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By Jorge Martin

Mr. Anibal Perez from Vieques, encountered a strange "child" when he was 14 years old. This was in 1982 while he was enjoying a trip to Media Luna Beach, east of Sun Bay beach, on Vieques. He was with his nephew, who was 13 years old, and his nephew's grandmother. The grandmother was the adult in charge of them. He still wonders about what happened that day.

Perez and his nephew were swimming in the sea and playing on the beach. It was a clear, sunny day. Suddenly, something emerged from the sea, approaching them from a distance. It was a child who was about their own age, 12 to 14 years.

They all were in the water and the "kid" approached them in a friendly demeanor, "trying to befriend them," and would not leave their side.

Perez's nephew asked, "What is he doing following us all the time? Do you know him?"

Perez answered that he did not know the "kid" and asked the boy who he was and what it was he wanted. "But he would not talk," he said, "...he kept emitting weird sounds similar to the ones dolphins make."

That is when the boy swam away to deeper water and submerged, disappearing from sight. He emerged a few minutes later and came near the two boys again. The boys couldn't understand how the "kid" was able to stay under water as long as he did without drowning.

"In the palm of his hand," Perez explained, "the boy had something that looked like sand granules, which he began picking at with his other hand and eating from it... and at the same time making gestures, offering some of the stuff to us. He wanted us to eat some of it."

They refused to eat the material, but were amazed to see the strange boy eating the sand-like substance he had apparently brought up from the bottom.

The two boys were growing tired of the intruder's presence, and kept playing in the water close to the shore. The "kid" kept following them everywhere they went. Annoyed, Perez's nephew threw water at him and the "kid" did the same to him, imitating everything they did.

The "kid" swam back to the deep water and submerged once again. Moments later, he again emerged and approached them. This time he had seaweed in his hand, and was eating some of it. He made gestures for them to eat the seaweed, too, but once again was refused.

"We were amazed," stated XXX. 'He was eating seaweed from the deep, and something that looked like sand. Who was he? He would not talk. He only made some weird screeching sounds. An hour had already gone by since the "kid" first appeared. There was no one else there. Only my nephew's grandmother and she was at a distance, up on the beach. We later told her about the kid, or whatever he was."

"Why do you say 'Whatever he was?'" we asked.

"Well, my nephew kept asking him who he was and what he wanted but he wouldn't answer. He kept making those weird noises. We came out of the water for awhile, and returned later. He clapped his hands, joyful that we returned.

"We kept asking him questions, and he would only stare at us, making gestures... it looked as if he was concentrating, trying to understand what we were saying. After awhile, he began to repeat the things we were saying in Spanish, but his voice had a screechy tone. My nephew was angry because he thought that the "kid" was making fun of us. He spoke some foul words to him, and the "kid" kept on repeating them.

"He looked normal, like any kid. He was white, Caucasian, and about 4 feet 3 inches tall. He was slender and had dark brown eyes and hair. His hair was curled, but not much, and fell down to his neck. He had normal hands with five fingers.

"He had a normal nose and a mouth with fine lips and teeth which we could see whenever he would repeat what we said or laugh when we laughed. His ears looked normal, too. He was only wearing a pair of tight fitting, short, white pants. The pants material seemed normal, like textile."

The only two things that were odd about the "kid" were his ability to stay under water for long periods of time, and the way he talked, making screeching sounds at first, then speaking in broken Spanish with the same screechy voice.

Anibal added, "My nephew pushed him, asking him who he was and what country he came from. He just stared at us for a moment as if thinking of what he was going to say, and then he said 'Sea...Bottom...Country.' He then pointed down to the deep with his finger.

"He then moved away from us, looked at us and said, 'Goodbye...humans.' He made a gesture to us with his right hand and submerged again into the sea. We waited there for awhile, expecting to see him come out again, but he did not resurface. That is when we were really shocked because, even though we were very young at the time, we were surprised by what he said. We understood what he meant by those words.

"Even with his strange behavior, I believed that he was a normal kid, until he said those words, '' To me, he was telling us that he came from the sea. And when he said 'goodbye...humans,' we realized he was not normal at all.

"Look, if there's life and intelligent beings on our planet, there could very well be life on other planets, too. Perhaps, everything we are seeing here around Vieques has to do with the fact that we are not alone in this universe... that other beings are visiting us.

"There are also some legends about underwater cities. Was this child from one of them? To me, this incident remains a mystery."

Thank you Jorge Martin for this incident. It was taken from his book Vieques, Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind. This book is full of CEIII's.

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Taken aboard in 1978
By Douglas Taylor

One night, after a good day surfing in the sparkling clear Caribbean waters of Puerto Rico, I lay down on my bed to go to sleep. Before falling unconscious, I began to feel a very unusual spinning sensation. This was similar to many out of body experiences I have been having for many years during sleep. But this one was unusual as I didn't find myself in a familiar environment. It felt as if my entire body was vibrating in countless cyclic patterns -- a very unusual and stimulating sensation.

As my mind began to clear after this experience, I suddenly became aware of myself standing inside what I assumed was some type of spacecraft. Incredulous with my present situation I received a mental greeting. "Yes, friend you are truly with us. Now allow your mind to relax, and we will be most happy to shed some light on your present predicament..."

My mind was reeling in the most tremendous state of excitement and anticipation I had ever experienced! The surroundings in which I found myself were pulsating with a brilliant luminosity that was literally emanating from everywhere about me. And here, directly in front of me, was a group of seven beings, both male and female, standing around and manipulating what appeared to be some sort of control panel. One particular soul, human in appearance and dressed in a pure white space suit, was looking at me with the most intense, penetrating eyes I had ever seen. He seemed to be able to pierce directly into my mind -- and I knew this was no "human being," in my normal frame of conception.

There was a beautiful glow surrounding all of these beings and I noticed such a warmth and tremendous sense of peace that was in stark contrast to the absolute excitement I felt as I began to truly realize: I was standing inside a starship from some distant planet! Again my lighted host directed his thoughts into my mind, and I calmed down a little. "Please feel comfortable, my friend, as we are your brothers and wish only to make you feel at ease, so that you may gain some benefit from this encounter."

"You are one of many that we are contacting in this way, so as to let our presence be known upon your Earth - to prepare the people for the future plan that is beginning to unfold. I can see that your mind is bursting forth with questions, but please relax and I will attempt to answer your queries." "Your people of planet Earth have yet to realize that intelligent life is teeming, virtually throughout the universe, in advanced civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy description. The countless billions of stars that appear in your astronomers' telescopes are only a fraction of the overall magnitude of Infinite Creation - a Creation that had no beginning nor will there ever be an ending, as all worlds, stars, and even galaxies function in the orderly pattern of cyclic regeneration."

"We come from a planet outside your solar system, the name of which would mean nothing to you. As you can see, our craft is formed from a crystalline material that seems to sparkle and glow, emanating a soft but brilliant, phosphorescent-like illumination. This material is actually similar to your diamond, only in a highly refined form with certain electromagnetic properties that your most advanced scientists are unaware of. In the central portion of our cylindrical craft, you will notice a tube like configuration that runs vertically through the entire diameter of our starship."

"In this tube, you see a brilliant, pulsating, golden substance that is fluctuating iridescently in the various colors of the prismatic spectrum; this is the heart of our propulsion system. Through a process that would be difficult for you to understand, a sort of generating device begins an oscillation with this brilliant substance. It is actually a light plasma that polarizes our craft in a positive to negative phase reversal pattern; in other words, the electromagnetic properties of this plasma regenerate into an intense, high frequency condition. This begins a chain reaction in which the entire atomic structure of the craft is now vibrating in harmonic resonance with this initial chain reaction. Our starship is no longer subject to the physical laws of gravity and inertia, as we have passed beyond that particular frequency spectrum."

"In a way you could say that our ship is propelled by light radiation, although it is a much higher frequency than the visible light spectrum. So we travel on the electromagnetic radiation bands that crisscross throughout the cosmos, and only when we get to our particular destination or planet do we again change our craft back to its more gross, atomic form. Then, through a simple magnetic process of attraction and repulsion, do we land or depart from any particular point."

I have a case of a boy coming out of the ocean and trying to talk to some people on the beach. He then dived back into the ocean and never came up. They asked him where he lived and he pointed "down there". I will find it and put it on the blog.

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Based on the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Novum Testamentum Graece (Nestle and Aland), and the Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott), among other sources.

Season’s Greetings to one and all!

Many years ago, while briefly in training for the Episcopal ministry at Yale Divinity School, I studied and began translating passages from the New Testament in their original ancient Greek. Combined with my lifelong interests in UFOlogy, the mysterious origins of our species, and spiritual contact with other realms, I eventually focused my efforts on re-discovering the true nature of the birth of the one we know as Jesus of Nazareth, together with his subsequent mission to humanity. What follows is a brief synopsis of my findings.

Since parting ways with the Church (much to their relief, no doubt), I’ve undergone my own fair share of contact experiences. Perhaps these are visits from my own personal magi? Such encounters may extend back into my childhood years, but I’ve yet to explore that possibility. I’ve begun sharing my experiences and thoughts (including the passage you’re about to read) on an ever-expanding HubPages blog here: Please feel free to leave comments or contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, I wish you all peace, joy, love and understanding in the true spirit of this holy season.

©Matthew Thuney 1994, 2002, 2010

This presentation is based upon the translation of nativity narratives and certain Gospel passages relating to Jesus’ nature and mission. These translations are taken from the ancient Greek, directly from the original writings of the first century of the Christina Era (CE).
First, a caveat concerning translations. Common translations as they have been handed down to us (for example, the King James, New International, and Revised Standard versions of the Bible) contain countless inaccuracies due to the additions and accretions resulting from custom and usage over time. The original intent of the actual writers may have been forgotten or ignored in favor of more easily understandable or comfortable interpretations for cultural, religious, and sociopolitical reasons.

The Gospel of Matthew is considered one of the more “historic” Gospels, in that its narrator kept closely to the facts of Jesus’ life, insofar as they are known. Matthew is also referred to as the “Jewish Gospel,” because the author went to great lengths to show that Jesus was indeed the messiah promised in the Old Testament and the Books of the Prophets.
We begin with Matthew 1:16, “Mary was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit.” The Greek word, pneuma, translated as “spirit,” actually had several meanings in the first century CE, including “wind, breath, breath of life.” Likewise, agion, rendered in the Bible as “holy,” may more closely be translated as “pure.” Thus, it would seem that the writer of Matthew intended to imply that Mary literally had life breathed into her. This concept of breath as a spiritual force is strikingly similar to many East Indian philosophies of the time – a similarity later reflected in Jesus’ teachings.
In Matthew 2:1 we learn that “Wise men from the East came to Jerusalem.” These magoi were probably dream interpreters, enchanters or wizards from the area of Persia. In fact, the phrase magoi apo anatolon is best translated as “wizards from the place where the sun rises.” It may be unsettling to modern-day “Christians” to learn that their Lord was not greeted into this world simply by amorphous “wise men,” but by actual wizards, learned in the ways of magic and divination.
Why did the wizards make their journey to Jesus’ birthplace? According to Matthew 2:2, “For we have seen his star in the East and have come to worship him.” This translation of the Greek word astera as “star” is a particularly egregious error. For astera in this time and context meant basically a “flame, light or fire.” The concept of a star as we know it, as a distant physical body of glowing gas was foreign to this era. What did the magi mean? Simply a very bright, and unexpected, light in the sky.
After meeting with King Herod, the wizards continue on with their search in Matthew 2:9: “The star they had seen in the East went before them, till it came to rest (elteon estatne) over the place where the child was.” The Greek term here means “came and stood.” This is an odd “star,” indeed! It comes and goes across the sky, then arrives at a standstill directly over a given location. Indeed, this is no ordinary “star” at all, but a highly mobile and maneuverable bright object in the sky.
Meanwhile, an “angel of the Lord” appears to Joseph in a “dream.” Since the idea of the robe-clad, haloed, winged angel is a much later Christianized development, what is meant by the phrase angellos kyriou? Most likely, this refers to a “messenger from above.” We cannot know what appearance this messenger might have taken, only that the Greek term angellos refers specifically to a messenger who was sent from one place to another. In this case, from above to below. And onar is not merely a dream, but specifically a dream vision. Does this all sound somewhat reminiscent of your basic nighttime visitation or close encounter?
Finally, in Matthew 18:3-4, reference is made to the “Kingdom of Heaven.” This is a blatant attempt to Christianize a decidedly pagan reference. The phrase Basileian ton ouranon refers to what was thought to be an actual place in the skies where the gods dwelled, and from where messengers were sent to earth.

The Gospel according to John contains no birth narrative. This is not a “historical” Gospel, since the author of John was more interested in conveying a deep inner meaning than relating facts or complying with Jewish tradition. John is often called the “Gnostic Gospel” because it is thought to contain hidden knowledge (gnosis) which can set the faithful free and give them insight into true spirituality.
In John 3:2, Jesus is called “the Word” (logos). This can mean either that which is said or spoken, or the inward thought itself which precedes the spoken word. Hence, to say that Jesus was the Word and the Word was God is to say that Jesus is both an expression of the Divine (remember the Matthew birth narrative?) and the Divine Itself.
John 3:31 contains the enigmatic “He who comes from above is above all.” “Above” here (anothen) refers not to some mystical heavenly realm, but to a specific place and/or time; as in “right up there” and/or “from the beginning.”
Jesus then says (John 4:34), “My food is to do the will of him who sent me.” The Greek verb here is pempo, “to send forth,” as one might utter a word. Jesus seems to be implying that he was sent forth, or somehow expressed, from one place to another.
Further, in John 5:30, Jesus claims, “I seek not my own will but the will of Him who sent me.” Curiously translated as “will,” thelema is closely associated with terms denoting “charm” or “spell”. It is as though Jesus had been somehow magically created and expressed from another world to our world.
And again, in John 6:38, Jesus reiterates, “For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will, the will of Him who sent me.” This is a crucial passage. Here, katabaino literally means “to come down,” as in dismounting from a chariot or descending a ladder. Jesus wants to make it very clear that he came down from somewhere to represent the Word and to be the Word. What is this Word? Perhaps the incarnation of some sort of spell or enchantment?
Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus mentions two separate and distinct beings: One is the Lord (kyrios). This apparently refers to the Lord of the skies, a kind of kingly entity. In more intimate situations, Jesus also talks about a more familiar being, pater), which is translated as Father. However, pater is truly a familiar term, more like “dad.” Essentially, Jesus seems to be saying that his Dad sent him from up above to down here as an expression of – and to bear witness to – the Lord.

So, what may we conclude from these interpretations of the Gospels?
Something pure – a wind or breath of life? – came from outside of Mary and caused her to be with child.
A bright light appeared in the sky and preceded the three wizards to Jerusalem. There, the light stopped and waited while the wizards visited with King Herod. Then, the light resumed its course, leading the wizards to Bethlehem, where the light stopped and stood over Jesus’ birthplace. This light was no star, but obviously an intelligently guided, highly mobile object.
A messenger from the skies came down and paid a visit to Joseph.
Jesus’ Dad came from above, meaning the skies or heavens.
Jesus presented himself as “one sent” from the skies or heavens to the earth. Jesus “came down” to earth.
Jesus’ Dad sent him here to be and to bear witness to the Lord.
A divine contact or “inspiration” resulting in pregnancy . . . an ongoing UFO sighting . . . wizards with strange powers . . . a close encounter with a messenger from beyond . . . an envoy bearing witness to realms beyond our own.
What may we conclude?
Clearly, Jesus was not from here. Therefore, in the strictest sense, Jesus was an alien being.
Perhaps Jesus was some sort of emissary from “out there,” sent to show us that God is not only what is “out there” and “down here,” but the very divine inspiration, the breath of life, the Word that unites both.
Perhaps his Dad sent Jesus to show us how things are “up there.” And to suggest that we might live that way “down here.”
Perhaps, instead of killing Jesus and turning him from teacher into sacrificial lamb, we should have listened to the message and gotten to know the messenger.

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On May 10, 1978, Jan Wolski, a 71-year old farmer, was passing through a forest near Emilcin, in eastern Poland in his horse drawn cart when he noticed two individuals ahead, walking in the same direction, but with "supple jumps" like divers on the sea bed. When one of them approached a muddy patch, his feet seemed to slide across the mud. When Wolski caught up with the strangers, they walked alongside the horse and cart for a while then jumped onboard and sat down gently, one at each side, gesturing to Wolski to carry on.

Wolski drove on while the strangers exchanged some words in an unknown language. Shortly, as the cart approached a clearing in the forest, a strange, almost "transparent white" object could be seen, hanging in the air about 70 meters away, emitting a faint humming sound. Wolski described the object similar to a short bus, but with a roof like a barn, it was about 5 meters in length, three meters in width, and about 2.5 meters in height. It shone, as if nickel-plated. No windows were seen. At its four corners, and half-way up it had on the outside, barrels with black vertical rods running through them and carrying what looked like spirals rather reminiscent of corkscrews. These black rods were rotating very fast. The "corkscrews" emitted a range of colors, and the barrels seemed to have been the source of the humming. When closer to the object, Wolski said the sound was like that of bumblebees in flight. The craft's surface was smooth, stainless, and seamless. At a height of some 50 cm from the ground was suspended a lift held by four thin cables attached above the entrance to the craft, which had descended as the trio approached. Stepping on to the platform one of the entities invited Wolski aboard, gesturing to him that he should grasp the cables. After rising rapidly the lift stopped in front of an opening and Wolski was motioned inside. Inside, Wolski stepped into a chamber with walls that were almost black and saw two more beings identical with the first two.

The chamber was rectangular. There was no internal lighting other than the daylight from the open door. The walls, floor, and ceiling were a grayish black the same color as the overalls of the occupants. The floor was shining, as though polished. The walls were smooth and hard to the touch, and made of a material resembling glass. Against the four walls there were seats, each fastened by two black cables. No apparatus was seen inside the contraption, with the exception of two black tubes that ran from one gable wall to the other and two holes, about 30 cm apart, into each of which one of the entities inserted alternately a smallish black rod. From floor to ceiling, the height was about 1.8 meters. On the floor of this cabin were about ten crows or rooks, which seemed to be paralyzed, though they could move their heads and eyes. The four identical beings, of indeterminate sex, were about 1.4 to 1.5 meters tall and had delicate, slim figures. They were dressed in tight-fitting, flexible one-piece suits of a grayish black rubber like material, covering the entire body except the faces and hands. No pockets, belt, or fasteners were seen. Their legs seemed thicker than those of normal men, and from the way these curved when the beings sat in the cart with their legs hanging down, they looked like prehensile limbs. A hump was visible on the shoulders, as though something was contained under the suits. The slim, greenish colored hands had five fingers, between which were fine membranes, except for the gap between thumb and forefinger.

Their heads were relatively large, with faces of an olive green or greenish brown hue, having high cheekbones that gave them an Asiatic appearance. The eyes, almond shaped, very long, were dark, and appeared to lack any whites. In the place of the nose, there was only a slight protuberance with two small vertical openings. The mouth was straight and thin. Their teeth were white. No hair was visible on the face.

When the beings smiled, the mouth twisted to one side with the effect of a grimace. Their speech was rapid and delicate. They had a polite, gentle demeanor and Wolski felt no fear in their presence. The beings indicated to Wolski that he should take off his clothes, and one of them helped him undo his shirt buttons. Facing him less than two meters away, one of the beings held in each hand a gray disc shaped object that seemed to be attached to the hand by something like a suction pad. The discs were vibrating and emitting a dull humming sound. Wolski was positioned with one side facing towards the entity holding the discs, then with his back towards him, and finally with the other side. Wolski's arms were raised alternately by the entities, whose fingers were very cold. During the process he smelled an odor similar to that of burning sulfur; a smell that lingered in his clothing for days afterwards. When ready he was shown the way out, bowed, and said goodbye. The beings bowed likewise, smiling. The same lift took him down almost to ground level, so that he was obliged to jump down a short way. Reaching his horse and cart, Wolski turned around to look at the contraption. Two or three of the beings were watching him from the entrance. He did not see them depart.


by Henryk Pomorski & Krystyna Adamczyk

HP: ... Opole Lubelskie Commune. We talk to Mr. Jan Wolski, age...

JW: 71 [seventy one]

HP: Who has for us lots of interesting things to say… You met some extraterrestrial people. Can you say us how did it happen?

JW: I cannot directly state for sure that they were extraterrestrials because they were similar to us thought tiny, delicate, of small height - about 150 cm. [5 f.]

HP: How did it happened that you met them?

JW: Well… I was driving from Komaszyce, from that side. In fact I was returning from Dabrowa village but the encounter with them occurred on this side of Komaszyce, on a field belonging to me.

HP: When did you see them for the first time?

JW: I noticed them as two people heading toward my cart... Those people [the beings] hadn't noticed me before. When they saw me they began looking at me and then they gradually began slowing down their walk more and more. When I drove closer to them, they divided on both sides (one went in one direction and the second one on the opposite one) and I drove in between them while they in the meantime jumped onto the moving cart.

HP: They sat next to you, didn’t they?

JW: Yes… However, not directly next to me but behind me (the second one also) while I was sitting in the center. Their legs were hanging down.

[Mr. Wolski neither didn’t scorn them nor escaped since similar mode of traveling was some kind of tradition and it would be a discourtesy to drive them off and. Moreover, he didn’t know then who they were in fact.]

HP: Can you describe their outer appearance?

JW: They looked in this way: black outfits covering their foreheads and from here to here and o chin, and here they were green.

HP: What about their faces?

JW: They had green faces and palms as well, from here. It was in this way.

HP: In which language they spoke? Did they say anything to you?

JW: They spoke in some language (huh) but I’m amazed that they could understand each other since they spoke like that “…a petete petete te…”. Their words were short and fast and I don’t know how they can understand one another.

[The beings were communicating with Mr. Wolski by gestures, both while they were with him on the ground and onboard their aerial craft. It is contrary to many reports about UFO passengers reports where witnesses said about some type of mental communication.]

HP: What about the further journey? What happened next?

JW: They were driving ahead for some time and then ordered me to stop – they didn’t spoke in words but expressed it with hands to stop. So I understood it and began urging the horse to stop but he [one of the beings] caught the reins and pulled back urging the horse to stop (It was afraid of the craft.). And when it stopped they got off the cart – in the same way as they previously got on and they gave me a sign with hands to go with them. I tied my horse, then got off and went after them toward that machine. There was a tiny elevator of some kind for two people to hold – maybe it couldn’t carry two large people but surely could delicate ones… And then he went forth and set his foot onto this craft, I followed him and it soon lifted up rapidly – in front of that craft door. And the whole craft could be about 4 m. above the ground, maybe 4.5 m. [ca: 13 – 15 f.]

HP: The craft was hovering in the air, wasn’t it? Please, describe the way it moved and how looked like?

JW: It was a purely white craft – from outside.

HP: And what about it’s size and shape?

JW: It could be 4.5 maybe to 5 m. [14 – 15 f.] in height and it was as long as a bus, so it looked in that way. I haven’t seen any… [unclear but the craft was void of any outer features as lights, joints etc.]

[Jan Wolski on other occasion mentioned that there were 4 “barrels” on the craft corners with “drills” (as Wolski said). Those black drill-like objects seemed to be made of black material and were rotating around its axis with great speed although without creating any disturbances in the air. They generate the hum Wolski mentioned.]

HP: And it was hovering in the air, wasn’t it? When you stand on the platform along with him the tiny elevator brought you swiftly to the interior of the craft…?

JW: No, no, no… (It carried us to place) by the craft entrance… [Not inside.] The elevator was on the same height as the entrance to the craft… Not from the bottom but by side.

HP: You found himself inside… What could you see there?

JW: Inside I could see only several crows – those our black birds…

HP: Black ones, as our ravens or rooks…

JW: So they were lying under the wall, not that one with the entrance but on the opposite side. To my opinion they seemed to be paralyzed – they were moving with their wings, legs and heads but weren’t moving around.

HP: Ok... You have encountered two beings [on the ground]. Were there any other inside?

JW: Inside of the craft there were also two ones. When we got onboard, there were another two inside.

HP: Were there any other appliances onboard? Maybe some gauges or some other things for sleeping or sitting…

JW: There were only some benches onboard… From 8 to 10 - I couldn’t remember. Benches of some kind for one man to sit.

HP: What then happened with you?

JW: They ordered me to dress down…

HP: By gesticulation?

JW: Yes, they showed me to dress down. When I was half-naked, to my waist – and maybe not fully because when I was undressing I removed my jacket, then a blouse with 4 buttons… And when I began to undo two upper ones, the being that was on the elevator with me undid the two ones from the bottom. When I was undressing the fourth being appeared – that one who remained on the ground. […] Well, when I was partially undressed (to my waist) and stood in place I received an order to undress completely. So I took off my shoes. One of the present beings then appeared in front of me with an appliance in a form of two dishes combined in its hand. He neared “the saucers” to my front, then revolved me holding my arm slightly. Then he raised my arm up and began to doing something at my side with those plates… then from behind and on the other side. Then he showed me to dress up. After this order I began to dress up and look around but there were neither windows nor lights visible.

HP: Maybe they had some food products with them?

JW: I couldn’t see anything. [Break]. (They have something that might be food) in form of icicles. They were crumbling it into small chips and insert them into their mouth. He pointed with his finger on the thing in an icicle shape and ask me – not by words but gesticulating – could I eat it.

HP: They wanted to treat you with it…

JW: Yes, they wanted to treat me with it. But it was somewhat strange for me and I showed with my head move that I wouldn’t eat that thing.

HP: They ordered you to dress up after scanning you… What was the color inside of the craft: white, green, black… ?

JW: It seemed black inside. It was in the same color as their outfits – black although with some grayish tint.

HP: Can you describe the outer appearance of the craft?

JW: It was transparently white, as polished aluminum.

HP: You have said that the beings wore black outfits and had greenish faces. What with their eyes and other face features?

JW: They had slightly slanted eyes… They cheekbones were protruding. Once I saw Chinese men and they [the beings] slightly reminded them. But Chinese seemed to more massive and taller… Then he showed me to dress up so I did it and I was about to went off the craft as the being said. When I was about to do it, I turned back and took my cap off saying to them: “Goodbye”. All of them took a bow. Then I took a step ahead and found myself on the ground. And that’s all.

[Jan Wolski also used to term the beings as “monsters”.]

HP: What about the altitude the craft was hovering?

JW: Approximately 5 m. [16 f.], maybe 4 or 4.5 m. I’m not sure. It was hard to establish it then…

HP: You then rushed to home and told your family members and neighbors to go there to inspect it…

JW: Yes, it’s true. When I arrived home I quickly entered inside but my son’s weren’t there, only my wife… I asked her: “Where are the boys?”. She replied that they are somewhere outside. I quickly ran off the house. My wife asked: “What happened?” I replied: “Nothing”. “Maybe something is wrong with the mare?” – she asked. Then I ran outside and saw my sons coming from the barn side. I called them saying: “Go quickly on the field and you will see some craft in the air”. I even described it as a “car” in the air, something out of ordinary. So they ran to alarm one and another neighbor and then together rushed toward the field. My third son appeared afterwards and I said to him: “You also should go and see it”. After a while I joined to them because of curiosity. But when I arrived at the spot along with my sons there were nothing in the air – only grass trodden down covered with dew and paths coming in all directions… When I saw that it disappeared I turned back and returned home. The rest remained at the site checking the footprints etc. Soon two other men joined them. They were inspecting the prints, saw some foot…

[As it turned out, the area was full of strange footprints. There were also clues indicating that soil samples might be taken. The footprints were nearly rectangular in shape although soon they were trodden down by local inhabitants and law enforcement officers.]

HP: Were those prints left by people of the craft visible?

JW: Yes, they were. Boys checked them out and one of them compared the footprint of the being to his feet… I don’t know whether it was smaller or bigger (than his feet).

HP: Because of this very interesting event you surely have many visitors that want to get to know about the case. I’ve heard that you had been visited by our scientist, Mr. Blania from Lodz, an ufologist. What is his opinion in this matter?

JW: He thinks, after all of my descriptions and all of the incident, after answers to questions about the craft whirring, hum…

HP: But the craft wasn’t whirring as a car engine for example?

JW: No, but it was a rumble of some kind. Something like: “…zzzzz…”. I answered him [Mr. Blania] and I don’t know who said them that some kid from the village also could hear some noise, a loud hum. So they went to Popiolek family, since he was a son of Popiolek. He [boy Adam Popiolek] said to Mr. Blania that he saw some craft in the air, some balloon (he explained) or car – according to his descriptions. He ran into the house and yelled to his mother: “Mummy, come here because it could destroy our house because there is a craft in the air”. The woman went outside but returned after a while to his cooking duties and she hasn’t seen the craft.

HP: What is the boy’s name?

JW: Popiolek.

[Adam was about 5-year-old in time of incident. After some time it turned out that many other inhabitants of Emilcin witnessed the sighting of UFO object but they didn’t want to talk about it. Many also remembered hearing loud bagns.]

HP: He’s is from here? He lives in Emilcin?

JW: Yes.

HP: The craft inside was dark or enlightened? There were no windows in its hull?

JW: No, there were no windows. The light was coming inside only by the door of the craft since it was in the daylight.

HP: What about the door?

JW: The door weren’t closing as ours but were rolling as some piece of cloth, in that way.

Krystyna Adamczyk: Is any other face features of the being were visible, as brows, teeth?

JW: There were no brows visible… I don’t know what they had in fact – some make up or masks. They only got slanted eyes. I could see some white in their eye corners. And their teeth were also white in color… That’s all about them.

KA: Have you witnessed the craft disappearance while your retreat from that place?

JW: I haven’t seen anything. I could only observe the craft only in a distance of 15 m. because it then hid behind some bushes. I was in hurry to reach home and inform my sons about the incident… That’s all about it…

KA: Can you describe the process when you was treated with the icicle-form food? Were there any sounds when they began to crush it into smaller pieces?

JW: There were no crushing sounds. This food was crushing as hardened dough, without any sounds.

KA: Was it a terrifying experience or something of utmost importance for you?

JW: Just a bit [terrifying], but I’m not very timorous man at all… so I wasn’t very scared.

KA: Who they were according to your opinion? Who those people are? Are they of terrestrial or of extraterrestrial origin?

JW: I can’t say anything about it and I’m not orientated in similar matters since I’m not a scientist of some kind but a simple farmer. Therefore, I don’t know. I noticed that they were small, of the same height and all of them rather snappy in nature. But I don’t know anything about their origin.

KA: You have mentioned that they were in some costumes and have greenish faces. Were there any other specific details making they different from us?

JW: I noticed then one thing, i.e. around the each one finger there was a thin and tiny fin [he means webbed hands ]. But I don’t know the number of their fingers since I didn’t count, just saw them. And on their upper necks, in place where hair began, they have something resembling lumps. It was round and protruding but I don’t know about it’s nature – whether it was a anatomical part of them or they had something hidden them.

KA: Did you notice any brews or hair covering their bodies?

JW: I didn’t notice any hair since their whole body was covered with the suit that also obscured part of their foreheads. But they had no brows I think… They were completely dressed in it – the same one-pieced suit covered their legs and heads. They had no shoes.

KA: Can you say us finally when the incident took place?

JW: It was on 10th day of May, before 8 a.m., because when I returned and my wife looked at the clock it was about 7:50 a.m.

KA: The day it occurred was…

JW: 10th May [wondering]… It was in Wednesday…

HP: We recorded this conversation with Mr. Jan Wolski from Emilcin on July the 6th 1978. With Mr. Wolski talked: Henryk Pomorski and Krystyna Adamczyk. Thank you Mr. Wolski and see you soon!

JW: You welcome!

HP: Goodbye!

JW: Goodbye!


Additional Information:

For Wolski himself, his growing popularity became a serious problem:

“Do you know what people then talked about me? They called me an alcoholic or said that it was a mere dream! The worst although were the trips that began coming here. Sometimes there were up to 14 coaches with tourist at once. They harassed me and didn’t let to work. And trampled my meadow…”

The whole event was thoroughly researched by the then famous ufologist, Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar, who passed away in 2003. He and his team of researchers, many and from different professional areas (psychiatrist, psychologist, biologist, hypnotist, physician, physicist etc.) – possibly conducted one of the best-documented researches regarding the matter.

Wolski gave an interview to Henryk Pomorski & Krystyna Adamczyk in 1978, two months after his experience. Scientists and sociologists from University of Lodz made careful consideration and study of Jan's story, and determined that he truly experienced what he said he did. Wolski died in 1990, fully asserting the veracity of his bizarre experience to the end.


Another witness seems to have seen the same (or identical) craft, although the place and time were different. Henryk Marciniak saw an object in a small town called Golina (mid-western Poland) on 27th September 1978.

In the afternoon of that day he went to collect mushrooms on a clearing. Suddenly he saw an unusual craft. With some delay, he eventually took his motorcycle and rode towards the strange object. In a matter of instants he saw an open doorway (which was not there before) and two beings stood on both sides of Marciniak, and he extended his hand in a welcome gesture. The aliens got interested in Marciniak’s motorcycle and by using gestures asked him to take a ride. Meanwhile a buzzing sound came from inside the craft, and the beings slowly come back to the object which then goes up and disappears.

It’s not the end of the Emilcin events.

- Wolski was not the only person in Emilcin to see the strange craft and beings; two boys, Adam and Agnieszka Popiowek also saw them.

- The owner of a farm in Emilcin, some 200 metres away from the clearing heard an unusual noise!

- Two men, driving from Warsaw to Opole Lubelskie, saw a strange object in the sky

- Tadeusz Baranowski, an artist who made sketches during research in Emilcin, has found feathers of black birds – strangely cut!


Comic strip version of the events


The depth of the investigation undertaken by sociologist Dr. Blania Bolnar and Dr. Ryszard Kitlinsky, a psychologist from the University of Lodz, is truly admirable. Some of the tests administered to Wolski included a theme apperception test, an IQ test in the Wechsler’s scale for adults, a psychogalvanometric measurement of psychic tension (polygraph), as well as opthalmological and clinical tests. A full physical check-up was also included, revealing that Wolski was in excellent health despite his age and that he had “an exceptional good quality of the sight, rarely encountered in that corresponding age group.”

Bolnar’s report in Prof. Zigel’s book, “Psychological and sociological evaluation of Jan Wolski”, includes sections on “Motifs from a viewpoint of a lie hypothesis” (none according to the report), his Emotions, Memory, Mental development, Susceptibility to suggestion, Fantasy ability, Inclination to lie, the Witness as a member of a social group, the Witness and the mass-media, Leisure, Interests, Vices, Religion, and finally an “Evaluation of the witness from the point of view of results of his experience.” The scientists found that Wolski was a remarkably credible witness. For instance, wrote Bolnar, “results of the thematic perception test fully indicates that the witness has no ability whatsoever to invent stories of any kind. His mental creativity is not apparent. He is unable to tell a fictitious tale, even a simple one.” Likewise, extensive questioning and background checks revealed that “the witness is an honest, truthful, decent person, and this was confirmed in cross-examinations.” He was highly regarded within his community and was not known to drink alcohol, smoke or exhibit any other social vice.

Above all, it is Wolski’s own practical, down-to-earth personality that is most convincing. The witness showed a general “low inclination to fear” and “has not recognized the situation in which he found himself as threatening.” As to the behavior of the beings, “the subject has emphasized at several occasions that they were polite and treated him with courtesy and consideration.” Drs. Kitlinsky and Bolnar finally examined and rated several hypothesis including a hoax, a hallucination or dream, a religious apparition, a suggestion or coercion by a third party, the landing of a helicopter or experimental craft, etc. All these hypotheses were rated extremely low by the scientists (usually within 1 or 2%). The exception was what they called the “Summary hypothesis: the event with the witness was an objective reality. At the crucial moment, he noticed and stated his experience in accordance with reality, has described a behavior of beings, the arrangement and behavior of the craft, development of events, etc.” This hypothesis was rated 90% by Kitlinsky and 98% by Bolnar. Their final “Concluding hypothesis” was that “this case indicates the existence of a phenomenon unknown to science.”

This monument was built in the area of the sighting to memorialize Wolski's experience


Our friends in Poland have sent this case. They also sent it to Phantoms and Monsters blog. I used theirs because there was more to it so "thank you" Lon!

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Ugh! 10 Historically Bad Christmases

toptenz - Most people think of Christmas as a joyous day. Whether as a time for celebrating the birth of their savior or as an excuse to get together with loved ones for good food and drink, Christmas is generally a day to look forward to.

But not everyone’s Christmas turns out so well. Before you complain about the uncle who always gets drunk or your slutty cousin, consider these Christmases and how bad they were.

Christmas 1261: Blinded by Power

Poor John IV Lascaris, things started out well enough for him, as he was born on Dec. 25, 1250, and inherited the throne of emperor of Nicaea at the age of seven, when his father died. Unfortunately, in a plot that could be described, well, as Byzantine (get it? Nicaea was formed from fragments of the disintegrated Byzantine Empire), aristocrat Michael Palaiologos finagled his way into the court and managed to declare himself co-emperor. Michael VIII was actually John’s second cousin 12 times removed or something. After Michael conquered Constantinople, though, he left John behind and then ordered him blinded on his 11th birthday. That would be Dec. 25, 1261. Being blind was a deal-breaker for being an emperor and so was deposed. Fortunately, people didn’t really like this, Michael VIII was excommunicated and John became a monk named Joasaph, Michael’s son later sought his forgiveness and he eventually was recognized as a saint. Things turned out OK and all, but that birthday/Christmas in 1261 was pretty crappy.

Christmas 1621: No Games Allowed

Gov. William Bradford, leader of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, forbade game playing on Christmas Day in this year. Imagine if the Governator in California did that this year? There’d be a riot! But back in in the day, people actually did what their governors told them and feared not obeying. And Christmas, at this time, was a very holy day. And Bradford still hoped, at this point, for Plymouth Colony to be that Shining City on the Hill, a beacon of religious freedom – emphasis on the “religious.” One might imagine that Christmas in Plymouth Colony, if you were a young one, was not so enjoyable and festive. No games for you!

Christmas 1776: A Christmas Surprise

Christmas Day this year was a turning point in the American Revolution and is remembered quite fondly by many in the U.S. who’ve studied their history. However, for the Hessian soldiers defeated at the Battle of Trenton, that was one lousy Christmas. On Christmas, you see, no one expected a surprise attack. OK, you might argue that no one ever expects a surprise attack, but when you’re at war, you generally don’t let down your guard. On Christmas, though, it was expected that everyone would take the day off from fighting and that you could let your guard down, if only for a moment. Bad idea. American Gen. George Washington was counting on that and crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania, surprising the Hessians (who were German soldiers of fortune, hired by the Brits to battle the upstart Colonials) and capturing almost 900 of the 1,500 men.

Christmas 1914: Lost at Sea

The S.S. Therese Heymann set sail from the Tyne in Britain on Christmas Day, with a cargo of coal. It was never seen again. Though it wasn’t officially classified as “missing” until the following March, it was never heard from again shortly after setting sail. It was suspected she was one of several ships sunk by mines in the area at the time. No one ever found the wreckage or any bodies from her crew. No word if Santa hijacked the ship because he had an extra lot of naughty names on his list.

Christmas 1941: Deadly Christmas

The Battle of Hong Kong ended on Christmas Day, resulting in the surrender of the British-Canadian garrison at Hong Kong – the Royal Rifles of Canada (a regiment from Quebec) and the Winnipeg Grenadiers. Of the two regiments, 290 were killed and 493 wounded, and the survivors all got to spend the rest of the war in Japanese POW Camps. I’m thinking the soldiers felt rather like the Hessians did back in 1776.

Christmas 1953: A Volcanic Eruption

Not all bad Christmases had man to blame. In 1953, activity of the Ruapehu volcano caused the worst rail disaster in New Zealand’s history, with 151 people killed. A barrier of volcanic debris and ice collapsed, sending boulders, sand and other debris into the Whangaehu River, along with 1.6 million cubic meters of water from a lake. The subsequent flood lashed the piers of a rail bridge as a Wellington-Auckland passenger train was crossing. The force was too much and the piers buckled, sending the engine and six passenger carriages to plunge off the bridge. The accident happened on the night of Dec. 24, Christmas Eve. For the families of those lost in the disaster, this surely was a horrible Christmas.

Christmas 1974: Tracy Visits and Leave a Mess

Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin, Australia on Christmas Eve and Day. Almost the whole city was destroyed – more than 70 percent of the city’s buildings, including 80 percent of the housing. This left more than 20,000 people homeless; 71 people died. Damage was in the hundreds of millions of (Australian) dollars. People didn’t have much of a chance to mourn the loss of their Christmas gifts; they were too busy mourning the loss of the family, friends, homes and livelihoods. One might imagine the memory of this cyclone cast a pall on quite a few subsequent Christmases.

Christmas 1989: A Firing Squad for Christmas

After 15 years as president of Romania, Nicolai Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, were executed at the end of a televised “trial.” The two-hour trial followed a military coup, but it is apparent that he was either in complete denial of the dire situation his nation faced or he didn’t care. Romanians stood in bread lines for food and Ceausescu would show up on TV talking about the high standard of living his citizens had achieved. People who believed their leader simply was unaware would send and hand him written appeals, but it became dangerous to do so, as those people soon found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Though he technically was kicked out of office through a military coup, that was merely the capper to days worth of rebellions that had spread throughout the entire nation like wildfire – through word of mouth. The members of the firing squad were so eager to do their jobs, they didn’t even wait for the couple to be tied up and blindfolded before they began shooting. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Romanian today who mourns the loss of the Ceausescus.

Christmas 1990: The Third Time Was Not a Charm

Christmas Day was becoming, at this point, the biggest movie day of the year. Studios saved blockbuster releases for premieres on Christmas Day each year and many looked forward to seeing what just might be the best movie of the year six days before said year came to a close. And what movie could be expected to be more of a blockbuster than “Godfather III”? The final movie in the brilliant saga, still starring Al Pacino and with a young Andy Garcia in what promised to be a breakthrough performance. Then people saw the film. It consistently crops up on “worst movies in the history of mankind” lists. It’s a good bet that the three hour crap-fest ruined more than one person’s Christmas Day.



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One of my favorite UFO cases. It took place in the Outback of Australia in June 1977.


At about 11 PM on June 22 last year, gold prospector Albert Smith noticed three lights in the sky. Silently and slowly they moved down toward him and then nestled in a clump of trees near his camp. He saw figures emerge amid dazzling lights.

Thus began the most incredible two days in the life of 45 year old Albert.... the two days in which he claims he was visited by people from another world at his lonely camp on the Bulloo River in far southwest Queensland.

Smith is not Albert's real name. But that's what we said we would call him when he agreed reluctantly to an interview last week.

He claims he spoke to the visitors, watched them play games with what appeared to be lightning balls, saw them disappear and then reappear and stood spellbound as the intergalactic travelers created instantaneous rain.

Last week Albert recalled his meeting with the 35 men and women from a place they called Begus.

He said It was in near freezing weather yet the women were wearing summer-type clothing. The men were dressed in what looked like gray businessmen's suits. They all appeared very human but their skin was a blue-grey color. Their craft were about 50 metres high, each with five supporting legs.

The leader said his name was Behnar. When I touched him it felt like I was touching very soft rubber.

When I asked them questions they seemed to know what I was going to say before I said it. And I think they only permitted me to ask what they wanted me to. I'm sure they had control of my mind for those two days.

I think their powers were almost limitless."

Albert said the aliens could speak English but only in whispered tones. They appeared to be able to communicate with their hands as well.

Only a few of them stayed near the camp. The rest went down to the river.

One woman told me she was 490 years old. She looked it too; like a mummy from some sort of Egyptian tomb.

At one stage they all started to play a game with hundreds of these balls which seemed to throw out lightning.

These people could leap 60 metres in one jump.

When they left the only thing that remained was a very heavy smell of kerosene. There were no marks or objects left to prove their existence.

Just before they finally disappeared the leader told me he was going to make rain. A short time later it suddenly started to pour. It was eight days before the rain stopped.

I wanted to see their craft taking off but again I think they controlled me.

I was lying in bed and could not get up. It seemed like I had 100 kilograms of lead in my legs.

The June visit was the fourth experience Albert has had with visitors from outer space since he began prospecting in the area five years ago.

In the winter of 1973 he saw a fleet of 16 spacecraft hover over the area and then move away.

In May the following year he approached a cigar-shaped craft hovering above the ground. He saw men in the cockpit and a woman at one of the windows. It sped away in what appeared to be a flash of light. And in June 1976 another brilliantly illuminated craft appeared.

Albert said: "I have not yet approached the authorities about this. A lot of other things happened which I don't want to talk about at this stage. No one will believe me until I get proof and that's what I intend to get as soon as I possibly can.

I will be going back to the area in late February but this time I will have a camera. I have begun to document all these experiences.

I am very scared and frightened about going back but they did not harm me the first time. I hope they won't if they visit me again."

(Editor's Note: If anyone has an update on this particular person, please send it in.)

From Sunday Sun, Brisbane, Australia

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In 1987, in the vicinity of Rzeszów was a very interesting series of events during the next short time UFO objects have also been meeting with the creatures standing on the background of a specific screen floating in the air. Witnesses were Mr. Casimir S. and his relatives. So what happened in the two sub-Carpathian village in the late 80's?
A. Pulp, David G.

Dealing with several years study of the UFO phenomenon, we find sometimes in cases of high strangeness, from the distant observation of NL to the CE. They are characterized by the most "exotic" appearance of the observed object behavior and time of observation, etc. Such observations quite rarely reach research which is somewhat its clarification. If you notice your witness of the object is much more determined to share his observation with researchers, than if you notice a number of different objects and in the long term, in addition, the behavior of these objects is confusing and seems to have no purpose . That such a rare event podkarpacki CBZA branch had the opportunity to get a few years ago.

About the same event, we learned in late February 2003, when we received information about the alleged observation of the object and strange creatures. This information gave us a resident Wiercan Mr. Boguslaw R., a close friend of the State of S., who later turned out to have witnessed a spectacular observation. Back in February we contacted by telephone with the witnesses observation and on 9 March 2003, came to register this event in detail. The initial findings that we received from Mr. Casimir S., and partly from his wife revealed that in late July 1987 in the village Będzienica about 25 km south-east of Ropczyce was a series of observations NL, CE-I, CE- CE-II and III. All events took place over several kilometers in the time interval equal to several hours, from about 21:00 to 05:00 in the morning. During your stay, we conducted a conversation with Mr. Kazimierz, and his wife. The conversation recorded on tape, which cite important passages below. Unfortunately, during the first visit, the weather did not allow us to carry out a full registration, which is why there was a further part of 30 March 2003 year. Witnesses claim that the incident took place at the end of July 1987 stating that it was just before harvest in the village and Nockowa Będzienica. Zdjęcie: Archiwum A.Miazgi

It was almost 21:00. Witnesses, Mrs. Sophia and Mr. Casimir and his daughter Barbara returned home from work by car from a nearby brick factory. It was already dusk and the weather was very good. Witnesses were behind them a few minutes and being on the cusp sandy road Zofia's husband drew attention to the strange light flying very fast across the sky. After a while Mr. Casimir saw a strange phenomenon, which initially was observed in the zenith at a considerable height, which assessed the witnesses for a few miles and was directed towards the north-east (Az = 50 degrees). The former is an object consisting of two red ovals. Zofia says that "each of the balls were the size of the house. " Objects look like so that the first smaller and more round of the objects was in a horizontal position, while the second was a bit more elongated as if "attached at the side" and was in an upright position. Were observed for up to 5 - 6 seconds, then "dropped by the house" at a distance of about 300 meters. Of course, objects have fallen much further on the horizon. House is located only further obscured the flight of objects which, according to witnesses on the horizon was covered. Since the object is not reached no sound and no light dazzled their eyes. They were both very surprised that after a temporary observation and went on his way home. Drove to the farm after a few minutes and after a few steps went to the house. In the meantime, the court had become quite dark.

After a few moments all the nearby region has been "flooded"bright white light. Mr Kazimierz even says that the brightness was so great that you could easily see the needle on the floor. At this time in the house were also two daughters S., and mother Mrs. Sophia, which also saw a strange brightness. Witnesses at a moment's thought to what might be the reason for the clarity they decided to go outside the house. After leaving his family and standing by the road running a few yards from the house, saw the unusual sight of the white balls floating in different directions. These balls were placed in two groups of three each. The first three were north-easterly direction (Az = 50?) At the height of the horizontal about a 10 s. So say the witnesses, although they could be even lower, as were visible in background fields located in the small hills.

The object in the shape of ovals, two junction observed by Mr. Casimir and his wife.

Bullets have a diameter of two-thirds the size of the Moon and hung motionless next to each other, illuminating the whole area bright white light, which despite its intensity is not dazzling in his eyes. Their witnesses estimate the distance of about one kilometer. The next three were not far from the first at a similar distance at first. They have put forward a bit to the north, and as the first hovering very low to the ground in complete stillness is also lighting up the area. All of these objects form a horizontal row of lights. Mr. Casimir decided to notify the neighbor who lives next door. He went to his car and together they headed toward the road where he first saw his wife saw two ovals together. After a stop at a crossroad they watched the light for several minutes.

At one point, a neighbor pointed out to Mr Kazimierz other strange phenomenon. It was a giant orange - red triangle floating in a northeasterly direction at a distance of about 3 kilometers. Mr. Casimir said that it was not a material object, but "fire" or some kind of light that slightly exceeded the size of the growing pine trees in that area. This phenomenon is not so much lightening around like balls and seemed to float and fall down. After 6 minutes the next climb up the shining triangle suddenly disappeared. But most interesting was that the object came from the signal. "Such a signal in my life have not yet heard"- says a witness. He says it was a high-pitched sound and does not resemble anything from the sound on what we encountered so far. It was only after long reflection, he said that it resembled a little "car horn", though the sound was higher. After the disappearance of witnesses triangle again focused his attention on his crutches, every now and then asking myself what it might be.

After another few minutes, tension grew among the observers when a neighbor noticed that the barn at a distance of about 300 meters "starts to burn." Kazimierz decided to go as soon as possible in that place and help extinguish the fire. He went to the house taking his two daughters aged 16 and 14 years who wanted to see how a fire engine and the brand WSK went in the direction of the alleged fire. While driving was very clear so that the branches of trees glowing along roads were seen as in a day. But as we approach the barn stated that something is wrong because there was no visible fire or smoke or people extinguishing the fire. After about 7 minutes drive dirt roads arrived in the vicinity of the barn by stating that there is no fire, and everything is fine with the exception of lights hovering over the fields. We wondered the whole time why a neighbor whose barn is illuminated not noticed anything, nor why other people from nearby homes did not see a strange phenomenon. It was all a bit scared and had some concerns and still continue to run, because as he said he understood that this is something from outside the ground. But curiosity overcame fear and decided to drive about 100 meters yet so stay on the hill and away watching the strange light. At the same time, the wife of Mr. Casimir watched the balls from the yard and then out of the way. On reaching the hill which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding areas Kazimierz turned off the engine and together with his daughters descended from him by observing objects. He then noticed that on the north side there are three white balls that lit up the nearby fields. They found they are very low to the ground on background fields. Therefore, before the witnesses did not see them because they przysłaniało hill where now they were. The size and arrangement of clusters of lights was the same as in the previously observed lights. It has become clear that this is not a fire but the effect of rays of light which escapes from the barn the spheres, which provoked the lighting effect similar to fire. These rays move away from each of the bullets and the distance from them became more and more. The witness likened to the rays these rays flashlights with the difference that they do not distract so much. They tried to find time to look for possible explanations, however, nothing came to mind. Mr. Casimir said that the latter took the first light, however, rejected the harvester is to clarify when the realized that it is after 22:00 and no grain should no longer be working, the lights were completely immobile. Kazimierz kept his attention focused on the lights floating towards the north, while his daughter watched two groups of balls located in the south-easterly direction.

All around there was complete silence and the witnesses for several seconds observed a strange phenomenon. Suddenly one of the daughters 16 year old Barbara, grabbing her father by the shirt started shouting: "Holy Mother, Dad! Green, people in this direction there for Rzeszow!

Following is the excerpt interview conducted with Mr Kazimierz on 09.03.2003 year.

Describe the moment you notice an object that you saw in the clearing, being together with your daughters.

Can't remember which one of the daughters, who yelled grabbing me here (shirt), Mother of God!, Dad, green men in this direction there from Rzeszow. " I turned around and I see nothing. But they scream, scream and showed me where, I look - they are. As in the television screen, only the pesky screen. Height of about three meters. One peasant, the peasant was terrific ...

So there hung a screen?

The screen was hovering in the air 20 meters above the ground I would say to the eye height - approximately 2.5 meters. It was clearly seen as you see here now, clearly. Frames were black.

And what color was the background screen?


Is there any move away from the screen light?


How far was the beginning of the screen from the Lord?

I determined distance.

How does the screen approached the Lord? Simple, fast all the time you were at the same height?


What do you do then?

I got on with my daughters back on the bike, I lit, turned, and that's the second closer.

And what has happened next?

Motor did not want to go, let go the clutch and nothing. But after a while I moved.

What is the speed you drove?

With small, with 10 km / h.

Is the screen all the time approached for the Lord?

I watched and they were getting closer to me.

I looked at you a moment?


So, in the direction you are approaching these figures with a screen?

Yes. And as I turned at a right angle to the left, then vanished.

How does the screen approached the Lord?

All the time above ground.

But if it flew in the Lord, or the side?

From the side. As I was going straight, so it flew back diagonally to me.

And on the corner you looked in that direction?

Yes. I stopped, but I have not seen them. I thought that here I am no longer afraid, because I am close to home.

So the screen was gone, how did you stop?

Apparently you do not fit in either corner, or ... Because, as I rode straight it was. And as I turned left at a right angle is gone.

He said the Lord, that in the screen were any beings ...?

On a white screen, I could see those green men in suits.

Did you see them on screen at once or a little later?

Immediately beings. So beings were constantly on the screen? Yes. How did these characters? How do people. This one was stout, the second too.

What was the heigth?

I would say about 2.5 meters. Because it was as clear as I can see you here now. Green all in suits though. Steel face one another. He was second on the shoulders.

Which creature was higher?

This being on the left.

Are were these creatures moving?

Why not move it up. The whole time standing in place? Yes.

Please describe their clothes.

The suits, like a diver on the head too.

What exactly was his color?


Do you remember any details in the appearance of your clothes?

No. Only a spacesuit.

What's constant?

On this screen, on the white.

Is the impression that they communicate?

No, no, no. Standing stiffly. Only was the distance (the distance between them. About 60 centimeters).

What were the proportions of their heads to the body?

As humans. It was obvious that, as in humans.

A hands on the body?

Were normal, as in humans.

How have arranged their hands?


Did you see their eyes?

They were like us a little bit forward, but not quite.

So steel like a side to yourself?

As if at an angle to each other and stared at us.

So you see their faces?

Yes. But it's so fast. As they were there, I was thinking - napatrzę, it would one day be told. But that which brought up so fast, so not many saw it.

So please describe them.

They looked like ours.

Did you see their hair?


That is the conversation recorded on the first visit to the state S. The record is clear that Mr. Casimir, together with two daughters witnessed the observation of a CE-III. Due to the fact that on our first visit the weather was bad and we could not accomplish other fieldwork, and we did not have too much time and our first drawings were not very accurate. Only during the second visit we were able to determine a reliable and exact course of events. But before turning to the following description, I present another interview conducted with Mr. Kazimierz's daughter Barbara, which was held in Nockowej on 15-04-2003 year.

Below are key excerpts of the conversation:

Please describe the event which you witnessed.

That's what I remember of these events, the moving objects, these lights.

Whether the observed light fixed in place or moved around?

No, it was such a moving light.

What were the movements? Violent or slow?

Not violent, then drove the bike, just with my dad and sister there is no hill, and I've seen on this diagonal, ie it was a point of light varying in different geometric shapes, like I said, whether it is a triangle or square, or This wheel well and that changing the point of this light once three, now four figures. These beings as if moved in this circle, such a movement, maybe do not know if your compatible with the clockwise direction, but not always, there were four, were not always three. One is as though it took form. For me, it looks as though he was in the shape of such a triangle, but more head no the whole figure. Your head is triangular and there already if not similar to the form to a form?

Please describe the color of the observed "screen" Was glaring example how light car?

It was glaring in his eyes, just as you say, the car headlight. Especially when the which brought like.

Could you describe that very moment, as you reunite with your sister and dad on the hill? What did you do?

I looked in the direction of Rzeszow.

Took a long time watching the other lights like the screen has seen you?

This was the moment, we stood there with 15 - 20 minutes, we talked.

Describe the appearance and color of the observed entities.

It was in this yellow light and they just had - it will be strange, as I say that they were green, but no such were green I can not say no because they were orange or red.

Is the color of the creatures was bright or dark?

Light green.

They looked like men?

From the figure it look like I'm talking head resembled a triangle, that is such a geometric shape. And here as if the characters resembled a soldier dressed in armor.

And what was the shape of the head?

Such angular.

And if you saw eyes or other details?

No, I would say if the hands are also larger, "człapowate.

Are their hands longer than in humans, or the same?

So the same proportion of the legs and arms, was longer than the trunk does not proportionally so.

And how have arranged their hands?

Normally, drawn forward, standing slightly astride.

As a permanent nature? Against each other, or otherwise?

Straight and looked at each other

Does being on my feet were more like shoes?

Something like a diver and as if those hands were similar, such człapowate.

Are these shoes were the same color and that were distinct from the rest?

Except that larger, color is not.

And if their hands were clearly visible, or have something set up?

As if something they assumed these hands.

And your hands are in proportion as in humans, whether they were longer?

Longer to the knee.

As you noted at the beginning, what was the first figure?


And at what intervals disappeared beings?

As if they are moved around as if it evolved over the triangle, it is as if somewhere naszała one another, that was the point in a clockwise direction.

These beings have disappeared?

Yes, and soon became four, but as fall within the triangle is a former three.

Have you seen your side of the screen, whether it was flat like a sheet?

No, it was quite flat.

Please tell me whether the creatures wore tight clothes or not?

Tight fitting.

Do you have any details visible clothing, such as zippers, belt, etc.?

Something like a rough, like dinosaurs.

Your Dad mentioned that a creature was lower and one higher. Can you confirm this?

Yes, I remembered that, as in this movement were the moments that were not all alike, it is also rightly observed that, were such moments.

How much time you watched any of the figures?

First it was the wheel, while you could look at it from 3 - 4 minutes.

And as the figures were changing, and rapidly changed from a triangle into a square?

It was not noticeable, suddenly appeared.

Do you remember what was the last figure visible before departure?


The appearance of beings according to Ms. Barbara

So they are two versions of events from that part of the events which I will discuss a bit more later. Meanwhile, further developments are equally interesting.

Shortly after the witness got on the bike and tried to leave next week when an interesting thing. Namely, the engine was temporarily immobilized. As a witness to testify was due to a failure of the clutch. Despite the fact that a few minutes earlier was completely smooth, but now completely refused to obey. Mr Kazimierz repeatedly tried to move, but all attempts failed to produce the effect, because each time the engine extinguished. In addition, Mr. Kazimierz for some time felt a slight tingling on the back, but failed to confirm this with his daughter. Only after a few seconds, the motor began to work back to normal and the strange feeling subsided psychosomatic. Witnesses began to follow the same route at a speed of about 10 km / h, while turning back and observing object. Mr. Casimir said that the subject was guided by the driver, while his daughter maintains that the whole time he performed the same maneuver as before and it made it seem closer. After driving a few dozen meters reached the downhill. And because you fear a bit resigned Casimir decided to stop to look at an object, but when I looked in that direction have not seen anything. Mr. Casimir said that the feeling of fear gave way quickly and instead embraced him confidence and a belief that there is nothing to fear, because the house is near. Stood there for a while and seeing that nothing is happening is no longer went out again. It was illuminates the visible remains balls, which still lay in the same place. After passing through the holding of a neighbor, who as previously bathed in the light rays coming out of bullets (circles). After about 5 minutes, arrive at the crossroads, where together with his wife about 21:00 saw the first two objects. Home away their distance approximately 100 meters when they witness another unusual event. In the north-east see the fiery red ball, fire, quickly falling down. The ball went behind the tail of the same color. The place where the fallen were very close to where you previously Kazimierz together with a neighbor watched a triangle (a triangle with a visible image.) Globe at the time notice was at the height of the horizontal about 60 degrees and was observed for 2 - 3 seconds.

The object seen by Mr. Casimir and his daughter while returning home

After the incident, the witnesses went home and watched the six still glowing balls. Around 23:00 everybody, except Mr. Kazimierz went to sleep. This however went to the room on the first floor and from there watched the bullets. This phenomenon is all the time was stuck in place and did not change his appearance to about 04:00, when the bullets very quickly changed the situation. It seemed as if they mixed up and were at different heights, but in close distance from each other. In addition, among the bullets appeared to have one the same. All remained in this arrangement and about 05:00 the witness very tired went to sleep. On the second day he did not feel better and he says for some time had problems with the heart. For this reason, even stayed in the hospital.

Undoubtedly, the whole event is so complex that determine all the details is impossible. In addition, the reconstruction of events prevent a teenager from the time of those incidents. Nevertheless, you can try to analyze the most important elements of the story. This event is very much stuck in the memory of witnesses and in some way changed their belief, at least in the matter of UFOs. They are simple people every day not przywiązującymi more attention to such phenomena. About his experience told quite emotional, which could be particularly noted in Mr. Kazimierz has made us much of a relationship. There is no indication that we are dealing here with a director of fraud. Many of the details of this event can be found only in the UFO literature and on our findings show that the witnesses did not have access. Dopuszczaliśmy also possible that the same description of clothing taken from creatures is widespread in the media with the observation of John Wolski Emilcin. Witness says he actually heard about the incident, but they have no effect on its relationship.

Long hours of an event taking place in Nockowej should be observed by hundreds of people, because it is impossible not to notice the 25-meter facility at the nearby house, whether the earlier flight two UFOs - and once it was completely dark. According to Ms. Barbara the other day to her father's brickyard came to a neighbor who lives in the village Dziadówki that the morning he saw a strange brightness over the fields and moving balls. The same apparently watched a bus driver, who in the morning he went to work. On the other hand, Ms. Barbara during the observation noted the presence of farmers in the surrounding fields, over which floated objects. In the following days, observation of the witnesses interviewed his neighbors about whether they also observed an unusual phenomenon. It turned out that none of the people wypytywanych not confirm the words of witnesses. Given the time of observation and the diversity of the objects observed, this phenomenon should recognize the vast majority of people Będziedzicy, Nockowej and other nearby villages. Meanwhile, for nearly 16 years witnesses only met one person who saw only a strange brightness over the fields and heard about the bus driver who reportedly saw something. How is it possible that the neighbor state S, whose barn was illuminated for several hours did not notice anything?

Why do people in the area which appeared on a huge "fire" triangle did not react in any way?

It seems that this question, we are not able to answer. Of course there are some hypotheses, such as the impact on the consciousness, a kind of camouflage, etc, but at the present day state of knowledge provided by science, as well as the flowing directly from the findings of investigators of this phenomenon does not allow us to give reasons for the case. Without an explanation remains a matter of health Mr. Casimir, who is not sure if it was the whole incident was the reason for its deterioration.

Another interesting aspect of this case is the relationship of the witness talking about passing a few days after the event of a military aircraft which is spoken throughout the country. Here you also can not add anything, other than mentioning that fact. Turning to the analysis of the event which was witnessed Mr. Kazimierz and his daughter, it should be noted that several significant observations. According to Mr Kazimierz's perception occurred several seconds after the witnesses arrived at the place and went down the engine. Completely different time of observation area before the advent of the object gives his daughter, because according to her it took 15 - 20 minutes. According to Mr Kazimierz object at first was located about a kilometer, which is at odds with the relationship between Barbara's, which determines the distance of about 300 meters. In addition, the witness pointed to us that the object was spotted over the houses, which are roughly about 300 meters, so the distance given by the father of Mrs. Barbara is unlikely. Thanks given the apparent size of the object by Barbara agreed at its actual size, which was impressive. Ms. Barbara after having regard to the definition given by the result of the apparent size of 5 cm. Simple conversion to indicate that at a distance of about 300 meters "object"was about 25 meters. Therefore, the way defined the amount of visible beings against the background of changing figures, which were by Mrs. Barbara 0.5 cm. After calculating the results that were 2.5 meters in height. Mr. Casimir said that the object was moving very quickly and in a split second that it was in close proximity to the witnesses, which was about 150 meters. However, it appears that the object was moving much slower in reality, so that he could be a few seconds to see the screen with the creatures, get on your bike and ride. At the time of departure stated that the motor can not be moved from the spot and extinguished. "Motor does not want to go, let go the clutch and nothing. " Only after a few seconds, the motor began to work back to normal and the previously mentioned strange feeling subsided psychosomatic. It appears that only Mr. Kazimierz felt such ailments as during talks with his daughters, no nothing that did not resemble itself. Witnesses driving all the time watching your back and watched the object that was getting closer. The witness said that he felt for this reason a large anxiety and fear for the safety of their daughters and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Another interesting element is the fact that witnesses for the whole observation period saw only a "front"of the object. Mr. Casimir said that both the stationary and the drive could not see the sides. In addition, a statement that can be put forward to him was to look only at a certain angle, suggesting that they may have to deal with some kind of "hologram. " It is very possible if one takes into account the fact that beings all the time standing motionless by changing its position like programmed machines. Explained why it would be seen only,''the front of the screen. Another element in the appearance of the screen to be visible about 30 cm black frame. They were surrounded on each side of the screen and the contrast with the lighted environment caused by the bullets are still evident. As for the appearance of creatures are actually in that case you can not add anything more than what the witnesses gave. Striking is the mere fact that Mr. Casimir otherwise seen the nature and object of comparison with his daughters, the youngest daughter of the very poorly remembers the entire course. Nevertheless, confirmed that the object has changed in the other figures. In addition, Mr. Kazimierz was not able to determine the appearance of the hand beings. Unfortunately, the witnesses did not see the disappearance or departure of an object, because it could have a part to help us with the nature of this phenomenon.

This is not the only case where the object was observed in the shape of a "screen". A similar object was observed in July 2000 in distemper near Rzeszow and near Wylatowo. So this is an unusual observation, if only because of the duration, number and type of objects seen. Lots of issues have not been clarified, but it can be concluded that the appearance of these objects was a fact and the whole event is a series of observation NL, CE - Second, and perhaps CE - III, assuming that being seen by the witnesses were not only an image.


George adamski (1891–1965)

George Adamski was the first of the New Age UFO prophets, and just as the prophets of old went out into the desert to receive their revelations directly from God or the angels, Adamski went out into the night near Desert Center, California, on November 20, 1952, and received his first revelatory encounter with Orthon, a Venusian space brother. Through telepathic transfer, Adamski learned that the space traveler was benign and greatly concerned with the spiritual growth of humankind. Adamski's desert encounter with a Venusian and Robert Wise's motion picture The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), with its warning that Earth had better clean up its act delivered by an alien messenger, were probably the two most contributive factors in birthing the UFO contactee movement in the United States.

After Adamski published Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), coauthored with Desmond Leslie, he became popular as a lecturer and had little difficulty establishing himself as the best known of all the contactees, who were now springing up around the world. Flying saucer mania was rampant in the early 1950s with a cautious public wanting to know who was piloting the mysterious craft in the sky, where they were from, and what they looked like. Adamski had the answers. Orthon, the Venusian, was smooth-skinned, beardless, with shoulder-length blond hair, stood about five feet six inches tall, and wore what appeared to be some kind of jumpsuitlike apparel. Orthon had come in peace, eager to warn earthlings about radiation from the nuclear tests that were being conducted. There were universal laws and principles established by the Creator of All, and the people of Earth would do well to begin to practice those laws at once. All these messages were transmitted telepathically to Adamski to relay to his fellow earthlings, but later, after he had been taken for a trip into outer space, Adamski was able to communicate verbally with such entities as Firkon, the Martian, and Ramu, from Saturn.

The death of George Adamski on April 12, 1965, by no means terminated the heated controversy that had never stopped swirling

around the prolific and articulate contactee. Throughout his career as a contactee, Adamski's believers steadfastly declared him to be one of the most saintly of men, completely devoted to the teachings of universal laws. It appears that after his death, certain of his followers found it necessary to provide their disciple of intergalactic peace with a kind of instant resurrection. In the book The Scoriton Mystery (1967) by Eileen Buckle, a contactee named Ernest Bryant claims to have met three spacemen on April 24, 1965, one of whom was a youth named Yamski, whose body already housed the reincarnated spirit of George Adamski.

According to Desmond Leslie, George Adamski had an audience with Pope John XXIII (1881–1963) just a few days before the pope passed away. Leslie said that he met Adamski at the airport in London just after he had flown in from Rome. He drove Adamski straight to his little river cruiser at Staines, where several people interested in UFOs had been spending the weekend.

Sometime during the next few days, Adamski showed Leslie a memento that he said no one would ever take from him, and he produced an exquisite gold medal with Pope John's effigy on it. Later Leslie checked and found it was a medal that had not yet been released to anyone.

When Adamski was asked how he had received it, he answered that Pope John had given it to him the day before. Adamski went on to say how he had arrived at the Vatican according to the space people's instructions and had been taken straight in, given a cassock, and led to the pope's bedside. It was here that Adamski had handed Pope John a sealed package from the space brothers. It was said that Pope John's face had beamed when he received the package, and he said, "This is what I have been waiting for!" The pope then presented Adamski with a special medal, and the papal audience ended.

Leslie said that he later checked with Lou Zinsstag, who had allegedly taken Adamski to the Vatican. Zinsstag reported that when they had approached the Vatican and neared the private entrance, a man with "purple at his throat" (apparently a monsignor or a bishop) appeared.

Adamski had cried out, "That's my man!", greeted the papal official, and was led in for an audience with the pope. Zinsstag said that when he reappeared about 20 minutes later, Adamski appeared to be in the same state of excitement and rapture as witnesses had described him being in after his desert contact with the space brothers in 1952.

When Leslie later asked an abbot what he knew about the medal, the clergyman was amazed and said that such a medal would only have been given to someone in the most exceptional circumstances, and that no one, so far as he knew, had yet received this particular medal.

Leslie admitted that he had initially disbelieved that Adamski had received such an audience with the pope, but this confirmation from the abbot with regard to the medal had overcome his former disbelief. When Leslie asked Adamski what the space brothers' package had contained, the contactee said that he did not know. He related that the package had been given to him by the space brothers before he left for Europe and that he had been given instructions to present it to the pope. He was also told that all arrangements had been made inside the Vatican for such an audience to take place. This suggested to Leslie that the space brothers have a "fifth column" in St. Peter's seat as well as everywhere else.

Later, Adamski told Leslie that he thought the package had contained instructions and advice for the Second Ecumenical Council. It is possible that the package also contained a message to St. Peter's successors that chided them about certain lax measures and encouraged them to get on with the serious work required on Earth.


By Joan Bird by way of Ted Loman

We flew down for a short trip, to visit my husband's godfather in Palm Desert. I had just finished reading "Flying Saucers Have Landed", by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski (l953), and decided it would be fun to go visit Mt. Palomar and see if I could find Palomar Gardens, where so many of Adamski's amazing photos were taken, and then try to find the place Adamski described his first contact experience, near Desert Center, California. I have grown quite fond of George Adamski as I've read his books, and accounts by others of his dedication, good-natured enthusiasm, and passion for the truth.

The Palomar Gardens Cafe site, and the Palomar Terraces above are now the Oak Knoll Campground. You can view photos of Adamski, the cafe, and some of his best UFO photos at the George Adamski Foundation website:

On the way to Mt. Palomar, we stopped in the Pauma Valley at a little taco place where I had to order the "Flying Saucer", a tostado with a deep fat fried tortilla. I was still full 6 hours later at dinner time.

At the 50 year anniversary of his first contact, November 20, 2002, the Foundation made posters, and had plans to do some development and programs highlighting Adamski's history at the campground. However, all we found were some (very interesting) newspaper clippings and posters about Adamski in the little camp store. The proprietor pointed to the spot where the cafe had burned down, and some of the trails lined with stones that Adamski and his cohorts built back in the 50's. It's a pretty spot. We heard there was a Frenchman who had been staying there a few days on the Adamski trail, and that there had been some cinematographers there for a Discovery channel special. We were on a short time schedule, so we didn't track down the Frenchman, but hiked around the campground, and took in the late afternoon sun through the oak trees, and the amazing beauty and views of this place.

From Mt. Palomar, we followed the mountain road over to Palm Desert, probably the road Adamski drove beginning at 1 am to meet the Bailey's and George Hunt Williamson and his wife around 8 am in Blythe, California on that memorable day. On the actual anniversary date, November 20, we continued on the Adamski trail to Desert Center, about 60 miles east from Palm Desert on Hwy 10. On the way we passed the General Patton Museum, where Patent built a training ground for desert fighting in Africa, used by a million troups in l942-1944 . Adamski mentions driving by an abandoned military training ground and airport in his account. We stopped at the Desert Center cafe, where Adamski and his friends had dinner after the encounter. The cafe looks like it hasn't changed since l952, and seems to be the only building besides the Post Office still in use.

I asked the waitress if she knew anything about Adamski.
"Who?" she said.
"He wrote about seeing a spaceship and seeing an alien not far from here."
"Oh!" her eyes got big. "Yeah. I live up there and I've seen 'em too."

She proceeded to describe an experience she had last summer seeing a large oblong ship with lights on one end, that made a zig-zag pattern repeatedly in the sky. She called a girlfriend who lived nearby, and who described the same pattern. (She drew this pattern for me, and said the ship repeated it several times.) She said the ship turned so the lights were pointed right at her, and that freaked her out. She rubbed her arms and said she gets goosebumps when she talks about it, but she'd really like to see them again. She also said her brother had seen a very bright light approach him and a friend who were camping in the area. The next thing they knew it was 2 hours later, and they packed up in a hurry and got out of there. When I showed her the picture of the "cigar-shaped" mother ship photographed by Adamski, she said that was what it looked like. Adamski and his friends saw this large ship first. It was chased off by military jets, but later they saw a smaller craft, the bell-shaped scout craft that is so widely reported, and that carried the visitor that Adamski met.

We bought a couple of cans of juice and soda, thanked her, and continued on our way. We drove up the highway toward Parker Arizona, the east end of Joshua Tree National Park to our left. Adamski describes a ridge, part of the Coxcomb Mountains, on the map. At 11 miles, where they first stopped, there is actually a little asphalt pull-out, and you can see the end of the ridge where they walked to see what was on the other side. We turned and went back to where 10.2 miles from Desert Center would be and pulled over. This was where Adamsi pulled off the road to drive closer to the ridge. There was actually a small parking lot back at the 10 mile marker, with a car in it. Who knows why these conveniently located improvements are placed where they are. I set off one direction and Max another. I tried to look for the landmarks Adamski mentioned to find the place where he saw the small ship, and then later the man who came from it. Along the way I ran into the people from the parked car. They greeted me and asked if I was out for a little hike. I said I was on the Adamski trail, and they both broke into grins. She said, "See, I told you so." I figured it being Nov. 20th, they had to be there for the same reason I was. Adamski's contact happened just after noon, which was about the time we met. We compared notes. He was a longtime Adamski fan, and actually had known a woman who had a "UFO Education Center" somewhere in Wisconsin, I think it was, who had been an Adamski follower for many years. He had an enlarged photo of the ship disappearing over the ridge at the contact site, as well as many photos of Adamski. We hiked around, looking for the little "cove" where the ship was hidden. We don't know if we were at the spot or not, but we were definitely close. I left my fellow explorers to meet Max back at the car. Max found a number of markers, indicating somebody had been there, and possibly the spot. It's a rocky area, but near the ship, the visitor made a point of his footprints in the dirt or sand, and these were plaster-cast by G.H. Williamson, when Adamski took all his friends to see the spot where he had the encounter and saw the ship. And, of course, I kept searching the skies, in case some of Adamski's visitors might also be in the neighborhood commemorating that first meeting. Max and I each saw an abandoned and "decomposing" computer, two different ones, on the slopes of the ridge. Not something I've seen before while hiking.

Back at Desert Center, we stopped in for lunch, and were disappointed the earlier waitress had gone home. The new waitress hadn't seen any UFOs, but had seen a strange fish with a big head that followed people at night in a little lake at a nearby campground. hmm. We noticed two guys in the booth next to us, one Japanese speaking almost unintelligible English. The other looking like he could be a regular there. Both about 60. I thought about saying something to them while we were eating, but didn't. As we were getting ready to go, I bumped into the Japanese fellow near the relief topo map on the wall. Couldn't help but hold up my Adamski book, and say, "Are you hear to see the Adamski site?" His eyebrows raised and he said, with his very heavy accent, "Contact point? Contact point?" I said yes, we were here because of the contact point, and he gestured we should go talk to his friend, which seemed like a better idea than trying to communicate. Turned out that the Japanese man, who is a Buddhist monk, and his friend, an ex-cop who now lives in Sun City, AZ, have been coming here and camping out for the anniversary every year for many years. They met at an Adamski conference in Washington DC in the early 90's. I asked if they'd seen anything. They both nodded. "Many times. The first year we came, it was like a UFO airshow."

The ex-cop ended up telling us his own amazing contact story from Niles, Michigan in the 70's, when 17 different law enforcement officers and a number of civilians saw a round spacecraft at close range. This story took almost an hour to tell, there was so much to it, much of it about the events that happened after the mass sighting to suppress it. One of the most amazing pieces was the effort someone made to save the radio log, which the Air Force or CIA changed, even though changing a police radio log is a felony. An important page was removed and hidden up the sleeve of an officer who had access to it, and our ex-cop was able to get a copy. The log documented 2 hours of missing time between when the officers first reported the spacecraft hovering 20 feet above one of the cars, and when they called in for permission to give chase when it took off. Our officer thought it had only been a few minutes, so he was as amazed as the dispatcher. I asked our storyteller if he had written it up. He said he did, and the manuscript was stolen under deceptive circumstances. And then returned 16 years later, with many additions and deletions. I hope that someday he will complete it, though he still has some misgivings about possible repercussions. What he said about what was done to suppress the story was horrible and enraging; incredible intimidation, violations of privacy, not to mention criminal acts and early deaths of all but 5 of the original witnesses.

For anyone who believes our government is too incompetent to keep a secret of such magnitude (I hear this all the time), they need to hear this man's story.

I told him I thought the suppression was diminishing. He said (he believed) the current plan was to allow more and more information to leak out so that disclosure would happen gradually over the next few years. I'm going with that story, as I've heard it from other sources.

There were also two women whom I didn't talk to, whom may also have been there for the anniversary. After leaving the cafe, they took several pictures outside, and had that "other worldly" look about them.

Maybe I'll get to go back next year, rejoin some of my fellow pilgrims, and camp out on the ridge. And I won't be shy about asking anyone why they're there.

I'll leave you with a couple of quotes from Adamski's account of his meeting (from Flying Saucers Have Landed, l953).

"The beauty of his form surpassed anything I had ever seen. And the pleasantness of his face freed me of all thought of my personal self. I felt like a little child in the presence of one with great wisdom and much love, and I became very humble within myself . . . for from him was radiating a feeling of infinite understanding and kindness, with supreme humility."

"As I stood in this mountainous recess--a solitary man watching the beautiful Scout Ship glide silently over the crest of the mountains and disappear into space--I felt that a part of me was going with it. For, strange as it may sound, the presence of this inhabitant of Venus was like the warm embrace of real love and understanding wisdom, and with his departure I felt an absence of this warm embrace.
There was an emptiness such as can be compared only with the feelings experienced when a very dear one departs; yet a longing remains for his presence. And to this very day I feel the same emptiness and longing whenever I think of this visitor from another world."

There are two pre-l947 Montana accounts of contact with extraterrestrials that look like us, and both of them express similar feelings of warmth, trust and good will in the presence of these visitors.

While many contact (abduction) cases are admittedly frightening and disturbing, it's important to know about the many accounts of benevolent visitors.