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US Air Force / US Navy Study to Create and Operate Traversable Wormholes or Portals and the UFO / ET Activity in Puerto Rico - Part Three

Part Three
By Jorge Martín   C. 2011. All rights reserved.

            Some years ago there were some incidents in the island -municipality of Vieques (located in eastern Puerto Rico and was under the control of the US Navy, that used it, even though it was an inhabited island, for bombing exercises and to experiment with new weapons) witch seem to be related to the type of phenomena we discussed in the previous articles, the cosmic portals or "wormholes", but with the difference that the manifestation of the openings appeared to be electronically induced.
            On Fathers Day, in June 2001 (shortly after civic actions by the organized people of Vieques and in general the people of Puerto Rico forced the US Navy to stop its military exercises on the island-municipality,  citizen José 'Chino' Rosa and his wife were riding on horseback through the area of what had been the western base of the US Navy in Vieques, during an activity organized to raise money for charity purposes.
            After a while Rosa and his wife decided to separate from the main group and reached the area of magazines or bunkers where the US Navy used to store their explosives, etc.
            They rode into the area of Playa Grande Lagoon, which borders the southern coastline, and between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. , already inside the premises of a Radar Over the Horizon System (ROTHR), - a mini HAARP system the U.S. Navy settled there-, they witnessed a truly fantastic event.
            While facing the system's antennas they saw that "... the heavens opened, there was an opening in the sky and out from it came an immense ball of gray light that hit against one of the antennas, resulting in a noise like a loud explosion ... like the one you hear when lightning strikes close to you”,  said Mr. Rosa .
When this happened their horses panicked, and his wife was thrown to the ground by her horse, fracturing a knee, and had to receive emergency medical help.
            We inquired with the witnesses about the possibility this could have been caused by bad weather, rain, etc., but they stated that the day was sunny, clear, cloudless, and it was precisely because of this that they were astonished by the event.           
We asked Mr. Rosa to describe to us what they had observed, and he explained that the sky above the ROTHR antennas was sunny and there was a perfect blue sky, but that a  "... hole, a crack, opened in the sky, as if someone had cut that space in the sky with a huge knife, and a big ball of light or energy, whatever that was, shot out from the crack. "
            He described the aforementioned "energy ball" or "light" as a spherical mass of bright blue-gray light that came out from the opening,  leaving a bright streak of light  behind of it .
“These type of events have occurred on several occasions when the ROTHR is activated”,  said Rosa.
On one occasion one of these abnormal discharges killed several cows grazing near the radar, and the event was covered-up by the US Navy.
            `"Other people had seen similar things – he added-, but it now happened to us. I have no doubt about what was being said,  as now we saw with our own eyes. "
            Citizens Pablo Delerme, and his wife were sightseeing in that same area moving around in their pick up vehicle, and they too witnessed the event.
            In fact,  they were the ones who took Rosa's wife to a hospital in Vieques, where she was treated for her fracture.
            Mr. Delerme told us: "We were in our vehicle,  near the radar site, and all of a sudden the sky above the antennas lights up and the sky opened and a big hole appeared, and you could see another deep blue sky inside that hole. Then a bright ball of light shot out from the crack in the sky, hit the radar’s antennas and fell to the ground.
         "It was weird, because the weather was good, and the sky was clear, sunny. It was not cloudy at all, or raining. "
            Delerme said that the phenomenon lasted only a few seconds, and he offered other important details.
            He said that the aforementioned large crack in the sky ”…suddenly grew vertically, and then opened up more to the sides of it. It was truly impressive. "
The Explanation for the Secret Military Experiments in the South-West of Puerto Rico:
US Air Force / U.S. Navy Project Study for the Development of Traversable Portals or Wormholes

            What the Vieques witnesses described suggests that what they observed could very well be the manifestation of a stargate or dimensional threshold that would connect our dimensional reality with a different one, another plane of existence, or a parallel world or universe to ours, and the ROTHR, as we said, is a project of the Navy of the United States.
These events are evidence that the US military agencies seem to be experimenting in the territory of Puerto Rico with electronic systems to access and control cosmic dimensional portals, in this case in the island-municipality of Vieques.
            But we have found other data that supports our hypothesis.
            Everything we've revealed so far indicates that the manifestation of cosmic worm holes or dimensional corridors is not something casual in our geographical area, but that they are frequently activated and controlled by non-terrestrial intelligences or extradimensional beings.
            Other findings we made during our research on this matter allowed us to understand the real reason behind the unusual interest of the U.S. authorities to build and control a  facility in the south-west as a base for a sofisticated radar blimp in the municipality of Lajas, in  Olivares sector, and also to understand the reason behind the secret experiments US military and Intelligence personnel did occasionally with sophisticated electronic equipments in the vicinity of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, and the use of the facilities of the Arecibo Radio Observatory to study the ionosphere and make a series of experiments with ionizing gases in the sky over Puerto Rico, called Coquí 1 and Coquí 2: in addition to being aware of the existence of  underground/undersea alien or extradimensional beings bases in the area, and investigating and keeping watch on such UFO / ET / alien activity in the region, they also study and monitor the frequent activation of these cosmic corridors in the area.
            This is why the archipelago of Puerto Rico is of utmost concern for security and intelligence agencies of the United States of America.
            The interest of the US in maintaining the territory of Puerto Rico as a colonial territory not only responds to an ordinary geopolitical interest,  the US Government is aware of the reality of what's happening in our country pertaining to the UFO / alien matter, and aims to understand how these cosmic portals work, in order to control them and eventually use them.
            The evidence lies in what we discuss below.
            The US Air Force and US Navy are locked at this point in the implementation of several research projects aimed at achieving teleportation by creating and controlling cosmic traversable worm holes and / or stargates.
            The existence of such projects was publicly revealed recently in a paper on a study published by the Research Laboratory Air Force Material Command Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base in California.
            This survey, titled 'Teletransportation Physics Study’, is in charge of Eric W. Davis, Ph.D, Warp Drive Metrics 4849, San Rafael Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120, and the document was recently released for publication and distribution without restrictions, so we will quote some parts of it that corroborate what we've been reporting on this blog.
            Due to reasons of space, we emphasize only on some aspects of the literature in the study, which are relevant to what we have discussed so far.
            The study asks how high levels of negative energy can be obtained (from the use of current terrestrial technology) to stimulate the creation of traversable portals or cosmic wormhole-dimensional corridors, and how this would be done by various means, but indicates that the easiest method would be through the use of laser light strongly compressed, so we will emphasize on this method.
            The study indicates that negative energy can be generated by ultra high intensity lasers coupled to an ultra fast rotating mirror system .
            A laser beam is passed through an optical cavity resonator made of lithium niobate crystal of (Linbo-O3) in the shape of a cylinder with rounded plates terminals that reflect light. The resonator will act to produce a second light beam of low-frequency in which the pattern of photons is re-designed to one of pairs - this is the quantum optical effect of light "compression".
            The compressed light beam then emerges from the resonator containing compressed pulses of negative energy mixed with strong pulses of positive energy.
            A set of rapidly rotating mirrors is prepared to separate the pulses of positive and negative energy - the beams of light should strike the surface of each of the mirrors at a slightly slanted angle,  as the rotation ensures that the energy pulses are reflected in a slightly different angle to that of the positive energy pulses.
            The small spatial separation of the two different energy pulses will occur at some distance from the rotating mirrors, and another mirror system will be needed to re-direct the negative energy pulses to an isolated spot and concentrate them from this point (see Figure 1).
            Another way to compress light would be to produce extremely reliable light pulses containing one, two, three, etc. photons each and combine them together to create the desired compression states. The superimposition of many of these states could, theoretically speaking, produce intense bursts of negative energy (see Figure 2).
            We’ll leave there the data related to the study published by the Air Force.
            But there is something we want to point out, and it is the 'coincidence', if we can call it that way, of the similarity between the equipments described in the Air Force study and the ones described as observed by witnesses in Cabo Rojo-Lajas, Guánica and other parts of the south-west of Puerto Rico being used by specialized military technicians in their experiments in the Cabo Rojo lighthouse zone, and their secret research of the sky over the area looking to the south-west, north-east and north-west, precisely at the points in the sky in which the cosmic wormholes manifest in the region.
            The description given by several witnesses of a 'cannon-telescope' being mobilized by the military on a platform truck is compatible with the description of a laser cannon (see photo), which could be used for military exercises, but also as part of a laser based system such as the one the Air Force allegedly uses to stimulate the generation of stargates and / or cosmic wormholes.
            These data, together with the fact that the base of the radar blimp in Lajas is under the control of the US Air Force,  suggests that the Air Force is investigating and studying the manifestation of the stargates in the region’s sky, along with their own studies, in order  to find a means to control at will the generation of such portals with the possible purpose of interfering and inactivating them to prevent the access of aliens to the area, and even, perhaps, to gain access through the portals to the places of origin of the alien intelligences involved.
            Now we can understand why the Lajas radar blimp was installed there: to monitor and study the cosmic portals that are manifesting in the south-west, west and north-west regions of Puerto Rico, and to monitor the UFO / alien presence in the area.
            On the other hand, the electronic over the horizon radar system (ROTHR) in Vieques, as noted above, is another US military variant of these efforts to generate cosmic wormholes in our environment and / or interfere with their manifestation.
            The same was happening at the Arecibo Radio Observatory, where according to some, a new system could be installed soon very close to it, the dreaded HAARP system, that would be moved from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico, and both systems, HAARP and ROTHR are projects under the control of the US Navy, which works together with the US Air Force in an effort to produce and control these stargates.
            But there are other indications that the US military and U.S. intelligence necessarily should already be aware of everything we have reported so far in these articles, and they lie in the fact that in the area of the former Ramey Air Force base in the municipality of Aguadilla, there is powerful Doppler radar at the joint facilities of the US Homeland Security Agency and US Coast Guard Service, and a little further to the east in the same area, there was until recently,  an US Air Force Solar Weather Station doing research on solar weather, and it is virtually impossible that the presence of the cosmic portals that appear in that same region from time to time, as registered in the photograph taken by Mr. Víctor Román (shown in article #1 of this series), was not registered by the Doppler radar and the electronic equipments used for solar-astronomical studies, etc., by the staff in those facilities.

Author's note: We would like your opinions on what we have discussed in this blog. Please, contact us through our e-mails:

and let us know what you think.
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Evidences of Cosmic Wormholes in the Sky Over Puerto Rico -Part 2

Part Two of Three

By Jorge Martín  -  C. 2011. All rights reserved.

           In this second article we present new data, together with a photo and an analysis of it in full-color images, which seem to confirm our hypothesis on the occurrence of cosmic portals or wormholes in the sky over Puerto Rico.


More Wormholes in Lajas, Puerto Rico: Picture and Analysis

            Mrs. Wanda Zapata, who resides in the municipality of Lajas (south-western region of Puerto Rico), took three digital photographs of 'something' strange that appeared high in the sky in the morning of April 3, 2009, at 10:11 am,  in sector Lajas Arriba, in the Lajas municipality.

            The images showed 'something' with an unclear configuration, as she could not identify it, she believed it could be a UFO.              

Authorized by her we examined the images and found extremely interesting details in them. For purposes of this article we will emphasize in photo #1, shown below.

            First we cropped the section where the anomaly was,  increased it in size and gave it a resolution of 1, 800 dots per inch.

            Over the 'UFO' there was what looked like a mass of fire, and also what looked like a small white cloud. Another smaller cloud was observable below of it.

But we also saw that what initially seemed to be a 'body' was actually an elongated amorphous thing which seemed to have at its bottom center a dark opening, as in the case of the photo taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in Aguadilla, and the one taken by the Dr.Walter Cotté in Lajas, which we showed and discussed in part 1 of this series of articles.

            After that we subjected the image to the solarization digital filter and subsequently to another reversal of the color tones, which allowed a clearer view of it, as well as of a large  light distortion area around of it. Also,  a 'tube-like' or 'tunnel-like' structure was observable projecting backwards from the hole or opening into the zone with 'fire', 'steam' or white 'clouds'.

            We then submitted the image to the digital filter to find the edges and profiles of the shapes in images, and inverted the color tones, and re-confirmed the presence of both the hole and the ‘tube-like’structure projecting behind of it.

            After that we subjected the resulting image to the filter to illuminate the edges, and the result was truly amazing, as the opening was clearly observable in a three-dimensional fashion, and it could be seen how both the opening and the ‘tube-like’ structure certainly connected with the cloud and energy mass in the back of the phenomenon, where the other end of the tube or tunnel-like structure could be observed connecting to (we believe) another point in the universe.

            Also,  an  area of a very strong light distortion was observable and clearly defined around the opening of the phenomenon, which could respond to an extremely large gravitational force caused by the negative or exotic energy that kept 'solid' and open  the walls of the 'tunnel', ' corridor 'or ‘throat ' of the physical body of the wormhole.

            There was no doubt about it, Ms. Wanda Velez had captured in her picture the manifestation of another cosmic wormhole or dimensional portal in the sky over the area of the municipality of Lajas.

Corroborative Events (among several similar reports we keep in our research files)

            In these articles we have shown what we believe are the first pictures that show beyond any doubt, the manifestation of cosmic wormholes in Earth's atmosphere, and how they are being used by intelligent beings from other parts of our physical universe or a parallel universe, to enter our zone of the universe, right in the sky over the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico.

            But apart from that, in our research files we have a collection of testimonies by serious witnesses who related to us events observed by them in different parts of the Puerto Rican territory which seem to be related to this same type of portals or wormholes.

            One afternoon in January 1991, Mr. Roberto Rivera, who lives in the fishing village of Boquerón, in Cabo Rojo (also in the south-west of Puerto Rico), was driving his car at the end of Highway #303, which passes in front of the base of the well-known radar blimp -( in Olivares sector, located in the municipality of Lajas) and continues on to Las Palmas sector.

            As he was about to enter Las Palmas sector he observed something very strange that was going on out at sea in a spot south of the area of La Pitaya, but not too far from the coastline.

            According to Rivera, a large submarine vessel was on the surface of the sea, and next to it, to its right, was a big ship from US Coast Guard Service.

            Right in front of both ships there was huge white cloud which looked bulky ”…and had a weird aspect”,  according to Mr. Rivera..

            Suddenly, two military jets appeared in the area, which to the witness looked like F-16s from the US Navy. The jets made several circular passes over the submarine, the Coast Guard vessel, and the mysterious cloud,  and after that both jets flew right into the huge cloud… and disappeared!

No noise from their engines was heard anymore. Nothing.

            Rivera was surprised by the event, and waited to see if the jets came out again from the cloud, but they did not.

            He could not believe what had just happened. It was impossible.

           “Nervous and confused, Mr. Rivera stated, I wanted to tell someone what was happening, but I was alone at the time on that road, and I was also fascinated by this unexpected event, and wanted to see if the jets re-appeared again, but thought this could happen while looking for someone and I might miss it, so I decided to stay there and wait.”

            He waited for a period of three hours, and nothing happened. But suddenly the jets noise was heard again, and they re-appeared again coming out from the right side of the huge strange cloud, leaving the area immediately, flying to the east (probably to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, located in the region of Ceiba, in the east of Puerto Rico – actually not active).

Simultaneously, the submarine vessel submerged into the sea and was lost to view.

            The Coast Guard ship also left the area right after that, “…and the mysterious 'cloud' flew away into the sky, coiling unto itself, and in less than a minute disappeared from my view," Rivera told us.

            Days later, a police officer patrolling the same road in Lajas witnessed a similar incident from more or less exactly the same spot in which Rivera had parked his car days earlier.

            ‘Coincidentally’,  in August of that same year 1991 a large number of US military and US intelligence agencies personnel took control of that same area and the area of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse to do mysterious top-secret experiments with highly sophisticated electronic equipment. They refused to inform the local authorities what they were doing at the site,  stating that it was a matter of national security.

            As we will see in part 3 of this series of articles,  they were probably secretly investigating the manifestation of the portals in the sky over the area, and their connection with the high alien-UFO activity in the territory of Puerto Rico.

Note from the author: We ask anyone who may have photos or videos obtained in Puerto Rico or abroad with images similar to those we are showing in this series of articles, to communicate with us through our e-mails, which are:

martin.jorgemartin.jorge @ gmail.com  

and send us a copy of these evidences, to study them.

We’d also like to receive your comments on the material discussed here.
Read Part 3 next.

These pictures are also on Face Book in the Aerial Phenomena Research Group site.
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 Part 1 of 3
By Jorge Martín  C. 2011. All rights reserved.
            The Rajasthan Indian daily Times recently published an important anthropological news report informing that a group of anthropologists who worked with tribes in the mountains of a remote area of  had India made a startling discovery: intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting apparent alien beings and a flying saucer type craft or UFO.
            The images were found in the Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh state, just 70 miles from the local administrative center of Raisen. The caves are hidden deep in a dense jungle.
            Tha cave painting showed what looked like an alien or extraterrestrial beinga and another image with the classic form of a flying saucer which semed to be releasing in the air several  spherical-shaped objects.
            But there was another object visible in the painting that some say could be the depiction of a wormhole or dimensional corridor, which would explain how such aliens could come to Earth.
            The local archaeologist, Mr.Wassim Khan, who had personally seen the pictures, said that the objects and creatures in them are totally abnormal and out of character when compared with others in the same area discovered earlier and are examples of art in prehistoric caves that show ancient life in the region.
            He believes this might suggest that beings from other planets have been interacting with Earthly humans since prehistoric times, giving more weight to the theory of the existence of ancient astronauts, which postulates that human civilization was established with the help of benevolent aliens.
            Surely, readers will wonder what this archaeological-anthropological case-mix in India has to do with with the UFO / ET activity in of Puerto Rico, and that is why we have written this series of three articles reporting on the manifestation of alien controlled wormholes in the sky over Puerto Rico, and showing evidences of this significant situation.
The First Evidences
            We recently received a photograph taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in the municipality of Aguadilla, located  in the north-west region of Puerto Rico. He asked us to analyze the picture, as there was something in it that he could not identify, and he suspected it could be a UFO.
            By the same days were also given another picture of a strange object in the sky that had been taken by Dr. Walter Cotté in the municipality of Lajas, located in the south-west region of Puerto Rico,. Dr. Cotté is a well known physician of our acquaintance, who is very interested in the UFO phenomenon.
            Dr. Cotté also asked us to examine his picture, and so we did.
The Amazing Results of Our Analysis of the Pictures
            We first analyzed the picture taken in Aguadilla by Mr. Román, which showed a coastal landscape of the town of Aguadilla and the northern horizon in the Atlantic Ocean.
A strange object could be observed hanging in the sky at a distance, and a red helicopter from the US Coast Guard Service station located in Rafael Hernández Airport, located several miles east of the town of Aguadilla., could be observed flying low and closer to the shore.
            To make sure that the object in the distance was not a commercial jet airliner en route to the airport, we cropped and increased the size of the section in which it appeared, and corroborated that it was not an airliner, or anything else like that.
            No, it was an elongated oval-shaped object, which seemed to have strange appendages or extensions projecting out from each side of it.
            To  corroborate this we enlarged the image and subjected it to several digital filters from the Photoshop Digital Image Analysis Program, including those used to enhance the volume of shape of images, the solarization filter, which reversed the color in the images to negative color tones, etc., and also used the filter to find the edges of shapes in images, but while doing this we also found that there were a number of bright spherical objects flying all over the area when the picture was taken by Mr. Román.
            Curious about this, we wanted to examine the image further, so we cropped and increased the specific section that showed the anomalous object, and subjected it to the solarization filter, after which we gave a new order to the program for it to reverse the color  tones obtained. We gave more contrast to the image ... and surprise!, we found that the object in question was not a single mass, but was some kind of weird aeroform that seemed to be a hole in the sky from which two spherical/ovoid-shaped objects were coming out from,  surrounded by some kind of energy that created a sort of visual/light distortion around the opening of the anomaly.
            The phenomenon was releasing the bright spherical-shaped objetcts that were flying around in the sky!
            Now, what was that strange phenomenon?
            It was not a UFO mothership releasing smaller vessels in the sky, as we thought originally after seeing an enlargement of the object in the picture. So, what was it?

The Same Phenomenon in Lajas
            The answer to the mystery began to emerge when we examined the picture Dr. Walter Cotté, had given us, taken by him in Lajas, in which something also unidentifiable appeared.
       Once we examined it with the use of digital filters we saw that it was an irregularly shaped elongated object from which a large cloud of vapor or some sort of gas was emanating at the top of it,  but the anomaly was also releasing in the sky, as in Mr. Román’s picture, other spherical-shaped objects, which afterwards flew away and all around the area!
       To facilitate the visualization of the anomaly photographed by Dr. Cotté, we cropped and increased the size of the section in which hit appeared, and subjected it to different digital filters.
       We first subjected it to the watercolor effect filter, which 'flattened' the image and gave it the visual texture of a watercolor painting, in order to better define its shape, and verified its elongated,  irregular shape. Also, the opening on its right end was clearly defined, as well as the emanation of one of the smaller objects, which flew away leaving behind of it a trace of gas or energy (see image).
       We also subjected the image to the solarization digital filter, and subsequently to a revearsal of tones and to the filter to find and define more the edges of the shapes in the image, and its irregular and sinous shape became more obvious,  as well as a burst of light or energy in the opening at the far right, as spherical-shaped objects were flying out through it.
       The image of the anomaly photographed by Mr. Román in Aguadilla was similar, but showed instead the opening facing forward, not sideways.
       Everything reported so far here is of great significance, because it is revealing to us something that until now we did not realize so clearly: intelligent beings from somewhere else in the universe or from another dimension are penetrating our reality through these portals in our sky.
It is no longer a matter of scientific speculation, because as we all can see, it is already happening.

First Cosmic Wormholes Pictures in the World?
            The images in the pictures taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in Aguadilla, and Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas, do not respond, as we initially believed, to the presence of UFO motherships releasing smaller vessels in our sky. They pose a very different phenomenon, which we dare to hypothesize as the manifestation of cosmic wormholes or dimensional portals in the atmosphere of our planet, through which unidentified flying objects that come from some other universe or from distant points in our own physical universe enter our reality.
            Why do we say this? Simple, because after examining the images of these anomalies we found their ‘walls’ do not seem to have a strong solid physical constitution, but instead they seem to be formed by some sort of malleable energy.
            Another fact we considered to propose that they are 'wormholes' is the detail that at both ends of the anomalies are openings in which curious energy bursts or flashes are produced at the same moment the smaller bright objects (alien crafts?) emerge from them, as well as the fact that a strong visual and light distortion occurs around the openings.
            You may wonder how important these details are for us to conclude that these phenomena are in fact photographically registered 'cosmic wormholes,’,  therefore, to answer this question we must rely on what science says about the so called wormholes holes and their characteristics.

How Does a 'Cosmic Wormhole' Functions?
    The cosmic wormholes proposed by physicist Hendrik Anton Lorentz and other scientists, hypothetically speaking, would make possible traveling from one universe to another part of that same universe very quickly, and even make possible traveling from one universe to another. Also, wormholes connect two points in space-time, which would even make posible time traveling.
            The possibility of the existence of such dimensional corridors in general relativity was first demonstrated by Kip Thorne and his graduate Mike Morris, in an article published in 1988. The type of wormhole that they proposed would be kept open by a sort of spherical shell or 'tunnel' of exotic matter known as Morris-Thorne wormhole .
             Other types of wormholes have subsequently been proposed as solutions in general relativity as a kind of hole that is held open by cosmic strings,  which had already been predicted by Matt Visser in an article published in 1989.
            Let us examine more data on these dimensional corridors or universal 'shortcuts'.

Theoretical Basis
            The universe appears as three dimensions in space (top-down, left-right and forward and backward) and the fourth dimension is known as time. Wormholes are connections between two different points in time and space. Although it is difficult to visualize in four dimensions, it is easier to do so in two dimensions.
            Imagine two points on a huge sheet of paper separated by several meters away. You could connect these two points with a straight line between them on paper, but alternatively you could also bend the sheet of paper so that the two points touch. By bending the "paper" you are making a wormhole in the paper world of two dimensions.
            Although there is no experimental evidence for the existence of cosmic or dimensional wormholes, the theorists believe they can exist.
            Wormholes first appeared in the theory of gravitation by Albert Einstein in 1913. However, physicists had almost forgotten about them until the mid-eighties when astronomer Carl Sagan included them in his novel ’Contact’, in which Ellie Arroway, the main character in the book, travels to the center of our galaxy through of a wormhole.
            Being himself a scientist, Carl Sagan described the wormhole with the greatest possible scientific certainty, so he asked Kip Thorne, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, to review the general properties required for a wormhole to be kept open.

Negative Energy Needed
            According to Thorne and others, for wormholes to be stable large amounts of negative energy - a very exotic material in the universe, are needed. Such power has not been found yet, but quantum mechanics suggests that there is such exotic material. The problem is we do not know if the laws of quantum mechanics allow you to concentrate enough negative energy in order to allow the existence of wormholes.
            Although wormholes might exist throughout the universe, one possible location would be the center of the so-called black holes. However, traveling through one of them would be extremely difficult, because the wormhole would be so unstable that it would collapse as soon as a spaceship (or even a ray of light) enters it. This is because there would not be enough negative energy to keep it open.
            But recently, a group of scientists said they found a way to detect incoming and outgoing wormholes of this type that will work.
            A wormhole has enough negative energy, also known as 'exotic matter', which originates an incredibly huge gravitational effect as to cause the light rays passing close to distort or bend in its path and around of it.
            This effect is similar to that of a gravitational lens, which occurs when light from a very distant object is bent or distorted by the gravity of an extremely large object such as a black hole or other  'gravitationally heavy' objects .
            The gravitational lensing reveals a specific pattern that astronomers can detect and even photograph.
            Elaborating on this, according to Dr. Alexander Shatskiy, from Levedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia, wormholes should remain open thanks to the 'phantom matter' or exotic energy, which could have negative energy and negative mass, thus causing a ’repelling’ effect on the walls of the hole, helping to keep a hollow space between them, through which traveling would be possible.
            And again, the huge gravitational force that would result from the 'phantom matter' would deflect light,  originating a useful fingerprint to identify a wormhole, as a huge light-visual distortion would be produced.             
This is precisely what we see in the pictures of the events registered in Lajas and Aguadilla, the presence of an ambiguous, long, sinuous aeroform with openings at both of its ends, through which, amid energy flashes, bright strange oval or spherical-shaped ( alien spacecraft and / or extradimensional?) emerge to our atmosphere.
            It could be clearly observed in the images, once treated with the digital filters, that both in and around these openings there was a strong aeroform distortion which we originally thought could be due to heat emitted by them, but now we think may be due to a distortion of light around them caused by the strong gravitational field that holds them open.
            If our theory is correct, we are presenting here the first pictures of the manifestation of wormholes in Earth's atmosphere and how they are being used by possible intelligent beings from other parts of our physical universe itself, or from a parallel universe, to enter and reach our world in the sky over the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico.

1. Research and analysis by the author.
3.http: / / es.wikipedia.org / wiki / Agujero_de_gusano # Agujeros_de_gusa-no_atravesables
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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Another case from Flying Saucer Review.

by R. H. B. Winder

THE setting is near-perfect for a fairy tale: the village,
60l ft. up in the Chillerns. is quite isolated by the
boundary fence of Whipsnade Park Zoo Close to the
N.W.. and a deepish valley lo the South; and by the
escarpment of these chalk hills dropping steeply away
on the far side of the Zoo. It all seems well removed
from ions and ionization. but perhaps not quite so
remote as your editor and G. W. Creighton anticipated
when they suggested that I Should report on this case.

It all started with a single flash of lightning which
struck on or near the common at about l.45 p.m on
January 28, 1966. Probably an ordinary stroke, because
rain was falling and the atmosphere was heavy, but
it could have been initiated by artificial ionization of
the air. l mention the possibility not because any
flying object was seen. But isolated strokes are not all
that frequent and this one was certainly followed by
some extraordinary events.

Alex Butler. aged I0 years, and his friends-Tony
Banks, Kerry Gahill, Andrew Hoar,
David Inglis, Colin Lonsdale and John
Mickleburgh were playing on the Common on
their way to afternoon school. They were in the vicinity
of the Dell, which is a shallow valley thickly strewn
with hawthorn, gorse and bracken; and a few Old
tin cans and motor tires. The undergrowth is riddled
with passages connecting several dens under the bigger
bushes, all no doubt the work of generations of
Children and animals; and there is a small open space
hidden in the middle. The whole is reminiscent of a
surface version of a miniature Viet Cong hideout,
providing good cover, even in Winter, coupled with
surprising freedom of movement-for diminutive
creatures. The school is about 200 yards away and the
nearest houses maybe 150 yards, but small persons
could remain concealed for a long time were it not for
the children who obviously regard this as their territory
and know virtually every blade of grass in it.

A few minutes after the lightning, and its associated
thunder. Alex was casting a proprietary eye over the
Dell from the top of its northern bank when he saw,
quite clearly over the open center, "a little blue man
with a tall hat and a beard" standing upright and still
in front of the bushes at the opposite bank.
He immediately shouted a description to his friends.
who were initially skeptical but confirmed his view on
joining him. Reacting as if to an intruder, they all
began to run down the bank towards the stranger who
was only about 20 yards away. The little man reacted,
in turn, by “disappearing in a puff of smoke".

It is easy at this stage, to rationalize the happening
into a fairy story based on optical and electrical
effects emanating from the lightning, but this tale
continues-without further discharges.

Finding nothing at the place where he was first seen,
the boys ran on. Little to their right along the bottom
of the dell and then up the far bank; still searching
for their elusive quarry. They soon saw him again
this time to their left farther along the top of the bank
and on the opposite side of the bushes that had previously

formed his background. Once again he was
standing still and facing them at a range of 20 yards.
They again approached him and he repeated his
disappearing trick.

The third time they saw him he was back at the
bottom of the Dell, not far from his original position.
His pursuers had by now reached his second location.
Looking at him through the little bushes, they
became aware of “voices" which they describe in
a manner suggesting a continuous

incomprehensible, and "foreign-sounding" babble,
coming from a point in the bushes closer to them and
down the slope to the right of their line of sight. A
feeling that the little fellow had associates who were
communicating with him and to whom he was replying,
although they could detect no movement on his part.
induced a sense of caution which deterred them from
rushing towards him as before. Instead. the boys
continued to circle the Dell until they could look
down it, whereupon they saw him for the fourth and
last time still standing as motionless as ever in the
same place. Uncertain what to do next. they milled
around for a few more minutes before they told their teacher’s

their experience.

They warned Miss Newcomb that she would not
believe it, but, knowing them as well as she does and
after assessing their excitement and listening to their
story, she did believe them. She then very sensibly
separated them and made each write it down in his
own words. The essays were re-written two weeks later.
not in order to alter their substance but simply to
improve their spelling and tìdyness, and were pasted
into a book entitled "The Little Blue Man on Studham
Common”. It makes fascinating and convincing reading.
I only wish there were space enough to reproduce it
here. No doubt it will occupy an honored place in
the archives of the Studham Village Primary School.

The case was brought to our attention by Mr. L.
Moulsler, a long-standing reader of this review, who
sent a cutting about it from the  Borough
Gazette, dated March 3. He kindly accompanied
CB., G.W.C. and myself in a preliminary survey of the
district and reminded us of local sightings investigated
by him in previous years: an apparent landing at the
rim of the hills not far from the Zoo and another,
more controversial, case at the nearby Flying Club,
of which he is a member. G.W.C. has also found another
cutting from the aforementioned newspaper: dated
October I5, 1965, it describes mystery lights in the
sky over Whipsnade. Finally, it is hardly necessary
to mention the Wildman Case (FLYING SAUCER Review,
March/April 1962,)  that look place near Aston
Clinton about six miles away on February 9. i962.

Returning lo our present case: Miss Newcomb
arranged for Mr. and Mrs. Creighton, Colin McCarthy,
and myself to meet the principals at the school on
Saturday afternoon, May 13. Without any prompting
from their obviously respected and loved teacher,
they gave a very competent account of the whole
incident. They also took us to the places involved and
then returned with us to the schoolroom to go into

more detail. The following additional points emerged -

They estimate the little man as  tall (by comparison
with themselves), with an additional 2ft. accounted for
by a hat or helmet best described as a tall brimless
bowler, i.e. with a rounded top. The blue color turned
out to be a dim grayish-blue glow lending to obscure
outline and detail. They could, however, discern a line
which was either a fringe of hair or the lower edge
of the hat. two round eyes, a small seemingly 
triangle in place of a nose, and a one-piece vestment
extending down to a broad black belt carrying a black
box at the front about six inches square. The arms
appeared short and were held straight down close
to the sides at all times. The legs and feet were indistinct.
The "beard" is interesting: apparently it extended
from the vicinity of the mouth downwards to divide
and ran to both sides of the chest. Although agreeing
that it could have been breathing apparatus. the boys
could not see clearly enough to be certain and this
thought had not occurred to them.

The disappearances caused me some difficulty at
first, but became more understandable after further
explanation of the "smoke" was apparently a
whirling cloud of yellowish-blue mist shot towards the
pursuers, possibly from the box on the belt. They
agreed that he could have stepped into the bushes before
this camouflage cleared, although it dissipated quite
quickly. They heard no sound other than the voices
and saw no movement at any time. Nor did they smell
any smells or see anything strange in the vicinity,
either on the ground or in the air.

The glow and the mist could have been the products
of ionising radiation. Indeed, similar emanations, not
necessarily from the same source could have triggered-
off the lightning in an atmosphere already charged by
natural processes. However. we must not carry speculation too far. All that we are certain of at this stage is that this is no ordinary fairy tale. Nobody who knows the boys disputes that it really happened.

Friday, January 27, 2012


From: Jerry Blackburn <jbmac05@mac.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Subject: Lou Farish

Friends of Lou,

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Lou died of cancer this afternoon at 4:55 PM CST in Morrilton, Arkansas at the River Chase Rehabilitation and Care Center where he had been under hospice care since early September.  He died peacefully, was not in pain, and was surrounded by a small group of friends.  A memorial service is tentatively planned for 2:00 PM on Saturday, February 4, at the Harris Funeral Home in Morrilton, AR.  Confirmation of the date and time will be in an obituary to be posted in a day or two on the Harris Funeral Home website at www.harrisfuneralhomes.net.  If I can provide additional information, please let me know.

If you cannot attend Lou's memorial service, but would like to send me a short statement to be read at the service about how you knew and/or will remember Lou, I will be glad to do that for you.  We may also include these statements in a program to remember Lou this April at the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs.  Also, if you have any favorite photos of Lou that we can use in the service, I would appreciate it if you would scan or photograph them and send them to me, and especially any early photos from the 70s and 80s.  I have attached below one of the last photos of Lou, taken with myself outside the nursing home in mid-November.

Since Lou did not have a wife, children or siblings, he left his estate, including 80 acres of land, to a trust to be used to encourage UFO research and education through awards, fellowships and mini-grants over the next several years.

Lou was one of the most interesting people I ever met, and like many of you, I thought of him as one of my best friends.  He was one of a kind, and will be greatly missed, both as a person and for his many contributions to ufology.  His circle of friends goes far beyond the e-mail list I'm sending this message to.  If you have email addresses for others who knew and cared about Lou, please forward this message on to them.

Jerry Blackburn