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UFO / Alien Grey/ Pungent Odor Reported in Eastern Washington

Posted: 17 Sep 2009 09:59 AM PDT

Original MUFON witness report - 9/12/09: I live in a small town in Eastern Washington. We NEVER have flight traffic over town with the exception of crop dusters and "Heart Flight".

On or about July 15,2009, at 2:30am I was awakened from sleep by the sound of helicopters. I use a CPAP breathing machine which generates a fair amount of internal noise (ie: I can hear it's pumping inside my head, but externally, it's almost silent), so the noise was loud enough to wake me up. I live in a two story house with a sleeping porch off my bedroom. The sleeping porch has large windows across the front of the house.

I went to the windows and I saw a Black Hawk helicopter flying due N-NW at minimum height. There were the lights of other copters already ahead of the one I heard.

As I watched, in about 2 minutes another came over in the same straight direction. I counted out 2 minutes and another and then another came over the town. I got the impression they were pursing something. I watched as they began an intense search at about 10-15 miles north of town. The copters set up a perimeter, with one at each corner of a grid, and the others (there appeared to be 6 to 8 total), began moving east to west and west to east.

The entire time I watched, there was a sound in the air of a very low decibel hum, which made a kind of whum, whum, sound (higher to lower range and back again). I watched for about 1 and 1/2 hours. Since I had to get up for work, I finally packed it in.

Two days later my daughter witnessed several strange events. She was driving home from a movie at about 11:30 pm on the 17th when she witnessed a black helicopter (it was silhouetted against the sky and clearly black) flying out of the direction of our town. When she reached home, she got out of the car and heard the whum whum noise and noticed a strange glow in the North North-East emitting pulses almost like heat lightening, but it had a 1-2-3 rhythm.

The same rhythm over and over...low glow, medium glow, high glow. There were no clouds in the sky, only the strange glow. The pulsing and hum went on all night. About 4 days after that, my daughter was out walking. It was a calm day, no wind, no storms etc. Then suddenly she heard the hum again and was hit by a sudden blast of air that rushed past her.

About 15 days ago my daughter again noticed the pulsing lights. She went out onto the porch to sit and watch it as it was only a few miles out of town in the north. Suddenly a helicopter emerged from the glow and skirted the edge of town. A few minutes later she started to gag stumbled into the house calling to me "mom can't you smell that?" She was overcome by an intense smell of something very pungent, very acrid, and metallic.

We ran around the house and closed all the windows and doors. I got her a painter's face mask and that helped keep out the smell for her. We were baffled by why she could smell it, and I could not. She would say... oh it's gone and then get up and as she passed by a window, she would retch again. Two of our dogs could not smell it, but one got a terrible sneezing fit. She has always had an acute sense of smell, but what was she smelling? We know the smell of every farm chemical and this was nothing she had smelled before.

I read where on July 24, 2009, a crop circle was discovered at Wilbur, Washington. If you take a ruler and lay it on a Washington State map the line would be a straight going North-North West and in the EXACT line the copters flew over town and headed away the first night I saw them.

Then on the night of September 11, 2009, my daughter and I went outside to star gaze. We saw a "star" headed across the sky from west to east in a straight line, about 15 degrees above the horizon. It got very much brighter, and accelerated up and away from it's position at a high rate of speed disappearing into the dark. I hate to say it, but it looked just like Star Trek when the ship jumps into hyperspace.

We then saw a "star moving directly overhead and zig-zagging from it's center position to the west,back to center, back to west, back to center. The degree of zig-zag was small, but very discernible. I then saw another "star" move, stop, turn in a circle, then disappear. My daughter then saw a small globe of light, perhaps 40ft off the ground streak past her. We went inside, scared but a little excited.

Then last night, September 12, 2009, at about 10:30pm, we went back outside and saw a bright object, much like an airplane when seen head on in the sky near the mountains. (It was NOT an airplane..there were no running lights, no noise). We were watching it, when it suddenly moved at a very high rate of speed directly towards us, covering 25 miles in seconds.

We were terrified. It stopped at the edge of town, which is only 3 blocks away and hovered perhaps 200ft above the ground. It was very bright, very menacing, silent, shaped like an orb with spikes coming out and seemed to have a companion light under it to one side.

We were very scared. We ran into the house and we peeked out of a window and it stayed positioned for about 2 hours. At one point I watched the light blink out, only to go back to the window later and see it was back. We turned on all the lights in the house, locked the doors and windows, brought in the cat and huddled in the living room afraid to sleep.

At about 3am my daughter went to the kitchen window over the sink. That side of the house is very dark with no outdoor light and a large tree in the yard. She turned off the lights, pulled back the curtain and screamed. She saw a grey shape, about 4ft tall, grey colored from top to bottom, in an approximate human form moving rapidly across the yard from south to north.

I cannot begin to tell you how frightened we are by what has occurred. We are not hoaxing you, we are just regular people caught in an abnormal and frightening situation. I just read where a pilot from Oregon witnessed a bright silent light hover over his home. His "UFO" sounds like the same type as we witnessed.

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Oren Peli's 'Area 51' in Pre-Production

by Sean Redlitz, Thu., Sep. 24, 2009 10:18 PM PDT
While horror fans in select cities are checking out midnight screenings of Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity, we've received word that pre-production is already underway in Utah on his next project, Area 51. The film offers up the found footage of a group who attempt to locate and break into the legendary secret military base rumored to house a crashed UFO.
I've got to be honest - if you'd asked me this morning whether the world needed yet another movie, comic book or video game about Area 51, I would've said "no thanks." But Peli's a promising new director, and FEARnet’s own Joseph McCabe was impressed with Peli's ultra low budget debut. I'm curious to see what new ideas he can bring to the UFO conspiracy genre, maybe even this time with a budget that exceeds five figures.
Look for more Area 51 news as the film gears up and heads into production.

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PLUME OF PEE (Something a little different!)

Space Shuttle Unleashes Magnificent Plume of Pee

Pee Over Hungary, By the Ruins of Essegvar: Last Wednesday, several skygazers scratched their heads when they saw this mysterious glow in the sky. Tamas Ladanyi

To anyone who's ever pondered what urine looks like in space -- c'mon, don't be shy -- we say: wonder no more, because photos of the phenomenon have finally hit the internet.

Last Wednesday, a number of skygazers were lucky to sight a mysterious flare in the night sky, that, as it now turns out, was a 150-pound cocktail of astronaut urine and waste water released from the shuttle Discovery.

According to NASA spokeswoman Kylie Clem, because space regulations bar astronauts from dumping waste water at the International Space Station, the Discovery astronauts had to wait until undocking before they could discard their pee -- which by that point amounted to a hefty ten days' worth.

Sad you missed the show? No need to worry: you may get another chance, as it's actually a fairly common sighting, says Clem.

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Twenty years ago I heard about a very strange family who had been suffering abductions by strange beings for generations. The members of this family that remained living had two sisters who had lived their lives being taken by the same creatures that had taken their father throughout his lifetime.

It took me years to track down this family yet I was never able to get any member of the family to speak to me. The sisters who suffered these abductions were extremely private people and did not ever discuss their situation. The family members around them were either over protective or somewhat embarrassed by this problem and also refused to discuss it. I tried for years to talk with this family but I was always turned down.

Fate intervened and I was sent a email by a brother in this family saying his sister had been reading a few of my articles and decided she might want to talk to me. We exchanged emails for a while until it was decided I would be allowed to visit with the family. The luck of this was that this family lived very close to my own hometown making this visit possible.

The day came and I arrived as planned at the home of the brother who contacted me. I was invited to sit with the family in a large screened porch overlooking a beautiful yard on the north coast of Long Island. The man and two of his sisters seemed to be perfectly normal middle-aged people. I spent the first part of my time with them talking about the articles I have written about paranormal events that occurred on Long Island. We also discussed the reaction that the public has to these subjects. It seems the main reason this family stays hidden and silent is because of the reaction so many have to things they do not understand. This family also fears the media as they are all about ratings and care nothing about the people who they interview. I had to agree with them on that point.

We talked for a while when all of a sudden the one sister turned towards her sister and brother and said, “ She is OK, I am going to talk to her for awhile. I will call you if I need you.” The sister and brother both got up and went into the house leaving me alone with the one sister on the porch.

Looking straight at me without emotion the woman leaned towards me and said

“You never mentioned in any of our emails or calls that you were also an abductee”. You have been taken during your life too. I now understand why you do this.”

I was a bit shocked as I was not sure how she knew that I also had encounters of my own in my lifetime. I figured she had read enough of my material that I had written to pick up the references I have made in the past to those events.

She then said to me something that really startled me. Again she leaned towards me and said” You cannot stop now. There are always going to be difficult people who are jealous or limited and are not able to understand what you’re telling them. I think your ideas of taking a break now are not timed right.” I was rather stunned as those were my very thoughts as I drove to this family’s home that afternoon. I have been extremely busy in many areas of my life and was considering giving this subject matter a rest for while. I did not speak of this to anyone and had only been thinking it for a day or so. The fact she picked up on this immediately was sort of a surprise. I realized then that this woman had abilities and I needed to pay close attention to the time I had with her.

Now sitting alone with her I was able to focus more on just this woman. I was beginning to notice things I did not see when the others where with us. I started to see things about this woman that were clearly different. Her eyes were very large and blue. I noticed whenever the sun would streak into the room and reach her face she would shield her eyes, blink and move away from the direct light. She had very dark circles under her eyes and very pale skin. When she moved away from the sunlight the third time I asked her if the sun bothered her eyes and she replied, “ The sun is blinding to me, I cannot see at all in strong sunlight.” I was sitting in the darkest part of the room and got up so we could trade seats. I could clearly see she was uncomfortable where she was sitting. The sun was low and shinning into the room, which seemed painful for her. When I offered the seat change she jumped up and in seconds we had swapped chairs.

Her arms and legs were covered in areas by large bandages. The areas of her legs and arms that were uncovered were covered with what looked like white scars of different lengths and shapes. She was chubby but ageless. I could not tell if she was 40 –50 or 60. She looked like a middle-aged woman but did not have many wrinkles or the appearance of an older woman. I honestly could not judge her age at all. She had light hair, which was very fine and mid length.

Before I could ask her any questions the woman took control of the conversation. She suggested I take notes as she was not going to be able to talk that long and did not want to repeat herself. I got out my notebook and listened.

She told me the odd activity started about age 6. She recalls strange people being around her and being away from home but was never sure if she was dreaming the events or remembering them. She would have these encounters at all different times. She may be out playing in her yard or in her room playing with her toys. She would wake up in the middle of the night terrified but had no idea at age 6 exactly what was happening to her.

When she complained to her parents they would comfort her and tell her she must have fallen asleep and had a bad dream. This continued until she was 12. At that point she knew something was wrong. She would know when she blacked out and could recall more and more of the details that took place during the times she was taken. She still held on to the idea she may be falling asleep and having these odd dreams as she would always find herself back where she was taken waking or shaking off being in a fog.

By the time she was a teen this woman realized she was different from other kids. She was much smarter then the average kids her age and was developing psychic abilities that were very strong and very frightening to her. She could look at someone she did not know and understand immediately things about them. She would know their names, where they lived, what they were thinking and most of all if they were a good or bad person. She could tell her friends what was going to happen to them weeks before the events occurred. Her differences were separating her from friends and family and she was becoming withdrawn and odder by the day.

The missing time and fogged over encounters continued and the changes in her increased.

About age 25 she could no longer stand to be outside in the sun for very long as the rays of light were becoming blinding and painful to her eyes. She also was beginning to read two or three books a day with lightning speed. Her need to swallow all she could learn was becoming an over powering need she did not understand.

This also was the time she started to feel ill often and have unexplained times of bleeding and pain in her uterus that she could not understand. Sometimes she would not have any normal monthly cycles at all and other times wake up from one of the encounters with terrible pain and extreme bleeding.

She had become a hermit by this time only seeing her family and a handful of friends. The strangeness of her life kept her away from others as she suffered more and more oddities with each passing year.

About age 30 she started to return from her visits with the beings that constantly took her with burns or strange burn like rashes across her arms and legs. They were painful and would last for months at a time.

She was developing a hatred of most food claiming it all tasted awful and had a limited diet that existed of only a few bland items that she could manage to keep down or desire.

About this time she decided to see a doctor about her rashes and belly pain as she was finding it harder and harder to deal with it all. Her doctor sent her to specialists who looked at her rash/ burns. They came up empty to what they thought it was and chalked it up to her making them appear by way of stress. They told her nicely that she was causing the skin to do this with her mind.

After being examined for her problems with her natural cycles she was questioned to how many pregnancies she had. When she told them none they snarled that they could not help her if she would not be honest with them. Feeling defeated she simply listened and said little in response. The doctors insisted she had carried more then one baby. She knew she never had a child.

This woman’s life had been a hell with only her family and a few friends understanding the horror of what was happening to her and the rest of the world was cruel and heartless to her circumstance.

As she aged the visits decreased. Now entering her senior years she was left alone and free from the visits that tortured her through out her entire life.

She can only stand to be out in the day light for a few minutes at a time. She needs to wear very dark sunglasses and drive with tinted windows in her car. She spends most of her time indoors during the day.

She has a quick mind and can recall almost all she has read during her lifetime. She has strong psychic powers that she will only use to help those she knows and cares for. Besides that she keeps what she knows to herself. She suffers from her skin problems, which come and go without reason or explanation. She never married and never had children- that she knows of!

This woman is without question the most curious person I ever interviewed. She seems to be the result of some kind of interference. She is not like other humans yet she is. She seems to be tampered with making her more advanced in many ways and weaker in others. Mentally she is far advanced. Physically she struggles with living on earth in her human body. She is an impatient woman who talks quickly and expects those around her to keep up with her speed of thought and speaking. She seems void of humor and simply tilted her head looking at me oddly when I attempted to include a joke or two into our quick paced serious conversation. She seemed far more entertained by my attempts to be funny or silly then the humor of what I was saying. Her eyes are large and blue. When she looks at you it is with a straight intense dead on stare right into your own eyes that makes you alert and uncomfortable. I felt like I was being given the most important test of my life by the worlds principle and if I failed I was going to be booted off the earth. I stopped trying to interact and just sat and took furious notes as she told me what she wanted to tell me. She talked and I wrote.

Suddenly she stopped talking as quickly as she had started. I stopped writing and looked at her. She looked deep into my mind and said, “ I am tired now. You can ask me two questions and then we will be done.”

I knew my questions had to be good, as I doubted I would have another chance with this lady. I asked my questions.

I asked her who did she thought had been taking her – her entire life and what did she think they wanted from her?

Without hesitation she replied: “ This may surprise you but I think humans from the past may be who are taking me.” I simply looked at her stupidly as she continued,” I use to think aliens from another planet were the ones taking me but I changed my mind along the way.

I think that somehow someway humans populated this planet or another and suffered a huge catastrophe that wiped most of them out. I think they may be living inside the earth or maybe on the moon or in the moon. I think they are millions of years older then the humans walking and living on this earth now and far advanced. I also think that physically they have weakened or changed to the point they cannot live on the earth as it is now. I think they may be the ones who come and take people like me. I think they are trying to mate with us to return their bodies to those that can live a life on earth. Or they are trying to breed with the humans of today for some reason. I think that what they do changes people like me into something other then how we started out. My body changes and mind skills are a result of these things. Do not get me wrong – they could easily be aliens from other worlds. I just feel that they seem human to me when I can recall small parts of my encounters with them.”

Abruptly she stood up and called out her brother’s name. Her brother immediately returned to the porch where we were sitting and stood next to me. “ I am done talking with Chris – would you be so kind to escort her to her car”

She stood and walked towards the inside of the house. Her brother took my arm as I quickly gathered my notebook and purse. I was just about out the door when I heard her yell out to me from inside the house. “ Do a good job Holly- explain to them that they have no idea of the truth.” At this she laughed for the first and only time. Within seconds I found myself standing next to my car. Her brother bid me farewell- thanked me and walked away. I got into my car and drove home. Driving home I felt flushed and a bit odd. I needed to stop and buy a hot cup of coffee as I felt weak and sleepy. When I arrived home I had to lie down and take a nap.

Later that night I told my family about the encounter and had to admit that this lady was the strangest person I had ever met. I knew I had seen the long-term effect of being abducted in this woman’s eyes. I also knew she held the answers to many questions that she felt best kept from mankind at this time. I wanted to know more but had to wait until she was ready to share those things with the rest of us.

Something has been going on with this woman with some kind of other being. I can honestly say that I have no idea who or what they may be. All I do know is that their interference with this woman has created a person who without question is not like the rest of us.

I am going to try to arrange another meeting with this curious woman as I have many questions I did not get to ask her that day. I think she can offer many insights into the world of abduction and alien encounters that are closer to what truly is happening to so many people who are taken around the world.

For now I will try to continue to write that which we do not understand in hopes someday we all will know the truth about so many of these unknown encounters.

Do be careful out there and always be aware of your surroundings!

Thanks to Chris Holly of Chris Holly's Paranormal World

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There has been a lot of discussion about "what" was on the trailer on I-20. Here is a first hand account.

Location. Near Arlington Texas

Date: August 8 2009 Time: midnight-0100am

Around this time local citizens were awakened by a series of extremely loud explosions, soon after a traveler on I-20 took a picture of a strange disc-like object being transported near the area: Your browser may not support display of this image. . Concerned citizens contacted local police and media. There was no official response to the extremely loud explosion reports. A media blackout left the people of Arlington to draw their own conclusions. Additional information states that numerous callers began phoning local stations with reports of a strange sight on Interstate 20, which runs between Dallas and Ft. Worth. They described a surreal scene---a large, flatbed truck was carrying what appeared to be a UFO on its trailer. The 18-wheeler appeared to be escorted by what appeared to be military vehicles, and they were flanked by Dallas Police Department vehicles and personnel. In the immediate vicinity of the entourage, incoming ramps to the freeway were closed. Some of the callers, who got close enough to see the parade of vehicles, stated that the large UFO was giving off steam or smoke. One driver, who was escorted to the side of the highway, managed to take two photographs with his cell phone. The photos are not clear and taken from a distance.

HC addendum


Additional information by researcher Manuel Navarrete:

This report comes as a result of an interview with a member of the Dallas Police Department. I was approached by the officer who had read the article that I posted on about the incident in Dallas, Texas. He contacted me and we communicated via e-mail (his choice) and after he gave me information to verify that he was a member of the Dallas Police Department, He offered to give me information in regards to the incident that occurred on the evening of August 7 and early morning of August 8, 2009.

The only condition that he had was that he did not want to reveal his name, or any other information that would allow him to be identified by anyone of his superiors or by any of the agencies that were involved in the operation that night. I tentatively agreed, and then sought the advice of another one of my fellow researchers to see where I stood in regards to this. I then contacted him and agreed to his terms and set up a time for us to discuss the events of that evening.

The officer, who was an 8 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was assigned to normal street patrol in a particular section of the city (again information has been withheld per his request). He was called via his mobile phone and requested to report back to the district police station, no explanation was given, no words other than “We need you to report back to the station immediately” He was told that someone would meet him at the entrance and to do as he was instructed. As sudden as the call came, it ended with the other party simply hanging up.

The officer then proceeded to the station as instructed; when he arrived at the station, he noticed that other patrol cars were also arriving and that the other dozen or so officers looked just as confused as he did. The officer was met by a pair of men in black fatigues who greeted the officers, they then asked the officers to please, leave all communication items in their patrol cars. No radios, no mobile phones were to be taken inside with them.

After a short pause of bewildered mumbling, the officers complied and then were walked into the station; they were lead into one of the station briefing areas. They were met by a couple supervisors and more men in black fatigues.

The men were briefed that their help was needed to provide an impromptu escort for a truck carrying “cargo”. No other information was given, no questions were asked by the officers. They were told that this was a military operation and that they needed to act to secure the “cargo” and clean up the situation before the sun rose. They were told normally, military personnel would handle the situation, but since time was of the essence, they were going to use officers of the Dallas Police Department to secure the route the flat bed would take. The military officer in charge advised them that this was not going to be “pretty” and that “they had no time to wrap up the present, nice and neat”.

The officer at this point made the comment to me that he felt that this was not the first time this particular military officer had done this. When asked, the officer noted that the military personnel, who were in the room, including the officer, wore only the solid black fatigues, black combat boots and had no name tags, rank insignia, or unit designation on their uniforms.

It is here that the military officer instructed the officers that anything that happened during this “exercise” would have be held in the strictest secrecy, no one was allowed to talk about this, not to each other, not to their families, and not to fellow officers. The reports that they filled out would be handed directly to their supervisor who was instructed on how to handle those reports and hand them over to the military for safekeeping. The officer then stated that they were all required to sign a paper stating that they could be prosecuted for talking about this operation to anyone with out express permission from the United States government.

It was here that we took a few minutes break since the officer asked if we could take a few minutes break, he had to use the bathroom and grab bottled water. I agreed and pretty much did the same.

When we came back, we kind of re-capped the events up to the point, making sure to try to get as much as I could into the report. The officer again, reiterated that he would not give out any information that could possibly lead to his identification. I again agreed to his terms and proceeded with the interview.

The officer stated that he was given his instructions, he and four other officers were to block entrances to on ramps to Interstate 20, not allowing anyone access to the interstate till the convoy was safely down the road. He was instructed if the drivers were already on the interstate, to pull them over and hold them there until the convoy passed, using his car and himself, if possible to shield the driver and any passengers from seeing the flatbed as it passed by and continued down the road. They were instructed that the flat bed’s driver was instructed to keep driving as high a speed as he could without compromising the load’s integrity. Therefore it was up to the officers to keep the path clear of civilian vehicles.

The officer would not give specific details as to where exactly they met up with the truck or where the truck originated its journey. The officer threatened to end the interview if I kept insisting that he give out specific details. The only tidbit of information the officer gave me, was a passing comment that he was able to look out the window and see mixture of moon light and other lights reflecting off of Joe Pool Lake. The officer stated that they met a large semi- truck pulling a flat bed truck with what looked like a circular object on the back of it. The object was securely chained to the flat bed, but was uncovered. The object was a sort of dull gun metal grey from what he could see as the truck sped under the street lights. The officer noted that when the truck initially passed, there seemed to be a strange odor. The officer did not say if it came from the smoldering object on the back of the truck. He stated it smelt a lot like smoldering sulfur

The officer then described how the went about blocking the roads, while one blocked the exits or pulled over motorists, others would race ahead to clear out traffic and block other on-ramps and access points to the interstate, once the convoy had passed and gotten sufficiently down the road, he would then open the road back up and race to catch up and re-join the others in the rotation. He described how some of the government vehicles assisted them by blocking the on-ramps, he stated the vehicles carried four people in each one, each one of the passengers were dressed in full battle fatigues with body armor and carrying weapons. As the convoy wound its way through the interstate, the procedure was all the same, stop anyone already on the road, and block traffic from coming onto the interstate. The officer stated that they travelled approximately 10-12 miles before they were radioed instructions to proceed back to the station. When asked about the destination of the object, he responded that he did not know, others took over the job of escorting the truck and they were told to head back to the station post haste.

The officer then told of being met there by other men, these men did not wear fatigues, but wore suits. They were debriefed and told that they had taken part of a government response drill. That was being conducted in major cities through out the United States to gauge the response time of the military and local law enforcement to an incident such as the crash of a highly classified government plane or satellite. They were instructed, as before that they were not to speak of this; they would have to keep it to themselves for the sake of military security. They were then instructed on the procedure of turning in any reports that they had to write up to the police department supervisor.

At this point the officer’s family had returned home and the officer advised me that he did not want to speak with them present. He advised that we could make arrangements to speak again and wrap up the interview at a later time, when he would not expose the family to this. I agreed and advised him that I would write him back to set up the time.

I have written him back, twice and have not heard a response back, when I attempted to write him back a third time, the email came back to me as a failed to deliver. I therefore decided to publish as much as I could with the information given to me.

Manuel Navarette


Thank you Albert Rosales for the above information.
From Humanoid Contacts.


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For those of you who have not seen this:

CropCircleConnector - The Netherlands

UFO above Dutch crop circle

The latest crop circle from Holland, appeared in the night of Thursday / Friday 23/24 July, was visited on Saturday the 25th and gave very interesting results. After the "official" research, we went back in the evening to the same crop field in the South-West of Holland. With the presents of 3 people of the DCCA-research team (Sjaak Damen, Richard van Rijswijk and myself, Peter Vanlaerhoven), together with Pascal (friend of Richard), Robbert van den Broeke and Nancy Talbott (BLT Research Team Inc.) we had a strange experience.

We all felt the energetic vibrations quite well and gave us a good feeling which was rare for that moment but it seems something can become even much more rarely. On this specific evening we saw two UFO-pictures on 2 different cameras are attached. These pictures were made by Robbert with us nearby, so we are sure these pictures are not manipulated. For myself, I saw the same UFO with my naked eye, just behind Robbert. He felt the presence of this object also. Robbert had earlier this day the feeling to make some pictures with cameras of other people, we do know why for now. Apparently it's time to make another step for unidentified "things" to show themselves more concrete to us.

Earlier this month there were more UFO-pictures taken by Robbert with the camera of a friend called Roy Boschman. Also this time in a crop field there were 3 different kinds of crop circles did appear. All these pictures are attached. So, we have now 5 UFO-pictures, taken from 3 different kinds of cameras. We, the DCCA, can confirm that these are all real. Of course it's not sure that these UFO's were the makers of the crop circles over here, we will let decide your imagination. Nevertheless this happening will give us surely more food for thoughts.

By the way, it is not allowed to enter one of these fields!

Peter Vanlaerhoven

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Iron Bridge – Shooting the Creature

Michael returns to the woods to hunt the monster that's haunted him

By Stephen Wagner,

Beginning back in 2007, Michael L. and some of his friends have had encounters with a creature they believe to be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch near Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada. In this third encounter (read about encounters one and two), their experiences go way beyond anything they could have imagined... because this time they took weapons. The results of this encounter, however, if true, might lend evidence to the theory that Sasquatch might not be an animal as we define the term, but something else, possibly from somewhere else. This story does stretch credulity (which is a characteristic of high-strangeness experiences), but Michael swears to me that it is true. This is Michael's continuing story....

TWO YEARS AGO, my friends Joe, Adam and I encountered something terrifying on my property, which is located about 30-40 kilometers northeast of the town of Iron Bridge, Ontario. Last year, during the summer, I encountered the creature again. Only this time I was alone and had no way of proving anything to anyone. The only proof that I had were the regular nightmares that I experienced in the weeks following.

This time, things went differently. A lot differently.We departed at our usual time of midnight to head up to Iron Bridge. We arrived in Sault St. Marie at about seven in the morning on a Monday, so there was no customs traffic to deal with, and the customs officer was nice enough to wave us on through without checking my vehicle. (I did have to pull over to have them inspect my Ruger 10/22 and my Mossberg 500B and fill out tons of paperwork, but that's unrelated to the story.)

We got to the town of Thessalon to grab a bite to eat and to prepare us for the next two hours of driving on bumpy, rugged terrain in a vehicle not suited for the trip. After getting off the last of the maintained road, it took us roughly an hour of driving to get to the gate to the cabin.


Immediately, something struck me as strange. There was a smell in the air. It smelled a lot like bear to me, so I took my shotgun out of the back, loaded it with three 3-inch slugs and proceeded up the hill with my two friends to start the Yamaha Rhino all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which would pull up the rest of our gear. It took about three trips, but we finally got all of our gear into the cabin. The shotgun never left my side.

Then it was time for me to get to work. I field-stripped my Mossberg .410, and removed the magazine restricter. I Rem-Oiled all of the moving parts, reassembled it and now had a pump-action shotgun capable of holding a maximum of seven 3-inch slugs, more than enough to take down an elephant. I then got to work on my Ruger 10/22. I removed the stock and replaced it with a bullpup design that I had purchased off the internet (bullpup meaning that the magazine is located behind the trigger group, giving you a compact weapon with the same barrel length). I loaded a few 20-round magazines with high-velocity "yellow jacket" ammunition and set everything aside.

It was getting late and everyone was getting hungry, so we decided to cook some burgers on the griddle, have a few beers and call it a night. My friend Adam slept on the couch with the Ruger, Joe slept in one bedroom and I slept in the last bedroom with my shotgun loaded, safety off right next to me.


I was awakened by a lot of commotion. My mind was a bit blurry since I just woke up, but Adam related the whole story to me. He had been sleeping on the couch with the windows open, letting the cool air blow into the living room. He had been drifting in and out of sleep until he had smelled something reminiscent of rotting animal and feces. He knows what a bear smells like, so he slowly closed the window, picked up the Ruger off the table and went over to my room to knock on the door. The moment before he began to say my name, something had thrown "itself at the side of the cabin."

Adam quickly spun around and dropped to a crouch and clicked the safety off the Ruger. I threw open my door behind him and stood there a moment, trying to get my bearings. I asked Adam what had just happened and he clarified the story for me. I glanced at the clock. It was shortly after six in the morning. Heh, our friend Joe never even awoke through the whole ordeal.

Adam and I spent the rest of the morning sitting on the couches, cradling our weapons and chain smoking cigarettes. We didn't speak much; we already knew what it had been. After eating breakfast and telling Joe what had happened, I went out to inspect the side of the cabin to see what type of damage had been incurred. There was mud on the window and a large gash in the roofing. The roof, at that point, is approximately eight feet from the ground.

We all sat down around the dining table and discussed our plans. My plan was to get a body. Adam's plan was to record this thing and Joe wanted nothing to do with it. After two glasses of beer, we had decided on it. We were going on a hunt.


We loaded the Rhino with a day's worth of water, food, weapons and ammunition. Any MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) officer who would've seen us would've thought we had come to take over the country. It was a damned hot day, and I didn't make it any cooler by rolling the Rhino through the thick trails at 5 mph. By five in the evening, we found a nice shaded area, had dinner and suited up to head back to camp. I drove a bit faster on the return trip, but I still kept my 10/22 "Spray n' Pray" aiming out of the driver's side door.

Upon arriving at the bottom of the hill where I had parked my car, I noticed something that I hadn't before. There was mud streaked down the driver's side of my car.

"Did someone s__t themselves?" Adam asked, referring to the foul odor in the air.

"No," I said. "Keep your guard up. We might have something in the area."

We rolled cautiously up to the cabin... and there it was in all its horrifying glory. Matted, disgusting hair, tinged green and dead-leaf yellow. The moment it saw our headlights, it dropped on all fours and ran into the thicket behind the cabin.

"Day number two, and this is it already, boys," I muttered as I shut off the engine and set the parking brake. I got out of the Rhino and handed Adam the 10/22. "How many spare magazines do you have for that thing?"

"Umm... three 20-rounds and one 10-round," he answered. "We're not following this thing are we?"

A sudden anger overwhelmed me. "Yes, if you want to stay in the cabin, stay in the mother_______ cabin."

"I'm coming," Joe said.

"Why the f___ not," Adam replied.

"Good," I said. "I want everyone to listen to every word I say. If I tell you to do something, do it."

They all nodded in solemn agreement. I instructed Adam to stay in front with the 10/22 and keep his eyes to the left. Joe would stay a few steps behind us and I would stand off to the right with the shotgun. After walking for about an hour, I started to smell that horrid stench again. We were getting closer. I could literally smell my prey.

"Are you sure it's legal to shoot Bigfoot?" Joe asked.

"Probably not, but I'm not too worried about it," I told him. "If I can kill it, take some photos and get them out to the media before MNR takes over, we should be on the front page nationwide."

"How much money do you think....?" Joe's words trailed off. I turned around to look at him and saw that same terrified look that I had seen nearly two years prior. I followed his gaze and could see the creature moving around a small "tipi" of dried grass; it was completely oblivious to our approach.

I dropped the tone of my voice. "Everyone, down on the ground." We all slowly obliged. My hands were shaking. Here was the moment of truth. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a flask of vodka and took a huge swig.

"Anyone else need some?" Joe took it from me, took a sip and put it in his pocket. "Okay, here's the plan. I want you both here to provide covering fire. It takes a little bit of time to reload, so make your shots count. I only want to engage it if it makes any threatening gestures. Meanwhile, I'm going to flank it on the right. I see a ditch that I can crawl through and hope doesn't notice me."

"Are you f____ing crazy?" Joe asked.

I hesitated. "Maybe." I then continued, "If this thing notices me crawling along the ditch I want to you open fire immediately. Don't aim for the head; he's too far out. Go for body shots. If I get into a good position, wait for me to start shooting before you do."

Joe shook his head. "Whatever you say."


"Give me my flask," I said. Joe obliged and I drank the rest of it in two swallows. I gave a weak smile. "If I'm going to be rendered limb-from-limb, I want to be buzzed while it's happening."

I watched as Adam took a traditional sniper position and got a bead on the creature that was still moving around its tipi. I rolled into the ditch and started army crawling, hoping that this thing didn't hear anything. The last thing I wanted to hear at that moment was gunfire from behind me. Murphy's Law states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." That applied to our situation quite nicely. As I was just orienting my body to get my head and barrel over the top of the ditch, I heard gunfire behind me and heard that horrible whiny, clicking scream again. I got my head above the trench to watch this creature get hit with four more hollow-points in the chest before dropping to a heap on the ground.

"Hold your fire and reload!" I yelled to my teammates. The next minute was tense. I couldn't believe it. We had actually killed Bigfoot! We were going to be all over the news the next morning. Then it got back up!

"Suppressive fire on target! NOW! NOW! NOW!" I screamed. The .22 caliber ammunition was having some effect on the creature's ability to stay upright. Each shot dropped it back down to its hands and knees. It was time for me to do my part and finish this. "HOLD FIRE! RELOAD!" I yelled as I stood up to full height.

The creature turned to look at me. This was the only time I had a good look at its face. It was terrifying. It looked like it was already dead. Its eyes were blacker than the night sky and the stench was unbearable. I couldn't compare this creature to anything I've seen before in my life. I fired a .410 slug directly into the side of its head and pumped in another round. It dropped back to the ground again.

"Move up!" I yelled, and I saw Adam and Joe move up slowly, Adam with his weapon still pointed at the creature. No creature in this world could survive a .410 slug to the skull, but this was no ordinary creature. It started getting back up! I fired two more shots into the head of the creature while walking forward. The stench, at this point, would have made me vomit if my adrenaline levels weren't so high. It slumped over again and I walked up to it with my shotgun shouldered and ready to fire again. I kicked its shoulder and it rolled over on its back.

Then it looked me right in the eyes.

At this point, I blacked out completely for approximately 15 minutes. According to my friend, Adam, this is what happened:

I went into a rage, he hold me. I screamed, I swore and fired all four slugs into the creature's face. After spending the rest of my magazine, I continued to dry-fire and attempt to pump another cartridge into the chamber. Realizing that I had no more ammunition, I did something that terrifies my friends and is told around campfires to this day. I calmly walked up as the creature as it was trying to roll over back onto its stomach to push itself up off the ground and kicked it, hard, with my steel-toed boot. It rolled back over to its back and I began beating it relentlessly with the butt end of my shotgun. I then pulled my 13-inch combat knife from my holster and slit its throat. I picked up my shotgun off the ground and walked over to Dave and Joe as if nothing had happened. I then asked Dave for the 10/22, asked him how many rounds it had left in it. Turned around and fired all twenty rounds, from the hip, into the body of this creature. I tossed the 10/22 back to Dave so he could put a fresh magazine in. I loaded my last three slugs. Then we waited.


I started to clarify my mind at this point and realize what I had done. No living creature could've withstood the punishment that I had inflicted on it. It had taken between 40-60 .22 hollow-point rounds, seven .410 shells to the head and face, a kick to the face, a brutal attack with the butt end of a shotgun and then having it's throat cut. But it started getting right back up. I didn't even bother readying the shotgun. Three more rounds weren't going to do anything but stun this thing. I don't even think a minigun mounted on a helicopter could've kept it down. Dave fired the rest of a magazine at it, and it barely flinched.

It then proceeded to stand up to full height and perform its whiny, clicky growl again, then turned and ran.

"What. The. F___!" I was speechless, but I felt I had to the need to do something. I pulled my can of Zippo fluid from my vest, walked over to its tipi and began to douse it with the entire contents. I lit my Zippo and the tipi immediately burst into flames. I walked back to my friends and all I could say was, "Why didn't it kill me?" No one could answer that question.

We proceeded quickly back to the cabin to stock up on ammunition, just in case the creature wanted to visit us in the night. During that time, I noticed something strange. There was nothing on the butt of my shotgun. No blood, no dirt. It looked like I had just pulled it off the shelf. Same with my knife. Not a drop of blood on the entire blade.

No one slept that night, and nothing attacked the cabin. We left the next morning, four days ahead of schedule. I don't believe I'm going to be going to my cabin again. After seeing what I have seen, this creature is not of this world. If bullets and bayonets couldn't harm it... what could?


Sunday, September 6, 2009



Excerpted from "Contact with Beings of Light" by Peter Guttilla

As Dorothy tells it:

There was one particular incident that was very strange, even for me, partly because it happened while Duncan was in the room, and partly because of how it took place. (Duncan was her husband.) I've only told this experience to a few people because it was one of those times that I didn't have a chance to film, even though I believe I did film the same craft at another time years later.

We were visiting relatives in Australia, in fact, we'd just arrived earlier that day, and Duncan and I were sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. It was very late and, as I recall, a stormy night with thunder, lightning, and gusts of wind. So there I was, and for some reason I woke up rather suddenly and noticed a greenish light in the room and two beings standing there, looking at me. Duncan was sound asleep and didn't move. The two beings, or entities, I don't know what to call them, I'm sure they were androids or some other artificial types, were standing there at the foot of the bed, holding rods in their hands. They were only about four feet tall, and this is what was so weird, they had very gentle-looking cow-like or calf-like faces. Their eyes were big and wide-set, and they had little muzzles or snouts, but their bodies were human in shape with two arms and legs. They were wearing what I can only describe as a sort of scuba diving suit, or that kind of one-piece style of outfit. Their clothing looked green, but that could have been because of the green glow in the room. Later on, when I could see the clothing more clearly, it did seem to be a light green in color. As strange as it was, there was nothing frightening about it. They had very mild expressions and didn't seem at all threatening. I was surprised but felt calm, I could tell they were friendly and that they were there for a reason.

Afraid that I might wake Duncan, I pushed off the bed covers and got out of bed slowly. I was never sure how my husband would react to something like this because he'd made it clear to me many times that he preferred not knowing too much about these things. He didn't move and continued to sleep soundly as I got up and put on my robe and stood facing the two little entities. It was such a weird scene; there was thunder, there were flashes of lightning, the wind was blowing, and the two entities just stood there in this faint green light with serene expressions.

Then one of them came over and handed me one of the rods. It was a shiny silvery white color, very light in weight, and I'd say about a foot long and maybe two inches in diameter. There were two buttons on one end of it. I said, "What do you want me to do with this?" The one standing closest to me said they wanted me to go with them so they could show me something. At first I spoke, but they didn't, instead they used their thoughts. I looked at Duncan, thinking that all this was going to wake him up. At that point the one standing near me told me not to worry, that my husband wouldn't waken because one of them would stay behind in the room. I guess that meant as long as one of them was there, he could keep watch and be sure Duncan didn't waken. I remember feeling very relieved. As weird as it sounds to some people, and it even sounds kooky to me sometimes, I'd gotten so familiar with these types of things that it didn't bother me anymore. Knowing Duncan would stay asleep was a relief, not only because of how he might react to these strange looking entities if he woke up and found them there, but can you imagine his concern if he got up and found me gone?

One of the entities went to the window and pressed a button on the rod he was holding and, boom, just like that he passed through the window. I was so amazed; how could he do that? Mind you, these were security-type windows because we were on the ground floor of the house. My relatives had those metal bars on the windows for protection. But this little entity went right through as if it wasn't even there.

As he went through, he told me to follow him. How can I do that, I said, I can't go through the wall and the window? He said, "Push the button." So I pushed one of the buttons and nothing happened, although I did feel suddenly lighter because I was levitating a bit. It's an odd feeling because my body felt weightless, making me feel a bit out of control for a moment. He said, "Now push the other button." I pushed the other little button, and suddenly I moved toward the window and was outside. It was truly something like they do on the television program Star Trek, that's all I can think of to compare it to. But there was no twinkling or crackling or any of that; it just happened instantly.

So it was like that, and I pressed the button on the rod and I was through the wall and the window. I think there was some kind of force field set up, too, because I didn't feel the rain or wind, and yet it was blowing hard all around us. Once I was outside, I could see an enormous round cylinder shaped craft hovering above; the entity flew up toward it and I followed him. We went through an opening underneath the craft. The opening was like a big doorway with a ramp of some kind in it, or it seemed to me that a ramp would come from it. There were windows above it, extending on either side.

When we arrived inside the craft, I could see that there were two levels to it. The upper level was shaped like a huge dome. I remember being very nervous because I was gliding through the air. I felt terribly wobbly, and when we got to the craft, we moved around the interior in the same way, but by then I was getting along a little better. There didn't seem to be a speed control with it, I just moved at a pace identical to the little entity in front of me, and where he went, I went as well.

The craft was extremely big. Later, I tried to estimate its size and all I could think to compare it to was maybe a football field. I'd say it was almost the size of a football field. The interior was immense and airy and very clean smelling. I noticed that around the dome was a catwalk or a walkway with a railing that people were walking on, going here and there and to other parts of the craft. There were a lot of human beings there, or people that looked like human beings, but I don't know if they were from earth, or from somewhere else. There was also another ordinary looking man who seemed to be a leader. He was dressed in a blue or indigo-colored uniform of some kind and wore a cloak-like garment with gold trimming along the edges, on the cuffs, and at the spot where a gold clip held the cloak on. His hair and eyes were dark, possibly brown. As he walked passed by me, I noticed a brownish, parchment-like paper rolled into a scroll in his hand. He was walking and looking at us flying around. He smiled, and I assumed he knew I was getting a tour of the place.

He walked away and went into a room down from where I was. I followed the little entity who brought me here, and we moved around a bit, looking at this and that, eventually coming near the room the man had entered. Looking in, I saw a raised platform that looked like a big table to me. The man in the blue uniform was standing there at the table, and the paper he'd been carrying earlier was laid out flat on the table where he, and several others, were looking it over. That's when I noticed that some of the other people at the table were different in appearance. They all looked human, not like those crazy-looking characters you see in the movies or anything, but they were slightly different from one another. Each wore a different uniform, though the one-piece styles were somewhat alike. Some of them were quite slim, others shorter and broader, while others had slightly larger eyes. Except for these slight differences, they all looked like human beings. I couldn't see too much detail because I was some distance away, but I watched this scene for a while, and from there we continued to look around a bit. It seemed quite busy everywhere I looked. I just couldn't get over the size of the craft; even though it almost felt like an arena, it still somehow seemed very light at the same time.

After this I was taken back to my room just as quickly as I'd left it. I gave the rod to the other little entity and the two of them left. I just stood quietly at the window for a while, thinking about how truly amazing this universe of ours really is. Duncan was still asleep and breathing deeply. He turned over a little, looking very comfortable, so obviously nothing had bothered him while I was away. When he got up later, I told him about it, and he just nodded as he always did. He was such a dear; I'm sure he knew by then that something was going on with all this, but he liked knowing as little about it as possible. The feeling of flying around with that little stick in my hand never left me. It was truly remarkable. I'm sure there will be people who will think I only dreamed I passed through walls and flew around but it was very real. I could feel and smell the air, touch my clothing, and hear sounds. It always amuses me when people suggest this sort of thing, because most people know the difference between a dream and a real experience... and so do I. Besides, many examples of these sorts of experiences can be seen in my films, and no one can say that my films are dreams. My camera lens has been my best friend in all this, and nobody can deny what they see in my pictures.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


By (name withheld)

I have recently come to realize that I, my wife and my eight-year-old son have been involved with some form of contact that I cannot explain. I have joined an abduction group, which has helped me greatly, and I feel that I have now come to terms with my experiences. Even so, I have written only a brief account here, because writing about my encounters still gives me a bit of fear.

About 16 months ago, my wife and son and I moved to the US from England. We bought a house in October. Everything was fine until February.

Then the lady next door told me that a man had been photographing our house. I thought nothing about it -- until I saw a man drive up in a blue Jeep, take one photograph and drive away. When this happened three more times over a nine day period, I began to worry. The last time it happened, I ran outside, only to see a red car with a government license place racing away.

Next we started getting weird telephone calls -- beeping noises, silent lines... It worried me.

On about March 16, my wife was awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a bright blue light in the bedroom. Strangely, she simply went back to sleep. That same night, I awoke in a bright white room. I remember that three small cream-colored or pale white "things" were on my right, and a human-looking female, who was trying to calm me, was on my left. Something was placed on my lower back and I felt terrible pain.

When I awoke, the room was lit with blue light. I thought I was dying. I was sweating, my heart raced, and all I could see was the image of those three beings in my mind. I suffered trauma for about 3 1/2 months. I know that what happened was more than a dream.

After this encounter, I remembered that three years before in England, I had had another experience, during which two beings stood at the side of my bed. One pulled the sheets back and held my leg. I remember feeling a floating sensation, then being in a dark room. At the time, I just thought it was a dream.

I have always had memories of seeing white shapes in my bedroom as a child. My parents said I used to talk to an invisible friend when I was between the ages of about six and eight. My wife and I have both seen blue and purple balls of light in our house. And I have had fantastic out-of-body experiences -- but I still do not trust the things behind them.

I think "aliens" are inter-dimensional, soulless spirits, whose bodies need to feed on our emotions. In one "dream," I was shown a gray being and told, "We have no souls, spirits or feelings." I also know that there is more than one race of these beings. I have seen white ones, gray ones and some that look reptilian.

I believe that the whole UFO/alien agenda is far beyond our present comprehension, and that soon humanity will come to realize that we are only one small piece in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.