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Michigan’s Manistee National Forest is perfect Bigfoot country.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this Bigfoot report on September 25, 2011 from Chuck who saw a Bigfoot on the outskirts of Cadillac, Michigan. The town is located just east of ideal Bigfoot territory – the nearly million-acre Manistee National Forest.

This happened to me in the summer of 1973 when I was 11 years old. I have never forgotten it.

I grew up just outside the city limits of Cadillac, Michigan and one day I was playing in the backyard with my older cousin Matt who was 16 at the time. For some reason he suddenly shoved me to the ground. I was upset at being pushed but thought I’d better take a look at what he was watching.

To my amazement, I saw something I have never forgotten – a huge hairy monster shaking a large pine tree back and forth like he was angry and was going to pull it out of the ground.

Not knowing what to do, I turned to my cousin and started to talk and he said, “Shhhh!”

I spoke again in a much softer voice, “Do you see something shaking the tree?”

“Yep,” he whispered.

I breathed deeply and watched what was happening. We watched for maybe a couple of minutes and then I said, “What do you want to do?”

“We will get up slowly and crawl backwards and then get up and walk backwards and go to the house,” he responded.

Missing Time

When we were in the house, our parents said, “Where have you guys been? It’s been dark for hours. We went outside and yelled for you and we were about to call the police.”

We looked at them in scared amazement; it didn’t feel like we’d been gone that long. All we could say was, “We were just playing in the backyard.”

Since then, whenever I’ve mentioned this event to certain friends, the hair on my arms has stood up, but Matt and I didn’t talk about it for many years.

Much later in life when we were both adults, I saw dear Matt at my grandmother’s house. I was overwhelmed when I saw him. I tried hard not to show it, but I needed to ask Matt if he remembered seeing Bigfoot when we were kids. He said, “Yes, I do remember that.” I felt so relieved.

Sudden prediction

Then I heard a voice say, “He’s going to die. He’s going to be killed by a Mack truck.” I pushed this aside in my mind. I wanted to share it, but I couldn’t. Matt then introduced me to his son and we chatted a little. We never saw each other again after that. A few months later, my grandmother sent my family a newspaper clipping about a strange death of a man mysteriously killed by a Mack truck. It was my cousin.

Hypnosis brings back missing time

Later I met Aileen Garoutte, a hypnotist in Seattle, Washington. I decided to seek her help to see if I could remember anything more about seeing Bigfoot when I was young. It was the first time I attempted to use hypnosis to recover my loss of time that day.

Under hypnosis, I remembered looking up and seeing a huge ship in the sky. It was the size of the craft from the movie “Independence Day,” but it was totally different from the one in the movie. It had lights all on the bottom and it filled the sky as far as I could see.

Then I recalled being on board that ship. I saw Beings on either side of a long hall and they all moved back and allowed me to pass by them. I remember the floor was like thick red foam. I recall looking at them but cannot remember what they actually looked like – unfortunately or maybe gratefully.

Then there was a Being who showed me a room to the left. I walked to this room, looked in, and he showed me a platform to lie down on. At that point, I came out of my hypnotic state.
You can imagine my shock when I read this case and I saw my own name! Thank you for sending it over. Also thank you Chuck for sending it to them.

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Dear Kalani:

Mitch Batros said on C2C the other night that the Canary Islands are experiencing so many earthquakes every hour. He said they are all around 3.5 - 4. Have you felt those? George said isn't that where LaPalma is? Mitch said yes and if it goes a huge tsunami will go across the ocean and hit the east coast over 100 feet high and will go into the main land several miles. What is your take on that?


Well, Mitch should take a little valium and calm himself down. I receive his email notices and follow his material on the sun.

Yes, the quakes are occurring on the island of El Hierro. My father in law is from that island. I love that island. It is so alone and mysterious. There are about 20,000 people who live there. It is kind of a Celtic culture, very different from some of the other Canary Islands.

Yes, over the last two months or so they have had well over 8000 registered quakes. They started off small (1.0, 1.5, etc.) but in the last few days they have reached 3.8. I have not heard of any 4.0 quakes yet.

The island is on alert and hundreds of people have been evacuated from key areas. One of them is the city of La Frontera. La Frontera I feel is a danger point as it is on a shelf that could conceivably sink if there is a huge quake. This has happened in many places around the world throughout history, with loss of life. It has happened in Hawaii back when.

The authorities are handling the situation very, very well. In fact, it is being handled with kindness, and respect for the population. Something that is rare here, since in spanish culture rudeness is the name of the game.

No, we do not feel those quakes here on Tenerife. Thank goodness.

Everyone is very surprised at this event as it came out of nowhere. The last eruption on El Hierro occurred in the 1500s if I have my facts correct.

The authorities cannot say what will happen there. Either escalating quakes to relieve the pressure from underground lava, or an eruption. I doubt that the eruption will be violent. But one never knows.

As for that 100 foot wave, well that talk comes from a theoretical collapse of landmass on the island of La Palma, which is NW of El Hierro. If there is a collapse of La Frontera, then it may be possible, but it would have to collapse all at once. If it collapses irregularly, then the competing wave pressures in the ocean may cancel out anything big.

Everyone in the Canaries and Europe is aware of what is happening. We monitor all the news from out satellite subscription and we are seeing most of the news generated out of the European Union.

So, yes, it may be a big deal, but that remains largely unknown at this time.


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Couple makes friends with Bigfoot
From www.skyshipsover Thank you friends!

On September 4, 2011, two of us from the website met with “Stan” and “Sue,” a couple in their thirties, who began having contact with Bigfoot in August 2011. To protect the Bigfoot from those who want to shoot or capture them, the couple chose pseudonyms and will not pinpoint the exact locations of their encounters except to say they occurred in or around the Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. The following is their story in their own words.

STAN: I should first explain that I’ve been interested in Bigfoot since I was a young boy and saw the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video of a Bigfoot. As an adult, I’ve researched the subject and talked with individuals who’ve had contact with the Bigfoot. I’ve learned that meditating in remote mountain areas can sometimes attract the Bigfoot who are highly psychic and spiritual.

SUE: We’ve been attempting to make contact with Bigfoot or Sasquatch that way for some time but nothing happened until Sunday, August 21, 2011.

STAN: That day we set out on a long hike into the mountains about 4 p.m. After four hours of strenuous hiking, we found a spot that felt right for our meditation.

SUE: We were deep into the woods and absolutely nobody was around. As we began meditating, I heard the words in my head “Close your eyes” but it was as clear as if someone had spoken the words out loud. Then all sorts of unusual things began to happen.

STAN: We could hear about five or six pairs of bipedal footsteps around us. We felt immense energy and heard the walking for about an hour while we meditated. Every time I telepathically asked for verification of their presence we would hear a loud sound or an 800-pound bird call – obviously not a bird. We heard muffled voices, too. It was like when you hear people talking way off in the distance but you can’t understand what they’re saying.

SUE: It was so intense but every time I started to peek, I heard the words “Keep your eyes closed.”

STAN: We eventually understood that they were communicating telepathically and wanted us to keep our eyes shut because they were afraid they might spook us if we saw them.

SUE: I felt very scared, but only because there are a lot of bears in the area we were in. I telepathically communicated that I was sorry for my fear, but explained that I was afraid there might be bears around. I then telepathically heard “I am not a bear” in a humorous tone. I repeatedly asked if it was them and I got the answer “Yes” every single time.

STAN: We were not at all scared of the Bigfoot because we have done extensive research on them and know that they are by nature gentle creatures if approached in the correct manner. Though our previous attempts to contact them weren’t successful, we felt we were successful this time because we hiked far into the woods and were in a very clear frame of mind.

SUE: Our experience with the Bigfoot didn’t end with our meditation. When I started to walk a little further, I heard “Don’t go any further.”

STAN: We also got lost when we tried to go back down the mountain, so I said out loud, “We’re lost. Can you help us?”

SUE: I was really scared, but then we heard an owl sound. It was leading us.


STAN: The following week on August 28, 2011 we hiked up to a mountain ridge. This time we only hiked about a mile into the woods and we meditated earlier – around 5 or 6 o’clock. We felt that only one Bigfoot was present.

SUE: We didn’t get much communication that time, only a strong feeling that one of them was watching us.

STAN: Since then, we have had three encounters near our house which has lots of woods behind it. One time they left us two large hawk feathers at the exact spot where we meditate.

SUE: During one meditation near the house, I asked, “How can such a tiny cricket make such a loud sound?” The Bigfoot response was “Because he does not doubt himself.” I felt it was a message for me to not doubt my telepathic ability.


STAN: There are too many people who just want to capture or even kill a Bigfoot – like they’re the ultimate hunter’s trophy. Such hunters attempt to lure them closer by knocking on trees with large sticks, which is one way the Bigfoot communicate, or by blasting recorded Sasquatch sounds into the woods. Yes, the hunters might get a response but it’s going to be an aggressive response to frighten the hunters away.I would respond the same way if somebody pulled into my driveway, set out a loudspeaker and played a tape of a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. That would make me mad and I’d run the person off my property. So I totally understand why the Bigfoot charge, growl, throw large rocks and give off a defensive odor, like a skunk does, when threatened. Even under attack, though, the Bigfoot do not physically hurt people. They are gentle and prefer to live in harmony with all of nature.

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June 25, 1912 - July 24, 1993
by Orfeo Angelucci (1955)

Understanding my thought, she put her hand gently over mine and I saw a mist of tears in her eyes. Then she raised the odd crystal in her hand to her forehead. As though in magic response, a flood of beautiful melody arose from the sea-green building; not the ethereal music of their world, but a hauntingly sad and familiar strain. I recognized the sublime melody of the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria". Tears flowed unrestrainedly down my cheeks for a half-remembered, sad people who dwelt in a strange shadowed region called Earth. Softly she said: "You will remember this, Orfeo."

That name sounded strange upon her lips; like the name of an utter stranger. I bowed my head in bitter regret for Neptune who was, and who now was not - and for the false shadow of Orfeo who is! Confused and perturbed I turned hastily from her and hurried into my room. Somehow I had the feeling that the secret of liberation lay in the mysterious crystal panel near my couch.

But as I reached eagerly for the controls on the panel, I felt a gentle restraining hand upon my arm. I turned and looked into Lyra's wonderful eyes shining with sympathy, compassion and purest love.

My own heart swiftly responded. Then suddenly, miraculously we were as one being, enfolded in an embrace of spirit, shared by all of those in the light of God's infinite love throughout the entire universe. What a tragedy, I thought, that I and my lost brothers of Earth know mostly only the counterfeit embrace of sexual desire and animal passion.

At that moment Orion came in the door and as he stood transfixed, his vibrant love too enfolded us in its pure, golden unselfish light. All boundaries of self were lost in a unity of being. "Our lost brother is home at last," he said softly.

After awhile Orion and Lyra seated themselves near the strange crystal control panel and I rested upon the lounge. Orion touched a crystal disk and immediately an entire wall of the room opened up into a huge three-dimensional void. The room darkened and I saw the void a magnificent view into outer space. But all of space was shining with light; the stars and suns glowed with a deep reddish glow and only the planets appeared of varying degrees of darkness. The scene was focusing upon an unfamiliar part of the heavens. A sun and a number of encircling planets came into view.

Then the scene centered upon a single planet in this unknown solar system. It was a smug, sleek planet and apparently as efficient as a billiard ball. But it was exceedingly dark in tone and surrounded with concentric waves of deep gray. A tangible vibration or emanation came from it; evil, unpleasant and utterly without inspiration or hope. Approaching this world I saw a glowing red dot with a long, misty tail. The fiery dot seemed irresistible attracted to the dark world. The two collided in a spectacular fiery display. I felt Lyra's hand upon mine as she whispered. "It is an immutable law of the cosmos that too great a preponderance of evil inevitably results in self-destruction and a new beginning."

The scene shifted to a different part of the universe. Another dark misty world came into view, although it was not as dark as the first world. About this world there was a vibrant feeling of life and hope. But again I saw a fatalistic fiery red dot approaching and it was evident that this world too was doomed. I shuddered to think of conditions upon that planet at the moment of doom. But then I held my breath as I beheld two tiny dots coming forth from that world apparently to intercept the fiery comet. Intuitively I realized that the dots were remotely controlled by intelligence beings upon the planet who were concentrating the magnetic impulses of the dots upon the comet. Suddenly the comet exploded leaving the world unscathed. I breathed a sign of relief.

Once more the scene shifted and focused upon a third world. Obviously, this was an "in-between" world, neither as dark and hopeless as the first, nor yet as light and inspired as the second. To the left to this planet appeared another smaller body -- I recognized it as our moon and the planet as Earth. From the planet several tiny space ships went out to the moon and did not return. Then a tiny fleet of space craft went to the moon, but some of these returned to Earth.

Suddenly, terrifyingly, to the right of the planet Earth, appeared the red, dot of cosmic doom. Rapidly it increased in size leaving behind it a fiery tail of flame. It was evident that the comet was being drawn irresistibly toward Earth. Neither Lyra nor Orion spoke, but a strange voice said: "In the Time Dimension of Earth it is now the year 1986."

I shuddered and waited anxiously, but the portentous scene slowly faded from the screen. I turned excitedly to Orion. "But what happens to Earth?"

Orion and Lyra both looked compassionately at me as Orion gently replied. "That depends entirely upon your brothers of Earth and their progress in unity, understanding and brotherly love during the time period left them between the so-called now and the year 1986. All spiritual help possible will be given them, not only by ourselves but by others from all parts of the universe. We believe that they and their world will be saved, but in no time frame, or dimension, is the future ever written irrevocably. If they bring upon themselves self-destruction of their planet through a preponderance of evil there, it will mean another fall for the entities of Earth into even denser meshes of materiality and unreality. As you love your brothers of Earth, Orfeo, fight to your dying breath to help them toward a world of love, light and unity."

With those awful and awesome words, he got up and slowly walked from the room, leaving me alone with Lyra.

She smiled gently into my eyes ad touched the mysterious crystal panel. Immediately the incredible, huge, three-dimensional screen became active again. but no longer were we looking into the boundless depths of space and time. Instead, I saw the familiar outlines of the Lockheed plant in Burbank. There was the shop in which I worked. The scene shifted inside the plant. I saw the radomes and my working companions, Dave Donnegan and Richard Butterfield. An unpleasant sensation came over me as though I were fainting, as though I were fading into the huge screen and becoming an active part of the scene I was viewing. Terrified, I turned to call to Lyra, but she was no longer there, only a mist. Then I blacked out!

My next conscious perception was my "awakening" on the job at Lockheed with all of my incredible experiences of those seven days seemingly utterly obliterated from my mind.
Thus six months passed with only hazy, trouble-some intimations of what had happened to me in those seven lost days.

But that night as I rested my head upon the rock down in the Los Angeles River bed, it all came back to me crystal clear. Also, I remembered my frightening, bewildered "awakening" upon Earth in the Lockheed plant, my terrible revulsion with everything I saw upon Earth as compared with the wonder world I had left, although as yet only my higher consciousness fully understood.

I remembered my fellow workers, Dave Donnegan and Richard Butterfield and their reactions to my strange behavior and apparently unreasoning outburst. In the greater scope of my new understanding I realized even more clearly how nobly they had caught me up and sustained me by their own strength through those critical moments. It was so clearly evident to me then that both Dave and Richard had the same basic inherent qualities of goodness and nobility as those godlike beings of that other world. They are both simple, humble men, average workers like myself, yet potential gods! If only they and others like them knew and could realize their divinity, their kinship with God and the greater world of true reality! If every man and woman upon Earth could grasp the great essential basic truth that we are all one and an integral part of God, then indeed all of mankind's hard trials and bitter tribulations would be over. Yes, if only in the abstract we could momentarily attain this illumination, the heavy chains of material bondage would fall from our burdened bodies and our counterfeit world of shadows would vanish in true light.

Today, I believe with all my heart, soul and body in my brothers of Earth. Because of the innate goodness, honesty, nobility and helpful fellowship of the countless other men and women of good will like Dave Donnegan and Richard Butterfield, my undying faith in and love for humanity is forever instilled. Even though our greater brothers of that shining, lost, wonder world should have to refuse. My lot is forever with my fellows of Earth! I will fight courageously with them and for them in the undying belief that the good in our hearts will triumph over evil. In the conviction that every human being upon Earth, trapped in eternity and granted only one small awareness of life at a time, will be liberated from our prison cells of unreality and attain again our high estate as liberated sons of God.


Thank you Dex for sending this in - one of my favorite contact cases!

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By Ramesh Gune
India Abroad

Dr. S. R. Rao is convinced that the Indian epics and Puranas are not myth but historical facts. And the 66 year old ranking archeologist of India asserts that the legendary Lord Krishna and Arjuna, and the Mahbharata, existed in reality.

A student of the Mahbharata, Rao embarked eight years ago on a mission that in the end turned out to be the discovery of the ancient city of Dwarka, the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom, which sank in the Arabian sea.

The sholokas, or verses, in the Mahabharata that declared that the city of Dwarka would be submerged by a tidal wave was the inspiration for Rao to begin his underwater journey in the Gulf of Kutch.

“The new discovery has enabled historians and archeologists to re-examine the epics and Puranas and establish the historical facts” Rao - an emeritus scientist at the National Institute of Oceanography said in a recent interview with India Abroad.

He was in the United Stated to give a series of lectures at the University of California, Los Angeles, on underwater archeological investigations in India, with special reference to the discovery of Dwarka. That discovery, by Rao’s 15-member mission, was praised by the government of India and the Indian news media. The Department of Science and Technology described it as a “discovery of the century that has opened up new fields of research in the ocean.”

Rao was featured on Indian television programs, and major Indian news magazines played his achievement in a big way.

He said a controversy describing the Mahabharata as an exaggeration of a family feud, leading to a war, and making a mythical figured called Krishna, was what prompted him to undertake the investigation.

“I wanted to prove the Dwarka is the legendary abode of Lord Krishna,” he said, adding that “an incident gave me an opportunity to go ahead in my plans of excavation.”

In 1979, he said, he demolished a modern two story building obstructing the view of the famous temple of Dwarkadhish in the present city of Dwarka.

And to everyone’s surprise, he said, a beautiful temple of Vishnu assignable to the ninth century A.D. was uncovered. Its roof was damaged by the sea, he reported, but the walls and plinth were preserved by the sand deposits.

The finding, he said, provided an incentive to probe lower levels of the sea to trace any earlier remains of the temple and townships. Further excavation by the digging of four trenches brought to light the remains of two more temples. The lower one was dated to the first century B.C., and the upper one to the second and fourth centuries A.D.

Deeper digging of up to 40 feet exposed the debris of a proto-historic settlement in which a distinct pottery known as lustrous redware was also found, he said. The same kind of pottery was found at another Mahabharata site on the southern coast of Somanath, he added.

The wave-rolled pottery suggested that the proto-historic settlement of Dwarka was destroyed by the sea.

According to Rao, there is a mention in the Mahabharata of a possible tidal wave that would swallow the entire city of Dwarka. “Those people were scientists; moreover they knew astrophysics, astrology and astronomy. They predicted the fate of Dwarka considering the star conjunction and its relation to the sea level.

“This unambiguous archeological evidence on shore,” - the finding of the pottery - “increased the possibility of finding the remains of the submerged city of Dwarka.”

The major discoveries of 1.5 kilometers seaward of Dwarka are the inner and outer fort walls of the city with a gateway complex flanked by bastions built on a boulder packing. One gateway led to the sea and the inner one to the River Gomati. A stony jetty where ships used to be berthed was also found along with triangular three-holed anchors near the base of the jetty.


Other things discovered during the investigation were prismatic-shaped anchors, pottery datable to 1500 B.C, two bronze arches (prabhavali) or frames of chariots, a marble statue belonging to the early historic period and parts of a boat wreck of the medieval period.

I have the book Mahabharata so I looked up references to Dwarka and sure enough I found several. This was a real place and the ocean rose and it sank. Here is one:

"May thy sons' success and triumph cheer a widowed mother's heart,
Grant me leave, Oh noble lady! for to Dwarka I depart."

And another:

Pious Krishna mounts the chariot, fondly greets his friends once more,
Leaves blue Jumna's sacred waters for his Dwarka's dear-loved shore."

And lastly: Yet thou partest, sinless Krishna, dearest, best beloved friend,
And to Dwarka's sea-washed mansions Krishna must his footsteps bend!"

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The story of “Friendship”
by Nikola Duper
Exopolotics Croatia

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Sometimes life surprises us with unexpected developments. Many of you have
known me as a humble researcher who studied the crop circle phenomenon. I have
always taken a great interest in ufology, but I have never studied it in detail, and I
could never be considered an expert. But thanks to the crop circles I got to know
many people who study ufology, both in Italy and abroad. Maybe it was because of
my activity in the field of mystery, and because of my knowledge of the UFO
environment that some events with unpredictable aspects happened to me.

In October 2008 a person got in touch with me who, having learned that I was
interested in crop circles, wanted to make my acquaintance. I went to meet him, we
talked for more than an hour and then this person asked me if I could help him
divulge a very important story in an objective way. This person could not, for some
reasons, come out in the open himself, thus he needed an intermediary. I answered I
would be glad to do what I could and we agreed to meet again after a couple of
months. Indeed we did meet in January 2009 and he told me he was one of the
people directly involved in the so-called “Friendship” for a long part of his life. Once I got back home I checked the veracity of this story with some experts who confirmed that, as far as they could tell, it was true. At that point I had enough elements to take the story the person told me seriously, and, since I also was positively impressed by this person, I decided to help divulge this fascinating and important story.

I am perfectly aware of the fact that I am risking the reputation I built up in years of
work, but I'm doing it gladly. Sometimes you have to trust a person when you feel
they deserve it.

The following text has been given to me by the person who asked me to be his
intermediary. He also asked me to respect his wish to remain anonymous for now,
and to assure him that the text would not be inserted into a frame which would
change its meaning, thus following the golden rule of good journalism. I accepted
these two requests, and I will send the text to interested editors without any further

Enjoy your reading, and if this seems an interesting testimony to you, please spread
the word.

The story of “Friendship” -or simply “the story”, as we always called it- is a true one. It involved a group of Italian and non-Italian people for many years, between 1956 and 1990. Some of these people, including myself, are still alive. We had direct, face-toface meetings with the Friends (also called W56), who are extraterrestrials coming both from planets in our own Galaxy (at a distance of one hundred thousand light
years) and from other Galaxies. Here on the Earth they reached the maximum
number of two hundred, living inside underground and undersea bases, some of
them along the Adriatic coast, at a depth of about 20 km/12 miles. The first,
“historical” base was located under the area of Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central

Now, I shall briefly refer things that derive exclusively from what I was involved in
personally, during an extensive part of my life, and from our direct conversations with
the Friends. I have viva voce recordings of these, with the Friends’ own voices.
“Friendship” gathers together various extraterrestrial populations that are different
from each other, both as regards physical characteristics (there are tall, small and
giant Friends, etc.) and provenance (there are Friends from other Universes and
dimensions). However, all of them share a fundamental choice towards Good.
“Friendship” is a sort of transversal confederation on the basis of a common ideal of
life and thought, though great diversifications remain between populations and
individuals and between personal choices. This is the very opposite of ideological

The population whom we personally interacted with is composed of individuals (men
and women, like us) who are physically very beautiful, some about three meters (ten
feet) tall, while others are tiny. However, these are secondary aspects only. What is
important is what they represent, beyond the various typologies and endless
“folkloristic” singularities.

The Friends are our elder brothers. They are human. Indeed, in comparison it’s we
terrestrials who are less than human. They are much more human than we are, and
that is why they do not show themselves. They are “too” human… For us it is easy to
flatter them, but envying them is even easier, due to their perfect humaneness…
Other populations in the Universes have chosen Evil, which is often represented by
the adoration of Energy and Knowledge-Science. This dualism between Good and
Evil is fundamental in order to understand both the still ongoing Struggle and why it is
so hard for truth to be disclosed to the inhabitants of our planet.
The Struggle between Good and Evil has always existed and is real, not an invention
or a stage effect. (The wicked are not the result of a failed scientific experiment, but
can freely choose to change and follow Good).

This Struggle between Good and Evil also entered the life of the terrestrials in our
group, and transformed them into “particular” beings.

We had various types of experiences, both mental and moral and phenomenal (faceto-
face encounters with some of the Friends, conversations with them, sightings of
saucers and other flying objects with different shapes, very close sightings of
materializations and dematerializations, visits and even long stays inside the
underground bases, etc.). These marked our personal lives deeply and indelibly and
caused us to become particularly vulnerable to the laws, regulations and conventions
of our own reality and society where we continued to live and work -with the
exception of a few of us who chose to spend the rest of their lives together with the
Friends. What we experienced with the Friends goes beyond any imagination. As a
consequence, absolute silence with other people has been the most normal reaction
from us, together with our continuous thinking about our experiences over the
decades. It was, and still is, a kind of “mental mulling” and constantly growing
awareness of what happened, together with the realization that it cannot easily be
put into words. Some of us paid a very high price for our being “singled out”, and
abandoned established work and social life patterns.

Some of us kept it a total or almost total secret, only opening up to a very few people.
Others told the “story”, but gave a partial or modified version of it on purpose. Why?
There are many reasons and they are complex because there are things one just
cannot say even when one has decided to speak out. Furthermore, much of the
information has been heavily distorted, trivialized, manipulated and interpreted in
arbitrary ways. There has also been contradictory information given, so that a thing
has been said and immediately afterwards contradicted -thus generating doubts and,
in the end, incredulity on the part of the readers or listeners. This has also touched
the fundamental aspects and reasons for the Friends’ presence among us, and that
is why it is now necessary to intervene, rectifying and above all giving the essential
points that have not yet been told and denouncing where the opposite has been

The point is that this “story” and its implications are very complex, where ambiguity,
voluntary or involuntary disinformation and a mixture of true and false play a highly
important role. Inserting just one obviously unreliable element -for instance,
something self-contradictory or ridiculous- into a story which is true makes the whole
thing look unreliable (which may indeed well be the conscious or unconscious aim of
the person who relates the story). This is not accidental, and does not solely depend
upon the “bad intention” of the person who writes or speaks out or “reveals” or
pretends to be a protagonist while he/she merely has second or third-hand
knowledge of the subject. On the contrary, this is the consequence of one of the laws
that regulate the hidden presence of the Friends on Earth. And this is how it has
always been, in the past as well as now. The presence of the Friends among us is
subordinated to certain laws that depend on factors that are hard to explain in words
for they belong to the subtle levels -that is, the non-physical levels of reality. Among
these there is the law of ambiguity, duplicity and deception since this characterizes
the condition of terrestrial humans. Thus, all these “negative” elements are not
secondary, but are a crucial part of the rules of the game, and can come into play at
any moment, including the moment when an attempt towards disclosure is being
made -such as at this present moment.

The Friends are not the only extraterrestrials who have come to the Earth. Individuals
from various other populations are among us, because the Earth is a very particular
planet inside the economy of this part of the Universe. The aim of the Friends’
presence is not to study us (they know us quite well, better than we do ourselves!),
but to help us. In fact, the Friends are unhappy about the very high level of hate,
violence and injustice on the Earth, and about the anti-humanistic trend of our
science and technology. Being able to see our thoughts and feelings, the Friends see
what we hide behind our masks, words and smiles…

Other populations are here for other reasons, and the abduction by extraterrestrials
of terrestrials, as well as the creation of hybrids, is a reality which the Friends told us about as far back as the ’60s. I mention this because today there is talk in the media about it, and I remember what the Friends said so many years ago. However, I know nothing about many of the other things I hear about, and I have no opinion to give,
because the Friends did not mention them. For instance, I know nothing about the
crop circles. The Friends told us a lot and yet they told us only a very small part of
what they knew, including what they knew about the activities of other populations
among us. Actually, I find it hard enough to understand and “digest” the events I saw
and those the Friends spoke about, let alone all the rest they could have told us…
However, I believe they gave me the essentials in order to understand and orient
myself, things that are true and not just “information”.

I say that these things are true because I had a personal relationship with the Friends
and had the strong feeling that they were telling me the truth -such as when you feel
that your best friend or your lover is telling you the truth. This has been the luck in my life: thanks to that personal relationship, I was and am able to trust, in a field where trusting is quite difficult. Today, so-called “objective” evidence (pictures, etc.) can be altered or created by means of technology, so the factor of personal reliable witness is even more important than in the past.

Compared with all the other populations visiting the Earth, the Friends have a quite
peculiar and precious characteristic to offer us: they have a very special and close
connection with the subtle levels that regulate the destiny of the Earth and with what
they call the Soul of the Universe, beyond the physical or phenomenal level. Thus,
the Friends have a sort of general control over everything that occurs, but they are
only allowed to intervene under particular conditions. Everything happens as in an
extremely elaborate chess game, with rules that I cannot even touch upon here.
The Friends refer to themselves not as belonging to the world of the Spirit, but as
those who <>. They also say they are the
<>. In other words, they place themselves as
intermediaries between us and the world of the Spirit.

Compared with the science and technology of the other extraterrestrial populations,
the Friends’ science and technology is quite different and singular, because it is
shaped upon the laws of the world of the Spirit. It is a science and technology that
has no connection at all with ours, including the most innovative aspects of our
quantum physics. Yet, the Friends also have another -and more “usual”- science and
technology, which they tried partially to share with us, especially in the field of
electromagnetism. But this aroused feelings of avidity, possession, competition and
omnipotence in us, so the Friends retired from this sharing project.

The Friends have won a great war in the Universe against the Evil populations, but
the game on the Earth is still completely open. Both the minds of us terrestrials in the
group, forever linked to the Friends by an ancient pact, and the minds of the
terrestrials whom we address -as is happening now- are involved in this war. In fact,
this war also takes place in our most intimate spheres and on levels that we are
unaware of, which makes the whole matter very difficult and hard to express.
Rationality is essential, but it is not enough to explain phenomena, interactions and
consequences that are beyond all that society and knowledge-science have
accustomed and conditioned us to. Indeed, the rationality which is needed in order to
cope with this “story” and its implications is by far richer and more elaborate than the
rationality that our scientists normally use. It is also by far richer and more elaborate than the rationality which is involved in philosophical systems such as Buddhism with its cause-effect law. Indeed, the latter only represents one piece of an overall explanation that is enormously more complex and articulated.

The “teachings” of the Friends have not yet been divulged, but when they are they
will allow us to deal with this intricate conceptual and experiential muddle with a new

TRASCENDENCE of what we also call “God” is at the very core of the teachings of
the Friends. This should not be confused with the Soul
of the Universe mentioned above. Here, we have the
very opposite of pantheism. For now, however, I am
obliged to stop here, though this is by far the most
important point and the main reason for the Friends’
presence among us, as they themselves told us.
The picture shown here was made with a Polaroid in the
’60s. It represents the fundamental aspect of the
relationship between our group and the Friends. The
picture reproduces the projection of a giant’s subtle
body. What is significant is the emphasis of the heart
area as the central part, which means that Love is the
most important thing for human beings, both terrestrial
and extraterrestrial. (I was not able to copy this picture - Aileen)

UREDDA -in one of the Friends’ languages- is the energy that is produced by the
Love between people, particularly between the Friends and our group, following a
pact between them and us and the many events that brought us together.
UREDDA is a kind of energy, but the Friends are not the worshipers of Energy, as
other populations are. The Friends follow Love, which is also the source of good
energies such as UREDDA, but is itself beyond any energy.

Thanks to special instruments that work on the subtle levels (there are tens of subtle
levels), the Friends transform UREDDA into other energies and objects, even the
oxygen they breathe in their underground and undersea bases. If UREDDA is
lacking, the Friends die for they have chosen to be vulnerable out of Love. Moreover,
the Friends chose to be dependent upon material help (food, mainly fruits and
vegetables) that we provided for them. This occurred by means of remote control
dematerializations, that I personally saw and was involved in so many times over the
years. We called them “the Friends’ pick-ups”. Even tons of food at a time were
dematerialized, at a distance of one meter (three feet) from our eyes and
immediately afterwards were rematerialized inside the Friends’ bases. In other
cases, using the same system the Friends would send us large or small objects, that
were materialized under our very eyes.

In order to be allowed to stay here with us, the Friends were obliged to accept the
law of Time and especially the law of Having that regulate the destiny of our planet.
If one ignores or does not fully understand THE FRIENDS’ VOLUNTARY LOVING
DEPENDENCE UPON THE LAW OF HAVING (upon our thoughts and actions in the
end), one cannot grasp the true meaning of the “story” as it occurred, and will not be
prepared if the “story” occurs again -perhaps even in a more widespread form.
Today, the new so-called “post-modern” paradigms of terrestrial knowledge, adding
to the paradoxes of quantum physics, open people’s minds to accept that reality may
not be what it appears to be, or not just what it appears to be. The idea that we may
be like children who are playing inside a room and are unaware of all the events that
are occurring around them, even unaware of all the other contents of the room itself,
except the toys, today may appear less absurd than it did in the past. However, the
true acceptation -not just at a playful or virtual level, but at a level of real awareness of an extraterrestrial world among us still represents a mind-blowing anthropological and cognitive revolution -much more so than the Copernican revolution.

Just as an example, in the past, hundreds of millions of years ago, on the Earth there were three civilizations, which were even more advanced than ours and which
disappeared, due to their own fault. This is also a threat to us today. The Friends,
who saw our self-destructive past with sorrow, don’t want it to be repeated again.
They are able to help us and do so, but they are obliged to operate within restrictions
and conditions that are imposed by the subtle levels of the Earth and of our Universe.
Incidentally, all of us completely ignore the existence of these restrictions and

Such is the complexity of the variables involved, that the Friends never predicted
anything about “disclosure day”. I never heard them speak about 2012, that so many
people mention. Instead, they said they would come back again among us. Those
like myself (one of the very few of us still alive) made a special agreement with the
Friends, swearing a solemn oath of reciprocal allegiance which still binds us though
so many years have passed since then. But I do not know if and when they will be
back. Or, maybe, they are already back and are at work with other terrestrials in
some other part of the world. I do not know if they will contact me. I do not believe so.

I think that my only task -which incidentally, the Friends themselves told me a long
time ago- is to recount these things that I have now begun to tell Mr. Nikola Duper.
At the end of the ’40s, the Friends offered their collaboration to the head of the USA
Administration. In exchange, they asked that the nuclear weaponry program be given
up. But their offer and request were rejected, and other extraterrestrial populations
have been collaborating with the USA and other Powers. The results of this have
been highly negative, and still weigh heavily on our collective destiny. One of the
reasons -there are others- which delay disclosure is the fact that the USA
Administration should assume responsibility before the whole planet for having
refused a vital collaboration and for having activated another highly negative one,
exclusively for the sake of power and domination, lying to citizens and covering up
for decades.

Following the American politico-military refusal, the Friends undertook the strategy
consisting in confidential contacts with small groups of terrestrials, trying to
emphasize the quality of human personal relationships, the value of Love and
UREDDA, rather than quantity and visibility.

However, even these qualitative contacts failed to give the expected fruits, so today it
is necessary to start again. With the Friends, however, there is never a definitive
defeat, because their resources are quite extraordinary. When the Friends lose a
battle, the reason is that we lost it, and they have to lose it with us and pay with us
and for us, submitting to the laws of our subtle levels. In November 1978 our lack of
UREDDA towards the Friends caused the death of many of them, and their
momentary defeat by the enemy population called CTR -a defeat that the Friends
had predicted and considered a foregone event. However, the situation is still

The adventure of the Friends with us is an extraordinary hidden drama, with
unforeseeable events -partially unforeseeable for the Friends too, due to the
incredible complexity of the variables involved and to the imponderability of free
choice. The Friends have an infinite respect for people’s free will.

Everyday, terrestrial collaborators of the Friends and terrestrial collaborators of
populations who are enemies of the Friends (and thus are our own enemies) silently
fight with each other. The enemies are trying to conquer our planet in a very gradual
and seemingly painless way, most of all working over our minds. Unfortunately, this
is not science-fiction. If only it were so! Unfortunately, this is not paranoia. If only it
were so!

However, just hinting at these subjects leads to the discrediting of the person who
says or writes them; and this is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who want to
harm us. Mental and social conditionings in this field are extremely strong. It is easy
to discredit anyone, whatever their social or cultural position, if one has strong
motivations to do so. If someone has had highly secret experiences, such as this with
the Friends, and then “strangely” obtained an important position within society and is
respected as a reliable person, they fear to be discredited, if they reveal their secret.

Moreover, they fear that speaking out will discredit the thing itself. They know that
those conditionings will be stronger anyway than their social or cultural position and
the esteem they have gained over a whole life time. So, they keep silent, while they
would desire to speak only the truth, without wanting anything for themselves. But
others speak -others who do not know the truth or do not want the truth to be known.
They speak out of self-promotion or for profit, and they do not risk being discredited,
because they have nothing to be discredited for. Today this happens in every
country, and is fully exploited by all the people and institutions that do not want
disclosure to occur. What actually happens is that people either tend not to really
believe “revelations”, or else they fool themselves into believing, or at most they
suspend their judgment, knowing that those “revelations” come from people who aim
at self-promotion or profit and do not fear being discredited.

I shall try to provide a systematic and point-articulated exposition, as soon as
possible. The global scenario is extremely complex, as it also includes the presence
and activities of the other extraterrestrial populations among us. However, if we
consider this scenario under the perspective that the Friends offer us, at least we
have a connecting thread and a general sense. This is possible because the Friends’
perspective is a privileged one, because of their very special relationship with the
subtle levels and the Soul of the Universe. Under any other perspective the scenario
would not just be too complex -it would even be undecipherable, and, in the end, one
of despair.

One of the Sworn Ones (incognito for now)

Creative Commons Licence
Attribution – Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 United States

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An interview with Dr. Valery Uvarov by Graham Birdsall

The following extracts were transcribed from a filmed interview with Valery Uvarov, of Russia’s National Security Academy, conducted by Graham W. Birdsall, Editor of the UK-based UFO Magazine. The interview took place at the 12th International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival in Laughlin, Nevada, US. Please note that Graham Birdsall is now deceased and UFO Magazine has closed.

Graham Birdsall (GB) What is your official title?

Valery Uvarov (VU): I am head of the Department of UFO Research, Science and Technical, National Security Academy, based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

GB: This then, is an official Russian government agency?

VU: Absolutely. I am answerable to two people above me. They are answerable to the next person above them, who is our President.

GB: What exactly is your remit?

VU: Our research efforts are divided into two parts. Firstly, we are constantly analyzing data coming in from all over the world. We then extract what we consider to be the most interesting information through our database - which is yellow, which is red. This, then, is released to various departments throughout Russia. The other aspect of our research stemmed from asking the question: do UFOs exist or not? For sure, we know they exist, but what is behind their activity, their interest? This is the most important issue for us, and what we mostly focus our investigations on.

GB: There is active cooperation between NASA and Russian aerospace officials at a technical, scientific and maybe even military level. Do you liaise or have ties with organizations similar to your own overseas?

VU: I can tell you truthfully, that just a couple of days before I flew to the United States I had a meeting with my … let’s say, my bosses. And they said they are very interested in cooperating with other organizations... let’s say, our friends in the West. So, I can tell you that this particular mission is at the starting point. I am charged with finding the right people. When this is done, and the next stage is activated, we can make some concrete steps.

GB: Earlier, off camera, you alluded to some important developments concerning the Tunguska explosion of 1908. For the record, can you tell us why you now believe you know the cause?

VU: It is not so much a case of belief; we know what caused it. It was a meteor, but a meteor that was destroyed by … let’s say, a missile. The missile was generated by a material installation. We don’t know who constructed it, but it was built long, long ago and is situated in Siberia, several hundred kilometers north of Tunguska. I can tell you that our investigation has revealed more than one explosion at Tunguska. Let me share something with you. The last time that this installation shot down a meteor was on 24/25 September last year. The Americans … they have three bases … they, too, noticed this explosion.

*Editor’s Ref: See New Scientist vol 178 issue 2399 - 14 June 2003

GB: Forgive me, but some will say this sounds like science fiction.

VU: Graham, you know that when we talk about the truths that lie behind this subject, we only do so with those who have an understanding of the responsibility that goes with it. And you know that we are dealing with a technology much further ahead of our own - one capable of doing things that we cannot.

GN: Can you be more specific about the location of this installation?

VU: Look for the site of the Tunguska explosion. To the southeast is the very large and famous Lake Baikal. Beyond that, to the north, is a huge and barren territory covering 100,000 kilometers. Hardly anyone lives there. There are no towns or cities. Here is where we located the installation...

GB: Are you aware of strange stories or rumours concerning the so-called “Planet X”? If some new and heavenly body had entered our solar system, astronomers would surely detect it and declare its presence.

VU: I cannot speak for astronomers in the West, but astronomers within our Academy tell us we have nothing to fear. I have heard people talk about a rotation figure of 3,600 years for this planet, which is in a similar orbit to that of the Earth but behind the Sun. We know that this planet and the installation in Siberia are closely connected. Let me say that we believe that this installation is keeping that planet in a stable orbit. If that planet were to move, to shift orbit, the entire solar system would become unstable. Those of us in the Academy are sure that the planet is inhabited, and that this installation is designed to protect them and us. We are sure that nothing dangerous will happen. Everything is under control.

Our investigations have shown that the Earth has a pulse - a finely tuned frequency that affects everything, every living thing. Some 12,500 years ago, this pulse corresponded to 360 days of the year - study the old Egyptian calendar - but then an asteroid struck the Earth. We believe the orbit of the earth was altered, artificially, to compensate for this. Our planet moved further away from the Sun, to a frequency pulse of 365.

This has taught us to believe that we have friends - friends who watch over us, silently. They did not allow then, nor will they allow now, any planet, comet or asteroid to strike and destroy the Earth. This, for us, is now absolutely clear.

Those who wish to weaponize space... to tell you the truth, all of us involved in this project feel a pain in our hearts. Here we all are, investigating this installation and some other stuff, material stuff, none of which was constructed by Russians or Americans but by someone else, someone from outer space. It saddens us when we think what could happen if weapons are put into space.

Let me speak frankly. This installation has a power system, an energy source. We have located this. It was during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia that we first noticed an increase in the output of that energy. For us, it was incredible, but we now know that this installation reacts to social upheaval and conflict. Part of our investigation involved searching through ancient records and archives, and then we came across the Echutin Apposs Alanhor (sic) texts. We call them the Alanhor, and they are at least 4,000 years old. They describe the installation, in scientific terms, as to what was taking place there. It’s amazing.

I have visited the area twice. The first time our equipment detected strong levels of radiation. I have to tell you, it was pretty dangerous; we couldn’t hide from it. The few local inhabitants of the area knew of the installation, of course, and they described it to us. They describe metal-like structures and drew them for us. We plotted everything on a map. But these people, their families, the animals, they were suffering from radiation sickness.

The radiation levels have been continuously monitored for the past six years, and now everyone - including the animals - has left the forest. Let me tell you something about the Tunguska explosion - something that has never been spoken of before. Two months before the explosion, every living animal fled the region. It was as if the installation had powered up to deal with the asteroid. With that came an increase in radiation. The same thing is happening now, today.

GB: Are there any plans to mount another expedition to the area and to visit the installation?

VU: The radiation is a factor but, yes, another expedition is planned for later this year. Look, we want to be open and honest about this. We welcome international participation, but the people we invite must be responsible in the eyes of the world. We want people who are honest, open-minded and transparent, who are eager and willing to cooperate and exchange and then disseminate the scientific data. I invite you, Graham, to come to Russia and visit the installation as an observer.

GN: I would be honoured. Thank you.

VU: You can tell people what we, Russia, have decided that it is time that other people should know about this and not just a few.


This interview first appeared in the UFO Magazine, which is now closed due to the death of the publisher and editor, Graham Birdsall.

Further information on the Installation has now been published in NEXUS Magazine - see Part 1, Part 2.


Valery Uvarov is a dear friend of our family. He stayed with us in Seattle and we sponsored him and Wendelle Stevens to a conference there. We miss Valery very much.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Drawing by Chief Dan Leonard

Centaurs in North America
From J.C. Johnson and Phantoms and Monsters blog

When you think of a 'Centaur' the vision is usually of a mythological creature from Greek origin. It's head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its body, including four legs, hindquarters, and a tail is like that of a horse.

There is the legend of Ixion who was purified by Zeus of a first murder of kin, a horrifying deed. The shameless man repaid this honor by trying to seduce Hera. The goddess told her husband. When Zeus learned about this passion he made a disguised model of Hera, a cloud likeness, to see how obsessed he was with his wife.

Ixion was so deeply in love with Hera that he slept with the disguised model. Zeus punished Ixion by chaining him to a winged and fiery wheel, which revolved forever in Tartarus. The cloud gave birth to a creature named Centaurus. It was Centaurus that descended upon a herd of Magnesian mares and conceived the Centaurs.

There have been stories of similar creatures throughout the ages but in locations that you'd most likely not imagine.

I received the following email from M.B. who is Native American:

Hey Lon...this is a second hand account that I heard from my father's trusted friend. I'm sorry I can't provide any more details than what I was told from the witness.

When my father's friend was younger he was a Deputy for the Apache Reservation Police. I believe it happened in the early 1980s, but not sure. One night he was on patrol in his squad car alone on the reservation. He was driving along the deserted highway that passed through town. When he reached the church he saw something moving back and forth along the church, peering into the windows. He stopped the car on the highway, and observed for a while. It was too dark to make out much at first. Then, the dark shape took notice of him and began moving out of the shadows and into the front of the church.

I forget exactly whether he then moved the police car into the parking lot to intercept the man, or if he stopped the car shortly after making a move but either way the headlights helped illuminate what he saw.

Under the orange light of the street lights was a 8 foot tall Demon-Centaur!!! The bottom half was indeed a dark haired horse, while where the neck and head should have been was the upper torso of a man. The man was staring right at him as it strolled by, all 4 hooves clanking on the pavement. His skin was a dark red and it had horns on either side of his head. He said they were like ram horns, curled around on either side of his skull. He was terrified and while the thought of shooting the beast crossed his mind, he reasoned against it. He didn't want to provoke it and have it attack him. It completed crossing the road, and down a steep slope into a farmland field below. Once it reached this open ground, he watched as it started to run away as fast as possible until it disappeared into the darkness and trees beyond.

He was deeply troubled after the encounter and couldn't reason why a demonic creature would be looking into a building as holy as a church. The way he told the story, you couldn't help but believe it to be true and I'm sure that it actually happened.

I've had weird encounters myself, and lots and lots of 2nd hand stories from friends/family on the Navajo and Apache Reservations. I shouldn't talk about many of those though. Being Native American, talking about these weird things can have negative repercussions to those involved. M.B.

I contacted my friend JC Johnson who confirmed that there have been similar sightings in the Four Corners / Navajo Reservation area for some time. In fact he forwarded a sketch of one of these creatures by Leonard Dan.

I recall a strange sighting in Michigan in 2006:

Location: Between Battle Creek & Bellevue, Michigan - January/February 2006 - night

A woman driving alone on a road between both towns had to slow down for a stop sign. Suddenly a creature of very large size jumped up over a snow bank and ran “10 yards a second”. It was coming towards the car. She further described the creature as “enormous and its body as white as the snow around it”. It had tiny little legs, like animal goat legs but very small. She had the impression that parts of it were like a man and other parts of it were an animal. According to her it either grabbed, or reached for the door handle but her car was locked. She said its fingers were incredibly long, “long, long fingers and nails”. It was so incredibly fast that she did not see a face or anything else. She mentioned that another car of people had also seen it too; they had stopped and looked at it at one point.

Source: unknowncreaturespot “2006 Michigan centaur sighting”

There was another incident in Melbourne, Florida:

"Three friends and I saw an apparition, possibly of a demon, when we were all around 10 years old. Myself, another boy and his two sisters were riding bikes together down a sidewalk that ran along the outskirts of our neighborhood The end of that sidewalk is at a beach-side highway in Melbourne, Florida.

Nearing the highway, with me leading the pack, the boy put his hand on my shoulder and made me stop riding. When I looked back at them, both girls were staring straight ahead with tears in their eyes, and the boy pointed for me to look. Not knowing what they could be pointing at because I had just been looking that direction when they stopped me, I looked and saw what I can only say was a centaur on the sidewalk in between us and the highway. The sun had just risen above the horizon and was at the creature's back, so the whole figure was cast in shadow, but I could make out that it had a very muscular, had a reddish torso, a horse's four legs and was over six feet tall. Next to it was a thicket of palmetto and palm trees from which a person could have jumped out in a clever costume, although the quickness of appearance and the incredible detail of the creature would make me doubt that.

Needless to say, my first move was to turn around and jet, and the others had already done so. Before we pedaled around the corner, I looked and it was still standing there, and I was very relieved that it was not chasing us. After we had reached a safe distance, we celebrated our escape.

Unfortunately, I lost touch with my friends when I moved away that year. When I came back at the age of 15, I lived right by the sidewalk again, and one night from my room, I heard frantic yelling by the road, and came out to discover that a kid had been struck by a car crossing from the beach over to the sidewalk where I had seen the centaur. The family was much too shaken up for me to talk with them, and the boy had been killed instantly, so I won't know if he saw something, but it is a very odd coincidence, if that.

I've just started trying to recontact my friends to see if they saw the same creature as I, or if we all saw our own version of what we thought the devil looked like, as we didn't discuss it in detail at the time." -

A few years ago, there were Centaur-like sightings in the Cree Nation of Alberta, Canada:

"There is definitely a growing phenomena up here in Alberta, Canada. Specifically, the location is better known as Hobbema, a place comprised of 4 distinct Cree Indian reservations. These sightings I speak of occur on the Samson Cree reserve, in and around the high school area.

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical and proceeded to tease my friends, thinking they were trying to pull to wool over my eyes. They were neither insulted nor deterred from sharing with me that in conjunction with their own personal experiences, there is an actual video tape of this "centaur" creating violent havoc inside the school in a hallway near a main exit. Other stories they shared have to do with sightings at night, where the centaur actually chases them or appears suddenly out of nowhere.

It is far too easy to pass this off as "something in the water," for the Hobbema Cree peoples of this area have experienced generations of trauma. The brief history of this location has everything to do with the discovery of rich deposits of oil in the middle of the 1900's. Once harvested, the residents of this area became incredibly rich. However, due to the lack of a holistic education, and decades of dysfunction throughout the community wrought by the Canadian government and the Churches, the locals were unable to fathom and properly adjust to their fortune to the fullest extent.

This resulted in various forms of chaos throughout the later part of the century, for the oil royalties were distributed to every reserve member, and their children as well when they turned 18. The mortality rate increased over time in this area, mostly due to suicide and murder. Today, we see an entire generation of youth, that have completely bought into the ghettoization of their communities and are largely atheist.

In regards to the phenomena of the centaur sightings, it is known throughout the remaining Spiritual community of this area that these "beings" are making themselves known because in the eyes of the youth, there is nothing to believe in anymore. Sightings as such are creating panic and fear, and the phenomena has therefore become demonized by word of mouth.

I am not a community member of this area. Nor have I seen or witnessed anything of the like. However, I have heard this from more than one person from that area and at this stage, I cannot write it off to just coincidence. When I heard of this website, and the kind of work being conducted in communities across the United States, I realized I had to submit something herein in the hopes of generating interest, and hopefully to come across someone else that believes in something of this sort." -

Then there was this follow-up to the post:

"I have heard of many stories like this in First Nation reserves in Saskatchewan. I actually have heard of one in Cotes FN, Kawcatoose FN, Kamsack area and in 2003 there was the sighting of a Centaur at Standing Buffalo's FN Pow Wow. I think that it appears to people to tell others that there's something wrong. That there is something wrong in the community. Maybe black magic? We all know as native people that there native people who do practice the bad ways. Sure, there are the good ways but on the other hand so is the dark ways. Personally, I think that when native people practice these dark ways that this centaur or thing will appear to help those ones that practice such bad practices. This thing helps them. I have heard so many stories of this centaur. the most famous one is the sighting at Standing Buffalo powwow. I do not know what the Elders did over there. One Elder had to have a special ceremony and singers were requested from far away to help in the ceremony. The singers who were traveling from far away could sense this evil thing and one singer actually turned around and didn't attend the ceremony because he was afraid. The spirits were afraid of the old man conducting the ceremony. But the spirits helped by taking that evil thing centaur and banishing it to the pits of the mountains. I know there are a lot of native people who have heard such stories and I am curious to know what did their Elders do in such circumstances?" -

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The above picture was taken by Dave Ozz over Farmington, NM on August 28, 2011 while photographing lightning.

"Captain S"
A pilot in the secret Navy Space Command
United States

Due to all the internet hype the Navy actually sent a recon mission to Elenin. Let’s just say it won’t cause the excitement some think. But it may present a few surprises that no one expected. I’ll be here for about 20 minutes to answer questions and then I’m off. Just trying to be nice because I know there is a lot of buzz about it. (Since this was written Elenin has broken apart)

How long does it take to get there?
From the moment the crew steps in the craft, preps, clears port, about 60 minutes. Actual travel time, about 20.

Go into detail about a few of these surprises
No doom from Elenin. its not a comet, or not totally just a comet.

What type of craft are you using (TR-B)?

Ok, what exactly is it
check into the properties of E-type asteroids. very similar. however if you connect the dots you‘ll know that E types are codeword for something more interesting

What effect does this Elenin have on our earth, and what risks does it pose for us?
it won’t have any effects on earth. But it may be of interest to ham radio operators

X-37, NOTE, Tin Can?
sorry, can’t go there

is Elenin artificial? Is anything riding it so to speak?

Well if you aren’t so cryptic, maybe someone would take you seriously. Explain further.
Remember I don’t want to lose my clearance buddy. Look at my response to captain (question directly above). Anyway my twenty minutes are up. Gotta go. I’ll check back in 45 minutes or so for one more session of questions. Have a nice weekend all.

Whats your opinion op on the all the ex NASA employee’s spilling the beans on everything they know since they are all getting canned?
NASA is just a front for the public. Their budget is miniscule. Not enough money to really do anything but put a few probes in our solar system. The real space program falls in the military’s domain, mainly AIRFORCE and Navy. But the nice chemical rockets sure are fun to watch. As far as NASA spilling any beans. Very few people from NASA are actually in the loop. They don’t know anything to spill.

Lets just say if something or someone is riding it, would we have to worry as far as death and destruction go, or would it be more of a eye opener ? I personally don’t have a opinion about Elenin, just asking questions….
As I said before, there is no doom with it. So no need to worry

Might there be a lot of vehicles? Say 7000?
What do you mean by ‘a lot of vehicles’? That’s all classified and i am not privy to the overall actual numbers other than the area I work in.

Might the “Item(s)” in question be able to carry a lot. Say 7000?
OK now I see what you are getting at. I really don’t know, sorry. I know there are at least 2 more missions planned and after the next someone will have that answer, maybe. But I probably won’t be a part of it.

Did the US space command bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11 using some kind of powerful weapon?
I don’t know anything about that.

So why are you telling us this? What can we benefit from what you know? Just tell us what you obviously want to tell, but are afraid to.
Go look up E class asteroids. also look up the ESA’s Rosetta mission to Steins. Where magically the high res cameras just happened to fail and there is your answer. Sorry I can’t be more direct but this one is a bit more operational and is talking. Someone savvy will be able to ‘hear’ it pretty soon. There will be no denying that history isn’t what we’ve been told but much more interesting. No doom. Just something pretty neat coming. I have said enough.

If I were in the Navy Space Command and wanted to talk to the public I would use a conspiracy forum such as GLP… Why? because no one will believe it lol. Are you using gravitational wave propulsion ships.? And is it true that the Navy Space Command has stations on Mars and is there a collaboration with the Grays?

Pisses me off that we have been putting astronauts lives in jeopardy with chemical rockets. when in fact we have been hiding a much more advanced safer space program all this time..
I have complained about this exact same thing all in the name of national security. Whatever. Now you know why there is no replacement for the shuttle but times are ah changin. And what we do may become a bit more open very soon. We are bankrupt. Can you imagine what giving the commercial sector some of this would do for the economy! they are considering it as we speak. Instead of taking 5 1/2 hours for a coast to coast flight it would take a matter of minutes. Interesting times. Its hard to bite my tongue but keep the faith. Soon, Very Soon.

E Class Asteroids -
A fairly rare, very reflective asteroid that is slightly red in color, probably due to the presence of some surface organic chemicals. E-class asteroids dominate the Hungaria family of the main belt, though some, including the two largest, (44) Nysa (see Nysa-Polana family) and (64) Angelina, are found scattered farther out. Their flat reflectance spectra in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron region and high albedos (usually above 0.3) suggest a connection with the aubrite (otherwise known as enstatite achondrite, hence the “E”) category of meteorite. However, this link is problematic because aubrites are clearly of igneous origin, whereas some E-class asteroids (including Nysa) show an absorption feature at 3 microns that points to water-and/or hydroxyl-bearing minerals and a nonigneous history.
Basically that means its highly reflective, metallic.

Do you fly your vehicles fairly low at night and change direction at nano second speed?
Not me. My CO is a hard ass. but I’ve heard stories, some funny ones. If i did it I’d probably be court martialed.

OP what can you tell us about the program besides the fact that you went to Elenin?
That they know they gotta tell everyone soon, because the gap between what we have and what we admit is increasing to a point that they can’t keep it all a secret forever. Think 50 lightyears for a one or two day trip is easy. Listen to what Ben Rich said. It's all coming out soon or else I wouldn’t be posting. We live in the most interesting times ever. The next 5 years will be the most amazing, starting with this year. The old farts running things realize this and hate change, but its inevitable. thanks for participating guys. i’ll check back later tonight.

I’d say one would have to be one bad mofo to drive one of those. Can they see me watching them? Are their eye pieces able to see the fly I swat?
Actually its easier than flying a jet. Most of it is automated but they still pick the elite of the elite for this stuff. And yes they can see the fly you are swatting, your facial expression, and who exactly you are via facial recognition.

Does the US Navy Space Command always send recon missions to comets and neo’s? Or was this unique? Does something concern them about this Elenin or is this more SOP?
If something is out of the ordinary than they will look at it using a wide variety of sensors. if there is still questions then yes they go out there and check it out.

One thing that I must point out that you just don’t get from watching on a TV is the absolute beauty out there. The earth and other planets are simply magnificent and awe inspiring. I have even suggested to take various world leaders out there to take a look at the earth and see its beauty from space. When you see how amazing it is you wonder what all these wars are about and wonder why we can’t concentrate directing our efforts towards lifting mankind up.
Saturn close up, mind boggling. A few planets in other star systems would absolutely blow your mind. Its too bad they can't make an IMAX movie showing some of this stuff. It is so sad the universe is hidden and most are stuck on a rock and can’t see the universe in all its beauty and wonder. The sheer number of stars you can see without any interference from the atmosphere. WOW!!!!! its absolute paradise this universe.

OP have you or your fellow officers traveled to Niburu/Planet X? If can say, will it come near to earth in a year or two?
i have never heard anything about Nibiru.

Your welcome OP. Don’t abandon us like so many do.
No i’m back can’t stay here forever but it really feels great letting curious folks in on a bit, like a weight off my chest. I admit I don’t know everything about this stuff, not even close. but I feel happy sharing what I can.
All that taxpayer money going to stuff like this and normally you aren’t even told it exists! But change is right around the corner. I’ve never seen so much activity/excitement among the brass and civilians than I have the last 6 months. some just don’t want to change and keep it all to themselves. but they are finding themselves to slowly be in the minority on that viewpoint.
I think we may be heading in the right direction as far as the secrecy. These guys are paranoid by nature and rightly so. but even they realize this is too big to keep secret. humanity deserves to know.

I have read that space is really blue not dark like NASA has fed us. Is this accurate?
It is pitch black

Did you go to flight school in Corpus Christi or Pensacola?
I understand your curiosity. I don’t want to talk about personal stuff though.

I was just asking because I want to be a Navy Pilot and have been looking it up online.
From what I understand if I join and pass basic I would probably go to Pensacola. Which is fine with me.
The way I see it if you can land a plane on an Air Craft Carrier, then you are one of the best pilots in the world.
You are 100% correct. carrier landings are insane. good luck kid.

OP can you say what the furthest distance from earth you’ve traveled is? Another star system?
About 250 ly, others much much further, and still heading out.

OP do other nations of earth have a Space Command, or is US alone in this ability?
OK I’m not privy to all of this, but obviously from working in this field I will tell you what I have seen.
Yes and yes. Some other guys are up there, the usual suspects, but so far we see they are only sporting conventional or just a bit more advanced than conventional NASA type tech. They mainly stay in L.E.O. and don’t cause much interference with our operations. They are just a nuisance at this time

So what are you talking about happening like first contact or something like that?
As far as Elenin, i just hope we have some ham radio operators out there who can listen to to it. we need to learn about ourselves and our heritage. Elenin may help with this.

OP thanks!!! for answering. Your point of view of the depth and beauty of space is uplifting for us earth bound ones. A final question about Elenin…. will it be so bright that it might light up the night sky like a double full moon or similar?
You’d have to ask an astronomer. I’d guess its too small to be any sort of visual spectacle UNLESS, it becomes active that way also. That would be amazing. Anything is possible.
And yes, my first trip out there was a God smack in my face with the sheer beauty and awe. quite a humbling experience any one of us would benefit from. I hope one day everyone can.

Hey OP, Can you tell us what hidden technology, in your opinion, would be the most valuable to humanity if released to all?
Do we have the technology to end most of the suffering on this planet?
We have a whole bunch of amazing stuff. Yes we could end suffering and turn the planet into a total paradise. Nothing makes my blood boil more than this. But there is hope. There are some men, a few with vision that are in the right positions now that maybe you’ll start to see some of it. I really think we are heading that way.
I guess i didn’t answer you question. This is why I think this stuff has been kept in secrecy. They use nat.sec. as an excuse but its really to protect the oil profits. However Fukushima has really rattled them.
I am just a peon when it comes to this kind of policy, but there seems to be an internal struggle with one side wanting to get this stuff out and the other side being paid off to keep it secret. This is where i better shut the heck up. but you get the idea.

Have you observed other civilized planets?
Yes, city lights from space, very similar if not identical in some cases to our cities.

Thanks. Still didn’t even throw us a bone with a specific heretofore unknown tech., but that’s OK. We don’t want you to get into trouble. ;-`)
So give us a name. Who is paying whom to keep humanity suffering and dying? Be a Patriot, give us a name. Thanks.
This is a VERY sketchy area. If I gave you names I’d probably have a visit sometime in the next few days that I’d rather not. But really I can only speculate. Maybe some of them really do have the view that this is better left to the military for now. Or maybe they are getting paid to keep this view. I would really know but I’m sure there are those that know very well in intelligence circles.
These guys can be very short sighted. Why not be the ones responsible for bringing heaven to earth? Sad really, but the good guys are gaining ground, trust me.
Yes zpe is real. space is actually more energetic than matter. The trick is figuring out how to get it because there is very little to no energy gradient but they have figured it out long ago.
No need to ever pay another electric bill again or fill your tank up.
They could desalinize all the ocean water they wanted for almost free and irrigate the deserts. The possibilities are unlimited. Greed can only hold out and suppress this for so long.

OP do you know what this is:

Does your propulsion system for traveling l.y. away have anything to do with a bogey owned by Ra and orbiting the Sun:

Haven’t seen Ra out there yet, lol.
If you really want to see some neat stuff, buy a pair of 3rd or later gen night vision goggles and spend some time looking up with them.

OP, this crop circle represents the interception of Elenin by an antimatter weapon orbiting the Sun. It will depolarise Elenin’s EM field represented by the small rocket thunderbolt at the tip of Apophis head and render the asteroid benign against Earth’s EM field. I doubt the Navy Space Command has such a powerful device to fulfill the work.

If it is destroyed, that would be a travesty. There are some out there who could do this. I just hope whoever is making the crop circles is wrong about this one. Elenin has been given a lot of doom and gloom press.
It is quite the opposite. A beacon of hope and a glimpse into the past. A glimpse into who we really are perhaps, from all the clues that have been gathered. Our guys are going wild like school children on Christmas eve when it comes to this thing. I’d love to go back myself.

David Wilcock got an anonymous tip that Air Force Space command was mining Element 115 somewhere in the Hercules constellation. Could this be correct?
Mining element 115? Sounds like science fiction. Is David Wilcock a science fiction writer?

OK… OP… Appreciate that you can’t share the actual vehicle designation…
Can you give some idea of the technology involved?
There are various advanced methods of propulsion. One time the discovery channel of all places aired a show about 5 years ago that spoke about some of these techs, at least the early days of it and I almost spit my coffee out watching. It had ‘advanced aircraft’ in the title. I really wish I would have dvr-ed that show as I can’t remember the whole title and I have searched for it and never found it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they were talking about. Almost 100% accurate with nice graphics and visualizations. someone spilled the beans. I’m sure its been yanked but that show would have really wet your whistle. Perhaps it wasn’t yanked and i can’t find it. I suggest looking for this and see if you can find it.
As much as I’d like to share. I really can’t go there. I’m sorry.
I will share this small tidbit. There are those that create their own sort of wave and ride it like a surfer.
Think about Einstein, when they drop a ball in a sheet to demonstrate how timespace gets warped by matter.
They jokingly say we have front wheel drive. We are pushed not pulled and it certainly feels that way even though they say the inertia is canceled I swear I feel the ‘pull’
that’s all I will say on this. Sorry to be vague.

So you have no information on the Nemesis Dwarf Star. Dr Bill Deagle and company claims it will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere with a high power telescope in about a month. And will start wreaking havic on earth in about 5-9 months?
Never heard of it.

OP: To your knowledge, what year did mankind (our current society) successfully breach the Van Allen Belt? TIA.
I guess I should know this. The Apollo missions?

Op – have you seen any angels out there in your travels?
Also, have you seen the so-called approaching “ribbon” or cloud of energy that Sickscent has done so much research on, and that the Boeing and NASA insiders have spoken of as threatening our planet?
You can’t see the ribbon but its funny you bring that up. That has been a HUGE concern for the scientists. They put out a cover story that it was the solar wind being reflected back, but that is baloney. Its hard to tell. Another poster just mentioned the Van Allen belt, which we don’t even think about because we are protected from it. I wouldn’t say it was a force field but all EM and radioactive particles cannot penetrate our craft. The system is so good that there is less radiation inside our craft then on the surface of the earth, including going through the ribbon.
But there are experiments going on in the ribbon to see what kind of effects it will have when it reaches the inner solar system. Good question. So far they just don’t know. The ribbon has some odd qualities to it.

Well I hope Dr. Deagle is wrong, but the guy is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to. Although he does seem prone to flights of fancy!! If the Nemesis Dwarf Star is as close as people are indicating then no doubt its been visited by advanced Space Command craft. He also confirms we have hyper light speed spacecraft, so he knows something concerning black programs! Please if possible ask something about this problem. Although I know that things are very compartmentalized, so its hard to find stuff out!!!!
I would think something so epic I would have heard of. I will surely ask around. Thanks for the heads up. I think I’ve heard Deagle on the internet a long time ago. From what I remember he did sound intelligent, but I can’t remember him talking about this nemesis dwarf star. I’d wager it doesn’t exists or I would probably have known. but this business is all about compartmentalization and secrecy. A need to know basis. so you never know! I’ll ask around.

You guys are the pilots of the huge black isosceles triangle mother ships, right?

No, but the black triangles are ours. That is an Airforce asset. They are mainly used below 150k ft. They aren’t designed for interstellar travel.

Hi guys. I just wanted to get the word out that you should start listening with your radios, point them towards Elenin. You should start picking up a signal soon if not already.
Thanks for the questions, this has actually been very fun.
can’t really go into any more detail, but I must say, you are a fine lot here. Thank you and I really mean that.

One more thing. I’m not saying I won’t be back. I have just told you as much as I can right now and duty calls. So I won’t be able to post until I’m back on August 11th.
When I get back I will post an up++date. I look forward to it because 10 years ago I was on the net searching myself, I know what it’s like.
take care all. and I will catch up with you soon"

I don't know anything about the source of this post.

Rings true to me.
Here's a pretty good video Aileen on Ben Rich

I did not find an update so who knows what happened to the pilot. Perhaps a reprimand for saying anything at all.

For you doubting Thomas's out there, if you have seen Ed Grimsley's video about the night vision binoculars, there is an interview with a lady on the end of it whose husband is in jail to keep him quiet. He was one of the pilots in the secret Space Command. She has been doing everything she can to get him out of prison.