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PREAMBLE: On September 15, 1977 near Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Antonio La Rubia,
a 33-year-old bus driver, encountered a huge object he estimated to be 70 meters across.
The object had set down in a field near his home. He attempted to leave the area but was
unable to do so. At the moment he started to run an intense bright light lit up the area and
he was instantly paralyzed. At that point, Antonio witnessed three 'robots' positioned near
him. He was then abducted and taken into the craft.

REPORT: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 4, Oct. 1977 - "Brazilian CE4 Case" - We are
indebted to Field Investigator Irene Granchi of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the details of
an alleged and very bizarre abduction case. With her characteristic thoroughness,
Mrs. Granchi forwarded translations of the complete texts of the newspaper stories from
"0 Dia" which initially carried the story and which included a number of errors which she
cleared up before submitting her final report. The details follow:

Mrs. Granchi first traveled to Paciencia, the site of the incident (about 45 kilometers or
about 28 miles from Rio) on Saturday, October 8, and interviewed Dr. Neli Carbonel,
who examined the victim. However, she (Mrs. Granchi) was not able to interview the
percipient, Antonio La Rubia, as he was still very upset. He promised to come to Rio
when he was feeling better and talk to Mrs. Granchi and on October 18th he arrived at
her home with his brother Arnaldo.

Because she had only 40 minutes to devote to him, as she had to go to the Cultura to teach her classes, this is more or less a preliminary report. Mrs. Granchi intends to do further work on the case and if further pertinent information is forthcoming, it will be published in the Bulletin.

Antonio La Rubia habitually arises at 2:00 a.m., brushes his teeth, washes and leaves his home at 2:15 or 2:20 a.m. On the morning in question he feels he must have left at 2:20 for that was when his watch stopped. He walked to a large field near his home and when he got to the near corner of it, he stopped short, for in the field sat an object which he estimated to be 70 meters (235 feet) across, at least, as the field is 70 meters across and the object's bulk extended beyond the boundaries of the field.

Antonio thought the object, which was a dull leaden color and shaped like a hat, was resting on the ground. However, a search made by Mrs. Granchi and Antonio at a later date revealed no vestiges of a landing, such as impressions, burned grass, etc., although Mrs. Granchi feels they could have missed them.

As soon as Mr. La Rubia realized what he was seeing (he had never believed in the existence of UFOs previously) he decided to run back home.

(Initially, La Rubia thought the object was the bus he had to ride to go to the terminal of the Oriental Bus Company where he was employed as a bus driver.)

Antonio was unable to run, however, for at the moment he decided to retreat, an intensely bright light lit up the area. La Rubia was standing by an electric pole which became illuminated by the brilliant blue light. At that moment Antonio saw three "robots" positioned near him. They were one meter, 40 centimeters (about four feet) tall, but their antennae, which jutted out of the middle (tops) of their heads extended far enough to extend beyond his height (which is approximately five feet, five inches). The heads of the creatures were shaped like American footballs, with a band extending across the middle, horizontally, which looked like a row of small mirrors of a blue shade, one a little darker than the others.

The bodies, Antonio said, were stocky, the trunk broader than his own (he is muscular, but of slender build). They had appendages for arms which he compared to elephants' trunks, and which narrowed down to pointed tips, resembling one finger. Their bodies were made of a rough substance resembling scales. Antonio, when questioned, said he didn't think the scales were "armor", for the robots moved around freely and the "scales" did not seem to impede them in any way. The trunks were rounded at the bottom ending in a single leg. Antonio's first impression was that they were sitting on something, but didn't feel this was the case. This leg ended in a "platform" the size and shape of a saucer. Antonio compared this leg and "platform" to the stools utilized on ships. All of this outer part of the bodies looked like a dull shade of aluminum.

In the field, one of the "robots" stood in front of him, one at the side and another behind him. When the blue light had come on, he could no longer move. Antonio flailed about with his arms, but found, he was imprisoned in a "bell" (glass or Mason) jar. Otherwise he felt quite normal except that he felt quite nervous. He could not move, but the "creatures" floated along. They were all of the same stature, but one of them was holding what appeared to be a syringe (an instrument used to give an injection). This "robot" raised its appendage, pointed the syringe at La Rubia, and Antonio moved from his position without feeling it, toward the disc. Although he felt himself moving toward the disc, he does not know how he entered it. As he approached it, he felt a tremor, then found himself in a corridor of aluminum substance, and beyond it a wall. Two of the "robots" went one way, one another. He looked down the corridor, saw the field, and it seemed that the skin of the UFO was transparent and he felt the craft had lifted from the ground. He got the impression the object was moving from south to north.

As he was looking back and out, a bright blue light came on again and he now found himself in a large, circular room. The light appeared to come from the ceiling and became lighter in hue as it came down the "wall", until it blended with the aluminum color of the walls.

In this huge chamber he saw a dozen of the "entities" on one side and another twelve on the other side; reminding him of children in a classroom because their "single legs" looked like seats.

Antonio had been struggling all the while, unable to make a sound. But suddenly he was able to shout: "What do you want? Who are you?" To his great surprise, all of the creatures fell to the floor and he assumed that the sound of his voice must have caused this. The light came on strong again, blinding him. He continued to struggle, partly from fear, but also because he had had extreme difficulty breathing since he first entered the craft. He did not hear his own breathing but could hear breathing sounds coming from the entities which was puzzling to him as they appeared to him to be robots.

When Antonio began shouting, all of the entities raised their appendages to the tip of their antennae, holding them. Prior to that, the antennae had been spinning so fast that he could not determine their exact shape. When they held them, with their appendages, he could see that their shape resembled that of a teaspoon.

The only fixture in the whole enclosure was a small piano-like affair in front of Antonio. It was a box-shaped thing about 15-17 centimeters (6 inches) in width standing on 2 supporting poles, which reached to the height of Antonio's chest. At the extremity of the box, on each side (see sketch) there were antennae jutting up, and to one side, the keys, which reminded him of a piano.

There was also something that looked like a tin (can) on it into which the beings inserted some objects which they took from their belts.

At this juncture Antonio explained that the beings wore belts from which hung, by hooks, apparatuses which resembled syringes (injection apparatuses) which they inserted into the box (or "piano"). Each time this was done, an image appeared on the wall of the UFO in color, showing a different scene.

Antonio was shown a series of pictures in color and every time this was done, the being introduced the syringe-like thing to the "box", pressed a key and the picture appeared. The pictures Antonio remembers are as follows:

1. Himself, nude, lying on an invisible (?) table, swinging his arms about, his legs lying straight and two of the beings examining him with their little bluish lights, directing it at his chest and head, with another entity examining his head with a blue light which had no beam. It made everything blue, including his hair (which he saw in the "picture").

When this scene was over, another being approached the "console", introduced another "thing" into it, and another scene appears:

2. Here Antonio saw himself, still naked, standing.

3. Antonio was dressed, carrying his shopping bag, his teeth were chattering and he looked nervous. No sound came from him, and one arm was swinging.

4. This picture showed a horse and cart, being drawn over a dirt road. Antonio did not recognize the location but there appeared a cart-man, a peasant, wearing a straw hat, bare-footed and with a torn shirt.

5. Antonio saw a picture of a light orangey ball with himself standing beside it.

6. In this picture, the "ball" was seen once again, this time bluish in color, with one of the "beings" standing beside it.

7. This picture is most difficult to describe and whereas we have condensed Mrs. Granchi's words before, we will use her entire description: "A dog was shovm, trying to get at one of those beings, also shown in the picture the dog was big, and slobbering at the mouth, trying hard to get at the being, unable to reach it and looked very angry. Then the dog gave out 4 or 5 barks. At this point, the being started to melt, from top to bottom, like porridge."

8. A factory was seen, apparently one of "theirs" where the UFOs (crafts?) are manufactured. The scene was white and stretched out, so he could not see the end of it. There were 3 rows of UFOs, the 2 on the right were UFOs nearly ready, and the one on the left were UFOs in the making—at the "skeleton" stage. There were "millions" of "beings" or "robots" walking around but Antonio noticed no tools.

9. This picture showed a train, like the Japanese trains currently being used in Brazil, but older, something the worse for wear, windowless, entering a tunnel, whereupon it was lost from view.

10. This showed an avenue, which Mrs. Granchi compared with Avenida Presidente Vargas, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Rio de Janeiro, jammed with cars.

Mrs. Granchi writes that Antonio's list seems to end here but that he described a scene he saw after the one where he saw himself naked, wherein he saw himself dressed, vomiting and passing stools in this trousers. Fortunately the latter did not come to pass, as he was at home when he became very ill.

Antonio also told Mrs. Granchi about when the beings took blood from him; one of them came over to the center of the hall where he was standing, took one of the "syringes" from his belt with his right appendage, passed it over to his left appendage, where it started to rotate, spinning so fast that Antonio could not follow it with his eyes. Then the gadget was pointed at him, whereupon his arm lifted, against his will, and the syringe was stuck into the middle finger of his right hand. He saw the syringe filling until it nearly overflowed. He was sure it was his blood for it was the only color he saw in the whole place—everything else was blue or white, or metallic-like. He didn't understand how this could be, for he did not feel the prick and there was no mark after it was accomplished. Then the being who had taken the blood pointed at a picture on the wall and drew three circles, presumably with Antonio's blood, and dissected them with an L-shaped mark (see sketch).

Mrs. Granchi thinks that the blood-drawing experience came before, or in between the showing of pictures for Antonio says that after the busy street scene was shown he was "thrown" overboard and fell into a street almost opposite the Paciencia station. When he landed, there was one of the "beings" beside him. All his belongings were with him, even his bag, which had not been with him on the craft.

Then Antonio looked at his watch, which read 2:20 a.m. He was on the ground, looked behind him and saw nothing. He then looked up and saw what appeared to be the bottom of a dark, smooth balloon, lifting up. It was huge in size and ascended until he could no longer see it.

Mrs. Granchi asked if there had been additional witnesses and La Rubia said there was. but the man is a known drunk and therefore not reliable. He (the drunk) told numerous people he'd seen a UFO that morning.

Antonio went over to Paciencia station, asked the time and it was either 2:50 or 2:55 a.m. He set his watch at the correct time. There was a bus passing at 3:10 and he caught it and arrived at work on time. He felt ill and nervous and ached all over. He drove the bus, nevertheless, but now and again his vision darkened. He worked all day and again all day Friday, but when he arrived home that night he went to bed.

It was at this junction in his narrative that Antonio recalled another "picture" which he had forgotten. In this one he saw himself with smoke coming out of his back, and the pain and heat which he was now feeling (when he arrived home) seemed to be connected with the picture. The pictures he saw in the UFO seemed to have depicted all of the suffering he was now experiencing except the one where he passed stools in his drawers.

Antonio told his wife nothing of what had happened to him. That Friday night his bowels were loose and he felt miserable. The next day, Saturday, he was still very ill and missed work. Sunday was the same—he could not go to work. That night (Sunday) the burning feeling started, which spread throughout his body and was very painful. His wife rubbed him with alcohol which relieved the distress somewhat. On Monday morning, he went back to the bus company to say he had to quit, and he had difficulty breathing, was burning and itching and asked a fellow employee to hose him down with water. His fellow workers told him he looked "as green as grass." He told Mrs. Granchi that when he walked he had an empty feeling as though walking on a cloud. This feeling persisted as late as 33 days after the incident.

The Monday that he was at the bus company and experiencing the burning feeling, the company nurse wanted to give him a tranquilizing injection but he refused, afraid that it would make him worse. The personnel at the clinic thought he had gone mad and ropes were brought to constrain him and he was taken to the hospital where it was generally thought he was mad because he babbled about UFOs.

Before being taken to the hospital, however, La Rubia was given a hearing by the bus company psychologist, Dr. Nely Carbonell, who pronounced him psychologically normal but nevertheless called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Antonio was surprised when the hospital doctors pronounced him normal despite his extreme discomfort. However, when one of the doctors visited him for his INPS (Worker's Employer Relief) and heard about the UFO, he called in six other doctors, saying that the case was serious and worthy of further study. Also, Antonio was registering a high fever (about 103 degrees Fahrenheit) which could have been dangerous to him had it persisted.

Mrs. Granchi does some philosophizing which is very worthwhile but which, for the sake of space, we must forego, but her closing words are very much worth quoting:

"But the most puzzling new facts in this case are the showing of the pictures, not in themselves as such, but what did the beings wish to communicate? This is the task for many specialized scientists to try to unravel. What message did they wish to convey? The simplest seems that, as we harm them, they can harm us. That there are many of them, as there are many of us. That they can tell our future but we cannot tell theirs. That they isolate people in an invisible bell (Mason) jar. And so on.

"Shall we have time to reflect on all this before they come over (arrive) in larger hordes?" Well said, Irene.


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By Sandy Bruney
Record Reporter

Although many people in Anson County have reportedly seen a UFO, they have so far been spared the experience of being in one. A man from Locust, NC, a small community near Albermarle, was not so lucky some years ago.

The victim, a car salesman, left a friend's house at 3 a.m. and headed for home (10 miles away). He remembered crossing a steel bridge over Rocky River, and looking up to see a bright star. The next conscious recollection was of driving home, and the sun rising. The clock inside his house said 6:10. He went to bed, and woke with a severe "sunburn." As he drove to work, he noticed the paint was peeling on his demo car.

"Have you been working with an arc welder?" coworkers asked him.

Suffering dizziness and nausea, he visited a doctor and was given a cream for his burns. He began being troubled with both nightmares and "waking dreams" in which he pictured himself in the cockpit of an airplane, looking down at the moonlit earth below. He began having panic attacks.

Not a science-fiction buff, he suffered until he finally wrote to a UFO center in Illinois, which in turn referred him to Henry (Punky) Morton of Wadesboro, who was regional director of MUFON. "I wish I could go to sleep and have the whole dream and see the end," the man told the UFO expert.

Morton suggested hypnosis, and an expert in criminal hypnosis in Winston-Salem was contacted. After a number of sessions, the amazing story unfolded.

After he left the bridge, the victim, still in his car, was lifted closer to the "star," which he now saw was a globe shaped object. He could not move his body, but nevertheless had the feeling that all was well. He entered the globe, noting that the interior seemed larger than the outside. Three beings opened the car door and levitated him out, putting his body on a table.

As the tranquilizer effect wore off, he became excited, nearly paranoid. The beings left the room, and he again experienced the tranquil feeling. On their return, he was examined, stuck with needles, and had a globe passed over his body. He could see a screen on the wall -- like an x-ray -- and then he was driving home.

Even when confronted with the tapes from the sessions, the man refused to believe that such an experience had happened to him. He still thought it was a dream, except for the burns on his body and his car.

He died of natural causes several years ago, but "had learned to deal with it by then," according to Morton.

Not all victims have gotten off as lightly as the Locust resident. Some report that their abductors use no tranquilizers or anesthesia as they take blood and tissue samples, and even samples of ovum and sperm. "They were treated worse than lab animals," said Morton.
Not all visitors are bent on scientific inquiry, he speculated. "Some are here as tourists -- like we'd go to a zoo."

They may also come from different galaxies, he added, given the range of shapes and behavior of their ships.

Yet there is evidence, he said, that aliens have been interacting with man for centuries: teaching them and leading them, and even using them to build their "runways" in Peru, the Pacific Islands and England.

Many people believe that the circles and patterns in the fields of southern England are a sign that such contact will soon be made again.

And many others will tell us that, for them, it has already been made.

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The Beginning: It's hard to really say when my story really began. There are dreams in my past that I feel may or may not be related. I will not bore you with those details. There are two things I must relate to you before I tell you about the night of the Visitors. All of these things transpired within a six-month period.

The Nightmare: Like most dreams, the nightmare was kind of stupid. The only reason I am reporting it is because it is most likely related because of the Buzzing sound I heard during the nightmare. In the Nightmare, I was hiding beneath the floorboards of a building somewhere. I could see the space above the floorboards through the cracks between the boards. Above the floor was an object that I remember being similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. On it's front side was a very bright light. It was searching for me, and I was hiding. It made a loud buzzing sound. The same sound I heard the night of the Visitors.

The Helicopter: I have been plagued off and on through out my life with sleepwalking. To me sleepwalking is semi-conscious, almost a trance like state, other times I remember nothing at all. I have even hurt myself running in my sleep. Sleepwalking is a very bizarre experience. My memory of the night of the helicopter is rather blurred. I was in the familiar trance like state while a helicopter was flying extremely close to the house and shining its lights in the window. This also woke up my girlfriend. The really bizarre part of this incident was that I was crouched down near the floor, near the window, yelling at my girlfriend to get down. I was extremely afraid and very panicked. She later told me that I kept telling her that "They were going to get us". I do not remember how this episode ended.

The Night of the Visitors: A few months after the Helicopter incident I had the most bizarre experience of my life. It was May 2, 1992. I awoke; around 3 a.m. to some noise or activity outside my window. My first impression was that someone was messing with my car outside, however I did not get up to look out. I felt as though there was a crowd outside my window. I remember thinking that if I was quiet, and did not move, they would not know I was there. Fear set in. I knew it was "Them".

About this time I started to hear a very strange buzzing noise. (The same buzzing noise I heard in the nightmare.) It was very faint at first but grew louder with each passing second. It soon became very loud, almost loud enough to vibrate objects in the room. I continued to lie very still. My heart was beating very loud and my body was full of adrenaline. I was both absolutely terrified and totally in awe. I knew what was happening. As I lay on the bed, I watched the sky through the Venetian blinds.

They were open wide enough to see the outside sky very clearly. As the buzzing grew louder, I saw a triangle shaped craft slowly appear, turn, and head towards my house from the corner of the block. It had three lights. One up front, and two at the back to form a triangle. It reminded me of a helicopter without rotors. It continued in my direction until it was almost just past the window. It is here that the memory ends. I awoke nearly an hour and fifteen minutes later. Everything was back to normal. I have a small image in my memory of seeing this thing up close near one of it's lights. It was a dull flat black color with very little shine. It appeared to be held together by rivets.

I do very much feel that this was not a dream, as I was too full of adrenalin to be asleep. The event seemed too real.

Thank you Eric

Thank you Brian for this case history

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

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Monster of Wallowa Lake Spotted in 1885
Chieftain, Nov. 5, 1885
A Sea Cow
The Monster seen in Wallowa Lake by a Prospector

Photo by Frank Reavis
I guess no one told them there could be a monster there!!
     A prospector, who refuses to give his name to the public, was coming down from the south end of the lake on last Friday evening in a skiff shortly after dusk, when about midway of the lake he saw an animal about fifty yards to the right of the boat, rear its head and neck up out of the water ten or twelve feet, but on seeing him it immediately dived. He ceased rowing and gazed around in astonishment, for the strange apparition which he had just seen, when it raised about the same distance to the left, this time giving a low bellow something like that of a cow. It also brought its body to the surface, which the prospector avers was one hundred feet in length. The monster glided along in sight for several hundred yards. It was too dark to see the animal distinctly. but it seemed to have a large, flat head. something like that. of a hippopotamus, and its neck, which was about ten feet in length, was as large around as a man's body.
     Now this story may have been coined in the imagination of the narrator, but he was very earnest in his recital. However, it is a known fact that there is a tradition among the. Indians that the lake has a big sea cow in it, which on one occasion, many years ago, came up one evening and swallowed a young warrior and his dusky bride as they were gliding over the surface of the lake in a canoe. And to this day an Indian of the tribes who formerly frequented its shores cannot be induced to go upon its waters.
     The lake has been sounded to the depth of 270 feet, and it is a bare probability that some monster does inhabit its unexplored depths.
Wallowa County Chieftain, Bicentennial Supplement
July 15, 1976

Wallowa Lake was formed roughly 9 million years ago entirely by glacial movement that gouged out its basin during the last ice age. The lake sits at an elevation of 4,441 feet above sea level, is roughly 5 miles in length, 1 mile across and about 283 feet deep. Besides being home to many different animals, Wallowa Lake is also the reported home of a large marine creature known as the Wallowa Lake Monster. This beast is described as being a long, serpent like creature, often compared in appearance to the Chinese Dragon, with multiple humps on its back which can be seen when the creature swims along the surface of the water, some accounts also include horns atop the beasts head.

Reports of this creature, sometimes referred to as Wally by the locals, can be traced as far back as the native population of the Nez Perce Indians. The Nez Perce Indians roamed the northeastern corner of Oregon and much of what is now southeast Washington, Idaho and Montana, they made their summer home on the shores of Wallowa Lake. The Nez Perce have many traditions and legends surrounding the mystery of the Wallowa Lake Monster, including one of the most well known involving their chief’s daughter and the son of a rival tribes chief.

As this legend goes the Nez Perce Indians and the Blackfeet Indians were at war when Wahluna, the daughter of Red Wolf, the chief of the Nez Perce fell in love with Tlescaoe, the son of Bloody Chief, the leader of the Blackfeet. One night Tlescaoe made his way to the Nez Perce camp and met with Wahluna, the two stole a canoe and headed across the lake together. The two lovers were about half way across the lake when their respective tribes figured out what happened, both the Blackfeet and the Nez Perce climbed into their canoes and headed after the two. When they meet in the middle of the lake a batter broke out, during which a great commotion in the water stopped the fighting as a giant beast rose from the water, it attacked the canoes and killed all involved.

Another early account of the beast, as told by the Nez Perce Indians, is that of a young Nez Perce warrior who ventured high into the mountains surrounding Wallowa Lake, while climbing the warrior accidentally disturbed the slumbering creature. Startled by the warrior the beast darted down the mountain pass and plunged into the lake. Seeing an opportunity for glory the warrior gave chase to the creature and followed it into the water, his fellow tribesmen looking on in awe. Before the warrior could get close enough to strike, the monster submerged below the surface leaving the warrior swimming alone. Moments passed and the young warrior began to head back to shore, as he swam he was suddenly dragged below the surface and was never seen again.

One of the first documented accounts of the Wallowa Lake Monster by a white settler was published in the Wallowa County Chieftain in 1885. As the article goes, a prospector, who wished to keep his identity a secret, was about midway across the lake when he saw an animal about fifty yards to the right of his boat. The animal reared its head and neck out of the water about 10 feet, paused, then quickly dove back into the water. The startled prospector stopped rowing and gazed around the lake in astonishment. As he looked for the strange creature, the beast appeared again, about the same distance as before but this time to the left of his boat, and this time exposed its body which the prospector estimated to be about 100 feet long. The monster glided along for several hundred yards, it seemed to have a large, flat head and a neck as wide as a man’s body and about 10 feet in length. The creature let out a bellow something like a cow’s and then slide slowly beneath the surface.

Rare sightings of the Wallowa Lake Monster are still reported to his day, though theories as to the creature’s true identity seem to be difficult to come by. A lack of outside theories leads us free to consider a wide array of possible candidates. Despite the creature’s serpent like appearance, the icy water of Wallowa Lake may be too cold for any known reptile species. Fish like giant sturgeon and catfish are often used to explain Lake Monster sightings, as well as giant freshwater eels. With a lack of scientific interest in Wally, the Wallowa Lake Monster, we may be pondering the identity of this creature for many years to come.

The Evidence
There is currently no physical evidence to suggest the existence of a creature like Wally living in Wallowa Lake.

The Sightings
In 1885, a prospector, who wished to keep his identity a secret, was about midway across the lake when he saw an animal about fifty yards to the right of his boat. The animal reared its head and neck out of the water about 10 feet, paused, then quickly dove back into the water.

A woman by the name of Irene Wiggins, who has owned the lodge at Wallowa Lake since 1945, claims to have seen the creature several times during her life on the lake.

The Stats – (Where applicable)
• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: 8 to 100 feet in length
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Reportedly carnivorous
• Location: Wallowa Lake, Oregon, United States of America
• Movement: Swimming
• Environment: Glacial formed lake

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The following article is extracted from Flying Saucer Review in 1955. Footnotes follow the article.

A FLYING SAUCER landed in South Africa on April 7, this year, according to reports that have just reached Flying Saucer Review. The occupants contacted Mrs. Elizabeth Klarer, whose personal account of the contact and her subsequent flight in the saucer is given below in her own words. Her story is strongly backed up and vouched for by Mr. Edgar Sievers of Pretoria, the well known South African saucer investigator, whose book, "Flying Saucers" is shortly to appear in an English edition.

The setting for this epochal event was the Mooi River area in Natal, at the foot of the Drakensberg Range. When Mrs. Klarer was a child of seven she saw a spaceship--a great orange-red wheel as large as a football moving slowly across the sky over the rolling foothills of the Drakensberg. That changed her whole life and she always hoped that one day a craft would return.

It was in a familiar spot near the old estate, where the family lived, that a preliminary attempt to contact Mrs. Klarer was made on December 27, 1954. At about 10 a.m. Elizabeth Klarer had her first surprise on a lonely hilltop when a saucer came gliding down.

"When I saw the flash in the southern sky, but nothing more," she said, "there was plenty of fair weather cumulus about -- then what I thought was a white bird caught my eye. Looking at it very hard, I realized it was no bird. The sun glinted on the craft as it glided down to hover a few feet above the northern slope.

"The craft was so close to me I could see clearly the face of the pilot through the porthole. Yet, through uncertainty and fright, I instinctively stepped back or recoiled from the strangeness of it all, but my gaze remained fixed in a fascinated stare upon the face of the pilot. The most handsome man I have ever seen. He was blond, his eyes gave me the impression at that distance of being light grey. He smiled at me to reassure, but I backed away.

"Then the craft slowly rose and moved away in a southerly direction, until it disappeared in the distance. I stood rooted to the spot. I was left with my remorse and my reproaches for being so stupid.

"For 15 long months I reproached myself, but always hoping that possibly I would have another chance. I continually went out in all weather and dreadful storms. But I have a family of two dependent on me, so their demands took first place, and I gradually became more patient."

Mr. Edgar Sievers, commenting on Mrs. Klarer at that period, emphasized most strongly that she is a normal healthy woman, who does not suffer from any "psychicisms." He describes her as a "gifted pianist and music teacher, with studies accomplished in Italy and England and with a wide range of intellectual interests ranging from history to astronomy, an enthusiastic traveler, a lover of nature in general and of horses in particular, attractive Elizabeth Klarer has both her feet on the ground, no less than any other woman would who has to look after her family.

Mr. Sievers said that Mrs. Klarer did nothing but think of this saucer, hoping and longing that it would return.

"For all those who have noticed already that they are able to establish with their dogs or their horses an inner contact all of its own the following point will be a familiar and sensible one; and it is this point which most definitely enters the picture from here on," he affirmed.

"There are modes of awareness between living beings which are transensorial, i.e. which take place beyond the usual boundaries of sensual and sensorial control. Where a rider and a horse are at one in this way, the horse acts prompted by the mere intentions of its human friend. Mrs. Klarer, too, is gifted to a point where she established immediate contact with horses. Where that particular awareness is spanned from man to man to such a degree that it becomes a somewhat conscious link, we have usually been talking of telepathy and thought transference.

"Not only from George Adamski do we know that this mode of awareness comes into play, too, where relations to spacemen are concerned. There are many people in this world already who do have sensations of an indefinable kind whenever a saucer is near. Stephen Darbishire, in Coniston, England, acted on such promptings, another youth in our country, Ernst van Zyl, aged 17 then, did so and, following the hunch, had found a saucer and likewise is Elizabeth Klarer affected when there is something in the air. At least on two occasions she took friends along with her when prompted by those sensations, and saucers were actually seen.

"In an unbroken period of almost four years, to which Adamski has been talking to all who were ready to listen with discerning ear and an attentive mind, a period in which he has not hidden himself, as an impostor would have done, nor faded from public memory, as could have been expected of a hoaxer duly found out, his words have not only been ringing true, they necessarily were and are the truth. Because only truth could have withstood such a barrage of suspicion, scorn, mockery, disbelief, ridicule and slander from every corner of the world converging on Mount Palomar in print, sound waves and by mind force.

"While Elizabeth Klarer has mustered the courage to come forward and to henceforth stand this very same test of acid publicity, there are many who know her personally and who will vouchsafe for her sincerity, as well as her truthfulness, and her integrity. Like Adamski, she will likewise stand and fall with the veracity of her claims and the absolute truth in her spoken word."

"This personal angle is so all important," said Mr. Sievers, "because this encounter with a man from space is without direct evidence. Nor is it very likely that, had she direct proof and evidence, any of those who either cannot or else do not want to believe would let themselves be convinced.

"The restraint of the spacemen in their appearances is proof enough that they do not intend to interfere with our inner development forcibly, rather is all this being wisely measured to such a pace as will give everybody the chance to get accustomed to the thought and the fact that human beings are living on nearby planets.

"Mrs. Klarer had taken her daughter Marilyn, who is a medical student, and son David, aged seven, to Durban for a few days by the sea, when on Friday, April 6, this year, she experienced a compelling feeling to return to the farm and to her familiar hilltop, and so back they all went to the homestead.

"Early next morning, Saturday, April 7, that particular feeling having persisted, Elizabeth Klarer slipped out and after a brisk walk reached the hilltop, about 2 1/2 miles away."

Now Mrs. Klarer takes up the story again:

"On reaching the top of the southern slope, I saw the scout ship resting on the ground near the eastern slope of the dip. The rising sun had not topped the slope, so the craft was in the shadow. My immediate reaction was not to hesitate as I had done the first time, but to run as fast as I could -- I felt as if I had wings to my feet -- down that very rough slope, straight to the tall blond man standing near the craft. It was the most natural thing for me to do, because I felt that I had known him all my life.

"I stretched out both my hands to him, and he took them saying, 'You were not afraid this time.'

He helped me step into the craft -- the automatic door closed -- and he gently sat me down on a soft circular bench, where I was able to regain my breath. What helped me more than anything was the wonderful invigorating freshness of the air in the cabin.

"An awful doubt assailed me when I saw the other pilot sitting at the controls. He was dark and stocky. So without thinking, I asked the tall spaceman, 'Oh, you are not a Russian, are you?' He smiled and answered, 'I am not from any place on the planet that you call Earth. I am from Venus."

"The interior of the craft was simple, and beautiful to my mind. None of the mass of instruments and wires over dashboard and walls as in modern aircraft, but simple rows of push buttons on some kind of a desk. None of the stuffy smell of fuel -- it was all clean, efficient and simple. A gentle humming sound, soothing and pleasant, emanated from the floor of the craft, which gave me a sense of power and security.

"The porthole covers were open. Three sets of four. I looked out of one. I could see for miles, but it was far too hazy and I was unable to see immediately below because the hull of the craft was in the way. I did not think at first to look through the floor lens, until the Venusian gently drew my attention to it!

"The wonderful sight of rolling green country was breathtaking -- I could now see clearly for miles -- even the line of blue sea in the distance.

"The tall spaceman and his companion were wearing dark-brownish suits, the trousers narrowing down to the ankles, the shirt sleeves narrowing to the wrists and a high neckline. They were close-fitting garments, but light and comfortable, made of a material not unlike a coarse shiny nylon.

"I was given refreshing water to drink, and a delicious red apple and other fruit similar to bananas. They are vegetarians. No wonder that they live and enjoy health for much longer than we do, with their diet and breathing such wonderful air. Yes, the tall, soft-spoken Venusian told me that the air I had been enjoying so much in the craft was Venusian air! He told me that there is a higher oxygen content in the Venusian atmosphere -- that is, in the lowest strata of the atmosphere. That lower strata of the Venusian atmosphere is out of reach of the instruments used by scientists on Earth. The upper atmospheric envelope is poisonous and hot -- extremely hot. He told me there is a great deal of water on Venus, and many rugged, high and beautiful mountains.

"The houses on Venus are built in a circular pattern -- some are made of a special material that permits the light to come through, but does not expose the occupants to the view of anyone on the outside. I said that I would love to go to Venus and to the Moon. Our Moon is not a dead world. Space people are based there. How kind, civilized and cultured they are!

"They are wise and understanding. They are watching us closely now that man is moving into space, and we have stated that the Moon is our first target. This will concern them vitally. Man will take war into space.

"The tall Venusian, who spoke perfect English, told me how for a limited period he had lived and studied on Earth, traveling to various cities to see for himself how mankind lived and behaved. He was sad to see the mode of existence, precarious, and always with the threat of war. Aggressive, dominating nations would continue to rise to power, nations that are still uncivilized. The power of brute force still was rampant in the world. That was the tragedy, he told me, therefore how can the space people land amongst us?

"There was plenty of room to walk around in the cabin, but my whole attention was held by the personality of the spaceman. We talked about music, real and beautiful music. Not about the primitive jungle noise that is so popular throughout the world. The space people are highly sensitive to sounds -- and music is a realm in which they all excel. Music is a part of their life. To most earth people it is an education that takes many years to accomplish -- if not a lifetime -- and there are those on earth who can never understand music.

"I felt no movement in the craft at all, beyond the gentle humming. I was told they used natural forces to propel the saucer. How wonderful to harness these forces that the universe is made of. That is why eventually man must have a complete understanding of nature and the universe -- until he does, he is tied to limited mentality and capacities.

"The Venusian, who was sitting next to me as we conversed said, 'I must now return you to the hill where I found you. Our time is up. Also David needs you. He is ill.' With sadness at leaving mingled with anxiety to return to see my son we descended to land with a gentle touchdown on the hill.

"Both spacemen were very kind, gentle and considerate. The younger, shorter one had an olive skin and the older taller Venusian had a fair golden hued one. The metal of the craft was smooth polished to touch, like a mirror. The automatic door opened and the tall Venusian led me through. Sadly I waved goodbye, as I backed away from the craft and then stood to watch them take off. Without a sound she rose slowly to hover for a moment -- the rays from the setting sun flashing in rainbow colors on her sides, then gathering speed glided away into the southern sky."

Mrs. Klarer hurried home and found all as had been told her. David had a severe sore throat, which she was able to attend to.

Mr. Sievers concludes the narrative:

"There is no need to try and assess the feelings which had accompanied these experiences, or those that must have filled her heart for days and weeks on end.

"The family was back on the farm in the summer. Mrs. Klarer was strangely expectant. On the morning of July 17, about 11 a.m. when everybody was settling down for a nice cup of tea, she however, preferred to get up and go out into the open. On her way she picked up the box camera of her daughter. She had climbed an elevation this time not very far from the homestead. While she was watching a storm brewing in the south with massive thunderclouds forming over the Berg, out from among the clouds a saucer, the saucer, appeared. It flew all around her, showing its paces and doing various maneuvers. It was coming and going, in and out of the clouds, generally offering her the opportunity to use up the film, which she did, 'shooting' away at the craft. Of seven photographs taken, two or three were particularly good, sharp, defined and convincing, while the rest were blurred.

"Negatives and object have been examined and studied. Nobody could find anything that would arouse his suspicions. The family of Major flowers, Elizabeth Klarer's brother-in-law, is in the position to testify that she took the photographs all by herself. No, there was no one to help her throw the hub-cap into the air," as it immediately has been advanced, of course."

"Apart from Mr. Klarer being of too frail a stature to be able to handle hub-caps and a box camera at the same time, we have." Mr. Sievers stated, "despite long-lasting effort, yet to discover that particular make of hub-cap which she could possibly have used. There simply is none that would come even half as near to the design of the saucer as it appears on the negative. The craft is of the type about 50 to 60 ft. in diameter, with a flat and wide dome, not with the half sphere dome as seen on Adamski's and Allingham's photographs. Incidentally, saucers and a carrier ship have been seen over Major Flower's estate on more than one occasion. The hope is that these developments will not yet have tome to their end."
And so it hadn't! Elizabeth wrote a book, Beyond The Light Barrier, about her experiences which is being made into a movie. It is in development with Uga Carlini of South Africa.

A second book is on hold till the movie has taken off,

I know there will be skeptics aghast about "Venus" as we have always been told no one can live there. In the book it says that Akon came from Meton in Alpha Centauri.


You will find in her book that Akon says his race occupied three planets in our solar system before they had the technology required to leave for distant stars.  They Occupied Mars, Venus and Earth at various times.

The cradle of mankind, Venus, remained shrouded and bereft of life after the Pleistocene cycle of solar expansion, her fruitful aeon's of fertility at an end, her vast warm seas that nurtured our beginning, dried out and barren. But her glory still remains as a reality in the electric mirage, perfected by her progeny, who were compelled to move from her protective surface, out into the far reaches of space to propagate their species on the surface of an alien planet called Earth, where we adapted to a different time-speed on a younger planet.

Laying claim to Earth as a host to life, we continued to perfect our spaceships in readiness for the time when we would have to leave this solar system prior to another wave of mass extinctions from the star of this system

We found the pyramidal type of construction most suitable for Earth and Mars where many earthquakes plagued us and radiations remained a hazard

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Location. Moscow, Russia
Date: 1530’s-1540’s
Time: unknown

A stunning discovery was made by academician and anthropologist Dr. Rudolph Vanzhaev who at the end of the 20th century was reconstructing the facial features of the famous Russian Tsar Ivan the Fourth (or Ivan the Terrible). Dr. Vanzhaev discovered a diminutive metallic plate in Ivan’s skull while he studied it. The strange artifact a little more than one centimeter in diameter, remotely resembled a complicated electronic mechanism. The Doctor concluded that this object somehow increased the intellectual abilities of the Tsar but at the same time, caused his periodic uncontrolled fits of anger.

The tiny metallic object with sharp teeth-like protrusions was discovered quite accidentally. Dr. Vanzhaev was studying the exhumed skeleton of Ivan the Terrible, attempted to find the physiological cause of his death (later it was established that the Tsar’s bones contained a huge quantity of mercury, or quicksilver). Moving his hand along the inner surface of Ivan’s skull, Vanzhaev felt a small protrusion. Trying to see it better, he took a large magnifying glass and saw something very small and metallic, halfway covered by bone tissue. The device was similar to an electronic chip used in computers or other electronic equipment.

When the device was studied closely, using different kinds of techniques and equipment it appeared to be a miniature transmitter of electric impulses to the brain and the heart. Such impulses, emphasized Dr. Vanzhaev, sharply increased the brain’s ability to solve the difficult intellectual tasks but at the same time, created various collateral effects that influenced the man’s psyche.

The layer of bone tissue that had grown around the metallic device was quite noticeable. This meant according to Vanzhaev, that when Ivan was “implanted” he had been quite young, possibly in his childhood.

Ivan the Terrible was born in 1530, so the supposed alien abduction had apparently occurred during the 1530’s or 1540’s. He became the “Great Duke of all Russia” in 1533 and the Tsar in 1547, and died in 1584.

The historic detail in favor of this assumption is that it was known that Ivan the Terrible had the habit of placing his hand on his head, even though he never complained to his doctors of feeling any pains in his head.

Another Moscow based researcher Vladimir Alexevich Smemshuk also mentioned in his books that Ivan the Terrible was under “alien control” and experienced several humanoid encounters at night when he was alone in his bedroom.

HC addendumSource: Alexander Bogatikov in: “Inoplanetyanin” (Extraterrestrial newspaper)Ukraine, January 9 2005
Thank you Albert at Humanoid Contacts for keeping us supplied with interesting cases!

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Sixty-foot craft lands with two occupants (Johnny Sands case)

Date: January 29, 1976

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Johnny Sands, a country-western singer living in Las Vegas, saw a 60-foot craft at about 1000 feet altitude, shaped like the Goodyear blimp, with portholes around the circumference. The object appeared to land, and Sands then saw two figures approaching. Then, he "froze" -- he wanted to move, but he couldn't. The figures came near him, to about three feet away.



APRO Bulletin, Vol. 24 No. 9 (Mar 1976) "The Johnny Sands Case"
(published in March, 1976)

The last extended, intensive period of UFO activity took place in the fall months of 1973 and at this time it appears that the fall months of 1975 and the early months of 1976 duplicated the "flap" of 1973 with one major difference — whatever the UFOs are — "they" seem to be getting bolder, and in the "abduction" cases under study at APRO there are emerging threads of continuity in relation to descriptions of occupants as well as the objects themselves. We are also encountering "warnings" to the victims concerning what they will remember or what they can talk about if they do recall their experiences.

A case in point is that of Johnny Sands, 30, a country-western singer who, at the time of his alleged close encounter, was living in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was trying to promote his first recording and was appearing in a show. A polygraph test administered by Robert L. Nolen of Robert H. Nolen Associates of Las Vegas indicates no deception.

He had been out driving to the surrounding towns to check on how well his record was faring at the radio stations and on jukeboxes. He had left Pahrump at 10 p.m. and was driving on the Blue Diamond road, and at about 10:30 p.m., about 22 miles out of Las Vegas, he saw an unusual aircraft. He didn't pay much attention to it, he said, although it seemed to follow him for about 3 miles. At this point, the car's engine began sputtering so he pulled off the road and got out of the car. He walked around the car, removed the gas tank lid and shook the rear end of the car to determine whether he had any gas. He could hear the gas splashing around in the tank, so he replaced the cover and went around to the front of the car and lifted the hood. It was at this time, looking up, he said, that he saw the craft above him at what he estimated to be about 1,000 feet altitude. Sands said it was about 60 feet long and shaped like the Goodyear blimp, with a large, round ring at the midsection. He also said it had windows or portholes (round) about 10 feet in diameter and about 5 feet apart around the circumference of the ring or "donut" section, with a light between each. The object was "rusty orange" in color with flashing red and white lights on the ends. It moved slowly over the mountain to the south of him, lighting up the mountain as it did so, and appearing to land.

Then, Sands said, he turned his attention back to his car, and started to take the air filter off. For some unknown reason, he turned and looked down the road in the direction his headlights (which were on low beam) were shining and saw two figures approaching. He could not make out any details and at first thought they might have been muggers. Then, he said, he "froze" — he doesn't know why — he wanted to move, but he couldn't.

The two figures came toward him, one stopping about three feet away while the other stayed about five feet beyond. Sands described them as perfectly bald with no eyelashes or brows and with gill-like protrusions on either side of their faces which moved rapidly all the while that they stood there. The eyes were small, black and the centers (or pupils) were white. Sands said the mouths were very small and never opened, and that their noses were "pug" or "flattened".

Sands estimates that the whole episode from the time he spotted the two figures until they walked away into the desert, took about 10 minutes. When they left, they walked about 150-200 feet away, then, Sands said, a flash of light "came up" and they were gone.

The road on which Sands was traveling is paved, but he says he only encountered four cars during the trip, and that the last one passed by going toward Pahrump just after he pulled off the road. He had jumped out of his car and tried to wave it down but although the car slowed, it sped up again and continued along its way. After the encounter with the "figures", Sands tried to re-start his car, and it started with no trouble at all and he drove on into Las Vegas.

When Sands initially reported his experience, he went to the police who referred him to the Office of Special Investigations at Nellis Air Force Base. The spokesman for that office said that the Air Force had stopped probing the UFO problem in 1969 and that office only handles internal criminal matters. He also said the base's radar "picked up nothing" unusual that night, but only the base's runway headings were being monitored. A spokesman at the McCarran Airport tower said nothing unusual was noted on their surveillance radar which covers a 55-mile radius from the surface "to infinity". However, he did note that the radar is "line of sight" and would not register craft beyond the mountains.

The 10-minute episode is the fascinating part of Sands' story, in addition to his description of the humanoids who, although one asked him a number of questions, requested that he not reveal anything of the encounter. Sands has only revealed a part of what happened, saying that if he revealed the rest, it would be a breech of trust.

The questions the humanoid (who was standing closest to him) asked of Sands were: 1. What was he (Sands) doing there? Sands responded that he was an entertainer and was in Las Vegas to do a show. 2. Why were so many people in Las Vegas? Sands said that it was a tourist type town and that people came to Las Vegas from all over. 3. What is your means of communication? To which Sands replied that he didn't understand the question, because there are several different means of communication. The humanoid seemed to become irritated and said: "Answer the question!" Sands repeated that he didn't understand, whereupon the humanoid turned to the other, and the two just stood facing one another for 2 or 3 minutes, then his questioner turned to Sands, reached out his left hand and brushed Sands left hand and told him: "Don't say anything about this meeting. We know where you are and will see you again." The two then trooped off and disappeared in a flash of light.

Sands said that the voice of his questioner was deep, and the words came out slowly and almost mechanically with noticeable spacing between each and an echo-like quality. However, although he could tell that the voice came from the man's "body", the mouth did not move at all.

Sands described the humanoid clothing thusly: A black, silverish all-encompassing overall (the artist got his shades reversed in the painting) with no visible seams. When the questioner brushed Sands' hand it felt like "rough, heavy duty sandpaper." Besides the white strap which ran diagonally from right shoulder to the left waist, there was a wide white "patent-leather-like" belt on which there hung capsule-shaped objects which were silver colored and about 1 inch long. They appeared to be hanging on hooks and the "man" twisted one of them all the while that he talked to Sands until he brushed Sands' hand and turned and left.

The "men" were about 5'7" or 5'8", about 140 pounds, Sands said, and their gloved hands had a thumb and four fingers like normal humans. He also noted what appeared to be padding over the top of the feet, as well as across the back of the foot. The feet were covered by the same type of material as the rest of their bodies. They seemed to be very light on their feet and made no sound as they walked, as if they were off the ground, although Sands said they were definitely touching it.

Also very interesting is Sands' description of the face of the one who "talked" to him: "The face was wrinkled. Now, bodywise, he looked as fit as a 21-year-old but in his face, facial structure -- I don't know, something gave me the idea this guy was 300 or 400 years old. It's a very powerful face, a very powerful set of eyes. He's not so ugly as he is powerful looking," Sands told investigators.

The machinations of a film crew calling themselves Dave Dunn Productions who were beginning work on a TV series dealing with the strange, unusual and unknown, served to muddy the waters considerably. On the evening of February 10, they took Sands out to the site of his experience where he was instructed to stay in the car. Meanwhile, an argument apparently started among the film personnel and, hearing snatches of the conversation, including "what,will we do with him (gesturing toward Sands in the car)  he's already heard too much," he started to get out of the car, whereupon two "fuzzy things" ran at the door and kept him inside. He said that every time he tried to get out of the car they would repeat the performance.

Mr. Sands called Mr. Lorenzen after they had taken him back to Las Vegas and related these events and was very agitated about the incident. He said that the Dunn people had taken him to dinner and they'd had a few drinks and he wondered if he'd been drugged because he couldn't remember the entire evening.

Piecing the whole thing together, the Lorenzens have hypothesized that the film crew may have had two men dressed in animal-like disguises (the "things" were man shaped, Sands said) for the purpose of frightening Sands so that they could film him in an actual terrified state.

In a report to John Romero, APRO Field Investigator in Las Vegas, Mr. Nolen, the polygraph operator, states:

"Following are listed the relevant questions and the subject's vocal responses.

"1. On January 29th, did you see two strange figures in the desert? Answer: Yes

"2. Did you communicate with these strange figures? Answer: Yes.

"3. Did these strange figures tell you that they would see you again? Answer: Yes.

"4. Were you under the influence of. anything at the time of this meeting? Answer: No.

"5. Regarding what happened on Thursday, January 29, have you told the truth about what you saw that night? Answer: Yes.

"A total of three charts were obtained using the above relevant questions. During these three charts, Mr. Sands indicated an ability to respond automatically to vocal stimuli. His responses in the critical areas were not consistent with deception criteria.

"After careful examination of this subject's polygrams, it is my opinion that Mr. Johnny Sands was truthful in his answers to the above relevant questions. I am not attesting to the truthfulness of the whole story that Mr. Sands has told, only to the veracity of his answers to the above relevant questions." Unquote.

It has been suggested to Mr. Sands that he undergo hypnotic regression in order to attempt to retrieve further information but he is afraid of hypnosis. APRO consultants feel, however, that some progress may be made in that direction in the future.

In view of Sands apparent sincerity and the polygraph tests, this case cannot be entirely discounted. Also, there is the verification of the initial sighting of the object by others who called the police department that evening and reported seeing an object in the area, the description of which closely matches that of Johnny Sands. Obviously there is considerable follow-up work to be done on this case which is one of the more puzzling ones to come out of the 1975-76 "flap".
This article was taken from searching the internet for Johnny Sands.

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A real-life Twilight Zone may exist in Southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border.

Deep in the mountains close to the Mexican border, a mysterious place exists where time is altered at random. A joke? Not according to Ron Quinn.
Quinn first submitted his stories to The Weekly's former editor, Michael Parnell, in November 2002. Upon his departure in January, Parnell passed them on to current Weekly Editor Jimmy Boegle.
The Weekly staff decided to publish them; after all, they are quite compelling. Plus, Quinn's got some credibility; a life-long treasure hunter, Ron Quinn's stories have been appeared in Arizona Highways, Treasure Magazine and Fate.
The Weekly does not know the location of the site Mr. Quinn speaks of, nor could we verify the events mentioned. Therefore, we present his anecdotes as interesting stories--nothing more.
--Irene Messina

This fascinating journey into the unknown began in early 1956 and still remains an unsolved mystery today.
It all began during a two-year adventure into Southern Arizona in search of lost mines and hidden Spanish treasures. High among the rugged terrain bordering Mexico, my brother Chuck and I discovered a location where time itself is altered. This natural freak of nature lies deep within a region seldom visited by modern man.
The reason I'm bringing this tale to light after all this time is because something in the works might effect this interesting place. Tucson Electric Power Company plans on building a 345,000-watt high-voltage transmission line from Tucson to Nogales. The line could come quite close to this site.

When this line becomes active, what, if anything, will this enormous voltage do to this delicate location? Enhance the natural energy already lurking within it, or nothing? Only time will tell.
The following stories all took place around this mysterious location.

Lights in the Sky

This all began after my release from the military. My brother Chuck asked if I'd be interested in taking an extended trip to Arizona to search for several of the legendary lost treasures allegedly hidden during the Spanish occupation. This ignited my adventurous spirit, so plans were made. We saved enough capital, with the help of our parents, for two years. I was 23; Chuck was 26. We left Tacoma, Wash., on March 20, 1956. Our final destination was Arivaca, Ariz., a small desert hamlet of perhaps 70 residents. This old adobe village was located squarely in the center of the country harboring some of these well-known hidden treasures.
About three weeks into this treasure game, Chuck and I were relaxing at camp one evening. Towards the south, the craggy peaks of the Tumacacori Mountains were silhouetted against the darkening sky.
Our attention was directed toward two large balls of blue-green lights slowly descending behind the mountains several miles away. They were not flares, as no sound of aircraft broke the silence of the night. Both vanished within minutes.
The following night at precisely the same time, 8:05 p.m., the lights appeared once again near the identical location. These also disappeared behind the peaks.
Several days later, Louie Romero, a local cowboy who rode for the Arivaca Ranch, stopped by. Over several weeks, we became friends and learned a great deal of the history about the area from him. While in Arivaca, we heard from the locals that if Louie tells you something, you can bet your life it's the truth.
During one of his weekly visits, Louie told us many stories centering around the nearby mountains. Several bordered on the paranormal. After describing the odd lights we had seen, he smiled, saying he and others have spotted them since 1939 in the same location. Over the months, we saw them several more times.

Doorway to the Gods

One day, as we were returning to Arivaca, we spotted an old truck parked beside the road with a flat tire. Not having a spare, the gentleman stood beside his vehicle trying to hitch a ride to the nearest service station. We picked him up and soon arrived at the Kinsley Ranch and gas station. After having the tire repaired, we returned John, an Indian, to his truck where we mounted the tire for him. John couldn't thank us enough, as not many white men had shown him such kindness.
A month or so later at camp, we spotted a rider approaching--and were surprised to see it was John. He told us he was working temporarily for a local ranch, checking the fence lines.
While talking in general about the surrounding country, Chuck mentioned we were treasure hunting. As a boy, John said he heard many of the tales of lost mission gold and silver. He also believed some of the tales were true, as treasure was found in 1907 near Nogales.
Later, John told us about a mysterious stone archway. Roy told him we came across such a formation south of camp. John's first words were, "Did you walk through its opening?"
Walt answered, "No. We noticed it while descending a slope, but paid little attention to the oddity."
John told us around the 1800s, three Indians were hunting and upon returning to their village, discovered a stone archway. Being in a jubilant mood, they began chasing one another through the opening in a playful manner.
Moments later, one jumped through but never emerged from the opposite side. Fearing they had entered some sacred ground of the gods, the remaining two fled the scene. Arriving at the village, they told the medicine man how their friend had vanished before their eyes.
As the story spread, others journeyed to the high plateau to gaze upon the stone structure. Rocks and other items were tossed through, but nothing occurred--until an elderly woman approached. Tossing in a live rabbit, it suddenly vanished. The Indians backed off in fear and spread the story of this "Doorway to the Gods," as it came to be known.
John himself has been to the site on many occasions. The only time he witnessed anything strange was around 1948. A big storm had blown in, and the sky was filled with dark clouds in all directions. As he rode past the archway, he noticed the sky through its opening was blue--no clouds were visible. Dismounting, he walked cautiously toward the formation and peered through. The mountains on the other side hadn't changed, but the sky was clear. Looking around the corner of the structure, the sky was once again covered with dark clouds. Fear gripped him and he rode off.
Some believe John was looking into another time period through the portal. We asked John: If the story was indeed true, why hadn't it been investigated? He replied that only his people knew of the story, as it had never been mentioned outside the tribe. The only reason he told us was because we had shown him kindness while stranded beside the highway.
Curious, we decided to make another trip to the remote site with Roy Purdie and Walter Fisher--two fellow treasure hunters who were camping with us. It's a rugged climb, and the torturous, craggy mountains play no favorites. Enter their domain, make an error, and you'll be added to the list of the injured and missing.
This mysterious area is covered with windswept rock formations that dot the landscape. Searching further, we discovered an enormous deposit of geodes. The ground was littered with them. Some had broken open, revealing their crystal-lined interiors.
As we approached the archway, the structure took on a menacing appearance. It stood beside a rocky slope, and was perhaps 7 feet high by 5 feet in width. Its columns measured approximately 15 inches in diameter and were made of Andesite.
Chuck jokingly tossed several rocks through, but nothing happened. Next, I placed my arm in. Roy, the superstitious member of our foursome, said I was flirting with danger if the story was true. Knowing his nature towards the unknown, I decided to play a joke. I suddenly yelled, like something was pulling me through. Jumping back, I began laughing as Roy cussed me out. By now, we were all close friends, so no offense was taken.
After several hours we departed this interesting location, carrying a number of geodes. I remember glancing back at this lonely part of the world, wondering if there was truly something within the area that could alter time at random. Was it just the archway itself, or were other unknown natural forces at play?
We would definitely discover the answer--at least to the time-altering question.

Horses From Beyond

It was roundup time on the Arivaca Ranch. That evening, Louie and several others were camping beside the corral just north of the mountains to get an early start the following morning. As they sat around having coffee and making small talk, Louie noticed how still the night was. Most evenings, one could hear the night sounds of the desert. But this time it was unusually quiet, and the livestock seemed restless.
As they were about to bed down, they suddenly heard the rumbling of approaching horses. As the sound grew closer, one could hear the clattering of hoofs among the rocks accompanied by the whinnying of many horses. As the sound increased, the boys dove for cover, expecting to see a herd of horses stampeding through camp. But as the rumbling reached the opposite side of a nearby canyon, it abruptly ended.
The following morning, they searched, but found no evidence of horses. Louie mentioned wild horses once roamed the country around the turn of the century. Were Louie and the others caught on the outer edge of some time change?
It turns out they were near our mysterious archway.
(Before continuing, I'd like to set forth a theory told to us by a party well-versed in the field of the strange and paranormal: Perhaps an enormous deposit of geodes beneath the surface might be effecting time in some mysterious manner. When all the natural elements --the vibration of the crystals, the electricity in the atmosphere and the magnetic fields in the earth--come together at the precise moment, laws of nature are turned topsy-turvy, and things occur beyond our understanding. It could be like dropping a stone into a pool of calm water--the archway being the stone and the waves expanding outward could be the natural forces. These might reach anywhere from several yards to a mile. Depending upon the activation, everything within this radiating circle could be thrown into a different period of time. When it fades, things return to normal.)

Ghostly Padre

This story was told by a reliable rancher and also took place within the shadows of the puzzling archway. It involves the appearance of a Spanish padre long since dead: a ghost--or perhaps not. Several hundred years earlier, a Jesuit priest, whose name has long since been forgotten, built a small mission east of Arivaca. The residents gave their most treasured possessions to him for safe-keeping, as they feared robbery. These were hidden somewhere near the church grounds.
One morning, a Mexican woodchopper found the elderly padre dead. After he was put to rest, the villagers suddenly realized he was the only one who knew the location of their valuables. They searched, but nothing was ever found.
Over the years, many cowboys and others have reported seeing a dark-robed figure walking near the site of the old mission, which has long since crumbled back into the dry earth. The description given resembles that of a Spanish padre. One rancher told us quite frankly, "Nobody will ever convince me otherwise. I know what I saw that afternoon. The figure wasn't any ghost. It walked across a wash disturbing the gravel and casting a long shadow."
The figure slowly became transparent, shimmered several times then vanished.
Again, was the witness caught in another trick of time produced by the site? Or was he himself back in the 18th century, watching the padre going about his daily rounds? Too bad our rancher didn't see the mission. That would be hard evidence he wasn't in his own time.

Spanish Soldiers

Another mind-boggling story involves two cowboys out searching for a sick bull. Both separated and rode off in different directions. One rider paused atop a hill searching the country below with his binoculars. Suddenly, he felt a stone bounce off his hat. Turning, he expected to find his companion had tossed it jokingly, but nobody was there. Another stone hit his arm, but once again nothing was seen. While scanning the terrain again, he spotted his friend several hundred yards below. In the distance, he saw the bull. Waving, he shouted to his partner signaling to him which direction to go.
While descending the hill, he spotted a group of six riders traveling eastward. They rode in single file and were about half a mile off.
Stopping, he looked through his field glasses--and was amazed at what he saw. His description of the horsemen resembled pictures he had seen of Spanish soldiers with tunics, lances and helmets. He followed their movements until the scene "shimmered" and faded.
Once again, this occurred near the archway's realm. A column of soldiers traveling east? The only fort in that direction was the presidio located at Tubac during the Spanish occupation.

Indian Revisited

During the mid-1940s, Louie and another ranch hand came upon the skeletal remains of what appeared to be that of an ancient Indian. Beside the body was a rotted bow. The Indian's clothing was of animal skins, and a leather moccasin clung to one foot. The skull and one leg were missing. Could this have been the Indian who vanished so long ago? The body was discovered less than a mile south of our strange location. They buried the remains nearby, marking the grave with several large rocks. Louie noted that the body didn't resemble 200-year-old remains.
Before hearing the above tale, I often wondered what became of the Indian allegedly swallowed by the archway. If the portal was visible from the opposite side, why didn't he come back through? He might have never noticed a change and, to him, his friends had disappeared. Not finding them, he eventually returned to his village and perhaps also found it missing. Perhaps he was somehow transported forward in time, and for some unknown reason, died on that lonely hillside, only to be found by Louie years later.

The Shimmer

One day, Walt and Roy had their own weird experience near the stone portal. They returned there because Walt wanted to collect some geodes for friends in Tucson. Looking toward the archway, both saw it appear to shimmer. According to Walt, this lasted several minutes before it slowly faded. During this period, both felt a strange pressure within their ears.
Roy said, "That's it Walt. I'm outta here." After gathering a number of geodes, both left with Roy leading the way--rather fast.
During the summer months, temperatures can reach 110 degrees. The heat waves dancing off a flat surface can make objects appear to shimmer while looking through them. But this was mid-January and the temperature was around 60 or so.
Old Roy would never again return to the site, no matter how we tried to persuade him.
Was the shimmering and ear sensation the beginning of some activation that never reached its full potential? Seeing the expression on Roy's face after he returned to camp--take my word, it happened.

Ghost Camp

A number of individuals have disappeared from the unfriendly rugged hills over the years. Did some make the unfortunate mistake of entering the portal at the wrong time? The following suggests that possibility. While the four of us were checking out an old silver workings, we came upon a deserted miners camp that Louie had told us about weeks earlier. Everything was left behind--rotted clothing, tools, drill steel, old blankets and cooking utensils. Everything was there to maintain a functional camp. By the looks of several items, I'd say the site was active during the 1930s.
It looked as though somebody just walked away and never returned--or couldn't. The camp was almost a mile from the bizarre site high above. Did this party fall victim to it, or did he become discouraged with mining and abandon camp? I find this highly unlikely.
We also heard a story about a lone prospector who arrived each October and remained until spring. This continued for several years. One day, he vanished, leaving his horse, wagon and camp behind. It was located near a saddle in the mountains--just north of you know what. A body was never found.
We visited this site and found a deep shaft nearby with numerous open cuts on a hill. Was he prospecting or treasure hunting? It was rumored that some bandit's loot--two bags of gold coins--was buried within this area.
Stories like this keep people like us searching.

Stones From the Heavens

Another close encounter occurred about 14 months into our treasure game, a game that seemed to be going nowhere. While in Arivaca picking up needed supplies, we met three other treasure hunters. They were in the area for a month seeking the famous "Lost Treasure of Carreta Canyon" hidden by the fleeing padres from the Tumacacori Mission during the great Pima uprising of 1751.
We invited them to stop by camp and gave them directions. Several weeks later, they arrived and had an interesting story to tell. By chance, while traveling overland, they camped near the mouth of the canyon leading to the strange area. We discovered this when one pointed to their campsite on his map.
While relaxing one evening after a long, tiring search for this elusive treasure, they heard a sound like rain hitting the tent. Stepping outside, they saw the sky was clear. All at once a shower of hundreds of small stones came cascading down around them. Most were the size of a large pea, were reddish brown and resembled hematite, an iron ore.
Picking several up, they noticed they were quite warm to the touch. Their camp wasn't located near any high cliffs where the stones could have originated. George, a member of the group, jokingly said: "Perhaps we're camping on some ancient Indian burial ground and the spirits want us to leave." He had read an article about an incident similar to this occurring on a burial ground somewhere in the Midwest.
By now, one has to admit something quite out of the ordinary encircles this strange site. I won't definitely say their encounter with the warm stones had anything to do with our odd out-of-time region. Indian spirits or not, something weird occurred while they sat relaxing in their tent.

My Encounter

After our two-year adventure ended without finding buried gold or lost mines, we returned to Washington State for almost a year. We then moved to Arizona, making Tucson our home. Most of our adult lives have been one long adventure after the other. If Roy and Walt arrived at our door with some wild treasure lead, we'd be off with them the next day. To live such a lifestyle, we all remained single. We were one big happy family of devil-may-care adventurers.
The strange experience I had occurred on Oct. 14, 1973. During one of our two-week adventures, I found myself near the canyon that leads towards that oddball site. Not having been there in almost four years, I decided to pay it a visit. The canyon was just as rugged as ever. After climbing and slipping among the boulders, I finally arrived at the steep hill leading to the site above.
It's a long, weary climb, so I paused for a breather half way up. I sat on the slope facing north. Too my left (west), the steep hill followed the canyon perhaps a mile, but something was definitely wrong. Below to my left was a canyon--where none had existed. Curious, I made my way down, entering it from the eastside, so I thought.
I soon discovered I was in the same canyon that led toward the hill I had just scaled. I was more than 250 yards back down the canyon on a different slope and now I was facing south--I had mysteriously been transported to the new location. Thinking I was looking west, I was really looking east seeing the canyon I had just hiked.
There was no way on earth I could have reached this other slope while climbing the original hill. Knowing where I was, suddenly I knew why this had happened. Any skepticism I had about this crazy site vanished.
I was apprehensive about continuing and should have departed the area immediately. But curiosity led me on. I made the grueling climb once again, passing the spot where minutes before I had been resting.
I realized that if something within this site caused my teleportation, I might not even be in my own time. What a frightening thought that was. I felt somewhat alarmed over the incident that occurred.
Soon, I arrived at the site and looked around. Everything appeared normal. No shimmering effects, lights or other odd observations were observed. However, I noticed how silent it was--not a breeze, a birdcall, nothing. Looking down, I saw the hairs on my arms standing straight up like being near static electricity. I began feeling uneasy and decided to leave.
It seemed each time we visited this twilight zone, we'd discover another geological oddity, and this time was no different. While descending the hill, I found an outcropping of thunder eggs--a cryo-crystalline variety of quartz found in egg-shaped nodules. We had searched this area before, and I couldn't understand how we missed seeing them. After gathering several, I continued on.
If what happened was caused by this tricky mysterious region, I didn't want to perhaps get zapped a second time and wind up God knows where. I was quite relieved when I climbed from the canyon and found my Jeep where I had left it three hours earlier.
Glancing skyward, I spotted a jet passing over. I sure was happy it wasn't some prehistoric bird. I joke now, but something serious could have occurred while in the presence of that weird, upside-down area.
That evening at camp, I tried to arrive at some satisfactory answer to what may have happened. Some force could have been released from the area, but being well below the site, I didn't receive its full impact. Anyway, something moved me within a micro second without ever realizing something occurred. This wasn't my imagination.
I have kept the location secret all these years, as I do not want the area turning into some circus sideshow. Only five living friends of mine know its location. The others--Roy, Walt and Louie--have gone on to that Big Desert in the sky, where all of us will meet again. It is not some UFO landing site or mythical place to communicate with spirits from the beyond, but it is capable of altering time at random.
On my last visit to this wondrous place, I discovered the top portion of the archway had collapsed. All that remains are the two columns. Will this damage interfere with its ability to change time? The following story answers that question.

New Visitors

During 2001, my friend Bill Riley and his wife, Mary, wanted to visit the area after hearing the remarkable stories surrounding it. Both had to promise not to reveal its location to others. After showing them the rugged route on a map, it still took them several attempts to find it. During their first attempt to reach this forbidden zone, Bill injured his knee but managed to continue. I had to remind them how unfriendly this region can be while prowling its harsh domain.
On their second trip, they missed the right hill. However, they did discover a portion of the geode bed, and were amazed by its expense. That evening, while camping within the canyon, both claimed a slight vibration came from the nearby geodes when placing their hands upon them. Mary later mentioned it was a spooky place and she felt uneasy throughout the night.
The following morning while exploring, Bill discovered a hollow geode large enough to sit in. It's odd we didn't find this large geode while exploring, as I've been there perhaps 10 times.
Like I've mentioned, it's a real odd place. You see something one time and it's gone the next. Could these large geodes be the main source that activates the natural energy within the area, or just more wild unfounded speculation?
On their final trip into this never-never land of mystery, Bill and Mary found the correct hill. After an exhausting climb, they arrived at the site. Bill found most of what I told him to search for, but the archway eluded them.
While searching, Bill and Mary spotted what resembled the two columns off in the distance. Upon arriving where they should have been, both columns had vanished. Was this their imagination, or were the strange forces within the area playing with their minds?
After spending the day searching and not witnessing any strange activities except for the vanishing columns, they left arriving at their truck after dark. While preparing to leave and follow their tracks out to the ranch road, Bill glanced toward the canyon. In the sky above the site, a circular transparent donut-shaped glow was seen resembling the Aurora Borealis. From the inside rim, tiny sparkling particles were observed cascading downward. Taking his digita1 camera, Bill took a picture of the odd display before it vanished.
Later, only the black sky and the moon appeared in the photo. Using a magnifying glass something else could be seen, but it was too faint to make out.
Mary refuses to go there anymore.

Fact or Fiction?

What we have out there is a natural phenomena created accidentally by nature. It alters time, and there's no way to predict when this might occur. The majority of these tricks of time seem to occur during the summer and winter storm season when lots of energy is about. But others happen during the stillness of the night or on sunny days. Undoubtedly, there will be the skeptics and believers. This is definitely not a hoax or a figment of this writer's imagination. Such a place exists high on a plateau near the Mexican border. Odd things do occur at random within its mysterious boundaries.
Can this site alter time? I believe so until proven wrong.
Strange activities no doubt still occur near this bewildering location but go unnoticed by human eyes due to its remote proximity to civilization. I'll no doubt return there again someday.
Will this uncanny mystery ever be solved? Only time will tell. I believe there's ample evidence to support the claim that something quite unnatural happens at random within this locale.
How does that saying go? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.