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By Jake Palmateer
The Daily Star
January 23, 2008

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ONEONTA - An Oneonta surgeon who survived a lightning strike in 1994 and suddenly began craving piano music will make his public debut as a composer and pianist next week.

Dr. Anthony Cicoria said the lightning bolt that came out of a pay phone during a family outing near Albany caused a near-death experience that changed his life forever.

Nearly 14 years later, Cicoria will perform concerts at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and Feb. 4 at the State University College at Oneonta.

His story appeared in The New Yorker magazine and a book and is now receiving international attention. Three television crews from Europe are planning to film the first concert.

Before a rehearsal Monday at Goodrich Theater at SUCO, Cicoria recalled the lightning strike and his brush with death.

After seeing his body lying on the ground and his family rushing to him, Cicoria was surrounded by a bluish-white light, the 55-year-old orthopedic surgeon said.

He began drifting up and away from his body and entered a state of bliss, Cicoria said.

"The sensation of movement was there," he said.

But he said he was suddenly thrust back into his body and began to feel an intense pain.

Cicoria said he eventually came to and had no lasting physical effects from the strike. But he soon began having an intense desire to hear piano music.

"It didn't make a lot of sense at the time," Cicoria said.

Cicoria bought classical piano recordings and listened to them constantly. A short time after that, he said, he had a dream.

"In this dream, I was playing in a concert hall," Cicoria said.

The music in that dream stayed with him after he woke up. It and other music would be revealed to him in whole sections that would come into his mind at once, he said.

That process, he said, is similar to data being downloaded to a computer.

He began playing piano and was soon referred to local piano teacher Sandra McKane, who was helping him rehearse Monday.

McKane said she and Cicoria meet at 5 a.m. twice a week for regular classes.

Before the lightning strike, Cicoria was mostly a fan of rock and roll.

"I had played some guitar when I was a kid," he said.

As a 7-year-old, he took piano lessons but "didn't really like it."

"This is somebody who didn't have technique," McKane said.

As part of the instruction, McKane and Cicoria worked with other composers' music, as well as his own material.

While playing other composers' music, the notes from his dream would come out.

"This music would suddenly come to the foreground and butt in," Cicoria said.

McKane assisted Cicoria in transcribing the notes in his head to sheet music.

When asked where the music comes from, Cicoria said it came from a divine place.

"As Mozart said, it comes from heaven," Cicoria said.

Cicoria was featured in a New Yorker magazine article by Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who studies music and its relationship to the human brain. The article is the basis for the first chapter of Sacks' book "Musicophilia."

"He had learned about this through word of mouth," Cicoria said.

In 2006, the two men met in New York City.

"We talked all day long," Cicoria said.

Cicoria recalled Sacks saying the piece of music in his head had gone through a lot to get there, and it was really important for him to sit down and write it.

For six months, Cicoria worked on the composition after arriving home from work.

"It's affectionately called the Lightning Sonata," Cicoria said.

Although Sacks is attempting to explain the phenomenon on an anatomical basis, Cicoria said that is not entirely possible.

"There's something to this that I can't explain," Cicoria said.

The music, he said, is meant to be shared.

"It's obvious to me there is something important that I am supposed to do with this," Cicoria said.

One of the greatest realizations he said he had from the near-death experience is the knowledge that there is life after death.

"Whatever we are, our consciousness goes with the spirit," Cicoria said.

Cicoria is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who is chief of the medical staff at Chenango Memorial Hospital in Norwich. He is also a clinical assistant professor of orthopedics at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.

The public concerts grew out of a request from Catskill Conservatory Director Carleton Clay to do an in-house performance for SUCO students, Cicoria said.

"It really has taken a life of its own," Cicoria said.

Cicoria will perform his Lightning Sonata, Nocturne and Rhapsody in D Minor.

"I've got probably a dozen different things in various stages of completion," Cicoria said.

The concert series is presented by the Catskill Conservatory and SUCO as a gift to the community. The series is partially funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and involves 12 to 14 performances a year.

More information about the series is available by calling Clay at 607-436-3419.



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Man Experiences 5 Hours
Missing Time & is Teleported 200 Miles

Transport Occurred From Phoenix to Gila Bend

Date of Sighting: September, 1974 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Midnight
Date Sighting Reported: March 30, 2005
Location: Phoenix and Gila Bend, Arizona
Latitude: (Multiple Locations so Not Extracted)
Longitude: (Multiple Locations so Not Extracted)
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Not Known

Description (In Witness's Own Words): In September 1974, I applied for emergency leave to drive to Alabama to bring my wife and older son home to California. The evening I left San Diego, I drove east past El Cajon and was following what seemed like the quickest path on State Highway 10, now I-10. I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona just before midnight and proceeded to fuel my car. Once that was done, I again headed East on highway 10.

Approximately 5 miles after getting on the highway, I noticed a bright light positioned at about the 3 "o" clock position above the horizon, north and east of my position. I left Phoenix right at 12 am in the morning.

By now from my previous event, I am pretty spooked by lights in the sky of any kind. I kept trying to focus on my driving, but found myself somewhat pre-occupied with this strange light. It kind of looked like an automobile with it's head lights on high beam positioned on a small mesa, about 3 miles from my position.

It's like I just blinked my eyes, and out of the corner of my eye I see what appears to be a city limit sign going by. I missed the name, but felt somewhat disoriented, continued to the next off ramp. There is the name Gila Bend.

At this point I pulled my car over to side of the road, wondering what is going on. I look at my watch and it is now a little after 5:30 am in the morning, I am in Gila Bend, Arizona and my last conscious thought is of the light, at 12:10 am outside Phoenix, Arizona. I couldn't believe I had driven many miles and not remembered having done so.

I know you've heard of this stuff before, really have you heard this one. I check my gas gauge and it read full. Not believing what I was seeing, I drove to the nearest gas station and proceeded to fill the tank. It took less than 1/2 of one gallon to fill the tank. I have never before or since been able to equal gas mileage like that, although I wish I could. End of Story - Not Quite To this day, I have had NO CONSCIOUS MEMORIES of the event.

Investigator's Notes: This is the second sighting that I have received from this witness. This experience is intriguing given that the witness lost 5 hours of time after sighting the light and then did not use any gas in the nearly 200 mile trip. What really happened? I plan to conduct some more interviews with this witness. He is still shaken from this and other experiences that he says that he has had.
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A True Story
By Bianca Rivas

Taken from the Indigenous magazine, "Teen Profiles of the American Southwest."

One summer four cousins, Suzanne, Leanne, Celeste and me Adelia, were hanging out in Aztec, New Mexico, where Suzanne and Leanne live. Celeste and I live in Cortez, Colorado and were visiting.

The night before Celeste and I went back to Cortez, we were standing outside with our Uncle Robert. He looked up and said, "Look there's a UFO." Celeste looked up and had a terrifying look on her face. I told her, "Don't let the aliens get a hold of you." She had this terrified look on her face and turned to run inside. Our uncle started laughing, and went inside to check on her. The movie "Signs" was playing in the living room, and then I said the same thing again and started laughing. Then Celeste ran into Leanne's room. Celeste told us she didn't like aliens and they were evil.

The next day when everyone woke up, I told Suzanne what had happened. We all laughed along with Celeste. We got everything together and a couple hours later we started heading back to Cortez.

After putting gas in the car, Suzanne got her cell phone out and checked a message then we headed out. A few miles outside of Aztec Suzanne's car started going out of control. It would slow down then speed up to the speed limit and the radio turned off. She finally said the aliens were taking over. Celeste had a terrified look on her face. While we were driving our cell phones turned off, we couldn't call anyone now. The joke was on her. We all thought that it would be fun to make fun of Celeste.

Celeste had begun to look through the sunroof saying, "please don't hurt us." I couldn't help but try not to laugh with her talking to the aliens. When we reached Hesperus we drove up a hill, and when we got to the top the car stopped. There was nothing but silence in the car. In the back Celeste didn't look too happy. She said, "I just want to hurry and get home." Suzanne finally turned the radio on, but this time it was an AM radio station. There was only static coming from it. She started the car again and then started down the hill very slowly. Celeste thought the aliens would make us go speedily down the hill so she covered her eyes.

When we got to the bottom everything went normal. In the back Leanne tried to keep Celeste calm. She started singing and making Celeste laugh. As Celeste was calming down the radio turned off again so Suzanne told Celeste and Leanne to look out the sunroof to keep on lookout. Suzanne and I just looked at each other then looked away. With everything going on I was sitting there trying not to laugh. It was hard to keep a straight face. I'm usually not a person who could keep a straight face when it comes to something like that.

While almost in Cortez the radio turned back on. When it did, lyrics came on that said, "You never know what a killer looks like." We couldn't possibly plan that so it made Celeste believe even more. After a while Suzanne saw a rest stop and decided to pull in there to rest for a few minutes. Before she could park the doors locked and the heater turned on full blast. It was already hot in there because it was summer and with the heater on it was scorching. We tried to roll down the windows but the windows were also locked. We decided to leave before anything else happened any further.

After a while we reached Cortez and turned our cell phones back on. Suzanne saw a cemetery and used her phone to ask me if we should go in there. I said yes so she pulled in. When driving through the cemetery she saw a grave that was being dug up. She parked n front of it and Celeste looked up and was really scared. "I don't want to be here, I just want to go home," she said. Leanne was trying to talk to her about how it was just a cemetery. She started to plea for the aliens not to do anything to them. She said, "Please don't hurt us. Why won't you talk to me and let me know why you're doing this." She was almost in tears. Suzanne looked at me and then she started the car and left. Celeste was relieved to get out of the cemetery.

After a few minutes we turned a corner. We drove to a trailer park by the hospital. Suzanne stopped in front of an old house that looked like something from a horror movie. She looked at me with this odd look and started to squirm and yell all kinds of things like "It hurts so badly," then got stiff. She started talking in a deep voice like she was possessed. I never thought that she could make it sound like she did. Celeste was terrified by this point and started talking to the aliens again. "Can you just let us get home?" After a few minutes Suzanne came back and said that was the scariest experience ever. She hoped that would never happen again. She started the car and went to the park.

The radio turned on but she turned it back off. She didn't want to hear anything at that moment. We sat there in silence. Then Suzanne started (fake) crying and I started to laugh. I couldn't help it anymore. I was surprised by how long I could keep a straight face for so long. Leanne got mad at me and asked why I was laughing at a time like that. "I didn't want to cry so I just thought I would laugh instead," was my response. Then everyone went silent again. Celeste had tears in her eyes and was ready to cry.

After that moment we thought we would tell Celeste what happened. She burst into tears, "I hate you guys," she said.

When Suzanne took Celeste and me home, we told our family what happened and they looked at us like we were crazy. Suzanne wanted to get home before dark and left without saying anything else to us. I told Celeste that I didn't think that I could only hold in the secret for so long.

Celeste then went home before I could say anything else to her. She started walking out the door before she could tell her Mom what we did to her and when she walked out she went laughing.

That night I went over to her house to visit. She was sitting in her room and I was in the living room telling this story. Then she said, "Adelia stop making those sounds, I'm not falling for it again. Come inside so we can play a video and where did you get that alien costume?" I got up to see what she was talking about and went to the door of the room and said, "What alien costume?" She said, "I mean it, stop it." I walked into her room and said I'm not doing anything. She looked at her window and had a frightened look upon her face.
Since I live in Cortez, all the places mentioned in the story are familiar to me! Since I moved here it has been hard to find anyone interested in UFOs. I don't know who these girls are but obviously there have been UFOs around. I think the girls are in high school.


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Source: UFODigest.Com URL:

R.D. Morningstar's Enhancement of the Niagara Falls UFO, 2008

One Man's Early Alien Contacts ETAP in Canada in the 1960s
by Patrick Tamas

(Copyright © 2009 Patrick Tamas)

Posted: 12:30 May 11, 2009

I am a Canadian who has been very interested in UFOs for a long time.

Many years ago, in my mid teens (1964 1965 1966), I witnessed UFO activities in the sky on several occasions here in Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains and in Matane, Quebec, Canada.

* Enhancement of George Adamski's famed UFO photo

I also saw a UFO in Silver Spring, MD & Washington DC in the sky above Madeleine Rodeffer's home, while visiting her. She was associated at the time with George Adamski.

I met her through the Montreal UFO club the year Adamski died when she came and gave a conference. Since then my life and passion in life has always been UFOs, even if at times I had put it on a back burner.

After a successful career in the movie business, I am a now a young retiree in my fifties, still with the same passion and obsession, i.e. UFO.

I am searching and trying to understand the reasons for my past. I also believe that while seeing the ships in the sky during the daytime, I was being abducted during the night.

I remember humming Beatles tunes to myself in the daytime while walking in the country, but instead of the words of the songs, I used to hum thoughts and words to them that I used to send out to them in my mind my wish to see them.

To my surprise, I did not realize then that they could be the UFOS and that the occupants picked up my thoughts, which attracted them. Often they would show up only for a few seconds or for a minute or two.

In the autumn of 1965, one ship awoke me during the night followed by 7 others. Days later this story had hit the papers because of many others that had seen the ships.

Being naïve and innocent at 15 years of age, I thought that everything coming from the sky had to be good and nice. Later, an adult friend at the time who was much into this topic warned me to be very careful because of the "negative Aliens "and the men on Black.

The men in Black had invaded Madeleine Rodeffer's home and seized a portion of her UFO film. That was a film showing when a UFO came down while she and George Adamski filmed it. It was flying over the treetops over her home.

A single frame from the Adamski-Rodeffer 8 mm. UFO Film

Since then I have been able to watch them from a distance, but I could not overcome the fear of what would come out of the ship to make a full contact. My mind was too scared and could not accept their appearance if different or out of the norms, or if they were evil in some way.

However there are three contacts that I remember very well.

The first Alien was present in a light brown, pinkish awful room in the spacecraft.

However I could not and was not allowed to see him. (Dream like state)

The second alien was a Caucasian type man and he had really short hair. I was stunned because his hair was so short and told him so while he was piloting the ship. (Dream like state.)

Editor's note: The "Caucasian type" apparition described above could easily have been a shapeshifting "Tall Grey"

The third alien was a very handsome Nordic type Caucasian that I bumped into with a friend in the elevator in the Library of Congress in 1966. This alien was in a very physical form and this event also happened during the daytime.

Through telepathy (and a cat a mouse game that he played and directed), he revealed himself in a very funny way (for a reason) in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

During the conversation with the first Alien, I was told that I would remember much more regarding what this was all about later in my adult life, and that what had happened to me was to be part of a plan that would unfold in many years to come.

UFO Art by Charles Rash

During this dreamlike state, I remember being in a spaceship that was made, in a way, like glass so you could see through its walls. I remember, being inside the ship while it was flying over the auto route, watching the line of lampposts on each side in this way from high and above.

Once over the Montreal City, I remember floating out of the ship, watching my neighborhood from way above on a beautiful morning at sunrise.

Then I remember watching my apartment building and floating down through the roof of the apartment building, through the ceiling, watching my best friend Bobby, as if viewed from the ceiling, sleeping in the adjacent twin bed, and then looking through the bay checked windows on this beautiful sunrise morning.

Suddenly, I awoke instantly, "in a flash" to this glorious spring morning, just like I'd seen it moments before.

That and other things have all happened throughout the past 40 years.In my mind, I know that they are "just a thought away."

Throughout my life, I've seen stars moving forward, backwards, sideways; lights moving in and out of triangles, a silver disk, a green florescent ball floating over fields, a big yellow rectangle UFO floating over a lake, and more. I once saw a light the size or an egg up in the sky moving like the flight of bumblebees through the windowpane of the bedroom, after awakening me.

Patrick Tamas
Montreal, Canada

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Siberian Locals Complain Yeti Eats Too Much

Posted: 16 May 2009 11:19 AM PDT

The local Shor people in Kemerovo Region, Siberia, are reporting that something is snatching up the wild leek crop that is a staple of their diet, Itar-Tass Siberia reports. The onion-lovers leave behind abundant large footprints with clearly defined toes, similar to the prints found in the area earlier this year, the news service continues.

Bigfoot sightings are common in this remote section of the taiga and they have received attention worldwide. An expedition headed by director of the International Center for Hominology Igor Burtsev visited the area at the end of March to study footprints found in Azasskaya Cave, but the effort resulted in little new information.

Now local Tashtagol District administrator Vladimir Makuta notes that he has received 14 new written reports of yeti sightings near the cave and the nearby Mrassu River. The witnesses say the creature – thought by some to be a relict hominoid – is 1.5-2 meters (5-6.5 feet) tall and covered in reddish black fur.
From Phantoms and Monsters Blog

Screams on the Conewago

In early autumn 1988 I was attending an exhibition at the Timonium Fairgrounds where the subject was youth organizations and the everyday problems faced by volunteers. I was involved with Big Brothers in Baltimore at the time, so I decided to attend. The local Boy Scouts councils were also represented and I was interested in having some of the boys I was helping become active in scouting. Later in the day I bumped into Andy, a high school friend who was representing the York-Adams Council (Pa.). Both of us had been Boy Scouts together and I was happy to see that he continued as a troop leader. We decided to grab a bite to eat and catch up…it had been 12 years since we had graduated from high school. After awhile, the subject of my paranormal investigations came into the conversation. He had always been fascinated with ghost sightings at Gettysburg and the surrounding area and had camped near the battlefield on several occasions.

Andy stated that a few of the local troops had recently been camping at the old Camp Conewago and some of the boys had reported hearing “crying” sounds and were spooked bad enough that a few left their campsites early. They had setup their campsites deeper than usual in the woods near the Conewago Creek fork (where the Little Conewago and main Conewago Creek meet). He stated that he and another scout leader were going to check out the area the following weekend and he wanted to know if I’d at least go up for the day and investigate with them. I accepted the invitation.

Camp Conewago is located north of New Oxford, Pa. along the main Conewago Creek upstream from Dick’s Dam. It was established in 1919 for exclusive use by the local Boy Scouts of America. The area is rich in early colonial history since it was located on a major hunting route used by the Susquehannock Indians. Several attempts to establish settlements in this area failed because of Indian raids. As well, the Susquehannocks constantly warred with neighboring tribes. The Susquehannocks were eventually forced back into northeast Maryland and Delaware and the colonists were able expand westward into the Allegheny Mountains. The area became an important trading stop for settlers to stock up on supplies and to get updates before heading into the wilderness.

I met with Andy and John the following Friday at the campground. I was shocked at how little the place had changed. A flood of boyhood memories came over me while I walked around the cabins and the administration building. Andy wanted to know how long I planned to stay and that they were going to setup camp in the same area of the reports. I was game….so I told him I’d stay for the weekend, grabbed my gear and followed them into the woods. I suppose we hiked about 500 yards or so before we came to the bank of the creek, then we followed the creek for another 300 yards until we came to the fork. We setup 3 tents and had a nice fire going in short order. It was around 7:00 pm by this time, so we decided stay close to camp for the remainder of the evening.

The first night was fairly uneventful, though I sensed that something was watching us. I didn’t say anything but kept my eyes open and head clear. These woods are somewhat thick with ground cover and are inhabited by a fair amount of wildlife, especially white-tailed deer and raccoons. I remember when I was a Boy Scout, the older kids would send out the new members of the scout troop on an initiation “snipe” hunt. They’d give the prospective “hunter” a burlap bag and a flashlight and set them out into the woods at night telling them they could return only after they caught a “snipe”. They were usually running back to the campsite within an hour scared to the point of tears. It was a bit cruel, but we all had to go through the indignity…it was a tradition.

The next morning was sunny and cool…a perfect day to explore the woods. We sat down to breakfast when John asked if we heard footsteps and movement during the night. Andy said he slept straight through the night. I said I heard some movement but assumed it was one of my companions. Nothing seemed to be disturbed in the campsite, so we dismissed it…though I still had this lingering sense that we were being watched. We spent the day walking for several miles through the woods and examining points of interest. I wasn’t picking up any spirit connections and started to think that this was going to be a quiet weekend. About 6:00 pm we got back to camp and sat down to talk about any little thing that came into our heads.

Later that evening, we were sitting around the fire engaged in a conversation about football when suddenly a scream rang out west and upstream from our location. I thought it sounded like an owl at first, but a few minutes later it happened again and it distinctively sounded like a child. I couldn’t tell how far away it was but it lasted for several seconds and seemed to fade in and out. We got up and walked a few yards into the woods expecting to hear the sound again. It was quiet for about an hour and we were discussing what could have naturally caused that sound. I have heard bobcats, owls and rabbits scream and none sounded close to this. We agreed that it was definitely the cries of a child.

We decided to stay up for the entire night. There was a full moon and much of the woods and creek were visible. We had cameras, a gaus meter, EMF detector and temperature sensor ready, though I rarely use these tools when I sense spirit activity initially. At approximately 1:00 am, I was walking the perimeter of our camp with the EMF detector when I received a spike on the gauge for a few seconds. I stood still and tried to figure out this feeling of being watched the entire weekend. I told Andy and John what I felt and we started to walk deeper into the woods towards the fork. We walked about 50 feet when, without warning, we recognized to our right a large dark figure with bright red eyes standing in the creek….and suddenly it shot straight up into the air with an audible “whoosh”. A few seconds later, we heard another scream that seemed to fade as if was moving away from us.

We hurried back to the campsite and compared thoughts about this phantom. Andy was shook up and didn’t talk for several minutes until I prodded him for his recollection. John was surprising calm and estimated that it was 6 foot or so, dark in color and seemed to have something extending from its back. I also noticed the structures on the back and commented that it reminded me of wings but I was unsure. We all agreed that it had bright red eyes. This creature or phantom jettisoned so fast that we didn’t even have time to get a flashlight on it. Andy wanted to spend the night in the administration building and come back and collect our gear in the morning. He and John walked back, but I decided to stay in the campsite for the remainder of the night. Nothing significant occurred though that feeling of being watched remained.

After the investigation and further research, I concluded that this creature or phantom was more than a simple spirit or residual energy. I was aware of the numerous sightings of a “Mothman” in West Virginia and it seemed that this being was somewhat similar in description….but I have significant doubt that it is a cryptid. Also, I cannot explain the EMF spike other than that separate spirit energy was also present, though I did not sense anything specific. I and other researchers have investigated this area since our sighting and have come up with minimal further evidence, though a report of a dark creature was made by a resident who lived near Dick’s Dam a few years later. The investigation remains open….hopefully I or someone else will be able to offer a plausible answer in the future.

Used with permission of Phantoms and Monsters blog

P. Urial

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You can poo poo this if you want to but I would pay heed.

The time traveler said:

Charlie said that they were surprised to find the real reason for the start of all the destruction. What do you think that he was talking about, since he never told us? I will have to go through all of his post to find the exact quote. But if you find it first, please post it.

I think what you were referring to is this:

Finishing their mission in 2046, it wasn't for another 3 years that we truly grasped everything that took place. Let's just say the revelation was astonishing and I'm not specifically referring to the "Great Catastrophe" itself. While it is true, the "Great Catastrophe" was a significantly devastating event, the revelation of how the entire world was blinded until the very end and why this occurred was just shocking. It is something that we just could not fathom. And this leads me to why I am here.....

Charlie wrote this:

Our Primary Mission is to assist with the information that is already trying to warn the general public about certain coming events. We do this because most major Governments in the world know, either by being informed by the US Government or discovered it on their own but they do not ready the populace and only themselves. They have no plans to inform the public as they fear losing the control they have over you and firmly believe their survival is more assured because they are counting on implementing Martial Law when they know for sure it's about to begin. The only thing they do not know exactly is when.... And this is our greatest weapon.

Without disclosing the exact date, we believe the combined efforts of our team can have an effect on the survival rates particularly focusing on the country the cover-up stems from - the US. Disclosing the exact date will allow the Government to plan Martial Law activities but by making as many people aware of the warning signs as possible, these people can act more swiftly when everything begins which will increase their chances of survival.

The other 3 groups have orders to return to the future at a certain point in the "Great Catastrophe" timetable. But my group will remain, releasing more and more information to help all those who will listen right up to when the internet shuts down. After that, we will do what we can to help those here in Australia. This is the point where Governments will want to impose Martial Law but it will be too late because the Military and Emergency Services will have their hands full.

The coming posts contain information that will hopefully clarify what we are trying to achieve here. These posts will contain information about the past (from this point in time) and the future. But I must warn you....... A lot of what has been written so far in our initial communication and the words that follow will be debunked and ridiculed by many people. These people can be classed under two categories:
1) Established and Deliberate Debunkers
2) Reactions from people due to denial

As some of you are probably aware, there are Government sponsored debunking teams that patrol internet websites and forums attempting to counter comments and assertions like the ones we are making. What happens on the Godlikeproductions forum is a perfect example of this. These debunkers are clever, structuring their comments to appeal to the denial people suffer when reading assertions like ours. And that brings me to the 2nd category: reactions by people in denial. Denial is one of our most basic reactions to a bad situation. Ever heard the term, "IGNORANCE IS BLISS!" ...... Ask yourself if this is truly so....... and maybe this example will help.

Therefore, we ask that you consider our words for what they are and make up your own mind. We are not trying to force you to do anything....... we only want to help you prepare for what's ahead. I believe that this is something that humanity had to go through and I can truly say that the future I'm from is worth the struggle ahead. Even if our efforts here lead to a few more thousand people surviving, then it'll be worth it.
Take the above for what it is worth to you. We have no way of verifying what he has said but it is something to consider.


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Overview of the Filiberto Cardenas Abduction/Contact Case

Source: Wendelle C. Stevens, 1982

Summary: Detailed overview of the Cardenas case. As Stevens writes, "the UFO abduction of Filiberto Cardenas... is an important contribution to the body of UFO literature because this may be the first case on record where the original abductee was able to successfully introduce another person into the contact events and to actually take them aboard an alien spacecraft with him."


The UFO abduction of Filiberto Cardenas of 60 East 38th Street, Hialeah, Florida, is an important contribution to the body of UFO literature because this may be the first case on record where the original abductee was able to successfully introduce another person into the contact events and to actually take them aboard an alien spacecraft with him.

An important aspect of this case is Cardenas' willingness— after six weeks of recovery from the first shocking experience-to come out in public and tell the details in his own name and identity. The reason for this position is his absolute conviction, after an unbelievable amount of proof of the reality of the physical experience in full waking reality, that it is essential that the public be made aware of what is really going on and how much we are all affected by it. He has a message to tell and is impelled to disseminate it as widely as possible for him to do.

He has been advised, and shown, that he is not the only human being to be contacted by these particular space entities. He was told that he would recognize the others as he came in contact with them. There is some indication that one of these others has already been turned up in Brazil.

Another feature of this case that is becoming more evident in substantial contact cases, is considerable indication that he was identified a long time ago, earlier in his life, and that his life experiences may have been guided to some degree up to this point.

He has been a very honest, hard-working man and a determined husband and father. He was not particularly interested in the UFO phenomenon until this chain of events came about. But his fortune took a turn for the better after the contacts began and he is now rearranging his life to give himself more time to devote to the study of what is happening to him, and to others, and to tell the sleeping world what is really happening.

When the contacts began he owned a small gift shop called Zarabanda, at 4150 East 4th Avenue, Hialeah. He sold that and bought out a small filling station and automobile service shop called Barbara Service Center, Inc., at 4105 East 4th Avenue, which was then no big money maker. He developed the service station business into a highly successful operation, but it took all of his time, and most of his wife's, all days of the week and Saturdays and Sundays. He needed more time to conduct his own investigation into what was happening to him and to tell others who would listen to what was going on. He sold the business on his birthday, the 31 st of October, and began to make plans to visit UFO conferences and investigators around the country to see how much was happening to others. That is the day I met him for the first time.

Filiberto's experiences actually began on 3 January 1979, and investigation of the case was most ably undertaken by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Jr., an Attorney and local UFO investigator and researcher who was working diligently on a number of substantial UFO cases already. Sanchez entered the case on 4 January, the day after the first abduction, while Cardenas was still in the clinic, and began the long and highly detailed debriefing. He developed details and tested the data. He arranged for medical and psychological, and even neurological examinations of the witness and provided a hypnotherapist and expert on the subject to conduct regressions of the witness back to the actual contacts to develop details. The witness was found to be perfectly normal in every respect, except for the body marks, skin abrasions, and systemic disfunctions resulting directly from the UFO contact. Sanchez was assisted by Mr. D'Agustino, an electronic Engineer, for many years a UFO investigator and MUFON representative in his country Uruguay, South America. Mr. D'Agustino is now living in Miami.

On the 3rd of January, at about six PM, a Thursday evening, Filiberto Cardenas, then 46 years old, was snatched by a buzzing object that emitted a beam of violet-bluish-white light which caused him to float up the beam and out of sight of his three friends with him. He seemed to go into a darkish bag-shaped (later described as roughly football-shaped) object which then flew away to the west with Cardenas aboard.

Filiberto and three members of the Marti family, Fernando 46, his wife Elizabeth 36, and daughter Mirta 13, of 8632 NW 35th Court, were returning from an unsuccessful effort to buy a suckling pig for a Sunday-night supper. The farmer they had gone to see had no more pigs for sale and they were returning to U.S. Highway Route 27, also known as Okeechobee Road, to go back home. Cardenas' 1970 Chevrolet Station Wagon developed electrical problems. The headlights and all other lights went out and the engine stalled, and the car came to a stop near Florida's Turnpike Extension. When Fernando tried the starter there was no electrical current al all. Fernando, who was driving at the time, and Filiberto got out and opened the engine hood and looked in at the engine to see what was wrong, Cardenas said.

"At that moment the engine began to reflect different colors, red, violet, blue, orange and then a bluish white." They heard an intense buzzing noise, "like many thousands of bees," Cardenas said. "I tried to move but I was paralyzed in position, unable to do anything—even unable to move my arms. I could hear the screams of the women in the car. I looked down and saw that I was suspended in the air and rising. When I was 8 to 10 feet above the car everything went dark, and I don't remember what happened.

"The next thing I remember is waking up to consciousness on my hands and knees, and two bright lights rushing at me. I heard brakes screeching and tires skid, and the lights swerved and came to a stop. I was helped from the road by a man taking my collar and leading me off the road. I learned later that this was near 137th Avenue on the Tamiami Trail, some 16 miles from where my car stalled."

A motorist called Police and Patrolman William Christian of the Fifth Precinct Station came and picked Cardenas up. This was about 8:15 PM, two hours after he had been elevated up the beam of light before the eyes of his friends. The police officer later said that Cardenas told him he had no idea what had happened. When I interviewed Cardenas he told me that he did not dare tell the policeman what he knew for fear of being considered crazy.

Meanwhile, Fernando Marti, who was also looking under the hood with Cardenas, saw the engine reflecting the various light colors and then saw Cardenas' feet ascending above the hood, to his left. He also felt weightless and jumped further into the engine area, on top of the hot engine, and grabbed hold—which probably saved him from Cardenas' fate. When the light dimmed and he felt weight again he looked out and saw Cardenas rising and shouting, "Let me go, let me go!" He watched Cardenas float up the beam of light until he entered the dark bag-shaped form that then flew west.

Fernando ran around the car to comfort the screaming, trembling women and told them, "They took Filiberto—they took Filiberto!" Fernando's wife Elizabeth had been in an earthquake in California, and fearing the same thing when the car started shaking had grabbed Mirta and pulled her across her lap, putting her arms around her for protection.

Fernando jumped into the car and tried the ignition again and this time there was spark and the engine turned over and started but ran very roughly—like it was not getting enough gas or something. The car chugged forward slowly and then began to improve a little, finally running all right again. Fernando stopped at the nearest facility and called the police to report the problem, but they told him to go to a pay phone and call back. He got back into the car, which started OK this time, and they drove to Hialeah to a pay phone. He called the police again and reported what had happened and Cardenas' disappearance. Then he called Cardenas' wife, Iris, and told her that an object with a large light had taken Filiberto. She wanted more details and he tried unsuccessfully to explain something he himself didn't understand. Mrs. Cardenas began to cry.

When Fernando hung up the phone, Iris got a nephew to drive her to where Filiberto had disappeared, and after checking with the police and finding that they knew nothing more than Marti's call, she and the nephew set out to see what they could find out. They didn't find anything at the scene.

When Cardenas was found about 8 PM, the police notified Mrs. Cardenas and she rushed to the station and took him to a local clinic for treatment.

"I would find it hard to believe if I read about it in a newspaper," admitted Marti, "but I was there with my wife and daughter. We were all terrified by the light and the noise," he said. "When it ended Filiberto had vanished."

"Before this happened," Cardenas said, "I scoffed at UFOs. Now I know differently."

Someone said that a checkup should be made for radiation if this was in fact UFO related. The local clinic was unable to treat or examine for such effects and Cardenas was taken to Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital about 01:30 in the morning of the 4th to see what they could do. His medical records show that he complained of pains in both knees and out-of-focus vision in the last hour. Following X-rays and a general examination, the hospital noted, "Stable vital signs," a 0.2x0.2 centimeter abrasion on his forehead and a 2x2 centimeter yellow lesion on his right shoulder. He was also checked for radioactive contamination at the hospital by an Air Force team sent up from Homestead Air Force Base, south of Miami, The tests were negative and he was released and sent home.

Cardenas developed various odd symptoms, i.e. excessive thirst, profuse sweating, sulphurous body odor, short memory, hot and cold flashes, and sexual disfunction. His urine was a very dark yellow-brown and had a bad odor.

Homestead reported no unusual air activity observed by RADAR during the time of this abduction.

Dr. Jose Yedra, a local hypnotherapist who had no personal position on UFOs, pro or con, regressed Filiberto into the experience 4 times to develop details and help restore the lost memory. This had to be done in Spanish as Cardenas is not fluent in the English language. Cardenas spoke of being taken by 3 human-like alien entities dressed in tightly fitted bluish-white one-piece suits. He was taken to a beach someplace totally unfamiliar to him where he saw deep blue water, a narrow sand beach and reddish-brown to reddish-purple rocks rising steeply away from the beach sand. While the spacecraft hovered at ground level the aliens worked some kind of a lock on a rock. One of the aliens got out of the small craft they were in and pointed a "flashlight" kind of instrument at a large rock abutment. The rock parted and revealed a tunnel or a large cavern. More of the same or similar craft came out and they all took off and flew out over the ocean waves. Suddenly they all tilted down and descended into the water and went underneath the surface. He remembered being seated near the "glass" of the windshield, or port and seeing the sea water rush by at great velocity but it didn't seem to be touching the "glass".

One of the entities, Kiostros, spoke to Cardenas in good Spanish with a kind of Portugese or Italian accent, which the Cuban did not understand easily. Kiostros talked about the higher energy of the sexual organs, the need for a different religion, the sinking of California into the Pacific, the future disability of an actress who will become the First Lady of the White House, and the disastrous end of President Sadat's rule in Egypt before the end of 1981! More predictions included the death of another very famous actress, a cure for cancer, the Peoples Republic of China fighting Russia for control of Asia, an Arabic war in the middle east, eventually involving Saudi Arabia and Israel as well. But most important of all was that 6 people from Earth were coming back in a UFO craft in public to deliver a message. (This was supposed to occur after 3 months, April 3rd, and so far as is known it may have happened.)

(NOTE: we have a case in Brazil that happened exactly three months after Mr. Cardenas abduction. Also when Cardenas said in his hypnotic regression, "after 3 months", we came up with April 3 date.)

Cardenas returned to the abduction site several times, and each time he arrived there his expensive gold electronic watch would run very rapidly and gain time. He could audibly hear it whir inside. For some time after returning, each time he touched it with his right index finger it would speed up and whir again, and he demonstrated this for his wife, Dr. Sanchez and other friends. He took it to be repaired.

At the abduction site he would hear "their" voices in his head and he would be given information. Later he could do this without going to the site.

On 21 February 1979, about a month and a half after the first abduction he was directed to the same site again. By now he was asking if his wife, Iris, could accompany him, and this time he took her along. At around 03:00 a top-shaped UFO arrived and he and his wife were BOTH taken aboard the ship and did not return until nearly 06:00 AM the following morning! This time they were both aboard in full waking consciousness and remained fully aware and alert the whole time. They could both remember the whole experience without hypnotic regression.

These UFOnauts were described something like the beings encountered by Herbert Schirmer in Nebraska in 1967. The aliens wore tight-fitted blue-white one-piece suits covering everything except the face. The Cardenases observed a serpent-like emblem on the right breast of the garment and a button-like earphone over the right ear with a small antenna sticking out the top. The main physical difference was the smaller 4-foot size of the beings. They spoke telepathically to the Cardenases, and conversed among themselves in a language that sounded like Arabic.

The two male and one female crew members seemed fascinated by Iris Cardenas' painted fingernails and toenails. The aliens suffered from sneezing throughout the experience, and explained that there was something that emanated from human bodies that caused this in close proximity.

The control room in the spacecraft was surrounded by one wall of small 3-dimensional TV-like screens showing a great many things. Another wall was covered with illuminated colored buttons of many shades.

Mrs. Cardenas said that she pinched herself to be sure she was not dreaming. She also asked one of the aliens if she could touch him and he agreed. The material of his suit felt slick in one direction and rough in another, like tiny fish scales. His body was firm under the material of the suit.

"They spoke to me of universal LOVE," Cardenas said, "And I have learned from them that this is what I must do—LOVE and help my fellow man." Cardenas experienced a period of time after the first abduction where he was telepathically influenced to say meaningless words and numbers for 5 minutes each night. He now reports heightened telepathic sensitivity toward others. He once sensed that his father-in-law need aid, and drove automatically to the spot where the man's car had broken down.

Although no spacecraft was actually seen on the first abduction, one was clearly observed by Filiberto and Iris the second time as it approached and hovered near their parked car in almost the same place as the first when Filiberto was snatched. The ship did not actually touch down, but hovered a few feet above the ground. It was as large as a refrigerated railroad car, roughly mushroom-shaped, and had a smaller gondola on the bottom. It was a dull silver-gray in color in the air until it "landed", and then a row of colored lights of blue, violet, silver and white came "on" and blinked all around the side of the mushroom-shaped larger upper part. More lights of the same colors blinked around the bottom of the gondola.

The Cardenas couple walked up to what looked like a plate-glass window, and then suddenly they were through the "glass" and inside the ship. They saw several narrow one-legged chairs with tall backs. The chairs could turn around. Then they saw the very human looking occupants of the ship. They were from 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall (smaller than Filiberto) and were dressed in the tight-fitted silvery bluish-white one-piece suits previously described by Filiberto. The emblem worn on the right side of the chest looked like an "X" lying down with a raised serpent in the center. The aliens have big eyes that are oblique, like orientals, but they were longer and came farther around to the side of the face. They had a normal straight nose and a small mouth that never moved.

Iris lighted a cigarette inside the craft and Mr. Cardenas told her not to smoke "so that she would not contaminate the atmosphere inside the ship".

When Cardenas, telepathically advised of this second meeting, asked if he could bring his wife to the contact, he was told that "they" considered Iris and him a unity or that she was one with him and therefore could accompany him. Iris asked the aliens if they were the ones who had abducted two little girls from Puerto Rico (she had heard the story from a nurse when she was in the clinic with Filiberto), and they answered that they do not abduct little girls..., which relieved Iris of the fears for her 3-year-old daughter, Barbarita.

The alien beings all had an identical arrangement of 5 thin cables that came from the lower waistline up to the neck of the suit and went inside. These cables did not hamper the movement of the beings in any way.

Filiberto says the aliens spoke of many things, but he does not want to elaborate on them at this time. Some things are best left to the future, that there is a time for everything. He and his wife were in the ship from about 04:00 to 05:15 AM. When they returned home—about 05:30—Filiberto immediately called Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo and told him of the second contact but that he couldn't say anything until after 10:00 AM. He would call Sanchez back later.

At exactly 10:00 AM a large mother-ship with 2 smaller disc shaped objects flying around it was seen by hundreds of witnesses at Miami International Airport (10 miles from this most recent encounter). Mrs. Julia Gonzales and Mr. Ricardo Sanchez, airport employees working in the center of the airport runway area, stated that they observed all 3 objects clearly for several minutes. They also saw passengers who were boarding a flight for departure stop and stare at the unusual spectacle, and saw other airport employees watching the ships in the sky overhead. Gonzales called a local radio station to report the strange phenomenon and was referred to Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo, the same one who investigated the Cardenas case, whom they then called and reported the sighting, almost while it was still going on.

When Sanchez hung up the phone from that call, the second call from Filiberto, who was also trying to call him (on his instructions from the aliens to wait until after 10:00— to report the details of the second abduction aboard the spacecraft. Filiberto knew nothing of the airport sighting until Sanchez told him at that time, and then he began to wonder about the strange instructions to wait until after the specific time.

When Sanchez interviewed the airport workers from their particular sighting point and ascertained the exact position of the spacecraft, said to be about 11:00 o'clock from magnetic north and high in that direction, he could easily see that that position is DIRECTLY over the place where the Cardenas couple was taken aboard 5 hours earlier!

During the 4 hypnotic regressions on the first abduction, it was discovered that the alien beings first told Cardenas what they were going to do, and then they installed two very small (electronic) devices in his head—one behing each ear. After that they could transmit the same 3-D physical projections of scenes suspended in the air in front of him that they showed him in the "TV panels" in the control room aboard the spacecraft. He received full sight and sound, as well as other sensory sensations such as heat and cold and smells. The scenes are just as,-real to him as waking reality experience except that they take place completely withing the "frame" of the scene, like a very sophisticated picture frame suspended freely in the air. His scenes of future events are shown to him in this way.

He was told that the only reason he is being shown future events is to demonstrate, in time, the reality of his contacts, so that people will believe him and will accept the "message" on universal LOVE which he has been given.

The aliens have their place and we have ours, except that WE have forgotten the real law of Universal Love—REAL LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER, that is the key to solving all of our own self-generated problems of existence...

The contacts continue and Filiberto is being prepared for a larger mission. He wonders if the world is ready for, or wants help...
"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that
created them." Albert Einstein


Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello my name is Chris Bledsoe I had an experience In Fayetteville N.C. on the Cape Fear River.

There was a show on the Discovery Channel called UFOs Over Earth: The Fayetteville Incident. The spiked craft looks very much like what I saw hovering just 10 feet over the ground in front of my truck less than 300 feet away. It was laying on its side the spikes were vertical and it was glowing very bright white and the spikes were also rotating.
The spikes are not new...I have seen them and up close. "There is nothing impossible with UFOs".
I think this video is real.
Thank You

NOTE: this was sent in response to our posting about Chris' and his father's claim at Videos: MUFON Investigation - UFOs / Lost Time - Cape Fear River, NC ...Lon

Go to the web site and watch the three video's. It is very interesting. I would not take the polygraph experts opinion. I remember how the same thing happened to Travis Walton. The "expert" said one of them was lying when no such thing took place. Travis's case is one of the most sensational and documented cases in UFO abduction history.

Here is a new case that my friend Bill Puckett received on UFOSNW. I wish I could talk to the young man. My heart always goes out to persons like Chris up above and the young man in Colorado.

- Young Man Has Frightening Encounter With Light & Entities -
- Basalt, Colorado -
April 26, 2009 (Updated)

Sketch of Object Encountered by Witness.
Sketch of Object Encountered by Witness.

Basalt is in the High Colorado Rockies Near Aspen.
Basalt is in the High Colorado Rockies Near Aspen.


° Listen to Clip of Interview With Boy's Mother (MP3)

Date of Sighting: April 26, 2009

Time of Sighting: 2:30 am MDT

Location of Sightin: Basalt, CO


I had a long conversation with the witness's mother. A portion of that interview is included in the above recording. The woman's 18 year old son was out (against his parents' wishes) to visit a friend. He returned about 2:30 a.m. He was followed by a large light on his walk home. The light came close and shined a beam of light on him. He fled to his room (crawled through the window). The light continued to pursue him and "rendered him motionless" by some force. The boy said that he saw small beings approach. They were about 4 feet tall with "legs that were reversed." He doesn't recall their faces. The encounter lasted about 15 minutes. The parents both awoke at the time and heard a roar outside like a "tornado" was blowing a tree. However, they did not arise to check out the disturbance. The next day one of her son's friends mentioned the sighting to the mother. She then questioned her son and he related his story. He is reluctant to share his story with any investigators. He drew some diagrams of the craft and of the entities. The witness's mother said she would scan and send the drawings. The mother said that her son does not lie or tell stories. He had one beer the night of the encounter, but does not have a drug problem.

NOTE: I have requested that the witness look at the area where the alleged craft was located to see if any disturbance was present (burn marks, dead vegetation, etc.) I recommended collection of samples and that photos be taken if any disturbance was located. This is a very remarkable report. I found the witness's mother to be quite sincere and credible.

UPDATE APRIL 29, 2009: The witness provided a sketch of his sighting. (See above) The witness's mother added the following information:

My husband and I checked out the area and did not see anything unusual. No burn marks or any weird marks on the tree that we could see. My son always slept with his window unlocked, but now both of his windows are locked. I know this has him scared and me too in so many ways.

I wanted to explain the picture. The yellow ball in the center was the energy field. If you zoom in you can see how he drew the energy force beams pulsating. The stick person is him in comparison. He has a really bad cough. He says he doesn't feel well. I have not seen any marks on him.

We want to thank Bill Puckett for the above report.

P. Urial

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Does a hulking, 7-foot-tall, ape-like creature roam the rugged mountains and forests of Northern New York and Vermont?

It may seem far-fetched, but accounts can be traced back to Indian lore and even the logs of Samuel de Champlain.

While the lake creature Champ remains the region's best known 'monster,' in recent years, two nationally televised documentaries — on the History and Discovery Channels — have featured entire segments on Bigfoot sightings in upstate New York and Vermont.

The most recent, "Monster Quest," in 2008, chronicled numerous sightings of a large, hairy, ape-like creature on both sides of Lake Champlain.


In the Pacific Northwest, there's Bigfoot or the legendary Sasquatch; in the Himalayas, there's the yeti or abominable snowman.

The Algonquin on the western shores of Lake Champlain told of seeing the windigo or "giant cannibalistic man" who, according to legend, roamed the countryside. One modern-day Native American account of the windigo describes it as "a giant thing, swift " and covered with hair, and has eyes like two pools of blood. And there's this smell, like rotting meat." This description is similar to Bigfoot reports today.

The Iroquois have a similar oral history of flesh-eating stone giants who possessed powerful physiques.

Across the border in Quebec, the Algonquin-speaking Attikamekw called these creatures Kokotshe.

In his ship's log chronicling his voyage of discovery on the St. Lawrence River 1604, Champlain wrote how numerous Indian tribes in the region had told eerie stories of a giant, hairy man-beast that was known to the natives as "the Gougou." Champlain wrote that so many of the tribes recounted such stories that he believed there must be some truth to the tales.

"And what makes me believe what they say, is the fact that all the savages in general fear it, and tell such strange stories of it."

In northern Vermont, Abenaki traditions tell of a huge, hairy, man-like creature known as the Forest Wanderer who would leave giant, human-like footprints behind. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, many early Vermont settlers in Essex and Orleans counties told of encountering a mysterious bear that moved swiftly through the woods on two legs, always managing to elude capture.

Vermont historian Marion Daley describes this creature in her book, "History of Lemington," noting its ability to move about in a swift, ghost-like manner bordering on the supernatural.


More than 100 sightings in upstate New York state have been recorded.

In August of 1869, a "wild-man" scare took place at Sucker Brook near Ogdensburg. The creature was never found. In 1883, the Plattsburg Sentinel reported on the "great scare at Port Henry" involving a "wild man who scares women and frightens the children." Some witnesses said it appeared to be wearing "an overcoat." Could this have been fur or hair that was mistaken for clothing by those trying to make sense of what they were seeing? Once again, the creature eluded search parties.

Another cluster of sightings occurred during autumn of 1921, when residents living near Malone organized hunting parties to track down a "wild man." Most of the reports were centered near the hamlet of Skerry, 12 miles to the southwest. A reporter for the Dunkirk Evening Observer described the tension in the area: "Women sleep ill o' nights, children are kept from school, or guarded by adults on their way there and back, lonely females cower behind locked doors and men wag their heads in gossip as they ponder over the puzzle of the wild man."

Skeptical authorities in Franklin County considered the story unlikely, instead opting to believe that it was "a clever ruse effected by bootleggers to take advantage of the absence of officers," so they could more easily smuggle liquor across the Canadian border with ease.


In the summer of 1969, an ape-like creature was spotted near a cabin at the Pumphouse campsite at Long Lake. The encounter took place at about 11 p.m., as a small oil lantern illuminated the inside of the cabin. One of the men reported afterwards that his wife told him she could see a raccoon staring at them through the window at the back of the cabin. Rolling over in bed, he glanced up and saw a large cone-shaped head and a dark face that appeared to be pushed in. Brownish fur encapsulated the face.

The next morning at a nearby stream, the couple found what appeared to be a heel print 8 inches wide.

Another sighting took place near Saranac Lake on a tranquil summer's evening in August of 1996. Two men fishing in a boat on Pine Lake near dusk spotted what they took to be a black bear. Suddenly the "bear" stood up and walked off, leaving the men shaken. One of the witnesses said it stood 7 feet tall and had dark-brown hair.

"Its face was hairy yet fleshy around the upper cheeks. Its eyes were dark in color but clearly visible and had a brightness about them."

The creature stared at the pair for 10 seconds before tilting its head then darting into the woods with the agility of a cat.

Said one of the men: "The whole experience was very, very upsetting. Although I can honestly say it did not attempt to threaten us it was scary as hell. That night I did not sleep one wink."

From Phantoms and Monsters blog