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By Michael Farmer

Working in a retirement home one can hear many an odd tale and run into many sorts of characters.

This tale relates to a gentleman only known as "Big Ben."  He was so dubbed because he weighed in excess of 300 pounds and needed help getting up and out of bed.

I encountered Ben in 1990.  He told me how he had been an Operative with the OSS just after the Second World War.  He was living in Cuba at the time.  They wanted him to send them any intelligence that he could.  He tried to back out but the "Company," as he called them, indirectly threatened his family.  He "joined" after Castro took over.

He was retrieved by a Company boat.  It appeared to be a small fishing trawler but its holds were jammed tight with weapons and radio/radar equipment.  He was brought back to the United States via Miami.  From there he was sent to Virginia for training and eventually Washington, DC for his assignment.

They were simple, he told me laughingly.  They were simply to discredit these new "Flying Saucer witnesses."  He was so good at what he did he was reassigned to a Top Secret division that analyzed UFO evidence and then summarily debunked it "scientifically."

Agents, according to Ben, were standardly issued black suits for, as he put it, "scarin the folk that seen them ships" and a James Bond like kit that could make a murder look like an accident or suicide.

He said he told me so that a guilty man could die an innocent death. (He died two months later of emphysema.)

From Ohio he next found himself assigned in Nevada.

Ben had been born into a Catholic family.  His father was half American Indian, half Mexican.  His mother was a devout church goer.  His father stuck more to the old Indian ways.  It was here in Nevada that Ben began his spiritual quest.  Previous to that he had been an agnostic.

The thing that Ben claimed changed him was a Top Secret project that the Air Force and the Department of Defense were working on.  It dealt with recovered aliens and hardware.Its members were dubbed "gems" and he thinks that the mission was named "Project Ruby" or "Project Garnet."

He claims that in the mid 1960s he met up with a small grey skinned humanoid that communicated via telepathy or a series of dog like grunts and whines.  Ben swore that Stephen Spielberg must have met up with an alien because they are partial to M&Ms and ice cream and ET showed such a liking to Reeses Pieces!

The aliens normal food was a processed cake consisting mainly of plankton and vegetable matter and until the process was perfected at least three casualties resulted.

He said they were a simple folk, and in some ways surpassed humans, and in others they were awed with human's philosophical outlook.  They worshiped a Supreme God, which was a duality, both male and female and was referred to as simply "The Consciousness."  The beings he encountered were neither male nor female, yet he said you just "knew" their gender.  Their life spans were normally 200 to 300 earth years but on earth considerably shorter.

Ben died, as I said, of emphysema.  He had no survivors, yet three young men driving a luxury car and wearing business suits came to claim his remains and possessions, meager as they were; an electric razer, a bottle of Old Spice, two shirts and three pairs of pants and his ragged Bible.  They took Ben and buried him in some Veteran's Cemetery, even though he had never been a member of the military.

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Helga Morrow lives in Tucson, Arizona.  The following is an annotated copy of an article she wrote in the Sedona Chronicles magazine.

My father hid behind the cloak of an average "John Doe draftsman," a typical 9 to 5 type of guy, when in actuality he was a very well known scientist.  Knowing what I do now, it is obvious to me that, due to the nature of his work, he had access to some very top-secret information.

In May 1952, he came home from a trip very upset, distraught and totally out of control.  His calm facade and usual cool demeanor had vanished.  He barely said anything to Mother, brother and me.  Since I always sat next to him at the end of our sofa, I noticed him writing.  More and more, endless writings. Oddly enough, he got up in the wee hours of the morning and wrote and wrote and wrote 'till dawn.  The more he wrote, the more distressed he became.  It got worse.  He started crying, the tears flowing down his cheeks.  I felt then, and still feel, he was hiding something so horrible that he didn't dare speak out.  His incessant writing seemed to be a silent scream.  He appeared not only distraught but scared to death for me and the rest of the family.  His bottled up secrets were gnawing at him constantly.

My mother sat in her corner in total silence when he was upset and my brother "took off" so he wouldn't get in the way.

He seemed to be getting worse and worse every day.  He had always been interested in my school work, but somehow, this trip home, he never shared with me about my homework.  I felt alone, as if he were a stranger in our midst.  His face became that of a frightened man

All I did was say, "What's wrong, what can I do to help?"  That did it!  He jumped up, thrust his notes in my face and screamed, "It's all lies!  Lies!  They are lying to all of us.  This whole world is a damned lie!  You should not have been born.  They are only going to select certain ones.  The little man has no say, we are nothing.  They are planning a damn war in 1966 where the blacks and the whites will kill each other off so a certain part of the population will be thinned out.  The war will be devastating, the likes of which we've never seen in America in this century.  A blood bath.


"It is useless for you to have  a child, although if you select the right person to breed with, there may be hope for you.  Otherwise, they will check out the child's background (the father) and it will be another reject.  For God's sake, check out the father of your unborn child.  Make damn sure his background is clean - no alcoholics, nothing but pure, healthy mental and physical bodies, no criminals or convicted felons and, above all, above-normal intelligence and attractive appearance - an intelligent jerk won't do either.  Those who have inbred (certain ethnic groups) because of their religion have innate blood diseases and will be eliminated as inferior unless they intermarry."

I said, finally, after this strange tirade, "What are you screaming for Daddy?  I just want you to tell me now why are you screaming at me?  I did nothing wrong"

He yelled, "After they have messed up this planet they are going to start over again some where else, on the moon, on Mars - they are putting us there in colonies.  They are being set up now.  The governments of the world are all conspiring to set this up!

I thought he had flipped.  Not saying anything, my mother ran to the phone and called the police.

"You will see mass destruction in your lifetime.  When you're 55 you will remember my words.  They may kill me, but my words will live on.  You will find out who I really am..."

With that the police came to the door.  My mother and brother finally got their way.  Daddy was severely clubbed with their night sticks until his unconscious body was dragged into the paddy wagon.

My mother told the cops, "He's a nut who believes in flying saucers, and I want him behind bars in the nearest mental institution."  We had no car and went to the police station in the police car.  It was a horrible nightmare.


Mother told me we could see Daddy every Wednesday.  A dear friend and coworker from Martin Marietta (name withheld) drove us.  There he sat in his barren room.  No voice, no emotion, no eye movement.  He looked as if he were in a catatonic state.  

Later, I noticed men (in trench coats) questioning my mother at home.  She always said they were friends from the Martin company.  Frankly, I knew she didn't know who the heck they were.  I'd come home from school and I'd see them leave.  Looking back now, I'd say they looked very much like the Secret Service men I've seen many times since.

The men in trench coats always came once a week to bring my father's paycheck and ask about his progress.  They were very interested in what Daddy had said before he left.  Mother was told to burn his writings which she did, however, I still remember some of them.

The news from the hospital was that Daddy was coming home for a visit in August.  I was happy.  Even though he had survived the brutal shock treatments, his well-being was precarious.  My father spoke in soft, guarded sentences.  It was just polite family conversation.  Nothing earth-shattering happened during the visit.  Again, we bade farewell and he went back to the hospital.  A few weeks later, in September, he was released.  Oddly enough, during this very traumatic experience, he was still carrying a top-secret clearance with his company. even after three to four months in the hospital.  Evidently, he was too important for them to fire.


Alternative 3, by Leslie Watkins with David Ambrose and Christopher Miles (published by Sphere Books, England) is one of the most controversial books of our time.  At one point it was permanently removed from bookshelves and banned worldwide.  It tells about colonies being formed on the moon and Mars, populated by the foremost people in every field of endeavor (whether kidnapped, selected or persuaded) in an attempt to save the best segment of the population from the certain disaster of the greenhouse effect.  These colonies are purported to house everything from selected breeders to scientists.  It's clear to me now that my Father was worried about my chances of being "selected" if I were to breed with the "wrong type" of specimen.  He was terrified that my offspring would not be good enough to be among the selected few to survive and propagate in the new colonies.

No one knew of his breakdown or his affiliation with flying saucers.  The hospital diagnosed him as paranoid-schizophrenic because he talked about flying saucers and aliens.  But the doctors assured my mother this was harmless illusion, that he'd get out of it eventually.

Well, things were all quiet, until we got news from Daddy that he was to live permanently in Denver, Colorado.  Mother refused to go because of the high altitude in Colorado.  A lot of engineers who had transferred to Colorado had died of heart attacks (seemingly because of the thin air).  Many of my father's fellow engineers dropped dead within one to two years of being transferred there.  On some occasions, my school called my mother to find out who I was or what kind of American I was.  The neighbors were also questioned.

On very rare occasions, I'd sneak into my father's bedroom and look at the pictures of the flying saucers.  Not even my mother knew about them.  But I knew his secret hiding places and I knew I was being prepared for something in the future.  Age 5 seemed so far away.  When I figure it out in 1952, 1992 seemed so distant.  I pictured myself as an old lady.  But something in this madness made sense; someday I would be able to share my story safely.

I think he knew that the real issues were hidden behind smoke screens, and that, unfortunately, the smoke screens were what made headlines.  He believed that racial wars were not spontaneously triggered by a minor incident but by well planned, clandestine operations, in an attempt at genocide - to "thin out" the population.  He saw the women's movement, even abortion rights, as the eventual control of women for selective breeding.  He always said communism was a joke to create friction between believers and non-believers, a cloud to obscure truth.  The stupidity of Lincoln was to have freed the slaves and then not give them real freedom.  This, he thought, was the injustice that would lead to racial wars.

He also mentioned that I should have only one child if I did decide to breed.  Love was not in his vocabulary, except to love one's fellow man, as in mankind.

 He told me that there would be a time when beings the government deemed inferior would not be allowed to reproduce, that the government would eventually decide for us.  "That is why it's important for you to breed with the right person, at the right time, when you grow up.  Breeding is more important.  An intelligent female with a below average male will produce inferior children.  It's a question of breeding only superior beings with superior beings.  They won't be hurt - just not allowed to breed, so their inferior genes will become extinct.  This is the only way the human race can breed out criminals, murderers, violence, diseases and genetic disorders.  This is what they have achieved in other star systems.  This is not the only star system.  There are endless varieties of galaxies.  They walk among us, breed with us and have integrated into our civilization.  We (the scientists) are working on this now."

What about our 'gifted children" programs?  How are these children being observed?  What statistics are being  gathered and what are they used for?  Where is the information going?

My father felt that our seed must be perfect - strong - so that no one person or group could take away our rights of make us prisoners on Earth or on another planet.  Mental and spiritual training are vital to strength, as is discipline.  The incorruptible who adhere to the will of God will survive on this planet.  Speak and live only the truth!

I believe that Helgas father knew what was coming in the future and the powers that be did not want him to let people know so they locked him up and probably kept him drugged.  I found this a very important article because of what is taking place right now.

Hi Aileen,
  This article on Helga kind of corresponds with a book I just read (and bought).  It is called: BATTLE HYMN.  The author is John Scura/Dane Phillips.  It is a very scary book.  The author is a journalist along with his co-author.  They have dug up a lot of information and they give references to look up.  I did on  one of them about the Health Care Section 2521 which (they) said was implemented.  It has NOT been implemented yet.  The other one they did research on was the Codex Alimentarious Bill 4872.  It HAS been passed and in place.
  By the way the author was on C2C about a month ago.  Although I bought the book, I think you can get it from your public library.

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Jim Fisk photo

By Kelly Davis,
 Beachcomer, Vashon Island, WA

On the evening of July 15, 1989, Elmer "Skip" Frombach, Jr.s wife and his friend Kevin Johnson thought he was acting rather strange.  His face was unusually pale and he seemed a little distracted.  They really knew something was wrong when he collapsed in the kitchen.

When he recovered, Frombach began telling them of an experience so frightful and unreal that until then he'd been unable to accept it himself.

Earlier that day, the former Vashon resident had been on a day hike on the western slopes of the north Cascades near the Canadian border with his parents, Islanders Elmer and Beatrice Frombach, and his niece, son and son's friend.

Though in prime Bigfoot territory, nary a thought of the legendary beast was on Frombach's mind - he did not believe Bigfoot existed.

The group's destination was riddled with old mine shafts which Frombach, his father and niece decided to examine closer.  A part-time prospector Frombach remained behind to set up a mining claim.

What he says happened next started out scary, then turned terrifying.

He was walking on a footpath when he heard what sounded like two rocks being bashed together on a slope high above his head.  He thought his camp mates were playing a joke on him, so he called out for them to stop, then heard a crash.

Looking up the slope, he saw a hairy mass tumbling toward him.  Frombach tracked its descent for several seconds, preparing for an encounter with an angry, confused bear.  It landed in a brush-tangled heap 30 feet away, emitting a grunt  As Frombach watched, the creature stirred, moaned and slowly stood up.  Immediately, the prospector knew he was not in the presence of a bear.

Whatever it was, Frombach said, it stood up straight and walked on its hind feet. It had three-inch-thick hair all over its body except on its face, which was bald, and the top of its head, where Frombach estimates it grew to a foot and a half.  Whiskers grew from the bridge of the ridged nose, and its deep-set eyes were surrounded by ruddy brown patches.  Frombach estimates the creature was eight or nine feet tall and strode like a giant man rather than a slouching gorilla.

And it was staring intently at him.  "Its stare was not of aggression but of extreme confidence," said Frombach.

A stare that said it knew it was the biggest thing on the mountain.

Frombach fired his pistol into the air, but the creature ignored the blast, turned around and walked calmly down the trail out of sight. Frombach followed it to get his supplies.  When he came around the corner, it was crouched down digging in the ground.  The creature took up a basketball sized boulder and pounded it on the ground three times when it saw him.

When Frombach backed away, the creature leaped into the brush to cut him off.  Even in his fear Frombach almost laughed.  "It looked like a Tasmanian Devil cartoon when it came through the bushes," he said.

Though he didn't actually see it following him as he ran through the trees, Frombach said he could hear the creature's footsteps.  "It could have caught me if it wanted to," he said.  "I think it just wanted to scare me off."

If so, it was successful.  Frombach reached the car and rushed his family back home to Seattle.  "I told them a bear was after me," he said.  He figured they wouldn't believe him if he told that he really thought.  He had trouble believing it himself.

Frombach's story eventually reached Peter Byrne of the Bigfoot Research Project.  The project is a sophisticated operation using detailed accounts of sightings to systematically search for the elusive creature with infrared-equipped helicopters.

The NBC television show Unsolved Mysteries recreated Frombach's experience and interviewed him and Byrne in a Bigfoot segment that aired May 25.

The Bigfoot Research Project has tagged the location of the incident an "active site" because new footprints have appeared since Frombachs scare, he said.  Footprints that measure 20 inches by 7.5 inches, just like the ones he says were made by the creature that chased him.

Frombach continues to keep the location of the incident secret from all but the Bigfoot project -- to keep the site from being overrun with glory seekers, he said.  He hopes the project will find the creature, but keep quiet until scientists have fully documented its behavior and devised a means or protecting it.

And he hopes to be taken seriously.  He is working on a book of his experience to convince others of what he told his TV interviewers "What I saw there was a living creature and not a figment of my imagination."

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GALACTEUS is a leading group in the field of interdimensional contacts.  It is a group of friends who were attracted together by a telepathic resonance, and have chosen to live in exceptional environments.  They unite their expertise and technical abilities to create living conditions allowing a coordination between between human life and invisible planes, hence a contact with supraterrestrial energy fields and superior dimensions of consciousness.


It all began some twenty eight years ago in Paris, when I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY were giving conferences about his own experience of contact with suprahuman levels.  A little group of people gathered around him and regularly met for transmuting meditations and elevations in sacred places.  It soon became obvious to them that a communal lifestyle was necessary in order to maintain between themselves a purified energy field allowing to keep permanent contact with these very refined energy planes. Also appeared necessary a vegetarian diet and the suppression of alcohol, tobacco., coffee and all sorts of drugs in order to let the body's sensibility be as clear and undistorted as possible.

This improvement of the quality of life was uplifted by the development of arts - music, drawings, dance, martial arts, photography, laser shows and the organization (private or public) concerts, art shows, celebrations, and fun, mostly - laughing being an important means for energy transmutation.

A worldwide network of crystals was set up at important ley line knots over the whole planet, in order to reactivate the etheric body of the Earth.  In France, some menhirs and dolmens were reordered and reactivated by this group of people - and it happened that important UFO experiences and sightings took place during these operations of control and contact with other dimensions.

In 1983, the Galacteus team decided to fly towards sunnier and more primeval places.  Since French Polynesia in the South Pacific is united to France economically and politically, the group settled there until an island was purchased, and a communal setting was organized in the natural paradise of Bora-Bora.  A group of people lived there for three years until it became necessary to connect again with the European roots they had left behind.

In 1990 a new community has been settled in a castle surrounded by a beautiful property, near the area of the "Loire Castles" in France.  It is a very beautiful place which can be traced back to year 600, with huge blue cedars and sequoias, large meadows and a lake.  Its energy field has been reharmonized and elevated, and it is going to become an international center for seminars and meetings with people from all countries who now want to become members of the Galacteus network.


Both of European and Asian origin, I.J.P. Appel-Guery was contacted by a superhuman dimension when he was twelve years old.  A cosmic presence touched him and kept guiding him through an initiation process during the following years, inspiring him in all sorts of meditations and exercises he later discovered were mentioned in Western and Eastern esoteric traditions.  Then, at age 18, he went through a very strong illumination experience.

There are different types of out-of-body experiences, depending on which subtle vehicle the being uses in order to fly out of his body - these mental, astral or etheric bodies which are utterly described in esoteric traditions.

1.  He had to be thoroughly prepared.  A year of complete ascetic life achieved the preparation realized by years of guided excercises since 12 years old.

2.  An extraordinarily powerful force coming from the inner universe intervened in order to pull him out of his physical body.  He mentions it as "the force which makes the planets move," and says he would never have been able to make that trip without this powers intervention.

He was suddenly propelled inside the core of the universe, a fantastic world of energy streams which is interior to all manifestations in the material world.  It is what Boehm calls the "Implicate Universe," a world of timelessness and immortality, absolute awareness and total communication with all that exists.  He decided to come back from this experience in order to tell the world that this existed, and since then. he has devoted his life to the contact wit this suprahuman transcendental dimension.

Wishing to create a synthesis between Western and Eastern forms of thinking, APPEL-GUERY graduated in Sciences and Arts from the University of Paris in the same time as he studied all the esoteric traditions existing in the history of man on our planet.  He realized that philosophy, religion, science and art were connected together from the beginning of man's evolution, coming from the primeval source of all knowledge, the Primordial Photosynthesis, although through the evolution of humankind they have been diffracted, separated and opposed to each other.  He tried to find the common-essence which can link them together again, trying to realize a communication between our past and our future on this planet.

He has attracted around himself a group of people which forms in the invisible a great unified being, whose system of consciousness, of perception of the universe and of energy is amplified compared to that of an individual.  This great being can be in contact with a superpersonal field of consciousness, allowing the reception of telepathic messages and graphic patterns, and UFO sightings under special conditions.


"The satellites and rockets sent around the planet and into the outer space are slowly introducing for humankind the dawn of a cosmic age.  We may well have to take full responsibility towards other civilizations who would not necessarily be patient with us, should our attitudes not please them, because we may disturb some systems of cosmic balance we are not aware of."

"Most messages received by contactees state that it is presently necessary to treat the imbalance created by the development of a "science without conscience," i.e. too much power in the hands of humans who lack the necessary level of cosmic  responsiblity and awareness to wield it."


Many contactees speak of extraterrestrial races, of space travellers coming from several stellar systems.   The interventions of such travelers have been found in all earthly civilizations, since time immemorial, as far as Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis.  The UFO phenomenon is a presence which reminds us that man is not alone in the universe and, and most of all, that he is not only a body made of mortal flesh, but also a special kind of energy vessel which he must understand and control.  The physical body has transcendent correspondences and resonances in other vibratory fields, in the past and the present as well as in the future.

From their experience in the field of interdimensional communication, I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY and the Galacteurs group can say that superior contacts and channeled messages should be given relatively more or less importance according to where they come from.  The accurate perception of vibratory fields makes it possible for n individual to discern whom to contact and who is contacting him.  It is not easy to maintain a connection with a suprahuman dimension of consciousness, for different reasons; all too human inertia and lack of control, socio-cultural prejudices, lack of interest or disinformation from official institutions, fear.  I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY and the Galacteus group have devoted their life to the maintenance of this contact.

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My first exposure to UFOs came at an early age.  My mother worked for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle, Washington, and because of this, I was used to hearing a lot of talk about new designs for aircraft.

I had always been interested in airplanes because I had uncles on both sides of the family that were pilots.  Occasionally we kids would be privileged enough to go on a plane ride with them in a small
Cessna, or similar craft, and be thrilled at the acrobatics performed with us in the plane.  I had a love of flying that persists to this day.

When I was 12, my mother and I lived in a small apartment in Midway, an outskirt of Seattle.  Our apartment had a hilltop view of the Puget sound and Vashon Island.  The flight path for Sea Tac airport was about 1,000 feet out directly in view of our window.  We lived above two fellows that were Boeing engineers.

One summer evening we were leaning out the window watching the night sky.  Out of the darkness a blinding white flash of light lit up the inky black sky.  Before we could react to this, two rapid flashes of red light from separate but close sources followed.  There was absolute silence.  Even the highway before us seemed to have been quieted by this occurrence.  We were waiting to hear the familiar whine of the airplane engines, but nothing was heard.  Again, the same sequence of lights flashed.  This time, the islands across the sound were lit up like daylight. You could see the trees, and the water's edge.

By this time we were frantically trying to get the two fellows downstairs out to see this unusual sight.  They came out onto their patio and witnessed the same sight we did.  They were conferring with each other trying to convince themselves that this was indeed "one of ours."  They didn't sound too convincing.  What struck all of us as the most out of the ordinary was the fact that this craft was not only flying in the opposite direction as the normal flight path, but the silent running and brilliance of the lights.  They were convinced, however, that this was a most unusual air craft, and not at all sure it was one of ours.

I ran out of the house to the opposite side when this craft flew out of visual range. It had turned to arc over the apartment house and straight up and out of sight.  There was no explanation for this.  None of us had ever seen anything that resembled a silent airplane with lights that could illuminate the whole Poverty Bay area.  This was my first exposure to a UFO.

Over the following years, I have seen orange balls of light that close up in fan fashion, only to reopen and close again.  Several times I saw small, streaking, lime green pin points of light high over the Earth's atmosphere racing off to who knows where.  I thought that everybody saw unusual lights in the sky at one point in their lives.  I didn't know that I was in for the most unusual experience of my life (to date).

On March 17, 1988, my steady boyfriend had come to Brooklyn, NY to take me out for the evening in Manhattan.  We usually took the Brooklyn Battery tunnel into Manhattan to the West side highway.  This highway is a busy 6 lane main arterial that carries heavy traffic 24 hours a day.

My boyfriend had to stop by his business to check on something before we went out.  We were about to make a right turn onto Spring Street, when I noticed a formation of lights over the North end of the city.  I thought that perhaps since it was St. Patrick's Day, somebody had gone to a lot of trouble to celebrate it with an advertising plane, or something similar.

We watched it for about a block or two before we had to make our turn.  I asked him to pull over to the side, so we could get out and look at it.  We were on a block that had an unobstructed view of the sky.  UPS parks their trucks in a lot there at night, and it occupies about a half a city block.  We found ourselves watching a stationary formation of lights.  We watched it for about a minute before I said "Gee, I wish it would come closer so we could get a better view of it."

The words were no sooner out of my mouth than the lights began to move in our direction.  I thought that it might have been an optical illusion when you see something far away and it's moving in your direction, but you are unable to see the movement until it's very close to you.

As the lights got closer, we could see a V shaped pattern of lights.  I didn't hear engines, so I instantly ruled out an advertising plane.  My logical mind replaced the plane with a blimp as an explanation.  We could see a central white light at the point of the V with 2 pairs of red lights on either side of it.

This craft silently drew overhead and stopped about 300 feet over our heads.  There wasn't any connecting structure that I could see between the lights.  There wasn't any reflection of the street lights against a silver blimp body, so of course, I was left without an explanation, again.

As we were watching this huge craft (it covered the entire half block parking lot), I wondered if anybody else on the street saw it also.  I turned to look up the West Side Highway.  There was not a car in sight!  Keep in mind that's it's a Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on St. Patrick's Day in New York City!  No cars in sight??  There must be someone on the street also disbelieving what they were seeing.  I turned in the other direction to look up the street at an Irish Pub - The Ear Inn - there must be someone out on the sidewalk.  There was not a soul in sight.

It was at this point that the craft slowly and silently turned to the right to move away back in the direction it had come.  The hair was standing up on the back of my neck.  As it moved away, I could see another smaller cluster of lights that moved in unison with the main section. It was four red pin points of light in a diamond pattern.  Again, there wasn't anything visible that connected any of these lights together.  There was no air craft body to see.

When the craft moved away, we were mobilized again, and started to see cars in the street.  I feel that we were in a time warp where all other activity around us was shut off.  Perhaps this craft was looking for a perfect opportunity to observe two humans close up in a spot where they could hover unobstructed by city buildings?  I don't know how the timing of these events is worked out, but it seemed like a perfect - too perfect - coincidence.

We got into the car, both of us in utter amazement as to what it was we just saw.  Neither of us spoke.  What was that?  Why wasn't there anyone else on the street?

Consciously, we observed this craft for what seemed to be 5 - 7 minutes.  When we got to my boyfriend's business, about 1 minute from where this happened, we were about 20 minutes later than we should have been

My boyfriend is reluctant to call this a UFO.  He still doesn't believe we had missing time.  I remember clearly the events of that night.  Perhaps one person's perception of certain events can be altered from what really took place.  Perhaps our memories are faulty and we are up against something we totally don't understand.

After this incident, I began to draw and construct various images for a choreographed suite that featured New Age Music and alien characters.  I had never drawn before, now characters were jumping off my pencil and starting to rapidly compile into a collection of off worldly images  New Age music was the tone of choice, and I had never before been exposed to it.

I think that these experiences are to awaken our creative and telepathic abilities.  They are designed to enlighten our souls to a higher level.  People that are "blocked" from achieving the higher levels have problems assimilating these experiences into their lives and fall apart.  I am thankful for this experience, because it has confirmed what I have always known to be true - we are an engineered species and our caretakers have come back to activate key elements of the Master Plan.

We are the Keys.  It is up to us to fulfill our part of this and collectively raise our consciousness to a point where war and hate will be a thing of the past.  It is conceivable within our lifetimes if we all make a conscious effort to accomplish this.

As it is, so shall it be done.


NOTE;  I am very familiar with this case.  There was much more to it where the witness was picked up and taken inside the craft.  Through regressive hypnosis she remembered many things. - P. Urial

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This is a case that Brent Raynes investigated.  It concerns "LL" .

LL sent a letter to Brent briefly describing a time when she disappeared unaccountably when she was visiting a friend in Washington state.

"One night as a heavy blanket of fog surrounded the house there was an "errey" red light also.  The girlfriend was unable to tell where the light was coming from, so she decided to go upstairs and get LL out of bed so that they both might investigate.  But LL's bed was empty, although it had been slept in.  She then searched the house unsuccessfully for her.  LL writes; "She said that she stayed up and had coffee and soon the fog lifted and the red light went away.  That's when she about "jumped out of her skin."  I was coming down the stairs asking her why the lights were on and if John, her husband, was ill.  I remember that and waking up in bed and seeing the lights from downstairs in the stairway.

In her next letter LL described another curious recollection that she describes happened at a "Pacific Northwest Military base."  She wrote it on separate paper from the rest of the letter in case I were to choose to destroy it or put it away somewhere secret for safe keeping on account of its implications. At the conclusion of the report LL wrote, "There is a feeling while writing this that made me uneasy... You might say that I have the urge to just burn this part of the letter.  Something is going on but the government will never reveal it to the public.  As you can see it is scary, but one needs courage at times."

(Editor's note:  I remember this very well and never forgot this particular case!- P. Urial)

This is what she claims happened:  "It was early morning and I was taking a shortcut across the reservation, at the back part of the base (where) it was covered with semi-open areas and heavy woods.  There were some trees set out from the woods and this area had been used for training in the past year, but not at that time.  There was training going on in another area at the time.

I was driving southwest and the sun was up but not full strength.  It was good light out and no rain had fallen for a couple of days.  Meaning that the ground was dry and no morning mist or fog was in force.  The time was about 7 or 7:30 a.m.  I was driving along at the speed limit and saw something in the woods to the left front at about 30 degrees to my face.  It seemed to be long and white and there were many of these white things.  I looked again and was very curious about what they were.  They were about as big as a large tree trunk and was long.  One hung from a trunk to the ground.  I stopped the car for a better look and tried to guess what it was.  Thinking that it must be some military equipment but what kind was impossible to guess.  They just don't leave things laying or hanging around like that.

I got out of the car and went over to look.  Now the distance is about 200 yards off the road to the white things.  This road was little used and is not a major road but is blacktopped.  At one time it was a major road.  It was the easiest for me though to get to my job.  As I got closer to the white things they looked more opaque; like a frosted bathroom window.  They looked as I thought, much like a cocoon of a white material.

The one I could see better was on the ground under the tree so was flat on one side.  The upper surface was rounded on each end and rising higher in the center too.  It looked like millions of tiny threads made up the fiber of these things and you could see a form of some sort inside, but not real clear.  The fibers were like fiberglass of today - is the only way I can explain it.  I touched it and it was sticky to touch but not like glue.

It scared me so I ran back to the car, turned around and found a base police officer.  I told him all about it and he went back with me.  He went over to the three white things (cocoons or pods?), touched them and looked all around.  He then came back and used his radio.  I don't know what he said but he came back and ordered me to stay in my car and not to leave.  Pretty soon here came an officer and about five base police.  They went over - and I could see that these white things were getting more clear as time went on.  You could clearly make out human forms!  They came over and asked me all kinds of dumb questions.

Now I have funny hearing and male voices are easier to hear than women's.  I overheard that the forms were males and there were holes on the necks of each.  The skin was pale or parchment white from what I could see.  The hair was of normal color and the males were naked!  There were no marks on the body other than mentioned.  I've been around dead bodies hundreds of times in many ways, but this was very different in some way.  They looked flatter!

They took the three forms and what white fiber they could get into jars but the fiber seemed to just dissipate at the same rate as the rest of it was.  There didn't seem to be any residue in the jar either.

When they saw my door was open they closed their door and mine.  There was a guard also at my door.  Being German I got mad in keeping me there, and started to make a fuss.  They let me go then.

One thing is that while at the scene, and after awhile, they took me over to the three pods to show them what I did and did not do.  I was told to make it exactly the same."

About the statement regarding being around hundreds of dead bodies LL described herself as having worked as an EMT, and presently has "own business of taking care of dying people.

NOTE:  I believe this Airforce base was McCord Field south of Tacoma.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Location Rostov-on-Don Russia
January 1990
Time:  Night

A 40-year old woman named Larissa Galushko awoke in the middle of the night and saw a semi-transparent humanoid silhouette suddenly condensing in mid-air in front of her eyes.  She looked closely and saw a man-like figure.  Frightened she asked, "Who are you?"  In response the man ordered in a booming voice, "Give me your hand."  She obeyed the order and slowly as if in a trance she stretched her right hand towards the stranger.  The man touched her right palm gently, carefully and then melted away into thin air.  Larissa felt the man's hands and they felt dense.

Several days later the transparent alien came back.  He stood for a long time near the head of Larissa's bed.  He stared at her silently.  She felt awestruck as she watched the figure again dissolve into thin air.  From that moment on his visits became regular; he was now visiting Larissa at least 2 - 3 times per month. 

At one time another alien accompanied the first one, standing next to him shoulder to shoulder.  The new visitor (alien) was dressed in a white loose-fitting garment.  His head was either totally clean-shaven or completely hairless.  He had Hindu features and was also semi-transparent.  Larissa began to cry, pleading with the aliens to leave and to leave her alone.  She asked who they were and why were they visiting her at night.  The hairless "Hindu" in the white loose garment said, "We love you."  Slightly taken aback Larissa said, "Where are you from?"  The alien said, "From a parallel world, Planet Trion."  That having been said both aliens then vanished.  After this contact the strangers visited Larissa 5 to 6 more times, but they did not speak anymore.  They usually just stood near her ottoman and stared at her  They totally ignored her requests to leave her alone.  Their last visit was around August 1990.

Source:  Alexey K. Priyma, "Unknown Worlds" Moscow 1996

Location:  Toquila Valley, Colombia
Dare: January 9 1990
Time: Late night

Deontologist, Ivan Naranjo, and two passengers were traversing a lonely valley when their vehicle, a Nissan jeep, began to experience engine trouble.  The vehicle soon ground to a halt by the roadside as its electrical system went dead  Stranded in the middle of the Andean foothills, Naranjo was doing his best to get the vehicle in motion again when one of the passengers gasped involuntarily at what was taking place in the night sky.  In the horizon, headed their way, was an amazing interplay of red, green and yellow lights, which did not correspond to any atmospheric phenomenon, they could identify.  They watched in sheer astonishment as the array of colors lit the sky and grew closer, increasing in size as it closed the intervening distance.

Within seconds, a huge disc-shaped device, was hovering unsteadily in the blackness over their heads.  The object was out of control, and to their horror, about to crash land right on top of them.  Naranjo and his passengers found themselves paralyzed by what he characterized as "muscular sluggishness."  Then suddenly out of nowhere, another massive disc-shaped craft appeared.  Gliding into a space immediately above the dangerously wobbling craft, it fired a dense beam of white light at the vessel, stabilizing its erratic motion immediately.  (That is similar to the Maury Island case in Washington state.)

The surreal event became even more so as two humanoids emerged from the larger craft to ostensibly perform repairs on the now stabilized saucer.  Soon the repaired saucer began spinning furiously on its axis, vanishing in a thick fog.  The "rescue" ship vanished amid a powerful whirlwind that stripped earth, rocks, and dust from the surface below.

Exhausted by the ordeal, the shocked witnesses spent a night of fitful sleep in the wilderness.  In the morning they were stunned to see a landscape that gave the appearance of having been blasted by divine fire ; water ponds adjacent to the highway had been turned into grim puddles of mud, and the carcasses of small desert rats and lizards littered the landscape, roasted by some form of radiation.  One of the passengers would later die of an unknown malady, possible related to the strange energies released by the alien vehicles over the valley.

Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files #1

Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Date: January 14, 1990
Time:  Night

Gennadiy Kosushenko was watching news on television when suddenly everything in the room seemed to slowly dissolve away in plain sight, cupboards, couch, etc.  Frightened he tried to grab the back of a slowly vanishing chair but his hands seemed to go right through it.  A milky fog then enveloped his whole body.  Soon a male entity appeared amidst the fog, standing only a couple of steps from the witness.  The man was quite normal in appearance, nothing special.  He appeared to have been about 40 years of age.  He looked at the witness smiling.  Inexplicably the witness became calm and was no longer frightened.  He felt a strange tranquility inside him.  The alien man began speaking directly into the Kosuchenko's mind, he could hear the voice but could not see the stranger's lips moving.

The "alien" told the witness that he constantly controlled his behavior and then said, "We are your brothers and you are not a real resident of earth, but an agent for an extraterrestrial civilization."  The alien then added, "How do you feel in that unsuitable terrestrial body?"  The witness answered that he felt fine that everything was normal.  At that, the alien man vanished and the milky fog surrounding the witness slowly melted away.  The room had now returned to normal.

Source:  Alexey K. Priyma
XX Century Chronicles of the Unexplained Moscow 1999
The above cases courtesy Humanoid Sighting Reports, Albert Rosales

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Bridge draws dogs to jump to death

The Dallas Morning News

MILTON, Scotland - (KRT) - Donna Cooper still has no idea why her normally obedient border collie, Ben, leaped to his death this spring off a tall rural bridge in Milton without any warning or apparent rationale. "Ben's feet never touched the wall," she said, referring to the waist-high, 18-inch-thick barrier that has been hurdled - inexplicably and with a near certainty of death - by scores of dogs during the past three decades. "He just went straight over."

Maybe it's the whistle of the wind from distant Loch Lomond, or the fabled "white lady" who is said to haunt an adjacent mansion or the rustle of tree branches next to a nearby waterfall.
Nobody knows for sure, but something strange is causing dogs to jump off the Overtoun Estate bridge, west of Glasgow, at an alarming rate. Most are killed by the 60-foot fall or are so severely injured that veterinarians must put them to sleep. Others have survived, only to come back and try again.

The mystery has prompted investigations by an animal behaviorist and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Even a group of paranormal researchers visited recently. None has found a plausible explanation.

"Dogs don't commit suicide. People do," said Joyce Stuart, a professional animal behaviorist with 16 years of experience. "Dogs are survivors, born survivors. Everything dogs do is for a reason. ... They're not stupid like we are."

So why, she asks, have dogs been leaping off the bridge at rates reportedly as high as one per month during the past 20 or 30 years?

The bridge itself provides precious few clues. Built in the 1890s, the one-lane span arches over a leafy ravine and waterfall. Several semicircular alcoves jut outward from the walls at 20-foot intervals.

An athletic dog might be tempted to jump onto the wall to view surrounding woodlands. Cooper said she thinks maybe Ben was searching for her toddler daughter, who was hiding in one of the alcoves at the time.

The bridge lies within the grounds of the 85-acre Overtoun Estate. The name has been traced back to the 14th century in reference to a large tract of pastureland near Loch Lomond.

Built in the 1860s by industrialist James White, the mansion fell into disrepair during the Depression. For 22 years, it was a maternity hospital. Then it was occupied by a succession of Christian missionary groups.

Bob Hill, a Christian missionary from Fort Worth, Texas, is renovating the mansion to provide a retreat for inner-city youth. He said at least three frantic dog owners have knocked on his door asking for help after their dogs jumped off the bridge. Nevertheless, he contends that such incidents are being exaggerated by the news media.

Hill thinks the dogs are distracted by the waterfall or by the many gray squirrels that frolic along the bridge. His own two dogs have never been tempted to jump, he said.

As proprietor of the estate, Hill said he has become acutely aware of the international attention surrounding his bridge.

"I got a call from a friend of mine in Alabama a while back," Hill recalled. "He said: 'Bob, you're not going to believe this. You've got dogs jumping off your bridge committing suicide.' " He smiled broadly, then frowned as he noticed that none of the other investigators appreciated his attempt at humor.

Stuart ignored his remarks, continuing to peer into the abyss below in search of an answer.
Just as animal behaviorists reject the notion that dogs would commit suicide, they also discount the suicide myths surrounding whale beachings or lemmings plunging enmasse off a cliff.Whale beaching, experts say, could be explained by the tendency of some whales to travel in groups and follow their pod leader. If the leader becomes ill and disoriented, he could become beached at low tide. Other whales following him would suffer a similar fate.

Marine biologists also suggest that whales can become disoriented by sonar from military vessels. The theory arose in 2000 when seven whales beached themselves in the Bahamas immediately after the U.S. Navy had conducted a sonar operation in the area.

Similarly, experts dismiss the "lemming suicide plunge" as pure fiction created by none other than Walt Disney in a 1958 film, "White Wilderness." The lemmings' "cliff death-plunge" was created by placing the rodents atop a snow-covered, spinning turntable. The centrifugal force pushed the lemmings toward the edge of an artificial cliff, making them appear to jump.

"It's easy to understand why the filmmakers did this," wrote Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a scientist and commentator for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "Wild animals are notoriously uncooperative, and a migration of doom followed by a cliff-of-death sequence is far more dramatic to show" than the lemmings' relatively boring - but real - migration pattern.

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

Turkish Shepherds Stunned As 450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths
The Associated Press Jul. 9, 2005 - First one sheep jumped to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff, Turkish media reported.

In the end, 450 dead animals lay on top of one another in a billowy white pile, the Aksam newspaper said. Those who jumped later were saved as the pile got higher and the fall more cushioned, Aksam reported.

Nevzat Bayhan, a member of one of 26 families whose sheep were grazing together in the herd, was quoted as saying by Aksam.

The estimated loss to families in the town of Gevas, located in Van province in eastern Turkey, tops $100,000, a significant amount of money in a country where average GDP per head is around $2,700.

"Every family had an average of 20 sheep," Aksam quoted another villager, Abdullah Hazar as saying. "But now only a few families have sheep left. It's going to be hard for us."

Sunday, April 1, 2012





By: David E. Caywood

Having focused so much on just keeping my course and looking out for the dangers of the forest, I had forgotten the reason I had hiked so many miles to get to the inlet. I guess I came here to find out why I came here. Feeling somewhat foolish, I sat down on a large rock that jutted from the ground like a tabletop, and began to re-examine my real purpose for enduring such a dangerous journey. I didn't have long to wait for the answer. What happened next altered whatever sense of shared reality I ever had with the rest of the world, and pushed my boundaries to the edge of the unimaginable.

Off in the distance, hovering over the open fields and flatland marshes, two small silver discs caught my eye. Jumping off the rock, I swung around and stood in full view of the objects. My heart thumped loudly in my chest, while needle-like chills crawled up my back.

Where can I hide, my panicked mind raced. Looking back over my shoulder, the forest loomed in the distance. The deepening shadows and thick moss of the pines seemed foreboding. The two silver discs were now zigzagging across the fields in close formation. They were closing in. In near panic, I managed to reason that I would probably get lost for good if I ran blindly into the woods looking for cover. With few choices at hand, I hurriedly ducked behind the rock, curling my body into the smallest ball I could manage. Although I didn't know for sure what these silver discs were up to, it was highly unlikely its occupants were just out on a sightseeing tour of the Alaskan wilderness. Fat chance! This wasn't the first time I had been confronted with flying discs! If I was their target, there would be no way of getting out of it. I knew in my heart that "they" were coming for me--again!

Oh no! What have I done? I thought, berating myself for being here alone, miles from home. My options didn't look good. I was afraid to go back the way I came, and I certainly couldn't jump headlong into the frigid Arctic sea. My only other choice was to charge into the open field and try to outrun them. But that would only make it easier for them. C'mon David, think! I cursed my gullible stupidity for having come here in the first place. I had lied to Aunt Robbie, who thought Dad knew where I was. He and my uncle wouldn't be back for hours, maybe not even until tomorrow. No one would even bother to look for me until it was.too late.

Then in that awful instant of morbid anxiety, something remarkable happened. A shifting took place inside my fever-pitched mind. Like a cool wash cloth to the forehead, my panic broke. I stood up straight and walked out from behind the rock. This shift from within was not done through a new sense of bravery. It was more like I had been given access to the vault of courage that only the soul knows about and keeps locked away. Bravery, it is said, is not the absence of fear. Rather, it is feeling those fears and then standing up to them. Leaving the illusionary safety of the rock, I walked slowly toward the two pancake-shaped discs, now hanging silently about thirty feet off the ground and not more than a hundred yards away. My legs were wet spaghetti, but I knew that I would not run--not this time. I stood my ground and faced them.

Like silent lightning, a brilliant blue beam shot out from the underside of one of the discs, forming a shaft of swirling light. Any perceived bravery I had mustered quickly took leave. Now I really wanted to hide. But they had obviously seen me. My senses went to overload; not a good place to be while facing a perceived life-threatening situation. Move! Get out of here! my mind shouted. But, as usual, it was too late. I watched helplessly as a white formless mass descended from the tubular beam of blue light and began to take the shape of a human figure. A tall human-appearing man walked out of the beam and into the sunlight, as casually as one might step out of their front door.

My rooted feet began to sway. I could not yet see the man's face with complete clarity; however, he appeared to have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, just like a regular person. He also wore hiking boots on his two normal-looking feet.

"Please don't run. Don't be afraid of me, David", the man spoke. How the heck does he know my name? I wondered.

"I won't hurt you. No one going to hurt you, especially me." The man continued to walk a little closer, stopping every few feet, careful to check his progress toward me. Don't be frightened, he repeated. He now seemed as unsure of me as I was of him. He came within speaking distance, even as I felt my knees begin to buckle. "I know that you must be very frightened. I can see it on your face, and I can feel it in my heart. But you are in no danger! You are among friends."

What should I make of this man? If indeed he were human, how was it that he could talk without moving his lips? Still more suspicious, how was I able to hear him? Keeping his distance so as to not push me further into panic, he pointed to his forehead and then to mine. As hard as I tried, I could not hear anything but the salty wind whistling in my ears and his voice inside my head. It was as though he were speaking in my own voice, but using his words and inflections. "You want to know how this is possible, don't you?" the man continued. It might make it easier to explain if you would allow me to come closer. I was dumbstruck. How did he know so much about me?

The man moved cautiously but deliberately over to the rock. You will come to see that I know everything there is to know about you, and even some things of which you are not yet aware. Keeping his bright blue eyes fixed on mine, he readjusted the backpack cinched over his shoulders. A brown and green flannel shirt was neatly tucked into his faded blue Levis. His blond hair and fair skin seemed strangely familiar, and his smile, under a bushy red mustache, made me think that I must somehow know him. But how could that be? I had never seen this strangely recognizable man before, especially a man who came down in a blue beam from a flying disc! Sitting down on the rock with his hands on his knees, the strange man leaned back, looking up at the sky. I had forgotten how beautiful it was here, he said, inhaling deeply. It was as though he were trying to breathe in the very sunshine and sky itself. Holding his breath for a long moment, he then quietly exhaled, returning his attention to me. I could only stare, mesmerized by this person who had so casually materialized out of thin air. It's not to say that I fully trusted him; yet I felt that we knew each other completely. He could have easily passed for my older brother, or even my father. This was so overwhelming. Yet for all I knew, this man could be one of those "creatures" disguising itself and making me think it was human. Perhaps this was some kind of a new rouse to lure me in and then nab me. If it was, it had worked.
Using our minds again, the man spoke clearly and telepathically. Yes, David, you should be careful. There will be many people and many situations that will not be in truth, and will not look out for your best interests. You will come to decide that on your own. I wish I could save you from all the mistakes and the pain that I've gone through. But doing that would mean not being who I am, and who you will become. All things at the appropriate time and place.

Just who was this guy anyway? And how did he know who I would become? How did he even know my name? His ability to "know me" was almost as amazing as his ability to materialize and be sitting on this rock. To this point, I had never been called by name by any of my abductors before.

I know your name, because I was there when your mother gave it to you. And I have no intention of kidnapping you. In fact, I have come to free you and to give you something valuable. It is a rare gift; only a few others have been given this opportunity. The man held me in his thoughts with an immense sense of compassion and understanding. I felt what he felt, and thought what he thought. I experienced these exchanges as whole ideas and emotions, with no room for misunderstanding.

The man continued: If you still don't trust me, then listen to your heart and your feelings. Your feelings will never lie to you the way words can and often do. Perhaps knowing who I am will make it easier for you to trust me. We know each other completely, David, and I sense that you understand this.

"I do understand," I said. And at that moment, the realization struck. This man was me! "But how can we be the same person?" I asked him. My mind was spinning, yet from somewhere deep within, I knew that what he said was true. Imagine, there I was looking into my own eyes, perhaps twenty-five years in the future, my future. Those eyes held more life experience and wisdom then I could have ever imagined possible. I was fourteen and forty at the same time. It was incredible. "Why are you here?" I finally questioned him. Then, with a flash of insight, I blurted out, "Oh! It's you! You're the one who has been calling me to this inlet!"

Yes, David, we have been calling to each other. I have looked for a way to help you all my life. He paused before continuing, as though checking to make sure I understood what he was saying. Your pain and loneliness are mine, just as our thoughts are one and the same. I heard you calling out to know who you were, questioning God for the answers. God always hears and answers your prayers.

God knows your pain, as do I. That is why we are here at last. You question if this is really happening, and I say to you that it is. You are not asleep or dreaming, any more than I am. How could I not come to you; to reach you and tell you not to give up? I have come to give you hope, so that you will remember me and know that you will make it through those times when things seem hopeless. I was there, David, every time you cried yourself to sleep, every time you came home from school with tears in your eyes because you were rejected by those who did not understand you.There were those who were afraid of you because you spoke your truth and were different in ways even you could not explain. I am here because you will speak your truth again. There will be those who will misunderstand because you will not behave as they would have you behave. But you must never give up. I am with you always and you are with God and his protectors.

As he spoke, I felt every word. "But how do I know that you are telling me the truth?" I asked him. Close your eyes, he gently commanded. The man put my hand in his, our palms touching, our fingers locked. Suddenly, I began to experience everything that had ever happened to me, starting from before I was born; to remember who I was, and why I chose this life and this time in Earth's history. Out of all the worlds and all the lives from which to choose, I experienced again my choice to be born into this world. It was an astonishing revelation to have the knowledge of those choices, and the fact that we even choose them in the first place. Then beginning with my present birth, I lived every joy, encountered every revelation, every thought and deed I would ever do. I experienced every injury and hurt; every sadness that I would ever know or cause. Sadly, these hurtful experiences would mostly occur during times when I forgot why I was here, and who I chose to be in this lifetime. This part was devastating.

It was more than just pictures in my head. These images were real. I experienced the full range of emotions, with the actual sights and sounds. Much of what I was seeing was wondrous, even mysterious. I lived and loved, experiencing people, places and things I could not yet know or explain. Then, as if put together with symbolic pictures, I saw nine people with whom I would one day share everything about myself. These individuals were those whom I would love completely and who would love me unconditionally in return. Together, if called upon, we would even find the courage to share with the entire world the truth of our lives in order to make real the knowledge that there is really only one of us. Of the nine people that were shown to me, there appeared a woman who spoke these words: Indeed. we have, we will, we are. You will know me when you see me. Together, we will teach others that which we know. I was to meet Landi many years later. Alongside this woman, a man whom I loved more than myself stepped into view and spoke: You and I will experience the oneness of all things. We will help each other remember who we chose to be.

This man's name was Keith. Together, these souls showed me that the remembrance of "self" as the key to self-awareness and self-enlightenment, will be spread around the world at the speed of light, changing the world more in one day than in all the eons since. On that incredible and beautiful day in the Alaskan wilderness, I held the hand of the man I was to become, while in my mind's eye, I saw and listened as I was given truths about my life and events which would happen in the future. Some of those events have come to pass; others yet remain to be realized. That day, surrounded by these beings, I saw that I was being guided. I felt protected and loved, and I knew that my encounters with beings from The Other Sky would continue for the rest of my life.This whole experience seemed to last for hours, yet when I opened my eyes after the man let go of my hand, only a fraction of a second had passed. The sun and the shadows had not moved. Neither had we. My understanding of what had been shown to me was complete, as if someone had clicked on a light in a darkened room.

Then I was back, sitting on the rock alone. The man who had sat beside me just moments before was now walking toward the hovering discs. Turning, he motioned for me to follow, and I ran happily toward him. Before I knew it, we were somehow inside one of the discs, skimming across the marsh and forest to the very spot where I began my journey that morning.

Before letting me off the craft, the man told me that there were two other beings that he wanted me to meet. He stated these two beings had a very profound influence on his life, and later would have the same influence on mine.

Immediately, two radiant entities, a man and woman, entered through a doorway that only moments before had not been there. They were both extremely tall, their bodies physically fit and well-proportioned in their form-fitting blue jumpsuits. Shoulder length, whitish-blond hair framed their liquid sky-blue eyes. They looked at me lovingly. As amazing as their presence was in this remarkable place, their warm and inviting smiles were somehow strangely familiar; so familiar that any remnants of apprehension disappeared. I felt "at home."

The two beings telepathically conveyed that we were once a family; saying that they would be with me again, keeping watch and checking on me from time to time. They radiated such immense love and admiration for me that I could not help but feel the same in return. "What are your names?" I asked them.

Maatee and Orienwendt, they answered. The two beings vowed that I would remember this meeting sometime in the future, but for now, it was destined that much of what happened this day would be forgotten. This forgetting will enable you to live life as normal as possible while on Earth, they informed me. We love you, David.

Before I could ask any more questions, I found myself standing at the entrance to the forest, looking for the two discs with the deepest sense of longing and home sickness that I have ever known. I even ventured a short distance back into the woods searching the sky for them. But there was no trace that they had ever been there, let alone that I had been with them. The man, the two beautiful beings, and the silver discs were gone.

If anyone had asked me at that moment who I was, or even where I was, I wouldn't have had an answer. I had reached far into the mysterious realms of The Other Sky, trying to absorb the impact of meeting myself. Even now, I do not have an explanation for this amazing encounter. I have only the memories of the experience.

Before leaving California that summer to visit my father in Alaska, my grandmother, with whom I had always been very close, gave me a journal. "You are old enough to begin keeping a journal. Take this with you," she insisted. I wrote every day of that entire miraculous summer as she suggested, and have kept a journal ever since. That first journal included this experience with the two silver discs.

While writing about this encounter to include here, so many more memories and details have come back to me. I have been rejoined with these memories that were temporarily erased at age fourteen, since I have now become the very man I encountered that mysterious day on the inlet. As I write, I notice that my calendar says it is August 3, 2000. Is it more than coincidence that upon opening my old and page-worn journal, I find the original entry was also dated August 3rd, exactly twenty-three years ago to the day? This is clearly no coincidence.

It is important for me to note that my beloved grandmother, who gave me the journal and told me to write, passed away the day after this was written, August 4, 2000. Some months before she died, she wanted to make certain that I knew of her encounters, seeing that I was writing a book on the subject. She asked If I would remember for her those experiences she herself had with the flying discs. I've included part of our conversation with her. At her house in Riverside, California, my grandmother privately revealed to Keith and me that she too had encountered the silver discs on Catalina Island when she was a teenager. She spoke of the very same "blue beam" coming down from the bottom of the craft to where she was standing, and how they helped her to "fly through the air" without any effort on her part. To my astonishment, she described the very same craft that I had seen as a teenager and, in fact, throughout my entire life. She stated that she had never told anyone about her experiences until now, and that she wanted me to know that I wasn't crazy or imagining these things. "These things are real, as real as my love for you, David," Grandma had said.

Now that my grandmother has passed from this world, her remembrance is total. I celebrate her memory, courage, and strength, all the while knowing that my total remembrance has really only begun. Thank you Grandma for being you. I will remember for the both of us. God speed home.

My experience in meeting my future self that day on the inlet has caused me to wonder that if we are a civilization in possession of a greater working knowledge of dimensional physics and quantum gravity, then why shouldn't we be able to traverse three-dimensional space as well as the fourth dimension of time? From my perspective, science is only scratching the surface of what is possible. That summer of 1977 had indeed changed the once and future me.
Sent in by Ed Komarek from Shirley McLaine's web site