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Another low flying Sky Ship near Dillsboro

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this eyewitness testimony from Sarah and Robert on October 2, 2010 about a Sky Ship sighting near Dillsboro, NC the night of September 30, 2010. Some people have noticed that low-flying Sky Ships often follow the Tuckaseegee River which originates in the high mountains east of Cashiers and flows through Dillsboro before merging into the Little Tennessee River.

Tuckasegee River, Dillsboro, NC
Tuckaseegee River
in Dillsboro, NC
My boyfriend and I witnessed a craft hovering over the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway on September 30, 2010 at 10:25 p.m. It was between Dillsboro and Barker’s Creek. The craft was motionless. I was driving my car and my boyfriend was following me in his car. I slowed down to look at it, but he actually stopped.

The craft, to me, appeared to be cylindrical in shape with tapered edges. It had a central light that was green in color and its edges were glowing with white lights. My boyfriend said that as he sat and looked at it, it appeared to be triangular. After watching it for approximately 15 seconds it began to slowly move southeast towards Dillsboro.

We both had our windows down and we heard NOTHING. We were guessing that it was roughly 150 feet above the road and approximately half the size of a football field. He said that even as it began to move there was still no familiar roar of an engine(s).

We were both puzzled by this craft and I am sure that I have never seen anything like it. Normally you can hear a plane or helicopter and they generally have a blinking light(s), but this craft was silent and its lights were stationary in intensity.

We are normal people and we will stand by what we have witnessed. Both he and I are graduates of Southwestern Community College and we are currently attending Western Carolina University. We never drink, we steer clear of drugs, and we have good heads on our shoulders, so we feel confident in saying that this was either a highly advanced military aircraft or a UFO. We are betting on the latter.

Big night for Sky Ships

Big night for sky ships - August 31, 2010
Locations of Sky Ship sightings on August 31, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: We didn’t immediately know there were multiple Sky Ship sightings on the night of August 31, 2010. The reports came to us over a two-week period. We’re posting them in the order we received them. The black line on the map connects three locations where significant Sky Ship sightings were seen that night. The unconnected black circle to the right is the location of the PARI underground facility which is mentioned in the third report.

(1) Circle of Sky Ships over Cashiers
“I always step outside and look at the evening sky,” says Glynis Heenan, who’s seen many Sky Ships over her Cashiers, NC home since her first sighting on June 28, 2008. “I’ve gotten used to seeing ships, but what I saw on the night of August 31, 2010 was really unique.

“After getting my daughter to bed about 10 p.m., I went on the deck and saw a Sky Ship in the north, northwest. I’d never seen a light in that direction that was so large and so low. It was bigger than my thumb at arm’s length. That’s what caught my eye.

“Then I pivoted around,” she continues, “and saw it was part of a circle of seven Sky Ships over my house. The others were smaller than my thumb, but much bigger than stars. All of them were pulsating red, blue and gold colors. I’ve never seen more than three or four Sky Ships at a time before then – never seven. The astounding thing was they stayed in that perfect circle formation for hours. They were still there when I finally went to bed.

“While I stood on the deck, I noticed the Sky Ships were evenly spaced. It looked like the length of half a football field between each of them.

“The whole time, I felt elevated,” she adds. “I knew something major was going on but I felt exceptionally safe and calm. The next morning, my neighbors confirmed what I’d seen. I went up to have coffee with them and tell them about the lights. They, too, had gone outside the night before and had seen strange, bright lights above my house.”

(2) Bright light with gold rays over Dillsboro

Starlotte Dietz lives just south of Dillsboro, NC and immediately east of Highway 441. Her sighting was less than 20 miles north, northwest of Cashiers.

“On August 31, 2010 in the evening,” she says, “I got out of my car at home and looked up at the sky. It was dusky dark and no stars were yet visible. Nothing was in the sky except a bright light not too far above a nearby mountain. It was real, real bright. I have never seen anything like it. I glanced at my watch and it was 8:36 p.m.

“At arm’s length, compared to my thumb, the light was the size of a grapefruit,” she says. “I couldn’t see any vapor trails or anything to explain it. The light wasn’t moving at all when I first noticed it then it moved for a little bit and stop.

“There were straight gold rays coming out from the ball of light - one going straight up and one going straight down. Then there were three smaller rays going out on each side. The light stayed in my view for about 15 minutes and then disappeared over the mountain.”

(3) Black unmarked helicopters

A gentleman, who lives on the Balsam Ridge near the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), reported that on the night of August 31, 2010 he saw “black unmarked helicopters flying west from PARI and chasing UFOs.” He added that he’d seen similar chases in the weeks before that, another on September 1st but nothing on September 2nd which was the day before he reported his sightings to this website. Go to the “Secret Facilities” section of this website to learn about the underground facility beneath PARI.

(4) Lights over Cherokee and Cullowhee

After Starlotte Dietz talked about her August 31, 2010 sighting with friends, she learned that two of them had witnessed the same thing.

“One friend was coming over the mountain from Tennessee toward Cherokee that night,” Starlotte says. “He and another person in his car saw it. He said it was the biggest, brightest light he’d ever seen in the sky.

“Then I was talking with another good friend of mine from Cullowhee. She and her boyfriend were coming home from Cherokee that same night and followed the light all the way. They also said it was the brightest light and the biggest light they had ever seen in the sky. When I compared what I saw in the sky with a grapefruit at arm’s length, both my friends said that was the same size light they’d seen.

“Plus, my friend from Cullowhee said she’d noticed a lot of bright, round objects in the sky over Cullowhee, too.”

(5) Sci-fi sounds on phone - editor’s footnote

Immediately after typing these reports on September 18, 2010, I went to call someone on my land phone. There was no dial tone. It had been replaced with a high-frequency sci-fi sound of several tones. I hung up and picked up the receiver three times. The sound was still there, so I went ahead and dialed the number anyway. While the call went through, the sound continued and the person on the other end of the line complained that I sounded far away and asked me to speak louder.

I’d had no problem with the phone two hours earlier. It wasn’t until 3:25 p.m. that I heard the sci-fi sound. As you might guess, I picked up the receiver many times that afternoon until a normal dial tone finally returned at 5:35 p.m. I’ve had the phone for seven years and have never heard such a sound from it, which makes me contemplate the synchronicity of it happening immediately after typing these reports.

Thank you for sharing this report:

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In 1963, I was transferred to Alaska, for assignment. I had been there before. On arrival in Anchorage, I found out that I was destined for a "remote", and unaccompanied tour, on Shemya Island, almost at the tip of the Aleutian Islands, and closer to Russia than it is to Alaska. I had been on that little "raft" for a year tour, in the middle forties, and, did not look forward to a re-run. Try as I might, the Air Force would not relent. (I must have made friends in high places, to suffer such a fate.)

Since there was no choice, I flew on out to Shemya, aboard a Reeve Aleutian Airway airliner, and set up housekeeping there. My job was to be the Line Chief, and the Senior Non- Com, in Base Operations. The job was interesting, but remote tours are boring, so we tried to have a sense of humor, and take each day with a smile. Most of the smiles were about little things, but now and then, we'd be party to an event, which became Island legend.

In winter (which was a good part of the year), there was plenty of snow, and our young GI's would ski, using old boards for skies, they'd get out on the ice covered taxiways and run like hell, to "skate" on the ice. They built igloos, they made snow forts, and they had great snowball fights.

One winter day, our crew went to an old abandoned Mess Hall, which was just sitting there, decaying since WW2, and amongst the treasures they salvaged was a huge stainless steel pan. It resembled a Wok, but was large enough for a man to sit in. A few hours later, I heard laughter outside the Base Operations Building, and when I investigated, there was my crew. They had made a "sled-run", down the hill behind the parking ramp, and now they were taking the Flying Saucer, (as they dubbed that stainless steel pan), to the top of the hill, and one at a time, they'd come hurtling down the slope, spinning, laughing and, seemingly, out of control.

Our Commanding Officer was an energetic, but somewhat deaf old gentleman, who was here on Shemya, due to some Personnel Section's, "sense of humor". Was he being awarded for all the years of service, by heading up the operation on far off Shemya?

The Colonel, showed up, unannounced, and sat in his Staff Car, watching the kids, sledding down the hill. He was a wonderful fella, and often joined, in a dignified fashion, our games. Having been invited, he trod to the top of the hill wrapped in a dress overcoat, and, climbed onto that Saucer. One of the kids had a red and white striped wool scarf, which he wore to keep the snow from flying into his face, and down his collar, so he offered it to the Colonel, and they wrapped the scarf around the “old man’s” face and bald head, as they prepared him for launch.

I had heard an aircraft land, while we were watching all this, and sent a man into Operations, to see who had landed. Just as my man came back out, and reported to me that "It is the IG Inspection Team", I looked up the hill, to see the Colonel "launched". Faster and faster he came down the hill, screaming like a ten year old as the snow flew into his face, and he spun from side to side, and bounced off one side of the track, and then the other. The Aircraft full of Inspectors taxied onto the Parking Ramp, at the same time as our Commander made the plunge down the slope. And came to rest not thirty feet from the aircraft.

The Colonel had not told me about the coming of the "Inspectors", because it was supposed to be a secret! When the Colonel was helped to climb out of the "Saucer", and they unwrapped the red and white scarf, from around his neck and face, he became aware of the group, just arrived, who were staring at him in stunned silence. I must give the Colonel a great deal of credit, because, he squared away his clothes, and marched right up to the boarding ladder, to greet those "Washington Weenies", with a proper salute. By this time I had all my men smartly standing at attention, and as the Staff Cars full of dignitaries departed, we gave them a smart salute.

When the Inspectors had left, I worried about how we had done, and when the Colonel came in with the "report", I was, quite honestly, nervous. When I read the report, I had to smile. At the end of all the official stuff were two handwritten notations: Morale is Superior + Flying Saucer Maintenance is Excellent.

Bruce L Salisbury
Msgt. USAF Retired
© 2002

Thank you Bruce for this great and humorous story!

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JEFF GREENHAW FROM Phantoms and Monsters blog

The Falkville Tin Foil Alien Encounter - October 17, 1973

Posted: 19 Oct 2010 11:43 AM PDT
The year was 1973...I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. It was a tumultuous and cynical time filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. People were sick of reading about crooked politicians and continued war. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in abductions and extraordinary sightings...and I was riding the wave. Unparalleled UFO encounters and alien visitation’s occurred worldwide during the most extraordinary "UFO Flap". The number of UFO reports was unprecedented during this banner year. 1973 brought us the Pascagoula Incident and the Charlie Hickson and Coyne cases. But the one event that grabbed my attention the most was the Falkville Tin Foil Alien case.

On the Autumn evening of October 17, 1973, Jeff Greenhaw, then 26-year old Chief of Police of Falkville, Alabama, was settling in with his wife for a well deserved night of rest when he received an emergency call around 10 PM that would literally change his life forever.

The call was from an hysterical anonymous woman who claimed that a UFO had landed just outside of town in a field which was owned by Bobby Summerford.

Although he was off duty, Greenhaw...abiding by his sworn duty to serve and protect...jumped up, grabbed his keys, cuffs, revolver and his Polaroid camera, on the off chance that there might be something worth taking a shot of. He then hopped into his truck, radioed the call in and raced to the location of the alleged flying saucer landing.

When Greenhaw arrived on the scene he got out of his truck and patrolled the area, but claimed to find nothing out of the ordinary. The chief then returned to his vehicle and decided to take drive around the field before returning home. Greenhaw cruised around the perimeter of Summerford’s property, scanning the darkness for anything unusual, but saw nothing of interest in the murky blackness. He then turned down a narrow, gravel path for one final pass...that was when he came face to face with an unknown entity.

After traveling down the path for about a hundred yards, Greenhaw saw an being that he described as a humanoid figure standing next to the road, about 75-feet away. The chief got out of his truck and carefully approached what he still assumed to be a human being, thinking that it may be someone in need of assistance.

Police Chief Jeffrey Greenhaw shows the area of his encounter
Greenhaw shouted to his strange companion, but it did not respond. As he got to within 15-feet of the being that was illuminated in his truck’s high-beams, the chief realized that something was very wrong. The entity appeared to be wearing some kind of silvery, metallic suit that resembled thick aluminum foil.

Some reports also indicate that its stature was somewhat child-like or simian, like a monkey in a spacesuit. Greenhaw described what he saw:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw also noted that the thing had an antenna sticking out from the top of its head and that its movements were jerky and mechanical.

The shocked Greenhaw realized that he was dealing with something unknown and, pushing his panic aside with years of police training, had the presence of mind to pick up his instant camera and shoot four photographs.

The first Polaroid shows nothing but inky darkness and a flash of silver, but the next three images hit paydirt. In the photos one can clearly see a human-like figure wearing a wrinkly, metallic suit, which is reflecting the Polaroid’s flash.

Perhaps believing that it was being attacked by a human with some kind of “light-beam” weapon, the creature almost instantaneously turned and began sprinting across the field at speeds far in excess of those capable by human. Greenhaw noted that it seemed to be heading in the general direction of Lacon, which is about three miles away from Falkville. The chief reacted swiftly, ran back to his truck and took off in pursuit of the 'tin foil man.'

Greenhaw would state that he managed to accelerate his truck only to about 35 MPH due to the rough terrain of the field, but that he was still completely outrun by this unusual entity, which defied the laws of gravity with it’s speed and and spring-like jumps. According to Greenhaw:

“It ran in a bizarre way...seemed to have springs in the feet for propulsion, could cover about three meters in every way. He was running faster than any human I ever saw.”

During this frantic off road pursuit, Greenhaw claims he lost control of his truck and slid into a ditch. At which point he watched as the creature slipped into the darkness never to be seen again. Leaving Greenhaw with only his haunting memories of the event and a single controversial Polaroid.

Greenhaw’s experience was instantly met with skeptical derision, if not outright ridicule.

Within months of revealing his bizarre encounter, the Chief of Police was terminated by the town council, his marriage fell apart and, just when it must have seemed as if matters couldn’t get any worse, his home was burned to the ground. All of the above factors have thrown kerosene on the already brightly burning flames of the UFO conspiracy theories surrounding this event and gives a clear indication as to why most contactees and eyewitnesses remain silent regarding their unusual experiences.

Some ufologists believe that the tin foil man was a robotic scout for an extra-terrestrial landing craft, while skeptics maintain that it was all a hoax perpetrated by Greenhaw and an unknown accomplice who was clad in a tin foil costume.

Falkville, Alabama
The images that Greenhaw snapped were collected and sent for analysis by Walt Andrus, a director of MUFON.

The conclusion drawn by the analysts was that the encounter was most likely a fabrication...probably inspired by all the furor surrounding the recent Pascagoula case. If was presumed that aluminum foil or an asbestos fire suit was used to create the unusual look of the creature.

Interestingly the negatives of the Greenhaw pictures that were studied by MUFON seem to show images of a “flying saucer” amongst them, although no one ever claimed to have photographed the object initially reported.

Chief Greenhaw garnered no financial gain or positive notoriety due to his experience and, while he has managed to rebuild some semblance of a normal life, all reports indicate that he continues to regret his encounter with this unknown. To this day, however, Greenhaw and his supporters insist that he had an actual encounter with an alien being.

UFOs 1973: Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings

I have had this picture for years - probably since 1973!
P. Urial



I found this new magazine to be very enlightening. It is full of information, more than any magazine I have seen before. The only thing I found against it is the light gray type. For persons hard of seeing it was hard to read. But what is within the pages is worth making the effort. It is a virtual "reader" for new persons just entering the field because it covers the past, the present and hopefully the future. All in all it is a great "read" and well worth subscribing to. Thank you for sending me the magazine to peruse.


From Valery Uvarov

Thursday, October 21, 2010


By Bruce Salisbury

While working at Navajo Dam (in Northwest New Mexico State), we were pushing a
tunnel under the parking lot at the West end of the dam, in order to drain off excess
water, which was collecting between the dams face and the surface of the rock on
which the dam rested. this tunnel was being drilled by Frontier Kemper Company.

My job was to be medical support, and the company had it's own ambulance, along
with enough Emergency Medical Technicians to man that position any time that
men were working. It was my lot to work "grave shift", for many months, and
during one of those long night shifts, I experienced an odd sight, which I have never
quite explained to myself.

Coming out of the First Aid Office at about 2 AM. I walked over to the dry room
(shower room) to check some batteries which were on a charger, and as I started
back, looked up toward Navajo Dam, as our buildings were just below the dam. To
my amazement, there was a huge object, slowly floating over the top of the dam,
and presenting as a "circle of lights" almost spanning the width of the entire dam.
I knew the thing was huge. and watched it as it advanced, with the large circle
of "starlight color" blue lights, strobing slowly from the leading edge of it, on
toward the back. there were also two"ruby color" lights, centered top and bottom.

As the thing slowly advanced, I became aware of the sounds of geese on the river,
directly behind me, so I reasoned that this thing was very quiet. Perhaps I thought
this thing is at high altitude, but logic insisted that if it was at high enough altitude to be silent, then it must be as big as a city. The lights advanced until almost directly over me, and then slowly turned to the East and coasted out over the nearby mesa. As the thing passed over, I was aware that I could always see the top and bottom "ruby colored lights" at every angle, thus the thing must be transparent.
Another random thought was, "can this thing be a hologram? Is it projected from
somewhere else?

The thing moved slowly to the East until it disappeared behind the mesa, but a few
minutes later, I saw two circles of lights, very small and appearing to be very high
(and from this distance) saw no "ruby colored lights", at any angle. The two made
their way generally downstream high above the San Juan River and eventually out
of my line of vision. The speed of departure was not remarkable at all.

Finishing my shift, I talked to my relief man about the sighting and grieved a bit
that "company policy" forbade us to have a camera on site at this "government run
job". When I got home, I shared the story with my wife, and went to bed. When my
wife returned from work , she showed me a little news article in the Farmington
Daily Times, concerning a lady near Bloomfield, New Mexico, having seen the same
sight that I had, except that she reported the thing to have landed behind her home.

What did I see? I have no idea what it was, but having flown with the Air Force for
much of my twenty years of military service, I could not identify what I saw, and
must admit that this was my first sighting that I could not explain away, utilizing
past experience. Was it a UFO? Well sure it was. It was not "identified" and it was
up there in the night sky, and it moved. Was it a real object? I'd say it was real
enough that I have never forgotten it, and if one digs through the newspaper files, there were several calls to the authorities that night, wondering about the strange sight, and an interesting story in the Daily Times, concerning the lady seeing the object or objects, near Bloomfield, and I suspect that she hasn't forgotten the sight either.

Bruce L Salisbury
Aztec, New Mexico
© 2001

BURLINGTON, WISCONSIN UFO CONFERENCE, with lectures on UFOs etc., Oct. 29-31 (Oct. 25-28 they have other events that might also be of interest "" Speakers include Don Schmitt (Roswell researcher), Bonnie Meyer (UFO abductee and researcher), Stan Friedman (UFO researcher and lecturer), Kathleen Marden (niece of the late UFO abductee Betty Hill), and Peter Moon (Montauk researcher). Mary and Brad Sutherland put on a great event last year.

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Friday night on C2C a UFO investigator called in to report a case he is investigating. This was the most unusual report on the ETs that our government is involved with that I have ever heard. I want you all to see this so I am trying to type it off of Real Player.

Jason in Annapolis, MD

He received a letter and he is investigating this case. He reads verbatim from it. The letter is from an ex military person retired, Air force:

"The first of my experiences was this, I was standing inside of a B-17 Hangar. One craft flew in through the doors; it was about 40' in diameter. It was twenty feet from me. A door opened in the side of the thing - an internal opening to the left - to the right of the door like deep blasted were the letters USAF.

When the craft settled to the ground a being about 5' emerged, he was sickly pale. He had the appearance somewhat of the Grays you see in Sci Fi movies. He was not gray nor were the twenty or so I saw that year, he was just pale sickly white like people that never get into the sunlight.

They all stink like rotten meat. I don't think their heads are much bigger than ours but their bodies are so small that their heads look twice the size. They do have tiny jaws and large eyes. The first one was looking around, he stuck a finger up on his hand and stuck it into the corner of his right eye. Then he popped the lens out that covered the eye and then removed the other so the large ovoid kind of eye was a type of sunglasses. He looked around and saw me, he smiled and looked like he was embarrassed. His eyes were a very light blue like a Husky dogs, and perhaps twice the size of a mans.

Another being came out with a metal box in his hand. He opened it and what looked like raw meat was in it and he ate it.

Neither seemed concerned about me. The wind shifted outside the hangar. Now I could smell them. What I smelled wasn't nice, these guys smelled like rotten meat. These I believe to be demons. All of them have rotten meat odor,"they are not aliens."

They speak as though they are controlling something. When the first being spoke to me it was in a baritone voice like mine. I saw this guy several time and he always spoke to me. He told me that they were not concerned about me because in my sensitive position I would not be believed.

All of the craft I saw were 40 to 60 feet disc shape and were the same as I described above.

There were two guys I met from the Weather Rocket Saunday (?) Unit. They had some neat toys. We drank a few beers and got restless and decided to walk over to the B-17 Hangar.

This was a 3 hour hike. We arrived and saw 3 UFOs inside when we got there. I don't know if either of the guys remembered the next day because they wouldn't speak to me after that, neither of them, it was if they had never known me.

For the next 3 months I was by myself, walking the island and seeing these discs. I saw some men come out of several. All just regular men. On one occasion I spoke to one. He described the craft and said these other pilots were demons. He said our government was working on a treaty with them.

Now he actually invited me to look inside. All I saw was chrome walls and two chrome seats. I asked how they flew and he said magnetic propulsion and it was an invention of Nicoli Tesla.

I became frightened as one more disc came and settled down and two demons told me I could not remember anything I pretended to forget. I thought about a white light. They tossed me into a stack of pallets. When I awoke I was late for work and did not remember how I got there. I saw a MP truck headed my way and caught a ride with them to work."
George asked when he could talk to him again and he asked when would you like to talk to me again? George said they wanted to keep up to date with him. He said he would actually like to find some military men that had been on this air base so he gave where it was off the air so they could pursue finding someone to corroborate the story.

Very interesting case!

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Chile's textbook mine rescue brings global respect

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile – Chile's 33 rescued miners posed with the president and were poked by doctors on Thursday, itching to reunite with families and sleep in their own beds for the first time since a cave-in nearly killed them on Aug. 5.

Relatives were organizing welcome-home parties and trying to hold off an onslaught of demands by those seeking to share in the glory of the amazing rescue that entranced people around the world and set off horn-blowing celebrations across this South American nation.

President Sebastian Pinera posed with the miners, most of whom were wearing bathrobes and slippers, for a group photo, and then celebrated the rescue as an achievement that will bring Chile a new level of respect around the world.

The miners and the country will never be the same, Pinera said.

"They have experienced a new life, a rebirth," he said, and so has Chile: "We aren't the same that we were before the collapse on Aug. 5. Today Chile is a country much more unified, stronger and much more respected and loved in the entire world."

The billionaire businessman-turned-politician also promised "radical" changes and tougher safety laws to improve how businesses treat their workers.

"Never again in our country will we permit people to work in conditions so unsafe and inhuman as they worked in the San Jose Mine, and in many other places in our country," said Pinera, who took office in March as Chile's first elected right-wing president in a half-century.

Dr. Jorge Montes, deputy director of the Copiapo Regional Hospital, said that some miners will be able to leave the hospital later Thursday despite the physical and emotional impact of 69 days trapped underground.

"Not a single miner has been in a state of shock," he said, and all should be able to leave soon once they go through a battery of medical and psychological exams.

All the miners are remain tense, he said, which is only natural given what they've been through, and what they face as they begin their new lives.

"They've all been placed under a high degree of stress, most have put up with it in a very notable way. Some have some kind of minor complications, but nothing to worry about."

After weeks of fear, desperation and finally hope, the miners were pulled out one by one in a capsule that carried them through a narrow tube of solid rock — a dizzying 23-hour marathon of rescues.

The men, their eyes hidden behind sunglasses to protect from the sun and glare of lights, emerged to tears and embraces from relatives, and cheers and patriotic chants, as tens of millions of people watched on television around the world to see a joyful end to the longest known ordeal of men trapped underground.

They were restless to begin their new life, but for many, that life may be incomprehensible at first.

Honors and offers of jobs and even vacations poured in from around the world for men who walked into a mine on Aug. 5 as workers doing a dirty job to support their children or buy a house. They were lifted out weeks later to find themselves international symbols of perseverance — as well as icons of patriotism at home.

Spain's Real Madrid football team invited the 33 to attend a game in their stadium. Chile's football federation said it would offer a job with its youth teams to Franklin Lobos, a former national team player who had later found himself driving a taxi to make ends meet before he was caught in the mine collapse. It also said it was organizing a "Copa 33" tournament in their honor.

The internationally popular Spanish language variety show "Sabado Gigante" announced it would dedicate a show to "The 33" and invited fans to suggest questions for them.

And a Greek mining company offered to fly each one, with a companion, for a week's vacation in the Mediterranean.

Pinera, meanwhile, vowed that those responsible for the mine collapse "will not go unpunished. Those who are responsible will have to assume their responsibility."

The rescue will end up costing "somewhere between $10 (million) and $20 million," a third covered by private donations with the rest coming from state-owned miner Codelco — the country's largest company_ and the government itself, Pinera said.

Mining accounts for 40 percent of the Chilean state's earnings and the rescue's details were run by its operations manager, Andre Sougarett.

The Aug. 5 collapse brought the 125-year-old San Jose mine's checkered safety record into focus and put Chile's top industry under close scrutiny. Many believe the collapse occurred because the mine was overworked and violated safety codes.

The families of 27 of the 33 rescued miners have sued its owners for negligence and compensatory damages.

Also suing the San Esteban company is Gino Cortez, a 40-year-old miner who lost his left leg from the knee down a month before the accident as he was leaving the mine after his shift and a rock fell on him. He contends he was hurt because the mine was short on the metallic screens that protect miners from such collapses.

After the collapse, Pinera fired top regulators and created a commission to investigate both the accident and the industry's Sernageomin regulatory agency. Some action was swift: the agency shut down at least 18 small mines for safety violations.

"The mine has been proven dangerous, but what's worse are the mine owners who don't offer any protection to men who work in mining," said Patricio Aguilar, 60, of nearby Copiapo, during celebrations of the meticulously executed rescue.

Advances in technology notwithstanding, mining remains a dangerous profession in the smaller mines here in northern Chile, which employ about 10,000 people.

Since 2000, about 34 people have died every year on average in mining accidents in Chile — with a high of 43 in 2008, according to Sernageomin data.

Most of the rescued miners live in Copiapo, a gritty, blue-collar city surrounded by the Acatama desert. Copiapo's central plaza was jammed with thousands of revelers watching the operation on a giant screen as street vendors hawked Chilean flags bearing the faces of "Los 33."

The last miner, shift foreman Luis Urzua, emerged from the Phoenix rescue capsule after the 2,041-foot 622-meter) ascent to a joyous celebration.

With hardhats held to their hearts, the pair led the rescue team in singing the national anthem. Broadcast by state TV, it seemed ubiquitous in small country of 16 million roiling with pride.

The rescue exceeded expectations every step of the way. Initially, officials said it might December before the men could get out. Once the drill that opened the escape shaft pierced the men's subterranean prison, they estimated it would take 36 to 48 hours to get everyone out.

The actual time: 22 hours, 39 minutes.

The only real glitch was indeed minor — it became bit difficult to open and close the escape capsule's door as the day wore on, said Laurence Golborne, the mining minister who Pinera put in charge of the rescue. Early Thursday morning, the last rescuer who helped the miners into the escape capsule came up safely to end the operation.

Golborne has won high marks for his deft management of the closely scrutinized rescue, and Chilean media have been abuzz with discussion of him as Pinera's most likely successor. Elected in December 2009 to a four-year term, Pinera is constitutionally barred from running again.

Chile has promised to care for the miners for six months at least — until they can be sure each man has readjusted.

Psychiatrists and other experts predict their lives will be anything but normal.

Previously unimaginable riches awaited men who had risked their lives going into the unstable mine for about $1,600 a month.

At some point, the men will need to decide whether they will return to the mines.

Many of their relatives are dead-set against it, but they also acknowledged that they probably couldn't stop the miners from going down again.

Mario Medina Mejia, a local geologist. said plenty of Chilean miners have returned underground after close calls, and he compared it to sailors who survive shipwrecks only to ply the waves again.

"If they need the work they will return to the mine," he said. "It's their life, their culture, the way they make their living."

Sunday, October 10, 2010


EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever since childhood when she watched Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills that threatened her entire town, Eljay has been in direct contact with her “Star-born Protectors.” She’s now in her middle sixties and living near the Smoky Mountain National Park. We interviewed her on December 12, 2009 after she decided to go public for the first time with a few of her powerful experiences. This is the longest article we’ve posted, six segments, but it’s packed with thought-provoking information.

Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills

When I was a child in the 1950s, my dad had a very high security position with an enrichment plant that mixed together uranium and other chemicals or minerals for nuclear warheads. We couldn’t talk about his job even at home.

All the years he worked there, we had to go to meetings with the families of all the employees and we were always warned not to discuss things -- and they meant it because we saw perfectly healthy people have mysterious heart attacks and come home vegetables if they spoke out.

When they were doing something at the plant they didn’t want the public to know about, they would throw out a thick fog over the plant. It was thicker than fog. If you were on the road around the plant, you couldn’t see past the windshield of the car.

Many times the plant had toxic spills. When that happened, the creeks and rivers would have a green glow maybe six feet or more above the water. That’s when we would see a sky ship come in, hover above the water and, like a big vacuum, suck the green stuff off the water.

The sky ships that came to clean up the toxic spills each looked like a dome with a ring-like plate on the bottom. They were a dark charcoal color and huge – about the size of a large Greyhound Bus. If you put your hand out at arm’s length, you could not have covered the ship – that’s how close we would see them.

The sky ships were always around and cleaning up messes. They were there to protect the people. Around the world, even today, if there’s a big nuclear spill, they’re there to clean it up.

Balsam Mountain’s secret underground facility

There’s stuff going on within and around the Balsam Mountain Ridge that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of those living in Western North Carolina and beyond. The shadow government has a coffer there that goes six stories down into the ground. Survival supplies and equipment are stored there as well as stuff that could be harmful to the general population – and even wipe it out. They also have electromagnetic equipment that can be used to destroy human memories.

Because of all this, the Star-born ships are in the area to keep any of this from happening. To confuse matters, there also are man-made ships and ships piloted by the renegade aliens that the shadow government uses to manipulate human reactions and behavior.

Many individuals with high energy vibrations and wisdom from the future are drawn to Western North Carolina and other significant locations around the world to uplift the vibration of an area and counteract the negativity generated by the shadow government.

Why does the U.S. government resist disclosure?

We had two presidents who were approached by the Star-borns and given scientific information from the future about how to use energy from the Earth without destroying the Earth. The two chose to use the technology for war instead of for helping Earth. That’s when our renegade Star-born scientists started interacting. They deliberately began working with the shadow government which wants to keep U.S. citizens under an illusionary blanket of fear.

There should not be any fear. Our Star-born Brothers are not going to destroy this Earth nor allow humans to destroy it. If we continue to believe the fearful rhetoric about what’s out there in the universe, we will destroy ourselves but not the planet because Earth is part of something bigger than any of us can imagine.

Over the years, the Star-born messages have said in various ways to stop being so afraid about why they’re here and to stop listening to the shadow government which strives to keep people constantly in fear of something.

After decades of constant protection from my Star-born Protectors, I absolutely know they’re watching over us and will help us in any way we allow them to do. But if we put up blocks, they can’t help us get through this time of transition on the Earth.

When I was involved with a website with scientists from all around the world, it was clear they knew all this, but U.S. scientists weren’t allowed to discuss it publicly even though scientists in other countries are allowed to do so.

“Star-born Protectors” heal Marine

My husband was a Marine and he always was being sent to Vietnam to train the troops. Because of exposure to Agent Orange, he got a bleeding fungus on his hands and shoulders where the chemical interacted with the metal in his gun.

We worked with the Veterans Administration and the doctors for several years and nothing was healing. So I finally asked for help from my Star-born Protectors. After that, my husband’s condition started clearing up. First the bleeding stopped, then the fungus began receding and finally disappeared completely. To this day, he doesn’t have any trace of it.

Alien implants – good or bad?

I had an apparent alien implant that dislodged one day and moved into the lock of my jaw. It was like a good-sized pea and caused a lot of pain. Knowing what I know, I didn’t want to have surgery in any of our hospitals. Instead, I put my finger on the “pea” and told my Star-born Protectors that if it were theirs to please get it out of the lock of my jaw. If it wasn’t theirs, I requested that they remove it.

The next morning I was at the table and my husband looked over and said, “You’ve got a drop of blood right in front of your ear. What’s going on?” He didn’t know I had asked for help the night before. When I went to the mirror, I saw a line and a drop of blood right at the end of it. The “pea” was gone. The pain was gone.

The shadow government has been interested in me since my childhood -- ever since communication started between me and my Star-born Protectors. According to my Protectors, the shadow government and our renegade scientists were responsible for putting the implant into me as a tracking device. The Star-borns, who are good guys, don’t use such implants. They can tune into us simply by following our energy vibrations.

I should add that some of the grey aliens are robotic humanoid creatures that renegade human scientists have created. The shadow government uses them to generate fear in order to manipulate the masses.

If anyone is abducted or has a fearful experience with aliens, remember you have the right to say “NO.” Tell them to stop and remove themselves from your presence. Call in help from the Creator or the Star-born Protectors. You do not have to have a bad experience.

Star-borns assist with baby’s birth

The doctors and nurses weren’t the only ones in the delivery room. Four Star-born Protectors were there, too. My mom and I both saw them. They were in their energy form – four separate forms. Each one looked like heat rising up from a hot highway.

They communicated telepathically throughout the entire labor assuring me everything was going to be all right and directing me how to breathe. Whenever someone came into the room, they would rise up to the ceiling.

They were with me before that, though. Back at home I had been awakened when a terrible racket hit the roof above my room. That’s when I realized my water had broken, but there was absolutely no pain – not then nor at anytime during the birth.

On the way to the hospital, which was a 30-40 minute drive, there was a protector ship that cruised beside us the whole way. Both my mom and I saw it. She was with me because my husband was in Vietnam.

As soon as the delivery was over, the Star-born Protectors telepathically told me to wake up and get the poison out of me – telling me to throw up. I kept telling the nurse, “I’m going to be sick.” Her response was “Just go back to sleep; you shouldn’t be awake anyway.”

I couldn’t move; I had no control over my body. Then I felt the Star-borns roll me over on my side and then green stuff shot out of my mouth. I was suspicious of what I’d been given especially since my Star-borns were so anxious to get it out of me.

I had a perfectly normal baby but I can’t help but think he is part Star-born. There were times as a child he would ask me “How do I know what I know?” I also remember a night when he was eight-years-old and a light beam came through the roof and into his bedroom. When I asked if he was alright, he said “I think it’s for me.” As a very young man he developed computer technology systems that hadn’t ever been done before.

From Used with permission

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Amazing evidence for life after death

By , Guide

NO ONE KNOWS for certain what happens to those who have died. Many are convinced, however, that they are sometimes in a place where they can still watch over living persons who are most important to them. Strong connections exist among blood relatives and even close friends. And these connections often seem to continue after death. There are countless personal stories from people who believe they have been contacted in some way by a loved one who has passed on. Often it's just a feeling. Sometimes contact is made in a dream. Then every so often this contact is made in much more tangible ways: visions, sounds, smells and even voices.

Here are some remarkable true stories of contact from the dead, making their presence known one last time to settle some unfinished business, deliver a message, give approval or assurance, or to say a final goodbye.

Welcome Back, Grandma

Everyone loves their grandmother, but for me she was the most important person I had ever met. I loved her so much that I found it necessary to be a part of her death. She died in my arms and it was the most important thing I had ever done. This night as I held her and she slipped away, I asked her to come back to me so I know she made it and she was happy. I am a firm believer in the afterlife and knew that if I asked her to come back, somehow she would.

When I arrived home the night she passed away, my telephone kept ringing. That in itself is not unusual; everyone gets phone calls. But do they usually get them on a phone that hasn't been plugged in for weeks? The phone rang at least 12 different times that night. It scared me to death. Worst of all, it scared my husband, who does not scare easily. My husband is a huge skeptic (or at least was).

I inherited my grandmother's mink stole and her mink-lined ball gown. The night of her funeral, I walked into my walk-in closet and noticed the scent of her perfume. I noticed it because she wore Coty's perfume, which you cannot find anymore. My husband, being the skeptic he was, said, "That isn't so weird. Her mink and gown are covered in the perfume." It was so strong that usually you could smell it even when she washed her clothes. I agreed with him and didn't give it a further thought.

Four days later, my husband and I went upstairs to our infant son's room because we heard voices on the baby monitor downstairs. We weren't all that concerned because we were unsure of what it was. We went upstairs and the teddy bear mobile over my son's crib was moving slightly, as if someone had turned it on. As my husband and I stood in the doorway of the room, a slight breeze passed us both with the overwhelming scent of Coty's perfume. My husband looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Hi, grandma. Welcome back." From that point on, we only sense her perfume in our son's room. It is great to have her back! - by Chrissy T.

Grandpa's Final Favor

My mother and I were in my grandfather's room; he had recently died. We had gone through his room earlier looking through papers and things that he had made. It was late at night and my mom and I started talking about Sam, one of her really good friends. We had moved away from my grandparents and my mom had lost Sam's phone number. Sam was always close to my grandfather, and my mother wanted to tell her of his death. We were lying on the bed when I looked up and saw Sam's phone number written in big black numbers above his bed! The ironic thing was that we had looked through the room all day and never came across her number. Was my grandfather doing my mom a favor... or was it just a coincidence? - by Phil

And so it is....

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Woman Sees Blue Lights. Has Missing Time Episode

Sketch & Description of Airborne Lights Sighted by Witness Before Missing Time Episode.
Sketch & Description of Airborne Lights Sighted by Witness Before Missing Time Episode.

Lees Summit is a Suburb About 10 Miles Southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.
Lees Summit is a Suburb About 10 Miles Southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

Date of Sighting: August 30, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10:55 PM to Midnight CDT
Location of Sighting: Lees Summit, Missouri

Description: I got up around 3:00 AM. because my dog was acting really funny. He was growling and smelling the bedroom window. So I thought he needed to use the bathroom. I went outside in my backyard and smoked a cigarette while my dog went into the yard. I was looking up at the sky trying to find the moon and I saw one blue light (big). At first I thought it was an airplane, but then it started moving closer toward my yard and I saw two other blue lights with all three forming the shape of a triangle all moving together toward my yard. I Kept looking to see what it was then got scared and decided maybe I should go back inside so I called my dog and went inside.

Then today (8/30/2010) at 10:55 PM I went to let my dog out again. He was acting strange. I smoked a cigarette looking at the sky and once again there was the big blue light, but a little bit farther to the side of where it was the first time. This time I only saw two blue lights and I was looking at them trying to see what they were.

The next thing I knew I was looking down at the ground had no cigarette in my hand anymore and I got up looked for my dog and he acted like he saw a ghost. He started growling and smelling toward where the light was, but the light was already gone.

I went inside and it was now 12:00 AM. I don't know what happened between the hour I was outside and don't remember. Also a couple months ago my brother (who is staying with me) told me about a weird shaped light outside his window, but nobody believed him. (Now I sure do.)

Ok and just now as I was writing this My TV just turned on nothing, but a blank red page and it sounded like someone was saying something, but in a very strange language. So now I am very freaked out!

Note: This case has all the ingredients of a close encounter and/or abduction: Missing time, excited animals, sighting of airborne object, and electromagnetic effects (TV disturbance). More information has been requested from the witness. Updates will be posted.


Thanks to Bill Puckett at UFOSNW.COM