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Oleg Kirzhakov

Watch for memory

By Valery Uvarov

On the night of November 2nd, 1989 the air temperature dropped very suddenly to below freezing. Two professional Russian truck drivers, Oleg Kirzhakov and his companion, Nikolai Baranchikov, were driving their truck from near the area of Arkhangelsk to Moscow. They were hurrying home to finish all the formalities related to their business trip before the holidays. In the vicinity of Emtza railroad station, the road was blocked by heaps of sand and gravel. The road in front of them was under repair and Oleg had to turn onto a dirt road to detour. On one bend in the road, the truck's headlights fell upon a huge structure, which was standing off to the right of the road.

«... I thought, it was some kind of construction equipment," says Oleg. "There were many machines there because the road was under construction. However, when I drove closer, I saw a big object, that in the headlights had a metallic sheen to it. When we got to within 80-90 feet of the object, our motor stalled, and our truck coasted several feet further, and stopped. The headlights that were connected to the back up power source were still on. I and my partner couldn't understand what had happened. The road at this point had a bend in it, and trees on the right side of the road blocked our view of the object. We understood that we were seeing something very unusual in front of us, and were afraid that something unavoidable would happen. Hence, I asked Nikolai to remain in the truck and observe events while I approached the object. I left the cab and decided to approach the object to examine it more closely. After I had passed the hood of the truck, I began to feel, with each step I took, an increased resistance from the air. My body seemed to melt, it became difficult to move, and I knew that if I got any closer to the object, I would not be able to move at all».

Oleg turned back toward the truck and tried to approach the object from another direction. He moved carefully, stopping after each step. He felt the same, constantly increasing resistance from the air. He succeeded in coming to within about 30-36 feet from the object. He stopped on the shoulder of the road and began to examine the object very carefully. Very quickly, he came to the conclusion that this object was not of Earthly origin.

Truly, it was really something very unusual. In front of Oleg, there stood a huge disk shaped object, approximately 120 - 140 feet in diameter, with a dome-shaped top, on which no other structures were visible. Along the perimeter of the disk, there were some dark holes evident, which Oleg at first thought were portholes. Extending from the lower part of the object, there were two structures visible, which seemed to support the ship. The far edge of the disk was slightly elevated, and was resting on some birch trees, two of which were broken. The object looked dark and uninhabited, and there were no traces visible of windows, doors or hatchs.

Why is this object here, in the middle of the forest, at night? What is its purpose? Maybe something has gone wrong and it needs assistance?

All these questions flooded Oleg's mind, and at that very moment, in front of him, at a distance of an outstretched hand, right in the air, appeared a glimmering red, dotted line. This line formed a transparent, square shaped screen, 150mm x 150mm in size, with rounded corners. Several words, written in red letters, appeared on the screen. Oleg did not remember the exact phrase, but the essence of the phrase was a request for "burning fire."

Oleg continues, "I realized that the screen was illuminated on the body of the object. I mechanically turned back to look back at Nicolai, who was still sitting in the cab of the truck. Once again, I observed the screen, but this time it appeared to be standing in front of the truck. I attempted to look from one side to the other, but no matter where I turned my eyes, the screen remained in front of my eyes. The distance to the screen remained constant, and I reached out my hand to try to touch it. My friend, Nicolai, who was watching these antics from the cab of the truck, later asked me why I moved my hands. The screen remained in front of me for the duration of the contact. However, the inscriptions which appeared on the screen remained only as long as was necessary for me to understand each one, and only then was the last inscription replaced by a new one."

Only after Oleg understood what was being demanded of him, he carefully backed away from the object, constantly looking back toward the truck, and still sensing the same resistance. He returned to the truck, and tried to open the right door of the cab, in order to obtain some kitchen matches. Despite the combined efforts of both men, they were not able to open the door for a considerable length of time. Suddenly, the door was able to be opened quite easily. Oleg removed the box of matches from the truck's cabin, together with a bottle of laboratory alcohol, which was used as an anti-freeze in the braking system. Again asking Nicolai not to leave the truck, Oleg returned to the same place on the shoulder of the road where he had stood before. However, this time he was able to move easily, and he experienced none of the resistance he had encountered previously. He gathered some dry leaves into a pile, he poured the alcohol onto them, and ignited them. Upon lifting his head, he observed that a passage appeared on the surface of the object, which extended into the interior, forming a corridor. At the distant end of this corridor, he could see a glimmering, bluish light.

"...At first, I had the impression that a shadow was moving inside the corridor, but then I realized that something was moving in the corridor toward the opening. When I finally realized what was occurring, I began stepping backward, and fell into the ditch along the side of the road. I jumped back onto my feet, and continued to observe what was happening. "Something" approached the opening, and I saw that it was a dark "mass," which reminded me of a bag or sack. As the "mass" moved, it swayed and bent from side to side, and its periphery was vague in appearance. At this moment, a shaft extended from the object, it bent, and it descended to the surface of the ground. The "mass" slid down the shaft, and, while increasing in size, approached the fire of burning leaves. I was paralyzed by fear!! The "mass" stood by the fire for a moment, and then began to return to the object, taking with it the box of matches. Returning along the same path along which it left the object, the "mass" disappeared in the corridor, together with the box of matches! Only then did I finally succeed in extracting myself from the ditch, I returned to the road, and I glanced back at my truck again. The truck's headlights blinded me, but I nevertheless could see the frightened face of Nicolai, which was pressed forward tightly against the windshield..."

For a long time, Oleg remained standing on the road, and was unable to recover his senses. Realizing that he was witnessing an event that he might never again experience, he decided to wait and observe what would happen next. He had a sudden wish to observe the ship more closely, and immediately, an invitation to enter the ship appeared on the screen, which remained visible in front of him. After a short pause, Oleg decided to approach close to the object.

The first thing that caught his attention were several round openings, approximately 300 mm in diameter, which at first he interpreted to be portholes. Inside these openings, at a depth of 300 - 350 mm, a "grid" of intersecting lines, light gray in color, was visible. The central axis of the openings was displaced approximately 30 degrees from the plane formed by the surface of the object.

Oleg was also able to examine one of the support legs that the object rested on. The leg consisted of two parts, which were connected at an articulating joint. The cross-section of each of the two parts of the leg was in the profile of a three - sided channel beam, with the lower part being smaller in diameter, such that it could be folded inside the upper portion. On the bottom of the ship, recessed areas were clearly visible, into which the legs could be retracted. However, because of poor illumination, the area where the leg was located, Oleg was not able to examine in detail the actual construction of the leg.

The far side of the object was resting on trees and was slanted toward Oleg, such that the lower portion of the opening was just above the level of his head. In order to establish the material that the object was made of, Oleg wanted to touch it with his hand. A shaft came out of the portion of the object that was nearest to him. It appeared to be a round, smooth tube, with a diameter of approximately 50 mm. The tube was cold, and felt metallic. Then, events developed in the following manner:"...I had a desire to look inside, but since the door was above my head, I decided to grab hold of the tube and jump. The instant I grabbed the tube, I found myself standing just inside the opening. There was nothing there in the form of either steps or elevator. I did not feel any kind of external influence, but rather everything seemed to happen naturally, or by itself. I thought of the possibility of danger to me, and decided to be as careful as possible. At that instant, I received a message on the screen that I had nothing to be afraid of, and that I could enter. Upon entering the corridor, I looked at the walls, and noticed the absence of doors. The corridor was significantly wider than the opening, the floor was flat, and the walls and ceiling formed an oval.

I went along the corridor toward the shimmering light, and felt that I was walking on a flat, metallic floor. Somehow, I got the feeling that the surrounding walls did not have simply a decorative covering, but rather they were structural, and something was connected to them from the back side. There clearly was some sort of strengthening device attached to them. I did not want to touch the walls, so I am unable to say exactly what it was that served to strengthen the walls."

Oleg had to proceed along the corridor for approximately 20 - 25 feet. At the end of the corridor, he saw that it entered into a large hall with a diameter of approximately 60 feet. On the periphery of the hall, there were five other entrances, similar in appearance to the one through which he had just entered. The ceiling in the hall was domed, and it was emitting a soft, diffused, blue light. Between the other entrances,
and along the walls, there were panels of flashing lights. Each panel appeared to consist of 5 - 6 vertical elements. To the left of the entrance through which Oleg had entered, two walls had no panels. In place of the panels, there were horizontal recesses in the walls, which were dark-colored. Also to the left, he observed two dark, vague spots, that looked like bags, which at first were motionless, but which then began to move toward him. The bags were identical to the "mass" which he had seen near the fire.
Oleg stopped, and stood motionless at the entrance to the hall.

"...As soon as I looked around the hall, certain questions came to me, answers to which appeared immediately on the screen. But then I noticed that answers appeared in my head before I was able to read them on the screen. Several answers were accompanied by demonstrations of the operation of those structures that interested me. In such a manner, my question of the significance of the dark, horizontal recess in the wall off to my left was demonstrated to me. The recess was a three-dimensional information screen, on which I was shown the interior of another sister ship, with the same moving "masses" (during the demonstration, the two masses in our ship were motionless.). Then, they showed a ship in space, among the stars, and at the end of the demonstration, they showed the speaker of a Soviet television program called "Vremya."

Off to my right side, there was an oval control panel, or desk, located about 5 feet from the wall, on which there were many switches and lamps. All of the lamps had a flat, square shape, and from all appearances, they appeared to be pressable. Some of them were elevated above the level of the control panel, and others were flush with the top of the panel. On the upper surface of the lamps, there were some symbols in the form of geometric figures, e.g. circles, triangles, quadrilateral figures, lines, etc., and combinations of the above. The black switches on the panel were similar in appearance to toggle switches. There were no meters, or scales, on the control panel at all..."

In addition, Oleg described a long, straight divan, which stood next to the control panel, and a circular crack in the floor, which surrounded the central part of the hall. The crack gave him reason to believe that the central part of the floor was rotatable, which allowed the control panel to be positioned in front of any of the vertical panels, which were situated along the walls. On the vertical panels, Oleg noticed the same types of lamps that were on the control panel. Many of these lamps were flashing. The entire interior of the hall was white in color, including the floor, and only from the ceiling shone soft, blue light. Looking upward, Oleg tried to locate the source of the light, while simultaneously asking about the nature of the light. No answer to his question appeared on the screen. Then, in response to his question, "Who are you?" and "Where are you from?" the dome in the hall slowly started to dim, and, like in a planetarium, a star map appeared on the ceiling. While Oleg was trying to find some familiar star system, one of the stars suddenly began to pulsate and began to descend slowly. The dark, almost black starlit sky, combined with the pulsating star suspended over Oleg's head, as well as with the flashing lamps of the control and vertical panels, emitted enough light to permit him to see all elements in the entire interior of the spacecraft. In a minute, the pulsating star slowly rose and the dome reilluminated with the diffuse blue light. Oleg was unable to carefully study and remember the star map shown to him. He asked where this pulsating star is located. They answered "This is in your galaxy".

"I asked question after question. The answers I received were heard in my head before I saw them on the screen. I asked what kind of ship am I on now? What kind of propulsion system do you use to make it fly? In response I was told that this spacecraft is a scout ship, and uses electromagnetic fields to fly. I was also told that they are studying our planet, which they need as a springboard to the future. In response to my question ~Do you have any connection with Bigfoot?", they said, `Yes' and added, that they watch Bigfoot continuously. As I was asking question after question, I suddenly noticed that a third `mass' had appeared in the hall, and then a fourth. I watched a conversation take place between them and came to the understanding that the time for me to leave had arrived. My next thought was to leave something with them for a memory. I took off my watch, and wanted to put it on the floor, but at this moment, I was told that they have a complete knowledge of the Earth and needed nothing. For the first time during this visit, they asked me, `Why do I use a watch made in another country?'

Then I asked is it possible to see you once again? They said - if you will be in danger we will find you within 15 seconds. Backing out a few steps from the hall, I turned and went along the corridor towards the opening. As I came up to the opening of the spacecraft, I took a hold of the tube by my right hand, and I immediately found myself standing on the ground. Not looking back, I went to the ditch, and crossed over to the road, to the same place where I had stood a few minutes before. When I looked back, I noticed that the tube and the opening had disappeared. In a few seconds, I saw the outer rim begin to move in a clockwise direction. The dome began to move in approximately 30 seconds in a counterclockwise direction, and around it began to appear a luminescence surrounding the spacecraft. As the revolutions became faster, the luminescence enveloped the spacecraft and the craft became a ball of light."

Oleg noticed that the rotation of all parts of the craft and the luminescence was happening in absolute silence. At this moment he saw on the road two more cars with their headlights on. For a few seconds this distracted his attention from the spacecraft. The sound of the trees cracking made him turn and look at the spacecraft. The ball of light slightly shifted position and slowly began to rise. Then abruptly accelerating, the craft shot out of sight towards the North East.

His friend Nikolai got out of the truck, and together with the occupants from the other vehicles, came up to Oleg. They asked him a lot of questions. Oleg was impressed by the experience and at the same time, was too moved to speak, and fully realize all that had just happened. His hands and legs were trembling. When he got into his truck, he was unable to press the accelerator or to shift gears. He had to let his partner drive.

Oleg leaned back on the truck seat and looked at his watch, which he still had in his hand. From the moment when the car had stopped, 20 minutes had passed. They still had a day and a half to get to Moscow, their destination.

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Painting - thanks to Stan Romanek

by Karen H.

One afternoon in 1986, my four-year-old daughter and my newborn son had miraculously fallen asleep about the same time. I had been recovering from a near-fatal childbirth experience, and I was exhausted. So I jumped at the chance to jump on the couch and take a long overdue nap. I had never had a dream before during one of these 30-minute rest periods. The four-year-old was not a good napper, so I always dozed lightly so that I could hear her if she got up. This nap, however, would prove to be quite different.

I must have fallen deeply asleep right away. I shut my eyes, and suddenly felt myself in a different place. Everything grew dark as I closed my eyes, but then suddenly, I felt as if I had been transported to a different place in the universe or something. I looked around, and everything was white and gold. I was standing in the street, and the street was paved with white bricks, and there were high walls lining the streets that were white and smooth. I thought I was walking, but I didn't seem to be moving. It was as if the scenery was "rolling" by me. I felt a great sense of wonderment, like I was somewhere very special that not a lot of people get to see.

Someone was with me, but I could not see them. They seemed to be there, I felt their presence, but could not see them. The sun was stunningly bright, and there was a brilliance to everything. There was a man passing on the other side of the street and he caught my attention because of his dress. He wore a long, flowing white robe, and he was tall and very well built. As I followed the outline of his clothing, suddenly, I realized that what I at first thought was some kind of hood on his robe was actually wings. The thought crossed my mind that I was seeing a real angel, a beautiful creature so much like a man, yet physically perfect. I was admiring his shining blond hair that was like spun gold, when suddenly, he turned his head and looked at me and I felt a stunning, piercing feeling that he was coming for me.

His face was perfect, his skin so smooth and waxy peach-like. He looked like a manican with his distinct features, but his eyes were so blue they were like crystal sapphires. He glided toward me, coming across the street, with a look of stern but loving discipline on his face. As he approached me, I realized just how huge he was. His chest was exposed where the neckline of his robe dipped down, and it was smooth and waxy too, but had deep muscular trails across it. I felt humbled, and I looked to the ground. His voice was indescribable. It was melodic, flowing and manly, but kind and loving.

As he approached me, I felt empowered, happy, physically well and somehow fulfilled. Without speaking audibly, he imparted to me these words: "You are so special and your work is not done. I have great plans for you. I have great and wonderful plans for you. Your work is not done."

I felt engulfed by his presence, infused with strength, and I asked, "What is it that I have to do?" and he responded, "Go and know that you are special and your work is not done. I have great plans for you."

Suddenly, I felt sucked backward toward whatever blackness I had just emerged from, and as I opened my eyes, I felt myself "fall" back onto the couch. I sat up, knowing he would be there in the room with me, because I could still feel him. But he wasn't there. And with my eyes opening, I felt him step back from me and I was back in my own living room.

I felt so weird, so awed. I knew this was no dream. It felt real, and different from anything I ever experienced since in a dream. I looked over at the clock, and It was 6 p.m.! I had been asleep for four hours! I nearly panicked. I jumped from the couch, afraid my daughter had gotten into something, wondering why I didn't wake up sooner, and there she was, sound asleep in her bed. I ran to the nursery, and my son was still sound asleep too. Somehow, we all three had slept for four hours soundly, which had never happened before, nor happened again while they were young. It was as if we had all been "put to sleep." They began to wake up then, and I didn't realize until a day or two later, that I felt more energy and life in me than I had since I had had the baby and that near-death experience.

I am not an overly religious person, and I never thought about angels visiting people much, but somehow, I know that this being infused me with hope, and some healthy healing somehow. It was a real turning point in my recovery. I still don't know what "great plans" there are for me, but I'm sure I'll find out some day.

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By Mary Joyce

Former Airman First Class Charles Hall is one who knows the answer to that question. He was a weatherman assigned to solitary duty in a very remote area of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in 1965-66. But releasing weather balloons and measuring wind was really just a sideline. Hall was out in the desert wilderness because he, unlike his predecessors, did not completely freak out when he encountered the resident extraterrestrials (ETs).

Hall tells his complete story in a four-volume series titled Millennial Hospitality, but if you can’t afford the time to read them all, here are some excerpts from his books that give insights into an ET race he calls “Tall Whites.” Three of ETs will be mentioned by titles Hall gave them: the Teacher, the Captain, and Pamela the scientist.

Why are the Tall Whites in Nevada?

THE CAPTAIN: “Pamela will become the Director of the joint US/Tall White team of scientific translators. The Americans receive increased scientific knowledge and will be able to build better equipment. The Tall White people are able to monitor American scientific development, and receive a desert base that is better furnished than it is now. . . . This new cooperation opens the road for the Americans to travel into deep space and on to the stars. It also allows the White people to better equip their safe haven from which they rescue, repair, and resupply their space ships that are traveling in the vicinity of the solar system.”

HALL: “Month after month during the previous summer, I had regularly observed the deep-space craft of the Tall White aliens arriving at the hanger entrance precisely at sundown on the evening of the full moon. . . . I estimated the object was perhaps 70 feet high and 500 feet wide. . . . As it sat silently out there in the darkness, it reminded me . . . of a Caribbean cruise ship resting in port. . . . Suddenly I realized that the dark object was one of the deep-space craft built by the Tall White aliens.”

What do the Tall Whites look like?

HALL: “I was surprised to see that he wasn’t wearing his usual fluorescent white travel suit that allowed him to float. He was just walking on the ground. His clear blue eyes, chalky white skin, aluminized clothing, and short blond hair were clearly visible. As usual, he was carrying a weapon of some type in his left hand.”

What is life expectancy of the Tall Whites?

THE TEACHER: “We live much longer than you do. When my grandfather died from old age, he was more than ten feet tall and almost 700 years old. But we also grow much slower than you do. That’s why my bones take so much longer to heal than yours.”

“The Captain’s daughter was born right here in this valley when James Madison was your President. She actually has never been back to where we come from. Forty or fifty years is not much time to us.”

How do the Tall Whites communicate with humans?

HALL: “The Tall Whites had communication equipment in their helmets which enabled them, under certain conditions, to read my thoughts and/or plant thoughts in my mind. If they were not using their communication equipment, and had not taught themselves to speak English, we were reduced to using hand signals.”

THE TEACHER: “The children and I used to go in the barracks when he (Hall) was sleeping and read his thoughts. The electronics that the children and I wear, let us tell what some of his thoughts are, even if he is sleeping.”

TEACHER SPEAKING TO PAMELA: “You, yourself spoke English to humans in Virginia, just a year ago. Now the American Generals have decided that he (Hall) has to be told what we are planning and the Committee has decided that you have to do it as part of your training. Do not worry, now. Talking to him is very easy.”

HALL: “Even the teacher occasionally broke into her natural barks and whinnies when she was laughing.”

Are the Tall Whites dangerous?

HALL: “I could see the Captain standing motionless by the other corner, facing me. He was holding a thin tube weapon probably eighteen inches long, in his hands. It wasn’t actually pointed towards me, but just the same, it made me a little nervous. Although he, like all of the white creatures, had only four fingers on each hand, and no visible thumbs, he had the weapon under complete control. . . . the white creatures never attacked without first being provoked.”

THE TEACHER: “He (Hall) knows we are here. He is still a little afraid of some of us. He knows the men will kill him if he ever hurts one of the children, but my brother and I do not think he would ever do that. We are certain that he knows he is helpless against us. He has such control over his emotions that he just goes about his business whenever any of us come around him.”

HALL: “I wanted for him to understand that the Tall Whites didn’t handle the emotion of anger the way humans do. If they ever once became angry with a human, their natural reaction was to kill or severely injure him.”

Will there ever be disclosure about ET presence on Earth?

HALL IN 2007 VOLUME: “I believe that in a very short time, the world situation will be such that disclosure will happen. The president knew about the Tall Whites in the mid-sixties. Each president since then must also have been briefed. I believe that every American President since Franklin Roosevelt has known about the existence of the Tall Whites. . .”

From Thank you very much for this article.

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I had the opportunity to meet a social scientist who was investigating Big Foot. He was introduced to me in a roundabout way through my friend Dave. Together the three of us walked up the mountain.

After a while we sat down and we began receiving all kinds of "vibes" and feelings that we knew were coming from the creature. There is a distinct vibration that identifies their presence. I had noticed this many times while hunting in this area but did not know it was Big Foot until later. Now it is easy for me to distinguish their presence even when I do not see them. One has to experience this to understand.

We walked on a ways further and then decided to separate. I walked about two hundred yards down towards a canyon to see if I could find any sign of them. I sat down, Indian style, and meditated for a few minutes. Soon I could hear what sounded like a small baby crying. It didn't sound exactly like a human, it sounded odd. I couldn't tell the direction it was coming from so I decided to plug my ears. It was then that I knew that I wasn't hearing those sounds because I had my fingers in both ears. Apparently the sound was coming to me through some kind of mental telepathy. Since I knew nothing about telepathy it confused and upset me.

Going back up the hill I met Dave coming down and asked him if he had heard anything. He said, "Yes, I thought I heard a baby cry." I asked him if he had heard anything else and he said he had heard a growling noise. I told him I had heard that too. Then Bob joined us and said he hadn't heard anything.

I then happened to think, and I said, "I didn't hear that because I had my ears plugged. You are hearing through your ears and I heard it in my mind." Then Bob explained to me that this is the way they talk. They are telepathic.

We decided to move in the direction of the growling noise. We spread out and within minutes I found fresh tracks. We all examined the tracks which measured seventeen and a half inches long and seven inches wide at the widest part. The foot had no bend in the middle and would have been hard to tell left from right if it hadn't been for the big toe. The ball of the foot was about seven inches across and the heel about four inches across. After further study I determined that the Big Foot walked with emphasis on the ball of the foot and hardly any on the heel. This explains the springy walk.

In this area we found an odd feature. We found three mounds of earth about a foot in diameter and six to eight inches high. One mound contained a fifteen inch long metal cable. The soil was not from the area we were in as we dug into them and the earth around them and could notice the difference. So whoever made these mounds had brought dirt from another place. Because of the remoteness of the area we suspected the Big Foot might have built them.

We went back up the mountain and Bob left a block of salt on top of the eight foot stump where I had first encountered the Big Foot. As we were leaving, I told the others that I was going back up in a couple of days to see if the salt was still there.

May 31, 1985

I went back up to where the Big Foot was sighted. The block of salt was gone. Again, it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and it was raining. On top of the stump was a character in the shape of a triangle made of small sticks. The sticks were curved like a bow that was pointed. Facing me on the right hand side of the point was a little stick about six inches long crosswise, about one half the way up.

I walked out into the woods. I could see tracks in the earth where it had been raining. The rain had washed them away some but there was enough left to make out where he had walked. Along the trail were little flecks of salt here and there. In one place under a tree it was dry and I found a big print where the earth had been kicked away. I found a root that had been disturbed and with some digging around found the salt block under some bark. The corners of the block had been eaten away. I decided to leave at this point and to come back in a few days to see what else might have happened.


Next installment Stan establishes communication with the Big Foot by the name of Allone.

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By Aileen Garoutté

Robert J. Gribble (Bob)

Bob Gribble is the founder of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. When I first saw him he was speaking at the Seattle Center's Science Museum. For the last 10 years, since I had a UFO over my car, I had been looking for answers. I had never heard of a UFO at the time. When I heard Bob speaking about UFO sightings I knew I had found what I was looking for.

At the time I was active in politics. I belonged to a woman's committee where we shared information and lunch once a month. It was my turn to invite the entertainment for the meeting. I immediately thought of Bob. I asked him if he would come and talk to the women and he said yes. That was the last time I was a member of the woman's committee. I became Bob's publicity director on his board. I remained there until I started the UFO Contact Center International specifically for contactees or experiencers. Bob and I still are best of friends.

Kalani HanoHano - Cattle mutiliation researcher

Kalani moved to Seattle from Hawaii. He didn't know anyone at the time in the paranormal or UFO field. He heard Lan Roberts talking about UFOs on KJR in Seattle. He was sending out coordinates to the UFOs if they were listening, to do a fly over. Kalani thought he might know someone to enable him to get in touch with UFO researchers. Lan thought of me because his wife was my best friend. One day he knocked on my door and that was the beginning of a life long friendship. I introduced him to Bob Gribble and they too became life long friends.

By the way, we went to the place Lan had been sending out coordinates for. Wayne Aho was there too with a group of his people. I will never forget it. They were raising their hands to the sky - and sure enough a UFO flew right over us. We all saw it so they must have been listening to Lan on the radio asking them to come.

Kalani lives in the Canary Islands now but he is still researching and we are still communicating. It is almost like he never left the US.

George Van Tassel - CONTACTEE

Bob Gribble brought George to Seattle to lecture. At the time anything to do with UFOs was a hot subject. The night before he was to lecture we had a party for him. We had a physicist as a member of the board. He started arguing with Van Tassel about his statements. Mrs. Van Tassel lit into our physicist with both barrels! She said you will not argue with my husband, he knows what he is talking about. I will never forget that party and I imagine they didn't either!

Dr. J. Allen Hynek - UFO Consultant to the Air Force

While still living in Seattle Dr. Hynek was coming to speak. We wrote to him and Mimi and asked if they would like to stay at our house. They said yes. They were very nice people and we learned a lot from Allen that he had never talked about to the public before. He said he was always interested in spiritualism because his mother was a medium. That was a big surprise. I found him very open minded. He said he had been made to come up with the "swamp gas" theory by the Air Force to shut persons up.

We had a big party for Allen and Mimi and the next day we drove them to the Tuwassen Ferry in British Columbia. They were on the way to visit Dr. P.M.S. Edwards on Vancouver Island. Dr. Edwards eventually came and stayed at our house too. He was a linguist and spoke 26 languages.

Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle - Hypnotist and Professor, U. of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

Dr. Sprinkle was instrumental in coordinating a conference every year for experiencers at the University of Wyoming. We spoke there and met many persons who had UFO experiences. Dr. Sprinkle was so kind and understanding that we instantly became friends. Eventually we moved to Arlington, Wyoming and attended their UFO meetings in Laramie. There were several well known contacts that came to prominence from that group, like Ida Kannenberg and Pat McGuire. Pat and ourselves became good friends. He spent many a night on our couch out at Arlington.

Wendelle Stevens - Author and Researcher

After living in Wyoming we moved to Arizona. While we were there we attended the National UFO Conference in Tucson, Arizona. It was coordinated by Jim Mosely. At this particular conference he wasn't there but Tim Beckley was. At this conference we met Wendelle Stevens. We also met several experiencers at that conference and became friends with them. One was Helene Charbonneau of Safford, Arizona. She arranged to have a "Jorpah" in Stafford. Jorpah is a name we were told meant space wanderer by an experiencer. So after that time we sponsored several Jorpahs in Seattle and also the one in Safford, two in Cottonwood, Arizona sponsored by our Associate Director there, Claudia Sanderson O'Hara.

Another well known experiencer, Paris Colorado and his wife Betty, went with us to visit Wendelle Stevens in Tucson. After that time Wendelle and ourselves became good friends. We had met Paris and Betty in Madras, Oregon after he had been abducted near Mitchell, Oregon.

Tim Beckley - Mr. "UFO" - Publisher and Researcher, New York, NY.

Tim asked if he could include our organization in one of his books. Of course we said yes. After that we became friends. He flew out and attended the Jorpah in Safford, Arizona. Later he sponsored a conference in Phoenix where I spoke. We still are in touch and he has remained a friend all these years.

Ted Loman - TV Host of a paranormal program in Tucson, Arizona, now living in Idaho.

I met Ted at the first International UFO Conference in Tucson, Arizona sponsored by Wendelle Stevens and Bob Brown. He was video taping the conference. We spent some time with him. Later he was taping Tim Beckley's conference in Phoenix, which meant we spent more time with him. We have also remained friends since that time.

At the Conference in Tucson many famous persons attended. We met Marina Popvich, Victor Kostrikan, A. J. Geveard from Brazil, Bob Dean and his wife at the time, Linda Mouton Howe and many more. The most important person we met there was....

Dr. Valery Uvarov - St. Petersburg, Russia - researcher and author

Valery became an instant friend. Along with Wendelle Stevens, we brought them to Seattle to lecture. Valery lived or stayed with us for a month or so. We also traveled to Colorado to explore whether my property at San Luis was a place to build one of the pyramids like Valery has built in Russia. Unfortunately my property didn't have the right vibrations. On that trip we met Dr. Tom Donnely, Tom Courtney, and Susanne. We had quite an adventure driving over Wolf Creek Pass while it was snowing. We turned around and went back after almost going over a cliff! Dr. Tom kept going and made it back to Durango ok. There are many more events with Valery. He became like one of our family and still is.

Lee and Britt Elders - Publishers, researchers and movie makers

Through Wendelle Stevens we met Lee and Britt. The three of them were responsible for bringing to light and publishing the books on Billy Meier in Switzerland. He is a contactee since the age of 5 or 6 until the present day. He is in his 70's now. We visited Lee and Britt in Sedona, Arizona and then went to their home in Munds Park, near Flagstaff. Lee and Britt, through their company called Genesis II, produced videos of Billy Meier and his contact. They also work with Jaime Musson in Mexico and have made videos of the UFO sightings down there.

Sgt.Clifford Stone

At this time we were setting up more UFOCCI centers around the world. The head of each center was an Associate Director. Cliff consented to be one in Roswell, New Mexico. He published a book with the documentation about crashed UFOs, alien bodies, etc. from Freedom of Information papers he had garnered. Cliff has become a well known speaker at conferences, on the radio, tv, and You Tube telling about his experiences while in the service.

Tom Dongo - Author and researcher, Sedona, Arizona

We were speaking in Sedona and while there met Tom Dongo. Tom has authored books on sightings and happenings around the Sedona area. He has lectured at Jorpah, appeared on television as a special guest on several programs. He also has the most extensive collection of unusual photographs he has taken of anyone in the world. Tom also became an Associate Director in our organization.

Budd Hopkins - Hypnotist, author and artist.

On a trip to New York to visit my daughter who was living there at the time we made an appointment and visited Budd Hopkins at his home. We took him several copies of "The Missing Link", a magazine we published every month that was dedicated to experiencers. He served us wine and showed us his studio. I had my picture taken with him in front of one of his paintings called "The Guardian".

Tom Courtney had read Missing Time by Budd Hopkins and found he had the symptoms of a contact by a scoop mark on his knee. He contacted Budd and Budd referred him to a hypnotist in California. He definitely was a contactee. Tom spoke at our Jorpah in Cottonwood. It was very emotional for him to relate what had happened to himself. He is a sensitive and wonderful person.

Bill Cooper - author and researcher

Bill Cooper and I connected over the telephone. I found him an interesting person that knew a lot. At the time I was going to California to speak at a conference put on by Phyllis Duran in 29 Palms. I said to Bill that he should come and share what he knew. He said they won't let me speak. I couldn't figure out why (at the time!) so I said I will get you in. I contacted Phyllis and she added him to the agenda. From then on he spoke at many conferences. Later I met his wife and saw his baby girl in Sedona and later at a MUFON conference in Las Vegas. He just knew too much and was too verbal about it and that is what did him in. He was shot by a Sheriff's Deputy defending his home. You can find his book "Behold a Pale Horse" in book stores.

Stanton Freidman - Nuclear Physicist, UFO researcher, lecturer and author

I met Stanton Freidman in 1966 at Green River college near Auburn, WA. Bob Gribble and I attended. That was the first I heard of Stanton. The next day he spoke again at the U. of Washington. We attended that lecture too. I saw him at Roswell Days in 2008. We attended the Aztec Conference in 2009. Stanton was speaking there too and staying at the same motel we were so we had a lot of time to talk to him there. He is very personable and full of knowledge. For his age he has a fantastic memory!

Jim Greenen - UFO Museum, St. Cloud, Florida

In the late 80's I flew to Florida to visit a friend I had worked with at Boeing in Seattle. While I was there I met Jim Greenen who had a UFO MUSEUM there. He closed that one and moved to another town but I have lost touch with him.

Peter Gersten - Lawyer and researcher

While still in Seattle Peter called me and said he was coming through and would I like to have dinner with him. Of course I said yes. He had originally lived in New York City and had contacted me about starting a experiencer group there. We had communicated several times about that possibility but nothing came of it. I found him very intelligent about the subject of UFOs.

Matthew Tuney - Previously Associate Director UFOCCI - Bellingham, Washington

Before Matthew became an associate director we were asked to put on a conference in Bellingham. It was well attended and Matthew expressed a wish to become involved. He asked me how and I told him about the possiblity of him becoming an Associate Director, which he did. He has done a wonderful job in Bellingham. The group he had with the UFOCCI soon had a new name when we dissolved the organization. Matt and I have remained in contact. He has meetings every month presenting all types of paranormal subjects. Bill Puckett spoke at his meeting in October 2010. Bill has UFONW on the web.

Bill Puckett - Director of UFONW

Bill originally was a meteorologist for the government. He decided he would start a web site to gather sightings and contacts. He has little meetings on Saturday night at his home in Redmond, WA. I used to attend them when I lived in Seattle. Bill has a huge library of UFO books and videos. It takes up one whole room! After he retired he decided he would work at home on his original job plus gather information for his web site. It has grown and is world wide now. He has done a good job.

Dr. Chris Bader - Professor and sociologist, Baylor U.

Many years ago when Chris was attending Evergreen University in Olympia, Washington he invited some of our group down to Evergreen to put on a conference. He was writing his thesis on Bigfoot and UFOs. Later he came to our meeting and filmed our group in Federal Way, Washington. He also interviewed three experiencers for the film. Last year he came to Seattle and attended a special party that was given for me when I went back home. At that time he filmed one of the experiencers, Laura Cyr, where she had been abducted and took her picture and the story of her experience for his new book that has just come out titled "Paranormal America."It was written with a co-author, F. Carson Mencken. Chris was a guest on Coast to Coast am several days ago.

Philip Mantle - Author, speaker and researcher, United Kingdom

I met Philip at the UFO International Conference in Laughlin, Nevada. Later I met him again in Roswell. He was speaking on the alien autopsies and one of the crashed UFOs. Since then he has been active in publishing the new UFO magazine in the UK. Philip is very knowledgeable and a dear person. We keep in touch by e-mail.

Whitley Streiber - UFO Experiencer, author and lecturer

Whitley is well known for his books he has written but even more than that for his UFO Contact. The first time I saw him was at the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie, Wyoming. Later he was on television speaking about the book he had written. I felt really ashamed that UFO researchers put down his case as a hoax. I think at the time they weren't ready for contact cases, however since that time they have changed and now accept Whitley and others cases.

A contactee from North Carolina had been put in a mental hospital by his military father after he had been abducted. His mother and father saw the light from the UFO but when asked if they too had seen it by the psychologist they denied it. To make a long story short, "Mark" was put on drugs because they thought he was hallucinating. It really did him in. He has tardive disconetia (sp?) because of the drugs. We wanted to help him and bring him to Seattle. Whitley send us a check to do just that. We brought him but he had been on the drugs too long. Eventually he went back home and we have lost touch with him.

Brent Raynes - Waynesboro, Tennessee, Researcher and friend

Brent sponsored a lecture of myself and Dr. Greg Little in Waynesboro, Tennessee. I drove from Memphis to Waynesboro. Brent has been involved in many UFO cases over the years. He became a good friend. We brought him to Seattle to do a workshop several years ago. He met several of our members that had experiences. It was a very interesting workshop.

Dr. Nick Begich - Professor and researcher of HAARP

I met Nick at the UFO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in Laughlin, Nevada. The reason I met him was because Valery Uvarov and Nick became friends there. We usually were with Valery so we were included. By "we" I mean my daughter Lozanna and myself. Later on the plane back to Seattle he was several rows in front of me. Nick wrote the book initially on HAARP called "Angels don't play this Harp". He has written several since. His father was a Senator from Alaska and was killed in a plane crash up there. Now his brother is a Senator in Alaska.

Ike Bishop - Coordinator of the Alamo, Nevada UFO Conference - Boise, Idaho

In October of 2010 we asked Ike to speak at our meeting, Aerial Phenomena Research Group, here in Cortez, Colorado. He spoke on Area 51 in Nevada. Since our group is just getting started and do not know much about past history they didn't know anything about Area 51. Only 2 people raised their hands that they had heard of it and one of them thought it was in California. Ike showed pictures of the area, Rachel, Little Alien Inn and his conference in Alamo held on Memorial Day weekend. It was very interesting. He is now planning for the next conference in 2011 on Memorial Day weekend.

Brian Vike - UFO researcher - Houston, BC, Canada

Brian and I exchanged many cases, even though I have not met him in person. He lives 700 miles (approx.) above Vancouver, BC so it is too far for me! Anyway he is collecting information for a web site Jeff Rense set up. He originally had his own web site but the new one isn't so tiring for him and all he has to do is collect the sitings and let someone else put it on the internet. He also is on Jeff Rense's program on the internet several times a month on Fridays.

Angela Joiner - Reporter

Angela was the reporter in Stevenville, TX when so many UFOs were being seen. She started writing articles for the local paper about it and eventually the editor wanted her to stop. People were calling her at work until she was over loaded. The only way to repair it was to quit so she did. I met her at the Aztec, Conference in 2009. She is a very nice person. Now she is a reporter for an Abilene paper. She doesn't write about UFOs anymore. She does have a radio program on the web. You can find all about it on Face Book.

Jacque Valle - French researcher, author and lecturer

You could say I had a close encounter of the 4th kind with Jacque Valle! (Unbeknownst to him) We were at the MUFON Conference in Las Vegas. The theater was dark. Jacque was one of the speakers. When he came back to his seat, which was next to mine he sat in my lap! So that is how it became known as a Close Encounter of the 4th kind.

I think that just about covers all the researchers I have known, with the exception of Ed Biebel and Corey Wolfe. Corey is a wonderful artist. He gave his permission to use one of his paintings on the cover of the Missing Link, our magazine we published for 14 years. Ed Biebel I met at Tim Beckley's conference in Phoenix, Arizona. We are still in touch.

Keep in mind these are just UFO researchers and not the experiencers themselves. It would take pages and pages to cover all those persons!


Near Oakland, Oregon

I was deer hunting in the mountains when I had my first experience with them. It was about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon on October 27, 1983. The day was dark and it was pouring down rain. I was sitting on a stand behind some brush watching out across an opening where the deer usually come across, when I had a funny feeling that something was looking at me. Whatever it was I knew it wasn't a deer because I know how deer feel. I'm a good tracker and I figure that I'm a pretty good hunter after all these years.

Finally, I turned and looked at the direction I felt it coming from and I spied a big stump. It looked like there was something on top of the stump.

I got my binoculars and looked at the stump again. There was something on top of the stump. It was leaning over the top of the stump looking right at me. It had its arms crossed over the stump with its chin resting on them. In this position all I could see was the arms, head and shoulders.

I sat there and watched it for a few minutes while it watched me. Finally it turned around and started to walk towards some big cedar trees. Suddenly, the creature walked back, leaned over the stump and picked up something besides it. This stump was a bucked-off log, a windfall. The loggers had cut the stump about seven feet high.

Since the creature was just walking back and forth, not paying any attention to me, I decided to get closer. He was about eighty-five yards from me when I got up. I pulled my gun out from under the poncho I was wearing so he could see it. When the creature saw my rifle he threw both arms straight up over his head, palms inward. I remembered then what I had read in the paper years ago about a guy that was walking down a road with a walking stick when he saw one of the Big Foot creatures. He became scared and threw his hands and stick up over his head. The creature immediately reached down and picked up a stick. The man thought the creature wanted to fight so he threw his stick away - the creature immediately threw his stick away too. Remembering this I raised my gun in the air where Big Foot could see it and then laid it down on the stump I had been sitting by and showed him I had nothing in my hands.

I then walked down, over a bank about twelve feet high on to a road-bed. I walked down the road-bed to within about thirty-five feet of the creature and squatted down. I didn't go any closer because I figured if he wanted to come closer he would.

While I sat there he made more trips to that stump. I couldn't see, due to some brush screening the area, what he was picking up, and walking over and putting under the bark of the big cedar tree.

I kept thinking of this creature as a man because I think he is as much a man as any of us. He looks very intelligent and has no hair on his face, except around his lower jaw line, the corner of his chin and long sideburns that went down to the whiskers on his chin. His nose, upper and lower lips were all human looking with no hair on them.

He had nice-looking features. They resembled human teeth and were not fangs. The creature was about nine-feet tall and weighed approximately four-hundred and fifty to five hundred pounds. It had normal length arms and legs in proportion to its body. The hands were above the knee. The body was covered in long dark brown hair. Since it was approaching winter, I imagined he was beginning to grow a winter coat or maybe the creatures don't shed at all. His hands and fingernails were as normal looking as mine.

He turned around and walked in long springy steps. He didn't really run but he walked kind of fast down over the hill into a canyon and out of sight.

The next day my daughter and I went up there and we found what he had been putting in behind the bark of the tree. He was pulling moss up around the bed of that stump and walking over there and putting it in under the bark of that tree. He took his fingernails or fingers and just hacked across on the bark leaving a mark. He didn't appear to have long fingernails.

We walked over to the stump that I had thought to be about seven and a half feet high as I am six feet tall, but I had to reach up and could barely lay my fingers on the top of the stump. If the stump was eight feet tall and he was standing on the ground right where I was standing, he must have been at least nine feet tall - at least.

On the Cedar tree where he made the mark, I reached with my 243 long barrel deer rifle as high as I could and could just touch the top marks so I would say they were at least ten feet up on the tree. The marks were crosswise on the tree so he didn't just reach up and claw down. He was clawing sideways.

My daughter and I went home and I didn't say anything about it to anyone because I thought people would think I was crazy. I wasn't so sure whether I was or not, but I knew that I had seen something.

To be continued. Stan Johnson has since died but since he wrote up his story in a little booklet we have more of it to share. The name of the book is: The True Story of Big Foot (Stan Johnson's Close Encounters)

I too went to where Stan Johnson met the creature. While we were there we heard a scream like I have never heard before. I think Stan's friend was not too happy with us being there and wanted us to leave his territory. Stan showed us where the Sasquatch had beaten on logs to communicate with others. They were hollowed down like a cradle and in shreds.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Canada Abductions B.C. Woman Claims 'Visitations' From UFOs

KELOWNA, B.C. -- QMI Agency's Thane Burnett spoke with Corina Saebels, a 54- year- old mom who believes her family has been subjected to otherworldly experimentation.

Q - You have two children. What do they think about all this UFO talk?

A - They have both suffered first- hand experiences since early childhood, and still live with some of the after- effects from contact with these beings. They know the reality of what is really going on!

Q - You call yourself an abductee. What does that mean?

A - On a personal level, to be an abductee means that from early childhood, my children and I have been taken many times against our will, and had our bodies, minds and spirits raped. There are many abductees in Canada. The support group, which I held in Kelowna alone, held over 10 people ... from all, walks of life. The abductions began at four years of age, then once a teenager the visitations became more frequent, taking DNA material from us. It seems to be going from generation to generation. To this day, we still have unwanted visitations. Our friends witnessed a ship over our house, and know we were missing through the night and eyewitness reports from strangers. We also have medical evidence of burns on our bodies and marks on the ground after an event.

My personal belief is that there are many different species of aliens, and like us humans, there are benevolent ones and malevolent ones. Unfortunately, for us the "Grays" are the ones dealing with us. The "Grays" have no emotions and are not affected by how much pain and trauma they deliver. They are like robots who simply come to do their job and then leave. These beings come back in late July about every three years.

Q - Couldn't there be a great many explanations for what you've gone through, beyond UFOs and aliens?

A - Sure there are but in our case, there are no other explanations and there is too much proof to think otherwise. I wrote a book, called "The Collectors, that tells of my being paralyzed with fear. I decided to make the fear work for me by turning my diary into a book, hoping to help others and encourage them to come forward. Lately, people are becoming believers and more supportive. I encourage others to tell about their encounters. To the benevolent aliens I would say, "Stop these malevolent ones from hurting our children, and help us!

Scarborough -- Hope you received the many photos taken here in Scarborough of this bizarre swirling white shape-changing object taken on November 1, 2010 is ALL SAINTS DAY!

It is a strange and very bizarre form of communication from the sky.

Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kenny Johnson describes how he pulled a 3-year-old girl from a burning car after an accident last Thursday.

Ballard man recalls pulling girl from fiery car and a vision days later

By Erik Lacitis

Seattle Times staff reporter

It would take an unusual man to decide, in a split second after witnessing a car crash, to crawl into the Subaru that had erupted into flames 8 feet high to try to save a little girl and her dad.

A week ago, early Thursday evening in Ballard, that is what Kenny Johnson did.

The accident happened a few feet from his family home and an adjoining business he owns, Rizzo's French Dip, at 7334 15th Ave. N.W.

Johnson, 40, was pulling out of the driveway, he says, when he saw a Ford Fusion heading north on the arterial at more than 60 mph. Then, there was the crash into cars waiting at a stoplight.

Johnson remembers seeing other witnesses hurry to the scene. But nobody went into the flames. "Everybody was kind of frozen," he says.

He remembers talking to himself as he went into the Subaru:

"Oh, my God, this car is gonna blow up and I'm going to be in it. Well, if does blow up, I guess I'm going straight to heaven because I'm trying to save that little girl."

He did save the 3-year-old, Anna Kotowicz, who suffered a broken arm and some bruising.

Her dad, Andy Kotowicz, 37, who had just picked up his daughter at day care, died at Harborview Medical Center three days later. He had worked for 10 years as a sales and marketing executive, and a talent scout, at Sub Pop, the Seattle record company.

That Thursday, Johnson didn't only crawl into the Subaru; he also went to help the driver of the Ford Fusion, which also was in flames.

Johnson says it looked to him as if the driver was having a seizure: twitching, eyes rolling. He splashed water on the man's face but did not try to move him. By then someone had used a fire extinguisher on both vehicles.

Police say the accident is under investigation. No citations were issued at the scene as is standard until the investigation is complete.

Amid the crackling and popping of the car on fire, Johnson says he heard the cries of the 3-year-old, "a beautiful princess with blonde hair and blue eyes."

"The car was literally like only 5 feet long. The back was totally smashed. The front was totally smashed. The car seat in which the little girl was in the back had been pushed up front," remembers Johnson.

"I looked in the front window and saw the gentleman. He was lifeless. I keep hearing the baby crying.

"I go to the passenger side. I don't remember this, but people afterward told me that when I couldn't open the door, I ripped it off the hinges. I jump into the car. For a few seconds, it's like there is no sound, no smell, everything is in slow motion. I can't explain it any other way."

Johnson managed to unbuckle the girl. He put her against his shoulder, carried her to the sidewalk and handed her to a woman who works in a nearby salon.

Days passed, and Johnson went back to his routine.

That is, until Tuesday morning around 6, he says.

"My wife is next to me in bed. She's sleeping. Everything is where it's supposed to be," says Johnson. "Then there is this man standing right by the bed. He says he needs help with a few things. I say, 'OK.'

"Now, I know it's him (Kotowicz) even though the only time I had seen him was at the accident, when he didn't look, you know, normal. He says he wants me to give a message to his wife and to his daughter. That's private so I can't tell you about that message.

"He also tells me to talk to the people at Sub Pop, he wants to let them know not to be mad at the driver that caused the accident. That's his message."

Johnson says that later that day, he went to the Sub Pop website, and there it was, a memorial photo of the man who had stood by his bed: Kotowicz.

That same Tuesday, he went to the Seattle downtown headquarters of Sub Pop and met with the staff and told them about the vision. The staff greeted with tears the man who had saved their co-worker's daughter. Chris Jacobs, general manager at Sub Pop, says about the vision, "We're dumbfounded and rapt."

Erik Lacitis: 206-464-2237 or

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Sent in by Bob Gribble out of the Seattle Times newspaper.