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My UFO Experience

"An extraordinary event occurred in my life a little over thirty years ago. At the time, I lived aboard a sailboat, a forty-seven-foot trimaran. This modern three-hulled vessel had been built by my partner and me in Portland, Oregon, and sailed down the Oregon-California coast in the spring of 1968. After several months in San Diego, California, we sailed on to Hawaii, a voyage of over twenty-four hundred miles. This sailboat was our home for over two years.

Early one morning just a couple of minutes after five a.m., I looked out the open skylight from my bunk at the beautiful early morning sky. The sailboat was tied to a dock in the Alawi Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had gotten up a littler earlier, dressed, made coffee, and then returned to stretch out on my bunk. My mind was filled with the events of the coming day. My partner and I had just sold the boat, and the new owner would take possession within a few hours.

Suddenly, I experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed me. My entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to my bed. My first reaction was, of course, to believe that I was dreaming or perhaps hallucinating.

She spoke to me and took my hand. In a matter of moments, I came to understand that she was real and much more alive than I. The energy aura that she emanated made my entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. I asked, "Why have you come to visit me?" She replied, "Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing." Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred.

"picture up is symbolic for a space-dimension-door" (rø-made)

First, I was teleported to New York City. I then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give me and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth's history. They also showed us a dramatic and vivid view of humankind's potential destiny. After the briefing, I was asked to undertake a mission. I agreed to publish a story about my experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us.

Upon returning to the sailboat, I realized that only thirty-three minutes had passed. However, from my personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. To this day I remain convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.

Of course, there is more to my experience than I have written in this brief account. Much of it is contained within the SafeSpace book which I published in 2003. Some of that story is fact, and some of it is fiction. If you attended this briefing or a similar one, or if you would simply like to help make a Safespace possible, I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted on the web at

Robert D. Miles

October 2006

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April 5, 2010 - Updates


1. Israel will bomb Iran in month of Dec. Will cause gold to go over 2K. Will affect financial markets. Russia will tell Iran not to retaliate.

2. NY - there will be a terrorist move on the subway in the month of March - will take a large tole of human lives. This was not in NY, but Moscow in the month of March. Subway attacked in 2 places by women suicide bombers. People were killed.

3. Nuclear attack on Paris.

4. US is going to have a barter system for lower echelon.

5. Top story - black male will receive a white double hand transplant.

6. Autistic people will wake up or interact with us. Could be new energy?

7. One of the coldest winters on record. In Seoul Korea it snowed for the first time in 50 years. Snow covered England and that hadn't happened in many decades. Temperatures in Florida froze the fruit. Everywhere the temperature was far below normal.

8. Massive earthquakes - sky orange - ground opens up. JANUARY 12, Earthquake in Haiti, 7.0. 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Hospitals collapsed. Big crack in ground. 4.8 in South Africa, 6.1 in Bahamas, Soufriere Volcano in Montserrat, dome collapsed. 6.3 earthquake South coast of Argentina. Jan. 17, 2010 - Depth of 6.2 miles. Jan. 18. earthquake NE NM and CO border 4.1. Jan 18 270 tremors in the Yellowstone caldera, 3.3 magnitude. Jan. 19, Cayman Islands 5.8, Haiti Jan. 20. 5.9 earthquake (aftershock). Feb. 27, 2010, 8.8 earthquake in Chili. Tsunami on coast of Chili sent 7.7 waves of water into town south of Santiago. Tsunami of at least 6' expected in Hawaii. Also tsunami's up coast of California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska but those will be lower like 2 1/2 feet. Tsunami may reach Easter Island, Japan, Australia, Russia. Pacific basin countries are on alert. Tsunami warnings cancelled because the only place it happened was to an island off of Chili. Animals acting weird just before the earthquake in Chili. Blackbirds along CA coast acting weird, killer whale at Sea World in Orlando kills its trainer. One man called in to say his Gerbal was hitting his head on the top of his cage. Never acted like that before! This was preceding the earthquake.

9. Israel is going to attack Iran - Russia will be declared a super power.

10. Attack on freighter in Somalia. International force will mobilize and take out the pirates. US Navy destroyer attacked by pirates. Navy opened fire and sunk their craft. All pirates surrendered! This happened around March 30.

11. We will have biggest drop in financial markets being caused by one or more states going bankrupt. Catastrophe in state causes it.

12. Mass awakening, people are more acceptable of the paranormal. Becoming more psyche aware.

13. A few states going down - saw the disaster. Huge tidal wave coming over entire W. Coast because we are living on the ring of fire. Earthquake off coast of Oregon causes tsunami. See #8.

14. Obama on TV announces aliens do exist. He has a green alien talk to everyone on TV. They are going to change the world.

15. Discover a new species. A wonderful thing. Alive - something more than a 1 cell animal. Positive - wonderful thing - here on earth.

16. A lot of people who are handicapped like the caller in a wheelchair will get up and walk.

17. Sometime in spring - March 21 - June 21 - tornado outbreak in US will surpass ones in 1974. Hundreds of tornadoes.

18. Terrorist attack - not planes or trains - populated area - start shooting everyone.

19. This year the reason for the bees dying off will be disclosed. Will affect world markets.

20. New volcanoes erupting in US and world. Serious earthquake because of volcanoes.

21. Hall of Records will be found in Grand Canyon. Lakota Sioux remnants of Mayans.

22. Super storm - hurricane a monster typhoon just keeps growing. Breaks laws of climatology as it goes over land - keeps going.

23. River Ganges will slow to a trickle. Unexplained but it is why people are getting sterile.

24. Show UFO Hunters - Bill Birnes will develop a sister show. Call ins with their UFO stories.

25. Summer - map on earthquake 7.3 in California. 7.2 in California and Baja on April 4, 2010.

26. Rediscovery North Pole hollow earth entrance - Sept. 2010. Caller was stationed in Area 51 for 11 years, read Adm. Bird’s original diary and saw messages given to him. Saw hole in pole and craft going in and out while flying over it.

27. A lot of people will look within to find their spiritual awareness. Angels will be able to communicate with us.

28. Interesting affect on political system. Will give honest politicians into office by lie detector test. Gives us peace of mind. A new group of politicians.

29. Steal a body of a terrorist in Afghanistan and bury it in a pig skin so terrorism will drop off.

30. 2010 whatever is supposed to happen in 2012 will happen in 2010. A rapture like a dimensional shift. 15% will go.

31. Volcano in Mojave will erupt in summer.

32. Within few weeks of New Years chaos in US - terrorists or war - oil will go up - probably when Israel attacks Iran.

33. Planet X will become visible for all to see - that will bring enlightenment so say the Hopi Elders.

34. Terrorists, government and CIA officials are all working together - Marshall Law - NWO.

35. March or April - more gay people coming out. It will be a big deal. Huge resurgence in violence against gay people - population against them.

36. Boston will get hit by a big hurricane by a Girls name. Yankee Red Sox and Patriots there at the time.

37. Obama will use hemp in industry to create jobs. Art Bell said legalize marijuana but the guy didn’t say that. Marijuana is being legalized for health reasons only in several states.

38. Yellowstone will erupt. Sea lions in San Francisco left before Thanksgiving. Prelude to that. Prelude by earthquake in Mexico will go up Cascade Mountains and hit Yellowstone. The sea lions have been located. They went up to the Oregon coast. April 4, 2010:

Is the Revelation Coming to Pass?

Posted: 04 Apr 2010 09:49 PM PDT


Last month, I posted the following Oarfish Omen, Extraterrestrial Warning Suggest Calamity For Japan. In the post, I describe a conversation I had with a friend:

"Friday afternoon, I received a telephone call from a friend who had a dire warning. First off, this friend has had repeated alien contact for several years which I have documented. He has proven to me that he is not a charlatan through his verbal accounts and the physical evidence he has presented. The warning was that in the month of April 2010 to expect a sizable earthquake in the Pacific, notably in the area of Japan, as well as a tsunami that will effect the west coast of the United States and/or the Baja Peninsula.

This is not the only time I have heard a similar warning. A few months ago, an 'experiencer', who I had interviewed in 2007, contacted me that she had received a message from 'the guide' (according to her, 'the guide' was present during her abduction) to "take steps and prepare for major heed the 'messenger'." It upset her enough to call me several times and insist that we talk. By the way, this woman is married to a USMC officer and lives on Okinawa."

It's not exactly the same prediction but the month of April isn't over either. Something to think about...again, don't shoot the messenger. (From Phantoms and Monsters blog)

39. New industry - pest control with bugs, 44% in 2010.

40. Nanotechnology will improve paralysis victims - will restimulate spine

41. Go to another currency - dollar will crash half way down - not all the way.

42. San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl. Not true - the Saints won on Feb. 8

43. San Francisco - Northern CA - earthquake. January 9, 2010, 6.5 earthquake in northern CA

44. Major blackout - feels like Las Vegas and in the SW part of the US. Will last for days - creates chaos

45. Major athlete will pass away.

46. Within next 2 months 5.0 earthquake in San Francisco bay area. Happened on Jan. 9. 6.5

47. Great year - stock market will rise to a new high of 14,500. He knows the Secret (Book)

48. Because of terrorism a new transportation will eliminate airplanes - Jumper?

49. Vibrations of our planet, as it increases all people will increase - latent abilities will come

50. Headlines in American papers will read “OBAMA GETS OSOMA

51. George Noory will be replaced on C2C this year.

52. Man will discover God is a being of light. Will send a laser back saying how bad we are.

53. Massive increase in crime - Police officers will ask for money to hire more police officers.

54. Virus of the brain - people can’t think straight anymore.

55. Event to precede psychic awareness - renewal of ghost dance by white young people and teenagers and 20 somethings. Return of the ghost children. Buffalo woman has come already.

56. Discover life outside of planet.

57. California will have a small tsunami - reveals new species from underwater. See #8.

58. Bigfoot - there will be undeniable proof. Area 52 will be broken wide open. Area 52 is in AZ. They are breeding them out there.

59. Sun is going to take center stage sometime this year. Major changes.

60. Major celebrity admits to being abducted by aliens.

61. Madman Markham is going to reappear. He was a time traveler that disappeared from earth.

62. 2010 will be the year we get a new state.

63. Something will stop the collider from going on line (CERN) Not true, it went on line.

64. Going to be more e-mails that will crack global warming. Indictments of key people.

65. By summer fish will be disappearing - fish restaurants will close.

66. Random event generators that measure consciousness will also measure animals consciousness. Connected through the heart.

67. Mid 19 - 20th Century - they are going to find gold coins that have been forged. Families lose heirlooms.

68. Major outbreak of virulent flu next year. H1N1 has been found in turkeys and birds. By Feb it was announced that the H1N1 pandemic is over.

69. 8+ earthquakes in Mendocino area. Methane plume under San Andreas fault in ocean. It is imminent. Seals have left San Francisco bay. Found on Oregon Coast. 6.5 earthquake on 1/9/10

70. Medical breakthrough that will stop the aging process.

71. Dream by caller - vivid - battle in Afghanistan near Pakistani border - we learn about Osama Bin Lodin. He has been dead for some time.

72. Dream by caller - spider webs falling out of sky - interprets that world wide web breaks down.

73. Couple of big breakthroughs this year. Cure for MS and other vision problems like Glaucoma.

74. Announce multinational venture - they will go to Mars next year.

75. Fresh water wars.

76. Israel attacking Iran. Iran will retaliate. Israel will then “nuke” them.

77. Cattle mutilations - we will find out that big business is trying to put out small business. Will find out something this year.

78. We are going to see World peace!!

79. Saints are going to win the Super Bowl. TRUE! ON FEB. 7, THEY WON!

80. People from Latin America - there is going to be a lot of murders along the border up into the US. Caused by drugs.March 30 (approx.) So many murders that people living just across the border are fleeing to the US and asking political asylum to protect their children. A well known rancher was murdered that had lived on his land for generations. Tom Tancredo has asked the president to sent the Marines and National Guard to stop people from coming in illegally. So far the president has done nothing.

81. Dream - observing prominent figure - cameras following - walks into dark room - starts to gnaw on humans - cannibalism.

82. Discover Lake Tahoe is actually a volcano.

83. Homosexual word will be changed to homophile.

84. Watch space programs - saw an international need to avert something - like a meteor. Space dynamic will be activated. Sense of urgency to it. Thing falls into water. 2010 Clarion call. Russia has announced they are creating something to avert a meteor headed for earth.

85. Mother earth releasing gas of methane in ocean will replenish ozone.

86. In August there will be a financial collapse which will bring on NWO currency.

87. Unprecedented rise in religious fervor. World wide hand-holding will happen.

88. South of the border in Mexico - cartels will get so powerful that the government will be toppled. US forced to go down there. We will legalize all drugs because of it!

89. Hubble deep field - looks back in time. With advanced technology we will get a picture of something that will show the big bang.

90. This year will be closer to the coming of the Lord!! Economy will get better.

91. US is going to cease to exist - Nuclear strike with Russia and China working together. Says Obama will not retaliate and Russia and China will divide the world between them.

We hope that the negative predictions do not happen and the positive ones do!

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Spring Hill, Tennessee
By Brent Raynes

Let me give you a preliminary briefing on a UFO case that I’ve been looking into recently in Spring Hill, Tennessee. This case has quickly evolved into a complex and fascinating situation involving a multitude of paranormal and potentially UFO-related incidents that extend back to the central witness’s early childhood. A 37-year-old married man, he appears to be very credible and stable, is a steady worker, his wife is a nurse, and together they have an 8-year-old daughter.

On the night of December 10, 2009, at about 10 p.m., this man and his wife watched in awe as a disk-shaped UFO with several yellowish-white lights around its central rim silently, slowly, and at low altitude cruised their subdivision for several minutes. It appeared to be the size of a regular house and approximately 500 feet off the ground. “There appeared to be several lights in the middle with one dull blood red, non-blinking colored light on top and one smaller yellowish colored light on the bottom,” this man explained to me. “My wife said she doesn’t recall seeing a red light on top, but I do very vividly. We could not tell whether the lights were rotating or flashing back and forth from one side to the other.”

Exactly three weeks later, on the night of December 31, at about 8:57 p.m., this man, his wife, and their young daughter watched as a bright orange “sun-like” object approached from the east and passed slowly by them along the southern horizon. Conditions had been cloudy with a low ceiling, so this thing had obviously been below those clouds. This time the man managed to rush inside his home and retrieve a video camera and capture about two minutes of the action. You can also hear the excitement and wonder in their voices on the audio portion of the video, and though you can make out a bright blob of light in the sky, because this man was excited and his camera was handheld the light is dancing around the screen. But at least he did capture its image, which at present is in the possession of the Mutual UFO Network for further analysis by a photo expert.

This second sighting was afterwards confirmed it seemed by a couple of other parties who emailed their brief confirmatory descriptions of seeing the UFO to a site on the internet where this second report had been posted. Immediately after the first sighting, the witness called 911 and was put in touch with the Spring Hill Police Department. I checked with them on the 29th and his was the only report that they had received at that time. I asked if they had found any possible explanation for the sighting, and was told that they had not. The nearby Columbia Police Department informed me that they had no reports at all on that night.

When I visited this couple in their Spring Hill home on Friday afternoon, January 1, I was impressed by their very apparent sincerity and concern over what had occurred. The wife appeared to be particularly nervous and anxious over the incident and informed us that she had never seen anything like that before. She explained that she never would have reported it, that that was her husband’s doing, that he had been long interested in the subject, and unusual experiences had happened to him for a long time. She said she believed that he was potentially the reason for what they had seen.

Reluctant initially to talk about these other past incidents, explaining at one point that he had not intended to ever tell anyone outside of the family these stories, these background details gradually emerged because I had asked if he had ever had any other unexplained experiences in his life. During that initial interview in his home, as he recalled seeing a “little man” during his early childhood, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to complete his account. He got rather emotional as he recalled this memory.

Over the weeks since then we have discussed these earlier incidents in greater detail, in both email and over the phone, and his identical twin brother, who lives in New York State, opened up in email correspondence with me as well about some of these earlier memories too, plus a number of his very own paranormal experiences.

Here is a review of some of these very interesting and potentially significant incidents, along with footnotes that I have written that further explore their implications and correlations to other similar cases.

Are Aliens with their Balls in their Left Hands in their Right Minds?

One of the first things that we discussed further was the incident that occurred to the Spring Hill man years before while he was deer hunting with some friends. “The notes you took during our meeting regarding the incident in Cherry Creek, New York are accurate,” he wrote. “I can’t remember the exact date. However, it was a December, I know that. The year was 1991 or 1992. I would have been about 20 years old. I was wearing a flannel shirt with a red and black checkered coat and camouflage pants.

“In the notes you have me leaning against the tree when actually I sat down with the tree supporting my back and the shotgun leaning against the tree to my left. I looked briefly at my watch and remember that it was 8 a.m. After a few minutes, I spotted a deer on the other side of this ravine, approximately 50 yards away. The deer was a male deer as it had antlers. I could see the side profile of the deer because he walked up and then positioned his body so I could see his whole side. I don’t know why but I didn’t have an urge to try and shoot him. I just watched him for maybe 30 seconds or so, then it wasn’t a deer anymore. It was a person.

“I can’t give you exact details of the person because I can’t remember. I know that it had two legs, two arms and was wearing a tight fitting suit that covered it’s body. The color of the clothing resembled a mother of pearl color. The clothing seemed to glisten in the sunlight. It’s funny though that I can remember those details but can’t see the face of the person. I try to remember and all I see is a round dark fuzzy area where the face or head should be.

“I do remember this person stretching out an arm, it was a left arm. I know this because when he was standing across from me the outstretched arm was to his right when looking at him so it must have been the left arm. The person had a shiny silver ball in his hand that appeared to reflect the sun (like a chrome finish). I watched this silver ball rise up out of his hand and then was almost instantaneously in my face. (1)

“I was looking at this silver ball that was reflective like it had a chrome finish and was about the size of a dollar or the size of a golf ball. The ball hovered in my face at eye level and was about 6-8 inches away. That’s all I can remember. Then I woke up. I got up from my sitting position, looked around and headed back toward the hunting cabin. The cabin was about a mile away. I do remember having to walk back through the woods to get back to the cabin that was in a clearing. When I arrived everyone had asked me where I had been. I said I must have fallen asleep in the woods. When I looked at my watch it was then 10:30 a.m.

"You mentioned something the other day that I didn’t think of then but now realize. You said some people who experience things tend to change in some ways, like they don’t eat meat anymore or they become more aware of their environment. I told my wife last night that I never thought about it before but that weekend was the last time I ever picked up a gun to hunt or kill an animal. I also gave up fishing. I never tied the two together. I just lost interest in it.”

Separately, the twin brother in New York described an odd hunting incident and a similar change for him. He wrote: “I used to be an avid hunter. Absolutely loved bow-hunting. Having hunted for years and been a veteran with many, many hours in the forest, I would say, I was one with nature.”

“The morning started out like any other day of a hunt, climbing into my tree stand, buckling in for safety and using the grunt call. I began to hear the woods speaking. When I say speaking, I don’t mean in terms of voices. It was more like some form of ancient musical instrumentation, and it seemed to be coming from every direction. If you were to take a large clear sphere, place me in it and pipe in sound so the acoustics were perfectly balanced, that is the effect it had. It only lasted about an estimated five minutes and it was gone. The morning was calm and clear, and maybe for a short time I was hearing the resonant frequency of the tree my stand was secured to?”

He mentioned that he had also given up hunting. In a follow-up email, I requested more information. He soon replied: “If I was to put a label on the sounds I heard coming to me, I’d say it was very close to the sounds I would expect to hear from a Didgeridoo, a low resonating hum. I would say the effect of the sounds I heard and the death of the deer I’d shot weren’t real apparent at the time. At least I hadn’t made the connection at that instant. It was however at that instant that I realized I wasn’t going to put myself in a position to cause those kind of feelings again. This animal vocalizing it’s distress to me, pleading for it’s life, reaching into my soul and asking me, why I’d done this. It’s the moments before another's imminent death that we truly see and hear the calling of the afterlife.

Without getting too graphic, most deer will be dispatched rather instantly with a well placed and humane shot. This had always been the case, for me anyway. This time however my arrow took a path that wasn’t conclusive for a quick dispatch. The animal was rendered immobile with a severed spine. The arrows trajectory was changed after deflecting off the edge of the shoulder blade. I was deep in the woods by myself that afternoon and the experience of that day to include the earth sounds and such, just gave me a different outlook. I sold my bow, gave my tree stands away, and asked the spirits for forgiveness. My treks into the woods now consist of nature hikes with the family. To get back to the question at hand, yes, I made the connections of that day shortly afterward.”

The Spring Hill brother reconstructed for me details of his early childhood memories. He wrote: “I get reactions when I discuss what happened to my brother and I as kids because I feel well, I don’t really know why I get emotional about it, it just happens. I don’t remember waking up that night. I remember that we were standing in front of our bedroom window watching these lights. The best way I can describe it was it looked as though the stars were falling. There were lights that looked like rain or when driving through snow at night with the headlights on. Then we saw a small person in our neighbor’s yard walking around and picking up what looked like rocks.”

In 1999, while with a group of people who were being hypnotized by a self-styled medium to relive past life memories, this man agreed somewhat reluctantly to “give it a try” after several others had already done “regressions.” He noted how after this hypnotic session that he “started to get clearer memories of that night, even though I was never asked about any of this during the hypnosis.” He suddenly found that he remembered a new detail, a face in the window! “The image is still fuzzy in my mind but I can still see the eye. The eye was large, black and like tear drop shaped with the round end pointing upwards and the pointed end pointing to an angle. Like the drawings you see of the ‘Greys.’ The hand had four fingers that were somewhat long, longer than ours.”

“It may sound odd, but I see my brother and I standing beside one another at windows, tall windows and seeing the stars pass by us,” the brother in New York recalled. “It’s as if we are in some sort of vehicle moving through space. There is a blue hue to our surroundings and an overwhelming feeling of comfort. We just kept looking out the window. I remember getting out of bed that night, getting my brother and walking through our room door into the blue hue and up to the tall windows. It was as if we were guided by some friendly feeling, of the mind or something. We were being shown something, but by whom, and of what?”

Back in Tennessee, the other twin explained, “I do feel strongly that there is some influence working on my brother and I, probably from birth. My mom used to say weird things always happened around our house like the feelings of presences and the pots and pans would rattle inside the cabinets when we were asleep as babies.”

“The only other incident that gets me emotional is the ‘dream’ I had of the woman Being I told you about. I remember I was lying down on something flat on my back looking up towards a whitish light. This person that resembled an insect was standing to my left. This person was about six foot tall and was wearing a white gown. This person spoke to me but never moved his mouth. This person asked me if I found ‘her attractive’ and does ‘she arouse you?’ I looked to my right and there was a creature there that looked,well had a face like a woman and breasts, but skin like a bird. Her legs stand out in my mind they looked like the legs similar to an ostrich bird. She had grayish blue skin and ridges on her back. The hair on her head resembled bird feathers and they were long down to her waist and were multi-colored. I remember feeling as though I was aroused but I don’t know why. I remember saying in my mind that she was arousing me. As I said this to myself the woman then jumped on me straddling me. I remember her looking down at me as I laid there. I don’t remember anything else after that.”

Twins with a Psychic Bond

Like many other twins, these two seemed to share a psychic bond. A good example of this was described in detail by the New York brother who wrote: “I was performing some tooling maintenance on a 1300 ton forging press when the ram braking system had a mechanical failure. This caused two pieces of H3 flexor tool steel to come together off center. Because of this, the tools came together with a tremendous BOOM, sending parts of the tool in my direction. I was hit in the chest with some of the flying shrapnel. My first thought was that I was dead, I just hadn’t dropped to the floor yet. I grabbed by chest and ripped open my uniform top to see the damage. To my utter amazement, I only sustained a very large contusion and swelling to my sternum. I was checked out by the on duty nurse and give a ‘you’re very lucky’ speech and went back to work after a de-brief from my Supervisor and the Maintenance Chief.

It was found that an oversight during a scheduled preventative maintenance check failed to see a crack in the brake shackle.

“I called my brother the next day and told him of my near miss and potentially fatal accident. He was floored and asked me what time this happened. I told him; and he said, at that moment he felt like someone slugged him in the chest. What was amazing is that my brother felt my pain at the same moment and we were 800 miles apart!”

Both have described experiencing precognitive dreams visions and seeing apparitions. The New York brother even recalled having what sounded like “astral projection” or “out of body travel.” “At 13 years old I was laying in my bed and suddenly the ceiling began to turn colors,” he wrote. “It was as if I was looking into a rainbow, only it was swirling counterclockwise slowly. With a voice inside my mind inviting me into the center, I felt as if I was being pulled. The feeling of bodily separation scared me and as suddenly as it began it was over. I began to cry and went to my mother to explain what had happened. She believed I may have been dreaming, but I can tell you that I wasn’t dreaming.

Later in life I had this happen again. I was recuperating at home after surgery I’d had days before. The rainbow effect came to me and I began to separate from my physical body and had the feeling of floating. Looking down at myself a sudden feeling of panic overwhelmed me, I seemed to snap back into myself with great force. I was in such pain, staggering out to my wife nearly collapsing, she took me back to the hospital.”

This brother recalls another surgical experience in which he thinks that he may have been helped by angels. It happened back in late 1991. He had had surgery at the Irwin Army hospital in Ft. Riley, Kansas to repair a damaged left shoulder. He recalled: “The doctor told me that once the spinal block wore off I’d be in a great deal of pain, assuring me the nurses would help with the pain. On the second day, I awoke in so much pain, I scrambled with my good arm to reach the button attached to a cord on my bedside. After pressing the button the nurse came and informed me that the doctor said I couldn’t have any pain medication for another four hours. Something about all the pre-op and surgical meds have to have worn off before other meds can be given. Assuring her that from the pain I was feeling the operation meds are surely gone from my system, didn’t work. Laying in my bed trying to fight away the tears (soldiers aren’t suppose to cry) I suddenly saw relief coming my way. Only as they got closer they didn’t look like your typical doctors. There were three of them and only one of them spoke, but his mouth didn’t move. They were dressed in white robes and two of them had red “cumberbuns” around their waist and the one speaking to me had a gold ‘cumberbun.’ I say cumberbun for lack of a better term. The two with red approached the foot of my bed taking up posts to my left and to my right. The being with the gold walked up to me and said, ‘You’re in a great deal of pain and I’m here to help you.’ He walked up to my left side so he was next to me and placed his hand on my forehead. I felt a breeze come over me as if I was standing on a lakeside pier. I hear this voice tell me, ‘Child, we are here with you Rest now’ I feel the breeze that was bathing me begin to dissipate and my visitors were leaving. I was saying thank you. As they walked away I noticed that they seemed to glide and they appeared to be moving away from me as if moving down a hallway, but there wasn’t a hallway. I looked around and no one seemed to see my visitors. My nurse came to check on me and I told her to thank the doctor and two nurses that came to see me. She looked baffled and said, ‘honey, it’s just me here.’ I simply said ‘Oh, okay, can I have some soda pop.’ Mr. Raynes, I can tell you that my visitors, whoever they were, helped me out that day. The thing that I often think of most is that when they came to me I had a feeling of peace, love, comfort, and belonging to something more amazing than modern science can explain. I’ll never forget it and something tells me they will be here to carry me from this life into the next when that time comes.”

“My life has many mysteries

“My life has many mysteries and I have never quite known how to explain it to people,” the Spring Hill brother noted also. “My wife’s deceased father appeared to me standing next to K. I just started to date K at the time and didn’t know how I was going to tell her that her father was here and wants me to tell her some things. Well, I just told her “K, there is a man who is standing right next to you, he says he’s your father.’ K looked at me kind of like okay, so she started asking me questions about him, like what’s he look like and what is he wearing? The apparition lasted about five minutes.

“When it was over K was in tears and I asked her if she thought I was weird. She said no, she was crying because she believed that her father was with us for a brief moment and she wanted to know how I knew such intimate details of her life with him. I said I don’t know, I only know what he told me.

“I have been asked to explain what happens when I see apparitions and the best way I can describe it is like this. Remember those 3D magic eye puzzles that were popular back in the 90’s? The puzzle doesn’t look like much until you get real close to it and your eyes cross and then the image begins to appear. Well, that essentially is what happens. Sometimes when someone is talking to me their voice begins to do funny things and like the 3D magic eye puzzles I begin to see an image and when that image is close enough I can see it clearly. The image then begins to tell me things or show me pictures in my head. I then relay this information back to the person I’m talking to.”

My curiosity, aroused by his description of how a seeming change in the voice of another could be the catalyst for a psychic perception, I asked that he explain the process a little more. He wrote: “I can definitely do my best to explain what happens when I begin to get an impression or feeling from a person that results in seeing these apparitions. It usually happens without me wanting it to or concentrating on it. When I am talking to someone I usually begin to feel funny kind of lightheaded and feel a change in the environment around me. I then hear their voice, the person I’m talking to, their voice sounds like it echoes and vibrates. It’s hard to describe in words but once this starts to happen I sometimes see a color (white, purple, or blue) that looks like a haze around the person. While this happens I still maintain communication with whoever it is I’m talking to because the visions I get come from the person’s voice. I hear them talking and I see the color, the echoes is what I focus on. It’s the echoes coming from the sounds of the voice that I believe allows me to see what I see. It’s like throwing a rock into a pond of calm water, you see the ripples? It’s what’s between those ripples that I can see.

“I see images either left or right of the person and sometimes behind them. The apparition appears as a grayish mass that extends from the color that is around the person I am talking to. It’s very hard to explain as I stare at the person and focus on their voice the image begins to get clearer.

“I have had this type of thing happen many times in my life but I seldom tell anybody what I see. The person I’m talking to is completely unaware of what I’m experiencing and seeing. My left hand shakes for some unknown reason when I have had those experiences. It also gets hard to breath, like I’m trying to catch my breath.”

At this point, I should perhaps point out that this brother is right handed while the other in New York is left handed. This is common, as there reportedly is a high tendency in twins for one of them to be left-handed.

Reference Notes:

No. 1: This alien left-handedness aspect has appeared in several cases that I’m aware of. For example, back in June 2009, when I was interviewing country singer and entertainer Johnny Sands in Nashville about his alien encounter in Nevada in 1976, he was demonstrating how this humanoid being, from his left hand, had produced a sphere “which was only about the size of a grapefruit, silver colored, and as he held it in his hand it grew into the size of a basketball.” Continuing he added: “Then he let go of it and it began to rotate, and as it did that he would put his fingers over the top of it and like firecrackers would go off on top of this ball, and as it went off he said, ‘You see, nuclear explosions are causing a problem in the solar system. These things that you’re setting off on this earth are causing troubles not only for you but for us and we cannot have this kind of thing to continue because it is going to upset the balance of everything that we intend for the future."

” Remembering a case in Argentina that was published and illustrated, regarding a report of a humanoid being carrying a sphere, I rifled through my back issues of England’s Flying Saucer Review and was rather startled to see the sphere was again in the left hand! Shortly after 1 a.m., June 14, 1968, at Villa Carlos Paz, near Cordola, Argentina, at the Motel La Cuesta, Maria Elodia Pretzel, 19, had just let two guests out a side door into the parking lot and had turned off some of the lights on the ground floor. She left only three fluorescent lights on in the dining room area and had headed back toward the back door to lock it. The lights were still on in the nearby kitchen and laundry when she was startled by an unexplained light blue glow around the serving hatch, seemingly coming from the bar or dining room areas. She thought that perhaps someone had entered the building and had turned on some other lights. She proceeded to quickly make her way back towards the dining room, and upon arriving at the doorway between the kitchen and the bar she saw a mysterious humanoid figure slightly over two meters tall, dressed in a shining light blue one-piece suit.

According to the account written by Dr. Oscar A. Galindez, in the Vol. 26, No. 5, January 1981 edition of the Flying Saucer Review, we read: “The garment covered the whole body from the neck downwards, including the hands and feet, and fitted the anatomy of the entity’s body closely. At the waist the entity wore a slender blue belt. In his left hand he was holding a glassy-looking sphere which irradiated a coherent beam of light of a faintly pale blue colour, almost white. The sphere was constantly moving forwards and backwards, and lighting up the whole dining room quite independently of the fluorescent tubes. The entity was smiling the whole time.”

Then in another case, this one written by the same author, Dr. Galindez, a lawyer, in the Vol. 21, No. 5, 1975 edition of FSR, we have yet another eyewitness (one Sr. Luftolde Rodriquez, age 52), a truck driver making a delivery at about 3:40 a.m., September 28, 1972, at a plant in Santa Isabel, Argentina, when he encounters a strange humanoid being. Again the written account reveals the following: “In his left hand he displayed something that looked like a billiard-ball, which was permanently emitting a very white light. The right arm was drawn back somewhat. He was wearing a wide, silvery belt, with a little box or casket of the same color on the right-hand side.”

I would certainly like to hear from any researchers who have documented cases and/or located other published accounts involving UFO entities who seemed to show any sort of left-handed preference. Though this anomaly is not conclusive, it’s interesting since only about 13 % of the human population of this planet is left-handed. So are the “aliens” (or certain of the aliens?) of a dominant left-handed proclivity?


Thanks to Brent Raynes, we can always expect something great from him.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


In Puerto Rico there have been reported various cases of women whom assure that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. They also assure that during their abduction they have been raped with the purpose of creating a new race among them and, also, among us. Annually thousands of UFO abductions have been reported, leaving the local authorities with an incomplete mystery.

In relation to this subject, a question arises: Could the real reason for these abductions be for the purpose of conducting genetic experiments?

Delia, a Puerto Rican woman, is just one of many women who have been abducted by a UFO. Delia is married and has two other children, one is 16 years old and the other 5.

The following is a narration of Delia's extraordinary experience. She tells us how she was abducted, got pregnant by an extraterrestrial, and finally gave birth to a child which she describes as "half human and half extraterrestrial."

Here is her story.

One day during the month of October, a friend and I were at a Yoga Center. In this place various yoga activities are celebrated and also people go there to meditate. It was 7:30 p.m. when my friend and I decided to retire and go to sleep. Then, all of a sudden somebody put their hand on my face. I couldn't see who it was because the room was dark. Suddenly, I was suspended in the air flying towards a direction that was totally unknown to me. While I was being transported in the air, I could see below myself houses and trees. At that moment I was so scared that I couldn't move, speak or scream. I calculate that the time had elapsed while I was being transported was approximately from 7:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. I was in my room when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. Immediately, I started vomiting and all my body was in terrible pain. After a while, I felt a little better and I went to talk to Swami, who is the director of the Yoga Center. I told him how terrible I felt and what had happened to me. He told me to go back to my room and sleep until 12:00 noon and that when I woke up I would feel much better, which happened.

After this I was left with a strange sensation which is difficult to explain. One of the sensations was in my vaginal (area), the other was in my mind... my way of thinking. Before I didn't give too much importance to the simple things that surrounded me, and now all of a sudden I began to notice how beautiful the sky was and also feeling a great amount of love towards other people. In other words, my life had changed completely.

Time passed by and it was already December - three months after my extraordinary experience. During these three months, I had noticed that my period occurred every 50 days, not every 27 days, or so, as would normally happen. Also, my stomach had enlarged just a little. Time passed by and then I had another encounter with a UFO. Suddenly, I found myself in a metallic room where there were 12 small men (not human) all dressed in grey. In this room I was lying in a metallic bed where I can clearly remember giving birth to a child, just like a normal birth to this child, because my two other children had been born by Cesarean. Then suddenly I fell asleep. when I woke up I saw one of the extraterrestrials with a child in his arms. When I saw this child something deep inside of me told me he was my child, but I also remember being afraid. I remember telling one of the extraterrestrials that I considered this child strange (because he was "half human and half" extraterrestrial). Also, I can remember telling myself that even though this child was strange I had to accept and love him because he was my child. Also, the way he looked at me and the expression on his face confirmed this to me. After a moment, the extraterrestrial brought the child to me so that I could hold him.

Even though I know he belongs to me, I cannot have him. And, because of this, my pain and sorrow cannot go away. They told me that he could not live with me because he could not eat the food that we human beings eat. While I held him in my arms I didn't want to let him go. I held him very tight. Then the extraterrestrials took him away from me and escorted me to the entrance of the flying saucer.

After these two experiences, I have had two more. The other two occurred when they brought me the child so that I could be with him. They do so by transporting me by air, holding the child in my arms. While I am being transported, I have noticed that they make like a certain experiment with me. I remember feeling fear, like if the child would just fall right out of my arms. I suppose that they do this to see how mother human beings instincts are towards their children.

At the present, my two children have also had UFO experiences. They both have developed a certain kind of mental abilities and presently are being studied by them. I can't help worrying that probably one of these days my children can also be abducted..

By Willie Durand Urbina, Puerto Rican Research Group.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


By Barbara C. Porter, Tempe, Arizona


My family lived in a two-story frame house on Sixth Street in Marion, Indiana, when I was four. In the large, fenced backyard there was an old pear tree from which my father had hung a swing. How I loved that swing! Sitting on it, pumping with my legs, rising higher and higher, I seemed to sweep over the fence and into the blue sky, almost to heaven itself.

Usually my mother called me in at twilight, but one evening I played in the backyard in the gathering dark. I had just jumped off the swing when the grass became resplendent in front of me. Looking up, I gazed into a man's face. He was tall - taller than my father, who stood six feet one, taller than anyone I had ever seen. The man seemed to be made of pure light. He held a large double-edged sword, the hilt set with jewels more vibrant than anything I'd ever seen.

I was shy with strangers, especially adults, but I was not scared. "Who are you?"

"I speak for I Am," he said. I didn't understand those words, but I repeated them until they were fixed in my mind.

Finally my mother called me and I ran to the house. Glancing back, I saw my visitor grow taller and taller until he was higher than the pear tree. His light gradually faded and dispersed into the falling darkness. When I told my mother I had been talking with a man out by the swing she was frightened. Who was this stranger? How had he gotten into the yard? My father overheard us and took me into his study.

"Describe this person," Dad said. My father listened. The son of a clergyman and a serious student of religion, he knew about God's messengers. At last he announced, "You have met the Archangel Michael." I was astounded.

Growing up, I came to understand more about archangels. I even learned the meaning of those words I had memorized as a child, "I Am" being one of God's names in the Bible. "I speak for I Am" was almost a job description. Michael was God's messenger. Most important, I could still experience the comfort I had known that summer eve.

I left home to get my B.A. and M.A. degrees, taught, married, had a daughter. My husband, Spencer, was a chemistry professor, and there came difficult times in a tough job market in the early 1970s when he went from one temporary appointment to another. While he taught in a small college associated with St. Meinrad's Archabbey at St. Meinrad, Indiana I was often sustained by joining the monks in prayer. One one particular day, when my inner world was in disarray, I joined the community for Lauds. As I knelt at the small prayer desk, the phrase came to me, "I send you Michael, who has never left you..." Yes, my soul sang, he is still here with me!

Then, 15 years ago, I experienced another encounter. My husband had accepted a sabbatical appointment in Arizona State University in Tempe. With our daughter, then 14, we had been spending the summer at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California and set out from there to drive to Arizona. We ventured into the Mojave ill-prepared. Our car did not have air conditioning, so we stopped at the edge of the desert and bought jumbo-sized drinks with lots of ice. We were drinking them slowly when miles from nowhere disaster struck: a flat tire.

We piled out of the car. The heat from the asphalt was so intense it burned my feet through the soles of my loafers. Spencer opened the trunk to find the spare and the jack but he couldn't get to them. Our daughter's metal storage trunk, with all her riding gear in it, was on top and too hot to touch.

Just then a small red sports car pulled over and stopped. A remarkably tall young man with light blond hair that seemed to glow in the desert light stepped toward us. "Let me do that," he said. With his bare hands he easily lifted out Laura's trunk, removed the tire and jack, and repaired the flat - all in a matter of minutes.

Spencer thanked him and hurried to the driver's side. "We sure were lucky that you came along," he said. Laura jumped into the backseat. Standing behind the car, I asked, "What is your name?" as I had addressed a strangely similar individual long ago. He threw his arm up in farewell and blessing, "I am Michael," he said.

I got back into our car and the sports car pulled away. The heat sent mirages dancing ahead of us for miles, but we never again saw the red sports car.

I've had much joy in my life. I've also had trials and pain, but their full power has always somehow been deflected. When I sit down at my desk in the morning to begin my day's work I am conscious of divine direction and the presence of the archangel He has given charge over me: Michael, who speaks - and acts - for the I Am.
This was one of my favorite stories. It gives one such hope that we are watched over.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Many years ago David Huggins came to Seattle to attend the "Jorpah", the conference held each year by the UFO Contact Center International. The conference was specifically for abductees. Persons came from all across the US, Japan, Canada, etc. David brought his paintings of the aliens he had been contacted by for years. The paintings were very graphic in detail!

This morning I discovered a book has been written about his experiences. This is it.

Love in an Alien Purgatory

From the UFO Mystic website. Posted by Nick Redfern

Love in an Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins (Anomalist Books, 2009) is a book that is as intriguing and thought-provoking as it is unique and alternative. Written by well-known UFO researcher Farah Yurdozu (who, originally from Turkey, lives in New York City and writes regularly for UFO Magazine), the book tells the story of one David Huggins, a skilled artist who has experienced a lifetime of encounters of a distinctly “alien abduction” nature with…well, some form of intelligence from elsewhere.

And that’s the refreshing thing about this book: it doesn’t force any particular theory on the reader. Indeed, as Farah notes, very wisely and astutely, early on: “Although we still have very little evidence indicating that these visitors are from another planet, it is reasonable to assume that they are coming from another realm that is completely different from our earthly reality.”

With that view, I am most definitely in agreement. And so, with that said, let’s press on.

I used the words “unique” and “alternative” above for a very good reason. Rather than laboriously chronicle his experiences with apparent entities from elsewhere on reams of paper or in Microsoft Word, Huggins has taken a much different approach: as a very talented artist, he has used canvas, oils and more. In other words, the book is a definitively visual diary of Huggins’ encounters; rather than a written one.

And what is the nature of those experiences? For the most part, they are of the type we have come to expect from people exposed to the “alien abduction” puzzle; such as:

(A) childhood encounters with alien beings;

(B) very personal and sexual experiences that seem to be linked with an agenda to create a hybrid, alien-human race;

(C) evidence of longstanding interaction with advanced - yet curiously fragile, and perhaps even sickly - intelligences;

(D) a suggestion that Huggins has been monitored on a large-scale for most of his life; and much more.

Of course, anyone who has had even the remotest exposure to accounts of alien abduction will instantly recognize that such assertions are absolutely staple parts of the subject. However, it’s the artwork that really makes Huggins’ story stand out.

After a fine introduction from Farah that firmly sets the scene, that relates the history of Huggins’ experiences, and that allows us to understand what it is that drives and motivates the man himself, we see his story unfold before our eyes via a large body of very skilled artwork.

Indeed, Huggins is extremely good at capturing the apparent other-worldly nature of his visitors from the outer-edge.

For example, he claims longstanding contact with a female being he names “Crescent” - who appears to be a classic example of a “hybrid” entity. And the paintings of Crescent that can be found on (particularly) pages 20 and 28 - as well as those of other alleged hybrids at the top of page 51 - do, to my mind, superbly serve to portray the truly alien nature of the entities at issue.

However, those same images also suggest a sense of eeriness and detachment; and perhaps even menace. But that’s just my own opinion, of course. Whatever the true nature of Huggins’ encounters, he is to be congratulated for portraying the creatures in a fashion that is both memorable and slightly unsettling.

I don’t know why I find them unsettling - but I do. Perhaps it’s the long-black wigs and the obvious attempts to try and pass themselves off as more human-like than they really are - as they seek to secretly and stealthily move among us - that makes me come to such a conclusion.

Actually, the one thing that stands out more than any other in my mind, is that the particular entities in question seem to conjure up imagery not of literal extraterrestrials, but of Mac Tonnies’ cryptoterrestrials - beings that originate right here on Earth, but who masquerade as aliens to hide their true nature and intent; which may not be entirely benign.

But, maybe I am wrong about the origin and intent of the creatures at issue. As I said, that’s just my own view, having digested the words, pages and many paintings contained in the book. Perhaps the story that Farah tells of Huggins’ experiences is a wholly positive one. Time, I earnestly hope, will tell.

Regardless of what lies at the heart of the alien abduction/hybrids story in general, and Huggins’ story in particular, Love in an Alien Purgatory is a truly fascinating study of one man who has experienced some bizarre - and, at times, distressing - events in his life, and who has used his own skills and talents to try and make some sense of those same events in a positive, uplifting and always visually-appealing fashion.


I have copies of David's paintings that were photographed in Seattle at the Jorpah. Very unusual.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


An Introduction to Rosemary Brown

The spirits of Liszt, Chopin, Brahms and others dictate their music to her, says Rosemary Brown. Her Publisher here offers the details of her story.

For as long as Rosemary Brown's name has been known to the public, controversy has lingered over every manifestation of her unusually powerful gift or communication with "the beyond." Mediums are numerous enough worldwide to pursue their work without exceptional publicity. Rosemary Brown -- who makes no claim as a medium -- caught world attention when it became known that great composers of the past were dictating new music to her for public performance.

Such a situation forced confrontation with the professional musical world, and demanded opinion. Only the smallest percentage responded, leaving the rest to tiptoe away anxious to avoid involvement. And this situation remains today. The critical fraternity likewise ignores public performance and therefore avoids the necessity of expressing opinion one way or the other.

Rosemary Brown's three books have by welcome contrast, enjoyed wide sale and esteem. The first, Unfinished Symphonies gives an account of her early life and demonstrates the natural ease with which she communicates with relatives, friends, and celebrities from all walks of earthly life. They come to her willingly. Even that response need not excite special attention, for it is a condition familiar to more people on this plane than necessarily admit to it. (There is also an estimate that three out of four of us experience the supernatural, however superficially, at least once in our lives.)

Rosemary Brown's experience became singular from the day in her childhood when Liszt revealed that she would in due course receive music from him and other composers. By the time this began she had raised a family and suffered the early death of her husband.

The first piano pieces bear dates in the mid-sixties, most of them dictated by Liszt. Other composers -- Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, and Schubert amongst them -- began to appear and attempted the labor of "composing" backwards, in a sense, from a habit, to a lady immensely willing but initially lacking the expertise for a form of musical dictation that would intimidate a professional. Over the years Rosemary Brown has worked assiduously at improving her response as music is dictated note by note. She has now brought to the world some remarkable evidence of this rare kind of phenomena, of which the Twelve Mazurkas from Chopin form a small part. The failure rate has always been high because composers often abandon pieces before completion.

Piano music has consistently remained the most accommodating category. Despite that, composers attempt music for voice, organ, or for such ensembles as string quartet, and even full orchestra. No such experiment has yet proved successful, either because a composer gives up before completion or because the final result is blemished. All this bears evidence to the challenge implicit in transferring fine detail from one dimension to another.

When Schumann embarked upon his first set of piano pieces through Rosemary Brown late in 1979, it became a feat of endurance involving constant revision, that was exhausting to both composer and amanuensis. When finally the pieces were on manuscript paper to the reasonable satisfaction of Schumann, it seemed to me as the prospective publisher that an opportunity was now provided for Liszt -- the father figure of the whole amazing undertaking - to "present his cast" to a suspicious world. I conclude this introduction to the Rosemary Brown achievement with Liszt's response to that challenge.

For several years, a group of composers in the world of spirit has been making sustained efforts to transmit new musical works to the world of matter through an intermediary named Rosemary Brown.

Their efforts have not been entirely unfruitful, though their work is not always accepted by those whose minds are biased. Ignorance, prejudice, and apathy have ever constituted obstacles to the spread of Truth, and the final years of the twentieth century are proving no exception in this respect.

The music transmitted is not put forth with the object of surpassing previous musical achievements. The aim is to pour through a sufficient measure in terms of musical expression to give clear demonstrations of the personal idioms of each composer concerned. Therefore, each composer endeavours to filter through the essence of his own spirit rather than to attempt gigantic works of technical virtuosity.

They appear towards as wide a public as possible, and not to the experts alone. This is not to say that the opinions of open-minded, understanding experts are not valued, but the composers' message is for all who will listen with willing and appreciative ears.

Needless to say, there are vast difficulties to be overcome before perfect communication between the worlds of spirit and matter can be fully established. However, the composers will not be daunted since they perceive the crucial importance of opening people's eyes to the truth about themselves and the life to come.

As Carl Jung observes, people tend to behave in accordance with the image foisted upon them. We in spirit hope to help people to realise that they are evolving souls destined to pass into the realms of non-matter where they will continue to evolve. This realization should give them a whole new dimension of thinking, and raise their self-image above its earthbound limits.

As regards the music itself, this album offers twelve pieces very recently created by the soul who was known as Robert Schumann. The pieces illustrate some enchanting facets of the multi-sided genius of Robert Schumann. He lost his way on earth because the mirrors of his mind reflected false images to him. Now, of course, his mind is clear, and he shares in the delight of an unclouded vision of the beauty of Creation and its Creator.

The essence of the Creator is within each one of us, an essence which will unfold throughout time and eternity until we become perfect expressions of the Infinite Splendour.
November 1980

We even added a postscript for those who queried Liszt's use of English, and it came from no less an authority out of the past than Sir Donald Tovey: "It is to be noted that Liszt has acquired a good command of the English language since his transition to the World of Spirit. All souls may continue to augment their knowledge if they so wish, and expand their consciousness if they make the necessary effort."

From Amazon: A Musical Seance with Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Grieg and Debussy by Rosemary Brown

Product Description

1970 Stereo LP with gatefold jacket and insert booklet featuring extensive liner notes and photos. Back of jacket shows a channeled message from Sir Donald Tovey (1875-1940) about the recording of this record to Rosemary brown in 1970. This recording contains these hitherto unknown works of the masters revealed to Rosemary Brown: Beethoven -Bagatelle; Schubert - Moment Musicale; Chopin - Ballade, Impromptu in F Minor, Impromtu in E flat; Liszt - Jesus Walking On The Water, Grubelei, Valse Brillante, Consolation, Swan At Twilight, Reve en Bateau, Lament, Jesus At Prayer; Debussy - Danse Exotique; Brahms - Waltz; Greig-Shepherd Piping; Schumann - Longing.

UNFINISHED SYMPHONIES: VOICES FROM BEYOND by Rosemary Brown (Paperback - out of print)

Product Description

When Rosemary Brown was seven, the great composer Franz Liszt appeared to her and told her he would visit her again after she had grown up. He did. And he began to pas on to her his musical compositions, totally new and unheard by the living world. Mrs. Brown, a London housewife, has been visited not only by Liszt but by Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin, Schubert, Bach and other musical geniuses who have given her over 400 new compositions. Leading authorities have said that no one could have composed that much music, written in a dozen different styles, without being a musical genius. Yet Rosemary Brown had limited musical training, knew very little musical notation and almost no musical theory. Unfinished Symphonies remains one of the most fascinating psychic stories ever written.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


By Tom Dongo

I have had indirect offers from two international magazines that specialize in paranormal and/or New Age subjects to do an article about Secret Canyon. I responded with a flat no.

I have avoided writing anything about Secret Canyon because I have felt that the subject was just too sensitive (and dangerous) in a number of ways. Whatever it is, or was in Secret Canyon has been very quiet. Perhaps it has been closed down or deactivated.

Sedona has undergone a population and construction explosion in recent years, so it is possible that is the reason for the lack of or cessation of activity. Too much pressure, maybe.

I don't know the definite origin for the name Secret Canyon and I'm not sure if anyone else does either.

Secret Mountain dominates the Secret Canyon area. Many of Sedona's major canyons basically terminate at or near Secret Mountain. They include Lincoln, Loy, Hartwell, Red, Fay, Boynton, Long, HS, Bear Sign and Secret Canyon. Secret Mountain is a sort of hub, like half a wagon wheel when viewed on a topographical map of these ten canyons.

Around 1920, several of the early ranchers of this area were riding horseback deep into Secret Canyon, probably looking for stray cattle. Some time during the day, the canyon became slowly filled by a dense bank of fog. Anyone who has lived around here for a long time and hikes the canyons will tell you that fog never occurs in the canyons. Once in a while, after a heavy rain or snow storm, thin fog will waft through a canyon, usually for only a few minutes. Evidently this particular fog was so thick the ranchers had to stop for the day and were a bit disoriented as to exactly where they were. Sudden dense fog materializing from nowhere is very typical of paranormal and UFO/alien activity.

During World War II, thousands of Chinese soldiers disappeared in China after a strange fog bank engulfed them. The same thing happened to a detachment of British soldiers in Europe storming a hill in 1944. Nothing of the British soldiers was ever found. In the China incident, all of the war equipment was strewn around but the soldiers were gone. This is not a rumor; it happened, and it has been written about in a number of books. It's well documented.

The two ranchers, while inside this fog, began to hear a great roaring sound which they thought was a freight train. They thought that somehow they had become lost and were near the Santa Fe Railroad tracks west of Flagstaff. Then an incredibly bright ball of light came off the rim of the canyon and descended down into the canyon. I don't know if anything happened right after that because that is all of the story I have. The next morning the fog cleared and the ranchers found that they were indeed still in Secret Canyon. That is the earliest unusual activity that I know of having occurred in Secret Canyon.

So it has been going on for some time. It did not begin with the advent of New Agers. Since 1920, many people have had very strange experiences in Secret Canyon. I've been asked innumerable times what I think it is that exists or existed in Secret Canyon or on Secret Mountain. My guess is that it is, or was, either a portal or some type or an entrance to an underground base or tunnel system of some sort. UFO activity here has always been clustered in the general vicinity of Secret Mountain/Secret Canyon. In fact, because I keep an unscientific account of this, I would say that 80% of all UFO activity in Arizona occurs near or in Secret Canyon or around Secret Mountain. The portal, or whatever, is/was centered about two-thirds of the way into Secret Canyon, a distance of about three miles from the mouth of the canyon.

Secret Canyon is about seven miles long in its entirety. The center of the activity may actually be on the side of Secret Mountain near Secret Canyon. Both areas are in quite remote locations. Some of the incidents that have occurred in Secret Canyon follow:

A number of hikers deep in Secret Canyon have been gripped suddenly by an overpowering fear and have literally run all the way out of the canyon. This includes a battle-hardened British Royal Marine who, before that, had not believed anything he had heard about Secret Canyon. This activity is entirely suggestive of some sort of device that is switched on. Sub-sonic sound waves perhaps, or some type of ELF (extra low frequency) device may account for this. People have had machine guns stuck in their noses in Secret Canyon (and in two other canyons) and have been told to turn back by men in black uniforms and, in two cases, by men wearing orange jumpsuits with a large insignia on either the right or left chest area. Very sloppy work by someone.

Sounds like hikers with great imaginations just getting a bit carried away? Not quite, and here's why. I have a friend who is retired from army Intelligence and he has told me that, in fact, elite army units or teams, have been (or were at one time) very active in the Secret Canyon/Secret Mountain area. I inquired of him if he thought aliens might be involved in this mysterious activity, in conjunction with the US Military. He answered in the affirmative. There is more to this but I am not going to go into it here.

As a point of interest, Navajo Army Depot, a munitions storage area now generally deactivated, lies only a few air miles north of Secret Mountain. The depot is about six miles long by five miles wide. A local wilderness guide was deep in Secret Canyon several years ago when he was knocked off his feet by something invisible (like a ray) and crawled on his hands and knees a quarter of a mile before he could get back on his feet. Unearthly buzzing sounds have been experienced by many hikers and campers who have said that these sounds have originated from deep in the ground. I've experienced this phenomenon myself and it is a very weird sound. Jet engine-like sounds going on and off have been heard in the area. At least a half dozen times UFOs have been seen slowly flying about Secret Canyon, shooting blazing beams of light into the canyon as they were probing for something. Some of the witnesses to this were camped in Secret Canyon and the UFOs flew right over them. I wrote at length about these incidents in both The Alien Tide and The Quest. Whenever I talk on this subject, I always point out that 99.9% of the hikers and campers who have ventured into Secret Canyon or onto Secret Mountain have had nothing adverse whatsoever happen to them. They enjoyed perfectly normal hiking or camping trips; so there is no real reason to avoid this area if you are inclined to go there. However, you will never find me camping in Secret Canyon -- not in the back half anyway. So that's about it for Secret Canyon. There is a lot more but it's too wild and unverifiable to repeat here. I just hope that paranoia buffs don't get carried away with this.


I experienced an incident recently, probably not connected to Secret Canyon (but it could be), that I will briefly mention here, in closing. I found a piece of aircraft fuselage about four feet long and two feet wide and painted a lime green color. This was in the area of Soldier's Pass. Several days after I found it, I took it up to the Sedona Airport terminal and just happened to meet an FAA official who is a pilot and aircraft mechanic, who was standing in the lobby. I was impressed. After examining it, he said that it probably was from a twin=engine Cessna that had crashed on Wilson Mountain in 1980. But, coincidentally, a friend of mine and a friend of his, a number of years ago near Loy Canyon, found small wreckage pieces of what an aircraft mechanic said was part of a Korean War-era jet fighter. It had evidently hit the ground at a high rate of speed. I asked him if the pieces had any paint on them. He replied that some pieces had lime green paint on them. There have never been any reports, news paper or otherwise, of a jet or jet fighter crashing in the area.


  • I have wondered for many years, why do I have so many encounters like this one. I have six books full of these sorts of things. Most were witnessed by other people as the incident occurred.

  • Recently, to make a long story shorter, I was hiking with a friend near Sedona in an obscure area that is rarely visited by hikers. Flagstaff, at 7,000 ft, had just had 80 inches of snow and the melting runoff at lower elevations was way above average. Most of the normally dry creeks were now raging rivers from the snow melt.
    We were looking for a 1000 year old Sinagua Indian petroglyph site. Hot, sweaty and confused I was standing on the rim of the gorge looking 100 feet down at he torrent of water trying to remember how to find the site. I looked up and walking towards us about a hundred yards away was a tall, thin, attractive blond haired woman. She was wearing bright red pants and a bulky white wool sweater. She was not wearing a hat. I looked for her dog. Almost always woman hiking in out-of-the-way areas will have a big dog with them. No dog.

  • "What in the hell is she doing out here?!" I remarked to my friend.

  • Where the ground had not dried yet there was three or four inches of grease like mud.

  • The blond woman had on low street type shoes.

  • The pretty blond woman walked up to us. She said a few words I could not hear because she spoke so softly. She stopped speaking and I said, somewhat impatiently."Do you know where the petroglyphs are?" Again she spoke so softly I could not hear her. Before I could think of anything to say she began to walk over to the rim of the cliff above the creek. The woman's face was completely expressionless as she spoke. Very odd. I remember thinking.

  • She pointed to a slot in the cliff. I could see that it was the old, now almost abandoned trail down to the petroglyphs. We had earlier walked right by it. We both thanked her and started down the nearly vertical trail.
    We made our way to the bottom. Upon arriving, there was the 1000 year old rock art we had been seeking. The water was roaring so loud it was hard to talk to and hear my companion ten feet away.

  • I shot several dozen photos of the rock art. I turned and was startled because the tall blond woman was standing right behind me. I had not seen her come down the steep trail. Not strange, I thought, because the water was so loud and I was totally preoccupied with photographing the petroglyphs.

  • I glanced up at the precipitous, rocky trail wondering how she got down here so fast. She showed no signs of exertion.

  • She began speaking softly again and as close as I was I could not hear what she was saying. I caught a couple words and knew that it had something to do with the Sinagua rock art. She was quite pretty and I was somewhat mesmerized and confused by her totally expressionless face. I stood there trying to think of something to say. My hiking friend called to me and I shouted back and forth with her for not more than two or three minutes.
  • I turned back to the strange blond woman and she was gone. I walked over and looked up the trail and she was nowhere in sight. I was again puzzled and perplexed. Not once did it occur to me, of all people, that she might have been an extraterrestrial. If you read my books this sort of thing has happened to me, and other people I know, before.

  • All I can say time I WILL be ready, no matter what diversions are going on around me.

  • Thank you Tom for both of these articles. Check out Tom Dongo's UFO & PARANORMAL BLOG

Thursday, February 4, 2010


By Pat Rimmington

Historical Feature.

Home to the Space People (and the Indians, and a brilliant German inventor and a Howard Hughes protegee named George Van Tassel who brought thousands to his UFO conventions)

This piece of granite called Giant Rock has been called the world's largest single boulder. Technically, it is quartz monzonite formed during the cretaceous period -- part of the Mesozoic era - which puts its age between 65 to 136 million years old.

Giant Rock stands seven stories high, and its estimate weight is around 100,000 tons. The Rock was considered sacred to the Indians of this region who called it the Great Stone, and it was of great importance for gatherings of headmen of the various bands. On a hill a little way from the rock itself were two outcroppings of quartz shaped like thrones, unusual and unique.

In 1887 Charles Reche, who had married a daughter of homesteader Chuck Warren, filed on a homestead of his own northeast of Morongo Valley, shown on some maps as Rich's well. In 1909 he worked as foreman of the Desert Queen Mine, located within what now is the Joshua Tree National Monument. There, he learned from freighters about the manhunt for Willie Boy, the Paiute Indian who had murdered the Chemehuevi chief Mike Boniface and abducted his daughter.

Being a Deputy Sheriff, Reche made his way to his father-in-law's ranch in Morongo Valley to join the posse. In the course of the manhunt, he was shot in the hip by Willie Boy. His life was saved by the handcuffs that he carried which deflected the bullet. For the rest of his life, he walked with a limp.

At the start of the Great Depression, Reche's nearest neighbor was Frank Critzer who had filed on a mining claim and lived at Giant Rock. Critzer was born in Germany and, at age 14 during World war I, served on a submarine. After the war he emigrated to the United States. In the 1920s he was working on the fishing fleet out of Santa Monica. But the damp air affected his lungs and a doctor recommended that he move to a drier climate.

Frank Critzer decided to try his hand at prospecting. Before embarking on his new desert adventure, he took his Essex car to be readied at a Southern California garage owned by Glenn Paine, the uncle of George Van tassel, who later would live at Giant Rock. By the time the men had parted company, Critzer had been grubstaked for his new venture with his car repaired, and loaded down with groceries by his new found friends.

They received no communication from Critzer until a year later when he wrote saying that he had filed a claim in the desert north of what is now Landers. (It would be another 20 years before the community of Landers would exist.)

When Van Tassel and his uncle drove out to visit Critzer, they found him living in a cave he had dug under the Rock. According to Van Tassel, Critzer had several bottles filled with gold and had shown them paperwork which detailed the manufacture of a glass crankshaft stronger than steel, and the nearly completed formula for the then unknown Teflon and plastics.

Critzer helped Charlie Reche pipe water to his house, installed a kitchen and bathroom, and refused payment. He also dragged five straight roads leading to Giant Rock. The roads he made are still used in the Landers area. Then he built a runway on the nearby dry lake, complete with windsock. On seeing it, pilots began to land, and Critzer soon was servicing and repairing aircraft.

On January 9, 1940, The Desert Trail reported: "Last Sunday was a busy day for Frank Critzer at his Giant Rock airport. Eight planes swooped in to visit the unique desert retreat." Locals also used the area as a picnic spot.

With Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States entered World War II. Young men registered for the draft, and particularly in California, the local citizens were watching the skies for signs of enemy aircraft.

On July 1, 1942, three Riverside County deputy sheriff's visited Critzer to investigate allegations that he might be involved in a series of thefts from Garnet, Banning and Palm springs of gasoline, dynamite and tools. Rumors also abounded that the airport was used to transport illegal aliens, that Critzer had failed to register for the draft, and he was a German spy.

There are two stories of what transpired. One was that when the deputies told Critzer they were taking him to Banning for questioning, Critzer went to his 400-square-foot dwelling and blew himself to bits with the dynamite that he had stored there.

The second was the Critzer was angered by the manner of the deputies, told them to leave his property, and returned to his cave. One of the lawmen then threw a tear gas container into the dwelling which ignited the dynamite. Deputy McCracken who was closest to the blast received multiple cuts and bruises and a punctured eardrum. Deputies Simpson and Pratt were unhurt, barring temporary deafness from the explosion.

Critzer had 200 pounds of dynamite stored in his underground home, and later it was found that only 70 pounds had ignited. Frank Critzer was dead, and none of the allegations and rumors could be substantiated. The papers outlining Critzer's new inventions mentioned by Van Tassel supposedly were lost in the explosion.

The deceased had owned a radio, binoculars, a rifle and explosives, but the same could have been said for most desert dwellers when it came to the first three items. As for the dynamite -- most miners owned some, and Bagley's store in Twentynine Palms sold it.

George Van Tassel was born in 1910 in Jefferson, Ohio. At 17 he entered the aviation field, working with the airlines for three years, before moving to California to join Douglas Aircraft.

In 1941, Van Tassel left Douglas to become Howard Hughes' personal flight inspector for testing experimental aircraft. Subsequently, he was a flight safety inspector with Lockheed. In 1947 Van Tassel, his wife and three daughters, moved to the desert to live at Giant Rock.

Van Tassel began weekly meditation sessions with interested persons in 1953 at Giant Rock which he claimed, led to UFO contacts. This resulted in the formation of a science/philosophy organization which in 1958 was incorporated as the Ministry of Universal wisdom, Inc., for "the purpose of research into the unseen truths of life." Van Tassel also published a magazine, Proceedings. The magazine carried articles and photographs of UFO sightings, some of which were claimed to be taken at Giant Rock.

The Ministry claimed that another result of contacts with extra terrestrials led to the building of the Integratron, a four-story high, 55 feet in diameter, non-metallic structure. They called the Integratron "a time machine for basic research on rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel." Van Tassel wrote about his researches in the books that he had published: When Stars Look Down, the Council of Seven Lights, Religion and Science Merged, and I Rode the Flying Saucer.

Golden States Productions, under the direction of Emile Canning offered several seminars at the Integraton on planetary healings, readings from George Van Tassel's books and journals, an Easter retreat, a UFO watch, and a psychic development session.

Canning calls the Integratron "a very powerful vortex for physical and spiritual healing," and says it "combines sacred geometry, electromagnetics, sonics, future science and ancient wisdom."

The year 1953 also saw the beginnings of annual space conventions where thousands of visitors came by car, camper and airplane for the two-day events. Speakers included scientists as well as enthusiastic observers. Booths displayed hundreds of books on space people and UFOs. An article appeared in the May 27, 1957, issue of Life Magazine entitled "Believers hold meeting in desert to swap interplanetary tall tales."

In 1959 11,000 people attended. By 1970 the numbers were fewer and some rowdy elements in the crowd disrupted the proceeds with fights. So George Van Tassel decided to discontinue the conventions.

Van Tassel died on February 9, 1979, in Santa Ana. The buildings on the Giant Rock property were vacated and gradually vandalized. For the sake of public safety, the Bureau of Land Management bulldozed the remains of the buildings.

In recent years, the aforementioned quartz thrones have been destroyed by those types of off roaders we all hate who consider the desert is for mutilating - because "nothing is there." They roar at high speeds, destroying the delicate desert crust, plants, and tortoises, and litter it with cans and bottles.

The Rock has been pitted by bullet holes by intrepid hunters, and spray painted by members of the intelligentsia who have difficulty spelling four letter words correctly. Rock climbers have even glued handholds to the surface.

Giant Rock is located on Bureau of Land Management property. Management personnel, too, would like to keep this area pristine but, as always, funds are lacking for cleanup and patrol If a place is not well enough known, it is not considered high priority.

(Since this article was written Giant Rock has split right down the middle. When I went out there after speaking at 29 Palms, people were shooting at everything in sight, rabbits, cans, rocks, you name it. It was dangerous to be in the vicinity, especially at night!- P. Urial)