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January 3, 2005, Coast to Coast am, Art Bell Host


I have had contact many times.  This one is very unusual.

About two months ago (2004) I had an alien enter into my body while I was fully awake.  It was 7 p.m. at night, my family was around.  My husband saw me.  I looked bizarre.

I was getting ready to watch "Date Line" and I had all this energy flowing through my body.  I looked up and I could see three aliens - the Greys, standing there.  They were actually in a beam of light and they just showed themselves for a second.  About 15 to 20 minutes later I could not get up off the chair.  I finally was able to get up and I felt really weird.  All of a sudden it felt like there was two people inside me.  I could actually feel them and I could feel their union.

ART:  How do you know it wasn't all in your head?

MARY:  I felt like my body was overstuffed plus I had all this energy flowing through my body.  If I had not seen the Greys I would have thought it was some bizarre episode.  I don't know how else to explain it.

I was walking around. I actually went outside.  I was talking to my husband but I was also experiencing ... how else do you explain something else being in your body?

What I understand is that "He" had never experienced a human physical body before.  He was somewhat more dimensional, maybe that is why.  He just seemed so amazed, I mean petting the dog, petting the cat. I was detecting his feelings and that is how I know there was somebody inside me that you could physically see; my husband was looking at me and I was looking at myself in the mirror.  My eyes felt like they were bulging out and my face was different.

It was a unique experience, very benevolent, kind.  No intrusion, there was none of that.  It was like a child touching things and walking for the first time.  It was really a unique experience for me.  He was very worried about scaring my husband and scaring my son.  I actually kept turning away from my son because I looked so bizarre at the time.

I had said through numerous scary contacts, "Come to me in the day and I won't be so scared."  When I said that I started having these great day time experiences.

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Coast to Coast am, July 30, 2012 - 4th Hour

Casey in Boise, Idaho considers himself a self taught shaman just trying to learn from the world around him because he doesn't have any direct teachers.  I kind of wanted to share with you and the listeners an experience I had I consider an initiation of my Shamanism.

I was in a room with some friends and we were going to do a ceremony.  There was some music on and we got into the
ceremony and the music around me shattered and then the entire room shattered.

I left my body and was kind of en-wrapped into this plant like preying mantis kind of creature. I went to this place that was like a void of all space and time, there was just this empty void space and I saw in front of me, the creature, he told me to look in front of me.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention before I embarked on this journey it said to ask a question.  My question was what are you?  It was to the universe or to the medicine of whatever, what are you?

They told me to look at this screen type thing and it was kind of a never ending video tape or something that just kept rolling by my field of being there and it had everything on it.  It had these ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, it had Chinese symbols, it had all symbols and writing about time and all human actions and forms of evolution, up to the current period and then even beyond that. I went into these geometrical designs that I just couldn't understand, they were a complete contradiction unto themselves, they just didn't  make sense or whatever.

It wasn't an event that happened in the future, it was just so vast, it was so overwhelming that I just couldn't make any sense of it and during this experience I, in this void of space, I broke down and I cried and I said I was sorry because I couldn't understand.  I said I don't understand what you are telling me.  I feel like I should because I asked the question but I don't understand, I am sorry.  Could you just tell me?  They said OK we will tell you.

What we are is everything and that is what you are too, all  of you.  George said you know some extraterrestrials have been described as praying mantises.  Then George went to another caller and cut Casey off.  I wanted to hear more.

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Call in to Coast to Coast on June 5, 2005 - Art Bell Host

Roy had been in contact with the ETs ever since 1940.  He knew Kenneth Arnold.

They have been here since Earth was formed so they are ETs, not aliens.  The aliens are us humans.  They were brought here by ships just like the previous military man that was on saying ships would come in and take certain ones away from the planet; that is true.  But the human race was brought here from other planets after the Earth was flooded and cleansed.  I have been involved for 70 years, long before you were born Art!!

The whole thing has been a coverup through the government right on down to your door.

I got my first implant in 1940. I have six implants and four of them are visible. The last one was put in on the 16th of August (2004?) by the ETs.  The first object was put in my brain in 1940.  I can see a picture they can take with their ship anywhere in the Universe - in color and I am totally blind normally.

One of the fellas that crashed at Roswell July 7, 1947 was supposed to heal my eyes.  He was from Lanulos but he got mixed up with the Reptoids so he is no longer doing much healing.

ART:  That is quite a story.

ROY:  It is very true.  I have the documentation on my web site but I can't give web sites (on here).  I have given world wide broadcasts and I have had them on with me.

J-Rod is a brother to the one I have been in contact with which was very popular and in the UFO Magazine, the August issue.  I have spoken with him.  He is no longer on earth.  He was very badly treated at Area 51 and other bases by the fellow that they don't know where he is (Dan Burish?)  They used boiling liquids, they used electric prods on him.  All the technology you are using in your studio came from the  ------ since 1947.

Somehow the Math doesn't add up.

Here is another mention of Lanulos.,Woodrow,Contactee,1966,J.Clark.pdf

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Strange Butler County PA entity

Location. Between Chicora and East Brady, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Date: March 18 2011 Time: early morning

A local businessman was driving down the road when from about a quarter a mile away he observed something on the right side in a grassy area. He first thought that it was a deer. The driver stepped on the gas to move closer to get a better view. From about 50 yards away, he observed something that appeared to be hunched down, and then stood up. The driver then observed a very tall muscular creature. At this point the driver had his high beams on and watched as the creature walked in front of a yellow reflective road sign, then crossed the two lane road in three long steps and continued into a wooded area. What he saw was a humanoid figure that stood at least 8 feet tall that appeared to have smooth leather-like skin that was of either a darker tan or light brown color.

The creature never looked at the witness, and was only observed from its side. The head appeared to be flat in the front section, and the rounded out. “At the top back of skull, it was like one of those aerodynamic helmets. The top was not quite a point, but looked like a ridge on top of the head.” The face was flat, and the eyes were not clearly defined, but the man thought that they might have been pointed in the corner. The ear that was observed on the left side was long and flat, and came up and back and was pointed backwards like a flap. The arms were muscular and a little longer than that of a human. The hands looked more like a claw, but the number of fingers was unclear. One physical trait that stood out was the extremely muscular legs. The witness stated that it was hard to explain, but the legs did not move like that of a human, and “looked like they bent backwards.” The witness also saw what appeared to be wings on its back which were tucked into its body, with the wing tips extending toward the side of its head. 
No unusual sounds or smells were noticed during the observation which was estimated to have been about 7-8 seconds. As the motorist approached the location where the creature entered the woods, it could no longer be seen.

The next day the witness decided to drive back to the location of the encounter to look for any evidence. The ground conditions were not suitable for tracks and nothing was found. The witness did, however, measure the road sign that the creature had walked in front of. The sign was just over 8 ft high, and the head of the creature was estimated to have reached about 4 inches above the sign.

HC addendum

Source: Stan Gordon
Thank you Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts 

From Jimmy S.
Did I tell you about my incident while I lived in Kent? I was driving home from a movie on hi-way West Valley going south. Low and behold, I spotted a what I call rocket man. Yes, just like the movie... Rocket Man. This thing... Rocket Man flew with me for 3 seconds going by my driver side window. Then this thing went pass me and it shot straight up and was gone with flames shooting out of its boots. No, I was not dreaming. I got home still scratching my head saying, "Did this happen?"

Many wondrous things happen without explanation. No, I was not taking medications.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


One man who spent many solitary hours in searching (for Sasquatch) had phenomenal success and has contributed a great deal of information, yet is unknown to most of the public.  He has passed on what he has seen, so that it is on the record, but he has asked to remain unidentified and those he has dealt with have generally respected his wishes.

His motivation to spend as much time as he did was strong and understandable, since it began with an accidental sighting that is one of the most unusual on record -- the only close observation of a "family" group involving an infant.  After that he spent a great deal of time in trying to see more, and at first was remarkably lucky, but later spent years having no better luck than the rest of us.

All of his experiences took place in the mountainous area drained by the Molalla and Clackamus Rivers south of Estacada, Oregon, where he worked as a logger.  His first, accidental, sighting was in October, 1967, the same month that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin got the movie.  After that dedicated searching resulted in further sightings in the spring of 1968 and in November and December of that year.  From then until a heart attack restricted his activities several years later he continued to search without another sighting, although he did find some very interesting tracks in February of 1969.

As far as I know the report of his first encounter is the only one ever put on tape.  This is the story he told:

I was supposed to be watching a catskinner as he was fire trailing, but it was awful cold, and I walked a mile or so down the trail, because he had no need of anyone at that time, and I thought I'd warm up and see the country.  Up where he was it was a cold east wind blowing; a little farther down it was a west wind coming in.  It was late fall, and the last weekend of the deer season, I think, in 1967.

It was just a mountain trail - they have several of them up there -- footpaths, and for horses.  The elevation was about between four and five thousand feet.  I came out lower down, into the fog, before I saw anything, and the fog was freezing on the trees because it was so cold, but if the wind would blow, the fog would break, and fall off.  That made it kind of noisy, it sounded like walking.

I came around a bend -- well, first I noticed some rocks that were turned over.  All the other rocks were wet, because of the fog, but these rocks were dry.  Then I looked up, about forty or fifty feet, up on a ridge of rock, and I saw these animals there -- looked like human or just about.  Large male; the female wasn't so large; and a small baby -- well not really small; it was moving with them.  It was standing up, mostly.  The two older ones were squatting down and sort of bending, as they picked up rocks and smelled them.  They were kind of careful.  They moved on for a few minutes, and then finally the male found possibly what he was looking for and dug real fast down into the rocks, which were large boulders -- not the round type of rock but the flat, sharp kind.

I could not explain why those rocks were there; there hadn't been a slide or anything.  They were on top of the ridge, so they couldn't have come down from anywhere.  They are loose, quite a few holes underneath them, and they are as if they had been broken up -- definitely not the round river-type rock.  But they (the animals) would pick them up, and, after they smelled them, they would lay them own, on top of each other.  They didn't just lay them back where they had picked them up, they stacked them up, in piles.  And when the male found what he was looking for he really made the rocks fly.  The big rocks weighed fifty, sixty or even possibly a hundred pounds; he just jerked them out with his hand.  He didn't seem to take any precautions for his safety.  Later on I looked, and there was some rock there that could have fallen on him, but he wasn't concerned.

He brought out what appeared to be a grass nest, possibly some stored hay that small rodents had stored there.  He dug through that, and brought out the rodents. It seems they ate them.  The rodents appeared to be in hibernation, or asleep, or something.  There were about six or eight rodents.  The small animal, I noticed, only got one, but the others got two or three apiece.

But about that time they became aware of my presence and well, just became alert.  I was alongside of this trail that follows the ridge.  I didn't remember getting there, but I was squatting down behind a small tree when I became aware of where I was.  As soon as they realized I was there they suddenly began to move, real quiet, behind some low-hanging limbs on a tree there.  I didn't see them again after that.

I tried to follow their tracks in the direction I thought they would have to go, but I couldn't find any, although there was heavy frost there.  But the next day I found two tracks, a heel print and the front part of the foot, the toes, but they were in a different direction -- the direction from which I had come -- and I never did connect them up with exactly which direction they had gone, or know anything about them.

The footprints, I would say, were about twelve to fifteen inches, but there wasn't enough of the track to tell exactly.  They were possibly five inches wide, I don't know, at the widest part.  I don't think they could have been six.  I didn't know if it was  one of the animals I had seen that made the footprints.

I saw the toe print as I came up out of the old landing.  I saw the heel print as I went in.  The heel print gave me the impression that the heel protruded.  The tracks were in dirt.  It was just as if you had a level piece and scooped it out for about two feet deep, and it would cave in some.  It (the animal) had stepped down into that, and left a heel print, and as it stepped out on the other side you could see the toe print.

When I left the catskinner, he was on Low Creek, but I had walked to Jim's Meadows, possibly a mile or more.  I saw the footprints between where the catskinner was and where I had seen the animals.

After the animals disappeared I watched and looked a few minutes and then decided I didn't want to go in that direction.  So I just headed back.  I didn't tell the catskinner about seeing them.  I didn't tell anyone about it until ..... asked me to ask among my crews, maybe some of them had seen them.  That was the only time I ever mentioned it to any of the fellows out there, because I didn't want everybody to think I was a nut or something or other.

The only time I saw their faces was when they became alert.  They gave me the impression of having a face a little like a cat, without the ears.  I couldn't remember seeing any ears. It seemed like the nose was much flatter -- it didn't stick out like a humans.  The upper lip was very short, and seemed to be thin.  I couldn't remember that it had a chin like a human has.  So somehow or other I felt that it was a face more like a cat than a human.

The male was darker than the female, a dirty brown, where the female was a buckskin or fawn-colored animal.  The male had much longer hair on his shoulder, head and neck, and hung in strings, like you see on an Angora goat.  He was much heavier in the shoulders than the female.  From just above the hips the male got larger; he had a very wide "small " of the back.  From there on up he just got bigger and bigger.    They had very rounded or stooped shoulders.  The head was set lower on the shoulders than a humans.  They don't seem to have a neck "stand up" as we do.

Most of the time they were not standing, but were squatting down and leaning forward to pick up the rocks.  I didn't see them actually erect until they became alert that I was there.  I didn't see them walk, as such.  The only movement I saw was when they made a quick, short dash to get behind the limbs of the trees.  I saw them move all right, but in a humped up, stooped over position, just moving across the rocks.  But they were upright when they made that quick dash at the end. It seemed to me that the mother picked the baby up on her lap, and ran holding the baby in front of her possibly right below the breast, and her breasts hung real low, much lower than a human.

I couldn't say how thick through the body these animals were, but they were very heavy-set - particularly thick and heavy at the small  of the back, and on up through the ribs.  I think the male was over six feet tall, but I'm an awful judge of height or weight or anything.  I didn't think the female was quite as tall as the male, in fact I think she came possibly up to his shoulder, but I saw them standing up so little I don't know.  But they were much larger than a human, much bulkier.  The baby didn't come up to the mother's hips, actually, I don't think but I don't remember for sure.  The first time I saw them standing up was as the male stepped out of the hole he dug with the grass, but it was only a very short while until they took off.  I didn't see them after that.

Q:  How did they eat?

A:  They ate just taking it in their hand and eating it as one of us would if we were eating a banana.  They ate it skin, feathers and all - just bit it in two, and as they would bite part of it well then just cram the other right on in. The little one, though, he had a little more difficulty, because he didn't have quite enough room for all of it, where the older ones did.  It wasn't like a human would hand the food to the baby, he had to get his - he was scratching through the grass that they had and got it himself, and the female did the same thing.  They gave you the impression in that way of not taking care of the baby like people would.  I've been wondering now if that group lived together as a family, and I hope to go back and look into it deeper.


This case was taken from the book "On the Trail of the Sasquatch", Book 2 by John Green.

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I want to tell everybody about my dentist.  OK, a year ago I met some Greys outside Moberly, Missouri, about 30 miles north of here.

A few months ago I was telling my mother, I was telling her and I said, I wonder why "They" couldn't have removed my wisdom teeth, it would have been easy for them.  They (wisdom teeth) are just ripping my face apart.

A couple days later, it was about 4 o'clock in the morning; I was sitting outside, out back here.  It was cloudy but I was looking at the moon above the trees and in a blink of an eye everything got brighter.  So I looked up and most of the clouds were gone.  Then something caught my eye and I looked up and there was a big bright light, maybe 300 feet off the ground and it was moving directly away from me.  It was moving back up into this cloud and I looked back into the field behind there.  The light was lighting up the whole field.  Anyway the light just receded into the clouds and disappeared.

The next day I realized one of my wisdom teeth was gone.  When your wisdom teeth have been impacted for years you know when one is gone.

I realized that I, uh, in that second when everything got brighter, I realized I must have lost a few minutes of time or something, I think that is what must have happened.

Anyway I think we have some new improvements in the field of dentistry.

At that point George went to another subject with his guests.  Seems like he would have asked Bradley what happened when he met the Greys a year ago.

This shows that the aliens are well aware of what the experiencer is thinking and experiencing at all times, whether they will do anything about it is another matter.

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Woman Has Repeated Dreams of Strange Encounters.

Mark Appears on Back of Neck.

Enhancement of Photo of Witness's Neck Where Unknown Scar Suddenly Appeared.
Enhancement of Photo of Witness's Neck Where Unknown Scar Suddenly Appeared.
Tacoma is in Western Washington About Half Way Between Seattle and Olympia.
Tacoma is in Western Washington About Half Way Between Seattle and Olympia.
Date of Sighting: Multiple Dates in 2011
Time of Sighting: Night
Location of Sighting: Tacoma, Washington (See Map)
Description: The witness has had several dreams of encountering unknown flying craft and says that she has been shown future events on Earth. Recently she found an unknown scar on the back of neck. (See photo above.) The photo is not real clear, but has been edited to better show mark (redness). She has been seeing her physician for 10 years and her physician has no explanation for the mark. The witness has a daughter living with her who also has had some strange experiences.
Note: I interviewed the witness. She seems quite credible and of sound mind. She sincerely believes that something unusual has been happening to her and wants to know what it could be?


Woman Has Alien Abduction Experience While Driving to Work.
The Witness Edited the Hand Photo to Show What the Object Looked Like That Was Coming Out of Her Right Hand, Except it Had Different Colors.
The Witness Edited the Hand Photo to Show What the Object Looked Like
That Was Coming Out of Her Right Hand, Except it Had Different Colors.
The Encounter Occurred A Few Miles Northeast of Downtown Seattle, Washington.
The Encounter Occurred A Few Miles Northeast of Downtown Seattle, Washington.
Date of Sighting: November 17, 2011
Time of Sighting: Around 7 AM PST
Location of Sighting: Seattle, Washington (See Map)

Description: I was driving to work Thursday morning along a heavily congested road that feeds into the expressway onto I-5 Southbound when I began seeing lights in the sky overhead, it was still dark out just turning light and it was cloudy. I was startled by the lights and looked up, seeing nothing I continued driving. I for a moment thought there was a plane flying low which distracted me. I then saw the light again but closer and felt an electricity in the air. Then, as if a light switch was flipped I was again driving along the road and my phone began to ring which popped me back from a trance like state. It's odd because I looked at my clock and it appeared to be several minutes before the last time I checked the time. I answered my phone, it was my sister she asked me why I had called her. I told her that I had not called her, she checked her phone and there was a line item that showed I had called but she had not picked up, as a missed call. I checked my phone and it did not register any calls that I made to her that day. I noticed that I was aching all over and had trouble putting basic analytical thoughts into my head. I could not remember how to change the radio stations. I got to work and my coworker told me I looked terrible (my nose was red) and I spent the next 36 hours feeling sick.

The witness stated that she recalled a strange looking object (sketched)  burrowed into her hand.  She found what like large "suction marks" that would not heal on her hand.

The Sighting Below on November 15, 2011 May be Related to Above Abduction Experience: I frequently drive up and down I-5, and was driving southbound between Marysville and Everett in the Valley by Ebey Slough. The sky was clear and beautiful. I noticed there were more lights than usual. I am in the habit of looking at the sky but noticed that 3 lights were brighter and moving along with me down the corridor. I kept thinking how out of place they looked since I was used to looking at that particular view, and almost as if they were hovering over several of the Cascade mountain range. I went home and told my husband. The next day we watched the news and saw that a person had captured the lights the same night over Eastlake. 

Here is the footage as shown on the news that occurred at 8:30 PM the same night and was a triangle:
Thank you Bill Puckett of UFONW for these interesting cases.

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The Birdmen of Toscana Italy 1945 Location....
Albert S Rosales 2:01pm Jul 14
The Birdmen of Toscana Italy 1945

Location. Toscana Italy

Date: 1945 Time: afternoon
An Italian sailor onboard the 
battleship Duilio that was anchored 
at the port, looked up from his post 
on the ship’s bridge at something 
that attracted his attention. From a
distance he saw what resembled a
formation of migrating birds flying
in a “V” formation. The sailor 
reached for a pair of binoculars 
and was treated to an unexpected
The “birds” turned out to be flying
humans endowed with powerful
wings, heading toward the battleship
in a steady glide. Their faces were 
entirely human, and the leader, 
occupying the vertex of the “V”, 
appeared to be engaged in 
conversation with his companion to
his right. The massive wings were
strangely motionless, and their
legs ended in powerful, three toed 
claws. Their bodies were entirely 
covered in feathers except for their 
faces. The witness ran to obtain 
additional witnesses, but 
when he returned the creatures had 
predictably disappeared.

HC addition # 2108

Source: Scott Corrales, Unsolved 
UFO Sightings
Fall 1995 Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Pre-Arnold report 
indicating the existence of winged
man-like creatures. This group 
differs in the fact that they 
appeared to be feathered (!). 
This incident is also in Tambellini’s 
book “Aliens in Italy”.
Interestingly in his book “From the 
Ashes of Angels”, Andrew Collins 
describes similar beings 
reported in the ancient 
pre-biblical times, which were 
said to have been the original
“fallen angels” race.

From Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts