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Alien Abduction / Mutilation - Sacramento Valley, CA

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 02:51 PM PDT

In July, 1976 a friend and I, who is now a dentist and a no nonsense kind of guy, were cruising between Lincoln and Auburn, CA on a quiet country road. We drove over the top of a hilly road and we were descending. I noticed a bright bluish-white light shining down on the road about 200 yards in front of us. It was coming from a point over a large group of scrub oak trees. The trees came to a point over the road creating a canapé effect over the road. What was strange is there were no street lights and none of the light shining down on the road was being blocked out by the trees.

As we approached the light my car began to sputter and lost power, then the headlights went out. As we were approaching the light I was flashing my bright lights on and off before the car shut down. As soon as the car rolled to a stop, I opened the door to step out... the light disappeared while leaves were floating down below where the light had been falling onto the road in front of us. During July in the Sacramento valley it is still about 80 degrees with no wind. It gets very hot here in the summer.

The thing that really shocked me was 4 days later we took 2 of our cats to the vets, which was about 3 miles out of town. When the vet drove up he was acting confused and was stuttering, which he did when he got excited. He had been called out to a ranch to look at a dead cow. He explained to me and my mom that the cow had been cut up in a very strange way with a missing eye ball, utter and entrails. It's hind quarters had been drilled or board out. He also said there were no flies, no bugs and no predator bite marks anywhere on the cow. The cow was located 50 yards from the very spot we saw the lights over the trees.

My doctor friend said his mother was upset with him for getting home so late the night we saw the lights. However we were only out there in the country for an hour and a half. He claims it was 4am when we got home.

After dropping him off that night, I was really tired and just went home to bed and didn't pay any attention to the time. He claims we lost 3 hours. To this day I have no idea what we saw or what happened. He refuses to talk about it with me or to anyone else. I have seen other lights and strange things over the years but this situation has always made me scratch my head and I wonder what really happened that night to us and that poor cow. Nothing was ever said to the police or to the news media regarding the mutilated cow or the lights we saw.

After years of hearing about abductions and cow mutilations, I believe we may have been part of something that cannot be explained with science or rational thought. My interest in UFO's has been very strong for years and I am sure there are other things going on around us that we cannot explain or can we make sense of them because we are not allowed to by those conducting such intrusive examinations of humans and animals.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it because I can remember it like it happened yesterday. We were not drinking, smoking or doing any drugs as my doctor friend was always against such activities due to his medical training and personal beliefs. On the other hand, I know something happened beyond the norm and will take it to my grave as a real and unexplained experience.


NOTE: this was sent by a reader who agreed to publication without identification...Lon

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21 October 2009

UFO crash in Russia last week
Michael Cohen
Residents living in and around the village of Pil-Egor in Russia's Komi Republic witnessed a fiery object or UFO come crashing to the ground on Saturday 17 in the evening. The glow from the event was so strong it lit up the night sky as if it was day and the noise could be heard for hundreds of miles.
Now debate ‘rages’ within the offices of the local authorities as to what the object might have been. UFOs? A meteor? Or perhaps a rocket?
The local Chairman of the local civil protection office, Anotoly Nyukin, insists that no rockets could have landed in the area nor was it likely that it originated from a satellite. The government has commenced questioning residents of a number of villages, as well as going around to schools to quiz pupils, as to what they remembered of the event so at to get clues.
Witnesses in Pil-Egor described the object or UFO as a glowing ball that flew over the town and then exploded on impact as it landed in a forest. Allegedly, the ground shook violently during the event.

The Komi Republic is a region of great mystery in general: Home to the incredible Manpupuner rock formation (see amazing photos below). No one knows if these massive objects (There's a man leaning on one in the first photo) are natural, man-made or created by extraterrestrials and information about them is scarce. Komi legend has it that ancient sky-spirits built them and used to gather in their shadows when they descended to earth.

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UFO Encounter - Near Charlotte, North Carolina - 2/10/09

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:22 AM PDT - Every Tuesday I travel to Cornelius to play cards at a comic store. On February 10, 2009, I had an incredible sighting at a range closer than anything I can find in many UFO chronicles across the web.

At about 6:15-6:20 on February 10, 2009, I saw a large circular object floating above Highway 16 on the west side of Charlotte, NC. I was driving toward Huntersville when I saw the grayish object floating right above the trees. It was kind of shaped like a flat disk or acorn, and was floating above the trees on the right of the highway.

The object appeared to be between 50 to 100 feet in diameter and no more than 10 or 20 feet tall. I first noticed the object about 200 yards ahead of me, and I could not see the entire circumference, yet it was a circular object suspended in mid-air. As it was I became immensely curious as to what was keeping it suspended.

When I approached the object I realized that it was hovering without suspension partially over the highway and the trees on the right side of the road. From a distance it seemed to be shrouded in shadows at the very end of dusk when the sun is on the horizon.

As I approached I could see in clear detail four lights all on opposite sides in a sort of perfect X-formation on the bottom of the object along with hollow hole in the center of the bottom of the saucer. The skin of the object seemed to be made of a grayish metal with clear, straight seams in a seemingly symmetrical pattern.

Across the bottom of the object there seemed to be markings that looked almost hieroglyphic in nature. In the center of the object there was an empty black hole like there was a middle cylinder removed from the structure. The method of flight of the object seemed to be something completely out of this world, yet since I was on the ground and could not clearly see the top of the object, I could not tell if it had any sort of propeller keeping it adrift in mid-air, yet from every angle that I had a visual I did not see anything that would explain its method of flight.

The skin almost reminded me of a smooth pewter with a pattern that was grid-like with the hieroglyphic symbols in each cell. From the distance I was it seemed to be texture on the outer surface but I could faintly make out markings in the pattern, but I had no idea what they meant.

This simple fact - that the object was simply floating a few feet above the trees on the right of the road interested me most, When I realized that the object was beyond the human capacity of technological development, I remember feeling a sudden fear that I should not be witnessing what I was seeing.

When I passed under the object for a brief moment, I remember passing almost directly under one of the light fixtures which I remember seeing with clear detail. It seemed to emit an intense cone of light similar to those that illuminate night construction on highways, if not brighter.

The light seemed to be held onto the object on two sides by small V-like metal structures, and the light itself could not have been larger than one of our manufactured 100 watt generic bulbs, yet it burned with great intensity.

The center hole of the object was most peculiar because it seemed to ascend into the object into a total blackness which my eyes couldn’t penetrate. The hole, from what I could tell, probably took up about 10-20% of the base surface area and was in the exact center of the object.

When I passed under the object I remember nothing but fear and curiosity in the object. I must have been going close to 100 mph when I was passing under it to get out of its way, and the only thought of stopping for a picture was thwarted with my fears of abduction.

I still to this day pass by the very curve on Highway 16, and remember the sighting every time I drive that route.

There are 2 shots, and I would say that they are at least 95% accurate. The first is a view from the road a little higher than my car, which is portrayed, and shows the shape and location of the object over the road.

The second is a close up of as near as I can remember to what the light fixtures and the pattern on the skin looked like.

Of course the symbols in the grid on the 2nd sketch are hypothesized, I remember clearly certain aspects, such as the grid-like pattern on the skin, straight edge symbols, the way the lights were moving, and how the mechanisms looked, that led me to describing this sketch to the artist.

Thanks to UFO Casebook and Lon at Phantoms and Monsters Blog

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Sorry, I don't remember where I got this from.

  • Classification (Hynek): CE3.
  • Witnesses: Joyce Bowles (42), Ted Pratt (50).
  • Time & Place:1976-1977; Hampshire.
  • Entity Type (Lawson): Humanoid.
  • Craft: 15-ft-long orange cigar-shaped craft.
  • Summary: A plague of long-haired Ufonauts.

The Whistling Cigar

While some people actively seek out aliens, others have aliens thrust upon them. During the mid-1970s, for example, a middle-aged washroom attendant was baffled to find herself at the centre of a wave of UFO visions in rural England.

The eyes have it:
witnesses commonly report being mesmerized by the eyes of anomalous entities.

Joyce Bowles' experiences began one November evening in 1976. She was giving her neighbour, Ted Pratt, a lift from Winchester to Chilcomb when the car began to "shake violently" then shuddered to a halt.

With a noise "like a kettle whistling", a 15-foot-long "glowing orange cigar" suddenly appeared over the deserted road.

"We realised that three figures were watching us from a window in the cigar," said Mrs Bowles. "Then one of the figures materialised by the Mini. He peeped through my window at the dashboard controls and walked to the back of the car. Then he and the cigar-shaped craft simply vanished."

The 6-ft-tall figure wore a "silvery boilersuit" and had long blond hair and a dark beard. His eyes were pink and "as bright as the sun". Mrs Bowles found his gaze "horrible", whereas Mr Pratt felt only "peace and tranquillity" when the entity stared at him.

The Daily Mail investigated the encounter and uncovered eight other sightings of glowing cigar-shaped UFOs in the Winchester area that weekend, including one report of "a strange man in a silver suit".


Six weeks later, Mrs Bowles and Mr Pratt were driving along the same route when a weird orange glow appeared in the sky. They suddenly found themselves in a strange room occupied by three tall humanoids. The humanoids were speaking in an unknown language and kept saying the word "mi-ee-ga".

Aliens who wear jackboots are rarely our friends.

"Lights were blinking and flashing everywhere," recalled Mrs Bowles. "The men all had high jackboots with pointed toes. The boots were luminous, like their silvery suits. In the middle of their belts was something like a glittering stone, and the man next to me kept pressing his stone. Ted believed it was something to do with receiving messages."

Apparently the language barrier was soon overcome, for Mr Pratt reported that the beings asked him to walk up and down and tell them whether he felt hot or cold. Then the couple were shown a panorama of incomprehensible transparent images. "This is our field," explained the entities. When Pratt (a farm manager) asked if they were talking about pasture land, they grew irritated by his lack of understanding.

The aliens assured their guests that they had not come as invaders. "That's what Hitler said," retorted Mrs Bowles rather rudely. There was a flash of light, and the couple found themselves back inside their car. They were now parked besides a river on an unfamiliar road.

The Terrible Message

The Virgin Mary depicted delivering an apocalyptic message at Fatima.

On March 7 1977, Mrs Bowles was driving down a country road with her friend Ann Strickland when once again her car coasted to a halt.

"We both got out of the car, then we saw this oval shape glowing luminously making a humming sound," she said "A man got out and walked towards me holding out his hands. He came right up to me and took my hand. He eyed Ann up and down. She was terrified. So was I, but I didn't show it."

"The man started to speak in a foreign language. Then he switched to broken English. I said 'Yes' but I wasn't sure what he'd said. Then he said something to me which I understood - but I can't tell anyone what it was. I wouldn't dare."

"Once he had told me what he had to say, he turned round and walked back to the Thing. We watched it rise in the air and slip away into the sky with a high-pitched hum."

Mrs Strickland confirmed her friend's version of events, telling investigators, "I didn't hear what the man said to Joyce, and she refuses point-blank to tell me".

"I've never had such an experience before. At my age I'm a bit too old to have shocks like that".

The Final Encounter

Mrs Bowles had her final encounter in June 1977, when her car was stopped by a pair of long-haired spacemen. Again, Mr Pratt was in the passenger seat.

"They had sandy hair and were wearing dull metallic suits," he recalled. "They said something about trying to help mankind - something about war. They said they were scared Man would destroy himself and pollute the atmosphere. Then they just said goodbye and returned to their spacecraft. It soared away into the sky and disappeared out of sight."

"They said they would be back, but I don't want any more," added Mrs Bowles. "I feel like a marked person. It's no good talking to anyone about it. People don't believe me."


Arthur Shuttlewood: UFO Magic In Motion, pp52-53.
Chancellor Press: World's Greatest Alien Abduction Mysteries, pp178-179
Chancellor Press: Mystery, Intrigue and Suspense, pp175-177

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Alien Image Found in UFO Video Capture

Posted: 14 Oct 2009 10:53 AM PDT

NOTE: I received this from Michael Cohen at

Around a month ago we received this interesting UFO video from a reader. No information regarding the footage was passed on to us. When we posted the story some readers thought the video showed a mere reflection in a window while others found the footage more compelling than that. I must say I myself was not so sure it was just a reflection of a light in a window. Since then we have received more information regarding this UFO event.

We now know that the man heard in the clip is speaking Indonesian and that he seems genuinely confused as he calls regional control to tell them that ‘Noah’s Ark’ (he seems unfamiliar with UFOs and aliens) has been hovering over the port all morning. Lon Strickler then created an enhanced still from the footage which further intrigued me.

We contacted our friend, Ronald Nussbeck of and asked him to see what he could come up with using Ron Stewart’s remarkable APEP photo enhancement technology.

To our surprise and despite the poor quality of the film, a rather clear if not outright amazing image of a humanoid alien was captured peering through the windows of this UFO/extraterrestrial spaceship! The image, Lon Strickler's enhanced image and the orginal footage are posted above.
is operated by Ron S. Stewart, Archeologist, Inventor and regarded as one of the world's leading Imaging Scientists and the developer of APEP: Which has received attention from some of the World's largest Corporations and the international UFO community.

APEP works because Ron S. Stewart found a Flaw in the Architecture Foundation of Image creation that affects all photos and videos for the last 50 years. The Flaw restricts DPI (dots per inch), the average photo contains about 150 DPI, APEP converts photos and videos to about 10,000 DPI, that means an increase of up to 10,000% in image resolution. The process also solves Pixelazation and Distortion when enlarging images and is inherent in all photo process today. The flaw restricts the laws of physics from attaining maximum resolution.


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Dorothy Izett lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For years she has taken pictures in the dark off of her balcony of the apartment where she lives. The pictures she receives are so unusual. I remember one was of a light house and a harbor. There is nothing like that near her. Another one was of a window in a space craft with two "men" in flight suits standing against a wall, relaxed, and talking. You could see the frame of the window with bolts in it.

Dorothy wrote a book about her experiences and pictures. The following was excerpted from her book because I felt it was important for us to read.


Occasionally, because there have been so many UFO sightings over the years somebody will ask if I know why the ETs are coming here. Actually, there are all sorts of them coming here, and it's primarily to help us, not to hinder us. We seem to be so self-destructive. They know the struggle mankind is going through, man with his impulses and weaknesses, and that even the best of intentions somehow go awry. Man is like a twig in the wind, bending this way and that, according to the forces pushing him. They see man as a puppet yielding to the negative impulses within himself. Even man's senses are limited. People have eyes but can't see, ears but can't hear, and even when guidance comes loud and clear, they act as if they must deliberate on whether or not to follow that guidance. How people see my films is an example. Many people have seen my pictures and feel no impulse to pursue the light within, to question their values, or to even stop and think about what it means. I had one scientist fall asleep while watching my films. He woke with a start, rubbed his eyes, and said he thought it was dust on the lens. Other learned people guess at what my films show, but it is always a guess that leaves them comfortable with whatever they believe. We don't try to connect to our inner beings; instead, we rely on our own cleverness rather than ask, "What can I learn from this? Many people already have an opinion and walk away satisfied.

The Light Beings, like some high order ETs, want to help us. But they can only help in subtle ways because human beings have to pull themselves up by their own merits. We've got to want to do it ourselves. It's no good if somebody does it for us; there's no permanent growth in that. I don't know why this is such a hard thing for some people to understand. To learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors, to experience and grow and to reach the eternal is really the reason we exist. Otherwise there would be no purpose to suffering in this world of uncertainty. There would be no reason for the world to exist.

Among other things, the role of the Light Beings is to keep us from committing suicide. When people began experimenting with nature, things started to get dangerous. Take the atomic bomb for instance. I know that sounds corny because we've seen this theme in movies, but a lot of people laugh at the idea that the bomb brought UFOs to earth. But silly-sounding or not, it really happened. Even the men who invented the bomb weren't sure if they were about to destroy the world. What people don't realize, and this was something given to me many years ago, nuclear experiments were extremely dangerous, not just to the people who were killed by the experiments and by the bombs, but to the subtle energies that bind dimensions This posed a real danger to other life forms as well. From what I gather, there is a dimension quite close to ours, and the membrane that divides the two is fragile. When we tamper with nature, and it has gotten worse in recent years, by using atom bombs, or experimenting with strange chemicals that pollute our atmosphere, we weaken this membrane. If there's a break, there will be chaos on a huge scale because both the earth and its nearest dimension will be changed. The Light Beings and the ETs have been concerned about this for a long time. This is why some of the ETs have been coming here.

Man has reached a level of technology that is quite familiar to the Light Beings. We've not only fooled around with nature, but we're trying to alter, and even create life by means of transplants, cloning, and other kinds of genetic experiments. Without a spiritual life, without spiritual awareness and respect for what was created, for who we really are as whole beings, the results of these things can be quite devastating to the future of mankind.

ETs have been aware of what we do here since the beginning of our history. Space and time don't exist for them, or the Light Beings either, since none of them are of this earth. The ETs from planets out there don't travel through space; they just POP IN AND POP OUT INSTANTLY. Of course all of this is from my own experience, or from what I've learned from the Light Beings.

From Philip Mantle

I thought this might interest you. This is from a UFO/ALIEN display at China’s UFO/ALIEN EXPO. Who says there is no interest in the Alien Autopsy Film.

All the best,


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British Man Says He Witnessed an Alien Dressed as a Ballerina

Posted: 06 Oct 2009 07:45 AM PDT - Winchester councillor Adrian Hicks is on the search for an alien dressed like a ballerina that he spotted five years ago. Visible only to the chosen few, the pretty blonde female UFO interloper is said to shuffle along the pavement in a penguin-like walk, wearing only a white ballet outfit and broad smile.

Is it here, in this quiet Hampshire backwater, that 'the invasion' has started? Yes, according to Councillor Hicks. He says he saw the ballerina-like alien under the city's Guildhall clock five years ago but has only now come clean about his strange encounter.

'It was staggering – I am not usually lost for words but I was that day,' he said. 'She was a humanoid walking with a penguin-like gait. She had very large oval eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion. She was laughing and seemed to be enjoying herself. She was human enough to get away with it,' he added.

And the intrigue doesn't end there. Mr Hicks, who has spent £400 perfecting an artist's impression of the alien, believes she is linked to covert US and British military operations at a nearby base. 'UFOs are flying in and out of the military base – Winchester is the UFO capital of Europe,' he added.

Mr Hicks, a Lib Dem councillor for the city, claims he saw the alien in January or February 2004. He said other shoppers also saw her but no one had admitted it. The hospital technician also regrets not plucking up the courage to speak to her.

He has not spoken about the day for fear he would jeopardise his chances of winning a council seat, he added. His colleagues, he says, are 'in denial' about the existence of aliens in Winchester.


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By Tom Dongo

This month I am going to talk about some of the Bigfoot evidence that has appeared in this area.

Bigfoot. The reason I am writing about Bigfoot is due to a rather bizarre discovery I made several months ago. It was in March, in between that recent series of snowstorms we had been having. It was a sunny, warm day, and I was out for a walk along Oak Creek above Chavez Ranch. On a sandbar I found four or five perfect, five-toed footprints deeply embedded in wet sand. Now, if I had seen these tracks deep in one of the canyons I would have been really excited, but they were in an area often frequented by people, so I at first discounted any real significance to the finding.

On the sandbar were two different sets of perfectly clear, bare footprints. My hiding boot is a size 11 and is exactly 12 inches long and 4 inches wide at the ball. My boot fit entirely inside the larger track without touching any part of the outside of it. The track itself was about fifteen inches long and at least six inches wide. Whoever -- or whatever -- made it must have weighed between 300 and 400 pounds. I weigh nearly 200, and my boot made only a slight impression on the surface of the sand. The 15-inch track was at least 1-1/2 inches deep in the sand. The other nearby track was very narrow and nearly as long as the 15-inch track and had an extremely long big toe. Judging by the depth of the track, the person must have weighed about the same as I do.

Even as suspicious as I am, I summarily attributed the tracks to a heavy guy taking a barefoot stroll with a tall girlfriend -- or another guy with an awfully long, narrow foot. Which may be the case -- but it is another one of those things that is very, very odd. I do wish I had made casts of the unusual footprints; in the future I will have handy just such equipment to do so.

Last fall a husband and wife visiting (Sedona) from Denmark photographed enormous human-like tracks near the mouth of Secret Canyon. I have little further information, as I was unable to locate the couple who have since returned to Denmark. However, I spoke to several people who talked to the Danish couple and viewed the photographs. The photos were clear and well-defined. The Danish couple explained how the tracks suddenly appeared in one spot -- traveled for a hundred yards and then disappeared. This is common regarding Bigfoot-track sightings. The creature seems to materialize, then dematerialize several minutes, hours or days later. (The most common BHM -- Big Hairy Monster -- tracks are those of a creature with only three toes. These are far more common around the world than the five-toed variety.) The Secret Canyon tracks were in the 10- to 20-inch range and were deeply embedded in dry, compacted soil, which would indicate a probably weight range of 600 to 1,000 pounds. These tracks were found in a remote area that is visited by very few people.

I have a friend who is an experienced woodsman and is extensively knowledgeable of the ways of the woods. He is not a day hiker from the Big City. About ten years ago he had a rather interesting Bigfoot-type experience. On a cool fall day he was hiking on the Mogollon Rim above Indian Gardens when he came upon an enormous 22-inch, five toed track deeply embedded in loose, dusty soil. He followed the tracks for a half mile. He remarked to me as how the stride of the creature varied from 6 to 10 feet. As he followed the tracks, he noticed that they began to be further and further apart -- the creature was running. He paced out the running tracks and he said the distance between tracks was now over 20 feet. The reason quickly became evident. The Bigfoot tracks merged with those of a herd of elk who were also running at full speed. The Bigfoot, or whatever, was obviously after the elk. My friend said he continued to follow the tracks for a short time after. He described how the ground was all chewed up by the wild flight of the herd. He exclaimed that at that point he was beginning to feel really spooked and took a fast route out of the area. Incidentally, this kind of thing has been reported in numerous incidents around the West -- Bigfoot tracks chasing deer or elk, etc.

I have an associate in this business who is a retired high-ranking military officer. He was at the time living in southern California and one night he and three others watched as a Bigfoot crossed in front of his car -- carrying a dead coyote under its arm. Bigfoot activity almost always coincides with UFO activity. Why? Nobody knows.

Bigfoot activity in this area is centered around the back of Sycamore Canyon, and Bill Williams Mountain. I have pinpointed a narrow, almost inaccessible zone where this occurs. Bloodcurdling, ear-piercing screams and unseen elephant-sized creatures crashing through the brush and trees have scared the wits out of a number of backpackers and hunters in that area. Many years ago Basque sheepherders would not venture into certain parts of upper sycamore Canyon as, so the stories go, several sheepherders went in there and never came out.

A number of people have asked me about the incident regarding Wes and Deanna Bateman. Briefly, here is the story. Wes, age 60, is a UFO contactee who has had direct alien contact on and off for over thirty years. He and his daughter Deanna, age 32, (at that time) made their living from Wes's lectures and the sale of contactee literature. It was a modes living but they were able to get by on the proceeds while living in the Sedona area.

Last September Wes and Deanna were being harassed by low-flying black helicopters. In one instance when Deanna went into a bank near their home in Rimrock, a large black helicopter appeared and hovered over the bank for nearly ten minutes. In another instance two black helicopters hovered around their trailer home, which was situated in a rather isolated area near Lake Montezuma. These black helicopters are nearly always the Vietnam Huey type and are very loud and powerful vehicles.

Deanna had been ill and was making a normal recovery until one evening she ate a meal and became deathly ill. She almost died. She has since made a full recovery. It was determined that something which was in the food she ate had caused an unusual bacterial imbalance in her stomach which was nearly fatal. About that time a coral snake was found in their bathtub -- which Wes dispatched with a shovel.

They consequently suffered great financial hardship and were forced to move to another area. It appears that someone wanted Wes out of the UFO business and did a pretty good job of it. This is more than circumstantial evidence, because highly suspicious accidents, sicknesses, deaths, etc. have been occurring to UFO lecturers and researchers since the late 1940s.

I personally know of many cases of harassment and sabotage to homes, vehicles and health of UFO researchers when the only motive possible was to intimidate the person or persons to back out of some particular UFO research or investigation they were at the time involved in. The big question, of course, is who is behind these malevolent acts of violence.

So there it is. People often ask me why I am so involved in this stuff. They ask why didn't I pick something safer like palm reading, astrology or selling real estate or lion taming or skydiving.

Several reasons: One is that it beats managing a vacuum cleaner store -- which was my last full-time job. The other reason is that I want to know what the hell is going on -- in a positive way, of course. And the only way to do it is to go after it.

There is something "out there" and I think it is more -- and different than any of us realize.
Thank you Tom for the above article.


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Videos: Tales of Alien Abduction

Posted: 26 Sep 2009 10:52 AM PDT

By Carolyn Campbell - excerpts from - Ron Johnson was 14 years old in 1968 when he spent a month helping his aunt and uncle on their California horse ranch. One night, he woke about midnight. “I remember seeing the clock on the wall,” he recalls. “All of the blankets were on the floor at the foot of the bed. There was a very scary feeling, and I knew someone was there.”

Leaning his head back, he caught sight of a tall, thin alien bathed in a greenish glow. “He almost reminded me of an anorexic person with hollow cheeks, a pointed chin, and long bony arms and hands. He didn’t say anything—just stood there and looked at me. "

Terrified, Johnson, now 55, remembers closing his eyes and wishing the entity would leave. Though it was gone 10 minutes later, he kept his eyes closed and lay awake in fear until morning. Then he went to the living room and lay on the couch. Whenever he stayed at his relative’s house after that, he slept in the car.

In 1993, at sunset in mid-June in Oklahoma, Glenys Moore glanced across the treeless acres outside her home where cattle usually grazed among the sage and cedar. Coming from the north, Moore saw a light close to the ground shining outward. She noticed tall creatures that she first thought were cows walking toward and away from this light. “There were at least a dozen of them. They looked like ants, coming and going from their anthill. They were examining something. One would bend down, pick something up, show it to another creature, and seemingly discuss it.” She noticed the time was 6:30 p.m. She realized that two large dogs who usually “barked at everything” were completely silent.

Suddenly, one of the creatures turned to look straight at her. She says the alien appeared to be slender, with a large head, huge oval eyes and long, thin extremities. “I first felt fear, thinking, ‘I hope they don’t see me.’” The entity walked toward her, into her back yard and near the bathroom window where she stood watching. “I felt like running but could not. I seemed to be locked in its gaze. Then, as it drew nearer, my world disappeared.”

The next thing she knew, it was pitch dark. “I remember physically shaking myself back to reality. I walked in the bedroom and screamed when I saw that the clock read 10:30 p.m.” Moore still wonders where the four hours went.

They first came for Don Anderson’s son in 1984. It was 11 p.m. on a June evening in Mapleton, Utah, when 25-year-old Anderson shut off the TV in the bedroom of his mother’s basement where he was staying. He glanced down at his 4-year-old son who sat on the edge of a mattress on the floor playing with a truck.

Suddenly, he noticed a gray alien floating in the middle of the room. “We looked at each other. He pointed to my son, as if he were asking to take him,” Anderson recalls. He returned the alien’s gaze and telepathically communicated, “OK, let me go with him. If I go with him, he won’t be afraid.”

He says a ray of blue iridescent light shot through the room. He took his son by the hand. They jumped into the light ray and followed the gray alien across the basement, through the wall and upward through the ground to the grass outside.

Anderson says they moved toward a huge, saucer-shaped spacecraft across the street that hovered 60 feet in the air. “It was 30 feet across with red and blue lights that strobed through the neighborhood, flashing off houses in the area,” he recalls. He wondered why no one in the neighborhood was waking up to notice the ship. “It was deadly quiet. There were no dogs barking or crickets chirping,” he says. “All I could hear was the hum of the ship.”

He says that as he, his son and the gray alien traveled upward to the bottom of the ship, they felt a tingling sensation as they passed through telephone wires. He then remembers walking around the polished interior of the ship. “Everything was metal and really shiny, like it was made from stainless steel. I was walking on a cushy black catwalk.”

Anderson and a tall blond woman who seemed somehow familiar to him walked and telepathically communicated with each other. After he asked her if she could heal a serious stomach disorder he was currently experiencing, he heard her laugh. “The moment her eyes caught mine, it was like she said, ‘Don’t worry, you will be OK.’”

Anderson then saw his son and another boy through an arched doorway. They stood beneath a metal column, holding what looked like a hand-held shower massager. “My son grabbed it from the kid he just met and put it above his own head. Blue volts of what looked like electricity shot over his body. He cracked up and thought that was really funny. I watched them each use that about three times. I think the aliens took me there so that my son would know I was around and not be frightened, and I would know he was safe.”

Before long, Anderson was back in the front room of his mother’s house. “The screen door was open, and I could look through and see the ship hovering and whirring outside.” He says the room was also filled with elderly strangers he had never seen before. “They stood motionless, like they were in a coma. We were all sitting there watching and listening to the sound of this flying saucer across the street.”

He looked at the clock, and it was 6 a.m. “I sprang out of bed and thought, ‘Whoa.’”

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P. Urial