It might cause him

Faustino also worked for the government at Bosque
del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and the ranch itself
was on leased federal land. Faustino was a patriotic
man and honest to a fault in his dealing with the
federal government, according to Jose. "The government
calls them weather balloons," the state policeman chipped
in. "I'm here to help Faustino work out the recovery with
the government. They'll want this thing back." "But
this isn't like the weather balloons we've seen before,"
said Reme."They were little, almost like a kite."
"You're right, Reme. Este es un monstruso, que no Eddie?"
Faustino said. "Yeah, it's big for sure," the state
policeman acknowledged. "And the hombrecitos?" Reme
persisted."Maybe you just thought you saw them," said

"Or maybe somebody took them, or they just took off."

Then they headed home. The cow and calf also grazed
their way back in a day or two.

Next time: The story continues with the military's
removal of the wreckage, while Jose and Reme,
equipped with binoculars, spy on their every move,
including the soldiers slipping off to the Owl Bar
for alittle diversion.

Jose and Reme also look back at the incident from the
perspective of time. Was the object that required a
flatbed truck and an "L" extension a weather balloon,
or an alien craft from space or from another dimension?
The two men, now in their mid to late 60s, still have a
piece of the craft and know where other parts were
buried by the military. Reme also speculates about
how the 1945 incident fits in with the many sightings
that were later reported in a band across central New
Mexico and elsewhere, giving rise to a UFO and "flying
saucer" phenomenon that is still debated today.

Continued next time