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Last evening (March 25, 2013) an inventor of Free Energy was on Coast to Coast am.  What was written up on the newsletter they send out every morning did not cover everything he said. 

Free Energy:

In the second half, consultant Joel Garbon discussed his 25 years of travels through a fascinating international scene some call the free energy underground, and detailed how energy breakthroughs have been suppressed. His organization, the New Energy Movement, is a grassroots, non-profit outreach effort for the public to become aware of technologies that aren't receiving mainstream attention. The class of technology involving cold fusion, initially produced startling results, but then was generally dismissed. This rush to judgment did a great disservice to the technology, Garbon commented. But now 24 years later, cold fusion has been declared to be real, and a number of companies and start ups, such as Brillouin Energy are experimenting with various techniques. These technologies may eventually be used to heat water, and generate steam. Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has gotten a lot of attention for his process, he added.

A colleague of Garbon's has been investigating many different technologies and has come up with a self-charging energy device shaped like a coin, that is comprised of very thin layers of nanomaterials, and could possibly be incorporated into smaller electronics like cell phones. So often our elected leaders don't have the public's interest at heart when it comes to developing new energy technology, he remarked. His team provides a technology vetting service for inventors that are springing up from all over, though sometimes the inventors have not done front end testing of their products in advance that would make their performance claims valid.


Garbon told about his background.  He had been brought up in a Catholic Family and felt very secure.  His father admired the things he came up with.  Garbon felt he wanted to heal the earth but he didn't know what to do to enable that happening.  He prayed a fervent prayer and asked what he could do to help the earth re-generate.  All of a sudden he got the answer; in his head he heard the words create a new energy.  His heart was overflowing because he felt such fantastic love and knew where it was coming from.  He asked do you mean by energy for cars?  The voice answered and smiled and said that would be included but mainly a new energy for everything.

The reason I am bringing this up is because of the voice in his head which told him what to do.  He knew it was coming from God and it changed  his life.  Since then he has joined with other well known inventors  to create this energy.  As mentioned they have an organization called the New Energy Movement.  They all work together without any jealousy or backbiting to achieve something good for the planet.



Recently I wrote a book on Pat McGuire, an experiencer that lived north of Laramie, Wyoming.

Pat had contact with aliens who have watched over Israel for thousands of years.  Dr. Leo Sprinkle regressed Pat to see what had taken place with him and the aliens.  Through  remembering what the aliens had told him, while under hypnosis, he found out that he had always been an officer and conducted what to do when under siege.  This was in every life. 

But in this life time Pat was a farmer but what was happening is that the aliens would pick him up when there was a problem in Israel and they would put him in Ariel Sharon's body so he could conduct the way to win the skirmishes.  That was the main purpose about him getting picked up.  Afterwards they would put him back on his ranch.

It is a very long story but that was the point I wanted to make about him being an officer in every lifetime and always the head of an army.

Pat has crossed over now and I wonder if he has become part of the alien group so that he is there with them when trouble arises.


In the Urantia Book it tells about Jesus and how he was sent to earth to bring a new way of thinking to the people, one of peace and love.  He was able to converse with his "Father" above whenever he needed advice.  He had several physical encounters with beings from back where he came from in his teenage years that would answer his questions.

In each case above the person received divine inspiration which helped them to evolve.  I believe we can do that too if we are so inspired and patient.  


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Sid Padrick is my friend. I met him in 1965 when he came to Seattle to speak at a lecture sponsored by the National Investigations Commission on Aerial Phenomena, headed by Robert J. Gribble. Later it would become the UFO Reporting Center.

In 2007 I drove out to Marysville, California from Cortez, Colorado, to see Sid.  His wife had passed away and he was very lonesome.  He had a lovely house where he lived by himself.  His son wanted him to come and live with him.  I think he probably did because I found where he was living and it was in Hollister, California and that is where one of his son's live.  I called but the son would not let me talk to him.  Obviously he thought I was a reporter or some such person and he was protecting his father.  That is the last time I saw Sid.  He was a good friend.

When Sid came to Seattle in 1965 he stayed at our house. He drew several pictures for my daughters of the craft he was taken into, where he met the crew of the ship.

I also was with him after his lecture traveling in his friend Mike's big white Cadillac. Sid said they are above us and telling me not to talk about them anymore because people here are not ready to understand. We stopped the car and got out and there was the ship above our heads. That was the last time he talked about his contact to the public.

The following is what happened to him.

Sid loved to go the beach and sleep down there taking his dog along. La Selva beach is located approximately 75 miles south of San Francisco. About 3:00 in the morning on March 7, 1965 he heard a whistling sound. He looked up above him and there was a huge space ship. It was shaped like two rounded soup bowls put together. It scared him so bad that he started running, tearing the ligament in his knee as he tried to climb the bank to get away.

A loud voice said "Don't be afraid, we are not hostile. We don't wish you any harm." In spite of his fear his curiosity got the best of him. He approached the ship to a small door in the bottom. It opened and he found himself in a small room where a brilliant white light came on. He figured it was to kill the bacteria or germs on himself. Then another door opened and a "man" was standing there inviting him in.

The man was no different than Sid in his appearance, he had clean-cut features, and wore a two piece suit, light bluish-white in color, that covered his body resulting in boots on the bottom half. It had soles and heels. He could hear him walking on the rubbery-like floor.

On board were another seven men, similar in appearance, and one woman, described as extremely pretty. They were all about 5 feet 8 inches tall to 5 feet 9. The girl had her long hair pushed down the back of her suit. All the men's hair looked like it grew to a certain length and stopped - it looked like a natural growth. All of them had auburn colored hair.

By our own standards I would say they all looked between 20 and 25 years old, very young, pert, energetic and intelligent looking. Their features were similar to ours. There was only one feature he noticed that would differ from us greatly, and that was their faces came to a point, much more than ours. They had sharp chins and noses. Their skin was somewhat of an "Armenian" color. Their eyes were all very dark. Their fingers were a little longer than ours. The hands were very clean - the fingernails looked as if somebody had just given them a manicure.

All of them were wearing two-piece suits - slip on type - light bluish-white in color. They had no buttons or zippers that he could see. There was a large band in the middle, and large cuffs, and a large collar that came down with a "V" neck. The collar had a very pretty design on it and the neck piece had a braid of some kind on it.

The first man Sid met as he came through the door acted as a guide. He spoke perfect English. When Sid asked what to call him he replied ,"You may call me Xeno". Later we looked up the word in the dictionary. It meant wayfaring stranger. How apropos. Later when Sid lectured here in Seattle he received a huge bouquet of flowers. The card read "from Xeno."

As he showed Sid through the craft he always held his arm in front of Sid directing him where he wanted him to go.

Sid asked where they came from. Xeno replied from a planet behind a planet that you observe. Sid had a small clipping in his wallet that he showed us. It said that scientists had discovered a planet that is hidden behind the sun. It did not say how far away it was. The clipping verified what he had been told. He did not say we couldn't observe them- he merely said we didn't observe them.

Padrick asked the purpose of their visit to our planet. Xeno replied, "observation only." Sid said I don't think it meant for them to observe us, I think it was for me to observe them, because he did not ask me at any time my name, my age, how many teeth I had, how many members of my family; he didn't ask me one thing about myself, and this leads me to believe that they knew about us already, and he came for us to observe them. He did say they would come for further observations. I think they are observing people, mostly. There was no mention of earthquakes, fault-lines, or of anything government-wise, or political-wise, or anything that would affect our future (except that) they gave me the impression that they will pick up more people in the future.

The floor, walls and ceiling looked much the same, pale blue. The rooms had no corners. Everything was round and indirect lighting seemed to emanate from the walls. There were no lamps, it seemed everything was illuminated.

Each of the rooms that was occupied had instrument panels on the walls, with the crew members concentrating on the instruments. They merely glanced around at him when he entered their room, then turned back to their work, as if they were unconcerned.

Some rooms had four or five instruments, others had 10 or 20, but they were of a similar type in each room. They were nothing like ours. I didn't get close to any of the walls that had the movable instruments on them, because when I started to advance in the first room he held out his hand for me not to advance and I didn't, either! He didn't say why and I didn't ask. There were no screens, such as our oscilloscopes. They had meters, but I could not see dials on them. He said they lit up only when in use.

Sid was placed in front of an enormous lens which must have constituted only one part of an optical observation system. The image reproduction had a 3D effect. The one my guide showed me was the image of what he called the navigation craft. This was 2:45 or 3:00 in the morning, and the object was in sunlight, so it had to be pretty far out - I imagine 1,000 miles out or better. I didn't see any markings or portholes on it. He told me that the power source (of the craft he was in) was transferred to them from the other craft, and that it did all the navigation and manipulation through space. The huge craft was shaped something like a cigar or a blimp. It was surrounded by a sort of haze or halo in spite of the clarity of the atmosphere. I was told this navigation craft measured over a mile long.

Xeno told Sid they don't measure time and distance as we know it but rather in terms of light. When Sid asked him how fast they travelled through space, he answered that their speed was limited only by the speed at which they could transfer their energy source.

After a while Xeno told Sid that they had travelled some distance and were now parked in a deserted area, which on subsequent investigation turned out to be near Leggett, California, 175 miles north-west of Watsonville. Some time later Sid was able to find the very spot where he was let out.

After they landed on the hillside, Xeno told him to step out so that he could come back to the place later - to know this was real and not dreamed. He stepped out alone and walked around the outside of the ship. It was a large camping site for trailers which was not being used. He touched the ship and it was very smooth, like plastic. He felt the hull. It seemed very hard but not metallic. He had never felt anything like it before. The closest thing he ever felt on Earth would be a windshield - plexiglass. Looking under the craft he could see its leg-like landing gear. Xeno didn't tell Sid that touching the craft would do him harm, and he had no bad effects from it - none whatever. He tried to find markings on the ship but he didn't find a mark any place.

Xeno showed Sid a picture and said "this is where we live." The photo showed buildings in the background, in the shape of a crescent. Windows could be seen but he said he had never seen such a strange photograph. The layout of the buildings had nothing in common with our own. They were quite far from each other. It looked like they put one about 50 feet from another and the next one 150 feet. There appeared to be roads in the distance and there was foliage in the foreground - trees and bushes too.

Sid was also shown a photo of a city on the visitor's planet. Every building in that picture was rounded off, half moon shaped. Xeno described his Utopian society to Padrick. "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools - our young are taught at an early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We have no money. We live as one."

Sid was taken into a room that Xeno called the "Consultation Room." He told Sid that before they do anything they consult with Deity and get His direction. The color of the room defied description. Xeno asked him if he would like to pay his respects to the Supreme Deity? When he said that Sid almost fainted. He didn't even know how to accept it. He said to Xeno, "We have one, but we call it God. Are we talking about the same thing?" He replied, "There is only one" So I knelt and the only prayer I could think of to utter was his childhood prayer. He had tears running down his face because he was so touched by the feeling in the room. Until that night he had never felt the presence of the Supreme Being - but he did feel Him that night.

It was obvious that they are on a very high scientific level, but their relationship with the Supreme Being means a lot more to them than their technical and scientific ability and knowledge. Sid would say that their religion and their science are all in one.

After Sid said his prayer he was so emotional that he sat in a chair and recovered. He said the chair was covered in a silver blue metallic material and was so beautiful, something he had never seen before.

After two hours Sid was taken back to where he had been picked up. He stepped out of the craft and walked home. His life would never be the same again.

After that he had many more contacts by Xeno and his crew. They gave him scientific knowledge to where he started inventing things.

He was our friend and a very nice person. I will always remember the time we spent with him and that I got to see their craft. - Aileen

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The Willow Tree and the UFOs Down Near The Lake

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture
The Thomas and Mathew Reed Case could be one of the largest multi-generational abduction cases ever reported.  Tom and his brother Mathew have asked UFO Digest to help tell their family's story.  We are very happy to bring out the truth of perhaps the most important alien abduction case in modern history.  
In 1966 Tom Reed drew a picture of a willow tree that he had seen while on a UFO.  He had been abducted and was being held by extraterrestrials and he didn't know the meaning of that willow tree and still doesn't.  Oddly, it was on a screen on the inside wall of the craft!  It was projected and/or appeared to be part of the walls of the craft.  It was a good 20 feet wide and 15 feet high.  It was like being there; it was beautiful, huge and vivid.  It was amazing.
At first this willow did not seem important at all or make any sense, but it would follow his family in such a way that it did become very important.  Years later it would become the most important message of all.

Tom is a member of a unique family, a family that has a generational link to extraterrestrial abductions and being taken aboard unidentified flying crafts. Tom, his brother Mathew, their mother and grandmother have all been abducted multiple times from at least 1954 onwards – more about the generational abductions in a future article.

Because of the continued interactions between the Reeds and the extraterrestrials, MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) has designated Steve White as their personal MUFON field investigator.  Steve is also a crime scene investigator with the Roane County Sheriff's office.

Back to the willow tree.  Tom relayed the story about the picture of the tree that he had first seen 44 years earlier.  He told Steve how simply viewing the picture in his mind seemed to calm him down.  He described the scene aboard the craft deliberately:  the tree was next to a lake and there were several UFOs in the sky.  Tom was not alone aboard the UFO; his brother Mathew was also there, "but he was back 15 feet in a hallway", said Thomas Reed.

When they returned home they said nothing to their mother.  To their surprise she went out and purchased a willow and planted it down by the small watering hole on their horse farm. Tom believes his mother was familiar with the effects of the willow and had previously seen it.

Today Mathew has a willow tree in his front yard and Thomas has had several on various proprieties he has owned.

In February (2010) Steve White asked Tom to draw the willow tree that he had seen before. Tom drew the images and phoned Steve. He then emailed the drawing to him.  A copy of it should still be in his MUFON case file.

Some time passed and then amazingly, on July 15, Steve emailed Tom back a photograph of his property, and in it was the willow tree Tom remembered. Now it's possible that this is not Tom's willow tree; basically all willow trees look alike, right?
But Tom believes the resemblance is more than pure coincidence. Could it be that the crafts that he had seen in the picture were harbingers of their future, forming a triangle involving his family, MUFON and the others?
Steve White's photograph of a willow tree on his property
Tom said there seems to be a calm feeling about the willow tree.  The message of the willow, at the time Tom was six years old, as a whole, was to be reassuring; “It's not like they talk with us as much as there are feelings that come from the ETs.  They project thoughts and images, along with some very strong feelings.”

After being abducted Tom was naturally scared and then witnessed the willow tree projection.  He recalls the screen wrapped around the better part of the room he was in.

He understood at the time, and said to Steve, that he thought they were trying to say that their planet was very similar to ours.  And at the time, he was also made to feel important, and this was a positive message.  It was by no means a negative one.

Regarding the day of the abduction as a whole, it was not at the top of the discussion; but this image of the willow, that he could never make sense of, is still here.

This article is the first in a series documenting the abductions of the Reed family.

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By Sean Casteel

His is an old-fashioned UFO story in the same vein as George Adamski and Dan Fry.

He was not abducted by grey aliens, but communicated face-to-face with blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic types.

It's a pretty much "nuts-and-bolts" encounter with a couple of junkets to other planes and another dimension or two.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ever heard the name Oscar Magocsi? No?  Doesn't ring a bell?

Well, enough with the "trick" comments and questions already.  We would all have to agree that Oscar Magocsi is a little known and forgotten contactee  whose experiences are recounted in Timothy Green Beckley's "The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts."  Beckley heard Magocsi's stories both by phone as well as later during an in-person meeting some years ago and considers it to be among the wilder encounter tales he has ever come across.  But Beckley adds that Magocsi seemed sincere and did "not strike him as the type of individual to be making all this up.
Magocsi told Beckley, "Before my encounter, I had never been a believer in UFOs whatsoever.  And I believe now that my first encounter was more or less accidental, and from then on, I had become deeply interested in the UFO phenomenon."
The first of Magocsi's encounters took place in 1975 on vacation property he owned in Canada, north of Toronto and near a small town called Huntsville.  It was nighttime, and Magocsi was sitting outside by his campfire.  He was alone, and began to have the feeling that something was watching him.
"I looked up," Magocsi said, "and about 400 yards away I saw this strange object hovering above the tree line.  It was a UFO - a flying saucer.
After hovering there for a while, it took off, making no sound at all.  It was kind of disc-shaped, it was changing colors, from a yellow-green to orange, and then it started to fluctuate.  As it was fluctuating, I felt as though someone or something was probing me, trying to read my thoughts.  It was almost physical, the feeling.  I knew somehow that it was probing into my brain."

The experience left Magocsi more curious than frightened.  During the next few days, he asked his neighbors, casually, if they had ever seen anything strange in the area.  They all replied that they had not.  He also made inquiries in the Toronto area and began to attend lectures about UFOs there, having developed an intense interest in the subject.  After one particular UFO lecture, Magocsi was approached by a fellow who told him he knew that Magocsi had something to do with UFOs, that he could see an orange aura around Magocsi that was an unmistakable sign that he was linked or connected to the phenomenon.

"I just smiled," Magocsi said, 'because I wanted to hear about his experiences.  He told me that something happened to him in the 1960s in California.  There had been a major earthquake there and he was driving to Los Angeles at the time and he saw a UFO in the sky."

The stranger told Magocsi that as he looked up at the UFO, his car stalled just in front of a bridge spanning a valley.  Within a few seconds of the car stalling the bridge collapsed in the aftermath of the earthquake.

"He told me that the UFOnauts saved his life," Magocsi said.  "From that time on, he was deeply hooked.  I didn't really take him seriously.  He talked of a blond stranger, tall, somewhat unusual looking.  He felt this individual was an alien.  At the time, I didn't have any comment to make."

A few days later Magocsi decided he wanted to see a movie.  On the way to the theater, as he was proceeding down one of the main streets, he stopped to look at a poster on a wall advertising a psychic fair being held at the Sheraton Hotel.  He considered the possibility of attending the psychic fair but decided to stick to his plan for a trip to the movies.

"So I flagged down a cab," he recalled, "and told the driver where I wanted to go.  He didn't take me to the movies.  Instead, he took me down to the psychic fair, to the UFO section.  I was surprised.  I told him"Didn't I tell you I wanted to go to the movies?  He turned around and grinned.  I was suspicious of him.  It was obvious to me that he was an "agent" on a mission."

Since he was already there, Magocsi decided to check out the psychic fair.  A tall, blond stranger seemed to pick him out of the crowd and approached Magocsi.  They conversed about Magocsi's sighting the previous summer and the UFO subject in general.  Magocsi allowed as how he would like to have a more direct experience with the UFO occupants, something beyond just seeing one of their ships.  The blond stranger advised Magocsi to return to the vacation property the next summer when the time would be right for the kind of encounter Magocsi wanted.

"I didn't take him seriously," Magocsi said, "although I had positive feelings about him.  He had lots of charisma.  He was youngish, early 30s.  He was a very good-looking fellow, like some kind of a super movie star, with a high forehead.  I guess that's how one would depict an intelligent alien.  Good vibes, friendly, and he spoke good English."
Whether he believed the stranger or not, Magocsi did return to his vacation property that next July.  The first couple of nights, nothing happened, but on the third night, the UFO showed up, landing behind the nearby hill.  Magocsi took his flashlight and took off on foot.  He found the ship in a forest clearing, hovering about 60 feet off the ground.  He stopped about 50 feet from the object, which then slowly came down and landed noiselessly.  He approached the craft and saw three portholes with a yellow light emanating from them, but he couldn't see inside because they were higher than his eye level.
"Then I heard a sound," he said, "kind of like an air-braking sound like you hear on trucks or buses.  This made me rush back into the trees.  Then I saw a door opening slowly, like the iris of a camera.  A ramp was lowered as I waited and watched.  I figured aliens would be coming out, but nobody appeared.  Finally I said to myself that since  nobody was coming out why don't I go and take a look and see what's going on?  So I just walked in.  I was scared, frightened, but I felt that if I walked away I'd never know, I'd never learn anything."

Curiosity overpowered Magocsi's fear and he went inside.  There was no one there, "no human being or any other kind of individual. I saw these benches, vertical semicircular in shape.  There was also this tubing or shaft that was flickering with lights.  My impression was that it was some kind of super brain.  It was biological.  It wasn't just a mass of jelly or flesh, yet it wasn't electrical either.  Perhaps it was something in-between, sometimes I thought it was a great eye.  Or a great brain. It's almost impossible to describe, but it was flickering with all kinds of light patterns.  I figured it must be the center of intelligence as it was the only light in the craft."

As detailed in Beckley's book on Ultra-Terrestrials, the room Magocsi found himself in was circular, about 25 feet in diameter with a ten-foot-high ceiling, providing him just enough headroom  As he stood inside the craft, the door closed behind him and he feared he was trapped.  The door had sealed itself seamlessly, and there was a vertical pencil-thin shaft of light visible.  He tried putting the flashlight he was carrying through the light and the door opened.  He walked out and then walked back in again, repeating the maneuver several times to reassure himself that he could open the door and leave at will.  The vertical light then started to "energize," almost like streams of water, like a multicolored energy discharge.  The light began to glow more intensely and to grow thicker.  At that point, Magocsi panicked and fled the ship.  Afterwards the ship "closed up and went away.  That was that for the night."

The ship returned a couple of nights later, but Magocsi stayed home, still fearful of the sudden burst of light he had experienced.  But the next night, his courage returned, and he felt his earlier fright and flight had been stupid.  He promised himself that they next time he was inside the craft, he would stay.  When the ship landed that night, he went on board again.
"I began to study everything in greater detail," he said.  "I was inside for about an hour. I said to myself, "This time, if it starts to energize, I won't run away because I'd like to go for a ride."

His wish was soon granted.  The ship began to ascend to an altitude of about 1,000 feet and he could see through the portholes that the whole landscape beneath him was almost fully lit in spite of the fact that it was pitch black nighttime.  The ship first took him to Toronto, 120 miles away, in about two
of three minutes.  Ten minutes later they were flying over New York City.  Magocsi felt a mental urge to see the pyramids next, though he cannot say whether the thought was his own or implanted by the aliens. He dozed off, and when he awakened the ship was directly over the great pyramids in Egypt.  There was a perfect alignment at that moment with the sun.  After waiting there for a while, Magocsi stepped outside the ship and saw what he thought was an approaching dust storm.
"It turned out it wasn't a dust storm," he said, "but a column of tanks.  As they got closer, they started to shoot real heavy artillery.  The shells were exploding while I was away a little distant from the saucer, but we were in some kind of force field that kept the shells out."
Seeking to escape the furnace-like heat of the desert, Magocsi went back inside the ship and the ship lifted itself up and out of the fray.  When they had reached an altitude of about 10,000 feet, three jet fighters appeared that Magocsi believes were Arabian, but he can't be sure because they flew by too quickly for him to read their  insignia.  The lead plane fired two missiles at the ship, which the saucer dodged by lifting up so suddenly that Magocsi felt his stomach was still back there in the desert.  The saucer fired something like a "laser cannon" at the missiles and they exploded harmlessly a half mile away.
"I felt somehow this was all done purposefully," Magocsi said, "the saucer wanting to show its defence capabilities."
Whether or not that is the case, the desert incident does sound similar to other encounters between a UFO and an earthly military agency, whether Arab or Russian or American.  The scrambling of jets and the useless attempts to fire on the unidentified craft are familiar from many previous accounts that have entered the lore of Ufology and never been completely disproved.  Even if the aliens were in fact "showing off" for Magocsi, the typical military engagement scenario has definitely repeated itself here.
The ship flew Magocsi on to the Himalayas of Tibet, where they landed high in the mountains, near the peaks.  He and the ship sat there in idleness for a long while.  Then he saw a line of people approaching, carrying torches.

"They looked like monks," Magocsi said, "who live in the mountains."
One of the monks approached the saucer and opened the door, which he somehow knew how to do.  He threw a pair of "funny boots" at Magocsi and motioned for him to put them on.  The monk and his fellows then escorted Magocsi from the saucer into the mountains through underground caves and into an underground monastery.  The faces of the monks were not only Asian; there were also white, black and red Indian faces, and it seemed like every race in the world was represented
The monks began to chant and burn incense while they scrutinized Magocsi.  He fell asleep and when he awakened he saw the head monk, an old man, seated opposite him.
"And as I was looking at him," Magocsi said, "He was rising up in his chair - levitating.  Then the whole area just opened up so that  I could see the whole valley and the saucer hovering nearby, with its orange glow"
Magocsi next recalled that he was standing with the head monk again on a balcony or terrace in extreme cold.  After this dreamlike moment, he was escorted back to the saucer, which lifted up and flew him this time to South America, where it seemed someone was shooting green lightening bolts at the ship.  From there, the next destination was Northern California, specifically a place Magocsi thought must have been Mount Shasta.  He could see three campfires below him, with men seated around the campfires, soon after which the ship discharged some form of energy into the mountain's peak.  Mount Shasta has for centuries been known as the scene of many a UFO sighting and numerous other paranormal events, so it is a fitting place for Magocsi to end his trip  around the world onboard a flying saucer.

After leaving Mount Shasta, Magocsi was returned to the same spot where he was originally picked up.

"The entire experience lasted 23 hours," he said.  "Insofar as being tired from the trip is concerned, I was.  And insofar as the food, I found a cubicle which I managed to open and found storage-cubes, condensed food.  And I found water. That was my first trip.  I was happy after that.  So, a few days later, the saucer comes again to the same spot and lands, and I got into it and went on another trip."
This time, the trip would not be a journey around the physical planet as we know it.  Magocsi called this second trip an "inter-dimensional" one, though he was still required to put on a silvery "spacesuit," similar to a skin diver's outfit, with a wide belt and something resembling a motorcycle helmet.  The ship hovered for a short time over Lake Ontario then suddenly Magocsi was in deep space, which he also felt was in another parallel dimension.  He still had not met anyone onboard the craft.

He recalled being told by someone he had met at the Psychic Fair the previous winter that, "They are from another dimension altogether.  They accidentally stumbled onto ours, and there are quite a number of other dimensions that are interconnected."  The person at the fair claimed to be a "psychician" and a member of the Psychician Federation of Worlds.

After fading back into Earth's dimension, the ship entered a vortex and came to a place where a mother ship sat waiting with seven smaller ships nearby, which Magocsi called "Baby Ships."  A door opened and he walked out into an idyllic scene similar to a rock garden or pleasant jungle area, a space intended for recreation.  He surmised that there were other people there who had also been brought by one of the other smaller ships, and that they were supposed to "seek each other out."

Magocsi found himself on a planet called Argona, a member of the Psychician Federation of Worlds.  He came to a reception area where he met human-looking people. including the cab driver who had taken him to the Psychic Fair instead of to the movies as Magocsi had intended.  The cab driver became Magocsi's host, taking him on a tour of the city and the surrounding countryside.

The city was built inside a domed area and had structures similar to earthly skyscrapers.  The entire planet was a recreation center and was populated by thousands of people of varying skin colors and wearing different style clothes.  Some of them facially resembled a cat or dog and spoke a language similar to a Chinese kind of singsong.

People from various dimensions were there on a common mission: to be trained in Earth mannerisms, languages and cultures so they could go to Earth and carry out some purpose that required them to pass for normal human beings.

"They had common names like George or Joe," Magocsi said, "and were said to be from Japan or China.  One woman said she was from New York City, but in reality she had never even been to Earth before.  Before she was set to come to Earth, she knew already all the mannerisms, even played the piano.

"It's not very likely that any of these people would ever be detected," he continued, "except by psychic means.  But they looked much nicer, more handsome than we are.  They looked more intelligent.  There were subtle things about them.  Small things.  It's very likely that this girl I met there, who knew New York - she called herself Melody - she could be here right now.  She was a gorgeous looking redhead, And she sings."

Magocsi said the influx of human-looking aliens is intended to help us overcome the psychic contamination of our atmosphere, a contamination that could lead to nuclear war and the complete destruction of life on Earth.

'It seems they are greatly concerned," he said. "They wouldn't stop us from wiping ourselves out.  That's a no-no.  If we want to blow ourselves up, that's fine.  But should that happen, they are willing to rescue quite a few people from here. Selections will be done through the aura.  They have aura detectors.  They're interested in what kind of an attitude you have socially, spiritually, psychically."

The lucky chosen ones would be taken on "space arks" to an artificial planet, already prepared to house the survivors.  Magocsi has no idea how many would be saved, but that an effort to educate some portion of the world to the situation has been underway for a long time.  He feels he was chosen by the aliens because they were seeking an 'Average Jo."  A typical human specimen, in order to test how he feels about things, how he reacts to various situations.

After undergoing intensive testing on Argona, Magocsi concluded that the aliens are advanced millions of years beyond Earthlings and that we will never catch up with their level of development.  He was told that open contact would have to be made at some point in order to foil the evil designs of more negative beings from other parts of the universe that could dupe mankind and use us as a weapon against the friendlier races.

Magocsi believes these negative beings are manifested on Earth as the Men-in-Black, creatures he has encountered himself.

"Once I found a note," he said.  "It was a cutout from a newspaper about someone who published a book on UFOs and who disappeared.  I found this cutout in my locked car -  on the inside.  I don't know how the hell they got in to put it there, but I feel that was a hint.  But I wouldn't let myself worry about that."

Meanwhile, the friendly creatures Magocsi met on his journey are governed by higher beings that aren't flesh and blood but consist of energy and are spiritual in nature..  When he asked about the existence of God, he was told that was a mystery that no one could answer because the cosmos is so vast.  "Everyone has to find their own answer," the aliens said.  The experiences changed him, Magocsi said, making him more psychically aware and causing him to realize there is more to life than eating, sleeping and making merry.

He related a conversation he had had with some spiritualists who maintained that their source of inspiration was the spirit of someone's deceased grandmother.  When Magocsi demonstrated his own psychic abilities, they asked where his information was coming from.

"I said, I haven't got any bloody proof.  But it's not important.  I just pick these things up."

An amazing story?  Indeed?

RECOMMENDED READING -- The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial

Contacts: From The Secret Alien Files of UFO Researcher Timothy

Green Beckley




Pioneers Of Space: The Lost Books Of George Adamski – A Trip

To The Moon Mars And Venus Venus/dp/



If you enjoyed this article, visit Sean Caseel's 'UFO Journalist" website  at

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This UFO event took place in 1958 near Portglenone, Ireland on December 30 when farmer Joseph Bennett reported that a thirty-foot high oak tree had been split apart by an unidentified flying thing  His story was not believed by townspeople, so he suggested that they come and view the tree.  When they did, they were nonplussed, for ten feet from the ground the tree had been cut in two, and there was no evidence of burning or scorching, which would have been the case had it been struck by lightning.  Nor was there any evidence that anyone had climbed or in any way scaled the tree in order to lop it off at that height.

Bennett claimed that he had been walking in his fields that afternoon and heard a strange noise which sounded like a rush of wind.  Then, he said, he saw a "big black thing, about seven feet across" which came hurtling through the air about twenty feet above the ground.  It was coming out of the south and heading into the northwest when it hit the oak, splitting it in two. It then elevated into the sky and was out of sight in seconds.

As we  view the years behind us in this narrative we see no apparent pattern of behavior of the disks.  They do seem to be, as Aime Michel, the French researcher, calls them, transient phenomena of random occurrence.  And yet, as each new case comes to light and is investigated and studied, we get "repeats" which seem to indicate some kind of relationship between one report and another.

Now a report from  an alternate web site dealing with sightings in the Four Corners area:

This afternoon I was at my daughter's place in the country.  She lives on M.4 road.  We were outside when something "parted" the air and went over us so fast you couldn't see it.  It was pretty low too, it is a wonder it didn't hit the house as it is a tall log house.  Whatever it was must have been traveling thousands of miles an hour or it was cloaked!  We both heard the air parting with a woosh! - Aileen 

Here is another report from Greece:

In Agiou Apostolou where the priest Papa Costas lived, his roof was struck by something which made a very loud noise, and he assumed that there had been an earthquake because the whole house shook.  Papa Costas rushed outside where he talked with many of his neighbors who described the strange craft which had flown over.  Simultaneous with the sound, all radios in the area stopped working and the electric current in one house failed completely.  The next morning, when Papa Costas investigated in the daylight, he found that many of the tiles on the roof had been displaced or knocked to the ground and assumed that the low-flying object had touched the roof as it skimmed over the village at low altitude.  The whole story was met with a certain amount of skepticism, but inasmuch as two villages and scores of people told the same story, little headway was made in discounting the incident.

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This is an amazing story from Russia.  If the words seem unusual, it is because the story has been interpreted from the Russian language.


Thanks to the efforts of researchers working on the problem of UFOs have in the last century to link the collection information verified to the extent possible the most carefully - about alien encounters with humans on a peaceful basis. 

Some of the messages clarify the question as to what they are doing to our environment and what they do before you disappear from the face of the Earth. 

Interestingly, for example, an event that occurred with a woman who was not afraid to reveal her name and was not frightened of ridicule. 

Surayah Melihovna Gaynulin, microbiologist. At the time she was 35, and she worked at the Institute of Biophysics in Pushchino.
This incident happened to her on October 2, 1977. Here is her story.
"Fiction is not fond of. Aliens before this incident did not know anything, except that it is nonsense, and not interested in a" dish "at all. 

On that day, October 2, nothing much happened. A few weeks before this case I had a bad dream. Usually I go to sleep in the apartment. In the summer - I go out and sleep on the balcony. Our balcony is on the 9th floor - faces to the west. Night On October 3rd awake. I got up, put on a warm coat, walked through the house. Came to the loggia. And I thought I was all alone in the house, that the house has no one in it and the apartment has a strange look: as if there is an entrance to the apartment next door, and there is a sleeping brother, who had come on a mission. In reality, of course, was not ... (?)

I looked down at Oka. I think: you have to leave. Suddenly, above the Oka was a disc and a ball, like Saturn. Color of hot metal. The unit stopped at a distance of 300 - 400 meters from the house.
Height was difficult to determine, but it was not high. It was a beautiful sight. 

At first I thought that the device is separated from any "humanoids." They walked very slowly to the living quarters. There were 15-20. Then these "humanoids" were distributed towards Pushchino: some went to the red house, which stood next to our high-rises, others - on the block "B", and on the case of "A" and "B". And in our body went three. As they approached, I saw that it was no longer sticks and poles, and ... pillars of standing people. Moreover, the height of each "pillar" that ranges over and under. People - in the form of Soviet soldiers. Young persons, expressionless, frozen ... 

One of them is floating past me to the next balcony. I am afraid that it will scare and make a scandal, he waved his hand to her. He immediately turned to me and quietly stood beside me. He looked about 19 years old, but the growth is not 3 meters, as at that post, but just very tall, about 190 cm in uniform.

I say nothing. He spoke in Russian, smiling:
- Do you understand who I am? 

- Yes. But why are you in such a manner?

- I would like to talk to you. Can I?

I invited him into the room, in addition  I paused on the balcony. In the room was a chair near the balcony with stools. A bed on the other hand, is not fenced. And strangely - her husband seems to be no where.

We sat down. I say - well you understand Russian?

- I set up for you. Speak the language in which you talk.

- But you did not go with me?

- Not, you, but people tend to get scared. So I waited for the normal reaction from you.

- Why do you not talk during the day? People are happy to let you come and be with you in touch.

- I will answer this question at the end of the conversation. And with you I want to talk about - he said then - how do you personally go about the history of your community?

In his hand he had a device the size of a transistor radio, but without any buttons and ledges. Then he sometimes pushed it and we found ourselves in another dimension ...

He does not scare me, and he behaved very well. I conversed with him, even graciously, as a boy. Then he explained to me why he had come this way.

- When we were on your border, we saw there a man and 20 soldiers and took their appearance.

Later, at the end of the conversation, I suddenly noticed that his face had changed - in front of me was a man of about 45, intelligent, good looking, with glasses, very likable. I asked how it happened?

- I have examined you. And accept the appearance that you present

And It really was a pleasure to talk with him.

 At the Congress of the Institute of Biophysics in 1972, I saw a man with such a person. 

My companion pulled the unit and said that he needed to know the representation of the history of man. I said that this is a very long story, but he said:

- No, it happens fast. We will help the unit.

I started with the ape. And when you press the button, we suddenly found ourselves in a primitive society ...

He told me not to worry, that everything around me - my imaginary world, the one that I have in mind.

Thus, the history we have gone through in 20 minutes. Then I told him that we in the USSR consider ourselves a better society on the planet. He smiled.

- We have no private property - I explained and began to tell what the capitalist system, the colonial wars, etc. Due to the war had told him about Ulster. And then - we're there. But there they were all real. I was scared and he switched ...

Then we were somewhere in Asia, in the jungle, and there was a mutual destruction of several gangs engaged in drug trafficking. We have seen inhuman beatings around the corner from us. But as soon as he saw my fear - immediately switched ...

Then I asked him, why do you not want to talk to us? He replied that the planet they already learned. What we do not understand is  their interests.

- According to our assumptions, - he continued - your planet could include in our system of interplanetary relations, but that the level of your moral was very low.

Further, he said that humanity has gone down the wrong path and came to a dead end. We have a very serious thought, with great inertia. That this property is common to all people.

Then I spoke to the earth's patriotism and I'm trying to prove to him that people are not so bad and we are aware of its imperfections. He answered briefly and plainly.
- No. Not conscious. As there are too many dark, animal natures. You have to get out of their excrement.

He said that this confused place they have not yet found in the universe. But he added that science, if he wants, can understand many things in the system mezhkosmicheskoy communication, but at the moment, because of our aggressiveness, it is excluded.

I turned the conversation to another subject and asked if our theory is correct of the pulsating universe. He said no. It's just in your mind the design, based on your level. This error is caused in people with incredible ways of thinking.

I asked him where he came from?

- Do you know astronomy? - He asked.

- As a biologist, - I answered. He smiled and said:

- Later on, you still face the facts that we will evaluate and reject biologists, but only because in biology this type does not exist. Will reject, and other scientists. But there is a way of knowing. Education can not be science. Either it is or it is not. As for us, we will - from this "far" it is impossible to explain your existing terms.

He further said that the Earth - is a very convenient point for communication. And it seemed to me that we have for them a negligible effect on the planet

I was hurt and he felt it.

- We're not long, - he said. - We are collecting the information.
He was struck on the division of the country. And decided to talk about it. We have, as he noticed a big difference between people. They do not like that. The only big difference is between children and adults ...

He sought to know more about us, but about my speaking only in response to questions. Very short answer, sometimes evaded, explaining: do not understand.

He could not understand what is earthly love. Family he knew. They do not have families. There is love and children. No State. He said that the system of government, as well as the tribal system - this is savagery.

He did not consider the act of playing a new organism love. It's - it. And love them is another.

-It - the exchange of information and knowledge. Only someone who loves spreading the light of knowledge about others do not live in darkness of evil.

Information is emitted in the ecstasy that knows no man. It is a mystery that they protect each other. He further said that he was pleased to feel that I love my planet, protecting the people ...

- What do you look for in each other? - I asked.

- We can take many forms, which we need.

- And the children?

They look like the information they receive ...

- And death do you have?

-We just complete one stage and move to the next. Life is infinite. Death - is speculation of the animal mind.

- And do you have hatred?

- I can not understand what it is. Also do not understand earthly love.

Here, I feel that you do not talk like it is. You simply taught to understand. This is also a gamble. People are under the illusion ...
You are a kind and good person, but also not perfect. Continuous controversy.

I asked him what they do and why the UFO pilots are here and in other places? He replied that they do about the same. They know about me, and me - about them. I, in this case, am lucky.

- What is our future? - I asked at the end of the conversation.

- The planet will not die - he answered evasively. And it was not clear what he meant. I felt that it was the people he spoke about: it does not matter whether or not we will perish.

- You have a terrible way of knowing what you are imposing on your children - he said goodbye.

- When changing the path of knowledge, then you are moral and will change. 

We went out ... at the lodge. He did not shake hands. In general, he has never touched me. Again he become the "stick" and approached the ball, along with all newcomers. The ball disappeared into thin air and disappeared.

On this occasion, Gaynulin took lots of notes. She answered many questions. In particular, she said that the ball was clear, with no diffusion glow. Its diameter does not exceed 3 meters. She added that the stranger pointed a great fear of death. That in general, the fear in the world surprised him. For humans - a sort of driving force. In reality, this process is reset when worn bioskafandr, is just the beginning of another time and in another dimension of birth ... 

To the question of, "Where have the aliens departed to?" Gaynulin replied: "They fly off to him. He said their task - to establish new connections between all civilizations in the universe. But with us it is difficult to establish communication. First, for the sake of convenience science rejects us and discredits any excuse of our existence: and secondly, and most importantly, the society of your planet have a very high level of aggression, so they avoid meetings with aggressive creatures "."

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A sighting which was difficult to investigate because it took place on military property and involved military personnel occurred on September 9, 1958, and we must rely entirely on published press statements by the principal.  Private Jerome A. Scanlon of Jersey City, New Jersey, was stationed at a Nike Base in Maryland, just seventeen miles from Washington, D.C.  On the night in question at 5:30 a.m. he reportedly was walking from the sentry post to his barracks to sound reveille when he heard a humming noise above him, looked up, and saw a teardrop-shaped object at about one hundred yards altitude and moving away very slowly.  He estimated its speed at about thirty miles per hour.

Scanlon's description is interesting because although that shape of UFO has often been reported in flight, his was the first report of such an object coming in for a landing.  He said it moved over trees, breaking branches in its path, and finally appeared to land about a mile and a half away from him.  Scanlon watched as the object rose again and seemed to disappear before his eyes.  He then ran to inform Riney Farris, the sergeant of the guard.

Investigation later proved that Farris had sighted the bullet-shaped object shortly after Scanlon did and was attempting to locate Scanlon when they finally made contact.  The two went to the area where the object had apparently landed and found broken branches on the ground and a scorched strip of earth and vegetation about a half mile long.

Scanlon claimed that he got a good, long look at the UFO, and described it as about the size of a medium plane and shaped like an oversized bullet which tapered to a blunt "tail."  Neither he nor Farris observed propellers or wings or portholes or hatches or anything which might indicate that it had a crew.  Exhaust flames were issuing from the rear of the thing as it approached the ground, and its luminous green skin lit up the surrounding terrain with a weird glow

The upshot of this incident was that Scanlon talked to the press about his sighting, it was verified by Farris, and he was invited to the Pentagon during the first week of October to describe his experience to "high brass," as the news stories put it.

On the day after the press story about Scanlon's proposed visit to the Pentagon, On October 8, to be precise, an Associated Press dispatch out of Washington, DC, said that the Air Force officials had hazarded a new explanation for the mysterious object.  They pointed out that repair trucks had been doing some welding jobs on high-tension wires near Derwood at the time and that the flashes caused by the torches could have been the basis for the report of the flaming object.

It is not known what the precise disposition of this particular case is, but it would seem that the flashes from welding torches would not account for a bullet-shaped thing first seen overhead, then observed as it followed a glide path to a landing a little over a mile away.

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Call-in by John in Hollywood to Paula Harris on Coast to Coast am on March 7, 2013

locator map of Sardinia
map of Sardinia
Paula, if there is any way I can help you let me know.

My Uncle Peter was a giant, a real full blooded giant, which makes me have DNA of a giant.

Giants are known, of course, to have come towards Sardinia, and this may help you out a bit, from the area known as Tyre where there were Giants where they were called Pythons.

They were exiled over to Cadiz, Spain.  On their trip towards Sardinia they departed to the mainland which is the Pyrenees Mountains which is the Basques.  Very recently they found a common denominator in the Sardinia and Basque language so there you have a very, very rare connection.

Something I want to bring up about giants which have never been mentioned by anybody anywhere.  My Uncle Peter having been a giant had a spiritual quality and my mother used to tell me that when he placed his hand on the body it would leave a mark, the imprint of a hand wherever he would place it, so the vibratory pattern of his DNA was that quickened.  He had a different sense about him.

He was extremely strong.  He could lift 500 pounds under each arm and another 500 pounds on each shoulder.  He could pull a horse down the street by its tail and bring it back to the corral or could go up into the mountains and get a horseless carriage that was broke down and bring it into the town by one hand.

My Uncle Peter was a very rare man, that was my Mother's brother.  So the giants - where they came from, they were actually Nephilim or actually children of Nephilim because they were out of Tyre but brought to Tyre through the Gobi where they were sentenced.  If you read Enoch, I think it is Enoch I, you will find out the Giants were suggested to go after that to avoid being killed, they were to go east.  They went to the Gobi desert and that is where they went over towards what is Greece, Lebanon and Tyre.  They went out of the origins of the Middle East towards the Gobi and that is where they planted their schools.

Actually they had schools because they were very brilliant, even though they were supposedly bad.  I can't pronounce the word, but they were Troglodytes.  They were not nasty but they had knowledge, extraterrestrial knowledge, the original ones, I don't know about their children.  They left it in the Gobi.  The Himalayans picked up on this knowledge and they created the two houses.  One of which Hitler was very interested in, Shambala, and Agartha, and that seems to have fallen by the wayside but what they did was they brought it back towards Greece and then you have the legends of the Titans.  Titans is the same in Sardinian as giganti meaning the Giants.  The people in Sardinia called them the Star People.  They were coming from the stars.


(3 syl.). A people of Ethiopia, south-east of Egypt. Remains of their cave dwellings are still to be seen along the banks of the Nile. There were Troglodytes of Syria and Arabia also, according to Strabo. Pliny (v. 8) asserts that they fed on serpents. (Greek, trogle, a cave; duo, to get into.)
“King Francois, of eternal memory ... abhorred these hypocritical snake-eaters.” —Rabelais: Gargantua and Pantagruel (Ep. Ded. iv.).

A person who lives so secluded as not to know the current events of the day, is so self-opinionated as to condemn everyone who sees not eye to eye with himself, and scorns everything that comes not within the scope of his own approval; a detractor; a critic. The Saturday Review introduced this use of the word. (See above. Miners are sometimes facetiously called Troglodytes. 

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 Thank you Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts.
Contact in Cuba 2003

Location. Near Sancti Spiritus, Las Villas, Cuba
Date: March 6 2003   Time: late night
The witness, Damaso Rosales, had been unable to sleep that night and had gone outside his farmhouse. Again on a nearby field he saw the hovering disc-shaped craft with flashing multicolored lights. He approached the object and was greeted by the saw two tall men, the blond haired one and the white haired one, both wearing green-blue collared suits. He was invited inside and was told that they were going to go on a short trip. As he sat on a sort of reclining chair he saw through a clear glass window what appeared to be stars and other objects. At one point he appeared to have lost consciousness and when he woke up he found himself outside the craft standing on a dark field which was illuminated solely by a light from the object. The ground he stood on was rocky, white in color and shiny, he was accompanied by the two men. At one point he was able to take some of the shiny sand and put it in his pocket (as proof of his encounter). Soon he lost consciousness again and when he woke up he was on a field which he sound found out was across from the residence of the Guatemalan ambassador in Havana (about 260 km away). He was soon picked up by the police and they apparently believed his story. The small amount of shiny sand that he collected was apparently confiscated by intelligence agents and was never again returned to him. In 2006 Damaso Rosales developed leukemia and died within 6 months. He was only 60 years of age. He reported to the investigators that soon after his encounters he became a more ‘humane’ individual towards others, nature and specially animals.

HC addendum
Source: Luis Alberto Heredero
Contact in Cuba 2003

Location. Near Sancti Spiritus, Las Villas, Cuba
Date: March 6 2003 Time: late night

The witness, Damaso Rosales, had been unable to sleep that night and had gone outside his farmhouse. Again on a nearby field he saw the hovering disc-shaped craft with flashing multicolored lights. He approached the object and was greeted by the two tall men, the blond haired one and the white haired one, both wearing green-blue collared suits. He was invited inside and was told that they were going to go on a short trip. 
As he sat on a sort of reclining chair he saw through a clear glass window what appeared to be stars and other objects. At one point he appeared to have lost consciousness and when he woke up he found himself outside the craft standing on a dark field which was illuminated solely by a light from the object. The ground he stood on was rocky, white in color and shiny, he was accompanied by the two men. At one point he was able to take some of the shiny sand and put it in his pocket (as proof of his encounter). 
Soon he lost consciousness again and when he woke up he was on a field which he soon found out was across from the residence of the Guatemalan ambassador in Havana (about 260 km away). He was soon picked up by the police and they apparently believed his story. 
The small amount of shiny sand that he collected was apparently confiscated by intelligence agents and was never again returned to him. 
In 2006 Damaso Rosales developed leukemia and died within 6 months. He was only 60 years of age. He reported to the investigators that soon after his encounters he became a more ‘humane’ individual towards others, nature, and especially animals.

HC addendum
Source: Luis Alberto Heredero

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R-O-Y G - A R - O

 Similar to Chin Lee Woo

Brent Rayne's article inspired me to write what happened to myself in the past, which was similar.

A very long time ago I had become interested in Spiritualism, as well as UFOS.  

I had met some people that lived at Angle Lake in Seattle, Washington.  Both of their sons were Alaska Airline Pilots.  One night their house shook and one of the pilot's dog started howling.  The Mother knew immediately that something had happened to one of her sons.  

Soon after that the radio would come on all by itself. The music playing would be her favorite song, "Mother".  She knew this was a message from her son.  She wrote to a famous medium in England asking if he would contact her son. He responded that the son had already contacted him.  He made a tape for her from her son and sent it to her..

What had happened was the airplane had crashed in Alaska.  There were no survivors.  The airline had found no remains of her son.
Her son asked her (on the tape) to start meditating and he would try to come through.  Her husband, and herself, and some friends started meditating in a downstairs room with no windows.  It was totally dark.

At first they observed faces in the wood grain in their family room.  Since they were Catholic they asked the priest from their church to come and see what they saw.  When he saw the faces he asked her not to come back to church because it would upset the parishioners if they knew what was happening to the couple.  They never returned to the church but kept meditating.

When they asked new persons to come and participate (like me) they would start them out on the "table".  Perhaps some of you have "table-tipped" asking yes and no questions.  The table would tip and spell out words by the participants saying A - B - C - etc until it stopped on the letter of the word.  The first time I went there I was NOT sitting at the table but behind those that were.  All of a sudden it started spelling R O Y  G A R....  The persons at the table could not figure out what it was saying.  Unfortunately I started crying.  It was my father's name.  When you express sorrow or a negative emotion it stops the transmission.  My father's name was Roy Garoutte.  That was the first time something like that happened to me but not the last.

After the table tipping we would sit in a dark room and then we would hear electrical clicks spelling her son's name.  That would happen after we sang some lively songs to bring the vibrations up.  Her son spelled out that we were to have more people come and sit.  The father was instructed to "sit" in the cabinet.  It was not really a cabinet but a chair within an area made up of a curtain surrounding it.  The mother unfortunately was deaf so she didn't hear what was happening to the rest of us.  She was the power house that enabled what was to come next.

One of my friends was a physicist so he wanted to do some experiments with the energy in the room.  He created a red light that would come on anytime the magnetic lines were broken by the spirits who came into the room.  It went off so often that he had to take it out of the room.

A teacher named "Chin Lee Woo" then came into the room.  He would say Woe Hine E (sp?) and that meant "Hello" in Chinese.  He would talk to us in the air in a soft voice.  It was everywhere in the room.  The physicist started recording the sessions so we could study it more afterwards.  If the Mother was not there for any reason there wasn't enough power for Chin Lee Woo to come through.

The mother's name was Madeline.  She wanted to make an appointment with the Aquarian Foundation on Capital Hill in Seattle.  The well known Medium there was Keith Reinhart.  She asked for a materialization session with her son.  Keith said for her to come back in a week and he would try to arrange it with the scientists on the other side.

Madeline and her husband went back in a week.  In the inside top of her dress she had put a fresh rose.  No one knew it was there.  When the session started her son appeared in the ectoplasm in his Alaska Airline's Uniform.  He told her, "Mother, I am going to give everyone what you have tucked into your blouse."  He then went around the room and dropped a fresh white rose in their laps.

Madeline was still skeptical so she asked him if he could give her something that she knew was really from him.  He said that the scientists and himself would work on it and to come back in another week.

The next week when she went back her son dropped in her lap the Rosary she had bought and had blessed by the Pope at the Vatican.  She had bought two of them exactly alike as a gift for her sons.  

At their house she had big pictures, 8 x 10, of her two sons.  The Rosary she had been given back from the crashed airplane was hanging over her son's picture.  That was the convincing evidence that it really was her son.

One time I went to the Spiritualist Church on Dravis Street in Seattle.  There was a visiting medium there that would sit in session in a room especially created for seances.  My previous husband went with me.  Have you heard of a trumpet seance? It is like a long horn and out of it comes apports when it comes around to you.  You would hold your hands out and in the dark an apport would drop into your hands.  My husband received a Jade Budda.  I received a topaz gem. It was hot and had creases across it and in the creases were tiny gains of sand.  I still have it.

After the seance the Medium was going to read "billets".  A billet is a little piece of paper that you put your initial on the outside or the initial of the one you wanted to hear from.  I didn't know you were supposed to do that so mine didn't have anything on the outside.  The billets were placed into a "collection" plate like you have in church. Then the Medium would choose one and hold it over his head and give the message to the one who had requested one by putting their initial on the outside of the folded paper.

Finally he came to the ones that had no initials.  By this time he was getting very frustrated and said he would read no more because there was no initial on the outside.  But then he said I have to read this one because there is a man standing here that is filled with so much love I have to give the message.  If anyone in the audience knows a man named "Roy Garoutté raise your hand.  I almost fainted.  At that time all I knew was our name was pronounced plain old Garoutte.  I spoke up said "Yes, that is my father but the name is pronounced wrong."  He said I have pronounced it the right way.  After many years one of our cousins went to France where our family originated and he found out the Medium was correct by the way he pronounced our name.  Anyway, the Medium said your father wants to tell you that he has so much love for you and you are surrounded at all times by your Father's love.  I was so happy.  I had always been my father's favorite being the only girl.  He died when I was 11 and I was the only one with him.

Periodically we would tip a little table at home.  We always had the same spirit come through.  His name was Rollo.  He told me to look him up in a music encyclopedia and I would find his name. He was a famous violinist in Italy in the 1700's.  I did and I found him.  I believe he has always been with me and my daughter.  He used to draw shoes that they wore back then through the planchette.  We could not see what he was drawing because a pencil goes through the planchette so you cannot see what is underneath.  They were very ornate shoes.

After that time I became interested in UFO Research.  Just knowing my father was with me was enough to sustain me for a life time.  I never went back.