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UFO TWO - #7


One example of the "faith" syndrome might be seen in relationship to Whitley Streiber's experiences. Since as yet, his "visitors" have not offered him proof incontrovertible, that fact likely indicates that he is still candidate material. But for non-candidates of the Heavenly Kingdom, faith is for the most part, not a requirement for incontrovertible proof to be shown, for they are not building a relationship, nor are they going anywhere.

Though candidates, early on, are denied the proof of their relationship with the Next Level once faith has been sufficiently proven, then proof of the Next Level's existence may be given. This is not to say that all who have had what they might consider incontrovertible proof are not necessarily candidates. We would like to believe that out of all of those who witnessed the recent Gulf Breeze, Florida incident, at least some might recognize it as part of the workings of their Heavenly Father's Kingdom.

One of the reasons for the class' resurfacing at this time seems to be as follows: Information has been released or leaked about UFO occupants, crashes, and communications between "aliens" and humans that, because of misinterpretations, could turn your eyes or have you see this evidence as something other than the workings of Our Father's Kingdom. Humans, with very few exceptions, who have an awareness of the presence of these "aliens" haven't grown to have the capacity to see that the Kingdom of God is at work here.

Governments who have had an undeniable awareness of the "aliens" presence here since the late 1940's have tried to cover it up. They have retrieved "crashed" spacecrafts, live "EBEs" (extraterrestrials), and numerous bodies, autopsies of which have revealed characteristics mentioned previously (even though investigators interpret these occurrences incorrectly). They have even reported having had communications, encounters, and agreements with the "EBEs" that have been misinterpreted.

We, the class, certainly don't care to force the disclosure of the cover-up. The Next Level has had its own "coverup" so to speak, since this civilization began, for humans' sake, because the younger "plants" (humans) wouldn't be able to handle the unrelgiousized reality of some of their doings. There are records of how in Biblical times hoards of Angels came and won this battle, or did this or that act (actual close encounters of the third kind). However, the Next Level's presence hasn't been noticed much for many generations until recently; i.e., in increasingly significant ways since the late 1940's.

If you are part of God's "children," you know the Next Level has reasons for Their "leaks" or exposure, in preparation for a broader acceptance and understanding of Them. However, because of Their exposure, Lucifer's counterinterpretation of this presence has been stepped up. A major movement is afoot to depict the members of the Next Level as hostile space "aliens" who abduct humans, do them harm, and are really here to "eat humans" (a quote from a so-called reliable source).

Alas, Our Major Dilemma: What to do with what we know?

For a while we tried to use what we had learned in an attempt to help victims of problematic genetic programming. We briefly started what was called Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church, aimed at people who had already joined a Sexaholics type organization. We tried to show them the positive side of their problem -- that to be liberated from that addiction, having already acknowledged that they were addicts, put them ahead of the pack as far as having the potential for an improved relationship with their Heavenly Father was concerned.

We didn't expose other knowledge that we had, only what we had learned as related to the overcoming of a sex addiction -- never anything about UFOs or Next Level awareness. We simply tried to help them understand that life after addiction acknowledgment could be a much happier, more fulfilling, and significantly more liberating existence, particularly if they could establish a dependency relationship with their Heavenly Father in whatever vernacular that translated for them. This was done in a way similar to the Sexaholics and Alcoholics Anonymous approach, except it offered them a more Godly focused fellowship.

We spent a lot of time and money on planning, brochures, mailings, and talking at meetings and conventions. However, the response to us was almost one of resentment of our finding "joy after celibacy," as if we were trying to show off or be self-righteous. We considered and presented ourselves as addicts, but our lack of ability at facing "doldrums" seemed to cause some to question our humility. It was as if we were supposed to remain in a "poor us" or "sick" syndrome of otherwise be misunderstood. In this instance, they really couldn't tell when we "were coming from."

We also thought that we could help AIDS victims realize that their problem could actually be their blessing, if they could be thankful for the opportunity to come closer to their Heavenly Father during this period of suffering. We have done our homework mentally in this effort, but haven't yet found the physical opportunity to put much into motion.

Again! What Are We To Do With What We Have Learned?

When we were holding meetings years ago and didn't even know much of anything about what we were doing, we were criticized by what seemed to be almost every camp. Psychologists wrote books, papers, and even articles in Psychology Today about our "unfortunate brainwashed syndrome." But from our standpoint, we felt like our brains weren't yet washed clean enough. They really didn't know us.

Ministers wrote articles in books and newsletters about how selfish our self-perfecting syndrome was. Overlooking Matthew 5:48, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect," they hastily surmised that we were on an ego "perfection trip. Our motivation for trying to overcome everything that separated us from the Next Level was based upon the humility that we felt, feeling that we had done nothing to deserve the honor of the Next Level's closeness, and in spite of that fact, the Next Level had chosen to draw us closer to them. An awareness of that gift compelled us and also gave us the strength needed to try to rid ourselves of everything that separated us from Their Kingdom. Again, they never knew us, having never even sat with us.

Ufologists said that we must not know anything about the world of spacecrafts because we had used the term UFO, and what they knew of what we stood for seemed too spiritual.

However, the ones who misunderstood us the most were the ones who interpreted our position as by-passing Jesus, never understanding that without that same Mind that abides in Him, we would be nothing.

We believe in the reality of God, His Kingdom, and of His Son Jesus Christ. If we are off track in any way, we want it rectified. If we are some well-meaning, misguided charismatic cult that is full of baloney, we want that rectified. However, if we are in fact in His service, we want that service brought to its full fruition according to God's will. We want only what's right in His eyes.


The one thing we seem to be good at is attracting those to us who would mock us, misinterpret us, and wish that we would go away. They not only find fault in everything that we did and do, but make up things to accuse us of.

Maybe this is what we are supposed to expect at this point in our development toward our Older Member. We're not really the martyr type, but "so be it" if it's His will -- part of His design!

Here's hoping our efforts have not been in vain. We feel that it is our instruction from our Father's Kingdom to get this material out at this time. Maybe, just maybe, there are some who can benefit from it -- if not now, then possibly in some future time.

If you want to help us get this material out (intact) far and wide, please do.

For the great tragedy, tune in tomorrow for the last in this sequel. Remember to think twice before getting caught up in someone's wild imaginings. It could be the death of you.

Look at #3 for a comment from a person that was in this group.

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UFO TWO - #6

The class also feels that they have a more complete understanding of Lucifer: how he got to be too big for his britches, stopped looking to his Heavenly Father, and thought he knew so much he could "run his own show." They are witnesses to how Lucifer's helpers try in spirit to influence individuals to go backward and thereby remain his faithful servants.

One of the major tools of Lucifer is the New Age movement, e.i., Theosophy, Ascended Masters, channeling, Eastern religions, mysticism, yoga, Christ consciousness within, and the "Ye are Gods" concept. These practices and beliefs originated from Lucifer -- they are his creations or distortions. All are a fantasy and a trap, though spiritually and intellectually intriguing and enticing. (Editor's Note: These are the ideas of the writer, not mine!)

Some New Age teachings purport that Jesus is one of many Ascended Masters; they even try to make you feel ignorant if you don't recognize Jesus as part of their hierarchy. They teach that He studied in the Himalayan Mountains with the hierarchy from age 12 to 30 -- the years for which there is no significant record of His actions. If there is truth to that claim, it might explain why Matthew 4:8-9 reads: "Again, the Devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, and said to Him, 'All these I will give You, if You will fall down and worship me." Jesus knew that this was not His Heavenly Father. How would Jesus have known where the real truth was to be found, if He hadn't been confronted with and been strong enough to see through what Lucifer had to offer?"

In the same way, Te and Do were similarly tempted by the forces of Lucifer, when in the early stages of their awakening, they were drawn into the study of theosophy, with its teachings of the Ascended Masters, Blavatsky's materials and the Mahatma's Letters. On more than one occasion, Te and Do were offered the trap of positions of leadership and power in Lucy's camp, one of which occurred atop what most New Agers consider the highest spiritual mountain in the US. Some who considered themselves the hierarchy of the spiritual community told them, "You're the ones we've been looking for to be our leaders." Te and Do recognized, just as Jesus did, that this was a ploy of Satan and did not come from their Heavenly Father.

For us, the lesson gleaned from both these experiences is that it's not what you "get into" that matters, but what you "get out of." Learning from your mistakes is what develops discernment, wisdom, depth, and maturity. It is therefore ignorant to condemn individuals for what they have done in the past, if they learned from their mistakes, changed, and took a step higher on the ladder toward our Heavenly Father's Truth.

One of the greatest temptations that Do and members of the class as individuals have had to deal with is the feeling of failure or not measuring up to the best potential of their task. However, they repeatedly recovered on the basis that whatever they might have appraised as a mistake can be reappraised as a lesson, hopefully learned, not needing to be repeated. They know that the Next Level, the Kingdom of God, always knows how to use what might have appeared as a major negative or a mistake, and change it into a positive, or a forward step of even greater magnitude.

The Bible makes its stand on marriage and family in the final days very clear:

"I mean, brethren, the appointed time has grown very short; from now on, let those who have wives live as though they had none." -- I Corinthians 7:29.

"The unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to please the Lord; but the married man is anxious about world affairs, how to please his wife and his interests are divided." -- I Corinthians 7:32 - 35.

"But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days!" -- Luke 21:23

Te and Do's students know that now, because of the times, they must speak out with what they have come to know so as to assist those who want to move up.

As we said before, we have tried again and again to deny this seemingly bizarre information. Each time, after thorough examination, we couldn't deny what we've come to know and we had to return to the same ladder in our thinking, but this time to the next rung. Could this possibly be because we had been briefed aboard a spacecraft before coming, and have gone through a gradual awakening to what was already in our minds? Why else did Te and Do and the class know that the bodies of Next Level Members do not have reproductive and digestive systems, before they were aware of materials such as The Roswell Incident and UFO Crash at Aztec? What was it that at the start of the classroom Te and Do talked about the Next Level having underground bases from which spacecraft come and go, and that the Next Level might even engage humans to assist them with various projects? Why did Te and Do, even in the early classroom, constantly say, "You've got to get your mind into your vehicle and get control of it?"

Years ago we were holding meetings and telling about the real physical level of existence above the human kingdom and about its physical occupants. This same information, which is coming out now as the result of "above-top-secret" Government "leaks," substantiates what we knew in the beginning. This comes at a point when we no longer have the need for substantiation.

In our overcoming, no "proof" that would ever satisfy the scientific community was offered (no spacecraft landed in our backyard). But, through the nurturing of faith, we came to know the reality of the Next Level and that Te and Do are our Older Members.

Likewise, for graduation candidates to require proof, or to prerequisite their acceptance of the reality of the Next Level on that basis, is wasted effort. If any judgment can be made, it would have to be made only as before, that is,"... by their fruits ye shall know them." -- Matthew 7:20 (assuming you've grown to recognize good fruit).

Don't give up - we are getting there.

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UFO TWO - #5

The students' constant desire is to move upward, always striving for a closer relationship with their Older Members, to be more like them in thought and action, and thus "be of the same mind." "The Son can do nothing on His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing..." -- John 5:19

In trying to achieve this goal, they have found a most valuable instrument to be the constant use of a "check partner." Check partners are individuals who share the same desires and goals, but between them there exists no physical or romantic relationship. As constant companions, they are always reaching for the most right action based on what they think their Older Members would have them do. "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." -- Matthew 18:20

This applies to all ages of Next Level members. The older a member, the more he has mastered the technique of checking with his Older Member if this or that thought or action was the one intended or handed down through the "vine," trying to be sure that the thought or action wasn't a creation of his own or different from that of his Older Member. This is not the loss of individuality but the liberating from influences which separate us. "For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me." -- John 6:38

(If any true religious scholars try to digest any of this puzzle, they may understand more of the real meaning of their studies.)

As was mentioned earlier, Do recognized that Te was clearly his Older Member, not that Te ever told him that, but it became quite obvious because of how much more natural the Next Level conduct and ways of thinking were to her. Also it became clear to the class that Te and Do were their elders (Older Members), though they were not as aware of the gap between Te and Do as much as Do was and as Do was sure that Te was.

The class also has recognized that during the course of our classroom the concepts we believed in seemed to change almost as fast as our locations. However, we continued to believe in certain things consistently all along the way (mainly the rapid antiquating of our previous understanding). We knew that each step was an important stepping stone and gave us the perspective we needed to take at the time. We also clearly recognize the limitation and potential antiquation of our present understanding, though we know that it is sufficient for this moment. In other words, growth is a continual changing process.

We are aware that some of this information is a real brain twister and takes a gestation period before comprehension. Frequently, at first exposure it may provoke negative reactions. However, the true "Sons of God" in line for membership will wade through the adjustment difficulties.

When rising into the vernacular of this kind of thinking, it becomes difficult to maintain a cohesiveness of thought. The thoughts seem fragmented or as little pieces of a larger picture that is difficult to bring into focus. That is because at this moment the reader is experiencing the mind of the Older Member of the writer speaking through his instrument, i.e. brain and pen. However, in this case the writer will not come out of some coma as "channelers" do, for the writer is consciously on the same "wavelength" as the Father, or Older Member, who is coming through. (The writer has just received instruction to switch back to more mundane information.)

Some may ask, "How were those bodies affected which were entered by the Next Level minds of Te and Do and the class?" If those individuals are still in the class, that is evidence that the genetic programming of the human vehicle has accepted or adapted to the thoughts and actions of the Next Level mind that now occupies and controls that vehicle. If a member of the Next Level wears a body like a suit of clothes, then he needs the strength to control and functionally use the genetic package of the suit of clothes he has reason to put on.

Our understanding is that Next Level bodies (the normal bodies for that Kingdom level, as human bodies are for the human kingdom) are grown as plants from a vine, and a the end of their gestation period, they are fully grown and functional, not "babies" as are the products of human "seed-bearing plants." There seem to be actual grafting processes used and genetic binding from Older Members. "I am the vine, ye are the branches" -- could that mean something more than previously thought?

When minds or souls are deliberately tuned to the same thinking and same actions, think how well they could function in the service of the Next Level if they inherited like bodies of the same genetic vine with the same programming potential.

Here we are fragmenting again because the picture is so big and so difficult to focus.

Some 3-1/2 years ago from the time of this writing Te left her human vehicle. To all human appearances it was due to a form of liver cancer. We could say that because of the stress, due to the gap between her Next Level mind and the vehicle's genetic capacity, that the cancer symptom caused the vehicle to break down and stop functioning. However, it was strange that she experienced no symptoms prior to the week she left her vehicle, and for the most part her vehicle slept through the transition. We're not exactly sure how many days it might have taken her to return to the Next Level vehicle she left behind prior to this task.

More importantly, since that time, Do has been experiencing the role of having to communicate mentally with her, his Older Member, in a strengthening opportunity for mental or telepathic communication (not to be confused with the popular concept of channeling or spiritualism). The class has witnessed Te's mind meshed in Do's thinking and even his choice of words as he talks to them. Does the quote "The Father is in Me and I am in My Father" mean a little more than we previously thought it might?

It's fun that in the class they refer to this kind of thought expression, which has several strata of interpretation, as "N.L. Base" computer language -- Next Level computer language -- for it seems to take on a different level of meaning to those who have the same "computer program" or "software."

Is it possible that those who have like minds might also share a same kind of implant (not unlike an advanced computer chip) and recognize the same language or basis for understanding? "You cannot come to the Father unless He draws you to Him." -- could that possible mean that the Next Level has literally placed implants in the heads of some humans for different purposes? One purpose might be to draw the chosen to Him, for they are looking to the right source with the right asking (prayers?).

"What has the class been doing for 12 years?" you might ask. They have been tuning their minds with their Older Member's mind, who has been tuning his mind with his Older Member's mind, and so forth up the ladder.

They have been progressively gaining more control over the genetic programming of their vehicles, and in so doing have been automatically putting those signals into the atmosphere for others to draw upon. Evidence of the successful depositing of these signals comes in the form of the public increased awareness of the harm that smoking, drinking, drugs, and sexual promiscuity can cause to the chemistry of the human body. Additional evidence may be found in the increased awareness of the physical nature of the Kingdom of Heaven, UFOs, Next Level bodies (recovered "alien" or extraterrestrial bodies), etc.
Number 6 tomorrow

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The class knows that the world sees them as a cult, and that no longer bothers them. They know that all they care about is the Next Level -- the Kingdom of Heaven - and how they might become better members of that Kingdom. Prior to 1981, their understanding was that they were working toward graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation involved physically changing over their human vehicles (metamorphosing) into Next Level vehicles. They now believe that they were in the Kingdom of Heaven before entering these human bodies. But because of the present awareness of their Next Level consciousness, they know that they are in that Kingdom now, though occupying human vehicles in order to do a task.

In spite of their repeated effort to refute this explanation, all things continue to lead them to believe the following. (Hold onto your hats!)

They were briefed as a crew aboard a spacecraft about how they would incarnate into human vehicles in order to do a task. They left their Kingdom "world" and came into this "world" beginning in the late 1940's. Some left their Next Level bodies via so-called UFO "crashes." However, they believe that the crashes were not accidental, as they appeared to be to the humans who witnessed the remains and recovered some of the bodies. These are now in the possession of governments (one of our Government's scientists coined the term "EBE" -- extraterrestrial biological entities -- to identify these beings, also frequently referred to as "Greys").Some left their bodies behind in "cold storage," or the Next Level's wardrobe, for the duration of this task. Others were in "spirit," having not yet earned Next Level bodies since having left the human kingdom.

If this hypothesis is true, then the class members were not humans recruited by Te and Do into some cult, but rather were members of the Next Level before ever meeting them. They knew prior to coming to Earth that two Older Members would take them through a lengthy (according to human time) observation-study time in this world in preparation for choosing and taking a human vehicle before actually entering it. That is to say, they were all in "spirit" from the late 1940's and possibly early 1950's until the mid-1970's before actually entering and taking charge of the human vehicles -- or the human bodies -- they are now in. The vehicles they chose generally ranged in age from early 20s to late 50's, some having more difficult genetic packages or programming in order to give more growth opportunity.

The task seemed to include the important aspect of example. They incarnated into such a variety of human vehicles that collectively they covered the 360-degree range of humanness and human addictions. They then, during the classroom, "overcame the world" or changed the programming of these vehicles sufficiently to demonstrate that "virginity can be recovered," or you can do as Jesus admonished his disciples to do. Was this not the more realistic metamorphosis? This is not to say that it took 12 years to do this, for many other lessons and much broader understanding filled the bulk of these years.

The pieces of the puzzle seem to indicate that the reason the Bible and its role players teach overcoming human ways is not for the sake of morality or pseudo-piety, but simply because the Next Level literally has no place for those activities. For example, there are apparently no active reproductive organs in the physical bodies of members of the Next Level, though the bodies of some of the younger (less advanced) members of the Next Level, if examined, might show signs of internal remnants of reproductive organs long since all but atrophied. Therefore, it seems you could not inherit one of those bodies until you no longer have any use for activities involving the reproductive organs. Those who think their Heaven will have husbands and wives who wear "seed-bearing plants" for bodies must know of some other place than the Heaven our Heavenly Father exists in.

In the same way, they would also show no signs of digestive organs as humans know them. So wouldn't it follow that it is important to have no likes or cravings for food, other than as fuel, if you hope to inherit a Next Level vehicle (body) or suit of clothes?

Whatever you crave or haven't overcome at the loss of one body carries over to any next body, if the Gardener chooses to replant you. That is, the capacity of your new body will match the level of comprehension and control that you (the mind) achieved while occupying any previous body (vehicle). You will "pick up where you left off," so to speak, with whatever programming or physical additions you had not overcome. Do not confuse this with the popular concept of reincarnation.
Number 5 next time.

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After leaving Illinois and arriving at a campground outside Tulsa, Te and Do thought it seemed wise to break up into a number of smaller groups, not only because of the interruption of the authorities, but also because the numbers were getting too big for the campgrounds to handle.

Certain ones who seemed to have a grasp of the information were sent out to hold their own meetings across the country. A system of communication was set up in order for Te and Do to be kept somewhat informed. Statement I had grown to include Statements II and III, plus a prospective candidate letter. Students were sent out in partnerships of two, or three if an odd number made it necessary. Each group had its own "purser" who kept track of funds and doled them out according to need, in an effort to maintain some kind of order and fairness.

Over the next few months, too many things happened to mention but a few of them. The National Enquirer interviewed Te and Do, and the New York Times, "Sunday Magazine" did a cover story on them. Te and Do's message was the same as Jesus' message; telling about what the true Kingdom of Heaven is, and how individuals who want to be candidates for its membership must overcome all of their human addictions, drop their human ways, and look to a member of that Kingdom for all of their needs. Do realized more and more that Te was definitely a more advanced (older) member of the Next Level than was he.

Periodically, almost magically, the group was able to rendezvous with their teachers. By now the ones who had stuck it out through difficult, humbling lessons were a wide variety of people; a nurse, a doctor's wife, a rancher, a real estate broker, an actor, an artist, a film editor, a technical writer, a computer programmer, a bartender, an environmentalist, and many college and post-grad students. Because of the requirements of membership, some who joined the group as couples now became friends and fellow students. When some fell away, occasionally they felt bitterness, because of their choice to rebuild "burnt bridges."

One of the hardest things that Te and Do had to do concerned the "demonstration" (referred to in Statement 1). The students had been told that while they were out holding meetings they would hear of the demonstration, and that would be the signal to stop holding meetings and come running. It was rumored for a while that the demonstration was going to happen in San Francisco. Te and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Te and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was. Te and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that. However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the "killing in the street" of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a "chickening out" interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. so with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, "OK then, where do we go from here?" Te and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests. Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer. They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities. All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Te announced that the 'Harvest' is closed -- there will be no more meetings." since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.

The students were called together a few months later in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming, to receive instruction about what was next. There were close to a hundred who showed up. Te and Do announced that it had been rumored that some were still occasionally indulging in pot and sex. Everyone was asked to go off by themselves for a few hours and make up their mind as to whether they were just caught up in the fun of a "movement" or if they were serious. For now the real "classroom" was to begin, and it was not for those who felt they wanted to hold on to human ways. Te and Do preached long and hard about what it meant to rid oneself of self, and what would be required of those who continued. Within the next few days, the class dropped to fewer than 80. This was in early July, and by October when the snows ran them out of Medicine Bow, the class had dwindled to fewer than 70.

For the next two years, the class spent summers in the Rocky Mountains in campgrounds and on ranches, and the winters in the Sun Belt, also in campgrounds and on ranches. They experimented in all kinds of disciplines, such as wearing hoods to learn about the "conning" ways of their visual personalities, and making 12-minute checks -- each person physically going to a given spot every 12 minutes to concentrate on his or her desire to serve. They were given new names with three letters in the first syllable and a common two-syllable second part.

Later, after their numbers had diminished significantly they moved into houses -- sometimes large houses, sometimes a number of smaller houses -- usually moving every six months to a year. For a time they lived on the trust fund of one of the students, but for the most part supported themselves by, as many as needed to, taking jobs outside the classroom. At present, members of the class are living in small groups of varying numbers in six different states and in ten different houses or apartments. (Editor's Note: This was before the tragedy that occurred later on)

All in all, the students have been in the classroom 12 years now, and their numbers are down to a few dozen. Time and again they were encouraged by Te and Do to leave the classroom if they had the least desire for anything in the world or if the classroom wasn't what they knew they wanted. They visited families occasionally, to assure them that they were doing what they wanted to do, and were in no way being "duped." They had plenty of reading material, watched TV, attended movies, visited churches, and attended lectures whenever they were interesting.

The important thing is not where they have been or for how long, but what they have learned or awakened to know. Over the years, not only Te and Do, but their students as well, tried again and again to refute this information. They tried to ignore it and to deny it; they even tried to play out what they would do if they went back into the world, but they kept coming back to the fact that this knowledge and concept was the only thing that made sense to them. It would have been a lot easier to just walk away than to do all that was required. There are even some who are now out of the class, who had been in the class for some time, who still believe this information to be true.
To be continued tomorrow

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Te worked in a hospital in Houston while Do was in St. Louis. She spent most of the money she earned during Do's incarceration on lawyer's fees. The lawyer was supposedly trying to get Do released insisting that the case would be thrown out; all he really accomplished was collecting more of Te's earnings.

After Do's release, he flew to Houston where Te was waiting. Do's public defender had cautioned her to not go to St. Louis for fear her presence would complicate the trial. By now, she had barely saved enough to purchase a very used, old-model car and some camping gear. The very weary and somewhat scared two struck out again with a new "down to earth" modus operandi: take no chances. This too reminded them that credit and credit cards are not the ways of the Next Level, but rather some of "Lucy's" (Lucifer's) ways of guaranteeing your service to his world.

They then headed for California where the mother of the Houston woman offered her help in whatever seemed to be the next step. Statement I, written while Do was in jail, was then mailed out in March 1975, from Ojai, where they stayed only for a few days. They sent the Statement to ministers, evangelists, and awareness centers far and wide:excerpts follow:

... a human who seeks only to become a member of his next evolutionary kingdom may become a member of that kingdom if he completely overcomes all the aspects and influences of the human level providing he has found favor with a member of the next level who will direct him through his metamorphosis... the human can complete this changeover only before his death as a human... When the metamorphosis is complete their "perennial" and cycle nature is ended for their "new" body has overcome decay, disease and death. It has converted over chemically, biologically, and in vibration to the "new" creature.

Approximately 2,000 years ago an individual of that next kingdom forfeited his body of that kingdom and entered a human female's womb, thereby incarnating as the one history refers to as Jesus of Nazareth. He awakened to this fact gradually through the same metamorphic process and came to know that he had incarnated for the express purpose of telling and showing, even to the point of proof, that the next kingdom can be entered by overcoming the human aspects and literally converting into a "man" or creature of that next kingdom... the kingdom of his Father--one who is already a member of that kingdom. By His resurrection He proved that death can be literally overcome and that a permanent body for the next kingdom is acquired from the human kingdom. He did not leave His body in the grave. He converted it into His body of that next kingdom. This is the only way the next kingdom is entered permanently. Each human has that full potential... Then Jesus left them in a cloud of light (what humans refer to as UFO's) and moves and returns in the same manner.

There are two individuals here now who have also come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans, awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death. They are "sent" from that kingdom by the "Father" to bear the same truth as was Jesus'... restore its accurate meaning, and again show that any individual who seeks that kingdom will find it through the same process. This "re-statement" or demonstration will happen within months... so that when their bodies recover from their "dead" state (resurrection) and they leave (UFO'S) those left behind will have clearly understood the formula.

Those who can believe this process and do it will be "lifted up" individually and "saved" from death -- literally.

Within two or three days, a man who headed an awareness group in Los Angeles came with one of his students to Ojai to meet with the two. After deciding that they were seemingly sane, he invited them to speak in the house of another one of his students. The group leader invited all his students, plus anyone else he thought might be interested, and the house was packed. The two did the best they could to explain Statement 1. At the end of the meeting they said that if there were some who wanted to know more, they could meet at Frank's house the next night.

(We'll call the leader Frank, which wasn't his name. Our reasons for not using the human birth names of the two, or of anyone else for that matter, are to protect their families and loved ones from unnecessary grief, and in order to not "toot our own horn," though some might interpret our not using them as an indication that we must have something to hide. Of course, the press in the past has seen to it that the details that might hurt the innocent loved ones were filled in, as they likely will do it again.)

The next night at Frank's place, several dozen showed up and remained thirsty for even more information. Te and Do then began to meet with them individually, and before realizing what was happening Te and Do said to some. "Well, if you're really serious about knowing more, rap up your loose ends and meet us in a campground in Gold Beach, Oregon this weekend or within the next few days." They thought that this would weed out most of the curious, not yet realizing that this was adding up to "followers" -- a big surprise and an idea not too welcome as far as Te and Do were concerned!

The Gold Beach campground "classroom" turned out to be "something else." Not only did many of the ones from the Los Angeles meeting show up, but so did some of their friends -- even some hippies seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, although no publicity had come out yet. By this time, someone had asked "What shall we call you?" and the two answered, "Bo and Peep, since it looks like we're gathering our lost sheep." (Even though those names stuck for the next year while meetings were being held around the country, we'll continue to use Te and Do since these names have remained until the present time."

For a week or so, Te and Do held constant meetings, both with the group as a whole and privately with individuals. The followers -- or rather those who Te and Do insisted on calling students -- dispersed to hold smaller separate meetings and later rejoined in a campground near Redwood City, California. From there, the students held a meeting at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on August 13, 1975. Posters were then printed for the August 24 meeting at Canada College, where Te and Do made their first public appearance. The crowd was so large that the auditorium was filled to capacity for two back-to-back meetings.

A Waldport, Oregon meeting held on September 14, 1975 was the first meeting to be significantly picked up by the press, as were stories relating how some had given away their children and properties. Such actions were certainly not according to Te and Do's instructions; nevertheless, bedlam had broken out by now.

A few stayed behind in Oregon for a follow-up meeting while the rest proceeded with Te and Do via campgrounds to a Denver meeting, and then on to a campground near Chicago. While they were in Chicago, the news broke about the Waldport meeting and because of the above reports and rumors, a couple of sheriff's deputies from Lincoln County, Oregon were sent to investigate what was going on.
More next time. Many people were not aware about the background of Heaven's Kingdom, subsequently Heaven's Gate. It gets even more bizarre.

A comment was made on the first article that I spelled Te wrong. The article was written by someone within their group so he/she should have known how to spell it. I wasn't there. Thanks for making the comment anyway.

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Today I am starting an 8 page sequel about the Two - Bo and Peep and how it all came to be. They were known originally as Te and Do. Perhaps some of you will remember but did you ever hear the whole story? The articles were written by someone that was in the group so they are not my words but they do explain how it all got started and what happened over the years. The last one in the sequence is about the great tragedy that ended the whole thing. Please persevere and read each one as we go along. I will try to put one on each day until it is finished.

P. Urial

A Brief Synopsis (Condensed Version)

In the early 1970's, two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston, a registered nurse and a college music professor who were in their forties. The nurse and the professor hadn't previously known each other and had completely separate lives. The registered nurse was happily married with four children, worked in the nursery of a local hospital, and enjoyed a small astrology practice. The music professor, a divorcee who had lived with a male friend for some years, was contentedly involved in cultural and academic activities.

For about a year before they met, their lives seemed to encounter severe upheaval and personal confusion, later recognized as the human body's response to the entry of the minds from what "the two" referred to as the "Next Level," or the physical level about human. About nine months after they first met, they left Houston because their lives, which were crumbling around them, made it impossible to concentrate on what was actually happening to them.

Most of their friends and associates thought the two of them had lost their minds or were being duped into a relationship by the other. The only relationship they shared, certainly had no physical attraction toward each other, was the compulsion to discover what had brought them together and what might be their purpose. They had little in common other than strong personal relationships with their Heavenly Father.

While spending almost six week in painful, sol-searching isolation in a Texas hill country ranch house, they began to respond and identify with more of their "Next Level" mind. They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible, an update in understanding, and prophesy fulfillment. Having divorced themselves from their human lives, they struggled for some time with the conflicting duality of their bodies' memories and thought patterns and their Next Level identity and purpose.

Shortly after first meeting, even before leaving Houston, they had individually dropped habits - such as sex, drinking, and smoking -- not for explainable reasons, but simply because they both knew that their new consciousness would be interfered with if such practices were continued. However, the memory and "old programming" of their bodies (which they now referred to as their "vehicles") had to be kept at bay like an annoying puppy in order to sustain their Next Level consciousness.

Leaving the hill country, having left everything behind in Houston, giving it all away, they struck out in their last possession, a little sports car convertible. They seemed to just go where "the spirit" led, facing the country up and down and from side to side as if they were being used as cameras and microphones for the Next Level. They did odd jobs to sustain travel funds, everything from carving crosses for a little store in Las Vegas where the owner took an extreme interest in them, to digging septic tank test ditches near Savage Rapids on the Rogue river in southern Oregon. Occasionally, when they could find no work, they asked for help from preachers, which was needless to say, a humbling experience for both of them. Their sports car "died' in front of the Ananda Marga house in Portland, Oregon where they were invited to stay for awhile.

Their real or more in-depth awakening occurred over several months while camping on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. While there they came to believe that they were the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations. This was extremely difficult for them to accept, for they were both the type who were "turned off" by people who thought they were reincarnations of Cleopatra, or some Egyptian King or Biblical character. To have to believe that they were assuming a role that would have caused them to "run the other way" had they seen someone else assume it, was more than hard to digest.

In spite of that difficulty, they felt that they really had no choice but to tell the world what the real Kingdom of Heaven was -- a physical evolutionary level, instead of some mystical cloud-and-harp, spiritual existence as Lucifer has popularly twisted the scripture quotes to misinterpret. The term "evolutionary" here does not refer to the theories presented by Darwin, but to a level of life that can be entered only after overcoming or rising above the ways of the human world, and only with the assistance of a Member of the Heavenly Kingdom.

They knew that Jesus had come or been sent to share exactly the same truth with "those who had the eyes to see," but that His body might have been a Next Level hybrid by means of artificial insemination, offering Him more Next Level capabilities. He knew that a "boarding pass" to His Father's Kingdom came only after overcoming (hating everything of this world), leaving everything and everybody behind (forsaking mother, father, sister, brother for My sake) and following the example and lead of an "Older Member" -- your Master, Rabbi, Lord. This was exactly the same awareness that the two had come to be witness to. They also knew that whoever carries this witness would be hated of men, most of all by the religious who are comfortable in their belief system of "He did it all for us, we just have to believe in Him," instead of individually needing to also do as He did.

They also came to know that the true Antichrist is now here and has taken several faces, one of which is the New Age "Ye are Gods" concept, or "I have only to become aware of my own "Christ consciousness within" while continuing to practice the ways of the world. They knew that when it becomes time for any individual to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he cannot "love the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, and soul" and still love his wife, his things, his respectability, his credibility, or even possess any of these things while being taken through the birth canal into the Next Level - the Kingdom of Heaven - by one of its members.

After awakening to this understanding, their heads were spinning with excitement about what had been shared with them by their Heavenly Father, or Older Member, and yet they were fearful of what they were to do with this information.

Their Older Member helped them realize also that so called flying saucers, or misappropriately labeled UFO's, were means of transportation and laboratories of the Kingdom of Heaven (clouds of light, wheels of fire), and that the occupants of these spacecrafts were for the most part" here means that frequently the Next Level transports lower life forms (human-like creatures) in their spacecrafts, just as zoologists in the human world transport animal life as their means of transportation. The two were given to understand that these spacecraft occupants were participants in "God's creation" of the Earth and had been the participants in relating to Abraham, the Israelites, Jesus, and all of our Bible's record of man's association with God. They also understood that this civilization, since Adam's time until now, is just one planting of Earth's true "Gardeners."

Coming to know, or having been given the knowledge of these things and countless more made their heads reel. What they grew to know seemed to create such a communication gap between them and humans that they began to ask, "What are we to do with this understanding? Everyone will think we are kooks or be ready to have us committed if we say anything."

So when they left Gold Beach, after having received an unexpected insurance check from a car accident, they began to wander even more. They traveled into Canada and all over the US again, leaving little calling cards on pulpits saying, "The Two Witnesses are here," and then running before anyone could see them or ask any questions.

At a New Age awareness center, they felt led to share that they were the Two Witnesses, only to find out that the leaders of the center claimed the same title! After this incident, they struggled significantly with whether to continue with this "M.O."

A woman who had met them in Houston right before they left and with whom they had promised to communicate, asked if she could meet up with them, and they agreed. As they traveled here and there, they met her a few times and she offered the use of her gasoline credit cards. They used the cards for a while until they were informed that the cards had been reported stolen by the woman's husband, which was a traumatic experience to say the least. In the meantime, the old car they purchased in Portland, Oregon, with money from their pawned jewelry, "gave up the ghost," and they were stranded in St Louis on the night that the comet Kohoutek was at its peak. In their naive trust, they pulled out one of their old credit cards and rented a car, firmly believing that "God would provide the means" to pay the bill.

Sometime later, while in Brownsville, Texas, they made an appointment with a news reporter to share what they had come to know, telling him that this would be the biggest story he had ever received. He believed them, but thought that their story was about drug trafficking and brought hoards of the authorities with him to the interview. This frightened the two, who were pretty paranoid by now anyhow, and when they saw the authorities, they left abruptly, which made the authorities follow them. In the process of following them, though the police didn't know why the two were running, they checked out the license of the rented car which had been reported stolen.

The two were then arrested and plopped into the county jail. (For sake of clarity, we will refer to the female as Te and the male as Do, two names they took some time ago.) Te was charged with stealing credit cards (the gasoline credit cards that belonged to the husband of the Houston woman). Do was charged with auto theft (the car that he rented with his last credit card in St. Louis on Christmas night).

After a few days, Te was sent to a Houston jail where the charges were dropped by the woman's husband. She was released after having spent 30 days in jail. Do stayed in the Brownsville jail a while longer,and the credit card company dropped the charges related to the rented car. However, the DA's office in St. Louis picked up the charges and Do was extradited to St. Louis. After six months his trial came before the judge, and he received a four month sentence, which he had already served plus two extra months.

That experience yielded significant growth for both of them. Mainly, the isolation yielded Statement 1, the first written statement of their beliefs, which they sent out soon after Do's release.

They were at first horrified at what had happened, thinking that a jail record had ruined their mission, that no one would listen to them if their credibility was questionable. However, they could see that even prior to the jail incident their stability and credibility was by now unquestionably questionable. So the felon record was taken in stride as assurance that now they couldn't turn back. It might be interesting to note that during Do's trial, because of the judge's awareness of the peculiar circumstances surrounding the arrest, the judge ordered a psychiatric examination. Although Do passed it with flying colors, not a 24-hour period slipped by that he didn't question his own sanity.

Continued next time. You might have guess what this is leading up to, if you remember "Heaven's Gate!"

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Lifetime of encounters: A recollection of anomalous events by Albert S. Rosales (Humanoid Contacts) - Thank you Albert for sharing this on Facebook.

Why have I always been curious and attracted by paranormal events and strange incidents? I wish I knew the complete answer. But I can remember growing up in Santa Clara, Las Villas (then) Cuba and as I child experiencing events which I can now only look back and realize that they were “not normal”.

One of my earliest memories which I have only mentioned a couple of times (along with almost everything I am mentioning in this summary) was in Santa Clara, where me and my family lived in a unpaved road called “Callejon de las Flores” (literally translated to ‘Flowers alley”) I must have been around 6 or 7 when I was walking back to by room from the kitchen along a corridor which ran the length of the house when I glanced at an old mirror that hung from the wall on the corridor and saw the image of a man looking down at me with a broad smile on his face. At that time and now I could only describe the “man” as looking like those Spanish soldiers or Conquistadores pictured in old history books, wearing what seemed to be metallic armor and an oval metallic helmet, of course he had a black beard and was grinning down at me. Startled I looked behind me I found myself alone in the corridor and ran to the kitchen crying and told my mother; of course I was reprimanded for being “a dreamer”.

Around the same time I developed an uncanny fear of sleeping in the dark, a fear that I am somewhat ashamed to admit that remains with me to this day. I would run to my parent’s bedroom and beg to sleep with them, eventually they would relent and let me, but many times I ended up sleeping alone trembling with fear. It was during that same time period (1964-1965?) that I experienced a very vivid “dream” in which I was sitting at the kitchen table along with several very tall figures or luminous men (or maybe they wore metallic luminous uniforms) they seemed friendly and spoke to me for what seemed like a long time, they told me their name and other details which to this day I do not recall, I never encountered them again in my “dreams”.

One summer in the same year my family and I went to a beach in Las Villas Province on the north coast called ‘El Salto” near the fishing town of Caibarrien. One morning I left the cabana and was “lost” until close to 1800 hours. According to my mother I was found at the end of a disuse pier which was very difficult to reach since most of the boards were missing or broken, they never understood how (a very young boy) made it safely to the end of the pier without falling in the water. Of course all I could remember from that day was walking alone in the sand when suddenly several ‘crabs’ came out of nowhere and approached me. Later I found myself lying down on the floorboards at the end of the pier looking into the water.

Maybe 6 months after this “encounter” my favorite uncle which I loved dearly died in a horrible car accident on his way to Matanzas province in Cuba. Me, my mother (his sister) were terribly affected by this, and my mother required months of psychiatric therapy to deal with this unfortunate event. Perhaps a week after his death I experienced something that at that time I thought it must have been related to uncle’s Toño’s passing, but I remain unsure. One afternoon as I walked to my grandmother’s house along the same unpaved road something made me glance up to the northwest sky, there among the clouds I saw what resembled a white cloaked human shaped figure which seemed to be staring down at me, I could not tell how far away it was and could not see any facial features. At this point the figure seemed to wave at me several times, but remained still in place, I stopped and waved back several times, briefly thinking that it must have been my dead uncle’s spirit, this went on for several seconds until I briefly glanced away to see if there was anyone else around and when I looked back the cloaked figure had vanished. It was around this same time during one of the numerous blackouts in the area that while several neighbor’s sat outside talking and I played dominos with some of the other children, a luminous object seemed to drop out from the sky and glide above a row of houses directly across from mine, of course I had no idea what it was and I have never heard of UFOs or Ovnis, it seemed to be a metallic egg-shaped craft which emitted a luminous beam of white light from its bottom section. No one could hear any sound coming from it and many of the neighbors yelled out that it was “Los Americanos!” due to the post-Bay of Pigs hysteria that persisted in the region. After a few seconds the object glided over my house and over the indoor patio, I ran inside the house and ran after the object, I looked back and realized that I was alone; everyone else seemed to have lost interest on it. The object stopped over the patio and seemed to hover there forever while I stood mesmerized under it, staring at its lights. Before I knew it the craft was gone and it was very late, I seemed to be wet and everyone had gone to bed. I have no other memories of that night. Also around the same time period again while under another blackout I was outside playing alone in the street when I heard a terrific sound directly above me, which today I could only compare it to an aircraft breaking the sound barrier, that very well might have been the case. A few days after that again under blackout conditions several neighbors and me saw a huge ‘ball of fire” hovering close to the ground at the end of the unpaved street, we all ran into our homes.

At age 9 my family finally got their visa to migrate to Spain and eventually to the USA. We lived in Madrid Spain for almost a year (in the famed Barrio Lavapies neighborhood). During my stay in Spain (1968) there was a nationwide UFO flap at the time and I remember reading about incidents in the newspaper. This was the first time that I heard of the possibility of extraterrestrial craft visiting the Earth.

Me and my family moved to Miami in late 1968 and my experiences continued, I have now become very interested (sometimes obsessed) with the UFO phenomena and other paranormal themes. I read my first UFO book which I believe was one of Frank Edward’s books and have not stopped since.

During 1969 I remember writing to APRO after me and my sister saw a strange object hovering outside our apartment window one night, the object seemed metallic and had what appeared to be legs hanging down from it. I never received a reply from APRO.

During the early 70’s I experienced several incidents which remain unexplainable to this date. I recall during the wave of 1975, possibly during November, me and my late father were walking out of a local grocery store when we both looked up towards the north and saw what appeared to be a formation of crimson colored discs flying briskly over the city in an echelon formation. As we stood and watch an elderly gentleman seemed to come out of nowhere and go directly to us without looking at what we were looking at immediately attempted to debunk the incident, explaining the event as “an air force experiment” (again he did not bother to look up) and I couldn’t understand how can he explain something away like that. I had never seen him before and never saw him again; he looked “very normal” elderly white gentleman with thinning hair and glasses.

In late 1975 or 1976 I was visiting the same supermarket when I noticed a strange “family” walk into the store. They definitely looked out of place but no one else seemed to pay any attention to them, I felt somewhat embarrassed as I stared at them. They looked “Scandinavian” very tall and thin, with sparsely blondish hair covering their oversized heads, they had large blue oval shaped eyes and wore loose-fitting clothing. I remember seeing a father, mother and two youngsters, perhaps a girl and a boy. They wondered around the store and then left in a brand new black vehicle possibly a Mercedes. A couple of months later as I walked to the end of my street where we lived a car pulled behind me and stopped, when I looked I was stunned to see the same “Scandinavian” family, in a brand new black car. I remember them asking directions, I don’t recall where to, by they seemed very familiar.

In August I joined the US Navy and went to boot camp in Great Lakes outside of Chicago. At that time I had subscribed to the old Saga UFO Magazine, which I enjoyed immensely, and received it at the base. I still chuckle at times when one day I was called into the office of the commanding officer and was asked why I subscribed to “this rag”, as he held the latest copy up to my face. However he let me keep it.

While at book camp I remember one paranormal event that occurred at the barracks one night while I was pulling guard duty from 0100A to 0500A (I think). One of the fellow recruits, W.H. came running over to where I was standing guard, he seemed scared and was sweating profusely, and he told me to follow him to his standup locker. I did and while I approached the locker I could hear a loud tapping sound, coming apparently from inside one of the drawers in the locker, the tapping sound got louder and by now there were several of us awake. At this point W.H. said something that stunned all of us, he said that the tapping was “the spirit of his grandfather who had passed and was here visiting him”. Obviously some of the men did not believe him and went back to sleep but some others including me, took him seriously. One of the men took the locker apart in order to find a rational explanation but the tapping went on. W.H. decided to get some sleep and we all left him. The tapping soon stopped.

I was a radioman onboard the USS Yosemite AD-19, a destroyer tender (now decommissioned) out of Mayport Florida and during the winter of 1977 went on my first Mediterranean cruise. It was mostly uneventful. One time while the ship was moored at the Balearic port of Palma de Mallorca I was on the top deck looking through the ship’s binoculars and noticed what appeared to be a silvery disc flying over the town at a distance, it briefly stopped to hover and then shot away. I never did mention this to anybody.

I received an Honorable discharge from the Navy in August of 1980 and went to work with my ailing father in Miami Florida. We spoke at times of my interest in UFOs and other paranormal subjects, he seemed skeptical on the surface but to this day I really think he was a believer. One evening while returning from work with him a bright white light with a cross like structure in the middle flew over the car, we both saw it and heard no sound.

In August 1989 my father would have a fatal stroke in the hospital and during the funeral there was a strange visitor at the funeral parlor. It was very late, close to 0400A and only the immediate family (brothers, me, my sister, and mother) and a couple of others were left in the viewing room. I heard a sort of a racket coming from the now locked front door and went to see what it was. At the front door I found a young employee of the parlor arguing with a “little man” wearing a dark brown suit and white tie who apparently insisted on being let in. The little man had a “swarthy” complexion, slanted eyes and did not seem familiar. The employee asked me if I knew the strange little man, I said no, and walked away. About 10 minutes later most of the remaining family members slept on the easy chairs and recliners, (I sat half awake on one of the recliners) I noticed the little man standing by my father’s casket, apparently talking to himself what I thought was gibberish or some kind of “chanting”. I could not get up from the recliner and everyone else was sleeping or catatonic. After a few minutes the little character walked away towards the front door and disappeared, I never saw him again. Later I found out that only a couple of others had seen him that night. To this day I don’t know who he was.

Mysterious occurrences continue to happen in my life and sometimes these involve close family members. Around 1994 my youngest son (a skeptic now) swears he saw a disc with ‘windows” hovering at the end of the street where we used to live, in the Shenandoah section of Miami. He was serious about it and always insisted that he did not make the story up. I believed him. During this time and throughout my divorce I experienced an endless bout of “night terrors” I felt drained and exhausted and almost went to a psychiatrist for help.

While living with my mother in the Coral Gables section of Dade County I saw a curious entity one day as I was leaving her complex. As I pulled out of the parking lot my attention was immediately drawn to a strange “character” standing in the middle of the road and looking around as if lost. To this day I cannot say if the person was male or female but it was striking in appearance. The figure was very tall and broad, blond haired, and seemed to have a pair of folded wings on its back (!) it wore sandals and a robe-like tunic. It seemed powerful and totally out of place, it looked around and spotted me in my car and I felt some fear and apprehension, I looked away and drove in the opposite direction and when I looked back the figure had vanished.

Later while living in what I termed “the haunted duplex” I experienced some paranormal happenings. One night I woke up and saw a dark figure, possibly of a female looming over the bed, I screamed (waking everyone one up) and it vanished. Months later in the same room I saw an image in the mirror of somebody wearing brown tattered clothing, of course there was nobody there and when I looked again it was gone. Around the same time my middle son was studying late (in the same duplex) when he felt something brush past him, looking back he saw what he described as a bearded man wearing a brown monk’s habit who disappeared. He felt no fear and thought the figure was benevolent. Again in the same duplex one afternoon as I slumbered in the sofa I saw the figure of woman with long hair and wearing a white robe quickly scamper from my bedroom to the bathroom. I got up and of course there wasn’t anybody there. One of my latest episodes involved a rather severe case of night terror in which I suddenly felt extreme terror and felt “a ball of energy” land on my chest. I tried to scream but only managed weak groans, the more I tried to move the more pain I felt as it seemed to “crush” me, I stopped struggling and it suddenly went away.

I will continue to record all other incidents and try to remember some forgotten ones.

March 6, 2007

Albert S. Rosales

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From Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts

The strange voyage of the "Maria"
Location. Pacific Ocean
Date: 1936 (approximate date) Time: daytime

A Russian civilian transport steam vessel the “Maria” from Leningrad was crossing the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly one day the officer of the watch noticed a strange apparatus ahead on the water, remotely looking like a vessel that ascended out from the ocean. No signs of life could be seen on it and the strange vessel did not respond to the Maria’s radio signals.

After a period of observation the Captain of the Maria ordered the launch of a small boat to find out what the object was. Five sailors approached the object in the rowboat and the rest of the crew watched the boat approach the object and the sailors board the strange object.

In a short period of time the strange vessel began moving away at very high speed and soon disappeared into a cloud or fog. An attempt to follow it and intercept the vessel was futile and after several hours of searching and waiting the Captain of the Maria ordered its vessel to continue on its original route.

As the ship returned to the area several days later the Captain ordered its crew to follow the same previous route. Coming close to the location of the previous unexpected meeting the officer of the watch caught a glance of a strange boat, unlike any normal boat he had ever seen. This boat was made of a transparent material. Inside the boat there were 3 sailors of the original 5 that original set out to investigate the anomalous object. When the Maria approached the boat one of the sailors screamed and jumped into the water. Despite an immediate search his body was never found, apparently submerging into the abyss. The other two were taken onboard, they seemed happy to meet their comrades again.

After that they told an amazing story. When they were taken on board the strange craft, they were surrounded by strange entities, dressed in dark shiny suits, looked like frogmen. Their extremities were only similar to humans, having small webbed membranes between the fingers.

The aliens exchanged glances between them (obviously communicating by telepathy) not verbally. Sometimes they exchanged gestures. The aliens then told the humans that there was no way back, and requested that they stay with them. Two of the sailors immediately agreed, they were then separated from the rest and were never seen again. The other three were imprisoned in an isolated room where they spent about 2 days according to their estimation.

Soon and by unknown means, the three men found themselves on board the strange boat, with a stock of strange food resembling tablets in transparent pockets, that the aliens had also offered them on board the strange vessel. It was enough to eat 1 or 2 such tablets to feel no hunger. One of the men (the one that jumped in the water later) refused to eat the tablets and while the rest slept became tired with fruitless observations of the ocean and grabbed the alien provisions discarding them into the water. They remained without food for 1 day, but felt no hunger.

Subsequently they noticed the Maria approaching their location. When the “survivors” were taken on board and the Maria began moving away from the area the strange boat was suddenly surrounded by waves and sank into the ocean. The crew on board had not been able to take the strange boat on board since it had nothing to hook on to.

After arriving back to Leningrad the Captain of the Maria sent a report to the Ministry. The Captain and the two remaining sailors were called to the Ministry and interrogated. One of the sailors was labeled a psychotic, the second refused to cooperate any further. The Captain was very persistent in his testimony, referring to the watch journal and stating that everything was accurately documented. But subsequently he was forced to back off and admit that nothing had occurred. Soon the Captain was transferred to another ship.

HC addendum
Source: Engineer Lev A. Popov, quoting the Files of Felix U. Zigel and
Anton Anfalov
High Strangeness Index: 9
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: A garbled second hand version of this amazing incident is found in the 1982 summaries. In that version the incident took place in the Black Sea. The above appears to be the correct and true account.

Thank you Albert Rosales for the above case.

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blinkstar.gif (494 bytes) Louis Famoso

The following is a "Life After Death" (LAD) experience of Louis Famoso in the year of Our Lord 1963, from a car accident.

I felt a little cramped with my head pressed against the roof of the Fairlane and then I looked down to see the three girls crying and shouting hysterically to the driver to hurry up, when it hit me, "WOW, that's me on their laps and there's nobody home!"

I'm looking at what was left of my poor, crumpled Mustang from out the window. The other me is just laying there without a care. I tried to tell the girls I was alright and they could stop the crying and slow down a bit. I reached for the driver to get her attention and she turned her head slightly toward me. She seemed to be talking to the girl holding my other head and not to me. She was saying that she was going as fast as this 8 banger would go.

I looked at the 110 on the speedometer and thought, "Well hell, I could go through another crash again. That last one was now a piece of cake but I don't know about that other me laying on the girls laps. He looks in pretty bad shape even to me.

I felt no pain, no fear and I was with five girls speeding down the highway, me and me. What a night so far!

It's a good thing the girls had a base sticker on their car because the guard at the gate barely had time to wave them through. They were way ahead of him and through the gate in a flash, shouting to him that they were going to the hospital. I kind of chuckled and waved to him out the back window as we flew bye but he never waved back.

When we pulled up to the hospital, both girls in the front ran out like it was a relay race and they hit the doors running. I started to get out and headed for the swinging doors when they were back already with two corpsman and a gurney. I stepped aside to watch them load that other me on it and as they whisked him away, I watched the other three girls compose themselves. All five headed toward the emergency room.

I decided to follow since no one seemed to notice me and I wanted to see what all the commotion was about.

There were nurses and corpsmen and a doctor all fussing about and a couple of the girls were at the front desk giving information about me to the desk clerk while the rest of them were pressing their noses against the operating room windows. I walked down the corridor and looked at some of the people sitting on the benches and chairs, apparently waiting their turn to be attended to, but there was the other me at the head of the line, so I excused myself and headed there also.

I walked straight through the doors and walked around the doctor and nurses who were tearing off my clothes and swabbing me down. The doctor noticed the large hole in the side of my head and was cleaning it up when the corpsman, that was standing toward my side, asked if he could stitch up the gash on my hand. The doctor said it would be OK since he [the doctor] didn't think I would make it anyway.

He said something about having to put a "plate" in my head but that I had lost a tremendous amount of blood and didn't know if I would survive much longer. The nurse asked if she should have the base Chaplin standby, so the doctor lifted my dog tags.

When he read "Agnostic" and Blood type "O neg," he said " I don't think this kid would care but you can call him if you want!"

I thought that was a bit insensitive, and I wasn't happy about a corpsman practicing on my hand either. I thought to myself, "I should lodge a complaint," but just as those thoughts flickered past, I started to float up toward the ceiling.

It finally hit me that I could see myself on the table being operated on desperately and I could now see the me that was mostly translucent floating above it all.

I looked around as I floated higher and higher and noticed the dirt and dust on the florescent lights in the operating room and thought, "Somebody's going to hear about this too."

I heard the doctor say, "Tag`n`bag him. We're not going to need that plate nurse. Corpsman, are you done on that hand?"

"Yes sir," he replied.

The doctor said, "Fine, sheet him for now son."

I knew what was going on just then to the me I knew. But I wasn't ready for what was about to happen to the "me" I now was.

I was about to attempt to reach the girls that were now crying and hugging each other but instead of going forward. I was being pulled backward and upward. I had no sense of fear, none of loss. Actually, all I felt was wonderment and curiosity and an anticipation of what was to come.

I entered what I thought looked like the Holland tunnel without the cars and traffic and the ability to see what looked like light at its end. It was dark but not black. The path was slightly illuminated from what I thought to be the sunlight shining from the other end.

As I was being drawn toward the lighted end of the tunnel, I carefully looked around, even squinting to see into the darker recesses.

I passed what I thought to be very religious men doing what they would do when praying to their GODS. They were all dressed in their finest garbs, robes, togas, head dresses, loin cloths and the like. Most of them were off to the sides of the tunnel, but one of them, that I seemed to float right over, looked oriental with a long grayish Fu Man Chu, sitting there in the middle of the tunnel with his hands clasped and his feet crossed.

Since I had just completed two tours "in country," I figured he must represent the last of the religions I sought to make my own. I was raised Catholic but withdrew from that faith at an early age and delved into many others from the Mian to Koran to Hopi as well as all North and South American Native beliefs. It looked like they were all represented here.

When I floated past the monk just below me, I thought he could actually see me because it appeared like he began to smile a smile of passage. All the other religious men were mumbling sounds of prayer and were moving their arms about as if making gestures of a blessing. I wasn't sure if they were blessing me or the tunnel. I noticed none of them were actually standing or sitting in the tunnel but appeared to be levitated. I wanted to stop and speak with some of them, maybe ask a few questions like who they were and how long have they been here, but I was being whisked away toward the light.

I saw wisps of smoke I believed to be incense. It came from all portions of the great tunnel from one end to the other. I could see and smell, but I had yet to have the sensation of touch since my feet were never touching the tunnels floor. I seemed to be traveling squarely in the center as I drifted toward the end. The closer I got to the end of the tunnel, the brighter things got, and as I neared the end, it was like coming face to face with a huge canvas that was just recently blazed in the brightest white of whites. An empty canvas, ready to be painted upon and I awaited that painting.

Then in an instant, my entire life, starting from birth through the present was flashing before my eyes like a strobe light at half speed. Frame after frame, some parts in freeze frame, if only for a second, then on to the next. I felt as if I was being subjected to a test to see if this was in fact the "me" that was supposed to be here. Then it ended as fast as it had begun. The last scene was that of a rolling mass of metal finally bursting into flames, and I was looking at the canvas again.

While staring into the vast whiteness, I glanced down to look at my body and use it for a reference, only to find the translucent outline I once had was no longer there.

I thought, "How could this be? Am I now part of this empty white canvas, but if I were, then where are my thoughts coming from to be asking these questions?"

Instantly I recognized a brilliant glowing ball of gold headed my way. It grew larger as it grew nearer and when it reached about the size of a beach ball, just above and in front of me, it radiated brilliantly and transformed into an indescribable being of pure LIGHT, now levitated right in front of me.

It was larger then the tallest person I had ever seen, wider then two of me but so evenly proportioned as to be of Magnificent Stature. It's features were outlined as if made with a fine ink quill. Hair, face, robe, all Golden and flowing as would an electric charge perhaps even a nuclear charge. This was energy personified. As its form took on a more solid shape, all that was behind It did as well. It was as if the entire canvas of white, I had come to at the end of the tunnel, was now alive and I was part of it. Other figures appeared in front and behind the being and myself. Soon there was activity all about, above and below, on every side, more beings, each of different brightness, sizes, and hues. Structures and landscapes sprung from everywhere all in a crystalline state, all inhabited by these lesser light beings - some winged, most not - some fully formed, others not - yet even others appeared only as glowing Orbs of light and color, bouncing as would bubbles in a glass of carbonated water.

I could stand it no longer, every emotion I had ever known was welling up in me ten fold. Just when I thought to speak, to question, the being spoke to me. It's voice was as a chorus of voices, not male not female, not loud not soft, not deep but perfect and all encompassing.

As I looked at the two gigantic, magnificent beings dressed in brilliant capes just off to It's side, IT said, "That is Michael and Gabriel. Michael has chosen you as his and Gabriel shall teach you the ways."

I looked past them to another large being, so beautiful but darker in contrast, as was the sprawling robe it wore. This being had eyes that pleased but pierced with its gaze, and the light being said, "That is he who has been cast out. You who I have given choice may go with any of these of your choosing."

I thought as I had a choice, and Michael had already chosen me then I would chose him.

He appeared so strong and mighty, as did the others, but in his eyes seemed a fire that was drawing and captivating to me. Gabriel's eyes were softer and gave more in an understanding manner and I thought, "Oh, how absolutely beautiful are these beings."

I then looked to the being before me and Its eyes were full of love and warmth, authoritative and compelling. He seemed to have approved of my choice. Then said to me, "You will be my soldier and you will go with Michael for a while. Gabriel will come to you at times. I will send others to you and your fruit shall not fall far from the tree in the time of the Gathering."

Just then I saw five Orbs of light. They seemed to be playing, swirling round and about the being and myself. They had appeared from the outlying landscape and I noticed they were all the same size and shape but of different hues as subtle as shades of rose petals, save one which had a bluish hue. Two of the pinkish ones seemed exactly alike, the other two were yet deeper in shades of red and orange. Before I could ask, IT spoke and said, "They, like all here are of you, who are of me, but these will come to you and you will care for them more. They will fly apart but come together at the time of the Gathering."

I thought the being might be telling me these were my children but I was only 21 and not only had never been married but had no plans to. I didn't understand how all this was of me and me of HE.

Then a magnificent crystal serving platter appeared and it shimmered the colors of many rainbows. In an instant it shattered into thousands of pieces, each piece brilliant in its own right. Ever so slowly, all the pieces began to rejoin themselves to once again form the original serving platter. I now knew what this Being of Light was showing me. We pieces are the platter. I was just one of those thousands of pieces, as were all those I was seeing here and those back in the "world."

Now my mind was still trying to ponder the Gathering. As I thought what could this mean, the being answered, "Here you will see the signs that bring forth the Gathering,"

With that I saw frames appear like screens on a TV set. When I looked into the screens, the visions would gather up, pop off in an image, and enter my mind. I felt as if I was being pushed back with its impact.

They were only glimpses but they were so realistic, as if happening right there in front of me in the now. I could not turn away.

Then it seemed that I had become a part of each of these visions. There were scenes of men in uniform killing other men in uniforms. I recognized some of the insignias and some were from the USA. There were also thousands of them not in uniforms killing even more thousands not in uniform. It was like looking at toy figures moving on their own, mowing down other figures, different countries, different nations, different religions, different weapons, different decades, but always resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and dying. I wanted out of there. I could feel the pain these people were suffering.

I asked the being, "Why was this and how long was this to go on?"

The being said, "Man will prey on man until man will pray for man."

The next vision was of floods - many of them spilling across the Earth on different continents in different seasons. I am again walking among it, feeling the force and taking in the smell of death. Hundreds of lives and acres upon acres of crops were lost as well as hundreds of stock and wild animals floating away into the abyss.

Then I was watching volcanoes from around the world erupting, first one then another. The molten lava burying whole towns and villages and the people and animals within them. I gazed among the ruins and saw little left of what once stood there.

The last vision I saw in the screen were of earthquakes destroying sections of almost every continent. One was a massive one in America - most others were in Europe and the Orient. Again, thousands are killed. Structures are crumpled. The landscape leveled. I turned again to the being and he said, "There will not only be more of what you have seen but there will come a time when it will all happen at the same time and it will come at the same time of mans' greatest sins."

I didn't have time to ask, when HE said, "They will turn from ME and claim themselves like Gods."

With that Michael beckoned me to go with him and I am now part of the Universe. Novas, suns, planets, all that I looked at from the Earth, not so long ago, or was it?

We traveled toward the beginning of it all, the inner portions of the universe. Kazillions of planets around kazillions of suns. The closer to the center we approached the more concentrated the number of galaxies. It is like the plate you saw, the largest part. After it shattered, it was at the center. Those parts that shattered first were sent the farthest from the center. So is everything in the universe. All is but a circle within a circle wrapped in a circle. Each level, each dimension is but a layer of the original which is without end.

I watched as millions of Orbs systematically entered the many planets before me. They appeared as bees flitting from flower to flower, pollinating each, one after another. Michael took me closer and I could now see that so many of these planets had life on them. The Orbs were joining with the creatures of these planets. Not every creature was the same on every planet but they all had some commonalities, a head, a body, extremities and the light beings would animate them for a time.

We headed away from the center now and Michael said that Gabriel would have more to explain to me and that he, Michael, wanted me to know that he was pleased with the many times he had called on me to do his bidding and that I performed my duties well. His parting words were "You will never again be made to forget"!

I was journeying back to where I knew Earth would be and watched as comets and asteroids casually passed by me or I passed them. The colors of the gaseous cloud formations were striking. I started looking at these infant galaxies as one would cloud formations back on Earth, imagining what shape they were taking on. This one a boat. This a bird with wings. This a scarf floating in the breeze. I recognized what was the constellation ORION and I knew I was getting close to my destination.

While drifting through ORION, I noticed two blazing celestial bodies racing parallel to its center, looking as twin arrows exiting from an archers bow and headed straight for the "Blue Marble" of home. Immediately, a vision of millions of people crying because of the devastation of portions of New York City came to me. I became aware of a strange feeling I had not known previously, and I thought that might be because this was the city I had grown up in. I saw a huge earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6 in someplace named EUREKA. A ham operator or radio announcer was directing thousands of people migrating from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety. A space station appeared to be falling from the heavens because of an internal explosion. Missiles were being simultaneously fired into space from several nations. I thought the light being had shown me all there was to see but these were different, stronger and there was no pre-screening as before. Gabriel appeared beside me, I thought because I had felt shaky, but it was to explain the now sprawling galactic view of my galaxy.

The sun was expanding and spewing off huge ecto-plasma balls, more then it has ever done in its past, and in the very direction the planets would orbit through. I could not take my eyes from the Earth and as I watched what effect these eruptions would have on the Earth.

A large mass passed me, larger then any of the planets known to me, and as it passes, I see the Earth wobble wildly as would a top toward the end of its spin. The rotation stopped and slowly started again but it was tilted now and I was drawn in closer like the zoom of a lens.

The ash clouds that had engulfed the Earth thinned, and like a tack welded piece of metal being dismantled, I could see the ocean bodies starting to rise - first the Pacific along the "Ring of Fire", then the others, synchronistical.

As the waters shifted upon the landmasses, the landmasses started to sink under the waters added pressure upon it. When the pressures equaled out, to the spin of the changing axis, the Earth no longer looked as it did moments before. It was newer, cleaner, more beautiful with darker greens and lighter blues. Some of the new landmasses looked similar to a few of the other planets I had recently visited with Michael.

People were upon this Earth and appeared happier and more content although seemingly living like the native populations of old.

Cities, built by the Ancient Ones, that were buried beneath the oceans, were now being populated by the surviving people in this new world. I saw tribes joining tribes and small nations forming, but it was what I didn't see that made my heart burst. There were no more wars. True peace and happiness had finally befallen on humankind.

Gabriel now tells me that this is his message that I must take back, to let others know that there is little to fear, for the Earth will go on forever as did all the planets I had visited. I am to tell the world to look to ORION and they will know when the new world will come upon them.

I ask him, "What of the others there on Earth during the change?"

Gabriel tells me that all will be lifted. Some will be lifted higher then others and no longer enjoy the physical realm, while some will be left on the Earth to replenish and rebuild the physical. They too will be of a higher elevation then any that are living there now!

I was now before the light being of gold again. Those five orbs were still darting about. I wanted to stay and explore this realm with all the other light beings but I was told I could not.

I was brought here to go back to tell the others who would be coming after me, that if they would spread the love they brought with them to the physical world, they would know their Creator eagerly awaits them.

The being told me that should I ever have questions of the heart or mind, he will answer them if I only look within myself, for that is where he will dwell. From this time forward I need only think it to be so, and it will be so, for I would forever know the truth.

I was told there was much work left undone and that he had set a road of rocks before me that I must sweep away for passage. Many will be set before me that I may help in my presence, and more I will not. But I must not set aside wrongly, for a soul should not be lost within my heart.

I asked how I would know and before I received an answer I was being whisked away through that darkened tunnel like a dust bunny in a vacuum, with about as much control as a runaway freight train.

A loving voice was telling me I must go back today.

The nurse was wiping off my head.