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By Michael Mullen
(Published in 2001)

War of the Angels is a TRUE story about the author's Supernatural Encounters with angels. His ordeals began while he was researching Top Secret papers released to him by the President of the United States, and they continued throughout his entire Front Office career in major league sports.

Michael Mullen recounts numerous occasions when he was pulled from his body and transported to a vast Dark World, where angels from opposing forces battled. He came face-to-face with the leaders of both armies. The LORD told Michael to write what he saw, and to "Be patient. I'll be back shortly. Occupy yourself."

The author was not to divulge his encounters until the proper time. Its initial draft was written a quarter-century ago, yet it reads like tomorrow's headlines. It is a Divinely guided book written as commanded by the LORD. It is a preview of events to come.

At that time shall arise Michael... and there shall be a time of trouble. But at that time your people shall be delivered. Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end. (Daniel 12:1-4)

"There are angels in the world. Both good and evil. In fact, they are watching you this very moment as you read this, each vying for your attentions. God's angels, and the fallen angels of Satan. They are at war. They are fighting over possession of YOU, and Earth is their final battleground. They are coming for you -- all of them -- the whole Biblical cast of good and evil. Satan is coming to inhabit the body of a human being in order to carry out his battle plan. But Michael the Archangel will follow him to Earth with his heavenly forces to protect those who believe.

"The Believers will jump for joy. The Non-Believer will suffer terror beyond imagination. The main weapon of the Fallen Angels is to make you believe they don't exist. They want you to believe the whole idea of angels and celestial beings is a joke. But I have been there and I can assure you that their existence is no joke.

This a TRUE story. They are coming, ready or not. Very, very soon."

Michael Mullen


1. The "Brotherhood" is going to start WWIII. They will spark a nuclear holocaust to create the desired global chaos needed to bring into power the Antichrist and his economic mark of the beast.

2. The irony is they will use a PEACE TREATY to start the most destructive war ever. A Peace Treaty that will unknowingly launch WWIII within hours after it is agreed upon. A Covenant of Death.

3. The Middle East conflict between Muslims and Jews will continue to escalate. No nation on earth will escape militant operations from Middle East martyrs.

4. God showed him Oil will dictate policy. It influences the world's decision making. The world's destruction is over oil. Politics cares nothing of religion. Their concern in the middle east is oil. Our President is oil. Our Vice President is oil. Iraq's agreement with Russia is oil. The Muslims will entice Russia to attack us, with promises of oil.

5. As acting President of the European Union, the living Antichrist will sign a 7 year Covenant with Israel. He will already have been hailed as the champion of the Jews, Protector of Israel and he will seem to be the perfect choice to usher in the Perfect Society with his signature. The identity of the Antichrist will be the King who signs the 7 year peace treaty.

6. The Arab Nations will approach Russia with a deal they can't refuse. They will offer the Russians all the Arabian oil in the world, in exchange for the total annihilation of Israel.

On March 13, 2001, Putin signed a "weapons for oil" treaty with Iran. This is a prelude to the bigger oil-for-Jerusalem deal about to occur.

America will never allow Russia to attack Israel, so Russia must first eliminate America with an all-out surprise, nuclear strike.

7. The European nations begin wondering how to settle the dispute over Jerusalem, when you see this the time is near. They will sign a 7 Year Peace Treaty giving Jerusalem to Israel and they will protect Israel with a European army to enforce the treaty. When they say "Peace and Safety" over Jerusalem, then WWIII will happen within hours.

8. The prophecies will be fulfilled before the generation of 1948 dies out.

9. Once Israel became a nation again, all the prophecies would be completed before the last of that generation died out. (I guess he means Biblical prophecies)

Be interesting to see the prophecies for 2009. Art Bell will be on Coast to Coast AM on New Year's Eve and the next day for his annual prediction show.

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Record of Possible Encounters
UFO 1991

The following are excerpts from Raymond Fowler's diary, in which he recorded his own alien/abduction-related experiences. "They may be nightmares, or they may be memories of real events filtered up from my subconscious in the form of dreams," he says, adding that the latter explanation is supported by circumstantial physical evidence.

NOVEMBER 8, 1990 (Early a.m.):

I remember portions of a strange dream of being in some kind of laboratory. The man who ran the laboratory was a friend but I cannot remember who he was. It was no one I knew in real life. He jokingly told me that he would sign a document indicating tat I had been abducted by alien beings if I wanted, but indicated that he'd only do it because I was his friend. He laughed as he signed it and passed it to me as if to say that he did not really believe that I had been abducted. I felt angry and asked him if he would really like to see an alien. He said yes. I began to stare at his eyes.

It was at this point that I instantaneously felt the inception of the typical tingling sensation felt in the past during bedroom visitation experiences. The dream abruptly came to an end at this point. I felt pressure enveloping my whole body and felt myself rising vertically and then moving horizontally along somewhere. I could not open my eyes. I felt an exhilarating tingling sensation - a feeling of release - weightlessness. I felt as if I were just floating horizontally. The feeling was similar to what I felt during the Dodge Cunt Big Hall (an incident recounted in The watchers) experience when I went up the beam with the entity except I could not see, and thus I was not afraid of falling from a height.

I do not know how high I was. I was just floating along horizontally. I then said to myself, "I'm going with them. I want to go with them but I want to come back." I stopped and hovered. I still could not open my eyes, but now I could see a small concentrated bright patch of light through my closed eyelids. It was just a small, blurred, shapeless mass looking like what a distant light bulb would look like through closed eyes in a dark room. Then I felt someone touch me and hold me. I felt love coursing through my body and I asked, "Is that you, Mummy?" (Note: I may have thought I'd died and was touched by my deceased mother.) Then I began to move horizontally once again. Then I stopped and felt myself descending. I stopped and at this point began to feel weight and bodily sensations. I began to feel the presence of my arms and legs but they were paralyzed, and I felt a tingling sensation all through my body.

I knew I was now lying in bed and tried to come back to full consciousness. I didn't believe that I was dreaming because I knew that I was lying in bed. I knew that I could not move. I knew that I was trying to get out of that strange state of semi-consciousness. Slowly but surely it dawned on me that it was part of my mind that was saying that I could not move. I felt that if I exerted enough mental pressure that I would be able to open my eyes and move my limbs.

I strained to do so and finally was able to open my eyes.

I realized then that I was lying on my back in a very strange position. My legs were tightly crossed over my chest. (?) (I never sleep in such a positions.) Now that I could feel my limbs, I strained mentally to move them, and slowly was finally able to move them in a dream-like way. As I raised them up slowly, they felt almost weightless and as if they were floating up and off my chest. They still felt as if they were just barely a part of me.

Then I suddenly wondered if I'd had an abduction experience or if I had nearly died. Then, for some reason, I slowly placed my legs and arms back into the folded positions and closed my eyes. Remnants of the tingling sensation were still with me. I mentally said, "I want to go with you again. I want to see you. I want to come back though." I felt part of me trying to rise vertically again. I felt totally relaxed. It was a feeling of near freedom, but I could not go. Slowly I opened my eyes again and tried to move my limbs. I laid there for awhile again either not able to or not willing to move. I was enjoying and trying to retain the tingling feeling.

Then, slowly but surely, I found myself raising my hands off my chest. It was if time had slowed down and I was moving in slow motion. I did the same with my feet as the prickling sensation slowly dissipated. I told myself that I must remember this extraordinary experience. I reached for a Kleenex box at the head of the bed and placed it on my bureau to remind me of what I had experienced.

I noted that the clock read 2:33 a.m. I slowly got out of bed and walked in a dream-like state to use the bathroom. On the way, I stopped and looked at the sky through my study picture window and again wondered if I'd had an abduction experience. I glanced at the study clock. It read about 2:26 a.m. I used the bathroom and went back to bed. The clock read 2:28 in the bedroom. I wondered if I should try to re-enter the strange state of consciousness again.

I laid on my back and re-folded my arms and legs as before, but I thought of death and the possibility of not coming back if I succeeded. Something told me to roll over into my normal sleeping position and go to sleep. I did this. When I awoke in the morning, I had a clear memory of what I have noted above. I got a pad of paper and wrote down everything that I could remember for the record, in the event that it might be significant for future study.

March 29, 1991 (Early A.M.):

Last night in the early hours of the morning (can't remember the time) I had a very realistic dream. I suddenly found myself lying in a bright room with three entities. One looked human. He was bending over me. The other two were the typical grays, although one was shorter than the other. I can't remember what the human entity was wearing or what he looked like or even what he did or said, but the two grays were dressed in form-fitting white coveralls. The smaller one was reassuring me that I would be okay. He seemed nice. The taller one just stared. I had the feeling that I knew all three of them and that I did not like the tall one.

What woke me up (in the dream) was the feeling that something was touching the right nostril of my nose. I remember seeing one of them holding a needle like device that ended with a small right angle-like hook. Then, I could only feel, not see. I could not move and was lying down.

Something went into my nostril and pried it open. It was painful at first, but then just became numb although I could still feel my nostril being expanded. Then I felt blood begin to flow profusely out of my right nostril. I felt completely helpless and thought it might be all over for me. I resigned myself to the worst. Then, whatever it was, was removed from my nose. I found that could now move at least my right hand, because I immediately reached up and cupped it over my nostrils and felt blood still coming out.

The next thing that I remember was my eyes opening and being alone with the small gray, who again reassured me. I felt that he was caring and friendly. I lay there and could move again, but for some reason wasn't frightened and did not try to get away. The small gray asked me if I wanted to see something. I think it was a book or a diagram which depicted what had just been done to me. I reached for it but no sooner had I started to look at it, the taller gray came in from my right, and saw me with whatever it was. He demanded to know who gave it to me and was angry with the small gray. I could hear and recognize his voice in my head from somewhere. His voice was different from the smaller one. It was stern, uncaring and businesslike.

I saw what looked like a paper or plastic cup of water on a table-like a piece of furniture pulled alongside where I had been reclining. I was now sitting up. I asked if I could have a drink of water, as I felt extremely dry. The taller one just gazed at me and said, "No!" very sternly.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed from what seemed to be a very realistic nightmare. I felt that I must remember it, so I reached behind me and put a Kleenex box up on my bureau to remind me of the dream in the morning.

I got up in the morning still remembering the dream. When I got dressed, I reached to place my pajamas under the pillow and was shocked to find some spots of blood on the pillow! I then took a pad of paper and outlined everything that I could remember about the dream. I also examined my nose, but found no sign of bleeding nor did my nose feel abnormal in any way. However, because of the realness of the dream and the blood found on my pillow, I felt that this incident should be recorded, at least what I could remember about it. Unfortunately, when I awoke I'm afraid some parts of the dream were drifting away from my conscious mind. I'm sure there is more to it, but I just can't remember.

P. Urial

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Susy Smith
(I do not know when this was written, nor who Susy Smith is)

Although it is usually thought that good physical mediums are things of the past Keith Milton Rhinehart of Seattle, Washington (deceased) has produced phenomena under controlled conditions which deeply impressed scientists in Japan. Physicists and chemists from faculties of the universities of Tokyo and Osaka and from electro-technical laboratories publicly expressed their surprise in films that have been televised in Japan and the United States.

Rhinehart's manifestations in Japan occurred during a time when he was securely locked in a specially constructed chair, so designed that if the occupant so much as moved an inch it would be recorded. Before being placed into the chair Rhinehart had been stripped and thoroughly examined, then given a simple dark kimona to wear. He was also carefully weighed, and measured, his blood pressure taken, his urine analyzed and many other tests made. (These tests were repeated after the séance, and the results have been published; indicating that amazing physiological changes occur during mediumship.) Rhinehart was then placed into the chair and tied securely. Both of his arms lay in wooden enclosures from which he could not move them without having his motions recorded. The chair arms were studded with small buttons connected to red lights, and if his arms were raised off the buttons, the red lights would flash on. There was also an automatic weighing device fitted into the chair, which had been especially constructed by scientists for the visit of this prominent American medium. The weighing device was wired to an electrical graph-chart, that recorded any of his movements.

Under these test conditions many physical phenomena showing ectoplasm in various forms were produced under white light and photographed with still and movie cameras. Ectoplasm, a substance that comes from the body of a medium during trance, is quite often invisible. When it can be seen it looks like a milky-white substance of nebulous form and consistency. It has been analyzed in a laboratory and has been found to contain human cells as well as another substance that has not yet been identified. During the Japanese tests ectoplasm flowed from Rhinehart's nose, ears, throat, and solar plexus, levitating trumpets and producing partial materializations. Some of the phenomena were photographed on infrared motion picture film, later televised in Japan.

One sequence revealed an ectoplasmic-mass flowing from the entranced medium downward, then up over the edge of a nearby table. In the picture it appeared to be a long, thick swan's neck. The end of the mass, looking like the swan's beak, actually, consisted of two finger like protuberances, known as pseudopods, which grasped a pencil and drew with it on a sheet of paper. The drawing afterwards found to be a face, recognized by Mr. Mikami, the leader of a religious group, attending the séance, as the alleged face of his spirit guide. In a second picture, taken a short time after the first, so much ectoplasm had come out that it had covered the entire body of the medium.

At other séances, arranged under controlled conditions in Tokyo and Kyoto during the medium's visit to Japan in 1958, materialized spirits appeared: One was recognized as the deceased father of Professor Iki Goto, D.E., of Tokyo University an investigator at the séance. The spirit walked out of the cabinet down the room, turned around, and walked slowly back into the cabinet. A cabinet, of course is the dark, enclosed area in which the medium frequently sits in order, it is claimed, to build power and to allow the ectoplasm a controlled area in which to form.

Some fifteen minutes later, the spirit appeared again. This time he had his sleeves rolled up and showed a scar he had received while in his earth life. This phenomenon, illuminated by white light was witnessed by some three hundred sitters who marveled and wondered, according to the widow of the late Wasaburo Asano, founder of modern psychical research in Japan and first president the Japanese Psychic Science Association.

Just before the end of the séance, Mrs. Asana reports, the guide requested that a basin be put near the medium, ready for him. when he was taken from the trance state. As soon as this was done the medium tore off the adhesive plaster that bound his mouth spat out hundreds of polished agates in rapid succession. After this more agates came from the trumpet that was poked through the cabinet curtain. There were a total of 720 pieces of agate which were later examined by Kenichi Ikeda, a jeweler who valued them at more than five hundred yen apiece.

Keith Milton Rhinehart's trip around the world was his second world tour, and had been given to the young medium by his church, the Aquarian Foundation, as a coming-of-age present.

He visited forty countries and held séances under test conditions in many of the them, including England, India, and the Union of South Africa.

The medium was born April 1, 1936, in Nunn, Colorado, and probably became one of the youngest practicing mediums in the history of mediumship. The first indication of his futures powers occurred he was about five years and his parents were divorced: Although little note was taken of them at the time, except wonderment and curiosity, poltergeist manifestations occurred in his home then. An occasional picture fell from the wall and rappings were heard here and there when no one was around.

When Keith was ten years old and living with his mother, Mrs.Val Rhinehart, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, she took a trip to San Francisco without him. There she happened to meet a woman named Lillian Laneville, who was planning to attend a meeting, at Florence Becker's Spiritualist Church. Keith's mother was asked to accompany her, and she did on the spur of the moment. When her time came for a message, Mrs. Becker began to sing, Why, oh why, oh why-o, did I ever leave Wyoming? Then she told Mrs. Rhinehart that she had a young son at home who would some day become a famous medium. This story, incidentally; has been confirmed independently by Lillian Laneville, who told it to me before Keith Rhinehart did. She now lives in Seattle and is a member of the Aquarian Foundation.

When Mrs. Rhinehart returned home she did not mention the prophecy to her son, but she told him how the medium had identified her as coming from Wyoming. The boy scoffed, You must have written your address down somewhere there and forgotten it. He was already interested in the subject of psychical research and had read a good bit about it, but he was highly critical of any of the phenomena about which he had read. In junior high school he wrote an article on the subject for his school paper, of which he was an editor.

When Keith was twelve he began delivering a morning newspaper, and he well remembers the days when he had to traverse his route in twenty below zero weather. It was his habit each morning before starting out with his papers to glance at the personal column. Once he found an announcement there that a medium wanted a group of people to start a development class with her.

I had read about this subject since I was just a little boy, Rhinehart says. It always fascinated me. I went to this class just to see if what I'd heard about such phenomena was really true. His interest captured by the activities of the group, he attended every week after that.

When Keith Rhinehart was fourteen years old, a visiting medium came to Cheyenne and gave billet readings without charge. The boy attended, and being so critical, he was the one who offered to put the tape over the medium's eyes. On his billet, he says, he merely asked for a message, and signed the initials K.M.R. When his turn came for a reading, he heard the words, Keith Milton Rhinehart, you are not going into science or radio as you plan but will end up a medium and will be world famous.

I stood right up in the meeting and denied that, Rhinehart recalls. I told him he was definitely wrong about me. But the message continued: Your main spirit guide will be Dr. Robert John Kensington, and you will go into trance within a year.

Although he did not believe this, Keith continued meeting with the development class, and one night he became so bored that he fell asleep. When he awoke later in the evening, he says, I was told that I had been in trance and that objects in the room had moved about in the air and deceased relatives of people present had spoken through me. After this initial experience, he went into trance every week, and his development proceeded at a fast pace.

Toward the end of that year a Spiritualist minister from Tacoma, Washington, visited in Cheyenne. Impressed with the potentialities of the young boy who was developing mediumship, she invited him to come to visit her when he could. And so he did, during the summer between his junior and senior years of high school. He held some séances there which were so successful that he was ordained as a minister at that time. Naturally, when he returned home, he kept his new status from his school friends for fear of their scorn; but he remembered the State of Washington most favorably because the hay fever from which he usually suffered did not bother him there.

When Keith Milton Rhinehart graduated from high school, he had the opportunity for scholarships to four colleges, but he passed them up in favor of the University of Washington because of its climate. By the end of his first year in college, however, his mediumship had developed so strongly that his guides insisted he start a church of his own. Because he was only nineteen, others formed a corporation for him, and the Aquarian Foundation was established, with a nucleus of fifteen charter members. It has grown until it now has seven hundred members throughout the world, with branches in Spokane, Tacoma, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

In the years since his mediumship began, Keith Rhinehart has run afoul of the law in various places, as many mediums do—the laws involving mediums being what they are in this country. In one city it is illegal to practice fortune-telling, while mind reading is perfectly all right. In another city the laws might be just the reverse. In New York City and Los Angeles one may practice telepathy and clairvoyance if he is careful never to predict the future. In Seattle, telepathy and precognition seem to be legally acceptable, but clairvoyance must be guarded against at all costs. Since parapsychologists have difficulty deciding where the lines can be drawn delineating various extrasensory capabilities, it must be especially difficult for police and detectives to decide such complicated questions. But they usually seem to find an excuse one way or another to arrest a medium who in any way manages to get into their hair. Since Dr. Rhinehart, an alert and vibrant personality, is a very outspoken young man who does not hesitate to express himself freely about almost anything to his large and flourishing congregation, many of his followers are not surprised at his frequent harassment by the law.

At thirty-one, Rhinehart looks less like a pastor of a church than like a country-and-western-singer, as he was described last year in the Seattle Magazine. Slim and youthful, he has an unusually high and broad forehead, wide cheekbones tapering to an almost pointed chin, black hair, and bright blue eyes. Clean-shaven he looks boyish, with a goatee he looks like a beatnik, and when he wears a beard, which outlines his face, he looks like a prophet. His intensity of delivery when he becomes inspired with one or another of the many causes he espouses in his sermons makes him look like a veritable fanatical demagogue of olden times. There is nothing old-fashioned about the New Age services which he conducts, however, dressed in one of his well-tailored, expensive, and brilliant Liberace-type jackets. He may wear gold lame or turquoise shot with silver threads, but he carries them off with first-class showmanship. Until the winter of 1966 he drove a gold-colored Cadillac which was the pride of his life, but it had to be sold to help him meet the expenses of his recent court trials.

If all this were mere effect, one might not react at all favorably, but is it? If Rhinehart were only putting on a big act with no genuine phenomena to back it up, then he could be thought of as an entertainer masquerading a shoddy performance as a religion. But those who have given his efforts more than a superficial examination see beneath the surface and realize the deep religious fervor this man has inspired in many members of his congregation over the past years, partly by his own zeal, partly by the wise and profound lectures that come through him, allegedly from master teachers, when he is in a trance state, and partly by the physical phenomena of his mediumship.

I personally spent some three months in Seattle in the fall of 1965 attending meetings, church services, and development classes at the Aquarian Foundation. For a time I was allowed during séances to put the medium under test conditions, and in the strictest sense of the word and limiting myself only to those meetings that were carefully controlled, I must say that I observed several phenomena that I cannot account for by normal means.

Because physical mediumship is the most difficult of all to investigate, for so much of it is alleged to require darkness, one begins to feel that the importance of human character should enter into his evaluation of a medium and his associates. That is why I was glad of the opportunity to spend time at the Aquarian Foundation and get to know not only Keith Rhinehart but the people closely involved with him. I liked these people, and learned that many of them were still highly critical in their observations, while at the same time loving and wanting to protect their medium.

I felt in Keith Rhinehart a sense of integrity and pride in his mediumship; I watched members of his development groups grow in their own mediumistic powers, and saw their joy in their achievements and the pleasure their friends took in their accomplishments. I began to be aware that in order to account by normal means for some of the phenomena which occurred in the dark there, one would have to presuppose the collaboration of certain members of the foundation. But as I got to know these members it was difficult to believe them capable of any kind of fraudulent collusion with a medium.

Still, in order to maintain the strictest objectivity, I can only report, as in any way conclusive to me, a few incidents that occurred in the light under strictly controlled conditions. The Sunday morning billet services give the best evidence I encountered of something paranormal, however it be explained. At these Keith goes into trance and then Dr. Kensington purports to speak through him. He asks that a stranger or skeptic in the audience come up to blindfold the medium. First the eyes are carefully wiped so that one can be sure there is no oil or grease on them that might allow the bandage to slip so that a peep hole could be devised. Then wide adhesive tape is applied flat across the eyes and temples, usually so tightly pressed down that it removes some of the medium's eyelashes when it is peeled off afterward. In fact, among my souvenirs of my visit to Seattle I have a few strips of adhesive tape with the medium's eyelashes on them, retrieved after message services for any evidence of oil on them. Incidentally, I have also taped my own eyes with the adhesive from Keith's roll, and I know that it is impossible to see out when the tape is applied as it is done at the Aquarian Foundation. After the eyes are taped, with the adhesive carefully flattened and pushed down all around the eyes, a large white bandage is tied around the head. Then a box is placed in front of the medium, containing the billets that have been written and signed by members of the audience.

Dr. Kensington frequently begins giving a message even before reaching for a billet from the box. Then, as he talks, the blindfolded figure fumbles around in the box and pulls out a card. He usually twists this in his hands as he talks, and when his message is finished he passes it to a monitor, who returns it to the person who signed the billet. It is invariably the correct card for the person!—even when, as I once observed, the message was written with a mechanical pencil that contained no lead, and that had barely made a few indentations on the card. Week after week, cards are returned to visitors, strangers, and regular members of the congregation alike, and little gasps can be heard as they identify their own come back to them.

One Sunday Dr. Kensington called for a certain person, who answered from the audience. He gave her several names and messages which she identified. Then he asked her if she had ever been to a service in that church before, and she admitted that she was a complete stranger. Then, and only then, he reached into the billet box and pulled out a card which was handed to her and she identified as her own.

One Sunday a man who admitted that it was only his second Sunday at the services was asked to stand up. He was then told that Anna, his wife, was asking for Steve and, that she loved him. She was reported to say that a candle must be lighted for her at the table on Christmas, because she would be there. Then Dr. Kensington began to describe a dress, with red flowers and green leaves and dashes of yellow in it. The man by this time was standing there shedding tears, for he was told that he had very recently had this dress out because it was a favorite of his wife's, and that he had been sitting and holding it and crying. After the service I asked this man what his message had been, wondering just how much he had given away by his question. He showed me the card that had been returned to him. It read, To Anna, please talk to me, I love you. It was signed merely, Steve. He told me that his wife had died just a few weeks earlier, and that the night before he had taken out his favorite dress of hers (which answered the medium's description) and had sat and held it and cried over it. Needless to say, he had not told anyone of this.

When I was in Seattle, most of Keith Rhinehart's physical phenomena were direct voices, apports, and things of that nature. An apport is an object which appears after having ostensibly been dematerialized from somewhere else and then rematerialized in the séance room. They are said to come from sunken ships, old ruins, large factories with such vast quantities of small, inexpensive objects that a few would never be missed, or somewhere of like nature. The alleged spirits seem to be very careful to do nothing really dishonest in the securing of apports. This is why, it is said, that the amounts of green folding money a medium would appreciate having apported to him never appear. The first apport séance I attended at the Aquarian Foundation was exciting and strange. I enjoyed it, but gave it no evidential value, as it was held in abysmal darkness. Although two dozen white carnations dropped neatly into my arms where I was sitting in the third row, and red rosebuds were handed to me inside a trumpet, I could not give them too much significance. I had not examined the stage beforehand to see if anything was hidden there, and I did not know whether or not a confederate in the audience might have brought them in. I found the experience highly entertaining, but not conclusive in any way.

The next apport séance that was scheduled was therefore planned to give me the maximum of assurance. Keith himself suggested that the lights be left on. This is not often done because it is said to be extremely hard on this medium to produce ectoplasm in the light-even though he is inside of his cabinet at the time. After the séance, he was reported to have been ill for several days, and a few members of his congregation were furious at me for trying to kill their beloved medium. I don't take this too lightly because, frankly, I have never been a physical medium and I don't know what bodily conditions are involved. I do know better than to scoff completely; far too many investigators more critical and more scientifically oriented than I have observed physical phenomena they couldn't account for.

However, as I said, the suggestion that this session be held in the light was made by Rhinehart himself, and I cannot but give him credit for it. Before the meeting I was given the opportunity to examine the entire room, particularly the stage area, to make sure that no objects were hidden there. There was no basement under that part of the building, as I knew from personal inspection. The floor was covered with wall-to-wall carpeting, which was fastened tight to the stripping along the wall, and the chair in which the medium sat would have to be moved in order to pull it back. The walls were of plaster, with no recesses or indentations where anything could be hidden. I almost took the medium's chair apart, but found no trick arms that would come loose, no false bottom of any kind, no hollow legs or arms.

The medium's cabinet was in the outside corner of the room, which was at the outside corner of the building, almost against the street. Keith's cabinet was composed of two purple velvet curtains that were pulled out on a rack from the wall to make a square in the corner of the room. The top is about two feet down from the ceiling.

After my examination of the room, I asked two men from the audience to come up and search Keith. One was Clyde Beck, who has been a member of the American Society for Psychical Research for some years. The other was a man who had never attended a séance before and did not believe any mediums were genuine. They stripped him of all his clothing and examined him carefully. (Of course, there was no way to give him an internal examination to make sure that he had nothing hidden within his body, but the nature of the apports themselves would seem to preclude that.)

Keith then resumed his shorts and shirt, and I entered the cabinet and tied him securely to his chair with a heavy cord that frayed if one were to attempt to loosen it. His wrists and bare feet were tied so tightly that afterward there were deep red grooves in them.

Now, in order that his audience will not think that he is practicing ventriloquism when the voices are heard, Rhinehart always has his mouth filled with water and then taped shut before going into trance. After the séance is over he spits out the water to indicate that he has held it in his mouth all the time. On this occasion I gave him milk instead of water, which he still retained when the session was over. I placed a wide strip of adhesive tape across his mouth and made marks on it extending out onto his skin so that if the tape were removed it would be evident. This is also part of his usual procedure.

I have learned from experimenting, however, that it is possible to loosen the center of the tape and talk without disturbing the correlation of the markings; I also know that one can do a little talking with water or milk in his mouth, and that it is possible for some persons to swallow a fluid which they later can regurgitate. I am not sure whether it would be possible under these conditions for a variety of voices to be produced, ranging from very deep, sonorous tones, to children's prattle, to a beautiful tenor voice singing, when the medium's natural voice is a mediocre baritone. I don't know either whether conversation can be sustained for hours on end under these conditions, as I have heard it at the Seattle séances.

The room itself on this afternoon was illuminated by several ceiling lights and visibility was excellent. I sat in the second row of the audience, the front row of seats being vacant, and watched everything that occurred. What did occur, in the light, with the medium bound and gagged, were apports. Susan, the cabinet guide—the little spirit entity who acts as master of ceremonies—called out the name of each person in the audience in turn. Then she passed each person's apport under the cabinet curtain for him, talking as she did so about where it had come from, what it was, or why it was particularly appropriate for that individual. I observed each object land outside of the cabinet before it was picked up.

On that Sunday afternoon, in the light, with the medium gagged and tied up, some fifty apports were dropped out of the cabinet, varying in size from tiny plastic disks and inexpensive items of jewelry and scarabs, to a Mayan or Aztec relic of stone about two inches high, a plain oval rock almost two inches long, a jagged-edged arrowhead three inches long, and several smaller arrowheads. My particular present was a bronze Roman coin from about the second century A.D.

My own testimony about Keith Rhinehart's apports is enhanced, it seems to me, by a color movie taken in the brightly lighted church one Sunday before I arrived in Seattle. In it the medium is seen spewing from his mouth quantities of small objects as he did in the Japanese séance. The most curious thing about this film, however, is that apports are seen in his ears. I have talked to men, whose powers of observation seem perfectly reliable, who were standing right beside the medium at the time. They saw that he was not by any kind of sleight of hand sticking those black stones in his ears, but that the stones seemed to arrive as bulges in his neck, which then inwardly popped up into his ears one by one and were removed as they appeared.

This movie was made by amateurs and is not too good. By itself it is not conclusive evidence. Neither is the testimony of witnesses, when taken alone. But taking everything in aggregate, and with the testimony of the Japanese scientists to back up other statements, it seems to me that we have here one of the best possible cases for honest physical mediumship. I hope that it will be possible for American scientists to expend time and effort examining Keith Milton Rhinehart while his talents are still available.
In about 1966 I met Keith Rhinehart. I was having guests in my home to discuss UFOs. We invited him and he came in his gold Cadillac convertible. He was very interested in UFOs. I wish we had recorded that session now.

My friend’s son had been killed in an Alaska Airlines crash in Alaska. They never found his body but the night he died his dog in Seattle, at his Mother’s home, started to howl. The house shook like an airplane had hit it. They knew something terrible had happened.

After that the radio would come on by itself playing M O T H E R. The scent of roses would fill the house. She knew it was her son communicating with her.

Mother and step father went to see Keith at the Aquarian Foundation. She told him about her son and about the radio and the scent of roses. He asked her if she would like a materialization seance where she could talk to him. Of course she said yes. Before the seance she had placed a rose down the front of her dress. During the seance fresh roses were dropped in the lap of the attendees. She was told by her son it was because she had put the fresh one in her dress.

During the materialization the ectoplasm formed the body of her son in his Alaska Airlines Pilot’s uniform. There was no mistaking it was him. She still wanted proof so she asked him if he could give her something that she knew belonged to him alone. He said he would work on it with the scientists on his side, which he did. The next week she went back for another session. This time he manifested and dropped the rosary beads she had bought him in Rome and had blessed by the Pope. There were only two rosaries like that, both had been purchased for the two brothers by their mother. Both were Alaska airline pilots. I saw the rosary hanging over his picture in their home.

After that he told her to sit and meditate and he would try to contact her. I joined this development circle too. He would come through by electrical sounding clicks in the air that spelled out letters in the alphabet. He would always click twice for B and four times for D. Those were the initials of his name.

Initially before I started sitting in the circle we were invited to their home where people would sit at tables and put their hands on it to make it raise and the leg would also count out letters in words, similar to the clicking for his initials. When you were new you sat behind the people at the tables and did not touch the table. The first time I went there the table started tapping out my father’s name. No one knew my name or my fathers. In fact they said what is it saying? It doesn’t make any sense. Well it did to me. Could you figure this out if it was coming through a table? r o y g a r o u t t e? By the time it got half way through garoutte I was crying. It was my father. That ended it because the sad vibrations from crying stifles the energy.

Finally after about 10 years we had direct voice in the darkened room. The teacher was a Chinese man called Chin Lee Woo. The voice would go all around the room and was never in one place. Unfortunately the mother was almost deaf and could never hear him. It was her energy that was bringing him through. When she got sick he never was able to come.

One time I was at the Mary Tower Spiritualist Church in Seattle on Dravis Street. The visiting medium was reading billets. Like the above article said, people would write their initials on the outside and a message on the inside. I didn’t know that and didn’t write anything on the outside. By the time the medium got to my billet he was getting very upset because people were not writing their initials on the outside. He said I am going to quit now but I have to take one more even though there is no initial on it. I have a spirit standing here that wants to send a message to his loved one in the audience. He said his name is Roy Garoutte’. He pronounced the last name the French way. I stood up and said it is Garoutte. He said no, I speak French and it is Garoutte’. He said your father is here and he has so much love for you that it is enveloping me. (Meaning the medium) He wants you to know he is always with you and he loves you very much. I collapsed into my seat. Those two times convinced me that life goes on and that our love ones can see us but we can’t see them. They are always close by. They are waiting for us to cross over so we can be with them again face to face.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Were Steve Fossett's Remains Really Found? Did He Make Contact With His Wife?

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 03:19 AM CST

Note: This is a followup to a previous posting including additional material

The blogger (Simon) at states that he has been in contact with a close friend of Steve Fossett (named 'M') and has released the following emails:....

My report that Steve Fossett has apparently discovered a path to the fourth dimension caused me to receive so many e-mails you wouldn’t believe.

Interestingly enough, amongst the numerous junk e-mails I received, there is this one particular e-mail I must share with you guys.

Dear Simon,

I’ve read your report on the Steve Fossett disappearance. I am shocked that news media outlet has completely disregarded the story. I really feel that there is some sort of conspiracy from an organization that doesn’t want us to know the truth about Mr. Fossett’s great discovery. Contact me if you want more information.


I was very skeptical of this mysterious man’s e-mail. I wrote back, we exchanged a few e-mails and he eventually built up enough trust to tell me more about him, under the condition that I do not reveal his identity.

I am a good friend of Steve. We met through a charity for which I work. He remembered me from the first time we met, and over time we built a great friendship. I wouldn’t say we were the closest of friends, but we managed to touch base regularly.

In the weeks before his disappearance, we had only a few contacts. We played phone tag a couple times and spoke mainly through answering machine messages.

In one of the messages, he mentioned he had made “a great discovery that would change the world” and that he would try to arrange for me to come visit him in the next few weeks to witness it myself.

He sounded very insistent, but Steve was always ecstatic about something new. Whether it was a new plane, a new toy, a new world record, he was always enthused about something. So at the time I didn’t make too much of it and deleted the message.

Had I known what was about to happen.

Finally I was able to catch him on his mobile just a few days before he disappeared. He told me I should come down to his ranch without further due because he had found a path to a whole new world.

Obviously I called him crazy, and jokingly asked what he had been drinking.

But Steve wasn’t kidding. He told me that he had spotted a mysterious white light of circular shape on the ground during one of his reconnaissance flights around the neighborhood. He said he had never noticed that light before.

He told me that he went back home without investigating but kept thinking about the light and where it could be coming from, since it was in a deserted region.

He just went on and on with the light and I couldn’t even say one word. He said that he went back a few days later to investigate, but the light had somehow moved about a quarter mile up north. He landed.

Almost as if the light had felt him approaching, it instantly moved to a nearby hill. He said he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him and he tried to call home to tell Peggy. But his phone mysteriously had died.

As he approached, he could see that the light was in fact a large “hole”, and there were several blue-ish humanoids moving inside. Nobody seemed to notice him as he walked closer, and he was beginning to see what was like a whole new society in there, half-underground, half-exposed to sun light, right there in the middle of the desert.

He told me he went back several times over the course of the next couple days, and each time the “white hole” had moved.

I asked him why he didn’t take any specialists there, like UFO experts, and he said that he did, but neither he nor them dared to step in and interact with the humanoid figures.

He continued to insist that I should come visit him and he’d take me. I was a little bit freaked out and wondered if my friend had lost his mind, and told him I’d “see what I can do” to visit him soon and quickly hung up the phone.

That was the last I heard of my friend Steve Fossett.


But wait. If you think this is weird, wait ‘til you see what’s next.

Hi Simon.

I thought you might be interested in this latest update on the Steve Fossett story.

Since the disappearance I’ve kept in touch with Peggy, Steve’s wife. Neither of us had mentioned this “episode” although she knew I was aware.

Last night (or very early this morning I should say) she called me at home and was completely panicked. She said she’d been trying to reach her family and close friends, but that no one answered.

She was screaming loudly and I was still in the “haze” when you’re suddenly awakened.

She told me that Steve had come home and spoke to her. Here is what she said. The words may not be exact because I was still in bed with nothing to write but what I got from the story between her sobs essentially goes like this.

Peggy had spent the evening with some friends at home and her friends left early. She sat in the living room to watch television for a while, and feel asleep on the couch.

She woke up some time later, and went upstairs to brush her teeth in the bathroom and go to bed. It was while she was brushing her teeth with the bathroom door open that he appeared. He didn’t “appear” she said, it was like he had normally walked up to the door.

Peggy was in absolute shock. She hadn’t heard him coming. She said he wasn’t like a ghost or anything weird, he looked rather normal, except that he was wearing a white shirt with a strange collar she’d never seen and white pants.

He said in his normal voice that he didn’t want to wake her downstairs. He told her not to be afraid or mad. During this whole time he stood a few feet away and never got closer.

He said he had been in a whole new place where money and war didn’t exist. He calmly said that they should stop looking for him, that they would never find him or his plane. He told her that he loved her dearly and that he couldn’t explain, but that we would all know in due time. He asked her to be patient and trust him. He said that he had come just so she could find closure, and know that they will be together again soon. He asked her not to tell anyone about this, that he would explain everything to the whole world in due time, and he left, just as quietly as he had arrived.

Peggy told me she stayed motionless in shock for several long minutes, and then went around the house to investigate since she hadn’t heard any doors open. Unsurprisingly, she found nothing. Nothing had moved, and the only proof she had of this visit were some foot prints on the carpet upstairs.

I didn’t know what to tell my friend on the phone nor my wife asking me who was screaming on the phone so late.

I don’t know what to tell you Simon, I never in my life thought something like this would happen to me or one of my close friends. I tried talking to some ghost specialists about this but they all told me that I am trying to make money because my friend Steve is somebody famous.

I assure you I want no money or attention from the media for this, I just wanted to share this bizarre story with someone who believed me. A New York Times journalist called me a “nut job” but I assure you I am of sound body and mind, and I really do hope that one day my friend Steve will come clear this up for us…



When Steve Fossett first went missing on September 3, 2007, conspiracy theorists insisted that it was nothing more than a faked death publicity stunt. The discovery this week of personal items belonging to Fossett, and the wreckage of his downed plane, a single-engine Bellanca pleasure-craft, have reignited the faked death debate.

Steve Fossett was a world-famous aviator and adventurer who had set more than 100 world records in five different adventure sports. He disappeared during a routine pleasure flight over Nevada and California on September 3, 2007. His disappearance led to the largest peace-time search and rescue expedition in United States history.

Tuesday, little over a year after Fossett's plane disappeared after take off from a private airstrip in Nevada, hikers discovered ID and other miscellaneous items belonging to the missing aviator. The discovery reinvigorated the search for answers in Fossett's mysterious 2007 disappearance.

Mammoth Lakes Police Department chief Randy Schienle, told CNN that items including an identity card bearing Fossett's name had been handed to authorities after being discovered on Tuesday.

"They found some miscellaneous ID and actually some cash in the area, and the ID has the name of Steve Fossett on it," Schienle told CNN.
"We're not certain that it belongs to Steve Fossett but it certainly has his name on the ID which are some miscellaneous pilots and/or aircraft licenses."
The identity cards did not have a photograph of Fossett on them and no plane wreckage was found near the items, Schienle said.
"We found no wreckage. We have found a sweatshirt in the area as well. And it's certainly been out in the area for some time as it's quite faded," Schienle told the network.


The discovery of Fossett's ID and other items focused the search for the missing adventurer to the rocky mountain region near Mammoth Lake, California. Early Thursday, the plane was found, but there were no immediate signs of Fossett's remains. This breathed second life into conspiracy theories that Steve Fossett's faked his own death as part of a bad publicity stunt.

Late Thursday, it was reported that there were human remains found near the site and in the wreckage of the downed Bellanca plane. At the time of reporting, it could not be confirmed that the remains belonged to Steve Fossett, but it was stated that body parts, and not an intact body were discovered. Will this be enough to satisfy the conspiracy theorists?

In a remote mountain region of eastern California, rescue workers today discovered the wreckage of a light aircraft belonging to Steve Fossett, the record-breaking aviator who vanished just over a year ago.

Remains of Fossett's single-engined Bellanca aeroplane were discovered near the summit of a ridge 10,000 feet above sea level in the Ansel Adams Wilderness section of the two-million acre Inyo National Fores. Local Sheriff Jon Anderson told a press conference that no human remains had yet been found, but that his department was continuing to search.

Most of the aircraft's fuselage, which was made from wood and fabric, disintegrated on impact with the thickly-forested hillside, he said, but its engine was found several hundred feet away from the original scene of the crash, he said.

The exact location of the site was being kept under wraps yesterday. However it is reported to be roughly a hundred miles due south of the Nevada desert airfield from which Fossett set off on the morning of Monday September 3rd 2007, on what now appears to have been his final flight.


When Steve Fosset first went missing, Project 100 Communications Ltd, the financial management company behind Fossett Challenges, was quick to denounce the faked death conspiracy theories and accusations of publicity hounding. The company restated this position as it awaited word on the fate of Steve Fossett, and conformation that the wreckage found near Mammoth Lake was that of the adventurer's missing Bellanca aircraft.

Following the breaking news reports of the discovery of personal items and a wreck site, Project 100 Chairman John Harwood-Bee and Managing Director Stuart Radnofsky said they were standing by and awaiting additional details and confirmation with great interest, Mr Harwood-Bee said that he was hopeful that the identification would prove positive and enable Mr Fossett’s family and his many friends to have answers to the mystery of his disappearance. Asked about the August news reports suggesting that Mr Fossett had faked his own death, Harwood-Bee dismissed them as ludicrous.

At the time of his disappearance Fossett was possibly the most successful record setter of all time having achieved 116 records in five disciplines. He achieved the first ever solo, non-stop round the world flights by both balloon and airplane; he also set world records in gliding and in powered airship; his numerous records in sailing included the trans Atlantic record and the absolute round the world record under sail.


Is Steve Fossett really alive? This question will likely persist despite any evidence to the contrary. The wreckage of Fossett's plane was discovered in a remote area in California, and his remains could have easily been ravaged by wildlife. The Bellanca single engine plane was said to have crashed into the side of a mountain, making it more likely than not that Fossett's body would not be found intact.

The fact that there is no body, only body parts, is not hard to understand, although conspiracy theorists will probably never let it go. Like Elvis Presley, Steve Fossett's disappearance could be the focus of conspiracy theorists for generations to come. Assertions that he faked his own death won't go away even if the remains are confirmed to belong to Fossett. Look for the Steve Fossett sitings to begin!


Steve Fossett Hoax

Avid adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared after what was supposed to be a short plane flight over the Nevada desert in September 2007. His disappearance led to the largest search for a missing plane in the history of the United States.

On September 29, 2008, a hiker near Mammoth Lakes, California, found three IDs with Fossett's name on it, about $1000 in cash and a jacket. A search in the area recovered a plane wreck on October 1, 2008.23 Later the same day, remains were found assumed to be Fossett's. DNA samples were taken from the remains and are being analyzed to confirm the identity.

Before the finding of Steve Fossett's belongings in the end of September 2008, some speculated that his disappearance was a hoax, and that he had faked his own death.5

Fast Facts

Steve Fossett went missing on September 3, 2007

Had said he was scouting for locations for a land speed record attempt

Did not take GPS or emergency equipment with him

Was flying a Bellanca Citabria Super Decathlon, made of a steel and wood frame, but covered in fabric

Wife, Peggy Fossett, believed he was dead as early as November 2007

Was declared dead by a judge in February 2008

Remains believed to belong to Fossett found on October 2, 2008 near Mammoth Lakes

Found after a hiker discovered three types of IDs with Fossett's name of it in the end of September 2008

Remains found near a plane wreck believed to be Fossett's

DNA samples were taken to confirm the identify

Conspiracy Theories

In the past, U.S. Civil Air Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Cynthia Ryan said that the body of Fossett "should have been found" during the extensive search, which included Black Hawk helicopters with infra-red technology and 30 private planes. Colonel Ryan believed Fossett faked his death because of personal or business problems. His widow, Peggy Fossett, and close friend and fellow adventurer Richard Branson both dismissed the claims.

Were Steve Fossett's Remains Really Found? Did He Make Contact With His Wife?

From Phantoms and Monsters Blog

NOTE: I wondered at the time about the ID cards all found in a bush. There was reports that the area had so much wind that the searchers couldn't go up there until it settled down. WHY didn't those cards blow away in the extreme wind? Were they placed there on purpose to be found? That has bugged me ever since.

P. Urial

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Posted: 11 Dec 2008 11:05 AM CST

In 1989, at a UFO and UFO abduction conference in Laramie Wyo, a woman reported that she had been abducted by a UFO from their farm in North Platte.

The woman, named Joyce Updike, said the abduction occurred after a UFO landed in her family’s farmyard in 1959 and again in 1967 but that she had no memory of it until she went under regressive hypnosis.

Updike told the audience that Dr. Leo Sprinkle of New Mexico hypnotized her and that’s when she remembered the abductions.

Updike said in 1967 a UFO landed in their farmyard. She said that for years all she remembered was light filling the house and the farmyard. She said she locked the house and went to bed. She said she awoke during the night with all her clothes on and on top of the bed covers in the heat of August. She said she wondered about that night until her hypnosis when she learned she had been abducted by aliens.

Updike claimed the hypnosis revealed the 1967 abduction was her second.

The first, Updike said, was in 1959 when she drove her little red Rambler station wagon to one of their pastures. She said it was there she met two space people. She said she was embarassed because she was barefooted and, in 1959, women were not supposed to leave their houses like that. She said she also was wearing an apron, another no-no.

Updike said the encounters changed her profoundly and she realized people thought she started acting a little “goofy,” but never understood why until the hypnosis.

Updike recounted that the space people were peaceful. She said they wore "space suit like" outfits, thick soled shoes and one of the men held two metal rods that he was aimed at her while the other climbed over a nearby wire fence and walked to a landed object, partly hidden by a hill.

Updike said she then found herself inside the object on top of an examining table, two men of average height and well built stood next to her, another man wearing a three piece loose fitting "surgical" outfit with a hood and a smoke colored visor over the eyes, stood by a circular, glass covered instrument panel, and he also wore gauntlet gloves with pointed pincer type clamps. This man approached her, raised her right arm by the elbow, "at this point all conscious recall ended."

Updike said that she learned that under any circumstances, she could no longer trust time and that the space people had a “plan.”

Ruth Montgomery, a former syndicated newspaper columnist turned paranormal writer, chronicled Updike’s story in her book, “Aliens Among Us.”

Updike’s story was excerpted from the proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Conference in Laramie, Wyo., 1983.

Earliest UFO sightings in Nebraska date back to 1897

The earliest reports of UFOs over Nebraska occurred in 1897.

Newspaper reports from that period chronicled a series of sightings in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The first sightings started on the night of April 5, 1897, in Omaha with more than a 100 people witnessing the appearance of a flying object approximately 12 foot long , spherical in shape, shiny with a steel-like body. The term UFO had not been coined at this time.

The reports said the object became so luminous that the brightness awakened people from their sleep as the light flooded through their bedroom windows. Many of the witnesses went into a panic.

Several nights later, in Sioux City, Iowa, another craft, cigar-shaped, attracted more attention from the people there.

Similar sightings that night were reported in Cedar Rapids and Burlington Iowa. The mysterious object was reported to be elongated with a glaring headlight of some kind and a shiny steel haul, gliding along with a “hissing” sound.

A couple of nights later, on April 10, a Chicago newsstand dealer, Walter McCann, took a picture of one with his camera at Rogers Park. The pictures revealed a elongated ovoid shape.

The same day in Mount Carroll, Illinois, more witnesses reported seeing the same type of object and again describing it as elongated and ovoid shaped. That night a slender object with rotating red and green lights on both sides appeared over Chicago where hundreds could see it and did from the downtown Chicago Loop, Evanston and Lakeshore.

Later hundreds more seen in Quincy, Illinois a slender cigar-shaped craft describing this one with a 'bright white light' on the front and red and green lights on both sides of it with a shiny aluminum like surface. After hovering in an area at about 500 ft. it left at a 'tremendous speed'.

Still later that night, in Wisconsin, a craft was reportedly seen in the Wausau area. According to other sightings from the area, it was reported an egg-shaped craft remained in the skies over Wisconsin for several hours. Several hundred witnesses claim to have watched the craft as it hovered over city hall in Milwaukee. The awestruck spectators stood watching the craft as its lights moved forwards and backwards.

The next night, in Minnesota, a cigar shaped crafted was spotted by R.G. Adams over Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By April 12th, more reports had come in from Wisconsin .

By April 14th, a cigar shaped craft was reported over Indiana.

Continuing East, on April 19, a similar type craft , described as approximately 180 feet long with red, white and green lights appeared in Cochransville, Ohio.

Author Michael David Hall wrote a book on the sightings called “A Century of Sightings.
This article was from Phantom and Monsters blog.

NOTE: I was at the Laramie conference and met Joyce Updike. The yearly conference for abductees/contacts was a good one. The University of Wyoming made them quit having it because they felt it tainted their reputation!!!!

P. Urial

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Many years ago when I first got into UFO research I interviewed a man that had quite a story to tell. As Paul Harvey would say, "this is the rest of the story." But first what this man experienced.

"My hunting partner and I had been hunting up in the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area where we hunted every Labor Day Weekend on opening day of deer season. The area is near Red Mountain and Spider Glacier. (in Washington State)

The previous year we had hunted there and I had noticed a green glow from our vantage point where we were camped high on a bluff. I was too tired to get up out of my sleeping bag to see what was making it.

Last year we went there again. Only this time when I saw the green glow I got up to see what it was. My partner was fast asleep in his sleeping bag. I looked over the cliff where our camp was and I got the shock of my life. Parked down below the cliff, in the little valley, were five landed UFOs. They were glowing green. They formed a circular pattern the way they were landed. In the middle were five "men."

As I watched, an instrument of some kind, was going back and forth to an old abandoned mine shaft.

At this point I woke my partner up. He became hysterical and wanted to leave. I asked him to control himself for a moment while I looked through the binoculars. As I watched I had the uncanny feeling that the "men" were well aware of my observing them. The men were standing in a circle in the center of where the craft were resting. All of a sudden a round glowing ball came out of a chute that projected out of one of the crafts. The ball gently floated over to the middle of where the men were standing. They did something to the ball with their hands and then it went crashing through the trees down the valley to the south.

By this time my partner was yelling for us to get out of there. We were hurriedly gathering up our things when the craft took off. They moved so fast up into space they left a retinal image on the eye. When they were on the ground they glowed green but as they moved they turned orange and then red. They were gone - to who knows where?

We left and went to Wenatchee, Washington the back way, instead of the usual way, which would have taken us right through where the craft had been parked. We were afraid they might come back.

After being in Wenatchee for three days our curiosity got the best of us. We decided to go back. When we got to the spot where the craft were landed we walked to the approximate place where the men stood. We glanced around, and wedged into some rocks was an instrument. My partner claimed it because he reached down and picked it up first. In the long run that proved fortunate for me.

When he picked the object up it started beeping. As far as I know it never stopped as long as he had it in his possession. The object was shaped like a modernistic kidney bean. On top was an antenna-like device with two cross beams with a little wire running between them. On the very top was a button with an insignia of "alpha" only the line through the middle was longer. The insignia looked somewhat like a UFO.

Later in Seattle, while riding on a bus, a man sat down beside me wearing a ring that was an exact duplicate of the insignia. His hair was brown and his fingers seemed to be a little long, but other than that, you would never have been able to detect he was other than a human. When I saw the ring my hair stood on end. He got off at a bus stop and I never saw him again. I felt like he was aware that I was "tuned" into who he might be.

My partner took the instrument back to California with him where he lived. He had it in the basement of his house for over a year. One day the FCC Inspectors came to his house to ask him why he was transmitting without a license? He said he wasn't. They went away - for the moment. In the meantime he hid the instrument out in the desert where we had built a cabin. In a few days the inspectors were back. This time they had a warrant for his arrest. The only charge they could hold him on was "incommunicado" for three days. There was no evidence of anything transmitting in his house but that was because he had hidden the instrument by the time they came back.

While he was in jail his brother visited him and sent me a message where the instrument was buried. He said, "If you go out there and pick up the instrument, you will be where I am."

The last I heard about him was that neither his parents, nor his wife, knew what happened to him. He had disappeared."

When we heard his story we immediately purchased a map of the desert area he indicated in California. We sent it to a trusted investigator who went out there. Only there was no instrument, no cabin, and no indication there had ever been one.

You may wonder at the truthfulness behind this story. One part of it was proven to me. I went to Red Mountain myself the next year on Labor Day weekend. Down below the cliff where the hunters picked up the instrument there were five round circles. At first the circles were hard to see until you went up on top of the cliff where they had camped. From that vantage point you could see the light brown circles plainly. I had walked right through them! Close up the grass was bent over, but not flat, and the top of the blades were light brown but underneath they were still green. It appeared that the craft had hovered but not set down. Perhaps they had long telescoping landing gear for rocky terrain.

The next year I went back to Red Mountain. This time sheep were in there and had trampled down every blade of grass and ruined the trail so that we were not able to observe any anomalies at all.

I often wonder if they still come back every Labor Day weekend, and why they chose that particular date. I also wonder if the hunting partner from California ever showed up again.


Before his sighting he had been in a bar on the water front in Seattle. He sat next to a seedy looking character who asked him in a low voice if he knew where they could get a stash of guns. He said they would pay $28,000 to anyone that could provide them with guns. John said he would try to find some. At that time $28,000 was a lot of money. He believed the man was from Cuba.

John had a partner that helped him find the guns. They invented this ruse where a girl would invite the guard at the Armory in Seattle to come for a cup of coffee. They had rented an apartment that looked out upon the Armory on Lake Union. (I do not know if it is still there because they have built a new park at the south end of the lake recently.) The girl would ask the guard to come every time she saw him standing guard. At first he said he couldn't but eventually gave in because it was close by. She put something in his coffee that knocked him out and gave them the time they needed to take the guns.

A ship was anchored on the waterfront and this is where they took the guns. The partner wanted to keep one so he broke it down and put it in a storage locker taking the key with him. He also got half of the money. Then he left and went to New York. Eventually he was arrested for some other crime and when he was they found the key. Finally they found the locker where the gun was hidden in Seattle. The partner told what had happened to try and shorten the time he would be put in prison. The money he took from the crime was never recovered. The authorities then found John and he too was put in prison. I believe he was there for five years but that was a long time ago so I don't remember exactly. All of this happened before we interviewed him about his sighting of the craft.


Time passed. I lived in an apartment on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I always wondered what happened to John so I put an advertisement in the Seattle Times personals asking him to call me if he saw the ad. One of his friends told him so he called me - from Galveston, Texas! He asked who it was and I told him it was Aileen. I asked him if anything had happened to him since his sighting. He then told me about being the President of the Bandido Motorcycle Club. He said they were camping in Bryce National Park one time and a huge UFO came down over them. He had seen several things since he left Seattle. That was the last time I talked to him.


I married a Boeing engineer that was the Test Manager on the Space Station in Clear Lake, TX. We bought a beautiful home in Texas City on Moses Lake. At the time I had left UFOs behind and went into the music business. I managed several singers and found them gigs around the Houston area. My husband bought me a Cadillac limousine which I used in my business. I often took my singers to the Alvin Opry so they could perform. One of my friends asked if we could pick up her friend and take her with us. I said yes.

This friend and I got to talking. I asked her what she did for fun. She said she would go to Galveston on the Strand to a bar where the Bandido Motorcycle club hung out. I immediately thought of John. I asked her if she knew John Mc___? She said yes! He is the president of the club. I gave her my card and asked her to give it to him so I could talk to him. She said he had a tattoo parlor near the beach. I never went there and I never heard anything from him again. I don't know if she gave him the card or not.

This was synchronicity in action that he should be so close to where I moved in Texas. That's life....

P. Urial

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Richard Sauder has put some deeply introspective thought into the possible motive and means of the beings who came into his mind one morning with their message of urgent concern to men and women of Earth.

Their message warns us about some of the most sophisticated -- and ostensibly important -- research human science has to offer. The infinitesimal coils of DNA which essentially inform every molecule of our being could hardly be a clearer blueprint, a delicate map to who we are, a precious container carrying the sacrosanct psycho-biological message of homosapiens. Would we care to play with that?

We would.

If what we're learning about aliens is true, they have.

It would seem to be the sort of game only God should play. As in so many other ways, aliens communicating with earthlings thrusts the human chess pieces across the universal game board to a goal which amounts to nothing less than.... metamorphosis.

"An experience I had in late 1984 suggests that scientists are mistaken in assuming that non-human intelligent beings might rely on radio or other electronic technologies for communication. It is far more likely that such beings employ a variety of mental means to communicate. After all, wouldn't it be more efficient to transfer thought directly from mind to mind, rather than to translate thought into speech or printed material, then to transmit it by radio or telephone, only to have to broadcast it through a radio or telephone receiver, or point out a message on a computer or teletype printer, and then to have to interpret the message via the printed page or spoken word?

"To make matters still more complex, what if the message arrives in a coherent form, but in a language completely unknown to the hearer or reader? Obviously, direct thought transfer from mind to mind gets rid of many steps in the communication process, each of which presents an occasion for problems of efficiency and intelligibility.

"But my experience was very direct. It began about 6 a.m. on the morning of December 28, 1984. I was living in the small coastal town of St. Marys, Georgia. I had awakened some minutes earlier, and was relaxing in bed prior to starting the day's activities. As I lounged in bed with my eyes closed, thinking of nothing in particular, I suddenly saw something unusual. Normally, when my eyes are closed, all I see is a featureless, dark voice. I don't use drugs, drink alcoholic beverages of any kind and am not ordinarily given to waking visions, so imagine my quiet surprise when two rather alien-looking beings suddenly appeared with vivid clarity on my inner visual screen. The image was very clear and distinct; the effect was very much as if my inner eyelids had been turned into a television or movie screen.

A thought entered my mind at the same time the two beings appeared. It was in the form of the following question: 'Do you want to talk?' No words were exchanged, yet the thought was very precise and unambiguous. My response, also mental, was equally unambiguous: 'Yes! What would you like to talk about?'

'These two beings had a message of concern and warning to deliver on the dangers of genetic engineering. More specifically, they advised me that there were (and presumably still are) genetic engineering experiments being conducted at Harvard University that could be very harmful for the human race. Their message to me was that the experiments tamper with the genetic structure of the organism and are extremely dangerous and should be halted completely. They were very emphatic about it, and pointedly singled out Harvard University.

"Now, I am not from New England. I am a native Virginian and life-long southerner, temporarily residing in New Mexico. I do not move in Ivy League circles; neither do I have any expertise in biological or medical science. In most ways, I am rather an ordinary person, and was living at the time in a small southern town, separated from the Northeast scientific and academic establishment by hundreds of miles and a substantial cultural gap.

"So why give me such a message?

"I can think of at least two reasons: 1) Assuming that the beings were in actuality emissaries of an alien race and that the message they conveyed to me was a true one, then it is very likely that the Harvard researchers causing the problem would probably be very closed-minded and unlikely to entertain any objections to their work, especially from alien beings whose reality they would probably scoff at with 'sophisticated' Ivy League skepticism. But I was willing to listen, and this is probably a key element.

"Effective communication has at least two essential components: a) transmission of a message and b) its reception. Therefore, in order to deliver their message, these two beings needed someone who would listen to them. No doubt the aliens would very much have liked to deliver their message to the scientists themselves. But if minds in the scientific community are closed, then there is little alternative but to approach minds outside of the scientific community. I may not have been their preferred target, but I may have been the closest they were able to get.

"2) The second reason I may have been contacted also has a symbolic spiritual connection with the date of December 28, and the activities I participated in later that morning. Throughout the Christian world, December 28 has for centuries been the day of commemoration of the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Christian services on that day are dedicated to the memory of the many infant boys massacred on the order of King Herod, who wanted desperately to destroy the baby Jesus. Not knowing which child Jesus was his troops killed all the little boys in Bethlehem and the surrounding region, calculating the Jesus was sure to be among the victims. He was not, but many others were. And so the day lives in infamy, as a kind of metaphor for man's inhumanity to man.

"In the early 1980s, peace activists in Georgia and Florida adopted the day as the occasion for annual peace demonstrations at the gates of the Kings Bay naval base, in St. Marys, Georgia. The Kings Bay base is the home port for a squadron of Trident nuclear missile-firing submarines that have the capability to rain nuclear destruction on several hundred cities thousands of miles apart within a half-hour, even when moored at the dock in Georgia.

"I shared the concerns of other peace activists about the genocidal weapons at Kings Bay and was preparing to join them at the gates later in the morning when the aliens contacted me. It may be that the aliens were aware of my willingness to speak out publicly on the dangers of nuclear technology and wanted to use the symbolism of the day to make the following point: just as the complex, computerized technology that resulted from the deciphering of the atom's secrets has brought the human race to the brink of self-annihilation, placing billions of 'innocents' and the entire planet in mortal jeopardy, so too does the new genetic technology that is rapidly deciphering the secrets of human DNA threaten to open another Pandora's Box that in its turn also places billions of 'innocents' (us) in mortal jeopardy.

"Human DNA is incredibly complex. Can anyone seriously predict what will happen when science begins altering it? And if the results are not favorable, will it be possible to undo the damage? Will we then have controlled breeding programs for the masses, governed by the new genetic technicians? The scientific establishment has not prevented the world-wide proliferation of nuclear weapons -- on the contrary, it has actively participated in the spread of weapons around the world. Does anyone sincerely believe that the scientific community will act any differently with respect to the new genetic engineering techniques now being developed?

"These are serious questions that I am asking. And that is probably why I was contacted. I am not afraid to ask them. It is a shame that the scientists hard at work on the new genetic technologies now aborning are not similarly troubled by the implication of their research. The stakes are certainly very high -- would it not be better to err on the side of caution?

"That seems to be the message behind the warning the aliens delivered to me. Their part is done; the social, political and moral aspects of the problem are up to us to resolve. It is our planet and our race that we need to protect against these insidious bio-engineers with dollar signs in their eyes. I, for one, do not want any Harvard PhD. tampering with my DNA! Do you want them to alter your chromosomes? Or those of your children?

"These were the thoughts that began to arise in my mind as the aliens mentally transmitted thoughts to me. As the thoughts took form in my head, I could not help but notice the aliens' physical appearance. Although they had a basic humanoid shape, in size they were somewhat smaller than most terrestrial humans, with a slight body build. They were a glossy dark color and seemed to be insectoid. Their heads were proportionately about the size of a human head, but shaped differently, with pronounced dark eyes without a white.

"As I gazed at them, I thought to myself, 'They sure are chitinous looking.' Chitin is the hard, glossy carbohydrate that comprises the exoskeleton of insects such as ants, roaches and beetles. In appearance, their complexion made much the same impression as the plastic of a shiny, brand new black telephone that has been nicely polished. But the thought was scarcely formed in my mind when their reply appeared: We may appear chitinous to you, but you seem very mammalian to us!'

"Touche! Evidently, the aliens have a sense of humor, too. What lent the last comments particular force was its direct route from them to me. It was only then when I realized that their opening question and subsequent messages about the dangers of genetic engineering being done at Harvard had been transmitted to my mind with the conscious help of another human mind that had acted as mental intermediary or transponder.

"Who this person was, or where, I could not tell. I was able to detect that they were either a terrestrial human or had a strong connection with the earth. But beyond the fact that it was an adult, living somewhere on or near the earth, I knew nothing. I cannot speculate as to name, race, gender, nationality, age or anything else. All of that was very carefully screened from my mind. Obviously, the human desired to function in complete anonymity.

"By inference, then, there is at least one human being (and likely others) who are working behind the scenes, in total obscurity as far as the general public is concerned, acting as mental go-between for aliens and other human beings such as myself and many others. My experience may be a bit unusual, but it is hardly unique. Just go to your local bookstore and read the books by Whitley Strieber and others.

"In any event, within a matter of seconds of their closing wisecrack, the aliens were gone. They abruptly vanished form my inner screen; the subtle presence of the unidentified human slipped away with them, and I was left alone with my thoughts and their message.

"Perhaps I could be faulted for waiting so long to relay their warning to others. On the other hand, it is usually wise not to act too hastily, and especially with messages from inner sources, even when they are exceptionally vivid and clear, as this one was, it is a good policy to wait awhile and reflect on the best way to respond. And so it is my hope that getting these words into print will help further the greater good of us all and the planet.

"As to the origin of the aliens -- I have no idea. Maybe they are from another planet, or maybe they are interdimensional beings, or maybe they are conscious denizens of the depths of the human psyche which surfaced momentarily to sound the alarm that it is not wise to tamper with ancient genetic structures that stretch back untold thousand's and millions of years into the past.

"In the final analysis, the reader will judge for him or herself. All I can do is relate my experience as faithfully as possible.

This article appeared in UFO, Vol 6, No. 4, 1991.

P. Urial

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Alien Contactee: Reptilians on the Beach

Posted: 09 Dec 2008 12:01 PM CST

My name is Bonnie Jean Hamilton and I am a life-long alien contactee. I have had many experiences, both positive and negative as well as run-ins with military psychics and the secret government or illuminati.

Now that people are starting to wake up to the true nature of our so-called reality, I thought I would write this short article about my one and only conscious experience with the reptilians. What I normally do is meet the star people or aliens in an altered state of consciousness.

This is where alien visitations take place. Although these experiences are very real, they are not purely physical in nature but can manifest physical anomalies.

This particular encounter occurred on a beach along the Atlantic Coast of the United States late at night on April 25, 1993. At first, I believed I was completely alone, so I was simply enjoying the night air and the soft crashing of the ocean waves. As I stood facing the water, I noticed some movement to my left.

I turned and focused my vision to see a group of people up the beach from me, perhaps a kilometer away. I certainly hadn't expected to see anyone else there, so I became curious and began to walk in their direction. They noticed me about the same time and began to walk in my direction as one unit.

As we got closer to each other, I realized there were about six people in this group. I could tell they were fairly tall and of a slim, athletic build, all about the same size. I soon noticed that none of them had hair and they were all dressed in what appeared to be military fatigues (camouflage tan and green BDUs and tan vests with many pockets). They wore no shirts under their vests.

Though their general appearance was humanoid and they walked on two legs, they were clearly not human; their skin was mostly green and they moved with a sharp, keen alertness more akin to the movement of nervous iguanas. I was not frightened at all, just curious, so I kept walking toward them. When we were about ten yards from each other, the group stopped and I stopped as well.

I could see that they were all male and apparently soldiers of some sort. We stared at each other. I could clearly discern their reptilian appearance, their reluctance to approach me, the hesitation, and the nervousness. It felt dangerous.

When I am out exploring different states of consciousness and levels of reality, I am open to whatever I might discover, and I always attempt to maintain a calm, happy disposition no matter the circumstance. At the time of meeting the reptilians, I kept a happy smile on my face as I always do when meeting new people. I guess sometimes I’m just like a child.

The reptilian leading the group came forward, toward me, and I continued walking at my regular pace toward him. Our eyes connected and did not disengage during the entire incident. I remained alert and aware throughout the event. The remainder of his group stayed behind. He and I continued to approach each other until we were less than one yard apart.

He stood at least six foot tall, medium build, no hair, eyes the same size as mine but a brightly colored yellow with dark vertical slits, and his skin was rough and scaly with a greenish-brown hue. We studied each other briefly in silence.

While I was delighted to be in the presence of a species new to me, he was confused and discontented. He did not seem like a nice person to me; in fact, my first impression was that he considered me a lesser being and was puzzled as to how I had the courage to approach him. I got the feeling I was not supposed to be there or, at least, he was confused as to why or how I had gotten there. Perhaps he was not accustomed to encountering reality jumpers like me.

As we looked intently into each other’s eyes, I knew he was accessing a computer bank in his mind; one that was not his individual database, but a group mind sharing the same knowledge.

Quite suddenly, his expression changed (and I first saw this in his eyes) to one of contemptuous tolerance. In other words, there was some reason he was forced to tolerate my presence, but he was not happy about it. Accessing that database in his mind gave him the information he sought and then he knew me by name.

With recognition, he said, "Oh, Hello Bonnie,” and we shook hands while he frowned contemptuously. My eyes never left his and his eyes never left mine. I smiled, as I always do, and turned around to walk away. He also turned back to his group and they walked up the beach away from me.

From Phantoms and Monsters Blog

P. Urial