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Interdimensional Angel Lightship and Green Halo photos taken in sequence in Winnipeg, Manitoba in January/February 2009
by Randy Kitchur

Posted: 15:00 February 12, 2009

Our contact experienced contact with an enormous, glowing Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE) on February 2, 2009 that telepathically directed him to look up as it passed low, directly over his house just over 48-hours after his January 31, 2009 close encounter, and took these crystal clear photos of the event.

Narrative for Interdimensional Angel Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity photos taken on February 2, 2009, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Lightship POLE 1

Lightship POLE 2

Lightship POLE 3

It was a bitterly cold evening in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with a minus 38 degrees Celsius windchill on Monday, February 2, 2009 when our contact, fresh from a miraculous encounter with an enormous green Halo Plasma Orb just over 48-hours earlier, received a telepathic message to take his cell phone camera and go outside his house and look up. Having learned from past experience the message was being directed at him from Interdimensional Angels, he did as he was asked, and instantly upon going outside and looking up saw to his amazement a slow moving, house-sized Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE) directly over his head. The Lightship was so close our contact could have taken a rock and hit it -- which he of course would never even consider doing -- and one can get a sense of just how close of a close encounter this was by taking the contact's gloved finger holding the cell phone camera along the bottom of the first photo as a point-of-reference.

Our contact immediately began to take a series of photos upon looking up and seeing the Lightship POLE and telepathically expressed his gratitude to the Lightship POLE -- which he always does with each and every encounter. The Lightship POLE immediately responded to our contact's telepathic message and dramatically increased in size, which can be clearly seen in the second photo.

In the second photo and third photos, and possibly even in the first photo, but obscured by the contact's gloved finger, can be observed what we believe is a "Scout Ship" accompanying the Lightship POLE. The Scout Ship is clearly seen directly beneath the Lightship POLE in the second photo as three equidistant horizontally-arrayed lights, which may be of a "porthole" configuration, and these same three lights have clearly moved slightly away and in front of it to its right in the third photo. This is clear evidence that while it may have initially seemed to be physically connected to the Lightship, it is an independent object or entity, although with a direct relationship to the Lightship POLE.

Another striking feature of the photos, all of which were taken in rapid succession of only a few second intervals between each photo, is the radical transformation in appearance the Lightship takes. It suddenly develops what we view as feathery light-wings in the second photo which transform more clearly and are quite evident in the third photo. For us, it makes perfect sense, given our contact had been told by them that they are truly, Interdimensional Angels, that among one of their many Divine attributes, one of them would be to have the ability to manifest, quite literally, Wings of Light.

Another incredible aspect of these series of photos is the round Halo enveloping the Lightship POLE or Interdimensional Angel, which is in effect what we have learned is really an Interdimensional Stargate or Stargate Vortex they use to traverse dimensions, galaxies, and perhaps even universes. When our contact first saw the Lightship above his house, it had just emerged from the vortex of light surrounding it, and just after our contact took the third of the three photos, he watched as the Lightship POLE rose slightly into the sky whereupon it re-entered the Stargate Vortex and disappeared in an instant. As with all encounters, the contact experienced strong waves of joy, peace and love emanating from the Interdimensional Angel, and this entire close encounter from the moment the event began until it concluded lasted approximately one-minute.

Our contact experienced another miraculous close encounter with Interdimensional Angels the evening of January 31, 2009 and took this series of crystal clear photos of a gigantic, green, glowing Halo-shaped Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE).

Green Halo POLE 1

Green Halo Pole 2

Green Halo POLE 3

Green Halo POLE 4

Our contact had just begun a skywatch in his backyard in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at approximately 9:30 PM CT on the evening of Saturday, January 31, 2009, and was only a few minutes into his observations when he noticed something very high up in the sky that immediately drew his attention, so he moved into a darker part of his backyard and took out his cell phone camera he always carries on him and began to take pictures.

At first what he was observing floating slowly down toward him out of the sky was quite dark, but quickly noticed what he was observing was an enormous glowing green oval- or Halo-shaped Plasma Orb. He continued taking photos as the green Halo Plasma Orb got closer, and the closer it got the brighter it got, as it was in the process of "powering up."

Our contact noticed that the green Halo Plasma Orb was not hollow and that its inner core was a shiny black solid that gave off a sheen to it not revealed in the photos. Our contact estimated the size of the green Halo to be approximately 500 meters or yards across, and at its closest approach was approximately only 300 meters or yards away.

While the green Halo Plasma Orb powered up at one point, our contact was only able to capture on film photos as it was in the process of powering up and the last one after it had done so.

Our contact received waves of peace, joy, and love being directed toward him from the green Halo Plasma Orb throughout the experience, as he always does with each encounter.

At the bottom of the last photo is the top of a patio swing set in the contact's large backyard, and this is used by us as a point-of-reference as a visual check in estimating the approximate size of the green Halo and its approximate distance away.

After taking the last photo, the green Halo slowly rose in the sky to the west and faded out to the point where it could no longer be seen.

From beginning to end -- meaning from when our contact first noticed the green Halo Plasma Orb high in the sky and began taking photos, until the point at which our contact took the last photo and it disappeared -- the entire miraculous event with the Interdimensional Angel lasted approximately one-minute.

From UFO Digest

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Used with permission of the experiencer

Ian MacAdam

copyright 2009

Posted: 22 Mar 2009 08:59 AM PDT

From Phantoms and Monsters Blog

In view of the events that have occurred over the years in our house led me to start keeping a diary, which I began in August 2007. Many strange things happened prior to keeping notes, but only after my wife and I got rid of boarders such as a son, a granddaughter who we raised from one year until she was 13. She went to live with her father, but came back here for another couple of years. Finally, we were alone.

In my diary are dates, times and descriptions of the events, which are generally out of the ordinary, as you shall see. My view is that the short nine-foot by four-foot hallway, which leads to three bedrooms and a bath, may intersect a parallel world. This idea may sound goofy, but read to the end before condemning my views. I can think of no other explanation for what follows.

The interaction with the other world is not continuous, as can be seen from the diary notes, and seems to follow no particular pattern as to the type of occurrence, time of day or night, or location.

So, let me begin:

On August 7, 2007 around 4am, We were subjected to source-less noises, not attributable to any known agent. At 6am in my bedroom came the smell of cooking similar to stir-fry potatoes. Neither one of us had got up yet, much less went into the kitchen on the other end of the house. My wife’s bedroom door was shut and latched, mine just pushed to, not latched. She did not report smelling the cooking odor.

August 18 near 6am, She reported hearing a man’s voice in the hallway. The language, inflection and words were not understandable.

August 29 about 4:40am, Something was on my bed. A small hand, child-size, was put in my hand and awoke me. It was gone in an instant. Nothing was visible. Then around 5:20am, I heard a little girl’s voice close by my bed. I could not make out the words.

October 15 near 1:47am, In my bedroom a male voice said what sounded like “Miz Hannon.”

October 16 at 5:30am, In my room an illegible voice, unknown dialect, spoke muffled words.

October 28 close to 6:01am, A smell of cigarette smoke was detected. It was gone in less than 15 seconds.

November 5 about 11:50pm, A voice that sounded like “Chewbaca” of Star Wars fame woke me up. No recognizable words.

November 7 between 7am and 8am, The wife heard man and woman arguing in the hallway in unknown language. I had already left the house on an errand.

November 17 near 4:20am, A female voice in my bedroom said “Honey.” As that’s what my wife always calls me, I got up to investigate. I found my wife fast asleep in her room.

November 19, around 2:00pm, My wife, who was watching TV in the living room, heard a voice nearby that said “Now, what are you doing?” No one was visible.

November 27 at 7:20am, At the end of the hallway where it goes into the living room was the smell of pumpkin pie cooking. I smelled it coming out of my bedroom. I was the only one up and we weren’t cooking anything, much less pies.

December 3 about 4:30am, There was a faint smell of cigarette smoke in my room.

December 5 near 1:30pm, My wife and granddaughter Ashley saw a faint shadow float across the kitchen.

December 29 approx 3:40am, Thumps on my north bedroom wall awoke me.

January 25, 2008 at 6:20pm, The wife saw a mist floating in her bedroom.

February 16 between 5:30am and 6:00am, Strong cigarette smoke smell in wife’s bedroom. She doesn’t smoke and had to leave the room.

February 26 about 10:30am, My wife saw white apparition walk across dining room, north to south. Dining room walkway runs east-west. Walls make up north and south of room.

March 13 at 4:50am, Sounds of glass breaking woke me up. A thorough search revealed nothing broken.

March 19 afternoon, My wife reports it feels like something sits on her bed when she’s lying down.

March 27 near 3:30am, a lot of indefinable noises including sound of bathroom door shutting. Neither of us was up. And at 11:30pm while in the bathroom, I was startled by banging on the bathroom shower wall.

March 28 about 10am, The wife heard two men arguing in hallway in unknown language.

April 23 at 1:30am, Hallway light came on without cause. And at 2:20pm wafted the smell of cooking in the third bedroom, used for computer and storage.

April 26 after 12 midnight, A lot of thumps and talking in hallway.

April 29 about 3:45am, Undetermined noise and woman’s voice in hallway. No words were understandable.

April 30 between 2:30am and 3am, Metallic sounds and thumping noise. And at 7:30am, wife heard really big thump.

May 10 at 4am, Our small 10 lb dog who never wants to get on my bed, did just that. Something scared him badly. He slept the rest of the night with me. It wasn’t the first time he has been scared by something. It can happen in the middle of the day. And at 5:15am, I smelled cigarette smoke in my bedroom.

May 15 at 4:15am, I smelled cigarette smoke again. I smoke, but not in the house. I have a glassed-in room on the back patio for that purpose.

May 21 close to 3:25am, My wife heard music, bells and voices. Again nothing was understandable in the voices.

May 23 after 2:30am, My wife heard music in hallway again.

May 28 near 10:15pm, I heard my wife’s voice in living room after she had already went to bed and had door closed.

June 2 about 7:30am, A female voice in wife’s bedroom while she was dressing, said “Let me help.” Wife always keeps her door shut until coming out in the morning. She saw no one.

June 6 at 2:45pm, Two men’s voices talking in front den. Dog barked his head off. Nothing said could be understood.

June 24 after 2am, Unidentified noises scared the dog again.

July 5 around 10am, Something closed all three bedroom doors and laundry room door. Wife thought it was me. I was outside working in yard.

July 11 at 2am, Female voice yelled, our dog barked wildly. Wife couldn’t determine location or source of voice.

July 12 about 6:40pm, I saw white apparition in living room. It was gone in an instant.

July 15 at 1:20am, Cough and sneeze in my bedroom woke me. Wife and dog both sleeping.

July 16 about 2:33am, Two men’s voices at each end of hallway, fussing at each other. Nothing they said could be understood.

July 17 near 7:05am, Wife heard man and woman talking low. Nothing said was understandable.

July 28 near 3:10am, Our little dog burst into my bedroom in a panic, trembling all over. He stayed in the corner of the bath until after 7am. He didn’t want to come out.

August 22 approx 4pm, Sound of music in front den. No TV on. Wife was at Bingo.

September 5 at 3:30pm, Sound of cell phone ringing by my recliner. A thorough search found no phone. My cell phone was on my belt. Wife helped with search.

September 6 from 10pm to 2am, Wife heard intermittent growling in her bedroom. Finally came and spent the rest of the night with me.

September 24 around 3:30am, Portable phone on wife’s dresser jumped out of its charging cradle, hit the floor and scooted over to near closet door.

October 2 in the wee hours, Wife heard woman laughing. Man’s voice said something that could have meant keep quiet. Not understandable, though.

November 5,6,7 wee hours, Wife said many people talking in hallway past three nights.

November 9 about 9am, New bag of pink mints on wife’s dresser had been opened. About one-third gone. No one here but us two.

November 24 from 12:30am to 1am, Moaning in wife’s bedroom.

November 25 all night, Our little dog spent the night on my bed.

November 27 around 8am, Strong cigarette smoke in wife’s bedroom drove her out.

December 2 at 1am and at 3am, Wife’s power wheel chair moved by itself to over near the door. At about 3am it moved near her bed. (power chair relays click when it starts to move.

December 5 approx 11:30am, Wife saw image of man in black shirt in front den. I had went outside at about 11:20am.

December 29 at 3:20am, unrecognizable noise in my bedroom startled me awake.

January 8, 2009 about 2:20am, Man and woman talking in wife’s bedroom. Man’s voice in my bedroom. Words spoken were not understandable.

January 10 approx 2:30am, Wife’s bedroom door knob being tried (she always keeps it locked.) And door to third bedroom opened, closed several times. Girl and woman arguing in my bedroom. No recognizable words.

January 11 at 2:30am, Soft, diffused light brightened my entire bedroom for several seconds. Light had no apparent source. It seemed to come from everywhere.

January 26 at 12:20am and 2am, Sound like a basketball bouncing twice woke me. Singing around 2am and other commotion not identifiable.

January 30 about 2:30pm, While napping in my recliner intense vibes encompassed my entire body. Woke me with hairs standing up all over. Unknown source.

January 31 all night, Wife heard sounds of doors opening, closing and noises like furniture being moved around.

February 1 wee hours, Same noises as previous night, except a dog barking.

February 6 about 2:30am, Something bumped wife’s bed, like a large dog.

February 8 near 3:55a, Something hit my bed, shook it, woke me.

February 9 after 10:55pm, Three words spoken on the south side of the bedroom after I lay down and turned light out. Words not understandable.

February 15 at 11:15pm, Our little dog came in my bedroom, I thought to take him back out and put him in his bed. He lay down on the floor, obviously not wanting to go back into the living room. So, I put him on my bed where he spent the rest of the night. My wife said that prior to 11pm, she had heard a lot of noise, such as clicking sounds, thumps, and the dog barking. These noises apparently scared him.

February 23, around 9am, Something tapped wife on shoulder three times while she was in bathroom.

February 24, 6:20am, A voice said “Darlin’” in my bedroom. Sounded like wife’s voice, who was sleeping in her room.

March 2, 6:30am, Smelled faint cigarette smoke in my bedroom.

March 3, 3:33am, A scream in wife’s bedroom startled her awake.

March 9, 4:30am, Voice by my bed said “Get the cell phone.”

March 13, about 1am, Granddaughter Ashley, who was spending the night, heard a woman’s voice speaking in an unknown language.

March 14, wee hours, Something pushed or touched me two separate times, waking me.

March 17, 6:26am, Smell of hot cakes in my bedroom. No one up.

The events listed are by no means all of the things that have happened. They are just the ones that left a lasting impression. There are odd sounds during the day, occasional words spoken from no detectable location, the dog coming out of the house into my Florida room, staring back inside, acting scared. He won’t go back in without one of us goes with him We get our share of thumps and bumps, too. Construction on this house was begun in Jan. 1964. Other than the builder, we are the third owners. The husband of the first owner pair died in my bedroom, but we’ve never had any problems for the first 25 years or so. Of course, we had four kids growing up here, three boys and a girl. They made enough racket on their own to drown out any strange happenings.

If anyone thinks we haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep, they are right. We’ve only had a few nights where we slept all the way through. I am sure the incidents listed above are not the end of the strange happenings. We surely will be subjected to more of the same in the future. I can’t say we are used to the goings on, but we’ve learned to adapt as best we can. However, we would be relieved, I think, to find out exactly what’s causing the events, even though I doubt if there is a solution.

The tentative conclusion I have arrived at is if most of these events could be the result of intermittent contact with a parallel world. If so, there’s not much we can do about it. I don’t think the happenings are the result of an intersecting dimension, although I suppose anything is possible. I do believe that the floor plan of their house, if that’s what they call it, from the other world, is opposite that of mine. It would seem their kitchen is on the opposite end compared to ours.

Our kitchen is on the north end of the house, while our hallway is on the south end. The reasoning is because of the cooking smells in or near the hallway. The other family may consist of a man, or male, his wife, or mate, and a small child, plus a dog, or an animal that passes for one in their world. They do not speak in any language I’ve ever heard. Their words comprise sentences just as ours do, I suppose, but we have no inkling of what the words mean. While not recorded above, I’ve also caught an occasional whiff of perfume that doesn’t resemble the kind my wife wears. These others must either be night owls, or their sun comes up 12 hours later than ours.

They also have visitors from time to time, who may be friends or relatives just dropping by. I wonder if our doings during the day disturbs their version of sleep time. Since we seldom make much racket, or argue loudly, I don’t think so. Although when our grand daughter, who I mentioned at the beginning, lived here a couple of years ago, her and I got into shouting matches on many occasions. Maybe they are just getting even. In any case, the entities have learned to mimic our voices, which they do when one or the other of us is somewhere else in the house. This can be disconcerting, when we know each of us is in a different part of the house, than where the voices came from. Like I’m in the kitchen, and my wife hears my voice in my bedroom. I don’t think this is a family of ghosts, though. At least, I’ve never heard of such a thing. But I sure wish they would learn to speak English.

Several years ago, when the voices first started, I attempted to record them with a portable self-starting recorder. The recorder had two levels of sensitivity. Unfortunately, one was very sensitive, and picked up the air conditioner until it ran out of tape. The other level was less sensitive, and rarely picked up anything worthwhile, as it took a second or two to begin recording when activated. What I managed to hear on the recording was too brief to carry much information, or to identify what it was, but no speech.

To date there has been no physical touching by the others, except for the little hand in mine and the pushes mentioned previously. The effects so far have generally been noises of people going about their daily, or nightly activities. These things have been annoying, but not too scary, although one of my sons and one of the grand daughters won’t sleep in any of the three bedrooms. We have no intention of moving after 40 years, even if we could afford to move and to make new house payments in some other locality. I will say that the people I bought this house from in early 1969 seemed awfully anxious to move. They said they wanted to go back to Huntsville, AL where they were from and where we moved from. So, we just swapped houses. It’s possible they had suffered some of the same experiences we have, but couldn’t handle the stress.

If readers have beneficial suggestions or alternate theories as to what might be the cause of those things listed above I would be interested in reading them.


I wrote to the person writing up this article from his diary. This is the letter. P. Urial


I am reminded after reading all that you have experienced of a caller one night on Coast to Coast am, hosted by Art Bell. This was many years ago.

The caller said his son was in bed and told his father he couldn't go to sleep so his father went into the bedroom and asked him why. He said "they" are keeping me awake. Then the father heard some people talking like conversing like we would. It was very close. As the days went by they still could hear them talking and what sounded like drinking coffee or tea so they must have been eating.

Finally they could only hear them out in the yard and each day it continued to move sideways in the yard until they could not hear them any more.

I think it is a parallel dimension that is very close to ours. Only in the Billy Meier's case in Switzerland is there an answer or an explanation about parallel universes. He was contacted by "Asket" from the Dal Universe. She would come to ours and contact Billy. He was allowed to take pictures of her and her friend. They looked human like us but much more beautiful. But that may not explain the dimension that is touching ours.

Did you ever try to talk to them so they could hear you? Why don't you try again with the sensitive tape recorder. There are language experts that could possibly identify the language.

If you write to Whitley Streiber he might be able to give you an explanation. He was given a language too that turned out to be ancient Gaelic or Welsh. At the time he didn't know what it was.

Hope this helps a little.

P. Urial

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By Brent Raynes

Back on Sunday, December 14, I descended upon Savannah, Tennessee with Night Search radio's Eddie Middleton and the Alien Research Group's Sandy Nichols to investigate a married couple's claims of a UFO sighting in that area that had occurred a little over a year before. The husband at first thought that it was a helicopter until they got close to it, stopped the car and rolled down their windows. The UFO was a metallic looking space shuttle shaped craft, about the size of two cars in length, and seemed to hover briefly and silently just over treetops nearby.

As often happens in such situations, in talking about this recent encounter the couple opened up about other UFO encounters that others in their family had had over the years. Of course, sometimes there are those really thought-provoking stories of high-strangeness that emerge involving mysterious beings. In this case, a classic "angel" encounter.

The following account was later shared with me in an email from the wife we had interviewed. She described a remarkable incident not far outside of Clifton, Tenn., between Clifton and Savannah. She wrote:

"Brent, I am guessing that the year was in the mid to late twenties because my grandmother was born in 1917. It was in the Mt. View area, what was known I believe as the Brooks Bottom. My great grandmother and her children were down past the house at the barn working in the garden. She turned back to see what the kids were making over and she saw it. It was an angel. It looked like a human. It was full sized, dressed in a flowing type garment. It had wings and long golden tresses that were curly and very shiny. It was beautiful and bright. The angel was fluttering in the air about head high. She said that it came so close to them that they could see its finger nails and toe nails. It had no shoes on. My great grandfather turned and ran toward the house to get the gun and my great grandmother said, "Stop, you can't shoot it, because it is a heavenly being." She said they went on about their business and left it alone. They were not afraid of it. I do not know if it flew away or disappeared or exactly how it ended or if it was ever seen again."

Awhile back I shared with a few of you out there a couple of articles I wrote some years back for my own local newspaper here in Waynesboro, Tennessee. In this particular article, I described how a UFO case involved what some of the family felt were angelic-type beings. This happened just outside of town here.

Date: December 29, 1983
Wayne County News

Odds and Ends by Brent Raynes

Recent reports of UFOs (whatever they are or are not) continue to be made. I have met a family on South 48 Creek who have described some interesting experiences. A 10-year-old boy, back around May, stepped outside his home about 9 p.m. to investigate a rumbling noise, and says he saw a 20 foot wide saucer shaped something with various colored flashing lights hovering just a few feet over a nearby chicken coop. Then in June, his 28-year-old mother and his grandmother were startled late one night as a glowing white beach ball sized object cruising only 2-3 feet over the ground silently glided down the gently sloping hillside toward their home. The grandmother, fearing that it might crash into the house, grabbed a flashlight and beamed it at the strange object. When she did this the object stopped and then reversed its direction, and then gained altitude and flew away.

Weirder still though, on at least three separate occasions, evenings from April to June, the children (three) and their grandmother, and once their great-grandmother, saw white human-like figures coming down the hill toward the house. They always mysteriously seemed to disappear at about the same spot. The adults speculated that they may have been "angels."

"It's hard to explain," the grandmother said. "I got the feeling that it was something holy." She noticed that the nights these beings were seen the UFOs did not appear, and they have reported seeing many odd lights.

"I am a skeptic of Martians or people being on other planets," the grandmother stated. She preferred to believe that perhaps they were witnessing secret government tests,, of some sort.

This reminds me of an interesting story of a woman on 48 Creek who years ago saw a ball of fire roll into her home! That is, this small fiery ball barged in through the back door, rolled through the house and out the front door! Within a day or two someone in the family became ill and died, and so it seemed to have been an "omen." My informant (it was his late grandmother) says the woman was a truthful and religious person.

One of those I had sent this article to, Dr. Edward Carlos of Sewanne, Tenn., replied: "Of interest to me was the comment the woman in your article made concerning the holiness of the white beings. I have always felt this sense. I have referred to the beings as angels and find the Biblical writings of various prophets in keeping with my own visual imagery."

Some years back, I had written about the influence on Dr. Carlos's artwork connected with experiences he had on the island of Iona, off the coast of Scotland, with strange illuminations in the sky and on the landscape, psychological disorientation, and inexplicable lapses in time. Dr. Carlos is retired now from his years as a teacher at Tennessee's University of the South in Sewanee. For 34 years he taught there, while also directing the University gallery and chairing the Fine Arts Department. When I wrote some about his experiences years ago, we had to be careful because of his professional background. "Now that I've retired and cannot be fired for speaking about those mystical and/or visionary experiences/encounters that befall me, I no longer hide myself from anyone," he recently wrote.

Dr. Carlos has his own unique art center called IONA: Art Sanctuary, located in Sewanee. For more information, simply go to his website:

Awhile back Dr. Carlos shared with me this personal experience that also happened to him and a "priest-friend" on that Scottish island. It is truly a classic episode in terms of the mythic landscape on which this incident is said to have transpired, a land steeped in the traditions and legends of those famous beings of classic British Isle mythology: elves, fairies, and leprechauns.

Dr. Carlos wrote:

"On Iona island in the Inner Hebrides many years back, a priest and I became lost and disoriented a bit on the high mountain summit area of the island; as evening commenced we realized we would have to locate and follow the coastline of cliffs and crags until we reached an area we might know in order to make our way back to the little town of Iona. The hiker's path would disappear in the darkness, and with night at the time of the year (autumn) temperatures fall drastically. Climbing with great struggle over some coastline ridges we pulled ourselves up to the height of a small flat ledge (maybe 30 x 30 ft. in area-size jutting out from the higher cliff) to find a stone house with maybe 8 ft. high walls topped by a moss-covered roof, no doors and no windows). Surprising a wee being (maybe a foot and a half-two feet high) (dressed in knickers et al and who looked like the traditional leprechaun image), this small guy leaped off the ledge near where he was standing in the opposite direction from us into what looked (later when on the ledge) to us like a large rough mass-jumble of boulders. We could not find him, once on the ledge, but we walked all around the house, touching the sides, but as night was ensuing, we had to continue and move on. When my St. Michael's Triumph altar artwork was dedicated at a subsequent Sunday morning mass,the sermon given by the priest-friend was on belief in angels, spirits, and fairies. On another (trip) to Iona maybe 18 and or 20 years later. I searched but could not find any area resembling our earlier climb, and, thus, no ledge and no windowless-doorless house and no little guy."

Linda has had a lifetime of UFO and being encounters. At present, she lives a short distance outside of Sedona, Arizona. "These beings have never hurt me or anyone in my family, and have actually helped me get better a few times when I have been sick," Linda shared in a recent email. "Brent, if I could rid my life of these beings I don't know if I would. My life is very interesting. I have traced contact with the beings in my family back as far as 1889, on my great grandparent's ranch in South Dakota. My grandmother said she remembers fireballs coming down from the sky and landing on their property."

I wrote back asking Linda about possible deja vu experiences in her life, and what impact her being encounters have had on her life was well. She wrote that she has had many deja vu episodes. She also wrote: "Yes I know I have guides with me at all times. Are they the aliens? I believe so, but I also have seen very beautiful winged beings who make the most calming singing sounds and tones. They were flying around my grandchildren one night. I heard this very faint beautiful singing. My granddaughter was sleeping in my living room on the couch. I got up to see where the singing was coming from and there were two small winged beings, luminous in pastel colors, flying around my granddaughter making this bubbling sound. Very sweet. I think they were talking but with tones and singing. Then it happened once again (with) my brother who came to visit from Canada. He also experienced them. He did not see them but in the middle of the night he heard them singing. When I was small and very sick a couple of times my family would experience missing time and I would be cured. I was saved from a car crash. Once all of a sudden I am on the side of the road when a huge truck was coming right at me. I closed my eyes. I knew I was going to die. When I opened them I am sitting on the side of the road and the truck was driving away. My life is very paranormal. I have ETs around me all of the times, but other beings also."

Linda wrote that the winged beings were 12-18 inches tall.

Here is the other article written many years ago for my local newspaper that I mentioned earlier having shared recently with a select group of correspondents. It's another one of those intriguing "little people" encounters.

Date: October 27, 1983
Wayne County News
Waynesboro, TN

Odds and Ends

Did ET's Phone Home From Beech Creek?
by Brent Raynes

Recently, in the course of gathering local folklore from Wayne Countians. I came across a ver-ry intriguing story.

The setting was Beech Creek Road, sometime around the mid-1930s. Joe (as we'll call him) was attired in his Sunday best as he was returning home to Leatherwood Branch after a visit with his girl on Green River.

It was probably early autumn, and around 9 o'clock as Joe traversed the first stretch of Beech Creek Road from Highway 13. A sound like a bullet passing close by his ear disturbed him to think that someone might be shooting and have come so close. Then Joe noticed two small lights up ahead, just over the ground, on the right side of the road. He rationalized that they were probably just fire flies, although marveled at how they remained level, like a pair of eyes. Then the two lights seemed to merge together and become a single "washpan" sized light. It was at about this time that Joe heard another curious noise. Something like the motor of a saw mill shutting down.

Then, when it was too late to turn back, a brilliant white light appeared at the roadside, and Joe was astonished to say the least, to see a group of dwarfish men--perhaps 8 to 10--who were looking at him from around what appeared to be a round table. They were, he would later decide, the ugliest men he had ever seen. Their faces were slightly flushed or reddish in complexion, and their skin was wrinkled and whiskered, and some had beards, and apparently they all had pretty long noses. They also, by the way, had some sort of clothing on.

In terror, Joe threw his walking stick at the "little men." Although the "men" did not make any threatening moves, Joe didn't think they looked too friendly. After that he ran like the devil was on his heels because, quite obviously, at that moment he wasn't too sure that he wasn't!

Several hundred yards later, Joe's next fully conscious recollection was of picking himself up off the ground at the foot of Smith Branch Hill. His clothes were badly torn from his frantic escape from the unknown.

"Since then I've thought if there are such things it could have been people from another planet," a niece of Joe's told me as she related the remarkable account. "He died wondering about it." I later interviewed Joe's brother who also recalled the "little men' story and how his brother had returned home that night badly shaken and hurt. Unfortunately, Joe can't tell me the story himself for he passed on some ten or so years ago, but living family, friends, and relatives well recall his bizarre tale of terror and also wonder.

Don't you?

Joe, by the way, was described as a Christian and truthful man. He was first troubled by this experience for he thought it might have been an "omen." For years he had nightmares about the experience.

Although Joe and his brother visited the location of his encounter soon afterwards, in daylight, his walking stick was no where to be found.

Perhaps it is on display at a museum on a planet light years away?

Becky from Ohio has had her share of encounters with strange beings and deja vu moments since she was a young girl. She described "Having a lot of dreams, the ones that end up happening" and also "deja vu's that lasted for 5 minutes in front of total strangers, so you know what the conversation is before it even starts, but it is happening so frequently that it scares you to death because you can't understand why all of this is happening so you start crying when they ask you a question and you say, "I'm sorry, I can't answer you because I already know what I'm supposed to say." And they just stand there and look at you like "What is this girl on??"

A much more complete account of Becky's experiences are presented in this issue's Encounters with the Unknown. To learn more about deja vu and ones inner "higher self" guidance readers are encouraged to read my two interviews on this subject with British researcher Anthony Peake. The first interview we did was posted in the December 2007 issue No. 119 (www. The second interview was posted in the more recent January 2009 No. 132 issue (

P. Urial

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Two Items today


Philip Mantle has UFO items for sale. This is the URL:


(Plateau of the Dawn Wraiths)

by Victor Kostrykin
Nalchik, USSR

(In 1991 I attended the UFO Congress in Tucson sponsored by Wendelle Stevens and Bob Brown. Victor Kostrykin came from Nalchik, USSR to speak about his contact. Victor was so sweet that the pigeons where he lived would come and land on him when he came out of his house. They were giving him their unconditional love. Unfortunately after he returned to Russia he was murdered because of what he knew I suppose. That made me very sad. This writeup was never finished but what is here is very interesting.)

Until 1962 I was also skeptical about the existence of UFOs. Then I saw them myself on one starry summer night. It happened in the countryside in a village called Blagoveshenka, in the Prokhladnenski region KBA SSR around 10:00 p.m. in the evening, Moscow time.

I was watching satellites. Suddenly I saw, very high in the sky, a bright point of light. Synchronically changing luminescence but without glimmering, it moved across the sky in a northeasterly direction from the main Caucus Range of mountains along a strange zigzag trajectory.

The object moved rapidly. It was beyond my understanding of the laws of physics. It moved at right angles. Any earth-made object moving with such speed and dynamics would break apart. There wasn't any inertia in the object. But if there isn't inertia, there isn't mass. But if there is no mass there is no time. All this was very strange. Impressed by this unusual conundrum I watched the object for 5 - 7 minutes.

I was thirty years old at that time. From that day I started my investigations, analysis and new observations. Later unbelievable events led me to some conclusions and new riddles. Being in Blagoveshenka I recalled my childhood and my grandmother who told me how, before the Revolution, people saw over the Nalchik, flying fiery spheres.

So I began to look at the heavens more often. I myself began to make prognosis of UFO visitations. First, tens of people saw UFOs, according to my prognosis, then hundreds, then thousands. Often, for observations we organized trips to the mountains. The group of observers, especially unprepared, was a company that rushed from the grip of the city into the countryside. Of course, it was fun, but mostly we had been sitting near the fire or fishing, looking more at our lines than at the sky. That's why I began to work alone. I cannot say that having this adventure I was not afraid. However, interest suppressed any thoughts of danger. Curiosity is above any feeling of foreboding.

The same was true on the night of 6/7 of July 1968. I reached the mountain village of Hushtosyrt in the Chigemski region. Hushtosyrt from the Balkarski language means "Husto Hill." From the village I went into the high mountain pastures.

Why did I chose this region? Because in that part of the sky I very often saw UFOs. I sat on a haystack. The pleasant smell of the freshly mown hay was like perfume in the air. It was safe, comfortable, and I could lie on my back watching the evening sky. The stars were magnificent. Of course, I didn't dream of having any contacts. From my position I was staring into the depths of the universe. There was no living soul around. With any luck, I was hoping to see a UFO to convince myself of the soundness of my prognosis. It was around 3:00 a.m. on July 7. Suddenly I saw an unusually bright vertically falling meteorite. Then the brightness diminished. The object descended, trialing a smokey effusion in very close proximity to me, coming down in a spiraling movement.

I instantly came to a sitting position, amazed, and waiting for an imminent explosion. Silence... I tried to gather my wits about me. Close to me was a small wooded area. From that place I sensed something watching me and I was instilled with an overwhelming feeling of terror. I looked behind me, saw a humanoid figure in flames standing still, unmoving. Immediately I fell out of the haystack and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I thought it was a Yeti, an Abominable Snowman. I thought, in my fevered condition that the Yeti had been torched by our technology, and was now, in his pain, going to revenge himself upon me. In my headlong rush I had forgotten ten thunderflashes that I had taken with me to scare off any dangerous wild animals. In my panic and confusion I came to a dead halt. My ability to move deserted me. I had not control over my limbs. Every hair on my body stood on end. I was completely free of any pain. I broke into a cold sweat. My heart thumped like a beaten drum but my conscious mind was clear. I was soon gripped by a feeling of suspended animation and my oppressive fear dissipated. My previous feelings gave way to a wonderful sense of lightness filling my whole being.

I heard a voice calling me.

Behind the hill I saw a disc shaped object of immense proportions that could not be of earth construction. It was bright and glowing. It had a circle of portholes around its center which emitted a bright light. Drawing closer to the object I realized that they were not portholes. They were in fact, round mouths of tubes. There were no portholes in the earthly sense of the word. Every tube along the whole radius of the craft pierced deep into the bowels of the object. Like spokes form the rim of a bicycle wheel, they ran to the hub. The light coming from the tubes was of a soft milky hue. This strange light circled the body of the object as if under the influence of a magnetic field. It gave the impression of being cocooned in a sea of light.

I was met by an alien being of very similar appearance to a human being, except in some small details. There were a few tongues of flame running across his silver coverall, which later disappeared. This silver figure had five digit hands, and other limbs of similar proportion to our own. He was of slightly higher than average height. Later they explained that a man being in their close presence perceives them to be of regular human dimensions. They real height is 5-6 m (18 feet). They can compress (squeeze) dimension or extend it. The color of the dress was light and around their heads and legs there was a luminescence especially visible out of the craft. The figures were slim, with normal proportions. Movements were staid, slow and sublime. They don't like anyone to talk loudly or wave your hands while you're talking. They stopped me many times, asking "Speak (be) quiet, don't wave your hands."

By gesture I was invited into the spacecraft. I crossed the threshold (beyond which all earth laws loose their power) where stops all earth power and probably our three dimensions. It was warm inside. Warmer than on the pastures at that time. My footsteps were muffled. The light inside the craft was soft, no like electrical or our daylight. There were no (sharp) strong shadows. The light was warm, soft-milky, falling from above. I hadn't seen lamps, or maybe didn't remember.

Near the wall there was a control desk with colored glimmering buttons. All furniture or aggregates go in or out of the walls or floor. There were no curtains or slide-valves on the walls, but the walls could move apart and a screen appear. Here I noticed some more figures. There were five of them in the craft. They looked alike and dressed like twin brothers. Before, and from this time on, I write 'THEM" with capital letters according to THEIR achievement. THEY are worthy.

THEIR heads were big, like an elongated oval. The faces were handsome and had something special in their features. Somehow, I got the feeling that THEY are looking through you; look and know what you are thinking about. There was not any hostility or curiosity from THEIR side. The most particular thing was THEIR big wraparound eyes. It seems THEY could see all around.

There was something on THEIR heads that looked like a skull-cap made of gold and stones. From the side it looked like a field cap. Later I was told that it is a brain-phone for long distance talk-though transmission. I noticed that there were no buttons or folds on the coveralls. There was something that looked similar to the fold on the end of sleeves and trousers on the neck and waist. All of THEM were dressed in silver coveralls. The soles of THEIR shoes were thick. THEIR hair was gray and short but THEIR faces were young and without wrinkles. My feelings were ready to jump out of me, seeing all these incredible things.

I presented myself, saying that I'm Caucasian from the group of natives. At the moment I was told that in the Caucus there are only four native nations. All others are mixed, or brought here. THEY gave THEIR names. All names were old, or THEIR own, and only one reminded me of a word "Svany", though, Svany call themselves "Hevsury." THEY even pointed out locations of each of THEM but I don't remember. I was very impressed by THEIR appearance and expedience (advisability), stability and confidence. With men THEY talk telepathically and you hear the voice inside your head. When THEY talked to me THEY didn't open their mouths. I tried to close my ears by holding my hands over them or turned and bowed my head in different directions and to the side. All was the same. A wellspring of sound was stable and didn't change when I turned my head. I answered my questions speaking reserved and silently. The answers were clear and precise without unnecessary words in perfect updated Russian language. Between each other THEY used language unknown to me. I remembered one word "Taila-Laila." THEY spoke with me very politely and respectfully. THEIR voices were young, different in timber and direction. The emotional state I could feel by tone. THEY respect good, health humor.

THEY invited me to sit in an arm-chair and in Russian told me, "Now our way is to the mountain," and one of them pointed in the direction of the Elbrus.

THEY contact me again on August 5, 1970 by calling "Taila-Laila." Eventually I found on the map not far from the Elbrus mountain a mountain called Taila-Laila - 4,010m over sea level. I didn't know this word. Maybe it was the name of the mountain, maybe it was a way THEY called me.

Let's get back to the events of that unusual night.

Sitting in the arm chair I again paid attention to a unique, right angled plate over the door leading to another room. It seemed to be made of gold with colored stones on it. The whole picture carried some meaning.

Then two ETs, looking like twins came up to me. One of them had long black gloves on his hands. I took notice of their hands. The wrists were refined, with long, thin fingers. The gloves had no folds. I was impressed by the quality of the material. There was not any speck or shine on them. They were absolutely black. I looked at THEM, not without fear, watchfully thinking what are THEY going to do? THEY took my left hand, turned it edgewise, pulled the thumb aside and took a piece of skin between the first finger and thumb with a strange device. It was very fast without any pain or blood. A small trace disappeared at once right when I was looking at it. Then pulling myself together I said, "I know what kind of gloves you have and what it is for." I took them as medical. Without any words, suddenly the hand in the black glove, with all fingers began to sink into my thorax. with wide open eyes, I watched this unusual (spectacular) performance. There was no barrier for the hand. No muscle, no skeleton and even my undershirt that I had on. There was no pain or any other sensation. Only when the fingers touched my heart I felt very strong pain and screamed. The hand in the black glove promptly pulled out. There was not any traces or blood left on my chest. Incredible!! The hand in this wonderful glove did operate on my thorax as a solid body. How to explain?
(Editors' Note: Unfortunately that is all the transcript we have from Victor's wonderful story.)


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Czech Republic: UFO buzzes town, many stunned witnesses, good photo

(Photo by Stanislav Strmen. Source:

Czech Republic: UFO buzzes town, many stunned witnesses, good photo
Michael Cohen
Media in the Czech Republic is widely reporting a series of UFO sightings that occurred last month in the northern town of Cheb. Numerous residents have flooded radio stations, newspapers and police with calls regarding the UFOs prompting something of an investigation into the events.
The events occurred at around 7.45 pm on Saturday February 14 of this year and again at around the same time on February 17.
Local residents are completely at odds to explain the events. Pavel Beran was returning home from a night out with his wife when he saw the UFOs on 14 February.’ We saw two lights and then another two, one emitting a bright orange light, the objects then shot away into the distance in a westward direction. It all lasted about a minute’.
Vaclav Tondl was also with his wife when he saw the same lights buzz over the town square. He reported five objects circling around the town, hover over the church, then fly into the distance. ‘It was like nothing I have ever seen before, they were definitely controlled craft’. Vaclav said that he did not hear any sound coming from the objects.
Similar events took place again on the night of February 17. Stanislaw Strmen of Cheb went outside to fix what seemed to be interference to his TV reception when he noticed four objects moving over the city and then disappearing, possibly towards Germany. This time the witness reported a deep humming sound. Stanislaw managed to take a few photos with a digital camera before the UFOs left (Pictured above). ‘I think they might have been real UFOs-they weren’t aircraft or helicopters’ he noted.

Interestingly, the rather good photo of what appears to be an 'old-fashioned' saucer taken by Mr Strmen has been confirmed by other witnesses as being what they saw.
Ladislav Bohm, the local police chief confirmed the sightings and said they still remained a mystery. ‘No police aircraft were operating in the area’. The local emergency services department did mention that a helicopter was used in the area on the February 17 prior to the sightings but not on February 14. Local witnesses are sure they what they saw was not a helicopter.
Cheb has a population of around 33,000 and is located near the Czech border with Germany in a scenic region of immense historical significance, being once part the area known as the Sudetenland. This region and town was once almost entirely populated by ethnic Germans.
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement regarded as one of their most central goals the desire to return this area to a 'Greater Germany'. After Austria, the area was the next territory to be invaded and annexed by Nazi Germany paving the way for WW2. The invasion marked the end of freedom for the peaceful, liberal and democratic Czechoslovakian Republic.

Czechoslovakians were then plunged into decades of oppression, first under Hitler and the Nazis and then under Stalin and the Communists.
After WW2 ended the German population was expelled from the area. After the collapse Communism in Eastern Europe the Czechs and the Slovaks decided to split and go their own ways. Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovakians were no more. The Modern day Czech Republic is a prosperous EU member nation. In many ways the Czechs are culturally closer to the West than they are to other Eastern European states.
Are seemingly peaceful aliens visiting the area to get an understanding of human beings violent history as part of a risk assessment exercise, determining what damage we might do within galactic framework? An understanding of the past history of this area might lead them, sadly, to conclude we are truly not ready to play a role beyond earth.
Nowadays the only Germans seen ‘invading’ the area are not marching as part of an army: They are men crossing the border, usually alone, to make use of bargain-price brothels full of the notoriously beautiful Czech women. The Czech media often carries articles complaining about this cross border trade.
One local politician is calling for security cameras to be installed at specific locations where prostitutes congregate and German cars slow down to engage with them. The idea is to identify the number plate and send the photo of the often married man negotiating with a sex worker to the address linked to the car. The idea has been criticised by Czech lawyers as a breach of international law that could break up families and punish innocent children for their fathers actions. It is unlikely to proceed.
While it is unlikely that aliens are visiting the area for its women, should the cameras be installed perhaps they could end up capturing images of visitors from a lot further away than Germany!
One resident thinks that the aliens might be coming for the area's legendary beer. ‘Let’s hope they don’t drink too much before heading home’ comments Adam of Cheb.

From Phantom and Monsters blog


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Some time ago we asked Wendelle Stevens to make a list of planets or star systems he was aware of through contacts made. The following list is the result with a couple John Parker and I added.

Planet Acali Antonio Tasca, Brazil
Planet Acart Artur Berlet, Brazil
Star System Betelguese SMS Charles Moody, USA
Star System Centaurus A. Horst, Bolivia
Star System Coma Berenices - Apolinar Villa, USA
Star System Cygnus Eduard Meier, Switzerland
DAL Universe Eduard Meier, Switzerland

DALs: Origin unknown? A very advanced race; by the name of the Timors; human type; Nordic in appearance. Can breathe our air, etc. The Dals assist all others with the ERRA-Plejarans. The Plejarans are affected by our air pollutants with sinus problems. They mature at 10 years, attend schooling until 70 years and marry at 110 years. Lifespan over 1,000 years.

Star System Deneb
Planet Epsilon Eridani Brian Scott, USA

EPSILON ERIDANIS: (20 LIGHT YEARS AWAY) is A G-5 TYPE sun (like earth) 82 ERIDANI, creatures seven feet tall, croc-wrinkled skin, large mouths and ears, three fat fingers.

Planet Koldas Carl van Vlierden, Union of South Africa
Planet Korendor Bob Renaud, USA
Planet Koshnak Rev. David Melindez, Puerto Rico
Star System Lyra Eduard Meier, Switzerland

LYRIANS: Started evacuating their planet 22,000,000 years ago with advanced space travel. Settled on planet Earth which was a single land mass. It was called HYPERBORIA. Mixed with its inhabitants. Also settled on a fifthy earthly solar planet from our Sun calling it MALONA and mixed there with its inhabitants. They also settled later on ERRA, a planet of the Pleiades (Plejarans) and HYADES. They had conflicts (wars inbetween settlements. Atlantis - Lemuria, etc. were colonies namedby those earthly settlers.

Constellation Orion Raphael Chacon, Costa Rica
Planet Zeti
Constellation Pleiades Eduard Meier

PLEAIDIANS: (Plejarans) Cousins to Lyrians and Earthly humans. They are visiting Earth along with their Vegan cousins having kinship to earthly beings. Other races are also visiting earth having no kinship to humans.

Constellation Pleiades Enrique Carlos Rincon, Colombia
" " Charles A. Silva, Peru
" " Lloyd Zirbes, USA
Planet Alcyone
Constellation Reticulum William Herrmann, USA
Constellation Reticulum Betty and Barney Hill, USA
Zeta Reticula John Salter

ZETA 1 & ZETA 2 RETICULA: Twin SUNS. A race with domed heads, hairless, with skin, four feet tall large orb eyes. Origin unknown, have been studying earth for decades.

Beyond Rigel Phyl ____, USA
Star System Sirius Roger G. Temple, USA
Star System Tau Ceti Brian Scott, USA
Planet UMMO Antonio Ribera, Spain
Star System Vega Eduard Meier, Switzerland

VEGANS: Also are descendants from the Lyrians as are the Plejarans. The Atlantis/Lemurian conflicts on earth resulted in leaving the earth and finding ERRA and HYADES in the Plejaries. In between conflicts and split-ups MALONA was completely destroyed.

Planet Karran Herminio & Bianca Reis, Brazil
Andromeda Universe Jocelina Mattos, Brazil

ANDROMEDA: Non-physical beings. Sits in a high space council with a Confederation of Planets authority and order.

Planet Clarion Truman Bethrum, USA
Planet Apu Two Aymara Brothers, Peru
Planet Meton
Star System Proxima Centauri Elizabeth Klarer, South Africa
Planet Venus Ron Card
Planet Norca Albert Coe
Planet Iarga Multinational Industrialist

IARGA'NS: (10 LIGHT YEARS AWAY) A race with very powerful bodies, powerful swimmers, Iarga having much water, little land area. Totally unlike humans. Visiting earth, space vehicles go under water.

Planet Verdant Philip Krapf
Planet Mirassol Sr. Valdemen Menussi
Planet Orion of Aldeboron Martin Wiesengruen
Planet Itibi Ra Ludwig Pallman
Abduction at Botucatu Rodolfo Cassellati and Joao Valerio de Silva
Planet NEP-4 Oswald Gonzales
Planet Baavi Algerian - Mr. Y.
Planet Biaveh Riley Martin

BAWWI: An unknown race of visitors.

CYGNUS: An unknown race of visitors. As many other space visitors coming to earth.
Nol System - The Druans Eduard Meier

Parts of the above were compiled by John Parker. If you have any more to add to the list please send them in and I will incorporate them. Thanks.

P. Urial

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From Phenomena Research Report
by Robert J. Gribble, Editor


A full moon shown in the Arctic sky as Captain Kenju Terauchi took off from Iceland November 17, 1986, in a Japan Air Lines cargo jet loaded with French Beaujolais wine. He was bound for Anchorage, Alaska on a route across Greenland to Eismere Island, Canada, over the Beaufort Sea, then into Alaska air space above Fort Yukon. For the first two and a half hours, the flight--crewed by Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji and engineer Yoshio Taukuda--was uneventful. The sky was clear and the winds--except for some light gusts over Greenland--were clam. Then Terauchi's jet cruised into Alaska, and he first saw the two belts of light. They were an estimated three miles ahead of the plane, slightly to the left of the pilots cockpit seat, and 2000 feet lower than the plane. They emitted a steady amber glow. They hovered almost stationary, shifted from side-to-side, then pulsed across the sky in abrupt burst of speed. The objects, Terauchi believes "were not made by human kind. They were of a very high technology and intelligence."

The events recounted by Terauchi in the 50 minutes after that first sighting of lights are some of the most bizarre in Alaska aviation history. Since first becoming public in late December, 1986, the reports have transformed this soft-spoken, 47-year-old, Anchorage-based pilot into an international celebrity, interviewed by People magazine, Tokyo television and more than a dozen other national and international publications. Terauchi has an impressive list of professional credentials to lend weight to his rather incredible tale. He has 29 years flying experience. Until November, Terauchi says, he never believed in UFOs. Now he does. He is convinced that the lights he saw in November were spaceships of some unknown, extraterrestrial origin. In interview after interview, he methodically makes his case, charting the events of the sighting on flight maps of the Arctic sky.

Terauchi's encounter began with his sighting of the two belts of amber lights. To check them out, he radioed Anchorage air traffic controllers. The controllers replied that no military or civilian flights were in the vicinity. The two belts of light continued to dance in front of the plane. Terauchi grabbed for his camera, but realized that taking a picture would be futile because there was not enough light to expose the film properly. Five minutes later after the lights first appeared in front of the plane, they suddenly moved farther out ahead of the plane, he said. He could then make out the shapes of the crafts--cylinders wrapped in lateral lines of light that extended from a darker center. The lines appeared to be exhaust outlets, and they alternately pulsated light from the two sides of the cylinder. They appeared to be controlled by computers, he said. As the two objects reversed direction, the exhaust lights appeared to flare brighter.

Co-pilot Tamefuji, in a separate interview, also reported seeing the two strange lights. "I saw several lights in front of us, and then I couldn't see them, and the captain told me they were on the left-hand side," he said. After about 15 minutes, the first two lights disappeared, Terauchi said. Then, on his left, he saw a big band of glowing white light, similar to the light emitted by fluorescent bulb. He turned on his weather radar and tuned it to a 20 mile radius. At eight miles, on the left side of the screen, the radar showed a tiny ball. Terauchi radioed the FAA flight control center in Anchorage. Three controllers monitoring radar saw what they thought was an object at about the same reference point on their monitor, according to Sam Steucke, however, said subsequent examination of the radar tape showed the object to be a split-image of the JAL plane. Rich said none of the controllers, at the time, thought that was the case.

As the plane flew over Fairbanks, the lights of the city gave Terauchi a better view of the new object. He says the band of light circled a huge walnut-shaped object that appeared to be twice the size of an aircraft carrier. As the lights of the city faded, Terauchi again could see only the white band of light. To try to lose the object, he got permission from a controller to descend from 35,000 to 31,500 feet. The object descended "in formation," he said. Then Terauchi, after consulting with the controllers, made two 45-degree turns to the right. The object remained in view. As the JAL plane flew past Mount McKinley, controllers asked a Fairbanks-bound United Airlines flight to try to confirm the sighting. The United plane veered off to follow the JAL flight path at a lower altitude. Just before the two planes passed one another, the white light disappeared. "It was like a dream. Unbelievable," said Terauchi. Terauchi postulates that whatever he saw was friendly. "I can't understand the technology, but it was not dangerous. It was completely controlled." If he sees the objects again, he's ready to try communicating. Perhaps four blinks of the wing lights, then two more. In Morse Code, he says, that's "HI."

To see how ludicrous the debunkers are the following article was written afterwards to explain the huge UFO that Capt. Terauchi and his flight crew saw. Since the writer is now deceased his place has been taken by James McGaha. After all these years all researchers are aware that McGaha is a clone of Philip Klas.


The three-man crew of the JAL airliner who observed a huge UFO over Alaska on November 17, 1986, probably observed nothing more than the planet Jupiter, according to Philip Klas, an aviation writer. According to Klas--who was described as an "expert" and "professional investigator"--the very bright planet was only 10 degrees above the horizon making it appear to the pilot to be at roughly his own altitude of 35,000 feet. (EDITORS NOTE: According to the astronomy department at the University of Washington, Seattle, the planet Jupiter was 10-degrees above the southern horizon, not 10-degrees. One would have to be very desperate to explain away this UFO incident with the explanation that the crew observed the planet Jupiter. To the crew, Jupiter would appear as a distant white light, not as a walnut-shaped object the size of two aircraft carrriers.)

P. Urial

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Antonin T. Horak

(The following is about the moonshaft that Ted Phillips has been writing about. He has been gathering money to go over and investigate what it is made of and try to determine when it was made. One of my favorite stories. - P. Urial)

If the "Prague spring" had continued, and if trips to Czechoslovakia had not become difficult and even dangerous, I would have done some on the spot research into this story.

This is the story of the discovery in October 1944, during the Czech resistance against the German invaders, of a cave in the form of a crescent-shaped shaft, seemingly of artificial origin. Czech friends have confirmed the basic facts of this story, which was made public in March 1965. Unfortunately they have other problems at this moment, and I an understand their position.

The Riddle is as strange as it is fascinating. The work of extraterrestrial beings is the first explanation that comes to mind, and is the one I would prefer.

I hope that more detailed research using modern methods will one day bring us the truth about a mystery that is one of the most astonishing in this book and on this planet.

The following true adventure, related by a captain in the Slovak Uprising of World War II, transpired during October of 1944. Dr. Antonin T. Horak - now a linguist - has attempted for years to persuade speleologists to investigate what he considers one of the underworld's strangest mysteries - an ancient shaft he discovered in a dismal Czechoslovakian cave. The story is taken from a diary written on the scene and is reprinted from the March 1965 issue of NSS NEWS (National Speleological Society) by the villages of Plavince and Lubocna, at about 49.2 degrees north, 20.7 degrees east - Ronald Calais (contributor of the diary.)

October 23, 1944.

Early yesterday, Sunday, October 22, Slavek found us in a trench and hid us in this grotto. Today at nightfall, he and his daughter Hanka came with food and medicine. We had not eaten since Friday, and all we had had before, during the last two battles, was maize bread and not enough of that. Our commissary had been on its last legs anyway; the supply carriers had been dispersed by confusion and the enemy.

Saturday afternoon, the remnants of our battalion (184 men and officers, a quarter wounded, 16 stretcher cases) were retreating through the snow of the north slope. My company was the rear guard. At dawn Sunday, two 70mm. guns opened up at us from close range - about 300 meters. Having held our position for 12 hours, I ordered a gradual breakup of the skirmish and a slip-off. But in our left trench, someone became careless, and that drew two direct hits - shells, two wounded. Arriving there, I bumped into the enemy, caught a bayonet and bullet with my left palm and a blow on the head, which put me out. Without my fur cap, it might been fractured.

I came to when someone was pulling me from the trench, a tall peasant. He packed snow on my hand and head, and grinned. Then this rough and ready Samaritan grabbed Jurek, stripped off his pants, yanked a long sliver of steel from his thigh, and planted him bare-bottomed and gasping into a heap of snow. Martin, with a slash across and into his belly, was tenderly bandaged. Building a stretcher, the peasant introduced himself as Slavek, a sheepman, owner of the pastures hereabouts. With Slavek hauling and guiding it took us four hours to reach this cranny.

Slavek moved rocks in the cranny and opened a low cleft, the entrance to this roomy grotto. Placing Martin in a niche, we were astonished to see Slavek become ceremonious; he crossed himself, each of us, the grotto, and, with a deep bow, its back wall, where a hole came to my attention.

About to leave us, Slavek went through the same holy rites, and begged me not to go further into his cave. I accompanied him to fetch pine boughs, and he told me that only once, with his father and grandfather, had be been in this cave; that it was a huge maze,full of pits which they never wanted to fathom, pockets of poisonous air, and "certainly haunted." I was back in the grotto with my men at about midnight, exhausted, head very painful, soothed it with snow. Martin was unconscious, Jurek feverish. For breakfast-lunch-dinner, he and I had hot water, and, than, God, I had my pipe. I placed warm stones around Martin, and Jurek got the first watch.

Miserable night, Martin at times conscious; I gave him three aspirins and hot water to sip with drops of Slivovitz (Eds. Note: brandy). Jurek hobbled hungrily around the two German helmets in which he boiled water to which I added ten drops of Slivovitz, our breakfast. With this deluge of snow, avalanches imminent, and enemy skiers roaming, Slavek may not be able to get through to us with food for days to come. And neither should I try hunting and track up the landscape while I have two immobilized men on my hands. But here we have this cave which Slavek knows only partially; it may have more than this known entrance, and it may contain hibernating animals. These possibilities I mulled over while Jurek was chewing pine bark, and, as expected, he implored me to go poaching into Slavek's cave and promised to keep mum. And I was not only starved but equally eager to find out what makes self-assured Slavek scared enough to involve the deities. I started my cave tour with rifle, lantern, torches, pick. After a not too devious nor dangerous walk and some squeezings, always taking the easiest and marking side passages, I came, after about 1 1/2 hours into a long, level passage, and at its end upon a barrel-sized hole.

Crawling through and still kneeling, I froze in amazement - there stands something like a large, black silo, framed in white. Regaining breath, I thought that this is a bizarre, natural wall of curtain of black salt, or ice, or lave. But I became perplexed, then awestruck, when I saw that it is a glass-smooth flank of a seemingly man-made structure which reaches into the rocks on all sides. Beautifully, cylindrically curved it indicates a huge body with a diameter of about 25 meters. Where this structure and the rocks meet, large stalagmites and stalactites form that glittering white frame. The wall is uniformly blue-blackish, its material seems to combine properties of steel, flint, rubber - the pick made no marks and bounced off vigorously. Even the thought of a tower-sized artifact, embedded in the middle of an obscure mountain, in a wild region where not even legend knows about ruins, mining, industry, overgrown with age-old cave deposits, is bewildering - the fact is appalling.

Not immediately discernible, a crack in the wall appears from below, about 20 to 25 cm wide, tapers off and disappears into the cave's ceiling, 2 to 5 cm. wide. Its insides, right and left, are pitch black and have fist-sized sharp valleys and crests. The crack's bottom is a rather smooth trough of yellow sandstone, and drops very steeply (about 60 degrees) into the wall. I threw a lighted torch through; it fell and extinguished with loud cracklings and hissings as if a white hot ploughshare were dropped into a bucket.

Driven to explore, and believing myself thin enough to get through this upside-down keyhole, I went in. Wriggling sideways, injured hand and head below and steeply downward, nearly standing on my head, cramped, though my right arm with the lamp could move in the extended crack above me, the crush got the better of me and I had to get out, back, quickly. And that became a struggle. When out and breath regained, I was too fascinated by the whole riddle and determined to get at it. For the day I had had enough and had to think about tactics.

I was in camp about 4:00 p.m. Jurek had washed Martin, kept him between warm stones, and I gave him three aspirins and hot water with Slivovitz to sip. I explained to Jurek that the hunt in the cave requires much smoke, poles, and a rope. Thank God, Slavek and Hanka did come with provisions. When they left, I accompanied them to fetch torch boughs, was back in camp about 2:00 a.m., dead tired, but finally we had eaten - Jurek too much - an I got the second watch.

October 24, 1944. Peaceful night; Martin supped fever-tea with honey; hope we can pull him through. Jurek's posterior is not even swollen, but my head still is. I cut our belts, braided eight meters of solid rope. At 10:00 a.m. was at the wall, anchored the rope over a stock across the crack, and keeping it slung over my shoulder, forced myself again into the grim maw. Like yesterday, the lamp, this time carbide, was on a stick ahead within the jaw above. When it came through and down, it sung freely over some void into which I could not see and there was again rushing as if from agitated waters. And, unable to turn, I feared a water-filled pit ahead and to end in it -- literally -- in a headstand.

I wriggled upwards, back again; my clothes caught on the protrusions, descended on my shoulders and head, and formed a plug. The resulting struggle nearly caused me to be burned alive. When out and on my feet, I was shaking from exhaustion, and had lurid visions.

There were no loose stones about the wall, and so I hacked stalagmites into short rolls and bowled them down through the crack. They rolled on, causing enormous echoes, and knocked to a standstill, indicating a solid floor and room to turn. I launched the unlit torches after the stones, undressed, keeping the shirt only, and went after the stones and torches. Already acquainted with the meanest fangs in the crack, I came through with only a few cuts, dropped a little, rolled down an incline and was stopped by a wall which felt familiar, satiny smooth like the front wall.

My lamp was still burning next to me, but there were confusing sounds. Lighting some torches, I saw that I was in a spacious, curved, black shaft formed by cliff-like walls which intersect and form a crescent-shaped, nearly vertical tunnel, rather, sharp. I cannot describe the somberness and the endless whisperings, rustlings, and roaring sounds, abnormal echoes from my breathing and movements. The floor is the incline over which I rolled in, a solid lime "pavement."

All the lights together did not reach the ceiling or where these walls end or meet. The horizontal distance between the apexes of the concave backside of the front wall and the convex back wall is about eight meters; along the curve of the back wall is about 25 meters. To explore further I needed more light and my pick, which does not fit through the crack and must be taken apart.

I left jubilant, in a sort of enchantment mixed with determination to explore this large structure, which I believe is unique, singular.

This time my head up, with no clothes to ensnare and burn me, I was through the crack fairly unscathed, dressed, smoked a pipe, and was underway to my men. I tried to catch some bats, but caught none. Jurek was boiling potatoes and mutton and therefore inclined to excuse my bad huntsmanship; he even appreciated its hardships when he had to grease the scratches on my back and mend my shirt.

Martin had a crumb of bread with honeyed fever-tea. After 6:00 p.m., I went for a new load of torches, was back at about 10:00 p.m. Jurek got both watches.

October 25, 1944. We had a good night. Martin seems to mend. Am glad that Jurek's thigh is not yet well enough for him to want to go with me poaching for bats. It is better that he knows nothing about the cave's secret.

I went directly to the wall, undressed like yesterday, smeared mutton fat over me, slid my things through the crack, and went in, feet first. Extending the carbide lamp upon a double pole, with four torches burning, still the upper ends of the cliffs remained in the dark. I fired two bullets up, parallel to the walls. The reports caused roars as from an express train, but no impact was visible. Then I fired a bullet on each wall, aiming some 15 meters upward from me, got large blue-green sparks and such a sound that I had to hold my ears between my knees, and flames danced wildly.

Assembly the pick caused more uproars. I probed the "pavement," and started digging where the lime is thin, in the horns of the crescent. At right is dry loam; at left I came, at about half a meter, upon a pocket of enamel from the teeth of some large animal; took one canine and one molar, replaced the rest. Digging on nearby, the back wall has, at about 1 1/2 meters below the pavement, a vertical, finely fluted, undulating pattern (This has been suggested as an indication of machinery). It seemed warmer than the smooth surface. I tried with lip and ear, and believe the impression is correct. In the middle, the pavement is too thick for a trench pick.

When the torches were extinguished, and I was in a freezing sweat, I left the "moonshaft," dressed and went where the bats are, and bagged seven. Jurek stuffed them with bread and herbs and they became exquisite "pigeons."

Slavek and Olga, his other daughter, came about dusk with hay, straw, a sheep's fleece, more medicinal herbs - self-heal and stonecrop - and seeds from the Iris, an excellent coffee substitute. I accompanied him, fetched nine torches, two long poles, and was back about midnight. Martin got the last aspirins, honey-water; and Jurek both watches.

October 26, 1944. It was a good night. I went into the "moonshaft" to continue experimenting. On my longest assembly of poles and carbide lamp did not light the upper ends of these cliffs. I fired above the lighted areas; the bullets struck huge sparks and made deafening echoes. Then horizontally at the back wall with similar effects - sparks, roaring, no splinters, but a half-finger-long welt which gave a pungent smell. After that I continued in my digging in the left moon horn and saw that the wavy pattern extends downward; but in the right horn, I found no such pattern.

I left the moonshaft to probe the front wall and its surroundings. Next to the stalactites are some enamel-like flecks which, scraped, yield a powder too fine to be collected without glue, which I will try to boil from our "pigeons" claws. I wished to obtain a sample of the peculiar material of the walls, but even firing two bullets into the crack, upon the protrusions and hitting them, I received only ricochets, a blast of thunder, welts, and the same pungent smell.

Returning to camp I caught some bats and we again had "pidgeons." I ordered Jurek to carefully remove any trace of them, and kept the claws. The Slaveks arrived as usual at nightfall bring this time a quarter of a deer, 1/2 kilogram of salt, and a tin of carbide. Jurek took both watches.

October 27, 1944. Martin died, slept into death. Jurek knows his kin, took charge of his belongings, including his wallet with 643 crowns, watch with chain, and my certificate. Now we are free and ready to leave and rejoin our battalion which is somewhere east of Kosice. With his stick Jurek can march some ten kilometers daily, and we have to move carefully anyway. We will start tomorrow.

At 10:00 a.m I was in the cave probing passages for a way around behind the "moonshaft"; looked also for ice and poisonous air about which Slavek had spoken, and found none, though there may be some. Then I slipped into the "moonshaft" to sketch, dig, and ponder, and returned to camp at about 4:00 p.m. I ordered Jurek to prepare our packs, clean the weapons, boil food for seven days, and have ready what we will not need to be returned to the Slaveks. He and both girls, as if the family had sensed that Martin died, came, and we carried him into the dwarf pines to the trench where he had received his mortal wound, took runs to dig his grave, prayed, and buried him in a blanket.

October 28, 1944. Restful night, good breakfast. Cut my name, etc., on a leather strip, and together with the golden back of my watch rolled and inserted both engravings into a glass bottle, plugged it with a pebble and a ball of clay, mixed with charcoal and deposited this record in the "moonshaft" on top of the ashes of my torches. It may stay there for a long time, possibly until the structure is completely hidden behind its curtain of stalactites and stalagmites. Slavek has no son to tell about his cave-mystery; his womenfolk don't know about it, and anyway daughters usually marry to other villagers. In a few decades nobody will know, if I do not come back and have the structure explored.

I sat there by my fire speculating: What is this structure, with walls two meters thick and a shape that I cannot imagine of any purpose known nowadays. How far does it reach into the rocks? Is there more behind the "moonshaft"? Which incident or who put it into this mountain? Is it a fossilized man-made object? Is there truth in legends, like Plato's, about long lost civilizations with magic technologies which our rationale cannot grasp nor believe?

I am a sober, academically trained person but must admit that there, between those black, satiny, mathematically-curved cliffs I do feel as if in the grip of an exceedingly strange and grim power. I can understand that simple but intelligent and practical men like Slavek and his forebears sense here witchery, conceal it, and also fear that if the existence of this "moonshaft" is ever made known, it would attract armies of tourists, and all the commotion, tunneling and blasting, hotels, and commercialization which would probably ruin their nature-bound trade and honest life.

On my way back to camp I burrowed and hid the crawl holes which lead towards the wall; the cave may have entrances which Slavek does not know, and some chance discoverer may start blasting "for treasure" before a scientific team can get there. I was in camp after 3:00 p.m., and about 5:00 all three Slaveks arrived, bringing some hardboiled eggs.

With the hearty Slovak handshakes, we shouldered our weapons and packs and went. When we entered the pines and turned, we saw Slavek concealing his cave and the girls sweeping away our tracks. The moon was bright and the snow glittered.

In the very last days of World War II, on my way towards Bohemia, I revisited the place. The Slaveks lived temporarily at Zdar. I visited Martin's grave and looked at the cave entrance. I had taken the animal teeth I had collected to the curator of paleontology at Uzhorod, and he classified them as adult cave bear, Ursus spaeleus. Thereupon I speculated; the crack is too small, the lump of limestone and stalagmites in front of the crack would not let any debris through; this bear seems to have fallen into the "moonshaft," which may have had a connection to the surface.

On my last visit to the place, I examined the mountainside above the cave and found no sinkholes or pits, the assumed connections toward the "moonshaft." But on these steep slopes in the Tatra Mountains, rock slides could have obliterated or filled in any such connections.

Who knows how old this shaft is - it could be millions of years old. Many civilizations have come and gone on earth since before the present one. A gold chain was found inside a boulder, and a machined square cube was found in another one. How did they get there? Many artifacts have been found with no explanations. This shaft reminds me of "Mel's Hole" near Ellensburg, WA. No one has been able to reach the bottom even though 18 miles of fishing line was lowered into it. I am sure each "age" had their own technology, some of which we haven't discovered yet.

This article previously appeared in the "Missing Link".


Sunday, March 1, 2009


by Jim Greenen

The witness, whom we will call Roger R., age 10, wishes to remain anonymous. His father was called on May 3, and the initial interview was conducted on May 6, 1989. Although the witness had a severe cough and there were distractions from his younger brother, there was a considerable amount of information recorded on the three hours of tapes during the interview. Follow-up interview was held on May 7 and on May 30 and 31. Donald Ware came to Orlando to assist in the investigation.


The accounts that Roger R. mentions throughout this story are sometimes not in the actual sequence that it happened but in the order as he told his story. For the purpose of clarity, when Roger mentions his father he is referring to his step-father that he now lives with unless otherwise stated.

Roger went to be on Saturday night at 11:00 p.m., April 29, 1989 after watching Star Trek on television. Sometime after Roger went to sleep (time unknown) he heard sounds like voices. He woke up and saw four entities about 5'6" tall. They (the entities) put Roger on a table-like device that had no legs or supports. The table was white, glass like and about 2' wide and 6' long. Roger said that a person could not see through it. The entities put Roger on the table and they floated him over to the bedroom window and at that time Roger told them that if they opened the window the burglar alarm would go off (Radio Shack - battery powered with manually activated witch). Then they informed him that it would not go off and when they took out the screen and opened the window, the alarm was silent.

The entities floated the table with Roger on it out the window and along the side of the apartment to a small open field. They approached a craft that was shaped like two plates, one inverted over the other.


Roger saw a door into a craft, hinged at the bottom, that opened up on the side of the craft. The inside of the door was flat, had lights along the edge, and served as a ramp to enter the craft. At that time Roger does not remember what happened but the next thing that he remembered he was in a room standing next to a black glass table with buttons on it.

Roger said the entities had heart shaped heads with two giant black eyes, two holes for a nose, a slit for a mouth and were gold in color. When they talked to him it was through his head and he talked in a normal voice. When asked to use Zipatone color codes for skin color, he chose 2525 for the males and 2517 (a more brownish color) for the females.

One of the entities pushed a button on the table and the floor lit up. There was a large screen in the room with a panel under it. On the panel there were numerous buttons. Roger said that one of the entities pushed a button and the craft went straight up off the ground into the atmosphere. This he saw on the screen. The screen that Roger was watching was about 6' long and 4' high. Roger said that he felt no sensation of movement when the ship went up and he saw no stars on the screen.

They asked Roger what he was and he replied that he was a human and a boy. They then asked him what his name was and he answered Roger. They then told him that they knew his parents.

They took Roger to another room and showed him a film of his friend Nancy in a hospital. They said that they could not let him see all of the film because there were too many things in the hospital that caused interference on the screen. He asked them where Nancy was and they said that she was on another ship and she would not be reborn because she had been born too many times.(!) They also told him that his mother is going to get a good job and make a lot of money. They showed him the building that she will be working in, orange with mirrors on the outside. They showed him the past where a boy in a blue bedroom that asked his mother if he could come out. She said, "Not till your father comes home." One more thing that they showed Roger was a small girl going into a ship and they were studying her.

When the showing was over they took Roger into another room. At that time he mentioned that a small red ball about the size of a golf ball had been following him. The ball-like object had a blue, red and yellow ring around it. After entering the room, Roger said a small device that looked like a micro chip floated over to him and a small probe came out and took a sample from a more sore spot that he had on his finger. After the sample was taken the skin sample was sucked into the device. Then the chip like device floated over to a computer type device and the results of the sample were checked.

Roger also mentioned that he had a number of sores before he entered the craft, but after entering they disappeared. He says that they brought back the one sore so they could take a sample.

They took him to another table where a man was sitting up. He was about 30 years old with blond hair and a mustache. Roger did not talk to him. Then he was taken over to another panel where they told him to push two buttons which he did. Roger asked them why they wanted him to push the buttons. They said, "To take a blood sample." They knew that he was afraid of needles.

Next they went into another room. He started to feel the ship shake. The door that led to the outside of the ship opened up. Through this door Roger saw the inside of another ship. They told him to get back on the platform that he came in on. He was floated out the door into a larger craft.


Roger said the ship was large; about the size of four apartment complexes like they live in. They told Roger that the ship was too large to land on earth. The inside of the ship was white. They removed his night clothes and g ave him a red suit that clung to him. He describes it as looking like the clothing used in Star Trek. The suit had writing on it that he could not understand. He describes the writing as a form of hieroglyphics. When Roger entered the larger craft, he said that the small red ball that followed him through the smaller craft stayed there. When he entered the larger craft another ball followed him throughout the craft. This ball looked just like the red one except it was blue in color. Both balls hovered about 3' over his head and occasionally omitted a red beam over his body. He mentioned they were taking brain scans.

After Roger put on the clothes they took him into a room and told him that they have the ability to make themselves any shape they want. But the bodies that he now sees are their natural bodies. They also said they have been visiting his brother often. (His brother is three years old.)

They showed Roger a map on the wall. It was of America. He said that they started going straight at a point on the map which he recognized as Alaska. They said some of their people are there. The aliens then showed him a man in Alaska that heard some noise, and then the man saw them, he started to call them the devil. The man took a gun and shot at them. They left because they told Roger that there were peaceful people.

They also told Roger that they hid some books by Shirley McLaine from his Dad. They said that the books were wrong, and she wrote them just for money. They also opened the book Communion to page 112 (Editor's Note: It must be the pocket book as page 112 is blank in the hardbound edition.) and left it popped open on the bookshelf. This they wanted his dad to read. They told Roger they had to leave because they were afraid that his dad might catch them. The inside of his house and the entity hiding the books was all projected on a screen in the craft. Note: Later his dad said the book incident happened a few weeks before and that he accused Roger of hiding and rearranging his books.

They left and went into another room that was square and had buttons located on the walls. This room also had a screen on which they showed Roger in bed at home, an his father came into the room to check on him. They said that he can be on the ship and be at home at the same time. They told Roger that this is happening now.

The aliens took Roger into another room that he described as round or circular shape. In the middle of the room there was an object that looked like a large clear glass box with two buttons on the side. Roger said that it was a stall as two people standing on top of each other, and that two fat people could get into it. They opened the door to the box and had Roger step into it, then they closed the door behind him.

The entities went to a computer-like device and started to push buttons on the computer. At that time a flat, square, red laser-type light went down over his head to his shoulders and went back up. Later they told him that they were taking a brain scan. They removed him from the box and brought him over to the computer. They brought up on the screen a picture of roger when he was about two years old and living in an apartment in Texas. There was a red spot on the wall that kept getting larger. (?)

Roger went into another room that was all black. They asked him what he would like to do. He told them he would like to go skiing, and they said he will be going skiing when he reaches the age of 13. At that time they projected a 3-D picture in the middle of the room of him skiing down a slope when he is older. Roger said that could feel the cold when he was watching the picture.

then they asked Roger where he would like to go and he responded by saying, "I don't know." They said that he might be moving to some place in the United States or Germany.

Roger entered another room after they left the black room. Here he said the room also had a screen on the wall but this one was about twice as large as the others. The room looked like a hospital room. It had tables and the ceiling was like a solid light. On the screen they showed Roger the time he and his parents almost got into a car accident on the way to Daytona Beach. They said that they turned the car instead of his Dad turning the car, to avoid the accident that was about to happen. They also told him what his Dad though was an airplane he was watching on the way home from Orlando was actually them.

They then took a light and shined it along the side of Roger's arm. Then they took a glass light bar, described as looking like a fluorescent light bulb with multicolored lights, and told him to lay down on the table. they then passed the light over his body.

Roger was taken to a round room that he said was in the middle of the ship. It took a long time to get to it. In the room there were some aliens that were different. They looked like the others, but their skin appeared "orange" (Zipatone #2517) rather than gold. Their eyes were bluish black, and they had only three fingers. He asked about them and was told that they were women. Also in the room there was a very large alien that Roger said he only came up to the middle of his thighs. He looked like the others except he was wearing a robe that had a hood. Around his neck and down to his knees hung a scarf type cloth with writing on it. Another alien had blue clothes on like Roger was wearing and was about his height. Roger mentioned this alien had muscular arms and looked like he could throw somebody across the room with no problems. There was another alien that was just a little smaller than the larger one but he was wearing a black cape and a helmet. All three left the room while Roger was still there.

They asked Roger how his people reproduced and Roger replied by asking them how they reproduce. They replied that they cannot answer that and repeated the question to him. Roger answered, "From his Mother." Roger also asked them how they eat and they said some-what like he does but a lot less quantity. They told Roger that his younger brother will be repeating the first or second grade in school. (Note: At this time Roger said that some of these things that they told him was asked in the smaller ship.)

After they left that room, they went into another room that was rather large. It had a lot of glass cages with animals in them. The animals looked similar to the animals that we have on this planet (cheetah, snakes, birds, fish) but some were different. One looked like part tiger and part alligator. Another looked like part lion and part bear. Roger said that they just walked through that room without stopping.

They told Roger that his teachers were not telling him the truth in school because at one time there were people living on Mars. Then they told him about his grandfather in Germany. On the first planet he was killed and then reborn on this planet. The first planet is not in this solar system. It was destroyed. It is now an asteroid belt. The aliens treat this planet better than the first planet because our ancestors (from the first planet0 would kill anything or everything on the first planet. Before the first planet was destroyed they brought some of the people to this planet. They also said that they made this planet.

At that time, Roger said, they left the large ship and went back into the smaller craft. They took him back home but instead of taking him back through the window they took him through the front door and then to his room. They told him that they would be back to see him in a couple of weeks or months (he wasn't sure which).

After the interview with Roger I asked him if he could remember anything else that the aliens told him. He said that he did but could not tell me because he was afraid that he would get NASA mad at him. I assured him that I would not tell NASA. His father also told him that I don't work for the government and it's okay to tell me.

This is what Roger had to say:

When he was in one of the rooms in the large ship, the aliens showed him on one of the screens a large room with men walking around with blue coats. A patch was on the arm with the letters "NASA." The men were also wearing face masks that roger described as looking like a radiation mask. In the room there were four or five aliens and the men in lab coats were sticking needles into some aliens and telling them it will not hurt. But the aliens told Roger that they were dying. Roger noticed that the aliens were turning a different color between yellow and green.

As roger was watching the screen (later he said that was the worst part of the trip) they showed the men chopping up the aliens (Roger's words) and using them for experiments. They also told Roger about the men in black. Roger asked them who they were and they said the men in black are NASA.

At this time in the interview Roger felt uneasy and wanted reassurance that NASA would not find out about this because he didn't want to get into trouble.

Roger continued on and said that when the aliens are on the planet surface trying to help us the men in black capture them, perform experiments on them and don't seem to care if they kill them.

Roger also mentioned that the room that they showed on the screen had other doors in it. One of the doors looked like it was made of steel and had a round window in it and the words "HOT" ??? (he did not know what the other word was). They showed the human taking the aliens into the HOT room and then, after removing them, they would cut them into pieces and run a test. Along with the HOT room there was a COLD room and a room that was used for acid experiments.

The aliens told Roger that when one of their people died they can make another one but sometimes they would die inside also. I asked Roger to explain that and he said that he thinks they were talking about their soul. He said that the aliens told him that when a person dies sometimes they are reborn. If they are not reborn they stay with them. A person can be reborn a thousand times. They said they are the ones that made the people on this planet. They also told Roger that there are some of their people living on this planet that look just like he does.

A few other things that were mentioned during this part of the interview:

1. They said they did not know what is happening to the ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

2. They said the reason that his father is always tired is that they are trying to teach him and he is not listening to them. Also his father forgets when they take him on board their ship. They said that the next time that they take his father he will remember everything.

3. They said the men in black won't be NASA anymore. They would be history and it's the big men in NASA that are ordering the test on the aliens. The workers do not want to do this but are told that they would be fired if they don't do what they are told.

4. The morning after the apparent abduction when Roger woke up he looked out his bedroom window and noticed that a black 4-door Ford was sitting on the other side of the parking lot in the grass. He got his binoculars and saw a man in a suit with dark glasses on facing him. When the man noticed Roger he started his car and turned around in the grass and left in a hurry. As the car left, Roger said the license plate had "Government' written on it.

5. During that day and into the next day after the apparent abduction Roger's father said that there were many government helicopters flying around, and over, his house. NOTE: Roger's father spent most of his life on government bases around the world. He says that he is familiar with government helicopters and aircraft.

6. Roger mentioned that on one of the viewing screens they showed him a man in a suit jumping over a fence outside of his father's room. This they showed in slow motion. Roger said that the man cut his leg on a nail that was sticking out and he was holding his leg as he jumped into a car that was waiting for him. He mentioned that the car looked like the one that was outside his room the next morning.

About two weeks before, Roger's father noticed a man looking into his bedroom window. He rushed outside and observed a man jumping the fence alongside the apartment. The man landed in some shrubs, picked himself up, ran over to a car that was waiting for him. What he said was unusual about this incident was the man was wearing a suit.

Before the end of the interview with Roger he drew sketches of:

1. The aliens that took him from his room.
2. The small ball with a ring around it.
3. The microchip-type device that took skin samples.
4. The first craft that he was in.
5. The second or larger craft.
6. The inside of one of the rooms that shows control panel and viewing screen with pictures of two aliens.
7. A picture of another alien, with clothing, that was aboard the large craft.


After the interview with Roger a search of the area Roger said the craft had landed was made. The area showed no signs of physical traces. There were patches of dead grass and dead branches laying on the ground but we could not find any depressions or other evidence that we could link with the sighting.

Roger's father mentioned that after the incident he noticed that Roger has become better behaved and more affectionate now to both parents.

Roger's step-father seems to be a person highly dedicated toward service to other. When he read "Communion" he recognized similar events in his own life and has read many recent UFO publications.

Roger's mother mentioned that her father was an officer in the military and she remembers that he was visited by three men in black. She was also at the interview and concurs with what Roger and her husband said.

It seems unreasonable to assume that roger had read UFO books and publications because of the first week in June Roger's CTVS test showed that he was in the bottom 8% in reading comprehension which is extremely low. His reading problem had been recognized and he been tested. We will have an opportunity to retest him later.

In the following weeks, with Roger's direction, his father made more detail drawings in color of:

1. The layout of the inside of the smaller craft.
2. A more detailed drawing of the small red ball with ring.
3. A more detailed drawing of the micro-type chip.
4. Roger in his bedroom with alien.
5. An alien tat was in his room.

On May 31, 1989 an inquiry of the local Police and Sheriff Department turned up no reports of sightings with the period before, and after, the incident. An ad was also placed in the local newspaper seeing UFO witnesses in the past six weeks and as of this report no response has come from the local community. (An alias was used with a local phone number of a friend to avoid a disclosure of our interest.)

Roger's father's work associate was asked about his character and honesty and he replied. "Hard worker, reliable, decision maker and talkative." Character check was made with a person that Roger works for (he delivers newspapers0 and she replied that "He is a normal 10 year old, quiet at times and very nice."


At this early point in the investigation this case is considered an unknown of great significance; because the 10-year-old boy apparently had not memory block while on board two UFOs, and his father seems convince he could not have made it up. The father said they showed him things about the past that the boy could not have known normally. This case involves many of the most controversial issues in UFOlogy.

James S. Greenan