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In 2010 I met Lyn at the Aztec UFO Conference in Aztec, NM. He never related his abduction experience however. I find it very intriguing!

P. Urial

For something less than nine years Lyn Buchanan was a remote viewer in the U.S. Government's Project STARGATE, and, during that time, he was training military and government Remote Viewers.

Presently, he is executive director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (for short PSI), originally a data analysis company, but after the CIA has in December of 1995, declassified information about remote viewing techniques, due to overwhelming demands for training and services, PSI now spends more than 90% of its time involved in special type of remote viewing works called Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV.

A continuing public service which is sponsored solely by Lyn Buchanan himself, and which uses the volunteer services of other remote viewers and his own graduated students, is "The Assigned Witness Program", that performs free CRV services for police and other public-sponsored investigative agencies.

Mr. Buchanan is considered to be one of the best remote viewing trainers.

At age 12, he had experienced several events which could be only described as psychic. However, as he was growing up in East and Central Texas, which is often referred to as the "Bible Belt", such things were never admitted to happening to decent people. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, this tendency of his, was not suppressed. They went largely ignored and/or hidden.

Finishing high school, he went into the U.S. Army and served for 3 years as a computer systems technician, after which, as a civilian, he worked for about 5 years for the IBM Corporation in El Paso, Texas. Realizing that a lack of education holds people back in such corporations, he returned to East Texas to attend college. During his college years, his special capabilities all but atrophied, except for occasional uncontrolled events, when some emergency, tragedy, or anger brought long-forgotten subconscious talents to the surface.

Having obtained a Master's degree at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, he taught foreign languages in rural East Texas junior and senior high schools for several years. After 12 years he left the military. He returned to the U.S. Army and became a linguist within the US Intelligence and Security Command. His first "second" languages being German and Spanish, he spent the first year of his enlistment studying Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

Afterwards he was stationed in Japan as a Russian linguist for four years, where he also gained a small proficiency in Japanese and Mongolian. For his last 12 years in service, he was the only Mongolian linguist in the US military.

From Japan he returned to the Defense Language Institute for another year to attend their intermediate Russian course and was then assigned to a 4 year stint at the US Intelligence Field Station in Augsburg, Germany. Here, due to his extensive ability with computers, he was mostly used as a systems designer and programmer for the uncountable number of US and foreign-manufactured mainframe and mini-computers.

It was in Augsburg that his psycho kinetic ability resurfaced one fateful day in an event, parts of which are still classified.

Shortly thereafter, Major General Albert Stubblebine, who was at that time Commander of the U.S. Intelligence and Security Command, decided to transfer him to the Washington, D.C. area, where he spent the last 9 years of his military service in a special assignment. There he studied the CRV protocols and methodologies which had been developed by Ingo Swan, Ph.D., the father of US remote viewing programs some years earlier. He quickly became proficient at using this technique.

After retirement from the U.S. Army in 1992, he settled down in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and began working as a computer consultant, mostly on governmental contracts. At the same time, he began building his own company, the PSI.

Among the other assignments it is known that he has been requested by the US government to search for Osama Bin Laden.

On 06.06.2000 Lyn Buchanan was interviewed by Jim Marrs, a renowned journalist and writer. For a long time sound files of this interview were available on Jim Marrs's site to anyone for free, as if Marrs and Buchanan wanted it's contents to become known to as many people as possible.

Then, one day, the files just disappeared.

What follows is an accurate description of this interview. Wording used is mostly those Lyn Buchanan has used himself.


According to Lyn Buchanan, he was trained by the military to take his psychic abilities and his mind, and go out for controlled remote viewing, so he could view enemies, and other things that were going around.

When some of the remote viewers were sent out to look for things pretty conventional, like nuclear sites or atomic submarines, or something like that, they encountered things they had not expected.

One time, at one meeting, while Ingo Swan was tracking a submarine he just happened to mention that there was a UFO overhead.

Everyone around the table laughed, and Swan was told:

"OK, well, track it for us to tell us what it is doing",

and then they sent the word out about it with a request to have the radar readings.

They never got feedback on that.

The real purpose for that meeting was to see if they were going to get funded for another year. Immediately after their request got out they got funded.


During his interview Lyn Buchanan said that the first exposure to things alien he had was probably about 20-25 years before he got into the unit. It was a personal abduction experience. He does not usually talk about that very much.

At that time he was a circuit riding preacher for a little Methodist church in east Texas.

One night he was getting ready to move out of the parsonage, they were moving to a new circuit of churches. His family had gone on and he was just there alone packing the last bit of stuff into the boxes. Suddenly, he had to lie down on the floor and he heard this thing coming down from the sky landing in the back of the house. He tried to get up to see what it was but he was frozen, he could not move. All he could think of was that a flying saucer had landed in the back yard.

He thought that he had proof because the weeds were high up there, as this was way-up in the middle of the country. He would take a picture tomorrow.

He heard some people, it sounded like, coming through the weeds up to the house.

The next thing he knew was that he was just walking through the house, and it was morning time. He could not figure where he was, or what he was doing. Finally he remembered that he was cleaning up and moving. So he entered the last bit of stuff into the truck.

That started about 20 years of a compulsion that he had of thinking:

"I have forgotten something."

He would leave the house and he would have to come back 8-10 times sometimes to check the lights, make sure he had locked the doors, because he knew that he had forgotten something.

One Sunday afternoon, when he was in the US Army Remote Viewing unit for about 5 years, he and his wife were going somewhere and he had gone back, and back, and back, checking, and checking, and checking. Finally his wife stood in the front of him and said:

"Well did you check the roof top? Did you check the back yard?"

The minute she said “Did you check the back yard ?” it all came flooding back to him, the whole abduction experience. It was just overpowering.

He had the benefit of having controlled remote viewing training, a large part of which is weeding-out thoughts and information. So he started running through the process of weeding-out false information of everything that he remembered. And there was quite bit of it.


What he finally did remember and came up with some fair proof that night back in east Texas, the people had come into the house, and had evidently, taken him into the ship.

The next thing he remembered was he was sitting there in a row of seats, and that the seats were empty to his right, and that there was a window over there.

To his left was this little old woman. He tried talking to her but she was like a zombie; she was scared to death.

Then this real tall guy came walking by and he was not human. He was at least 6.5 to 7 feet tall and just built like a muscle builder. As he came walking by Lyn said:

“Excuse me, may I sit by the window?”

He turned and looked at Lyn and fear came over his face. He turned and actually ran out of the room they were in.

Pretty soon he and two others like him came back and there was this little Gray that was in the front of them. They were actually sort-of hiding behind the Gray. They were grouped together. They were going to keep the Gray between them and Lyn because they were evidently just scared to death of him.

The Gray came up and started talking to him, and tried to put him back under but it did not work. So, finally the Gray said:

“Look, we have work to do”

He brought Lyn up front where they were working, where they could keep an eye on him so he could not get into trouble. He knelt down beside the Gray as he lifted the ship off (the ground) and they would set it down and this tall guy would go out, bring somebody else in and then he would lift-off, and set down somewhere else again. They would go out, bring some more people in.

Lyn was asking questions and the Gray was showing him how to control the control panel. He was basically answering every question Lyn ever had.

They took a long journey that lasted about 30 minutes and the Gray let Lyn try to handle the control board. Lyn has very large hands. When Lyn asked to try it, the Gray said:

“No, human hands are too small”,

At which Lyn lifted his hand to show him that he has large hands. The Gray and Lyn’s hands were the same size although the Gray was 3.5 feet tall. Finally the Gray let Buchanan fly the thing with very close supervision. It was like holding a kid in your lap and letting it steer the car.

They got where they were going and it was not Earth. It was a very dark place. It was day time because the sun was out and it was very warm, but it was very dark as in the middle of night. There were two other ships there.

The Gray let Lyn go back with the other people and they finally got out and formed the line along the path that went along the hillside. As they walked along a Gray came up and grabbed him out of the line and said:

“I have somebody you want to talk to”

and sat him down on the hillside. Lyn just sat there, played with grass and looked around. The grass was solid black which sort of surprised him. He still does not know why this stuck out so vividly in his mind.

The other people went on that pathway to the pavilion on top of the hill and there were screams, belly laughs. Just a mixture of the belly laughs and horrid screams the whole time they were up there.

Pretty soon another Gray came up and asked him to hold up his hand. When Lyn did the Gray placed his hand against Lyn’s and they had a long conversation.

It took Lyn the longest time to figure out after he had remembered all this, what they talked about, but basically the Gray said they needed pilots and offered him a job. On this Lyn said:

“Yes, but I will have to go back and get my family."

Gray said:

“No families, we are at war”

at that Lyn replied that without his family he won’t do it.

The Gray did not say with whom they were at war with.

After this the Gray went away: first the Gray, then the pilot, sat down beside him to wait for the other people come down from the hill. They talked for a while. Lyn remembers he wanted to ask him what was going on up there but he did not want to get involved in it. He was trying to ignore it as much as possible.

Instead he asked him what they were doing there and the Gray said that they were a small contingency of only three ships and that different units have different purposes. Their purpose was a medical one. What they were doing was they were abducting people. They come in contact with a lot of diseases as they go from planet to planet.

The Gray said that humans are, basically, antibody factories. So they were implanting their diseased tissues into humans and then picking them up again later on, and getting their antibody samples so they can create medicines and antidotes for their own people.

Lyn asked about the implants. The Gray answered, with a chuckle, that the implant is not the thing humans are finding, which is just a little tip off the instrument. He said that the implant is, actually, the piece of flesh around it. The actual cells of tissue that is right adjacent to that is what they have implanted.

From what Lyn has figured out later if they would take the tissue around those things they are calling implants they would, probably, find out that they have different DNA in it.

Meanwhile, people started piling back down from the hill and Lyn got back in line with them and the pilot got busy with his business. They were standing at the bottom of the ship waiting to go back in.

The Gray came over and pulled Lyn out of the line again and said that it will be a while so they stood there and talked. Lyn remembers asking him:

“Please let me remember all of this”

and the Gray replied:

“Well, you won't”.

The next thing he remembered was waking up, wandering around the house not knowing who he was or what he was doing, and it was the next day.


When he remembered all this he went back to the unit and told them about the experience he had.

A person reported him back up to the chain of command. The following week he was at DIA on the seventh floor, going to see the director, and these two men in completely black suits, looking like Jehovah’s Witnesses without their Watch Towers were there.
He had worked with them before, so he knew who they were. They are professional interrogators.

They stepped out into the hallway and funneled him off into a conference room and started asking him about his experience.

There are always two of them and one sits over to the side while the other one interviews you.

The one that sits off to the side is quite often not a professional interrogator. Quite often he is a person from the unit who needs the interrogation done. He is a local expert. That was evidently the case. Lyn had thought immediately that they were checking to see if he had gone crazy.

They were not. They were extremely interested in the control panel and how it worked. One of the tricks they use is to ask the same question in about five different ways over a period of time to see if you trip yourself up. So the second time when he asked Lyn how to work the control panel, Lyn re-explained, but the guy over to his left side slapped his knee with his hand and said:

“So, that’s it”.

That guy is supposed to sit there and shut up so Lyn knew immediately that he was not a trained interrogator. This had to be some guy who had one of these things and did not know how to fly it.

The interrogator sitting in front of Lyn did not make any facial changes at all, but his ears got beet-red. Within like 10 seconds the interview was over and they were gone.


Then later at work a buddy told him that maybe all this was not imagination.

Later on he was out on a special mission that they went on every now and then. Lyn was at the location and met a guy that he has known way years before in the military. They got to talking and after asking his friend what he is doing he was answered with question about what his clearance was. Lyn answered and his friend said:

“Oh well, we will just call in and get the permission for you to come in and see what I am doing”.

They called, checked-up his clearance, it was OK, and his friend took him into the facility where he worked. Here they had several debris-field type things, like those hangars where they sort out the plane crashes. Evidently what they had was that a fighter plane had collided with a UFO and they had the debris field reconstructed in there. All you could see was pieces of junk, scrap metal and all.

They were walking along and his friend was telling him about how they reconstruct the collision from this debris. His friend had not mentioned UFOs so far when he bumped into one of the control panels and Lyn blurred out:

“Oh, this is out of the UFO, isn’t it?”

All of a sudden a Colonel came rushing over and gave them the bums rush out of there and threatened Lyn with death or worse if he talked about it or revealed the location or anything like that.

For Lyn this was feed-back because he actually saw that one of the control panels was right there. So the US government has some of this equipment. In scrap form at least.

Many of the people in the Unit have had some kind of UFO experiences.

Lyn Buchanan retired from the Army after he had fully completed his term.

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This was posted on my blog "UFO Experiences" on July 17, 2006.


A young lawyer from Wisconsin had an incredible encounter with a UFO

It had been an exhausting day for the 32 year old attorney. Raymond Shearer had completed a routine day in his small town law office, then driven to Madison, WI, for a meeting with a client. Following a leisurely dinner, they discussed business until midnight. Tired and weary, Shearer drove out of Madison on an interstate highway toward his home.

"I don't remember when I first saw the light," Shearer said, recently. "It was somewhere around 20 miles out of town. It was hanging low in the sky, ahead and off to the right. I decided it was a helicopter."

Shearer continued driving, watching the light as it hovered over the highway ahead. "I passed under it, there was static on the radio," he recalled. "The interior of the car heated up. I loosened my tie and unfastened the seat belt to remove my coat. I also started getting a severe headache. I slowed down a bit, figuring I'd had too many martinis."

The young attorney reached for a bottle of aspirin in the glove compartment. He swallowed two tablets without water. "By now the static had stopped on the radio," Shearer said. "The temperature in the car had returned to normal. This was a warm night in April, and I really didn't think much about it."

When he reached his exit on the interstate highway, Shearer drove off onto a blacktop road. "I normally follow the blacktop to my town," he said. "Ten miles from home, I suddenly braked the car, twisted the wheel, turned off onto a dead-end gravel road that leads out to the marshes. To this day, I don't know why I turned off he highway."

Shearer's mind reeled with indecision as he drove through the dark, cloudy night. There were no farmhouses along the road, and no lights could be seen on the horizon. This wild, uninhabited area is seldom visited by anyone except hunters and fishermen.

As his car topped the crest of a small hill, Shearer's eyes widened with shock and his mouth dropped open in stunned disbelief.

Sitting in the middle of the road below was a UFO.

"I was almost on top of the thing," Shearer recalled. "I braked hard and my car skidded, fishtailing in the gravel. A row of lights flickered on the saucer; it started glowing a bluish-green color. I got the car stopped about 15 feet from it. I slapped the transmission in reverse, wanting to get out of there in the most desperate way. That's when these three things happened to the car."

The engine stopped running
Headlights and dash lights went off
The car radio stopped playing

"I started to whimper and cry," the lawyer admitted. "I was scared to death because this was something I didn't know about. I remember trying to snap down the locks on the doors of the car. I saw some shadowy forms walking toward the car. Then, I must have blacked out.

"Attorney Raymond Shearer was now involved in the most ominous form of UFO contact. What was reported as an ordinary UFO sighting actually turned out to be a direct contact with UFO occupants. In this type of case the contactee's memory of the event is "erased," except for the sighting. And sometimes a cover story is implanted in the contactee's mind possibly through advanced methods of hypnosis.

Once the contactee remembers the contact experience, either through hypnosis, truth serum, or psychotherapy, a definite pattern emerges. "I think that each of us is being used as a messenger," said Raymond Shearer. "Bits and pieces of the puzzle are given to each of us. When enough of these pieces are assembled, an answer to the UFO mystery will be uncovered. I don't know why they're doing things this way -- I just feel they're doing it.

"For several months after my contact I did some crazy, irrational things," Shearer admitted. "At least they were irrational when compared to my former conduct. I think they were programmed into me by the UFO people. They're after some goal here on Earth -- whatever it may be. I break out in a cold sweat when I think of being a possible agent or spy for these people."

Raymond Shearer's only memory of his eerie UFO experience was of seeing a bright light above the interstate highway. The Sun was just coming up when he arrived home, yet he was unconcerned about the "missing time" for several days. The next morning he discovered a small, tender welt on the back of his neck that was directly over his spinal cord. By noon the welt had "blistered up," and become extremely sore and painful. A doctor's examination that afternoon revealed scores of tiny perforations of the skin within the welt.

In the weeks that followed, Shearer's life fell apart. His behavior became unusually erratic for an ambitious small town attorney. Nervous, driven by anxiety, and afflicted with severe headaches, he became obsessed with politics. His law practice was neglected while he worked for politicians by offering free help for their campaigns.

Shearer argued with his bewildered wife, quarreled with his law partner, and lost interest in his practice. "It seemed important for me to get into politics," he said. "I was never interested in political office before that time."

Ultimately, as he continued to neglect his work, Shearer's father was called in to help. The elder Shearer convinced his son that he needed psychiatric help. The attorney then drove to a nearby town for consultation at a psychiatric clinic.

"We didn't get anywhere for several weeks," he explained. "Then, the psychiatrist decided to use hypnosis, hoping to uncover the subconscious reasons behind my anxiety. That's when the details of the UFO encounter came out. I did some mental calculating and discovered there had been some time missing that night."

Several sessions of hypnotic therapy pulled details of the experience from Raymond Shearer's mind. Even now, certain parts of the experience are repressed. "I started reading about UFOs and picked up books and magazines in used book stores," he related.

Following the hypnotic sessions, Shearer's life returned to normal.

When attorney Raymond Shearer crested the hill on the gravel road, it was approximately 1:30 a.m. He did not arrive home until sunrise, indicating a time loss of at least two to three hours. "I still had a headache when I got home," he recalled. "I didn't go to bed, but stretched out on the couch in the living room. There was a funny sound in the room, like a rattlesnake shaking its rattles. Although I was tired, this buzzing seemed to keep me alert."

Later that morning, while his wife was preparing breakfast, the red welt appeared on his neck. "I saw our family doctor that afternoon. He said it was the strangest thing he'd seen," Shearer said. "He put some salve on it and the welt gradually went away."

During his first hypnotic session with the psychiatrist, the taped questions and answers included:

What is the reason for your problem?
I don't have any problems.
What made you decide to drop practicing law?
They did
Who are they?
The people I met.
When was this?
When I was driving home from Madison.
Where did you meet them?
Out on the road.
Are they from around here?
They're from another galaxy.
That's interesting. How did they get here?
They came on that flying saucer.
You mean people from flying saucers are making you do these things?
Why did they pick you?
I don't know.
What did they tell you to do?
Get into politics.
They want a friend in politics.
If they reveal themselves it will stop our people from killing them.
Do they plan to reveal themselves? When will they do this?
(Speaking as if from a recorded message) They did not tell their plans to me. They feel we are not ready.
Where did they land?
On the road
What were they doing there?
They were gathering specimens
What sort of specimens?
Rocks, weeds, trees, and dirt. Sometimes they gather animals and people.
What do they do with these specimens?
They give them to their scientists for study.

In subsequent sessions, Shearer told of being panic-stricken when his car stalled before the landed craft. As he was attempting to lock his car doors, a figure suddenly appeared at the driver's side of the car. "I didn't get much more than a glimpse of him," the attorney said. "He looked at me for a second, then there was a blinding flash. Then, I opened the door and stepped out."

Seconds later, Shearer felt a slight tingling sensation over his entire body. "One of them with a funny looking instrument told me not to be alarmed," he continued. "They had to press something against my neck. He said it wouldn't hurt. He said it would help me be able to talk to them."

Another ufonaut appeared, move swiftly behind the frightened attorney, and pressed a metallic device against the back of his neck. "I felt funny for a minute," Shearer admitted. "Then, the fear seemed to leave me. My hands stopped trembling. My head cleared up. I wasn't so confused. A warm feeling came over my body and I felt these people were my friends."

What occurred after the device was pressed against his neck?

"The two of them just stood around for a minute," Shearer recalled. "Then the one with the device said something and left. He went back to pick up some things -- tools, boxes, and bags -- and started picking weeds and tree limbs and putting them in the boxes. There were five of them altogether -- at the last I saw five of them."

Shearer reported there was a "captain" of the craft. "He was about five-feet, six-inches tall, dressed in a white, coverall-type of uniform. He had a black belt around his middle with a grayish-silver box on the side of the belt. While we talked, he would sometimes make an adjustment on the box. He said the box contained something that helped him talk to me."

One ufonaut remained beside the craft. "He must have been a guard because he never took his eyes off me," Shearer said. "He was also constantly looking up and down the road. Sometimes, he looked up to the skies."

The three other ufonauts were scattered over the road and surrounding countryside, picking up specimens. "They worked very fast," Shearer said. "They seemed to be picking up as many different types of things as they could."

Shearer said that the craft was silver-gray in color. "It was metal that looked like aluminum. I don't now what kind of metal it was. I didn't ask."

Shearer estimated the saucer was from "100 to 125 feet in diameter." It rested on three, telescoping legs that came out of the bottom of the craft. The design was almost like a perfect saucer, except for a small antenna on the rear.

When the second ufonaut left, the "captain" turned to Shearer and asked about the time.

Contactees are frequently asked about time, suggesting the possiblity of inter-or ultra-dimensional travel involved with UFOs. The psychiatrist's tapes include these questions and answers:

Did you tell him the time?

I held my watch up to the light from the saucer. It said it was 1:47 in the morning. He asked me what type of time we used. This was a strange question, but I realized that he was asking about how we measured time. I explained about our days, months, and years. He said that we should learn to handle time correctly.

What did he mean by that?

He said time doesn't exist. His people have the ability to distort time as we know it by speeding it up, slowing it down, or stopping it. To do this, we have to remove the brainwashed ideas that we have about time from our minds. A little baby, or a child, does not have any concepts of time. A minute will seem like an hour to them. A day can seem as it is forever -- and it is. As we grow older, we become more conscious of our concept of time. We lose this innocence.

His people have been here many times, but we would never be able to visit them.

Why can't we visit them?

Our ideas of time would prevent it.

How fast do they travel?

Their ship goes faster than the speed of light. They get the maximum speed after they leave our atmosphere. There is much to say about that... He told me about it when we were inside.

To be continued


On my previous blog "UFO EXPERIENCES" I posted Raymond Shearer's contact case. I never read the comment after it so I decided to post it again. Some of you will remember it but the newer persons probably never heard of him before.

What are you doing now?

He has placed his hand on my shoulder and he's looking up at me. He's asking me to go inside the ship with him and look around. We're walking toward it, but the person who is standing by it looks angry. He is talking to the captain. I think the other one wants me to stay outside. The captain says something to him, the other one understands, and steps aside.

We are going up the ladder. I am shaking because it is so cold. The craft is bigger on the inside than I thought. I'm standing in a circular room and he is pointing out things to me. He asks me to stand before a screen-like device. He turns it on and there isn't anything happening. He hands me a rod, about six inches long, and there's a cable on the end of it. I hold it and he is explaining that they are taking my picture through the screen. The rod is recording my body temperature, brain waves, weight, height, and a lot of other things about me.

Other data mentioned in the tapes includes:

Inside the saucer: Shearer felt uncomfortable inside the craft. "It was cold in there and I don't know why," he said. "I didn't feel right while I was there because everything was different. I also knew that if I did something wrong they might kill me." He reported that the presence of the beings was not frightening, "because they seemed like pretty nice people."

His feelings of apprehension came from the unusual surroundings.

"There was something funny about that ship," he continued under hypnosis. "Although the floor was metal, I couldn't feel or hear any sound of my feet when I walked around. This sort of made me feel like the ship was a ghost or something like that. But it was definitely metal."

There were no bunks, or beds, evident on the craft. "There were a lot of machines that might have been computers," Shearer said, "only they didn't have the looks of our computers. The captain showed me a little metal thing. He said they shoved that in one of the machines and it guided them back to where they came from. * There was a bunch of chairs, some desks, and they were made out of the same metal."

There were no portholes, windows, or openings in the craft. "I asked about that and was told they used the screen to see outside," said Shearer. "No, he didn't show me how it worked."

Appearance of the beings: The crewmen were approximately five to five-and-a-half feet tall, weighing approximately 125 to 140 pounds. Shearer was unable to get a clear view of their bodies, due to their uniforms. "I would say they were in good physical condition," he said, "equal to our own astronauts."

Their faces were elongated and had a flattened appearance. "This could have been the helmets they wore," Shearer admitted.

Their eyes were slightly slanted and their eyebrows were thin, light in color, and slanted slightly upward over heavy lidded eyes. Their lips were thin, almost the same color as the facial skin. "The best description I can give you of them is to look in the books on old Egypt," Shearer said recently. "Some pictures of the old Egyptian gods have a distinct likeness to these people. But the Egyptian statues are darker in complexion than these people."

UFO Propulsion: "They use a type of device that overcomes gravity," Shearer said during a hypnotic trance. "This is a push-pull thing, depending on how they see it."

He explained that the device could be set to use the power of gravity in a pushing effect. "Under this setting, they use the gravity of our Earth to push them out into space. When they are free of our gravity field, they reverse the process and lock in on another planet. Then, they are pulled toward that. This is done automatically by the machines. Unless there is trouble, they don't have to touch the controls."

When they are on a particular planet, such as Earth, they depend on an electromagnetic drive to power their craft. "I asked how this worked, but I didn't understand the answer," Shearer said. "It was confusing. But he did say that our people were getting close to perfecting a similar device." (That was over 35 years ago - we must have it by now!)

Do they use atomic energy? "He answered that it was not suitable for space flight," Shearer recalled. "This might be because of a reactor being enclosed in the ship. There were 'dangers' the captain said, in being out in space with these types of engines. They had tried them a long time past -- lost many people -- and hunted for something else to power their ships."

What do they use for power on their home planet?: "He said they used an extract from water," Shearer explained. "this is a method of breaking down water to its ultimate form of matter. He said water is a very powerful form of energy. Our scientists should be working to crack the energy in water."

What do they want?: Shearer was told that there are several types of space people visiting our planet. "We are not one of the watchers," said the ufonaut. There are others who visit here more than us. They are more familiar with your world and your people."

What is the reason for these visits? "In his case it was apparently a scientific expedition to determine the physical characteristics of our planet," Shearer related. "He didn't seem to know much about why he was here. It was more as if he was a military person working under orders."

Shearer was told that our people were extremely hostile to visitors. "When the captain said this, he was smiling," Shearer recalled. "He wasn't mad or anything like that. He reported that some other crews had some difficult times when they landed here. They had lost people in the past when humans caught them. I had the feeling that this was a long time ago, possibly not even in this century."

Brain implantation: As the other ufonauts returned to the ship, the captain asked Shearer to put a cone-shaped device on his head. "I didn't want to do it," Shearer said, "but I didn't have a choice. He said if I would put it on, it would give me great knowledge about them, their world, and the universe."

The cone was placed on the attorney's head. One of the ufonauts snapped a cord to the device. "I started whimpering; it felt as if my brain was being scrambled," Shearer stated. "It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I started to tear the cone off my head, but they stopped me. They held my arms. When the pressure inside my brain stopped, they removed the cone from my head."

The ufonauts squeezed his arm in an apparent sign of farewell. "The captain then escorted me down the ladder," Shearer said. "Coming outside, my body tingled as if from electricity. When we got to my car, the captain asked me to remain inside until they took off. He squeezed my shoulder again and said we would meet in the future."

Shearer asked for a momento of the meeting.

The captain shook his head. "He didn't say anything after that. He returned to the ship, the ladder retracted, and a buzzing, whirring noise started as the lights flickered. Seconds later, the ship took off in a diagonal climb. It disappeared in about 30 seconds."

Shearer started his car engine and the lights and radio worked again. He turned his car around on the narrow marshland road and drove home.

Immediately after his contact, attorney Shearer became obsessed with politics and considered running for political office. "Looking back, I would have liked to be in Congress," he said recently. "I still toy with the idea of running for a state office, then go on from there. I didn't do so in this past election. I am afraid they implanted something into my brain. I may be their agent, my program being to run for a political office."

How many policemen, judges, and lawmakers are now agents?: "That question keeps me awake at night," answered Raymond Shearer quietly. "There is unusual interest by UFOs in law enforcement officials."

"I know now that it was real," Raymond Shearer said convincingly. "I felt the metal on that ladder. These people are real because they squeezed me on the arm. I believe that someday, somewhere, we will meet again.
* When I worked at the Boeing Airplane Company in Flight Test each airplane had a CD for their destination. They would insert it before taking off and it would automatically fly the plane to its destination. There was a CD for each place they wished to go.

In these old cases we see different aspects that we now have but back then it was like science fiction to the witness. We are progressing, however slow it might be in comparison.

posted by Aileen @ 8:02 AM


At 1:45 PM, Anonymous ehcnald said…

I too have seen the inside of these ships. I have had and continue to have similar experiences. Can you elaborate more on the electromagnetic drive used when entering Earth's atmosphere? I was shown blueprints for a device, which I assumed was to be used based on a new structural determination of the atom. But, later when I remembered an equation on the prints referring to light [L2=em if (cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)=L2] and how to utilize the contained rest energy within the atom or its isotopes, I realized it was making references to their monopolar technology and our bipolar technology to indicate the difference in the light spectrum. The deficit I found in measure of Planck's constant and Balmer's analysis of hydrogen..which is 10 to the neg. 3 in multiple of .6256. In this, was defined how gravity and refraction are a result of the distortion of light within our electromagnetic grid on Earth caused by mass weights. In otherwords the force of electromagnetism (which we consider as major) is really an anomaly resultant of a counterclockwise 45 degree shift in the angle of that linear to the convex. Earth's spin in lieu of the wobble, does not meet the criteria for a perpendicular crossing of the vertical nature of the speed of hydrogen from the sun, as it should breach Earth's convex and permeable membrane. This allows other anomalies to come forward, which at the atomic level and in subatomic spaces is the degree of radiations effects from isotopic formation, humanity's disease, and distortion of light within our measure of spectrum. Our understanding at this time maintains four forces, but there are only two; the electro-weak and magnetic-strong. A unification arises of these two forces when they occur in a simultaneity...a static evolution and radiation of the true light as energy is equal to the mass. The degree in deficit arises out of our current elucidation of the atom, the technology derived from that and electricities synergism to the magnetic component of the unified field. When these two forces are in sync or occur with simultaneity, then the monopolar technology of which their propulsion is based shall become apparent to us all.
And when you speak of their use of gravity is it that they also use its repelling factor or opposition which is refraction to exit our atmosphere? We believe gravity is always attracting......but its repelling force is in refraction, a universal characteristic but not a property of light. Earth's angular momentum does not align 90 degrees perpendicular to the light of the sun's vertical velocity....which is the catalyst for their propulsion system. The 45 degree angle at which they leave our atmosphere is based on the electromagnetic spectrum which is within our measure visible to the eye 500 angstrom short. In otherwords, the green band is measured at 5400 A, but in actuality of the true light or that in degree of a vertical velocity to equal the angular momentum should be in measure for our eye to see what is there 5900 angstrom. Once out of our atmosphere they move at higher speeds due in fact to the magnetic monopole (a device at the center of the craft) that powers their craft using light of the sun and elemental constituents of other planets. Earth is the only planet also considered a magnetic monopole, due to the iron core. But as her ballast is now mislaid, probably due to comet impact in the past, she suffers a ferric domain which holds her at this current tilt with 160 year overlay in the grid pattern for light's influence. Within that time frame is set the contained rest at the atomic level or Planck's measure hv. At level of the macro-cosm we define it as the rate of precession, or numerically 25,920 years. Within context of their world and their mechanism for flight they use water for fuel, an H402 molecule magnetically extracting hydrogen as catalyst to set nuclear magnetic resonant speeds generated and contained within the magnetic monopole. Our H20 molecule also defines this anomaly or degree in deficit suffered on Earth. (It's spectrum displayed in 1/2 arc of the rainbow through water in our atmosphere.
I was able to view the fuel system within the craft using the evaporative and viscous nature of the water. I observed its physical and mechanical relation to this magnetic monopole. It is the cold fusion we seek.
The strange thing was having been a nurse, how their analogy of this used human physiology and the iron in our blood. It suffers the same ill effects. I guess this was to make this stick in my mind. It also made me realize what is the cause for all disease.
So they knew it would be to an advantage in using those terms.
You will and should already have recalled more of what you saw or had downloaded into your mind. Your thoughts and silent questions asked of yourself can bring it forward in time and we should speak of these things.
In this craft on a computer screen of sorts, I saw a triangle of green light radiating. Within it moving right to left along the base were Hebrew letters. They moved so rapidly almost to be a blur, yet as they moved I heard many words in my head and will quote these few, though I remember much more..."your thoughts are from the computer which has recorded all of time.......your DNA the microchip links us and will allow the information we share to unwind"......
I sense our evolution should be without time. If on our clock we set 30 degrees as each hour, and 12 marks of these in time to be 24 hours, then the 30 degree mark should be 2,000 year increments and 24,000 solar years to equate 360 degrees. At these points or positions on the periphery all will be equidistant from the center or zero point and time as we have known it will no longer exist. For simultaneity of these events to occur the one degree mark must equate to 66.6, as apposed to a 72 year mark. The shadow of disequilibrium arises at 5.4 year overlay at 1 degree and 30 degrees of 2,160 years overlays 160 years based on the 25,920 solar year. It is this measure for which they utilize the electromagnetic drive to enter into our 4th dimension or timeframe.
I should like to hear from you in regard to that which was downloaded at the end of your experience on this craft. All I know is that what was stimulated in me at which time I saw the inside of this craft and its propulsion system must have something to do with the information given you. We can build it. Then they should come.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sent in by Laura Cyr.

Unknown Chain Of Lights And Possible Triangular UFO Filmed At Witnesses Property In North Of Markham Ontario (Featured Photos)
from HBCC UFO Research by Brian
Date: April 2, 2011
Time: Approx: 6:30 a.m.

Brian Vike’s Note: I would like to point out that these two chain’s of lights were seen by the witnesses, also what is important is that there has been numerous sightings filed to me which were seen all around this area in Ontario. If you look in-between the two chain of lights, there appears to be something that “might” be a triangular craft of some type. I do not know for sure, but I thought I should point this out as well.

Hello, my name is (name removed). It was on April 2, 2011 at about 6:30am and I was just sitting at my computer, when some thing catches my attention out of the corner of my eye.

It was two strings of very bright lights flashing, kind of like Christmas lights that run. I grabbed my camera and snapped two photos. I zoomed in so they blurred some what.

I quickly ran down stairs to go out side, in hopes of getting a better shot, but they were fading away by then. I have them posted on my Facebook. My husband has lived here 20 years and never seen any thing like them. There is a town in the same direction, but I looked for the next 2 days and saw nothing that even looked like that.

I see something in one of the photos and my husband saw the same thing, a few friends saw the same thing, see if you see it?

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, we are north of Markham, Ontario, near Richmond Hill. If the ground wasn’t so wet, we would ride our ATV over and see if we could find anything? I also heard nothing? PS: Trying to resend photos. Thanks.

Thank You.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

Saturday, April 23, 2011


May 1991: On the night of the full moon at about 3:00 am, I went down to the beach, which is opposite where I live. I go there periodically to find some peace. On this occasion there was a fresh wind. This and the effect of the moon were virtually calling us out of the house. I find it very difficult to sleep on such nights.

Spontaneously, I began to run up and down the beach, close to the sea. There was a kind of wild joy in this, as if somehow my running, the crashing waves and the effect of the wind and moon were all part of one movement. Temporarily I was free from the predominance of rational, discriminative thought.

Then something which I can only describe by a comparison to one of Escher's prints began to happen, a sort of perpetual metamorphosis. I began to see dark, moving shapes, appearing to dance on the water. They seemed to correspond with the ripples on the water itself. At first I doubted what I was beginning to see. A slight shift of focus and these entities would vanish (if that's what they were), and yet with a slight readjustment, a slight relaxation, the forms would be back.

The focusing and vividity of these forms, in my perception, corresponded at this point with shifts between doubt and the suspension of my disbelief. This probably took place over a few minutes. The doubt or fear of what I was seeing was sufficient to eliminate it, bringing back ordinary "ripples" on an ordinary sea. Yet acceptance brought these dark, dancing forms more into focus. Something else seemed to be involved in this act of perception, a relaxing in my forehead. I allowed whatever was going to happen to happen.

They were like people, but not exactly people. They didn't seem to have a solid shape, but rather seemed to flow from one shape to the next as quickly as swapping partners in a flirtation dance. Ar one point, they were little black triangles in file, executing impossibly exact figure eights on the sea's surface. Circles and figure eights seemed to be a favorite configuration on this and other occasions. Only a few days later, while observing the sails of the spinnakers, did I realize that the small black triangles were like miniatures by comparison. Then there was something that kept leaping in and out of the water, executing a circle as it did so. It also seemed like they were having a party (!); there was such constant, fast, fluid movement. It also seemed as if this was something I was being allowed to see, like a gift.

As I watched, these moving forms became more and more vivid. They were not very far away from me, but as I was sitting down they were somewhat higher. I began to get a bit nervous, and eventually stood up and left.

For over what was about a month, I'd occasionally go down to the beach at different times of the day and night, in the hope/fear of seeing "them," the "elementals," as I named them, thinking that was probably what they were, if they existed. Sometimes during the day I'd spot them without really meaning to, even when children and grandparents were playing in the water. They were never in sharp focus, and like the waves themselves, they were always in a flurry. I could never be sure that what I was seeing, or not seeing, was real.

One morning shortly after dawn, I walked down to the beach having had not sleep (though not because of this subject). I was feeling as one sometimes does in such circumstances, pleasantly drained, not only of energy but of excess mental activity. Sure enough, at a glance, there they were on the left side of the mole. They seemed to be schooling around the tip to the other side, though anyone else would have seen, I'm sure, just some fairly normal current activity. These beings were never quite as in focus or as frightening as on that first night, when I expected nothing. I walked onto the mole and up for a closer look. They seemed to be heading towards the next mole, near the yacht club. As I left the mole and walked hurriedly along the beach, it occurred to me that I was acting like a foolish child, "chasing faeries." It also occurred to me that maybe I was being fooled by some trick of the light at that hour. Sure enough, the shoal seemed to recede from the shoreline as I reached the spot where I would have been able to get a clearer view.

I walked back along the beach a little frustrated, caught between curiosity and a sense of my own foolishness. Stopping to look out to sea for any change in the conditions there, I saw what appeared to be a tribe of little blue men. They were the color of the sea and were standing on the water (hence, barely visible), several yards out and facing me in a slightly concave formation. They were holding spears, or possibly long staffs. I observed them briefly, then walked on.

I had grown weary and I resolved, after that episode, not to goo on seeking out these phenomenon. The act of doing so was taking me away from my center, drawing me off balance. I did not feel threatened by these blue people, but retrospectively I think that their stance was a "warding off," telling me to mind my own business and to leave them to get on with theirs.
From "The Communion Letters" by Whitley Strieber

Thursday, April 21, 2011


An unusual event was written up in “The Wilderness War” which took place in 1715.

From Niagara Falls to Lake Champlain, the warriors of the mighty Iroquois ruled supreme. Not even the savagery of the French and Indian Wars could cool their fury or halt their power. But by 1770, the restless white men were warring once again. Thayendanegea, the valiant Iroquois war Chief, allied his fierce tribes with the one white man the Indians loved and trusted, Sir William Johnson. Once more the frontier would erupt; pitting the Indians’ unvanquished spirit against the white settlers relentless challenge.

The fact that Joseph Brant disliked school does not mean he disliked education, especially the sort he received from Chief Tiyanoga. Even now, the thought of the grand old leader of the Mohawks could bring a lump to Joseph’s throat and dampen the corners of his eyes. It was Tiyanoga who had taught him the history of his tribe and that of the Iroquois League; and it was he who had taught Joseph the art of war.

In his deeply resonant baritone voice, Tiyanoga had spoken of how he Iroquois were proud people, but that before the League was formed the Five Nations has been separate, unallied tribes constantly fighting one another. So terrible was the carnage that it became necessary to erect strong palisades around each village for protection. Among their chief villages the remnants of these fortifications yet remain, and when the white men first saw these they called them castles.

At last, Tiyanoga had told him, some two and a half centuries ago, (that would be in the 1500’s) a remarkable thing occurred. A Being from the skies came to the earth and spoke to them, telling them to cease their fighting and unite themselves in a league for both defense and attack. Another Being was there, too -- a man called Atotarho, a great Onondaga chief. Both an astounding warrior and great magician, he was bound in some indefinable way to the unnamed Being from above. Finally there came a third Being, again a man and a chief and yet somehow supernatural, who appeared to various influential tribesmen in their dreams and bade them for this League. His name was Taounyawatham; he was also known to his people as Hiawatha. For a long time he traveled among the five tribes, explaining in detail to their leaders the idea of the League. It was not, he told them, a league that would prevent them from destroying themselves, as they were on the brink of doing. And should any one of them be attacked, they would all rise as a single body to beat off and destroy the attackers.

This is from the book “The Wilderness War” taken from actual diaries of the time. A true story which is quite fascinating!

Monday, April 11, 2011


By Sandy Nichols

Back when I was around fifteen or sixteen, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a male voice talking to me though I was alone in my bedroom. I should have been scared, but I wasn't. Since early childhood anomalous experiences had become an integral part of my life. Normally I would have written this voice off to just another strange and unexplained experience, but this one was unique. This was not a voice that seemed to emanate from a disembodied presence in the room, but had actually melded with my conscious and subconscious thoughts. In other words, I was not actually hearing a physical voice through normal hearing, but through words actually embedded into my thought pattern. In this way we were able to communicate with each other just by thinking what we wanted to say. This process is very similar to the way the "ET type Beings" communicate with me during many of my abduction experiences. I believe it is a form of ESP or some other type of psychic telepathy. I share in my book "Different Child," "that the beings seem to know my thoughts before I even think of them!" Whatever the method is used, it is a very efficient way of communication.

As the next few minutes passed the voice asked me to call him "Billy." Billy went on to share with me that he was from a realm and a time that was not completely aware of on my present level of existence. I wondered if he was referring to a past life of mine either here on earth or on another planet or even in another dimensional state. Knowing what I was thinking, he shared that I would know in time, and that I was chosen for who I was. He went on to share that he was there to protect me. With a Catholic upbringing at the time I wondered if he was my "guardian angel." Though I could not see his physical face I could feel a smile radiating from him. My impression was that this was not who he was, but for the time being,, for my peace of mind, this answer would suffice.

As the weeks and months passed I became very comfortable having Billy around. I could feel his presence constantly, but not in an invasive or smothering way. Though I still managed to inflict on myself an assortment of minor bumps, bruises and scrapes, Billy saved me fro major physical harm from youthful indiscretions on more than one occasion. For reasons I did not understand at the time, I felt compelled to share my unique relationship with Billy to others. It did not take long for strange looks to be bounced back my way, and at work I became the poster boy for some good natured ribbing such as asking me what I had for breakfast that morning... "Boo Berry's or Ghost Toasty's?" I have always had an excellent sense of humor, and I took the ribbing in stride, though some people began to question my sanity. It became quite obvious to me at that early age that generally anything not endorsed as a truth by science and/or religion verged on a delusional fantasy or a heresy. I began to question the wisdom of my sharing until some years later when I received a phone call from a distant relative I had not seen in 10 years. Susan.

To say the least I was totally surprised by her call. She lives just a couple of hours away in another city but we rarely saw each other. So I was perplexed as to why she would suddenly want to communicate with me. Susan would not elaborate on the phone the reason for the call, and asked, but more like persisted, that I visit her in the very near future. She stressed the importance of this visit and said she would explain all when I arrived. Having no prior plans for the next day, we arranged for my arrival at her home the next morning around ten. Her enthusiasm that I could visit so soon echoed through the phone. I had no idea what was so important to get her so excited about seeing me. When I arrived she was home alone, having taken a six month leave of absence from work because of her third pregnancy. I inquired as to how she was feeling an how things were going in her life. She replied that as far as the physical part of the pregnancy was concerned she was feeling fine, but she was having a hard time dealing with something else. She then asked me if Billy was still around. Billy??????

I told her "Yes!" and asked her "Why?"

I was startled to say the least that Susan began our visit by asking about Billy. It was not a secret in my family that most of my relatives, including the distant ones, believed that I was a little "touched" or just looking for attention. I assumed that Susan felt the same way until she shared with me that day in a very open way. When all was said and done and I was driving home, I knew that there was purpose in me sharing my strange experiences with others. Susan was in the throes of some very strange and disturbing experiences that had begun to manifest early in this pregnancy, and when she shared with her husband and others, no one believed her. Fearing that she was about to suffer a mental breakdown and worried about the safety of her unborn child, she called me with a desperate plea for help.

Susan's two previous pregnancies went off without a hitch. They were as normal as normal could be, and she had not been plagued by anything unusual. Looking at this third pregnancy from the view point based on her first two pregnancies, then this pregnancy should have progressed in a similar manner, but it didn't. The first indicator that something might be amiss came about two months into the pregnancy. Her husband, Larry, was at work when a lady from his office who claimed to to be "witch" approached him the later part of the day and gave Larry a warning, "Tell Susan to be careful with the new baby." Taken back, he asked the lady what she meant. She explained that she knew Susan was pregnant and that something evil was lurking around her. Larry was confused to say the least. He did not believe that his lady was a witch in the first place, but still wondered how she knew Susan was pregnant. Their children did not even know, and her immediate family was not informed until the third month.

Susan's experiences did not begin as gangbuster's and increase in intensity from there. Instead they began with a few innocuous experiences such as coat hangers falling off rods in the closets, boxes falling to the floor from shelves, hearing footsteps when only she was in the house, and the occasional bump in the night and (day) type of sounds. As with many other hauntings, the intensity and her resulting fear factor increased as she progressed further into her pregnancy.

At first Susan tried to ignore her experiences. Her beliefs would not allow her to think outside the box. She entered a state of denial and wrote off each experience to a status quo explanation. As the experiences continued she decided to conduct an experiment. She replaced only a fallen box to the very back of the shelf knowing that something would have to literally push the box off of the shelf. She also bent the hook of several wire coat hangers inward before replacing them back on the hanger rod. The results were the same and startling at the same time. Only the box she had placed at the back of the shelf, and only the coat hangers that had the bent hooks were on the floor the next day. It was at this point that she believed that something intelligent was messing with hr life. She wondered why, except for one single occasion, it was messing with her alone and no other family member.

There was no doubt in my mind that something else was transpiring in Susan's life besides just hormonal changes. My mother and father always spoke very highly of her, and her marriage and family life seemed very happy and secure. No one had ever accused her of being delusional, deliberately lying or even suffering from hallucinations. She may have been going through hormonal changes, but these changes could not explain boxes and coat hangers deliberately crashing to the floor. I felt as if something else was afoot....something on the ghostly realm and possibly pushing the boundary of evil intent.

As the morning blended into the afternoon I began to ask Susan questions about her past. I wanted to see if she had had any other strange experiences in her life. She was positive nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, and things only started getting strange about the time she became pregnant. I then asked her to look back at that specific time and tell me if anything unexpected had occurred that she was involved in. She said that the only thing she could think of was that her aged grandmother could no longer take care of herself and went to live with a daughter in another state. The only personal possessions that she desired were her clothes and a bible. The rest of the possessions in her house had already been earmarked to be sold a a bulk lot, except for one bed frame and a mattress and box springs. These items belonged to her sister who had lived with her for years. Her sister had passed away some years earlier, and she wanted these items to go to her favorite grand-niece who lived half way across the country. These items were never shipped though, because the shipping charge was an amount the grand-niece could not afford. Instead, with no objections from any other family member, Susan and her husband claimed the bed plus two old chests that had been gathering dust in the attic. With this new piece of the puzzle revealed, it appeared that the bed was at least playing a part in her experiences. Now I needed to know what items were stored in the two chests. It would not be the first time that a haunting had manifested because of a ghostly spirit's strong attachment to an inanimate object. Couple this with the knowledge that her aunt's wishes were not adhered to, then a haunting scenario may have been inadvertently umped started.

The chests were similar in appearance and probably bought around the same time if not at the same time. They were rectangular in shape and flat on all sides. They had a flip down bracket in the middle that could be secured with a simple padlock. The amount of dust on each chest hinted strongly that they had not been opened or even moved for years. Inside the chests were the typical items that people might store as treasured keepsakes... old clothes, lace doilies and handkerchiefs, a tin containing jewelry, quilted blanket, various other knick knacks and some very old letters dating back to the Civil War. he Civil War letters were interesting from a family point of view. The letters indicated that the author was a relative by marriage by the name of Jordan who was a Confederate Cavalry Captain and who married a lady named Mary Nichols. Was this just a coincidence or another example of history repeating itself?

There was one other item found in one of the chests. It was a box that on the outside resembled a very ornate book. Inscribed on the front lid/cover were the words "Memories of Mother." Inside the box were a few photos, a thimble and a lock of hair. Since Susan's grandmother and great-aunt were sisters and had lived together for years, then we believed that the chests were owned by both ladies.

A good many of Susan's experiences occurred while she was in or near the bed. By this time she had drawn the conclusion that the mischievous spirit was her aunt. She believed that she was singled out by her or a specific reason... that by being a mother and pregnant she would be more sympathetic to her aunt's wishes. She was sympathetic to her aunt, and did not believe she was being malicious. It just did not fit her nature. She was very much loved by everyone with nary a bad word spoken about her. The home she shared with her sister became the sleepover spot of choice for all of the grandchildren. Since children are very perceptive, then this one fact alone convinced me that neither sister was a bad person. Susan tried to explain that she would have paid the shipping cost, but the impending birth of her new child made this impossible. Apparently this did not satisfy her aunt for the strange happenings continued.

From what I had learned so far, I believed that Susan was on the right track, but I felt that there was another piece to this puzzle. I then asked myself a simple question, "Cold there be more than one spirit interacting with Susan at the same time?" Everything seemed to indicate that the contents of the two chests contained the spiritual energy of at least three other souls.. a mother to the two sisters, a soldier at war and a wife at home alone. Many psychics have zeroed in on several spirits active at the same time in the same location. Depending on the circumstances of their death,some could be benign in nature while others might have a malicious or malevolent demeanor about them. Since I knew the least about Captain Jordan and his personality, I directed my focus toward him. Part of my reasoning was based on a visual sighting of a tall, dark figure seen by her oldest son during this time frame.

Susan's oldest son who was still a young child himself at the time, awakened in the middle of the night with the urge to urinate. The bathroom was just a few short steps down the hallway from his bedroom. As he made his way across the room he noticed a dark, human like figure standing in the hallway just outside of his bedroom door. This figure was very tall, almost the height of the door opening itself. It did not move or make a threatening gesture toward him, though it still frightened him. A few seconds later the dark figure just vanished.

Susan wondered who this dark figure could have been as well. It was definitely not her great aunt... much too tall. Could it have been Captain Jordan? His letters were of a loving nature to his wire, but his words also echoed the loneliness and torment of a soldier at war. It was not implausible to speculate that Captain Jordan may have perished in that dreadful war,, and that his spirit was still searching for its final rest. A quick genealogy search turned up very little information. His personality was an enigma yet to be discovered.

For a few moments I was silent, enmeshed within my own thoughts, pondering all of the information I knew about a haunting. It was obvious to me that Susan and her husband had opened a portal to another dimensional reality. I wondered if by doing so something less friendly had slipped through as well.

The bed that was once her great-aunt's, was now par of Susan's master bedroom suite. As she sleepily placed her feet on the warmth of the carpet below, she could not help but feel a bit apprehensive. Her sleep had been fitful, and her dreams of darkness filled with an eerie silence. She felt an unseen presence beside her; its stare transfixed upon her. In the preceding months she had grown accustomed to feeling it around, but not like this. On this morning it felt different somehow, more ominous and foreboding. She hoped that she was wrong, but her premonition was soon to be proven true.

Susan had decided from the beginning not to let any unfounded paranoia lead her life. She had responsibilities that needed to be dealt with, and she surely did not want to scare her children. She continued on with her daily routine, enmeshed in the busyness of her schedule. As each hour passed the feelings had lessened, and by the time she sat down to supper with her family she had all but forgotten them. After dinner she helped the children with their homework, and then cuddled with her husband on the couch. Around 10pm she kissed him goodnight and retired to the bedroom at the other end of the house. After a relaxing soak in the tub, she put on her nightgown and crawled into bed.

Susan did not know how long she had been asleep when she awakened with the covers pulled off of her, and the realization that someone was crawling into bed with her. She felt the foot of the bed giving way to the weight of a naked body pressing down upon her feet. Slowly hands began to caress her legs and then move up to her thighs. She called out her husband's name, believing that he suddenly had an urge to snuggle, but there was no reply. She called out again, and was answered only by the silence of the night. By now the naked feel of a body was to her waist. She stared into the darkness, room illuminate only by the ambient light filtering in through the curtains on the windows. She should have been able to see someone, but no one was there. If this was her husband playing a trick on her, he had gone too far. Fear now had her firmly in its grasp, and she screamed. Immediately the pressure upon her body was gone, and she jumped out of bed. Through the closed bedroom door she hard the hurried steps of feet running down the hall. She dared not move. The door opened, and in burst her husband.

Her experiences had changed dramatically. As long as her experiences were limited to haring strange noises, items crashing to the floor in closed closets and only having a gut feeling that something was in the house, she felt she could deal with it on her own. But what happened the night before caused genuine fear to well up inside of her. A ghostly spirit had invaded the sanctity of her marriage bed, and she dreaded to think of the consequences had she not screamed. She thought of calling me but decided against it. This experience was so bizarre she wondered if even I would believer her. Her decision not to call was not a wise one. Two weeks later she wished that she had called that day.

There was one thing that needed to be done before the baby arrived. This expense had been figured into the family budget long before Susan became pregnant. Now with the due date nearing, the home needed to be painted before the baby arrived. The entire interior of the home was supposed to be finished in two weeks or less. To expedite the work, all of the furniture in the room being painted as transferred to the living room. This meant that each family member would sleep in the living room for the duration until their particular room was finished. To save some time and effort, they decided not to reassemble the bed frames in the living room. They simply laid the mattress and box springs of each bed on the floor in the middle of the room. The children loved this It would be like camping out, but without the hassle of getting bitten by bugs. For the next two weeks everything went as smoothly as could be expected. There was now only one room left to be painted... the master bedroom.

Right before Susan lay down on the mattress she stood in silence and said a little prayer of thanks. She had not had one experience since the painting began. It did not matter to her why they had ceased, she was only grateful that they had. As she lowered herself down on the mattress and pulled the covers over her, she moved closer to her husband. She felt his gentle strength as he wrapped an arm around her. She had always felt safe and secure in his arms.

A thump on the mattress awakened Susan from her sound sleep. No longer was her husband embracing her, and his snoring alerted her to the fact that the thump had not disturbed him. As her eyes cleared she began to discern what appeared to be 12 to 15 humanoid shaped figures gathered around the mattress. They were small in stature, 3 to 4 feet in height, shadows where facial features should have been, and they were dull, white in color almost to the point of glowing. Was this just an illusion, or were they emitting their own internal light source?

Susan did not feel threatened, nor did they make any threatening move toward her, though she still felt fear. She refused to look behind her, and as she had tried several times before during other experiences, she could not awaken her husband. From all the research that had been done, this is really not an uncommon thing to happen. In some way not understood, the non-affected party is essentially placed in a catatonic state during the experience. When the person awakens some time later, the usually declare that they had had a very restful sleep.The afternoon was winding down as Susan finished sharing and began asking me questions about Billy. She knew that I had shared that Billy was my protector, and she wanted to know if I could lend Billy to her to possibly help her. I was a bit taken back by her request, and I felt a small sense of vindication from years of sharing, though I needed to keep in mind that Susan had called me out of a sense of desperation.

Whatever the reason did not matter. I believed Susan and she needed my help, and that is what I would do. I could not promise that Billy would help her. That would be totally up to him. If he agreed, then I would send him at a date in the near future, but I would not inform her what date that would be. I felt that this would be best. She was pregnant, and hormonal changes can affect women in strange ways. A good researcher explores all possibilities regardless of what his gut is telling him. If I was right in my original assessment, and Billy was able to help her, then the results should point to a genuine interaction of ghostly spirits upon Susan's world. Now all I had t do was to have patience and wait for Susan's call.

Almost a month and half had passed when I received another call from Susan. The first thing she said was that I had sent Billy to her. I answered in the affirmative, and asked her if she knew what date I had sent Billy. She shared that she continued to feel the negative entity in her home after I had left, and had some minor experiences. then exactly on the tenth day she awakened and she knew that Billy was there. She said that she would have called me sooner, but she wanted to be sure that she was free of the negative spirit. I told her that Billy would stay with her until her new baby arrived. She then thanked me for believing and helping her when no one else would.

I did not have to hear Susan confirm that Billy had helped her, because I received confirmation from another source. When Billy had vanquished her spirits, they decided to pay me a visit the following night. I awakened in the middle of the night to find a few of Susan's, little glowing buddies around my bed, and standing behind them the tall dark figure. Apparently they were a little pissed at me and decided I would be their next victim. Interacting with strange beings was nothing new for me, and so their presence did not really bother me... plus the fact that I was still under the protection of Billy. I still cannot explain it to this day, but somehow Bill was still around me at the same time he was around Susan.

Susan had her baby a few months later, a healthy baby girl, and never had any more personal experiences, but the same could not be said for another member of her family.

About three years later Susan gave birth to her last child, a boy. By this time Susan and her husband had purchased a new bedroom suite and placed her aunt's bed in storage. It remained there until her youngest son turned three and was used as his bed. A few months later her son who had always had good sleeping habits, began awakening in the middle of the night screaming. Susan would rush in to see what was wrong, and would have a hard time calming him down. After another month of this strange behavior, Susan took her son to a specialist. He was diagnosed as having "Night Terror Dreams." He was prescribed medicine, but Susan knew that this would not help. When she returned home she dismantled the bed and placed in their basement. From that moment on her home had been totally free of strange happenings. A few weeks later the bed, mattress and box springs were sold uring a garage sale.


Over the years friends have often asked me if Billy is still around, and the answer is always, "Oh year!" but with an explanation.

Billy was not just a protector, Bill was a teacher and mentor as well. In my younger days when Billy first came to me, I was a naive little boy whose lack of understanding and knowledge was a determent to my spiritual, emotional and mental growth. Bil taught me I had a special place and a special purpose in the universe. Over time I grew in wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and was entrusted with the responsibility to share and help others. Every night I pray to my Higher Power that my words are true, and I am doing that which I feel I was predestined to do.

"Yes, Billy is still around" but I believe he is with others as well. I feel that he is secure in the knowledge that he had taught me well, and so therefore could let me float free among the stars and accomplish those things that I must do. And I too feel secure in the knowledge that if I should ever find myself in a situation where I need his wisdom and guidance, he would be there for me.

Sandy Nichols

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Recently on Phantoms and Monsters blog an abduction case was posted. When I read it I recognized it right away. It was one of the cases we worked with in Washington in 1981. The person that had this happen to submitted it to Phantoms and Monsters as a current or recent case. I asked Len to send my e-mail on to the person, I assume he did but we never heard back from her. Just to prove it is our case and it happened years ago this is the story.

"Kathy" (her name begins with K) was a 25-year-old "health professional" and a college graduate with a 3.7 grade point average. She told her story because she believed others had been contacted by extraterrestrials but were afraid to come forward with their stories.

BUT why did she send it to Phantoms and Monsters blog saying it was a recent case??


She was driving home from work the night of February 10, 1981 when she saw the UFO, which displayed a horizontal ring of red and blue lights, flashing from left to right in apparent sequence. It was about 75 to 100 feet in diameter and hovered above a grove of trees.

Curious, she slowed down, looking at the light. She entered the parking lot of her apartment building, parked her car and looked again toward the UFO. It was hovering about 100 to 150 feet off the ground, across the street about 100 feet from her car!

She thought, "If this moves or starts coming down, I'm getting out of here!"

It began to move and descended in a falling leaf motion to an altitude of about 20 feet. Then it started coming toward her.

Consciously, she remembered only that after turning off her headlights, leaving car and running for her front door, when she reached it, the UFO was gone.

The next day, Kathy contacted the UFO Contact Center to report her experience. The directors came to interview her on February 13 and suggested she undergo hypnosis to find out any experiences she didn't remember.

In a series of four sessions, she revealed that the car suddenly was filled with a bright, white light. The next thing she knew she was standing in a dome-like room, about 15 feet wide, with white, very smooth floors, walls and ceilings and an arched doorway in front of her. A desk-sized white box with "zillions" of colored lights on a dark field was in front of her. A long white table perched on a single pedestal behind her.

She stood there, "calm, but bewildered," and absently reached to unbutton the collar of her dress. The next thing she knew, the garment was at her feet.

Two beings came through the door. They were about five feet tall, with thin upper bodies, long, sloping shoulders and arms that hung almost to their knees. They seemed unable to straighten their arms completely, she said.

They had four very long fingers. Their heads were shaped like light bulbs and they had large, wide-open eyes. Their noses were very small, just a ridge; they had slits for mouths and small holes with small skin flaps for ears. Their skin was gray-white and very cool.

They were dressed from neck to toe in blue-gray metallic fabric. The upper left chests of their uniforms displayed an insignia, a triangle inside a white circle. They took her by her upper arms and guided her to the table.

"The whole thing seemed to go like clockwork," she said. "I got on the table and they gently pushed me down. I wasn't frightened. I had no real thoughts."

She sensed a third person in the room. He was like the other two, but wore a red-orange uniform with a black stripe around the neckline. He put a silver, mallet-like object to his eye and then placed the other end on her abdomen. He moved it around a bit and then left. He came back a short time later and the three beings stood around the table.

"What is the purpose of this?" she thought.

"You are progressing physically and mentally as planned and are very receptive to us," they responded by telepathy.

They told her they were pleased with what her father had taught her and then told her she must go.

"I didn't want to," she said, "but they assisted me off the table. As I put my dress on, they said "You will see us again," and the next thing I knew I was back in my car."

She has no strong opinions about who her abductors were, but thinks they were probably creatures with higher intelligence who traveled to earth from another galaxy. She found out why she might have been chosen when she called her father after the hypnosis sessions.

"He cried," she said. "He never told me before, but he has had four encounters with the same people."

What is interesting about this case and why the aliens responded as they did to Kathy, is that her mother and father were never able to have children. Kathy was born when they were much older and she was their only child. As far as I know she has not had children either.

The above write up was written in 1981. You can look this case up on Phantoms and Monsters blog if you wish. I don't remember the exact date but I know it was last year or the beginning of this year.

P. Urial


Dr. Tom O’D.... was an Associate Director in the UFOCCI. He was the head of the Durango, Colorado chapter. This is a letter he wrote to me that I thought you all would find interesting.

A new development (and strangely enough, I sense that there is a connection between these two bits of news): There has been a craft hovering over my rural property here, south of Durango, since the Cottonwood conference. I believe I know who they are but much remains a mystery. Generally it is in the northeast about 30 degrees from the horizon, but it sometimes moves to the northwest or west. Right now, at this hour, it is west - northwest at about 45 degrees. It was in this same location the first time that I saw it - with Tom C. and Richard W. several months ago. I believe it is the same craft. Flashing multicolored lights, it will move according to my requests (which initially verified to me that it is a craft). Several days ago I got a visual in my mind, seeing it come down near here. So I suspect that a landing might be imminent, but this is an impression.

Could I give you some background to this? It may be worth it for I believe that a firm contact is about to occur here. Two and a half years ago, I was in an Athens, Greece hotel when an alien presence came in through the top of my head. It occupied my body for about 15 or 20 minutes, and it was a fascinating experience. I sort of took a back seat and let this entity try out this “novel” body. Then something that I don’t understand occurred - I could see or “sense” the color blue in my throat area, and feel it was being stimulated. Then I involuntarily blew out a blue fog or mist, which filled the room! Then the alien left. About five minutes after this, the woman who was sharing the room with me, a wonderful lady from Columbia who is very spiritually oriented) woke up suddenly and - get this - the exact words out of her mouth, when she opened her eyes, were: “I see blue!” This certainly confirmed to me that the event had actually happened. Why the blue?

Last January, I was in the Baja California, with another wonderful woman named Nita. Nita is from India and resides in California: I had met her at Astara (Robert and Earlyene Cheney’s center). We had planned a week’s vacation to the Baja.

Every other day on the trip, I received a contact from these aliens. In the first contact, I was laying on the bed when I suddenly found myself propelled out of the body and up toward the ceiling. There was an orange-red claw like hand come through the hotel ceiling and motion to me to come close. I floated up close (I have had several out-of-body experiences since 1987) and responded to it by saying: “Later.” The “hand” immediately withdrew. I could tell that I knew it, but that awareness was not fully in my consciousness.

Two nights later, it gave me some information. It told me that it was from a planet that was lacking in water, and that it needed help. I saw myself visually on that planet, helping to water the plant life. It also indicated that the government (I don’t know which government) was after it and that some hiding and secrecy were needed. It told me that its craft was damaged in taking off - I believe the government had something to do with this. It asked me to work with a group of others to help it. I was given some coordinates of a place to go for a meeting with it or them. The numbers of these coordinates I know are locked in my mind, but not readily accessible. Like they are on the tip of my tongue, so to speak. I also got a visual of the site - very clear. Of course, as a psychologist I would want to look at the symbolism in any experience for the greater meaning. The need for water, as expressed to me, might better be taken figuratively to represent that race’s need pertaining to emotions, since in our symbols water traditionally has represented emotion or subconscious forces. Well, perhaps.

Again, two nights later, I am laying on the bed in a relaxed state and Nita states that she is going to take a walk. Within 30 seconds of leaving the hotel room, the alien entity enters through the top of my head, just like in Athens nearly two years before. It is a similar experience, as if the entity wants to get accustomed to this human body. It particularly found my right arm interesting, and moved it around quite a bit, getting the feel of it. It stays for 15 minutes. 30 seconds before Nita re-enters the room, it suddenly leaves. I realize that it was monitoring Nita’s presence (she would not have reacted kindly to the incident, and I don’t believe I would have let it enter in her presence).

The last night in Cabo San Lucas, I see my first clear sighting of a ship, which is off over the Pacific but in clear view of our hotel windows. It was flashing lights and was quite spectacular. It was there all evening.

Well, I mention all of this because I think it is the same entities. I never knew what those things really meant, and have not thought much about them for the past year. But in Wendelle’s (Stevens) wonderful presentation in Cottonwood, when he presented in a positive light the Zeta, something overwhelmed me. I could feel that force again, and I felt compelled to say (in silence): “Now!” In the Baja, I had said “Later,” but during Wendelle’s presentation I knew that the time was Now. My wife was sitting by me at the time, and she later said that something was overshadowing me and from her perception it was alien.

Upon returning, I discovered that a craft, nearly every night, is hovering close to my house. It does move according to my requests (e.g., move left) although I try not to over-do this?

One more note on this: the craft is seen at night. During the day of these sightings, a small single engine plane circles my land. It makes tight circles, and stays directly over my property! I was out planting trees on the first occasion, and after 30 minutes of circling directly over me I got angry. I then thought of something: I ran into the house and got my camera and telephoto lens. I then started taking pictures as it made one of many, many fly-overs of my house. It immediately went straight on, heading due south toward the New Mexico border. I feel very strange about this plane. I might also say that there have been many army-looking helicopters go directly over our property in the last several months. In one case, six armed forces helicopters flew directly over our house. There is no airbase in this immediate vicinity.

At first I was frankly scared but exhilarated; in the past week I have been working on the issue of fear. Interestingly, I am increasingly feeling a sense of loving when I look at he craft. As love is incompatible with fear, I find this most interesting.

I hesitate to start making interpretations as when one does, they usually are wrong. But I do feel that there is some connection with the Zeta, and I have a strong feeling that it is now about time to see them face-to-face regarding a project that I don’t yet understand (although it may have something to do with some dramatic changes about to occur). To put my current thoughts in a nutshell regarding their presence, I believe that some genetic work is being done mingling both races. Several years ago, I had an out-of-body experience where I was in this room of a craft and looked at about five or six silver pedestals with infants, connected to tubes, resting on them! I can’t explain it, but where I looked at one infant I knew that it was me (Most interestingly. I met a friend of Jerry W. at the conference named Katherine who has had the same experience!).

Unfortunately I have lost track of Dr. Tom. Maybe he will see this or someone else will and send it on to him. In that case, thank you Dr. Tom for letting me share your most interesting experience.

P. Urial