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An amazing alien encounter 7 years before either Roswell or Kenneth Arnold's sighting may offer our best chance yet to understand where some UFO's come from and why they are visiting our planet.

For more than two decades, Udo Wartena, a Dutch immigrant living in the Western U.S., kept what had happened to him one spring morning in May 1940 a secret, not even telling his wife. Before dying in 1989 he finally confided in two friends and then wrote the details of his experience down so it would not be lost.

Udo's incredible story remained completely unknown in UFO circles however, until the details were finally released by Australian researcher Warren Aston.

Before we review what took place in this deceptively simple report we must remember that this is an unusually early case in the pre 1947 period, which has yielded only small numbers of UFO sightings worldwide, and almost no cases where the occupants of UFOs were reported.

Let us remember that in 1940, World War II still raged in Europe, the first satellite was still 17 years in the future and the sound barrier had not yet been broken.

Udo Wartena’s experience not only took place in daytime, but involved intimate and open alien contact with a reluctant witness. I have assembled the following from two handwritten accounts and one typewritten account by Udo and from verbal recollections through interviews with the handful of close friends and family members whom he confided in.


Udo's encounter took place mid-morning early in May, 1940 at his mining claim in the forest near the base of Boulder Mountain, a short distance from Canyon Ferry Lake, near the small town of Townsend, southeast of Helena in Montana.

Udo, a 37-year-old miner of Dutch origin was working in the area part-time for the Northwest Mining Company.

During the previous month he had found a glacial deposit at the base of the mountain, which showed indications of gold-bearing ore. He began working the site in his spare time and first cleared an old and neglected ditch, which ran around the mountainside, using it to divert the water he would need in his mining from a nearby stream.

While moving some large boulders, he heard a humming or droning sound, which he first took to be aircraft, which flew over the area occasionally from Great Falls base in the north. At first Udo took little notice of the sound, but when the noise continued he thought that a vehicle had driven up so he climbed up onto higher ground.

A large disc-shaped object, measuring about thirty five feet high and over a hundred feet across, was hovering a short distance away just above the meadow where he had built his dam. Udo described it as like "two soup plates, one inverted over the other" and resembling "stainless steel in color, though not as bright and shiny".

As he stood watching, thinking at first that it was an airship, a circular stairway with a solid bottom forming part of the craft's hull was let down and a man who descended began walking towards him.

"As I was somewhat more than interested," Udo later wrote, "I went to meet him. He stopped when we were ten or twelve feet apart. He was a nice looking man, seemingly about my age. He wore a light gray pair of overalls, a tam (a common term in that period derived from "Tam O 'Shanter" - a circular cap) of the same material on his head and on his feet were slippers or moccasins".

The man came and shook his hand, apologizing that they had not known anyone was in the area, explaining that it was not their custom to interrupt or allow themselves to be seen. "He asked me if it would be alright if they took some water, and as I could not see why not, I said 'sure'. He then gave a signal and a hose or pipe was let down. His English was like mine, but he spoke slowly, as if he were a linguist and had to pick his way."

The man asked Udo what he was doing and this was explained. Udo, asked if he would be interested in coming aboard the ship, went willingly and without any sense of fear. As he got underneath the craft, Udo described the humming as "not loud, though it seemed to go through you"; once inside the ship the noise was hardly noticeable except what came up the stairwell.


"We entered into a room about twelve by sixteen feet, with a close-fitting sliding door on the farther end, indirect lighting near the ceiling and nice upholstered benches around the sides. There was an older man already in the room, plainly dressed, but his hair was snow white. I then noticed that the younger man's hair was also white."

Udo described him as being "young and strong-looking" and having clear, almost translucent skin.

Perhaps this explains the curious fact that Udo seems to have asked their age, even before asking their origin; clearly there was something about their appearance to prompt such an inquiry.

The men answered that one was "about six hundred years old" as we measure time and the other was "over nine hundred years" of age. They informed him that they knew over five hundred languages and were learning ours and improving upon them all the time.

When asked why they wanted to take water from the stream and not the lake, the younger man replied that, "the water was good and was free of algae (as if they had retrieved the same before) and it was convenient".

Many years later Udo indicated to a family member that hydrogen extracted from the water was in fact the fuel source for the craft.

Udo then asked what caused the noise of the craft and was not only shown the mechanism that powered the disc, but also given what appears to be a full and open discussion of the key principle involved, in the following words:"...'as you noticed we are floating above the ground, and though the ground slopes the ship is level. There are in the outside rim, two flywheels, one turning one way and the other in the opposite direction'.

"He explained [that] this gives the ship its own gravitation or rather overcomes the gravitational pull of the Earth and other planets, the sun and stars; and through the pull of the stars and ride on like you do when you sail on ice.

An interesting analogy. Elsewhere Udo described the 'flywheels' or rings as being about three feet wide and several inches thick, separated by rods turned by motors and next to 'battery of transformer'-like units all around the inside perimeter of the circular ship.

Udo was told that the two revolving rings or wheels developed an electromagnetic force, a term he did not understand at the time and inferred from what he learned that the ability to develop a cheaper and more practical energy source was of the utmost importance to mankind.

He was also told that the craft was able to focus on a distant star and use its energy to draw itself through space at speeds faster than light, quote: "skipping upon the light waves". These 1940 explanations seem remarkably similar to the propulsion method Robert Lazar claimed to have learned while working on alien craft in possession of the U.S. government at 'Area 51' and also sounds very much like some of the theories now being advanced by physicists:...the creation of a local distortion of space-time is expanded behind the spaceship, contracted ahead of it, yielding a hyper surfer like motion faster than the speed of light as seen by observers...

In essence, on the outgoing leg of its journey the spaceship is pushed away from Earth and pulled toward its distant destination by the engineered local expansion of space-time itself.

• Commentary on practical faster-than-light travel as proposed by Miguel Alcubierre, published in Classical and Quantum Gravity, 1994.

Udo then wrote "I then asked them where they got the energy to run such a large ship? They said from the sun and other stars and would store this in batteries, though this was for emergency use only. They carried another source but did not explain this to me..."

Asked where they came from, he was told they lived on a distant planet and gave its name - unfortunately not recorded by Udo - and pointed in its direction. Udo asked what their object was for coming to Earth?

"Well." he said, "as you have noticed, we look pretty much as you do, so we mingle with your people, gather information, leave instructions or give help where needed." Explaining that they were monitoring the progression and retrogression of our societies, the man claimed that they lived among us from time to time, a clear statement indicating long-term covert alien surveillance prior to 1940. Udo wrote that he did not understand what was meant by them "giving help where needed" but he did not feel it proper to ask about it further.

When Udo asked if they knew of Jesus Christ and about religion he was told that they would "like to speak of these things but are unable. We cannot interfere in any way". The area of religion and belief systems was to be the only question the aliens refused to discuss.

During his time on board, Udo was invited to be examined for impurities in his system by an "X-ray like machine" which passed over him. Little was recorded about this examination however and Udo seems to have attached scant importance to it.

While talking with the two men, a light had come on which Udo believed indicated that the water had been taken care of. He mentioned that he felt it was time for him to leave.

The alien's response was to ask if he was interested in going with them, to which Udo responded: " I said that I thought it would be interesting, but felt it would inconvenience too many people. Later, I wondered why I said that".

Some time later, Udo recalled an incident about two years previously where a young man had vanished nearby without a trace, despite days of searching by a sheriff's team. He wondered if the young man had met the same craft and gone with them.

As he started to leave the ship, they suggested to Udo that he "...'tell no-one, as no one would believe me at the time', but in years to come I could tell about this experience. When I walked away from the ship they raised the stairway, and when I got a couple of hundred feet away from the ship I turned around.

"A number [of] more portholes had opened up and though I could not see anyone, I felt sure they could see me, anyway I waved at them. The ship then rose straight up until it cleared the trees, then while circling slightly, it practically rose straight up and in a very short while was completely out of sight.

"As I didn't have a watch, I did not know for sure how long I had been with them, but according to the sun it was around noon, or somewhat around two hours."

Udo later related how some type of "energy" had permeated the area and that he lost his strength for several hours and was unable to walk. When his strength finally returned he went over to where the huge craft had hovered, finding only crushed grass where the stairway had rested. Later, still feeling overwhelmed by his unexpected experience, he walked back to his base camp.

Warren P. Aston 1997

Credits: The Udo Wartena case first came to my attention via a brief summary published in James L. Thompson’s Aliens and UFO’s (Bountiful Utah, Horizon. 1993). In his otherwise unique and insightful book Thompson did not conduct any investigation of this case however and his account of it contained numerous factual errors.

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The Falkville Tin Foil Alien Encounter - October 17, 1973

The year was 1973...I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. It was a tumultuous and cynical time filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. People were sick of reading about crooked politicians and continued war. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in abductions and extraordinary sightings...and I was riding the wave. Unparalleled UFO encounters and alien visitation’s occurred worldwide during the most extraordinary "UFO Flap". The number of UFO reports was unprecedented during this banner year. 1973 brought us the Pascagoula Incident and the Charlie Hickson and Coyne cases. But the one event that grabbed my attention the most was the Falkville Tin Foil Alien case.

On the Autumn evening of October 17, 1973, Jeff Greenhaw, then 26-year old Chief of Police of Falkville, Alabama, was settling in with his wife for a well deserved night of rest when he received an emergency call around 10 PM that would literally change his life forever.

The call was from an hysterical anonymous woman who claimed that a UFO had landed just outside of town in a field which was owned by Bobby Summerford.

Although he was off duty, Greenhaw...abiding by his sworn duty to serve and protect...jumped up, grabbed his keys, cuffs, revolver and his Polaroid camera, on the off chance that there might be something worth taking a shot of. He then hopped into his truck, radioed the call in and raced to the location of the alleged flying saucer landing.

When Greenhaw arrived on the scene he got out of his truck and patrolled the area, but claimed to find nothing out of the ordinary. The chief then returned to his vehicle and decided to take drive around the field before returning home. Greenhaw cruised around the perimeter of Summerford’s property, scanning the darkness for anything unusual, but saw nothing of interest in the murky blackness. He then turned down a narrow, gravel path for one final pass...that was when he came face to face with an unknown entity.

After traveling down the path for about a hundred yards, Greenhaw saw a being that he described as a humanoid figure standing next to the road, about 75-feet away. The chief got out of his truck and carefully approached what he still assumed to be a human being, thinking that it may be someone in need of assistance.

Greenhaw shouted to his strange companion, but it did not respond. As he got to within 15-feet of the being that was illuminated in his truck’s high-beams, the chief realized that something was very wrong. The entity appeared to be wearing some kind of silvery, metallic suit that resembled thick aluminum foil.

Some reports also indicate that its stature was somewhat child-like or simian, like a monkey in a spacesuit. Greenhaw described what he saw:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw also noted that the thing had an antenna sticking out from the top of its head and that its movements were jerky and mechanical.

The shocked Greenhaw realized that he was dealing with something unknown and, pushing his panic aside with years of police training, had the presence of mind to pick up his instant camera and shoot four photographs.

The first Polaroid shows nothing but inky darkness and a flash of silver, but the next three images hit paydirt. In the photos one can clearly see a human-like figure wearing a wrinkly, metallic suit, which is reflecting the Polaroid’s flash.

Perhaps believing that it was being attacked by a human with some kind of “light-beam” weapon, the creature almost instantaneously turned and began sprinting across the field at speeds far in excess of those capable by human. Greenhaw noted that it seemed to be heading in the general direction of Lacon, which is about three miles away from Falkville. The chief reacted swiftly, ran back to his truck and took off in pursuit of the 'tin foil man.'

Greenhaw would state that he managed to accelerate his truck only to about 35 MPH due to the rough terrain of the field, but that he was still completely outrun by this unusual entity, which defied the laws of gravity with it’s speed and and spring-like jumps. According to Greenhaw:

“It ran in a bizarre way...seemed to have springs in the feet for propulsion, could cover about three meters in every way. He was running faster than any human I ever saw.”

During this frantic off road pursuit, Greenhaw claims he lost control of his truck and slid into a ditch. At which point he watched as the creature slipped into the darkness never to be seen again. Leaving Greenhaw with only his haunting memories of the event and a single controversial Polaroid.

Greenhaw’s experience was instantly met with skeptical derision, if not outright ridicule.

Within months of revealing his bizarre encounter, the Chief of Police was terminated by the town council, his marriage fell apart and, just when it must have seemed as if matters couldn’t get any worse, his home was burned to the ground. All of the above factors have thrown kerosene on the already brightly burning flames of the UFO conspiracy theories surrounding this event and gives a clear indication as to why most contactees and eyewitnesses remain silent regarding their unusual experiences.

Some ufologists believe that the tin foil man was a robotic scout for an extra-terrestrial landing craft, while skeptics maintain that it was all a hoax perpetrated by Greenhaw and an unknown accomplice who was clad in a tin foil costume.

Falkville, Alabama
The images that Greenhaw snapped were collected and sent for analysis by Walt Andrus, a director of MUFON.

The conclusion drawn by the analysts was that the encounter was most likely a fabrication...probably inspired by all the furor surrounding the recent Pascagoula case. If was presumed that aluminum foil or an asbestos fire suit was used to create the unusual look of the creature.

Interestingly the negatives of the Greenhaw pictures that were studied by MUFON seem to show images of a “flying saucer” amongst them, although no one ever claimed to have photographed the object initially reported.

Chief Greenhaw garnered no financial gain or positive notoriety due to his experience and, while he has managed to rebuild some semblance of a normal life, all reports indicate that he continues to regret his encounter with this unknown. To this day, however, Greenhaw and his supporters insist that he had an actual encounter with an alien being.

UFOs 1973: Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings

I have had this picture for years - probably since 1973!
P. Urial

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By Mary Joyce

Sky ships and military helicopters have been observed over a second secret entrance to the underground world of government/military Black Operations in Western North Carolina. This one is located beneath a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facility on a mountaintop in the Hendersonville area. We’ve dubbed the site “FAAT” because it’s so much more than an FAA facility.

From the air, FAAT looks like an abandoned nuclear silo, but don’t be fooled says Rebecca who lives near the facility. As if to confirm this, FAAT is “bleached out” on a Google satellite map of the area. Details clearly aren’t clear, while the adjacent map segment is “unbleached.”

We found all this intriguing, so two of us from the Sky Ship website met with Rebecca at her home on Sunday, June 27, 2010. It was an adventure just getting there. She lives at the end of a steep, narrow, gravel road with multiple hairpin curves. The road ends abruptly at the FAAT gate, but it’s another 30-minute hike to the actual site.

Helicopters over FAAT

“There are two distinct things that happened up here that are very odd,” says Rebecca. “One was in 1969 or 1970. It was night and there were helicopters flying up at the top of the mountain. They would hover over the mountaintop and drop earthmoving equipment. They had floodlights up there and worked all night long. The shape of the mountaintop changed overnight.

“The next morning, my husband and I hiked up to the site,” she continues. “It was like walking on a fresh grave. It was like they’d dug something up, taken it out, put something else in and covered it up. I don’t have a clue what it was. It was covered with sod.”

Explosion at FAAT

“The other very strange thing that happened up there was about five years ago,” says Rebecca. “I was up here alone and heard and felt an explosion inside the mountain. It shook the entire house and the mountain. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was an earthquake or an explosion.”

She soon knew it had been an explosion when she saw an unmarked 18-wheeler being escorted by two unmarked white pick-up trucks, one in front and one behind, and a person walking beside the 18-wheeler.

“There was something huge on the trailer that was covered with a tarp,” she says. “They all went up the mountain and stayed up there all day. Late that afternoon, the three vehicles went back down the mountain with something on the trailer covered with a tarp. I was under the assumption they’d replaced whatever had blown up.”

Tire tracks disappear into wall

As if to emphasize this part of Rebecca’s story, a white Jeep Cherokee with a governmental seal on its door went by her home very, very slowly. It turned around at the end of the road and slowly went by her house again. We all shared a knowing chuckle and Rebecca continued.

“Back in the sixties, there was a vehicle that would come up every morning with three people in it,” says Rebecca. “The same vehicle would leave that night with three different people in it. They seemed to do three day shifts at the top of the mountain.
“There are a number of structures up there,” she adds. “I once managed to peak into one. I could see tire tracks go into a wall, so obviously something happened there - maybe an elevator behind the wall.”

Sky Ships over FAAT

“Most of sky ships I’ve seen here were round with a circular top and bottom -- very much like that one,” Rebecca says while pointing to Devon Heenan’s sky ship photo.

“Now I did see one at the bottom of the mountain by the side of a dirt road that was small,” she continues. “My husband stopped the car and we looked at it for probably two minutes. It was circular, like a big metal ball. It was about two feet across and had antennas sticking out from the top going in all directions. Some had little things on the ends and some didn’t. It was raised about eight inches to a foot off the ground on four wiry little legs. There were rows of lights going around the ball. If it had an equator, then there was a row of lights above and another row below that. The lights would move around the ball. I think it was remotely controlled because it was so small.

“When I started to open the car door to get out and investigate closer, my husband reached across, closed the door and said, ‘We’re out of here!’ When we returned from town it was gone.”

This Google satellite map of the FAAT facility appears 'bleached' so details are obscured.

See map on Google -,-82.268125&spn=0.000951,0.002586&t=h&z=19 Used with permission

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On February 25, 1999 three forestry workers in the Mt. St. Helens area of Washington State witnessed a daytime elk abduction. The preliminary report appeared in the MUFON UFO Journal of May 1999. The follow-up investigation reveals additional details and corrects inaccuracies. For purposes of confidentiality, all witness names are pseudonyms.

The preliminary investigation:

On a cold March afternoon with fresh snow up to their boot tops and a rolling valley before them, Peter Davenport (Director, National UFO Reporting Center) and Robert Fairfax (MUFON investigator) stood contemplating the account of an extraordinary event. Also at the edge of the bank stood Jack (landowner's representative) recounting details-albeit secondhand - of"the incident witnessed by members of a crew of Hispanic forestry workers: a daytime elk abduction.

As it turned out, Jack did not have all the particulars of the elk abduction correct, but we were not to find that out until much later. The 14 forestry workers could not plant seedling trees the Friday we arrived on site because ten inches of snow had fallen the previous night; therefore the crew had been given the day off. Hastily, an interview was arranged, through their employer, with three of the witnesses that same afternoon.

However, circumstances were not conducive to obtaining an accurate and detailed report. The meeting took place in a deserted parking lot of a wayside cafe. The cacophony of rushing traffic saturated the background, creating additional handicaps, since none of the three witnesses spoke more than a smidgen of English. Add to this picture a chill to the air, a limited time before sunset, and the requirement of telling the story through their boss, Emanuel, as interpreter to get an idea of the situation.

So here we were, seven of us, standing around the tailgate of a pickup truck for an extemporaneous investigation. Conducting separate interviews was not a viable option. Even though group interviewing conflicts with traditional investigative practice, we perceived little choice in the matter-we needed to take advantage of this opportunity. Fully aware of the pitfalls this method of investigation presented, we made sure we scrutinized the group dynamics. As far as we could tell, each held to a personal version without acquiescing to group decision or falling under anothers influence. We were aware the participants had discussed the events among themselves extensively.

Emanuel's efforts at translating were laudable, but he was neither a trained investigator nor interpreter. He had not been present during the abduction, and the event floated somewhere outside his compass of understanding. This presented a challenge, since we were unable to understand for ourselves what the witnesses were saying. Compounding these difficulties, Emanuel seemed reserved in his translations. We knew he believed something strange had happened to his workers; however, we also suspected he was not ready to believe anything as exotic as an alien craft snatching up an elk.

The testimony waxed expansive and waned timid by turns-torn between the need to tell their story and the anxiety of raised eyebrows at the outrageousness of the tale they told.

We struggled with the narrative for 35 minutes. There were innumerable questions yet to ask, but the hour grew late and signals via body language suggested we close the interview and bid farewell. Though crippled by the language barrier, our initial interview provided a tentative and skeletal picture of the event. We wanted to schedule individual interviews for the upcoming week, but were told that the witnesses would be too busy planting trees for the next few weeks-an apparent conspiracy of wet weather and time of year.

Our wait was to last 57 days. Weighing on our minds during this time-out was the knowledge that the ponderous passage of time truncates a witness' sharp recollection of details-the blur factor. In the meantime we searched for another translator. Finding no suitable candidate in Washington, our eyes turned south to California where we knew an ideal interpreter resided. Ruben Uriarte, MUFON's State Director for Northern California, was the answer to our problem: he not only speaks fluent Spanish, but also excels in investigation. Could we recruit him and persuade him to fly to Washington and give us a hand? The answer was an enthusiastic "yes."

The follow-up investigation:

Ruben began immediately by phoning Emanuel and coaxing the witnesses' phone numbers out of proprietary insularity. Then, over the next few days he arranged a meeting with several of the witnesses at one of the worker's home.

Prior to Ruben's involvement in the case, another Washington MUFON investigator, Kathleen Andersen, joined the team. Kathleen began by cross checking other UFO events in the Mt St. Helens area, seeking correlation and commonalities. She found cases, but no matches.

An early gray Seattle morning on the first Saturday of May found Kathleen packing her Jeep with food, with equipment, and with two investigators—Ruben and Robert. We headed south. When we arrived at the designated house, the scene was a bit awkward at first, due to a small crowd that included friends and relatives milling about. The witnesses were not quite sure if they wanted to be interviewed.

Fortunately, Ruben has the gift of setting people at ease, and within a short time the witnesses began talking. We were able to interview the witnesses both individually and together as a group. Later that afternoon, seven of us jumped into two vehicles and drove to the remote site in the foothills where the abduction had taken place. After 9 1/2 hours of investigation, we discovered that the preliminary report (as reported in MUFON UFO JOURNAL of March, 1999) needed amendment.

The incident:

Shortly before noon on the last Thursday of February, 1999, fourteen forestry workers had just broken for lunch and were heading for the crew vehicle. Francisco and Augustine were nearly at the turnout (1900 ft. elevation), Manuel and two others were walking up the slope (about 1600 ft. elevation) from an old overgrown access road, while the rest of the crew was scattered, most midway between the two groups on the north-facing hillside. Francisco stopped to rest momentarily and watched the 14 elk of a herd that had been browsing all morning on a nearby slope northeast of them.

Then, out of the northeast, he spotted a strange moving object. The UFO, presumably, had already dropped some 70 feet down the height of the Douglas Fir trees bordering the dirt road and was now drifting over a hilltop. Skimming the clear-cut at brush top level and hugging the contour of the hill, the UFO appeared to be heading slowly toward the herd of elk. The object's initial location was approximately 800 yards distant and 200 ft. lower in elevation than Francisco's location.

At first Francisco mistook it for a bi-colored paraglider silently drifting in for a landing. The object had a strange, slow wobble. It showed red on the right half, white on the left. Francisco quickly realized that he was not seeing any type of parachute.

The object advanced toward the elk herd, staying close to the ground as if in a "stealth mode." When the elk became aware of the object, they bolted. Most tried running up the slope to the east, but the going was slow. A lone elk separated from the herd and headed north. The craft targeted the loner and moved in. Surprised and astounded, Francisco shouted to Augustine, "Look at that! Look at that!"

The clear-cut terrain prevented rapid movement for the animals: innumerable small deciduous trees had trunks cut about 18" above the ground, transforming them into sharp stakes pointing skyward. The trunks, bristling with branches, lay helter-skelter, presenting criss crossing barricades. The lone animal could not run fast. The wobbling craft, moving no faster than between 5 and 7 mph (est.), easily overtook it.

Augustine had missed the pursuit but caught sight of the UFO as it took the elk. Down-slope, Manuel (crew supervisor) also witnessed the capture-500 yards distant. Nearly every other person's attention had been diverted toward the main group of fleeing animals. The craft moved directly above the female elk and somehow lifted it into the air without any visible means of support evident to the observers.

At this point, the animal ceased discernible movement-no kicking legs, no struggling body, and no indication of consciousness. The witnesses were amazed that the craft could lift the 500-pound animal. The "wing span" of the object measured not much longer than the length of the elk-about 7 to 8 feet. (The increase in size attributed to the craft in the earlier report seems to have been an illusion caused by a change in the craft's angle of tilt over the terrain at the point of capture.)

The captured elk, its head apparently against the ventral surface of the craft, and body standing stiffly upright, was lifted off the ground-just enough to clear the underbrush. The craft continued its slow, wobbling oscillation. The suspended elk moved likewise as if she were a solid metal sculpture welded to the craft. After the craft acquired (without pause) the animal, it moved away at the same slow pace, to the north, following the contour of the land. The elk's feet were observed sweeping circles, in conjunction with the craft's movement, just above the brush and tree tops.

Within a short time the craft approached the forest edge that defined the end of the clear-cut area. Apparently the craft did not stop or maneuver in time to avoid hitting some of the lower branches. Because of the considerable distance of the craft, the witnesses could not discern exactly what had hit the trees-whether the craft, the elk, or something else is unknown.

After hitting the branches, the witnesses saw it dip sharply and reverse direction before ascending vertically in front of the tree line. All three had the impression that the object had almost dropped the animal. Once above the tree top level, it moved over the forest margin and continued northward, dipped out of sight momentarily (perhaps still following the contour line of tree tops), then ascended at roughly a 45-degree angle into the distance until it was obscured by clouds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the herd had gathered into a tight huddle near the tree line, a normal behavior when a predatory threat is perceived. This herd consisted of cows and yearlings. The bulls at this time of year stay in bachelor groups at a higher elevation. The huddle lasted for two hours.

Reactions and emotions:

The witnesses shared their story among themselves at lunch. Several of the workers that had not sighted the craft expressed doubt that anything extraordinary had happened. Nevertheless, the reactions of both the elk and the excited co-workers evoked fear, generating a tense emotional atmosphere. The humans, analogous to the elk's behavior, consciously stayed in close proximity for the rest of the afternoon. Even those that doubted the story knew something had happened and were not comfortable working far from the rest.

Some, perhaps because of limited beliefs imposed by philosophical predisposition, clung to a tightly fenced world - trying to force all that they had heard into some familiar pattern, consistent with their reality. These were the fellows that had directed jokes and gibes at Francisco in particular. These skeptics continued planting seedling trees throughout the afternoon in a normal manner. This was in sharp contrast to those workers who feared a return of the object-they planted with heads continually swiveling skyward.

Craft Details:

Curiously, the witnesses were unable to agree on all the structural details of the craft. No one person had a complete description. Generally, all agreed on the length of the "wing span" (7-8 ft.) because they could compare it to the elk suspended beneath. Augustine perceived the relative depth to length, which measured out to 14 -18 inches. Manuel had the clearest perception of the width to length (5-6 feet) and the rear indentation.

All agreed that the UFO intermittently showed a red and a white patch on the surface. Francisco was sure it was a part of the craft's skin, but Augustine thought they were lights, and Manuel could not tell either way. They were unanimous that the red was dull (comparable to red pencil on a heavy textured paper), without luminescence, and that the white reflected like bright enamel paint. They were in agreement that red was on the right, white on the left, yet size, shape and position of the colors was not precisely known.

The craft's wobble caused the red and white to show intermittently. (See illustration of oscillation cycle: the top surface orients toward the observer for approximately one half of the wave revolution period.) The craft's color, other than the red and white areas, was described as gray. There were no reflections or surface characteristics that suggested the surface was metallic (note: it was an overcast day.).

The trio described the craft's complex motion primarily through hand movements. As close as can be determined, the UFO had an oscillatory period of about 2 to 2 1/2 seconds. This particular motion-apart from the object's forward motion-is difficult to describe except in terms of analogy. Peter described the motion as similar to that of a spinning coin as it is winding down and closely approaching a flat surface.

Francisco expressed regret that he had not taken time to carefully examine the details of the craft. He had been astounded and felt so much concern for the elk that his attention was focused on watching the animal. He realized immediately that if the object could carry off a 500-pound animal, it could easily abduct a per-son-a frightening notion that several members of the group later shared.

Puzzling Question:

The craft's estimated speed ("I could walk as fast as it moved."-i.e. approximately 5-7 mph) closely matches the estimated duration (3-5 min.) required for the observed distance traveled, as measured on a topographical map. With such a long sighting duration, an important question looms: "Why didn't more people see the craft with an elk suspended under it?" A number of reasons appear to answer this:

• When Francisco excitedly announced and pointed out the event, only Augustine was near enough to discern that the direction of his index finger pointed left of the herd. 14 panic-stricken elk, all weaving their way up slope, presented a sight that would be apt to draw a person's attention.

• Not everyone heard Francisco shout, and the other witnesses remained quiet.

• Within a very short time, the craft and herd (both moving away from each other) had separated enough that when bystanders visually searched for an assumed predator, such as a mountain lion, they did not scrutinize terrain far enough away from the herd to see the craft. They also spent time checking the immediate area around themselves for dangerous animals.

• All three witnesses to the craft were so astounded and absorbed with watching the UFO that at the time they did not think to question other spectators as to what they were watching.


Most of the workers have developed a sudden interest in UFOs following this incident. Some related that their spouses did not believe the story. A few are nervous when working in the forest, especially when in the general area of the incident-they constantly search the sky. Francisco could not understand what he saw, and spent several sleepless nights pondering whether the object was some type of prehistoric animal or an extraterrestrial craft. All want answers.

All graphics were done by Robert Fairfax. Ruban Uriarte submitted the official report to MUFON Headquarters, along with the photos of the witnesses. - Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, and Robert A. Fairfax, Director of Investigations, Mutual UFO Network, for the Washington State - also Ruben Uriarte and Kathleen Anderson


Diagram of UFO by Robert Fairfax. (credit: FATE Magazine)

An update to this case appeared in Filer’s Files #12-1999. Mr. Filer contacted Mr. Robert A. Fairfax to see if he had more details on the case. Part of Mr. Fairfax’s response follows:

Filer: "I am particularly interested in the description of the craft itself."

Fairfax: "So am I; this is one of the areas we will try and nail. There were two flashes described as the craft wobbled. A fluorescent magenta (top) and a white (bottom). These were apparently not lights but seemed to be areas on the surface. They were seen intermittently but again we will need to pin the details down along with many others."

Filer: "What was the direction of flight and the last known direction of travel?"

Fairfax: "It was first seen in the SE traveling toward the NNW. It departed slowly to the NE, and then made a near vertical ascent into cloud cover."

Filer: "Did they notice any kind of plasma, lighting, or electrical effects around the craft?"

Fairfax: "Possibly, the two bright color areas. The craft seemed to increase in size as it was capturing the elk. We’re trying to clarify that."

Filer: "Did the craft tilt as it changed direction?"

Fairfax: "Wobbling was reported that was more pronounced before direction changes, but we need to verify with more witnesses.

Filer" "Did they notice a hum or sound?"

Fairfax: "There was no sound.

Filer: "Did you notice the height of the trees or the approximate height and distance from picking up the elk to the top of the trees?"

Fairfax: "Yes, but no precise calculations have been done. It had plenty of room to maneuver and climb."

Filer: "Did they notice any windows?"

Fairfax: "There were no windows."

Thanks to Lon Strickler (Phantoms and Monsters blog) and MUFON for relaying this case.


On October 25, 1974 Carl Higdon of Rawlins, Wyoming was hunting on Elk Mountain. He saw an elk and fired at it. He was amazed to see his bullet fall to the ground. Then he saw a very unusual Being standing to one side. The Being had blond hair that stood straight up like straw with two "antenna" amidst the "straw" like it was part of his head. He wore a one piece suit with straps criss crossing his chest, a belt with apparatus's. On his right arm where the hand would be was a metal sharp hand that came to a point in the shape of a cornucopia. He then pointed this hand at Carl and he found himself inside a very small craft that had 3 elk in the back of it. He could not imagine how there was room for 2 people and 3 elk. He asked the "alien" who said his name was Ausso 1 how that could be. He said they were able to miniturize the elk. Carl then felt his own body being reduced in weight, muscles, etc.

Carl was taken to another planet where they examined him and sent him back. He was thankful he had previously had a vasectomy. He felt he wouldn't have been returned if he had not.

It was interesting that he observed cattle grazing in fields around the area they came in to land. The atmosphere was a reddish dim color, like there was no sunlight.

At the time we lived in Wyoming not far from Rawlins. One day we went there to find Carl but one of his relatives said he had moved to Texas because of all the harassment by investigators about his case. I do not know the rest of the story or what has happened to him.



If anyone is looking for a copy of the UFO Contact Picture book from the Plieades, Laura Cyr has two for sale - price is negotiable. Contact her at lauralcyr@hotmailcom.

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Illustration by Matthew Whiting


EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this e-mail on August 30, 2010 from Rick Moore of Franklin, NC. Following the e-mail is his story which was the bulk of a March 25, 2009 column by Roger Marsh with The testimony shows that large triangular Sky Ships have been seen for decades in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The way it behaved supports the common belief that triangular ships are man made.

I came across your site by accident (?) and as a long time resident of this area, I thought I would share a true story that happened to myself and my (ex) wife back in late March of 1986 in Jackson County. Rather than relate it all over again, I will just link to a story done about the sighting. . . .

If you have any questions or would like to use this true report, please feel free to do so, and you may use my real name. . . .

I believe we are in a very special area indeed, and I have met many people who ended up around here but had no idea why! I am originally from Miami, Florida and have been here for almost 30 years now after being drawn here by a “feeling” long ago. I had an auto detailing business some years ago in Cashiers at the EXXON and so I know the area pretty well, and have no doubt that it is a '”special” area indeed. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy reading about our experience.

Rural motorcyclist witness to massive triangle UFO

In early (March) of 1986 we were married about six months and living in a cabin in Jackson County, NC in the Adie community. The road leading home is the Old Sylva Highway; a two lane country road, and it was about 11 p.m. that night.

There was no other traffic, which was normal at that hour, and we were slowly cruising home on my motorcycle. Just past the beer distributor (Budd), I looked up at the night sky and noticed that a red light was just coming over head; it was so close overhead that I was startled. I pulled the Yamaha over to the side of the road and we pulled our helmets off.

Coming from south to north was a triangular craft, with a red light at each tip. It was no more than about 100 yards above us, and the red lights were at least 100 yards in between each one, forming a perfect triangle. It was massive - huge. I was experiencing a gut fear; it looked so heavy, so massive, that I was having a primal fear that if it set straight down we would be reduced to a smear on the ground. I recall thinking, "My God, I could hit it with a pistol!!" and then "I could hit it with a strong bow!!" That’s how low it was.

I could not see the sky between the lights, but could not make out a definite outline of the craft either…but the red lights never varied in position and were traveling "flat," meaning that one red light was at the "front" of the thing and the other two were at the rear. . . it was moving north.

Just to make sure that I was not having some mental issue, I began immediately asking my wife to tell me what she was seeing…doing a "reality check" of sorts, to make sure that I was not misinterpreting what was happening. But, she was seeing exactly the same thing and related it perfectly in accordance with what I was seeing.

The craft came over us

The craft was totally silent. No noise at all. It was moving very slowly, maybe 5-10 mph at most, just "drifting" over us, if something that looked as if it weighed a million tons could "drift." It had a "feeling" about it; not bad, but intelligently controlled. I could "feel" that it was occupied and flown purposefully. The craft came over us and began moving slowly away to the north.

It gained in altitude as we watched, and at a point when it was perhaps 500 feet up or so, it STOPPED, TURNED THE ONE FRONT FACING RED LIGHT UP TO THE TOP OF THE ARRAY, WITH THE OTHER TWO AT THE BOTTOM, AND CARTWHEELED OFF INTO THE EASTERN SKY!!!

That really blew us away. We were stunned and began talking about how the occupants had "buzzed" us intentionally. It seemed to us that the craft had spotted a lone motorcycle on the road and decided to play with us a bit. There is no way that this was not done with purpose.

Had the lights been off, we would no doubt have not seen anything. Had the craft not come so low that it caused a fear reaction, we might not have been attracted to it in such detail; it was as if it WANTED to be seen, and the cartwheeling at the end was a sort of "goodbye" from the operators, whom I imagined were having a good laugh at how we must be changing our drawers after such an event!!

I would be happy to relate this to someone that could plot the event on paper, and it was for sure one of the most incredible things ever to happen to us. I had about an entire 90 seconds to experience this after we stopped until it was totally out of sight, so I got a good look at the thing. I have no idea as to who was operating it, but my gut tells me it was anti-gravity for sure, probably back engineered and likely flown by humans.

I did not get the feeling through this that we were being surveyed by aliens; rather, it seemed to be a goof, someone blowing a couple of motorcyclist’s minds for a laugh. At least, that's the impression I got. The cartwheeling was no doubt intended to be seen and it was so unusual that it could only be attributed to a purposeful event.

Thanks to Evelyn Gordon for the above report.

This reminds me of a case many years ago where a group of motorcyclists were camping at Bryce Canyon campground. A huge object, described as above, came down over where they were camped for the night. All of them saw it. One of the persons in that group I have previously written about when he saw 5 landed UFOs at Red Mountain in Washington state. Could it be that they were just letting him know they were still monitoring him? Who knows the reason; it could be just coincidental. - Aileen

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Edgar Cayce’s psychic gifts appeared at an early age. When he was six, he told his parents that he could see and talk to deceased relatives and angels. As a young boy, he astonished his teachers by memorizing every word in his spelling book by sleeping with his head on the book rather than reading it. Later, he told of a visit from an angelic being who asked him what he wished to do with his life. Cayce responded that he hoped to help heal the sick, and he was told his aspiration would be fulfilled.

Cayce first discovered that he had a sensitivity for understanding physical ailments physical ailments when he lost his voice while working as an insurance and book saleman in partnership with his father, Leslie Cayce. Cayce as working as a traveling salesman and was doing well enough to entertain thoughts of marrying. One day, in his twenty-third year, he took a sedative to treat a headache and, soon after, developed a severe case of laryngitis. He could barely speak above a whisper, but at first he was not concerned since he knew that people often lost their voices for brief periods of time. Cayce’s voice did not return, however, and after months of medical treatments and consultations with specialists failed to restore his voice, he had to give up his job and look for something that did not require him to speak.

Eventually, Cayce found a job in his hometown of Hopkinsville, Kentucky as a photographer’s assistant. By this time, he had resigned himself to never being able to speak normally again, and he took comfort in his fiancee, Gertrude, his family , and his daily reading of the Bible.

One day, a traveling hypnotist by the name of Hart the Laugh King came to Hopkinsville. Someone in town who knew of Hart’s clinical work with hypnosis told hm of Cayce’s chronic, apparently incurable loss of voice, and Hart offered to try an experiment with Edgar. Edgar agreed and was hypnotized by Hart. To the amazement of all present, Cayce was able to speak normally and clearly while under hypnosis. As soon as he was awakened, however, his voice returned to a faint whisper. This experiment was repeated several times and each time, Cayce’s voice would disappear once he was awakened from his hypnotic trance.

March 13, 1901, Hart the Laugh King was long gone, and Edgar Cayce still had no voice.

He had not given up on regaining his ability to speak, however, and he prevailed upon a local man with skill in hypnosis to help him.

Cayce went into a trance and immediately began to speak in a normal voice He quickly identified his loss of voice as a “psychological condition producing a physical effect.” He then “told himself” how to cure it: he needed to increase blood flow to his throat and upper chest. As everyone watched, Cayce’s upper body and neck became bright red as he willed blood to flow to the afflicted areas.

Upon awakening, his voice had returned.

This event was the beginning of Edgar Cayce’s life long practice of providing “readings” for people from all over the world. With no formal education, and no medical training at all, Cayce was able to identify what was wrong with people, and tell them how they could be healed. Often, all he needed was the name and address of the afflicted person. He would lie on a couch, place himself into a fugue state that was a combination of sleep and a trance, and then answer questions put to him. He did not remember what he said when he was “under,” and was often amazed at the words he had spoken during a reading. His secretary Gladys Davis transcribed everything he said during his Life Readings, most of which were conducted and guided by his wife Gertrude.

Today, all of Cayce’s readings are stored at the Association of Research and Enligtenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia and are available on CD-ROM. It was determined that Cayce answered questions on over ten thousand subjects during his readings. His success rate was extraordinarily high and far exceeded the happenstance vagaries of coincidence.

Cayce’s fame spread worldwide, and he was investigated by both skeptics and the police for his “medical advice” and for suspicion of fortune telling. One Catholic writer who visited Virginia Beach with the intention of “exposing” Cayce as a fraud instead ended up writing an acclaimed biography of Cayce.

So, was Edgar Cayce a true psychic? A Prophet? A seer? Or was he just incredibly lucky?

The evidence overwhelmingly supports that Cayce was a true clairvoyant. Some fundamentalists rage against his readings as the work of Satan, claiming that he was a promoter of demonology and the occult. This is a curious position ot take regarding someone who expressed interest in doing nothing but helping people and who read the Bible cover to cover every year of his life.

Throughout his life, Edgar Cayce claimed no special abilities nor did he ever consider himself to be some kind of twentieth-century prophet. The readings never offered a set of beliefs that had to be embraced, but instead focused on the fact that each person should test in his or her own life the principles presented. Though Cayce himself was a Christian and read the Bible from cover to cover every year of his life, his work was one that stressed the importance of comparative study among belief systems all over the world. The underlying principle of the readings is the oneness of all life, tolerance for all people, and a compassion and understanding for every major religion in the world. - Above statement by Kevin J. Todeschi who wrote Edgar
Cayce’s ESP: Who He Was, What He Said, and How it came True.
This article was taken from the book “THE WEIRD 100”

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Sabine Minthorn, Cayuse Mother and Baby



The Lost Colony of Roanoke was a group of English settlers who disappeared from Roanoke Island, North Carolina, without a trace, sometime between 1587 and 1590, leaving behind nothing but the word ‘CROATOAN” carved into a fence post.

WHAT THE BELIEVERS SAY: The complete disappearance of 113 or more people, along with everything they possessed, suggests the possibility of some kind of supernatural abduction scenario. Perhaps they were all seized by aliens and beamed up to a Mothership??

John White thought it fortunate that he was arriving back at the Roanoke settlement on the day of his granddaughter’s third birthday. He had returned to England nine days after Virginia Dare’s birth in the New World, and the war with Spain had prevented his return until now. For three years, he had kept his daughter Eleanor and granddaughter Virginia in his thoughts as the British decimated the Spanish Armada, and now he was soon to see them again. “She is probably a spitting image of her mother,” he mused as his three ships neared shore. They had fired off a cannon blast to alert the settlers of their return and they had seen smoke rising from the island, which they believed was from a signal fire.

But John White and his crew were not greeted with a warm welcome from the settlers. Upon landing, they found... nothing. All the houses and structures had been “taken down.” and on a palisade fence, White found carved the word ‘CROATOAN,” which he had given them to “signifie the place, where I should find the planters seated, according to a secret token agreed upon between them and me at my last departure from them... for at my coming away, they were prepared to remove fifty miles into the maine.

More than four hundred years later, the disappearance of the Roanoke settlers remains one of American history’s most puzzling riddles.

Are there any theories about the disappearance that are more plausible than others?

Yes, and many historians believe that the notion that the settlers migrated to Croatoan on Hatteras Island makes the most sense. John White had told the settlers to carve the name of their destination on a tree or fence if they decided to pack up and move, and he had also told them to cut a Maltese cross above the name of the place if they were being forced to leave,or if they were being taken away as prisoners. There was no Maltese cross above the word Croatoan, suggesting that their departure was of their own free will.

Were they, thus assimilated into the bloodline of the Chesapeake Indians?

English explorer John Lawson visited Roanoke Island 119 years after the disappearance of the colony He spent some time with the Hatteras Indians, who were direct descendants of the original Croatoan tribe. He later wrote that the Indians told him that “several of their ancestors were white people and could talk into a book as we do, the truth of which is confirmed by gray eyes being found infrequently among these Indians and no others.

Could the colonists have been slaughtered by the Croatoan Indians, and one of the colony’s last survivors carved the name of their murderers on the palisade? Possible, but both the Spanish and the English not only carefully investigated the site of the original colony, but also searched far and wide for any sign of the colonists and came up empty-handed. One would think that there would be signs of the bloody massacre of more than one hundred people - even if it was nothing more than blood on the sand.

What about the supernatural theories? Some have posited that the entire colony was abducted by aliens, and that they were beamed up to a spaceship. This would explain the total lack of any evidence whatsoever that there had ever been anyone on Roanoke Island upon John White’s arrival.

As with all farfetched, supernatural or paranormal theories, we cannot disprove that this is what happened, as implausible as it sounds.

And thus the continuing mystery, and our conclusion here that the fate of the lost colony of Roanoke is, in the end, still inconclusive.

Croatan Indian History

The legal designation in North Carolina for a people evidently of mixed Indian and white blood, found in various eastern sections of the state, but chiefly in Robeson County, and numbering approximately 5,000. For many years they were classed with the free Negroes, but steadily refused to accept such classification or to attend the Negro schools or churches, claiming to be the descendants of the early native tribes and of white settlers who had intermarried with them.

About 20 years ago their claim was officially recognized and they were given 9, separate legal existence under the title of "Croatan Indians," on the theory of descent from Raleigh's lost colony of Croatan (q. v.). Under this name they now have separate school provision and are admitted to some privileges not accorded to the negroes. The theory of descent from the lost colony may be regarded as baseless, but the name itself serves as a convenient label for a people who combine in themselves the blood of the wasted native tribes, the early colonists or forest rovers, the runaway slaves or other negroes, and probably also of stray seamen of the Latin races from coasting vessels in the West Indian or Brazilian trade.

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Thank you Albert Rosales for sending this most interesting report.

Location: Alton Barnes, Wilshire, England
Early August 1994

The primary witness, 53-year old Jenny, a retired teacher and a friend, 26-year old Steve were traveling in their work van representing a Gourmet food company when they came over the top of the hill by East Field and immedicately saw crop circles. The crop circles in the golden wheat were a beautiful sight that neither witness had seen before. They pulled into a farmer’s track at the side of the hill and drove up to the edge of the tramlines for a better look.

They both immediately noticed six very tall figures in the nearest crop circle. The figures appeared to be wearing hooded cowls and appeared to be purposefully moving around in the circle. The witnesses were fascanted because the people were movng around the circle with their arms high above their heads and they appeared to be all moving in a rhythmic way. They were moving from the center of the circle to the outer circumference.

Jokingly Jenny exclaimed, “Oh look we’ve caught them, they must have just made it.” At this stage the figures were about a quarter of a mile away. Jenny decided to stay in the van and wait for the strangers since they had to walk right by them when they left the field by the tramline. The six figures walked up the tramline. The figures were all over six feet tall. The two male figures among the group of six were wearing their hooded cowls up even though it wasn’t raining. The high hooded cowl worn by each of the figures resembled in profile the shape made by a penquin with its head down. These men also wore long brown capes down to ground level. The hooded cowls revealed these two males to have very large blue eyes, very high cheekbones and long pallid faces. The four females all had the same medival Pageboy style, to shoulder length and parted in the center. All of them had blue eyes. Two of the females wore green cowls and the two others wore one red and one yellow cowl. The colors of the textiles were muted and matt in color. The females had more oval faces and deep-set eyes than the males, however, they all looked so near identical it was uncanny. The females had all let their hoods down, to rest elegantly upon their hosulders, revealing their fine blond hair. What was most noiceable was their eyes, they remained both limpid and expressionless throughout. They appeared almost resigned, a grave expressionless air emanated from them that made the witnesses uneasy.

One of the females had crimped hair and a straight fringe. It was this person that came forward to Jenny at first as she passed by them, the others gathered around on her side of the van. She felt compeled to stay in the van. As she looked at the strangers she saw no limbs other than their booted feet, their bodies remaining completely covered.

Jenny spoke through the van window to the first female as she approached her, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye she said, “Are they freshly made?” The woman answered “Oh yes, they are freshly made,” in a part Germanic and part Dutch accent. In awe, Jenny asked, “Ah, have you seen these before?” “Oh yes!” was the reply. “Where are you from?” asked Jenny, while she thought in her head that they were not from this world. The surprising answer was, “We are from Holland,” said the blond female. Jenny then asked the woman if they had seen crop circles in Holland and the reply was in the affirmative. Jenny then asked, “Why do circles only seem to appear in cereal crops?” She was told that circles and patterns appear in vegetables, in cabbages, and spinach, circles in the trees, in the sand and in the ice. Jenny received no reply when she asked how had they arrived in Alton Barnes. She then asked the group what were they doing in the field. They each replied randomly from where they stood, “We are testing the circles for vibrations.” “We were dowsing with metal rods,” “We could feel the energy under our feet,” “They have just been made.” “We make a study of these circles.”

Although the strangers said they had dowsing rods they were not in evidence. Jenny then asked “What happens when dowsing rods are used?” The answer was, “When they are held in front, the rods violently swing in opposite directions. The left to the left and the right to the right.”

At this point two of the other females had just gone. Jenny checked for them in the wing mirrors, but could not see a trace of them. The woman with the crimped hair now appeared to dig her still covered arm deep inside her cape. “I have something to show you,” she told Jenny. Jenny put her hand out of the van window pinching her finger and thumb in anticipation to pick up whatever she was about to receive. “No, open your palm” came the reply. She obediently opened her hand revealing her palm”. Quickly the stranger’s hand darted out of her sleeve as she pulled something out from within her cloak. It was a very rapid darting movement, but in that time she noticed that the fingers were extremely long and without an obvious thumb.

A piece of metal about twice the size of the British 50 pence piece now lay on Jenny’s palm. It was about a quarter of an inch thick. It fitted close to her skin, almost as if the metal had something soft and molten about it This was the rounded side underneath the object. The metal looked like a new pewter, and the shape tapered at one end. The top surface had hundreds of little facets cut like diamonds. On top of this, there was a little cut motif. It was rather like the shape of a fern leaf but with fractal like detail similar to that found but with ice on a frozen windowpane. There were also many tiny holes, similar to the tiny holes fround in an old piece of driftwood. It was beautiful and Jenny looked at the strange object for two minutes without saying anything. She gave it to Steve so he could hold it and he exclaimed how light it was. Jenny turned to the female at the window and went to plant the object where she expected her hand to be, but was told, “Put out your hand out flat.” Again her hand without a visible thumb shot out rapidly and took the object back. Jenny was told that they had found the object in a crop circle in Holland and that scientists had examined it and said that it was not from the Earth, that it came from outer space.

“We must go now” said the woman as she began to move behind the van with the other remining female. Again Jenny looked back and they did not go up the path and they did not go up the bank. They just vanished. Now the two male hooded figures remained behind, which up to now had been quietly watching the witnesses. They then stepped forward silently. Jenny turned to them and said, “Well what do you think this all means then?” Again came a reply in heavy Dutch German accents, and once more the men took it in turns to speak. They looked like twins and sounded the same.

“They are trying to tell us something, we will not listen.” Jenny questioned them on their statement. They each answered again in turns. “Earth’s resources are finite.” “We must stop pillaging the earth.” “We must stop exploiting each other and stop killing each other or God will be very angry.” Then one of them said. “Did you know that the DNA of the wheat that has been flattened is different from the wheat that is standing next to it?” Jenny told the men that she had heard that before,, they seemed surprised at this. Then they said, “we must go now.” Then they proceeded to pass the van and with a step toward the road they vanished. They disappeared just like the others. Both witnesses then proceeded to explore the crop circles. They found blackened sections in the center of the circles.

COMMENTS: A clear-cut case, apparently directly connecting crop circle activity with “alien”humanoids. The cloaked or hooded humanoids have been reportedl frequently in different parts of the world. I believe that God has been angry with us for a while now.

This article is from my original blog “UFO Experiences” and is dated November 14, 2005.