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By Wes Bateman

The loss of Flight 19 on December 5, 1945, is a classic disappearance that took place in the Bermuda Triangle. It began with a routine training flight participated in by five Grumman Avenger torpedo bombers, also known as TBMS. The planes on the mission were designated Flight 19. Their radio identification code was the letters F-T.

It is reported that 4 of the TBMs carried crews of 3 men and one carried a crew of 2. Thus the flight consisted of 14 men.

While returning to their base at Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station, the flight leader Lt. Charles C. Taylor radioed back to the base that the flight was in some kind of trouble. Apparently they were lost, and the confusion continued for about an hour, after which the radio signals grew weaker and weaker until they disappeared. The 5 planes and 14 men aboard them were then reported missing.

During the hour of confusion it is reported that the following radio conversation took place between Lt. Taylor and the For Lauderdale tower.

Taylor: "Calling control tower...emergency. We seem to have gone off course... we can't see the ground any more. I repeat: we can't see the ground."

Another reporting source states that this transmission included the statement "We can't see the ground or the sun."

Tower: "What is your position?"

Taylor: "We are not certain of our position. We don't know exactly where we are; we seem to be lost."

Tower: "In that case, you must fly west."

Taylor: "We can't tell which is west. Nothing is working properly. It's nuts...we can't be sure of any directions. Even the sea looks funny..."

It then became more difficult to pick up messages from Flight 19. The aircraft progressively lost contact with the tower, but every now and then snatches of conversation between the pilots were heard. They were discussing the possibility of running out of fuel, of 75-knot winds, of malfunctioning magnetic and gyro compasses.

According to some reports, the last words heard from Flight 19 were: "We are entering white water. We are completely lost."

Reporter Art Ford stated that another radio conversation took place between flight leader Taylor and a fellow Navy pilot Lt. F. Cox, who was in the air but not part of Flight 19. The conversation went as follows:

Cox: "What is your altitude? I will fly south to meet you."

Taylor: "Don't come after me. They look like they're from outer space. Don't come after me!"

The test of these and all other radio transmissions from Flight 19 are on public record in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

One report states that Taylor was overheard to either turn over the command of the flight to another pilot in the formation, or turn over the flying duties of his plane. This is not clear.

It is also reported that one of the Avenger pilots broke formation and took off on his own to find safer and more familiar skies.

The fact that the compasses and radios of all five planes malfunctioned at the same time and that Lt. Taylor did not comply with the constant request that he switch his radio to the emergency frequency adds to the mystery.

Fort Lauderdale sent a Martin Mariner (a large amphibious craft) to try to rescue the five avengers. There were 13 men aboard the Mariner.

One hour after take-off the Martin Mariner disappeared, too. The control tower tried in vain to contact its pilot. What happened to the Martin Mariner?

A little after 7 p.m., the Naval Air Station at Opalocka picked up an almost inaudible radio signal that continually repeated "FT...FT," which was the call sign of Flight 19. Could this have been a communication from the Avengers?

Nothing was found of the 5 TBMs or the Mariner, in spite of the intensive search by 240 land-based aircraft, 70 aircraft from the aircraft carrier Solomons, 4 destroyers, 18 Coast Guard patrol boats, hundreds of private aircraft and yachts and boats of all sorts. Nothing was found: no inflatable rafts, not the least trace of oil, not a sign of wreckage. Avenger-type aircraft are known to float from minutes to hours. Why were no bodies, oil slicks or wreckage of any type found? Why didn't any of the men use their parachutes and life rafts?

During the search of December 6, 1945, a Navy Privateer, which was a 1-tail version of the Army Air Corps 2-tail B-24, also disappeared without a trace.

A report published by the Navy after several months of inquiry offered no explanation for the disappearances.

During the evening of August 16, 1985, I was engaged in assembling and combining videotape segments that contained accounts and pictures pertaining to the subject of UFOs. I combined three videotape segments, which were:

1. A series of computer enhancements of a Swiss Air Force jet that had been photographed along with a UFO.

2. The account of the missing five TBM (Grumman Avenge torpedo bombers) and a Martin Mariner (seaplane) in the Bermuda Triangle.

3. UFO photographs and motion picture footage that was taken by American astronauts as they conducted missions in space.

The videotape from which I was dubbing segment 3 was several years old and had not been played recently. On several occasions during the dubbing process, the player deck misidentified the original recoding speed of the tape. This caused the tape to slow down, distorting parts of the dub. To accomplish my work, I had to run the tape over and over again until the problem cleared up.

During these numerous reruns my attention was drawn to a picture of an odd-shaped UFO that was photographed by the crew of Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969, while they were en route to the first moon landing.

Even though the shape of this UFO was irregular, it looked familiar to me. I knew I had seen that shape before. I soon realized that I had in fact seen something similar to that shape only several minutes before when I was dubbing the segment that contained the computer-analysis pictures of the UFO and Swiss Air Force jet.

I then ran off a black-and-white photo of the Apollo 11 UFO on my video printer. After rotating the video-print from the vertical to the horizontal, I concluded that the UFO had the shape of an airplane that was either encased in ice or some other material.

Following the contour of the UFO from nose to tail, I noted the familiar blunt nose and long canopy that covered the two-seat cockpit, the bubble of the rear gun turret, and the high tail of the Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bomber.

Returning to the segment that pertained to the missing planes (Flight 19) I made a video photo of an Avenger for comparison with the Apollo UFO. This comparison left me in little doubt that the Apollo 11 UFO was the remains of a Grumman Avenger and most likely one of the five that once composed Flight 19.

In studying the Apollo UFO, two things about the shape of the object bothered me. (1) The tail looked a little too close to the rear gun turret. (2) There are two small arc-like indentations in the bottom of the object just below the position of the cockpit.

Both of these questions were answered by a friend who at one time flew this type of plane when dropping Borate on forest fires.

There are two possible answers for this tail appearing to be too close to the rear turret. (1) The angle from which the astronauts took the picture may have somewhat distorted the true perspective.

The second possibility and the one I presently favor, is that (2) the fuselage is bent at an angle due to the tail section hitting the waters of the Atlantic in what my friend called a "boomerang crash." From personal knowledge he said that it was common or an Avenger that crashes into the sea to end up with a bent rear fuselage.

My friend then answered the question of the existing arc-like indentations in the belly of the plane/UFO. His answer was simple: The indentations represent either the collapsed torpedo bombing doors or their absence.

The silhouette (shadow) or a scale model TBM was superimposed over a slide projection of the Apollo UFO finding that all features fit exactly.

The Apollo 11 UFO photo was taken when the spacecraft was one day out on route to the moon. I have not ascertained what distance Apollo 11 was from the earth when the photo was taken.

One thing is quite certain, the Avenger in the astronaut's photo did not and could not attain orbital velocity and insert itself into any orbit, let alone an orbit that ranged far out into space. This, of course, means that something natural, supernaturatural, or man-made that had these physical abilities in 1945 places at least one of the missing five planes into earth orbit.

One explanation is that some freak natural force such as a giant tornado-like vortex sucked up the Avengers and accelerated them to a speed in excess of 18,000 miles an hour (gravitational escape velocity). Another explanation is that some power source planted by some sort of intelligence went into action either by plan or chance. Both are somewhat discredited by the communications Lt. Taylor had with Lt. Cox: "Don't come after me. They look like they're from outer space. Don't come after me!" From Lt. Taylor's words we can conclude that he might have been encountering at the time more than one something (thus the plural terms "they" and "they're" in his communication). Then again he may have had sight of one thing that he thought contained a number of occupants who in his opinion were demonstrating something he was sure was not of this world.

It is reported that the planes were armed and their mission actually entailed dropping explosives into the sea. If this is true, this activity might have triggered the fate of the airmen involved.

Perhaps in the course of their bombing they accidentally hit and damaged a submerged alien spacecraft -- or maybe they had actually been sent on a mission to target the spacecraft. If the latter is true, you can bet the Navy will never admit it.

Let's for the moment imagine that the Avengers were either deliberately or accidentally drawn into a force field that relates to a field-driven propulsion system of the damaged extraterrestrial spacecraft. Such a field driven system might have some active electromagnetic components and gravitational effects, which in turn would account for the malfunctioning of the magnetic and gyro compasses of the Avengers, causing Lt. Taylor to say: "We can't tell which is west. Nothing is working properly. It's nuts... we can't be sure of any direction. Even the sea looks funny...."

It is safe to speculate that at least 1 of the 4 Avengers (or 5, counting the one that reportedly left the flight formation) were drawn into the vortex of a spacecraft's propulsion system (as birds are sometimes drawn into jet engines). After that maybe other things -- such as large volumes of foaming seawater -- were also drawn into the spacecraft's field drive, causing Lt. Taylor to transmit the statement "We are entering white water. We are completely lost!"

It is possible that Lt. Taylor did comply with the request to switch his radio to the emergency frequency, but perhaps radio waves of that frequency could not escape the confines of the spacecraft's field drive.

At this point we can imagine the extraterrestrial spacecraft accelerating into space, either in ignorance of or with full knowledge that they were dragging with them 1 or more of the 5 Avengers plus large amounts of seawater.

Such an ascent must have been quite rapid, and by the time the spacecraft reached outer space the Avenger pilots would be dead, entombed in their planes now sheathed in frozen seawater.

Upon reaching outer space, the Avengers, now having acquired a velocity that would permit them to orbit the earth (for at least 2 years) were either jettisoned by the spacecraft or released automatically when the spacecraft changed its propulsion field for the purpose of space travel. In either case the Avengers could have been dropped off at intervals that might now separate them in the same orbit or in successively higher orbits by thousands of miles.

When the question of why the extraterrestrials would do such a thing is considered, many thoughts come to mind:

(1) Their actions might represent a disregard for the lives of what they might consider to be a lower life form.

(2) Their encounter and involvement with Flight 19 might have been an accident caused by a malfunction of their propulsion system or by damage to the system sustained from bombs dropped unknowingly or deliberately by the avengers on the spaceship(s) lying submerged in the sea. If the Avengers did not practice live bombing runs that day, perhaps their practice attack dives could have been interpreted by the extraterrestrials as a real threat.

I prefer to think that the Martin Mariner and the Privateer became lost for different, unrelated reasons, because the alternative implies that they were deliberately destroyed or captured by the extraterrestrials out of revenge.

Returning to the subject of the Apollo 11 UFO, the photograph indicates that the plane might have "boomerang crashed" into the sea, thus bending its fuselage at an angle. This could be the only plane of Flight 19 that is in orbit. It could very well be the plane that left the formation.

In this possible scenario, four of the Avengers and their crews are taken aboard the extraterrestrial spacecraft intact, and the fifth plane and its crew are fished from the sea. Later the plane and maybe its crew are abandoned in orbit.

In the spring of 1990, a supermarket tabloid headlined: "World War Two Bomber Found on the Moon." An accompanying picture provided by a Soviet space probe showed a US Navy Privateer resting in a lunar crater. Is this the Privateer that disappeared while looking for the 5 TBMs and the Mariner?

It is hopeful to think that all the men of Flight 19 are now alive and well on some distant world, learning all they can about the culture and technology of their extraterrestrial hosts. Some day they might return in the manner depicted in the motion picture Close Encounters of the Third Kind and tell us what really happened on that day some 40 years ago.

Nolan Luftus of Salt Lake City,Utah, was an employee of McDonnel-Douglas and was present at Mission Control during the Apollo 11 mission. His firsthand account of the Apollo UFO sighting and photography by the spacecraft's crew is as follows:

"The UFO was in orbit at about a 6000-mile altitude. At first the Apollo crew thought that it was their discarded booster rocket, but it was later proven that the rocket stage was some 6000 miles away at the time. The booster rocket was about forty feet long (which is the same length as a TBM)."

The Apollo crew used several rolls of film to photograph the UFO. Because of the importance of the Apollo 11 mission, little was said or done about the UFO until the crew and photographs were returned to earth.

Even though a number of photographs of the UFO were taken, it appears that only one of the exposures has been widely circulated.

NASA's photoanalysis of the UFO initially declared the UFO to be a "formation of ice" and later stated it was a piece of debris only 10 inches long and from the Apollo spacecraft itself. NASA would have us believe that the highly trained Apollo astronauts' estimated 40-foot length of the object was wrong. What do you think?
Wes Bateman is a telepath with direct, open contact to ETs from the open state, who are not subject to earth mankind's frequency-barrier-caused closed brain and limited consciousness. Bateman has 30 years of ongoing information on the open state.

This article formerly ran in the Missing Link Number 109. Wes spoke about this at the conference of the UFOCCI in Cottonwood, Arizona.


Posted: 20 Jul 2010 12:53 PM PDT
About three years ago, I had a strange encounter in the length of woods that borders my house. It was winter and I was on one of my routine hikes with my brother. We would periodically stop and rest, listening to the sounds of the forest. We were climbing a steep hill and having a hell of a time with it. Our march was halted when I stepped in a pothole and when I finally dragged my foot out we decided to take a breather. That's when I saw it. We were just standing there, making small talk, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure. I turned and saw a large, lanky creature watching us from atop a hill. The very instant my gaze fixed on it, it began to barrel down the hill at us. I tried to run or even alert my brother, but I couldn't move. I was paralyzed with fear.

I heard my brother asked "what's the matter?"...but I couldn't tell him because I didn't know. I didn't know what I was looking at. I was finally able to break my paralysis and was about to tell him what was happening and then it was gone. Just POOF! Like smoke in the wind. Needless to say I hauled ass out of there. If I was to describe the thing I would say that it was at least 6'1 with some of the longest hair I've ever seen. It had a slim build and was completely nude. It's body was pale with a large patch of hair on it's chest. I never caught sight of it's face or any reproductive parts, but I have the feeling it was male.

Every time I look back on it and try to analyze what it might have been I always come up short. I can't come up with a believable or concrete explanation. I sometimes doubt I saw anything at all. Granted this is not the first strange experience I've had in those woods. The disembodied baby's cry comes to mind.

Cody B.
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

NOTE: this is an interesting anecdote. Was it a hominid spirit or a interdimensional being...or something completely different? I recently received another interesting, but very brief account from a reader in Pennsylvania. She states that she witnessed what looked like a feral human while in vicinity of Tiadaghton State Forest in Lycoming County during the late 1970's. This being was described as only 4 ft. tall with reddish hair all over the body, though sparse on the chest where she noticed what she thought were breasts. The facial features were human in all respects. This hominid stood for a few seconds, made no sound, turned to it's left, took a step and faded if it was walking through a wall of water. The email didn't go into much more detail but she did state that the area did have 'old ghost towns' in it...Lon - From Phantoms and Monsters blog


By Aileen

Two young men in 1987 were walking from Empire street, turned left onto Broadway, walking south. They both saw this tall sasquatch, all white, with long hair under its arms watching them from between buildings. He was standing kind of looking at them with curiosity, like what are you? He had his hand around the trunk of this little tree like you would hold a can of soda. He looked to be about eight feet tall, at least.

The one young man asked the other, do you see what I see? He said what are you seeing? A sasquatch! They started running south to one of the boys homes. They were running as fast as they could and the sasquatch was just walking along, keeping up with them.

They ran to the boy's home and shut the door. They looked back to see if it had come to the house but it had disappeared. They figured it had come up out of the deep canyon in back of those businesses.

About a year later one of the young men was talking to a girl who told him a strange story. She lived in Crown Point, NM. A group of her friends would go to this one area in the forest and party. This one night she had to work so they went on without her. Later they went back and picked her up. They were looking for this Sasquatch when they got back. After they arrived in the area where they partied this white sasquatch jumped onto their car. It started throwing rocks at them and then it dented the car in with a stick and was trying to break out the front windshield. The group had scratches on them from its attack. They started the car and got out of there.

They were going to start a fire and perhaps that is why the Sasquatch reacted like that. He didn't want them to, maybe he had experienced a forest fire before! Mostly he was trying to scare them away, which worked.

This one looked just like the one the boys had seen in Cortez. It too was white and had long hair. It had a mostly human face. An experience none of them will ever forget.

The girl told the young man about this before he told her what he had seen. He was surprised that it also was white. I haven't heard of any white Sasquatch until this case.


This report was filed in reference to a sighting in Jefferson County, TX Report #01060011
Occurred October 15, 1984 -(Submitted April 7, 2006)

Witness Observation:

I was squirrel hunting out around Pine Island Bayou in the early afternoon. I was walking down a make shift trail running beside the bayou. The area was pretty open and you could see everything clearly. No high brush or dense wooded areas either. I was sitting on an old tree that had fallen and was snacking on something and petting my dog that was with me, half lab/half pit bull. We were sitting there when all of a sudden we heard this splashing noise coming from the bayou which was probably 50 feet to the side of me. The splashing was probably 200 feet away from me down the trail. My dog snapped to attention and I had my shotgun pulled and ready for whatever we saw. Up the bank came this large creature walking on 2 legs. It looked right at me and took a step toward me when my dog started growling and barking at it. It was probably 6'5" - 7'0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. Well, my dog started to run toward it and it picked up an old log and threw it at him, then turned around and ran back across the bayou and back into the woods on the other side. It had made a kind of growling/yelling noise when it threw the log at him. I did shoot at it when it threw the log but I only had a single shot .410 and I do not know if any of the buckshot hit him. It scared me so bad that instead of running back up the trail I had came down, I just ran straight into the woods behind me until I came to the first house in the back part of the sub-division and never looked back until I hit the road that was there and waited for my dog to catch up to me. From that day forth I have never went back into those woods or any woods around me. I have not told anyone until recently we saw the report on the Travel Channel and I told my wife what I saw. I did not stay around or go back and look for anything. I will say this, I still have dreams/nightmares of that moment.
Physical Evidence: I did not go back and look nor did I tell anyone about it.

Sounds: It growled/yelled

Additional Observations: Large creature walking on 2 legs. It was probably 6' 5" - 7' 0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. No. Too far away to notice.

This was at Pine Island Bayou, back of Bevil Oaks Subdivision, (now part of a Big Thicket National Preserve corridor)

Time and Conditions: 2:00pm - Clear and Cool. Swampy & wooded.

Investigator's Comments:
Bob Hilliard

I spoke with the witness on 25 May 2006. He gave me no reasons to dismiss his report, was very cordial and seemed very sincere about what he allegedly saw.

As stated in his report, the witness told me that he was hunting for squirrels with his dog behind the Bevil Oaks subdivision and was sitting about 50 feet from Pine Island Bayou. He reportedly heard a loud splashing sound and then sounds like something large coming through the water to his side of the bayou. Thinking maybe it was a deer, the witness stated that he crouched down so that it would not see him. The witness went on to tell me that to his surprise, "a large creature with dark brown, almost black hair, walking on two legs, came up the bank."

The witness said that it looked straight at him and its face looked very human. The witness reported that when his dog started barking, the strange subject made sort of a growling yelp, threw a small log their way, then turned and went back across the bayou and into the woods. He said the bayou is at least five feet deep but the subject had no problem at all crossing it.

The witness stated that the wind was behind him and the subject was about 50 to 75 yards away so there was no smell. He also stated that he had seen some tracks earlier but thought the reason they were so big was because the person making them was sliding in the slick mud.

After thinking about it later on, the witness said:
1. No one would be walking around out there barefoot and;
2. He didn't remember seeing any slide marks.

When asked if he had had any other experiences in the area or heard of any more sightings, the witness replied that two of his friends had supposedly heard some strange whooping and howling in the same area and that there was another alleged sighting a couple of years later further on down the bayou. The witness had not heard of anything recently.

It is my assessment that the witness seemed credible, was very forthcoming and answered all my questions as best he could. The witness told me that he just recently told his wife about his sighting because he had seen the TBRC on the Travel Channel; according to his own testimony, he has never told anyone else.
The area in which the sighting occurred is now quite developed, although much less so at the time of the alleged event. About three miles from this area to the west, the Big Thicket National Preserve Bayou corridor continues into Little Pine Island Bayou, which eventually runs through the Lance Rosier Unit, and on northward toward the Turkey Creek and Big Sandy Creek units; none of the units mentioned here are without reported "wild man" sightings, both aged and recent.

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In the last few days I have read two books; one on the Sasquatch and one on the Skunk Ape. Neither title seems to fit what the two persons experienced because they became friends to the "Illusive Ones".

The first book was "Enoch" by Autumn Williams. She has been interested in Sasquatch since she was small when Autumn and her mother encountered two on the path to the river to get water.

She was not afraid because she was just a child and didn't know to be scared. Since then she has pursued sightings and witnesses to learn all she can about the Illusive Ones."

The book is about a man that has made cautious friends with "Enoch". The reason he called him Enoch is because he would make the sound of "E" and then a knock. Over ten years he created trust with Enoch.

I loved this book and it brought great understanding to how the Sasquatch live, love, have babies and have the same emotions we do. In other words, it touched my heart.

One important thing I learned was that investigators say that there has never been a cadaver found in the wilds. Enoch allowed "Mike" to see why. One day Mike heard the loudest screaming he had ever heard in the wilds. He ran to see what had happened and in the clearing was a mother with her dead baby in her arms. Her mate came to her and took the baby and carried it into the forest. The whole clan followed. The men dug a deep hole and put fronds in the bottom, laid the baby down and covered it with more fronds and then dirt. Another "man" brought a tree with the boll on the bottom and planted it over the grave. They then smoothed the dirt out so you would never know that anything was buried under the tree. So there you have the answer. They are not taken into an alternative dimension when they die. The Illusive ones have a way to cover any contingency because they are human like us and have their own society. It is only that they fear what man can do to them that makes them stay hidden.

The other book was by Tom Burnette. He lives in North Carolina. His mother had property that led up to a mountain. He decided he would build his home halfway up the mountain. All around him was laurel, trees, boulders, etc. From the beginning he would see the shapes of the Illusive Ones hiding in the laurel and watching him. He started feeding them and they established a code so they would know he had brought food. Then when they were hungry they would send the same code to let him know to bring food!

The difference between Tom and Mike is that Tom wanted to get pictures to prove they were real. Mike tried to do that only once and paid the price for it. He felt terrible that he had ruined the trust that he had built up with Enoch. He threw all his cameras in the river. Tom kept trying to get pictures on the trail cams he set up. He would take the film to Ekhard's Drug to get developed. He kept getting back blank pictures. He finally surmised that someone was taking the pictures because one day he got one batch back with an adhesive bandage holding the negative strip together! So finally he changed where he got it developed and used a fake name. He then got the whole strip with animal pictures on it and a couple of unknowns.

The point of the books is that witnesses live with their knowledge and experiences of the Illusive Ones and want to protect them. They are not out to collect "poop", hair, footprints, pictures or anything that would say where they live. Witnesses realize that these illusive ones have feelings too and they wouldn't do anything to hurt them in any way. That makes me happy.

Now to compare what Tom and Mike have shared about the ones they care about to what an investigator believes here is a paragraph out of a recent write up of an interview by Brent Raynes with Don Keating, the director of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center. You can read more about him at

(snip) Don Keating: I think that we're just dealing with an animal that has yet to be discovered by the scientific community. I don't think that we're dealing with anything sensational, although I would not rule anything out and I would not ridicule or criticize anybody for their opinion that might differ from mine. I just think that we're dealing with a physical flesh and blood creature at this point in time.

(snip) Well I think that a lot of the various groups (researchers!) that work against each other need to start working with each other. I think that they're all in it for the same reason, which is to discover whether or not this creature exists or not, or to prove it. I think they need to start working on common ground and comparing notes and see if we can come to a conclusion a little faster and prove its existence.

"I don't think that we're dealing with an animal that is dangerous towards humans. I think that it's curious, it's shy, it's elusive and I think that many of the encounters are just chance encounters. I'm pretty sure that it's out there. You've just got to use real good methods that you could use to draw one out. !!! Out of curiosity I just think you see them when they want you to and I think that the vast majority, if not all of the encounters, are just chance encounters. But I don't think that they're aggressive towards people."

Both Tom and Mike put food out for their friends. In Tom's case they reciprocated by putting perfect mushrooms in the path where he would find them after he fed them. Also green acorns. Green Acorns do not fall off of trees, yet he would find a lot of them in the path he trod on the mountain so he knew they were a gift. He always picked every one of them up.

As I have written in the past I had my own experience with Sasquatch. Our friend had a gold claim up the north fork of the John Day river in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. We had gone with him to camp out while the two men dug this big hole and ran the sand over mercury plates to extract the gold. One morning there was a huge footprint in the soft dirt that had been thrown out of the hole. In one step it crossed the hole and walked around our tents. We could also see where it had walked. We left that morning!

When I still lived in Seattle we interviewed an elderly gentleman in Elna, Washington that had his own experience with a lady Sasquatch. It began by rocks being thrown on his trailer from a little hill behind it. I imagine that was to get his attention. A typical Sasquatch behavior. This was a remote area and he lived by himself in a dilapidated trailer.

One night when he was in bed the lady Sasquatch came into his trailer. She let him know that she needed to be impregnated because there were no more males in her tribe that she could reproduce with. The old man was not afraid and even described her genitalia to us. About a year later she came back to present the offspring. He was very enthused about it all.

The point of this dissertation is that looking for hair, poop, footprints, and pictures will never tell you who the Illusive Ones are, or how they live, feel and love. Only through interaction over a period of time will reveal that and by then you want to protect them at any cost. In Tom's case he said he will interact with them until he dies. I am sure Mike feels that way about Enoch. He said he will protect him and his friends above any human. Most humans only want to shoot one to prove they exist. That is barbaric. I wish more persons felt like Tom and Mike.

Thursday, July 22, 2010



The following is information given by Colin McCarthy on George Adamski resulting from the personal meeting with him in 1959. It was later printed in the SCORITON MYSTERY.

“During the course of the evening someone asked whether the space visitors were good or bad. Adamski hesitated a little and said that in the beginning he thought they were all good, but he had since received information that there were certain people on certain planets, he did not say where, negative types, who were coming to Earth. A wave of them was expected within one to two years. He said then that we would probably find lots of ‘funny’ UFO landings taking place and strange kidnappings - he was not very explicit and changed the subject as if he realized he had said something out of turn. Significantly, independent confirmation of this took place in Australia about a year later.” (This was before all the abductions started to take place - Ed.)


“One Summer’s day, a milkman was up very early beginning his rounds at Wanda Beach, south of Sydney. The sun was not quite up. He heard a whining, swishing noise and noticed a pulsating light shining behind the sand dunes. Suspecting a fire he wandered over to investigate. There he came across a conventional, disc-shaped device, pulsing with a violet light, the whining hum becoming louder and softer with each pulsation. The object was hovering two feet above the ground. He was in two minds whether to run or to investigate further. He decided on the latter and as he went towards it two quite ordinary looking men came out from behind it and confronted him. He said they were dressed as you would imagine any spaceman to be dressed, with fish bowl shaped helmets, transparent at the front. Their eyes were vivid blue and slanted in oriental fashion. They spoke in perfect English but he noticed that although their lips were moving, the voice appeared to be coming from a square box on the belt. A fairly astute man, he got the impression it was some sort of translating device. The lips were not moving with the words, which sounded very metallic, as though coming through some sort of electronic equipment. Later on they said a couple of words that did not translate and they simply came back in their own language.

They said they had come on a very long journey from somewhere near the galactic centre. A name was mentioned but it came out in a garble - of course it would not have had any relation to our star field at all. They said they were part of an expedition which was approaching the planet Earth. The people of the solar system had called for help because there was a space war brewing and consequently they had come to do a survey. In fact, they had actually to sneak through enemy territory to get here; space travel was not a simple matter of going from A to B in a straight line, they had to follow curved magnetic routes through the galaxy and they had to come through that area to get here.

These beings have a rule in three of four systems in the Orion Nebula, they told him.

Apparently, the Orion groups were very advanced scientifically, but not morally or spiritually, and they were hungry for new worlds to feast their eyes upon. The Earth, they said, was one of the most magnificent planets in this particular galactic field, or star cluster, in natural resources, forests, vegetation, etc. They decided this was a good planet to take over, and they would have taken over long before now if it was not for the vigilance of certain “Goodies” who are working for God, or the Infinite. They said these groups from the region of Orion had already ruined a planet in our solar system once before. This was the planet Lucifer-Maldek which blew up and is now part of the asteroid belt.

A number of other things were told him which he could not remember. He did ask how their space ship worked and they tried to explain, but owing to the limits of the translating device this came out garbled too. Then they told him that they could not really explain to him how it worked because this was beyond Earth science at the moment. Finally, they said they were going back; they had carried out their survey and they were going to return to their home base and report to their Council what they had seen and make a recommendation that a full-scale expedition should be sent. There was a danger they might not get back as they had to get through the Orion Nebula. This would take three years. If they were lucky, in another six or seven years they would return and contact him again. He asked why they should contact him again, he could not get much sense out of the answer. They said it was something to do with his aura. They said he was going to be used for a certain job, but for the moment he would know nothing about this, he was just to continue his life and not even speak about the experience. Two years went by before he even mentioned to anybody what had happened.”

An interesting piece of information they gave was that the negative race itself was physically weak and they were attempting to create a stock; an Orion-cum-Earth race, which would eventually take over this planet and become a member of their civilization.


What do I mean by that? Simply this. Through studying many cases of abductions by alien “type” beings, through current affairs of the world political scene and through awareness of individual consciousness, we can see the mileposts of past, present and future scenarios as they unfold.

To try and pull this scenario together into a comprehensive picture will be difficult in a short synopsis. One could write volumes on each aspect.

Let us begin with “The Bible Revisited,” a little booklet published by myself. In this book written by Roland Smyth, we see the extra-terrestrials masquerading as “Gods” or the “Elohim.” “El” means one; “Elohim” means many. The Bible states that the Gods took wives from the Earth and had children. This was the beginning of our neotany scenario. A sudden shift in consciousness emerged.

To understand the “Plan” we must examine all sources of data. Of course, my personal favorite is through the hypnosis cases I work with. Just recently has it begun to come together so that now the veil of ignorance is being slowly lifted.

Throughout recorded history there have been recorded visitations of “angels, Madonas, elves, fairies, Leprechauns, ghosts and apparitions.” Today we recognize some of them as “aliens,” EBE’s, Grays, Plijarans, Reticulans. Only the names have changed. The mode operendi is the same. Our awareness of intelligence has changed and is constantly expanding.

Let us move now to the present era. We are now beginning to “see” the overall plan. Many books have been written - each with a different aspect of the puzzle. Some of the current books and publications that will bring an awareness to you as an individual are: The Bible Revisited, The War in Heaven, Transformation, The Intruders, Light Years, the Gulf Breeze Sightings, The Watchers, Encounter, Extraterrestrials Among Us, All of Wendelle Stevens ‘UFO Contact From...” series of books, Alien Tide, The Ultimate Deception, The Soul Source, Cosmic Conspiracy, The Matrix, UFO Magazine, K. C. DePoss’s White papers: “The final solution,” “Conflict of Interest,” and “The war on Drugs.”

Once you have read all of the above books and publications your perspective will definitely change into a more comprehensive viewpoint of the overall picture.

The understanding that I have through all of the above and hypnosis cases I have worked with is that this is not a new phenomena; it is only seen in a new perspective. Since the Elohim “modern man” has purportedly been seeded on Earth by a race of beings called the “Watchers.”

The Watchers purpose is to preserve man, animals, flora and fauna. A genetic manipulation (not experiment) has always been under way. The Watchers (see Raymond Fowler’s book by the same name) are of the same “essence” as ourselves. They were created specifically to take care of Earth. Abductions are a result of their care taking. They are checking their handy work and upgrading it while at the same time creating more of the “Watchers” to continue their mission. Who created the “Watchers” is another question but the information has been given that there is a superior race to them that initiated this “Plan” long ago. They are of the light or positive side.

The Watchers resemble human fetuses at three months and for good reason. Fetuses were removed from “human” mothers at 3 months, genetically altered to complete the cycle of development aboard ships in special containers. The results of these are the “Watchers.”

One nebulous aspect has not been determined. When abductees have been regressed to former lives they find the same “alien” contact in that life. We have never pursued going back far enough to find the origin of the particular abductee. Perhaps that would shed further light on “why” they are being tracked throughout each lifetime. I have a strong suspicion that I know the reason.

From regressions the following criteria emerged.

o The percipient has been tracked throughout each life. A case I worked with describes remembering visitations in his past life by the same entity that abducted him in this life. At moment of death in an airplane crash he saw “them” in a craft off his wing tip. The same beings took him out of the airplane and put him into the new body. Another case remembers being in Alexander’s Army. The same entities as today visited him then and took him up in their ship.

o At moment of death “abductees” were put into a younger “cloned” body of themselves. A case in point (but there are more I have uncovered through hypnosis), “The Scoriton Mystery.” Many abductees have seen cloned bodies of themselves on board space ships. The percipient was then taken to a place where his experiences were taken out and examined for emotional content. After that he was put in an apparatus that took the soul or essence out and returned it to a human host to be born on earth to begin the cycle again. The interim body was preserved on board ships or in one case another planet to be used by the EBEs at their discretion. A presumption of mine is that when Pat McGuire was in Aerial Sharon’s body in the 6 Day War in Israel Aerial Sharon’s soul was placed in one of those bodies awaiting Pats return.

o The “Watchers” told Betty Andreasson that when great changes are going to occur on earth a more concentrated effort is made to preserve the human form. These bodies will inhabit the earth at a later date, as referred to in Bruce Smith’s abduction case. He was told that the “millions” of children who are the result of cross breeding between humans and aliens will inhabit the earth in the years 2020 to 2030. The earth will not be as you know it now”.

As a result of the children being raised on space ships they have not known human emotion or love. That is another reason he and others like him have been repeatedly picked up. They wanted him to instill “human” caring (or parenting) into their psyche for a more balanced being.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Aileen

The phenomena of the "mysterious hitchhikers" is definitely a perplexing enigma to be pondered.

Recently while going through my files, I came to a folder of clippings on the vanishing hitchhikers. It seemed to be a good subject to do a little research on.

There must be many more clippings that some of your investigators have, plus personal reports. However, we will cover the ones we are aware of. That should be sufficient to get us thoroughly "mystified." We would appreciate hearing from anyone that has done research on this subject.

Concerning the mysterious hitchhikers, we must start from Square One. There will be no conclusions as the final chapter may never be known.

The predictions that have been made during these encounters will be correlated as far as possible, to see if indeed, what was predicted came true.


AGATE LAKE, Ore. Hugo Cavalli figures it's time to tell his secret about the stranger who climbed into his truck one wintry morning in 1951, predicted the driver's future and disappeared mysteriously.

Cavalli, 68, said the man rode with him for 11 hours through about 300 miles of Nevada desert. He said the man talked with certainty about the future - Cavalli's and the world's - and then seemed to disappear.

Cavalli, who now does maintenance work for a Medford (Oregon) motel, said he decided to tell his story after Arkansas State Police last week confirmed they had received three recent reports of a vanishing hitchhiker. Cavalli said he was working for a telephone company at the time of the incident after earlier having been a police officer, US Border Patrolman and Alameda County Sheriff's deputy.

Cavalli said the clean-cut, well-dressed man was not exactly hitching a ride when he decided to stop while taking a post hole digger from Reno to Elko. He said it was a below zero morning when he saw the man on the east city limits of Sparks, dressed in a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt.

Cavalli said he did not know what caused him to stop, especially since his boss had warned him about picking up riders and there was a sign saying that on the windshield.

"He wasn't exactly hitching," Cavalli said of the blond-haired, blue-eyed man in his mid 30s. "He was just looking at me."

Cavalli said the man stepped into his cab and said, "Good morning Hugo."

The driver said he prided himself on the ability to remember people he had met while in 20 years of police work but could not place the man's face of figure how he would know his first name.

He also figured his experience with the Oakland and Carson City police departments, Nevada and California highway patrols, and the Alameda County Sheriff's Department would help him in finding out more about the man.

Cavalli said his questions to the man produced no results.

When Cavalli offered to buy breakfast, the man said there was no need to - offering the driver a tuna fish sandwich. Cavalli said he could have sworn the man wasn't carrying anything with him when he got into the truck.

On the road between Lovelock and Winnemucca, Cavalli said "it started." He said the man began to speak of the future, pointing to the desert and calling it some of the richest land in the world that would produce ample food supplies.

Cavalli, a Roman Catholic, said he told himself, "Boy, have I got a religious nut here."

He said the man seemed to realize he was becoming skeptical and said he would "prove" to Cavalli he was telling the truth. The rider told Cavalli he would return to police work and be seriously injured.

"Who the hell do you think you are fella, Jesus Christ?" Cavalli said he asked the man.

"No, I'm not Jesus Christ," the man answered, "I'm just a man of vision."

When they reached an Elko service station, Cavalli said he turned his head briefly and his rider disappeared from the cab even though the door was onlyl open about seven inches at the time. He said the station attendant also said he had seen no one get out even though he had been watching the truck.

Several months after the experience, Cavalli said he had returned to police work and was riding with his partner when their patrol car was struck by another police car. Cavalli said he nearly died.

"There's no natural explanation for the things that took place," he said. "I have no explanation. It's probably the only thing in life I haven't resolved." (Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer for August 10, 1980)


In July 1974, businessman Maurice Goodenough was driving on Blue Bell Hill in southern England. Suddenly he saw the figure of a young girl in his headlights directly in front of his car. Too late, he braked, and felt the impact as he ran into her.

Jumping out of his car, he found the victim lying on the road, her knees skinned and forehead bleeding. "Mommy", she moaned two or three times. Goodenough carried her to the side of the road, where he wrapped her in a blanket.

He then rushed off in his car to get help - but when he returned with police, the girl had disappeared. Only the blanket remained.


J.D. (witness on file) remembered under hypnosis that he picked up an "Indian" dressed impeccably in silvery black satin shirt, pants and hat with a flat brim, silver concho belt and strange shoes. The shoes were made out of what looked like natural leather; a cross between moccasins and regular shoes sewn in a "buck" stitch. Not a speck of dust was on his clothes, which was unusual seeing that this was the desert. He had long black braids and black eyes. His skin was very wrinkled. J.D. felt like he knew him and was very comfortable with him. He asked to be let out in a remote area and said he would see J.D. again. J.D. wondered where he would go as there was nothing at all in this area. J.D. noted that they never saw a car while the Indian was with him. He later recalled seeing the same person on board a UFO during a close encounter while traveling between Dallas and Arkansas back in 1957. Since that time J.D. has seen him i n his bedroom at night. He has told J.D. in 1981 and 1982 to gather seeds for the future times and learn about how to grow plants.


On March 31, 1978, on the edge of the Karroo Desert near Uniondale, South Africa, Army Cpl. Dawie van Jaarsveld stopped his motorcycle to pick up an attractive brunette hitchhiker. With the girl seated behind him and wearing his spare helmet, he drove off.

Suddenly he felt an odd bumping sensation, glanced back - and was shocked to find the woman had vanished. He retraced his path, but was unable to find her in the darkness.

A few days later, paranormal researcher Cynthia Hind showed him a photograph of 22-year-old Maria Charlotte Roux, who had been killed in a car crash 10 years before, on the same stretch of road.

The young soldier positively identified the woman in the photo.


In October 1979, Roy Fulton of Liverpool, England was driving along a deserted, foggy stretch of road when he picked up a man with an unusually long, deathly pale face.

"Roy asked him where he was headed," Goss said. "Wordlessly, his passenger pointed in the direction of a nearby town." Fulton turned to offer his passenger a cigarette - and was shocked to see he had vanished. He slammed on the brakes, turned around and retraced his route, fearing the man had leaped out and hurt himself.

when he failed to find any trace of the man, he reported the incident to police, who also searched the area. They found nothing.


There's a Northwest myth being made before our very eyes - or ears anyway.

At the heart of this 20th century myth is a Woman of doom who appears as a hitchhiker. After being picked up, she delivers a doomsday message and - poof! - she vanishes into nothingness, virtually before the eyes of the startled motorist.

When I checked Washington State Patrol offices the other day, at least two of those calls had come in before noon.

The myth began several months ago, according to communications officer Robert Gates of the State Patrol office in Tacoma. It's getting hazy now just what the first story was, but the basic tale keeps popping up.

Originally, the stories had it, a motorist picks up a woman hitchhiker - perhaps a nun, but the details differ from one version to the next. The hitchhiker, riding in the back seat, asks if the driver believes in Jesus Christ. Finding out that he does, she adds that he'll be saved and that the world is coming to an end on a given date.

Then - poof! as I said before - she disappears. Just like that.

The reports have variations. Sometimes these strange encounters happen coming from or going to Spokane and frequently between Portland and Seattle, Robers said. In any event his office has had maybe 15 to 20 calls about the story.

Mythology being mythology (or rumor being rumor), the story has been altered to meet the concerns of the times.

What are the times? Mount St. Helen's times, of course. The latest story, reported to The Oregonian by Rachel Edwards and Jerry Hunt of a Wilsonville real estate office, involves not the end of the entire world but just that part affected by the volcano.

The story - told to them by someone who knows someone and so on - concerns a man who was driving between Portland and Seattle and picked up a woman hitchhiker. She was a quiet sort who occasionally uttered some philosophical comment from the back seat. After a bit, she said that the volcano would really blow June 18. (It blew on May 18)

Then - you guessed it - poof! She's gone.

Over at the Vancouver office of the WSP, communications officer Tad Kajiwara hadn't heard the story at all until Friday morning. That's when a Carson, WA woman called and told her version. Like the others, it appeared to be a secondhand, or maybe 10th-hand, report. The story involved two fishermen who had picked up a woman hitchhiker who told them that everyone would be dead in 30 days because the volcano was going to blast off again in a big way.

And then - right you are - poof!

While I called it a Northwest myth in the making, it really has been a Washing state myth. The reports seem to have been only to Washington State Patrol offices. The Oregon State Police in Portland hadn't heard of it until I enquired.


A State Police spokesman said one report was made June 29, a Sunday, by a woman who said she was driving on US Highway 65, apparently near Conway, when she picked up a hitchhiker. The woman reported that the young man and persons in the car began talking about world affairs and "how bad things were" when the man suddenly disappeared, the spokesman said. It couldn't be determined immediately Thursday whether the woman left her name with the State Police.

The second report was made the following Sunday, July 6. A man called the State Police and said persons he knew had picked up a hitchhiker between Little Rock and Benton. When the conversation turned to the weather, the man said it would never rain again and then disappeared, the man said. The man who made the second report would not leave his name.

The Gazette talked with five persons Wednesday who had heard accounts of a disappearance near Conway. Each person referred the reporter to another person who might know who actually met the hitchhiker, but no one who had picked up a disappearing hitchhiker could be reached. In the accounts heard by the persons interviewed by the Gazette, the hitchhiker said something about Jesus Christ coming back before disappearing. The persons in the car then stopped a state trooper, who told them there had been three or four other similar reports recently, according to the accounts.


Numerous reports of a mysterious lady appearing along back country roads near Mt. St. Helens have unearthed strange stories reminiscent of Hawaiian volcano legends of the Goddess Pele.

This week a Forks area man told friends and his minister this strange story;

"I was driving on one of the rural backroads out between Morton and Randall near the volcano, when I see this woman standing by the road.

"She's all dressed up, too dressed up actually, and thumbin' a ride.

"It was dark and desolate out there, the whole place is unearthly, and she was alone out there in the middle of no place, so I picked her up."

The man said she got in the back seat and began 'talkin' a mile a minute" and she told the man, "On October 12 or 13 the volcano is going to blow, and this time it's taking about 100 miles around it."

Startled by this statement, the driver looked in the rear view mirror, but couldn't see anyone. He stopped and the back seat was empty.

Shaken and worried about the woman's fate, after looking around for her, he drove to a nearby police station and reported the strange happening. The policeman on duty said, "Don't feel bad, we've had a whole bunch of guys reporting the same thing happening to them.


"I tell you, I just don't want to believe what I have seen," 42-year-old truck driver Bertil Akerman said with a shudder. "But I know he was for real - just like you or me!"

Akerman was driving his truck along a lonely stretch of highway when he noticed the youthful hitchhiker - wearing a green jacket and furlined hood - standing n the roadside.

"I stopped and he climbed into the cab," Akerman recalled. "He began to talk about Jesus Christ and the Second Coming.

"I heard him say in a matter-of-fact tone, "Jesus Christ is coming again... soon. Very soon, indeed.' Well, I turned to him - and he just dissolved before my eyes, clothes and all! I was shocked and nearly lost control of the truck!"

Akerman wasn't the first to encounter the ghostly hitchhiker near the village of Ekenaessjoen. Among other reports is the story of two young women who say they also gave him a lift on e night - with the same astounding result.

"I was frightened out of my wits - I just didn't know what to make of it." said 17-ear-old Inga-Lill Hedenborg.

Again, the young man was wearing a green jacket with a fur-lined hood, she said.

"He began to talk about religion - and he told us, "Jesus Christ is coming. He is coming again quite soon."

"I felt a chill run down my spine. I looked back to tell him I didn't believe in religion very much - but as I turned my head he dissolved into nothingness!

"He just wasn't there. We must have been traveling at 50 mph or more. I just don't know how he could have done it - but it's true.


May 18 - 19 Explosive Activity - Debris avalance dacite blast deposits lacite pumice flow, lahars
June 12 - 13 Explosive Activity - Dacite Dome lobe and pyroclastic flows
August 7 - 8 Explosive Activity - Dacite Dome lobe and pyroclastic flows
October 16 - 18 Explosive Activity - Dacite Dome lobe and pyroclastic flows

* University of Washington Seismic Dept. "Eruptive History of Mt. St. Helens"


As mentioned in the beginning of this article - there aren't any. How can you make deductions with a willow-the-wisp?

We do know Mt. St. Helens erupted but not the dates specified. However, it was within two day so of the October prediction. Loss of life occurred during the May 18 eruption but not during the later ones. The eruption predicted for October 12 did not fulfill the devastation of 100 miles, if we understand the October 16 eruption is the one prophesied.

Perhaps the answer lies in getting man to pay some heed to future events. But "who" are these mysterious hitchhikers that participate; dopplegangers, aliens, elementals, or perhaps a parallel, or slightly different dimension which we cannot see but what happens in this dimension may have an effect on theirs. It certainly is a perplexing phenomena and quite frightening to the persons involved at the time.

Up until the present day we have not heard of any more phantom hitchhikers but I am sure it is still happening somewhere, we just haven't heard about it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


What You Had to Say About Worldwide Spraying of Our Skies

Posted: 16 Jul 2010 10:06 AM PDT

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I recently wrote an article discussing the new added oddity of no visible plane seen during chemtrail spraying. The large long lines of cloud like material that linger the entire day have been noticed without a plane at the helm to spray them. They seem to be developing on their own and seem to start out of nowhere and continue forming for hundreds of miles starting at one point in blue clear sky and suddenly ending hundreds of miles away at another point without any reason or sense to it.

I asked my readers to send me any information or what they think this may be. I also asked if any of my readers have seen the white planes that are usually seen in relation to the chemtrail spraying taking off , landing or fueling their chemical pay load. To date no one has replied that they have seen anything that relates to what must be large fleets of jets used in this massive ongoing worldwide spraying.

I did receive a huge amount of emails concerning my article. Most were from people who have been watching the spraying all over the world who are concerned why it is being done. Others sent me their ideas about what may be going on.

I was sent one very good email from a long time reader who had this to say about the mysterious lack of planes where chemtrails are being seen sprayed This is what the reader had to say:

"Just an idea, .maybe they, whoever they are, have found a way to delay the spray from forming. Example; plane flies overhead sprays it's junk then in 15 or 20 min delay it will begin to form it's lines. By then people will have forgotten seeing the planes. I don't think this is impossible and most likely it was an easy solution to the public now asking questions-simply remove the planes from obviously spraying the trails..Perhaps more people than you think are starting to wise up to what's going on in our the sky."

This certainly deserves some thought as it is a logical answer to why we suddenly do not see the jets associated with most of the spraying.

I also had a reader bring this point out for us to ponder:

"two points on the subject:

Here in the pacific northwest, the planes I have seen spraying are grey, with no markings, and usually quite large, down to smaller fighter jet size.

However my main point is that I haven't seen many planes spraying in over a year. What I have noticed is extremely long narrow clouds that start thin, and spread out to cover the whole sky as the day wears on. These clouds drift inland from offshore of the Pacific Ocean. My feeling is that there is a new technology being deployed instead of the traditional [sic] diamond-grid spraying. in this case, the clouds are sprayed over the Pacific Ocean and allowed to drift inland. These clouds appear much higher, and more diffuse, as if being sprayed in the upper atmosphere using a new technology. They may be spraying at significantly higher altitudes offshore so the clouds look like natural formations rolling in."

I think this reader may be onto something going on where different technology may be used in coastal areas using the oceans as a avenue to cloak what is happening.

This reader really hit home as I have replaced a large amount of evergreens on my property that all suddenly died without our knowing why this year.

"I have noticed over the years that our evergreen trees and bushes are dying. I blame the chemtrails. I have lost two evergreen bushes of my own. On the way to work I see many evergreen trees dying. They are killing the planet and by "they" I mean the corrupt elite. I have watched many trees and bushes, not just evergreen trees, die. I love trees and birds."

I do not know who or what is responsible but do know my own trees did die since the heavy spraying has been going on over my house. I tried to find out if a tree disease was at fault but could not find any information at this time . I have no idea if what they spray is or is not killing our trees.

Others are watching our sky and do see strange things going on, one of my emails talked about the odd colors and shadows that result from the massive chemtrail spraying.

"Here's another aspect of the spraying that has vexed me for quite some time... Sometimes, there will be a shadow that stretches the entire length of the trail, but it's above and to the side of the trail... As if the light is coming from below and to the side...

My thoughts are that it happens because what we think is just blue skies are above us when actually a holographic illusion of some sort is at play... I also feel that this hologram has been in place since the early 90's...

There are many things happening that are quite unexplainable and we have to all work together to figure out what 'they' are up to... I don't know exactly who or what 'they' are, but I do know that 'they' don't have our best interests in mind..."

Many other people sent emails to share that they too have noticed things and realize something is just not right that is going on above our heads

"About a year ago, I started noticing flashes of silver light in the sky during the bright daytime on more or less clear days. I live in Central Indiana. My first thought was the standard line: that these flashes of light were sun's reflection on airplanes too far away for me to see with the naked eye."

That seems plausible, if not likely.

A few weeks ago, I saw a silver orb in the sky. It was perfectly round, and my first thought was that it was weather balloon of some type, or an escaped party balloon made of silver foil. I was driving, so I only saw the object for about a second, and then it was either gone or my changing angle to it as I drove made it invisible. This latter really makes me doubt that it was a balloon.

Well, I obviously am not pointing out a super theory on what's happening. Years ago, on a defunct radio show called Dark Matter Radios, I heard the host profess that he'd seen a silver ball from his commercial jets' window, and that it was leaving a chemtrail.

This is all completely subjective and based on things I cannot prove, but I've come to suspect that the chemtrails are created by these silver balls in the sky. Who does this, I don't know."

I have heard almost every theory from simple radar blocking to sinister plots to kill the world's population.

I think there is an answer to this mystery which is one that is without question being hidden from the public. I realize that matters of defense need to be done with secrecy however also realize that a need to this extent would mean a global cold war that the public should be made aware of.

If this massive worldwide activity is for the protection of the citizens of the world it is time for someone to say something. Far too many people are now aware and concerned at what they are seeing. To continue this ritual spraying without explanation will only continue to terrify and convince the masses of wrong doing by those involved in this massive worldwide event of global spraying.

I do fear the cause that may require these actions in our sky however really think it is time to come clean about our not so clean clear blue skies.

For now all any of us can do is to continue to pay attention to what goes on around us and above us as well as continuing to bring these events to the attention of those around us. Sooner or later if we continue to grow in number and concern . They will have to let us in on what it is they are doing to all of us. I can only hope and pray good is on our side and evil is being defeated by this huge under taking going on daily over this planet.

Keep your eyes open and your heart sending good karma out to the universe as people we may need all the help we can get!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly - all Rights Reserved

When I lived in Washington state I was going home one day but I wasn't driving. In the sky was a bright "con" trail with a black one under and beside it. At the head of the white trail was an airplane trying to catch up with whatever was at the head of the black trail. All of a sudden the black one took off so fast that it left the white plane far behind. I have always wondered about that black one and what was at the head of it!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


About cultural god or heroes:

Our life is on the earth. Man made the rule that wisdom and people to live in long years lived safely. The history goes back, and we search for an old story. There is a story of the ancestor of having learned farming and the culture from an excellent pioneer there. We have called the "Excellent pioneer" "God of the rule" and "Hero of the culture". If "Culture" is not an invention of the human race but given wisdom from the contact.We should dedicate thanks to "Human race's teacher".

The companion and I traveled around Hokkaido on June 24, 2010. Our destination is called HAIOPIRA. It was known there as saucer park HAIOPIRA 40 years ago. However, the park has gone to ruin by long years. Ainu person's sacred ground HAIOPIRA is prohibited ground with the history.

During the earliest period of Ainu history, the Ainu saga says, OKIKURUMI-K
AMUI, the cultural god, lived in HAIOPIRA on the River Saru and was loved and respected as a humanlike god. Leading his life in the same way as the people around him he ruled and civilized Ainu people. He not only instructed them in food, clothing and shelter, but also made sacrifice for their safety.

Later he abandoned the people in depravity and was gone to the neighboring country. He traveled in the air by a flying vehicle "SHINTA", and his house emitted "double or triple brightness".

Thunderbird story

An unexpected disaster came to the tribe of the Quileute.
Abnormal weather killed fish and plant. So people starved to death. The chief called all his people together and said, " Let's say an earnest prayer to Him in the heaven." Soon after they began to pray, a huge thunderbird, with lightning and rumbling, flew down from the sky carrying a live whale to the people.....:thus tells the old Indian legend on their Thunderbird.

Viracocha story

Viracocha myth tells that people were enlightened by Kon-Ticci Viracocha, a white-skinned creator of culture, in a white robe with a cane in his hand. Amazed to see his excellent ability to change the field into a hill or to make water spring up from among rocks, people called him the Creator, Father of the sun. They were given by Him moral laws and admonished against doing harm to others.

Quetzalcoatl story

Aztec historians never forgot about Quetzalcoatl, who gave them moral laws as well as learning. Wise and merciful, he gave corn and other food to men and animals and advised them to offer to gods not sacrifices but fruit, bread and flowers.

Nurundere story

The Narrinyeri call the Supreme Being by two names, Nurundere and Martummere. He is said to have made all things on the earth, and to have given to men the weapons of war and hunting. Nurundere instituted all the rights and ceremonies which are practiced by the Aborigines whether connected with life or death. On inquiring why they adhere to any custom the reply is, because Nurundere commanded it.

Osiris story

Osiris, reigning as a king on earth, reclaimed the Egyptians from savagery, gave them laws, and taught them worship. He introduced the cultivation of grains. Eager to communicate his discoveries to all mankind he traveled over the world, diffusing the blessings of civilization and agriculture wherever he went.

Foreigner group story

There is a legend in Luzon in the Philippines. British W.J.Perry is writing in “The Children of the Sun.” Their cultures were up to the results of a mysterious foreigner group according to the legend of the race of Bontoc, Igorot, and Ifugao. This foreigner group has descended from the heaven. And, the knowledge such as the production of the usage of the megalith and the metal, farming, and irrigations was initiated into the aborigine.

Gratitude for skypeople-Okikurumi, from ground people.

Three people (Kiyoshi Amamiya, Toshio Kamata, and Harumi Kamata) visited HAIOPIRA on June 24, 2010. We put up the name, the photograph of UFOlogist of 16 countries in the world, and the national flag. These people are friend of Kiyoshi Amamiya. We stood with brothers in the world in front of the teacher from space. We are sung for OKIKURUMI-KAMUI in the poetry of Ainu. Sky is fine and the sunray wrapped us.


A different perspective from friends across the sea.

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Alien Abduction - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - 12/23/2009
Posted: 01 Jul 2010 12:59 PM PDT
Please, this is a true story that took place on December 23rd of 2009. I was in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and there is a local legend of a ghost train that appears on an old railroad track located in the woods just off an out of town road. I decided to check it out as I was on my way to town. It was 1AM.

I was driving for a while and I decided I needed a stretch, have a few cigarettes and get back on the road. I parked just off the road and made my way through the field to the woods. It was extremely dark. I heard some quick footsteps. I got scared but figured it must've been a baby deer or a fox or something. I remember then smelling a strong odour. It smelt like chemicals, strong enough to make you cringe and tingle your brain. That's the last I remember of being in the woods.

I must've passed out but I awoke and I was being led in a dark hallway. Something was communicating with me. It told me "not to worry," and that "you will not be harmed." For some reason I trusted it.

The platform we were walking on seemed to cushion my every step. The creature appeared to be communicating with others but I couldn't see anything else. Finally we approached this spherical room. We entered but nothing was in there. Just two weird looking seats and the entrance. A dim bluish light illuminated from above. At this point, I thought I was dreaming. The "thing" that was leading me appeared to be some sort of creature. It invited me into one of the seats as it took the other. This is where I observed its appearance. It was very short. It had dark skin. It had a large head with two large dark eyes. It had a visible nose but no visible ears or mouth which is weird because it had a voice. It also had long limbs and long fingers. It appeared to have some sort of engraving on it's chest. It also appeared to be injured. This creature and I had a conversation. It spoke to me.

It asked me, "What are you?"

I responded, "I'm a human being."

It then asked me, "And this is your home, Earth?"

I responded, "Yes. Why are you here?"

It paused for some brief moments. Then it said, "Because the humans will face the exact same fate that the Ithileceus faced. The creature stated "Ithileceus". I'm guessing that's how you spell it and I'm guessing that's the race of the creature.

I asked, "And what's that?"

It replied, "Extinction."

Before I asked another question, it continued. "If the humans don't build an Ostisuphrymicous, during the year 2065, they will perish and your world will become their world."

I asked, "What's an Os-tis-u-phrym-icous?"

Then a small desk appeared from above us and landed in between us. A small sphere appeared. It seemed to emit some sort of energy. The creature just stared at it. It started to glow and I felt all my energy drain from my body. Then it stopped glowing. I felt exhausted and vulnerable. The creature said, "This one was built for use against your kind just in case you happened to portray some level of hostility. But after some observation, your kind is at most, harmless. We used the last of our resources to build it."

I can't describe the sphere with words. I probably could only draw it. I asked the creature, "Where are you from?"

The creature replied, "I am from a place far more advanced than this one. Approximately a thousand times more advanced. But my home is now home to invaders. My race was completely destroyed. I, as well as a few others, are all that remain in existence."

I asked, "Why are you helping us?"

The creature replied, "It is in our nature to aid those that we cross paths with. It appears that your planet is in a collection of several planets and as a group, appears to be in the path of the invaders that have taken our planet. I am simply warning you of what's to come."

I still believed I was dreaming. The creature seemed to be able to read my thoughts and my feelings. The creature said, "As victims in a massive slaughtering, this makes us brothers in this universe. If you don't survive, at least you will die fighting."

I tried to comprehend everything that was being told to me. But I just couldn't believe it. The creature extended it's hand out as to shake my hand. I reached out too and as our hands touched I went unconscious. The next thing I know, I awoke in my bed. My clothes were still on, as well as my shoes. But my watch was missing. So was my wallet, my phone, my Ipod, my cigarettes and my lighter. I looked outside and my car was nowhere to be found. I asked a friend to drive me where I had stopped the night before. My car was still there but nothing else was found. I called my phone several times using my friend's cell and each time there was an automatic pick-up. Each time I heard a weird humming noise, like a light saber and occasionally a beep. During the fourth call, it cut and all I got was the operator voice telling me the number was not assigned.

After that day, I had several dreams of a global takeover, more than 6 to be exact. This incident is truly chilling and disturbing and I've questioned our reality and my existence ever since. This is a true story. Please believe me. This incident happened to me. The creature warned me of the year 2065.

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Argentina: The Night Visitor (The Pretzel CE-3)
By Daniel J. López and Luis Burgos

From the incomparable 1968 Argentinean – and worldwide – UFO wave, I remember that one of the most widely known and controversial cases involved an encounter between a young woman and a strange entity in the mountain ranges of Córdoba. Much has been said since then: that it was a hoax with the purpose of attracting tourists, that the protagonist herself concocted the story, to a media-driven creation. Even today, naysayers hiding behind curtains will have a field day with it. The fact of the matter is that I was unable to travel to the site to interview the witness. But in 1986, 18 years after the “contact” experience, I assigned researcher Daniel Jose Lopez of FAO, Bs.As., to re-investigate the case. And the trip yielded results, since the eyewitness interview presented fundamental evidence suggesting that “something indeed happened at the time”. A story that was consistent, detailed and beyond all whimsical contexts emerged from the woman’s mouth. She was 37 years old at the time, nearly two decades later. Let’s take a look...

Villa Carlos Paz is a classic Argentinean tourist destination. It is located some 30 kilometers west of Cordoba. There we can find the “La Cuesta” motel, along Route No. 20 and some two kilometers from the center of town. It is owned by Mr. Pedro J. Pretzel. His daughter Maria Elodia, 19, helps her father in running the establishment.

Maria Elodia Pretzel is a determined young woman, well thought of in her community, and who is not given to reading science fiction. Early that year, she underwent surgery. After recovery, she assisted in managing the hotel. But her life changed one morning in June 1968: at around 1:00 a.m. on the 14th, Mr. Pedro Pretzel was driving back home along Route 20 when he saw “two large red lights over the road, too far apart to be the tail lights of another car” some 50 meters from his motel. Finding the front door open was also disconcerting, as he knew his daughter to be quite conscientious about such things. As soon as he entered the house, he headed for her bedroom, only to find the young woman spread out on the bed, unconscious. What had happened there?

After bidding two guests farewell, Maria Elodia went to the kitchen and found that a considerable amount of light was pouring into the hallway. Thinking that someone had left the living room lights on, she went in and was faced with a strange and extraordinary visitor: a large figure, standing in excess of 2 meters, blonde, hair combed backward with a friendly facial expression, stood a short distance away. He was clad in some sort of jumpsuit, light blue, covering his body from his neck down to his feet. Small luminous rays poured from his fingertips. In his left hand he carried a crystal orb that emitted bright beams of light. In his right hand he bore a ring, almost a gauntlet. According to the young woman, every time the being raised the gauntlet, “it was as though he himself rose into the air and remained suspended...”

Maria Elodia was able to dash for the safety of the counter, even as the entity moved the orb constantly and tried to get near her. She claims that she could hear, in the recesses of her mind, a message that repeated: “Don’t be afraid...”

Suddenly, the bright orb went out. The stranger stopped, spun around and withdrew toward the outside door. As he turned, the experiencer was able to see a kind of skirt around him, but the truly uncanny event occurred as he approached the door: it opened by itself and closed as he departed.

From that moment on, Maria Elodia, who had backed away, remembered nothing more. A few moments later, her father arrived.

Dr. Hugo V. Vaggione, 33, knows the young woman well, as he is the Pretzel family’s physician. According to the doctor, she is a serious, somewhat introverted and very responsible person. He diagnosed her as being in a “pronounced state of nerves” after the ordeal, due to emotional impact, but far from a breakdown. She was perfectly coordinated in her statements, and her blood pressure was normal. Finding her mentally and physically sound, the doctor can find no reason for deception or hallucination...

While the Pretzel Case does not present the physical evidence so longingly sought by everyone (footprints, remains, etc.) unofficial versions stated that traces of radioactivity were found in the motel’s carport and in areas where the “visitor” entered. There are only four (4) cases in Argentina where radiation has been detected.

This type of humanoid, prevalent in the 1960s and which is rarely seen nowadays, yielded its place to the ubiquitous Greys, which appear to have co-opted most of the entity case histories. There was, however, another close encounter in Argentina with an occupant resembling the one in the Villa Carlos Paz incident. This was the famous encounter at La Florida, in San Luis, where a tall figure, similarly clad, appeared before three fishermen on the night of February 4-5, 1978. Regarding the correlation of cases, that night (June 13-14, 1968) involved numerous UFO and humanoid sightings throughout various provinces in Argentina. Right there, in the vicinity of the “La Cuesta” motel, local residents reported seeing “two very powerful red lights” in flight around 22:00 hours on the evening of June 13.

If the night visitor, who arrived from who knows where, waited for the last couple to check out of the motel before entering...did the imminent arrival of Ms. Pretzel’s father interrupt any subsequent actions (the orb blinking out and the entity leaving)? These questions will remain unanswered in this memorable case.


The following are references to this case:

*1968 - At 45 minutes after midnight Mr. Pedro Pretzel, a 36-year-old hotel proprietor in the resort town of Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina sighted a UFO with two very intense beams of red light while walking home. A short while later his 19-year-old daughter Maria, who had been working as the hotel receptionist, encountered a six and a half foot tall blond man dressed in a sky blue diver suit, holding a sky blue sphere in his left hand. On his right hand was a huge ring, like a gauntlet covering half his hand. The ends of his fingers and toes emitted light, and whenever he pointed his hand at her she felt faint and began to lose consciousness. He smiled and spoke to her in an unintelligible language for some minutes before leaving. (Sources: Charles Bowen, FSR, September-October 1968, p. 11; Jane Thomas, FSR, November-December 1972, p. 24; Oscar A Galindez, FSR, January 1981, p. 8; David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1968-32, citing FSR)

*Jun., 1968 Carlos Paz (Argentina). Pedro Pretzel, 39, motel
0050 owner, observed an object 50 m away on road 20,
showing two powerful red headlights. Arriving at his
room, the witness found his daughter unconscious.
When she came to, she said that a blond man, 2 m
tall, wearing a blue, bright suit, and holding a pale-
blue sphere in his hand, had appeared and spoken to
her. (LDLN 95)

*Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Argentina - June 14 1968 - 0050A

Pedro Pretzel, the proprietor of a motel, was walking home when he saw near the motel an object projecting 2 very intense beams of red light. On arriving home he found his 19-year old daughter Maria in a faint. She said she had encountered in the vestibule a blond man over 6 ft tall, dressed in a “diver’s suit” of sky blue scales, and holding in his left hand a sky-blue sphere. On his right hand was a huge ring, like a gauntlet half covering his hand. The ends of his fingers and toes emitted light, and whenever his hand pointed at her she felt weak. He smiled and spoke to her in an unintelligible language resembling Japanese for some minutes before leaving. As he walked out the rear door it opened by itself and then it slammed shut as the stranger walked out. She saw what appeared to be a type of skirt on the back of the stranger. Before he walked out Maria felt very dizzy and began sweating profusely in her mind she heard a voice telling her not to be afraid.

Source: Charles Bowen, FSR Vol. 14 # 5


This case peaked my interest, so I checked for other sightings around the same time and general location. I was surprised to find that there were several other humanoid sightings in Argentina before and after the Pretzel sighting and report:

*Near Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 4 1968 - 0100A
Walking home after midnight, artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini was suddenly confronted by a fair skinned man with eyes ‘so light in color that he looked as if blind,” who addressed him in an unintelligible guttural language. Looking upward, the witness saw only 50 yards away a hovering aerial craft, with no lights. He became dizzy, and when he recovered, he found himself inside the machine, with 3 other persons. One of these, very handsome, was questioning Parravicini in an alien language, which he was able to understand telepathically. They told him that they would taken him once around the earth, and he observed Japan, France, and Chile before being returned to the same street corner. Since this experience, the alien beings have contacted Parravicini several times.

Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

*Cordoba, Argentina - about June 10 1968

A youth stated that he had been visited by a strange being whose body emitted rays of light, and who spoke a strange language he did not recognize. No other information.

Source: Newspaper source

*Cigarrales, Cordoba, Argentina - June 10 1968 - 0330A

Jorge Yaru, a member of the Argentine Navy, stepped out of his home to hear a very loud engine type noise, looking around he sees nothing and re-enters the house. Soon he again hears the noise and goes outside to investigate. Looking towards a nearby empty field he sees a hovering disc shaped object with a dome on top and one in the bottom, he estimates the craft to be about 1.50 meters in width and 6 meters in length, the craft was rotating in anti-clockwise manner. He watched the object for 45 minutes then the craft shoots away at a ninety-degree angle towards the nearby wooded hills. Mr. Yaru then feels a strange urge to bathe in a nearby brook, which he does, not withstanding the very low temperatures at the time. He strangely felt, as he had to “cleanse” himself. At the same time, a neighbor, Adela Garcia, heard the same noise and noticed in the same empty field a strange triangular shaped cloud from which a giant man-like figure, over 2 meters tall, with long blond hair, descended to the ground. The strange being, which Garcia likened to Jesus Christ, approaches her and she kneels before him. Turning away briefly from the being, she looks up and both the being and the triangular shaped cloud had vanished. At the empty field a large scorched area of grass was found.

Source: Revista Enigmas, Argentina

*La Armonia, Necochea, Argentina - June 14 1968 - late night

Catolicio Fernandez, a farmer, was in bed resting when two very tall human like figures appeared in his room. They were thin and wore tight fitting green shiny coveralls. The men sat on the edge of the witness bed and one of them raised his hand making the witness feel dizzy, he then lowered it and the witness felt better, they then left. No other information.

Source: Hector P Anganuzzi, Historia De Los Platos Voladores en Argentina

*Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 20 1968

Eustaqui Zogorwski, 63, a Polish immigrant, claimed that on the above date he was drugged by a man who drove up to his house in Avellaneda in a black car. When he came to, he found himself in “an hallucinating world, where giant beings were dwelling in an aerial city.” Two of these beings, over 2 meters tall, conducted Mr. Zogorwski to a tower in the center of the city, seemingly suspended in space; he was seated at a table around which sat 12 similar giants. They took his arms and he began to “trace signs automatically.” He believed that they had “brain washed” him. He was finally released between the towns of Brinkmann and Cotagaita, in Cordoba, where the mysterious man in the black car picked him up and delivered him to his home.

Source: Newspaper source

"Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina - June 24 1968 - 0110A

The witness, Mrs Dora Egger de Torrez was sleeping with her husband when she was suddenly awakened by a strong buzzing sound that was hurting her ears. When she turned around she noticed on the corner of the bedroom an oval-shaped light and inside of it two human-like figures, one tall, about 2 meters in height and the second only about 50 or 70cm in height. Both wore tight-fitting metallic brown diving suits and helmets with plastic-visors that covered their faces. The shorter creature seemed to move its hands and walked towards the witness who suddenly felt a sort of burning sensation in her body. The shorter figure appeared to have noticed and retreated backwards. The taller figures at times walked around the shorter humanoid at times showing his back. When the witness attempted to wake her husband the shorter figure again approached and she felt paralyzed, and could not move her hand, which seemed to bump against something invisible. She is not sure how long the observation lasted. The humanoids seemed to have communicated with her and she felt that they had told her that they would return someday. However she did not hear any words being spoken and did not noticed their lips moving. Finally the oval shaped light its occupants seemed to suddenly shrink in size until vanishing from sight along with the loud buzzing sound. Only at that moment was Dora able to wake her husband punching him really hard on the stomach. He found his wife in an extremely excited state, repeating the phrase, “they will return”. Dora later found a strange blister on the top of her mouth that remained there for several days. A neighbor that visited the location noticed a strong odor resembling that of burning electrical wire, which appeared to be stronger on the corner where the humanoids had originally appeared.

Source: Dr. Oscar A Galindez, FSR Vol. 27 # 1

*Cerro De Las Rosas, Cordoba, Argentina - June 27 1968 - 1730

Three children, Hugo Cesar Messina, Oscar Crespo, and a 3rd boy whose name has been kept confidential were bicycling when they were surprised by the appearance of a silvery colored object, which had on its lower part a kind of helix, where lights of white and sky-blue were revolving. The UFO remained hovering about 20 meters up and 50 meters away from the boys. On the upper part of the object appeared a couple, a man, and a woman, floating in the air. They were of enormous stature, with long white hair, and wore luminous close fitting garments. Holding hands, they began to go down slowly, disappearing into the object without any door opening. The luminous helix began to rotate at greater speed, and the UFO went away at great speed.

Source: Carlos Banchs

*Lujan, Mendoza, Argentina - June 30 1968 - 0115A

Jose Paulino Nunez, a distillery worker, encountered on the beach two people he first took to be guards. Their dress and actions were like normal people, but they showed him a spherical device of some 30 cm in which he could see the images of people walking about. Speaking in a strange, metallic voice, one asked the witness, “Do you know these people? They were like you. Many more will be like them. Many people in the world will see the same thing you have seen. We will talk about this again. If you speak of this, be sure it is with responsible people.” At that point the witness experienced a lapse of memory, for the next thing he recalls was being back in the laboratory, where it took him an hour to compose himself. The people he saw in the images were all tall human like, with pale complexions, and long light colored hair, which appeared to be walking about in a trance like state.

Source: Richard Heiden, & Jader Pereira

*Ricardone Entre Rios, Argentina - July 1 1968 - 0400A

Returning home after a dance, 17-year-old Raul Salcedo encountered two strange beings nearly 10 ft tall. He “felt himself drawn towards them by the powerful magnetism radiated by them, which well nigh immobilized him,” but he broke free and fled home in terror. There was, simultaneously, a spate of UFO sightings locally and in nearby San Lorenzo.

Source: FSR Vol. 14 # 5Argentina: The Pretzel CE-3 and Possibly Related Humanoid Sightings
Posted: 30 Jun 2010 12:25 PM PDTScott Corrales of Inexplicata has posted the following fascinating article:

Venturing into the dark vaults of South American UFO lore, Contributing Editor Guillermo Gimenez brings us the story of a major CE-3 of a kind reported elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking Americas in the 20th century.

Walking home after midnight, artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini was suddenly confronted by a fair skinned man with eyes ‘so light in color that he looked as if blind,” who addressed him in an unintelligible guttural language. Looking upward, the witness saw only 50 yards away a hovering aerial craft, with no lights. He became dizzy, and when he recovered, he found himself inside the machine, with 3 other persons. One of these, very handsome, was questioning Parravicini in an alien language, which he was able to understand telepathically. They told him that they would taken him once around the earth, and he observed Japan, France, and Chile before being returned to the same street corner. Since this experience, the alien beings have contacted Parravicini several times.

Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Recorded in Phantoms and Monsters Blog on July 1, 2010