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Alien Abduction Stories: The Sergeant Charles L. Moody Abduction

It is said that the people who are abducted by aliens are usually mid-American red necks who love a good tipple of whisky. Unfortunately this is something that is said by those who have never looked further into alien abductions. This story is about a man who was a Sergeant in the US Air Force.Alien abduction stories moody
This alien abduction story involves one Sergeant Charles L. Moody on August 13, 1975. Moody was watching a meteor shower from Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert. It was about 1:15 A.M. when he witnessed a glowing metallic, disk-shaped object fall from the sky about 300 feet away.

The UFO was about 50 feet long and between 18-20 feet wide. As it reached to an altitude of 15-20 feet above the ground it wobbled on its own axis then started to slowly move towards Moody in a steady manner. Moody jumped into his car but was unable to start it. The UFO stopped about 70 feet away. As he watched he could hear a high pitched humming noise, he could see a rectangular window in the craft and he could see shadows of humanoid beings. The high pitched humming stopped and he could feel a strange numbness permeating throughout his whole body.

The next thing Sergeant Moody remembers was watching the object rise up into the sky and disappear into the distance. He turned the ignition key and the car started. He drove off in speed terrified.

Moody arrived home to find that it was now 3:A.M. He was missing around one and a half hours of time. The following day Moody suffered lower back pain.

A rash broke out over his lower body a few days later. A physician recommended that he should try self -hypnosis to try and recall what happened to him in that lost one and a half hours.

Over the following weeks Moody was able to piece together a near complete picture of events of that night. After he was overcome by numbness that night in the car, he recalls seeing two humanoid beings approaching the car.

He described them as being around six feet tall wearing skin tight black clothing. He was involved in a brief scuffle with them and he was rendered unconscious. He later woke on a slab inside the craft. His limbs were heavy and immovable and stood next to him was what he believed to be the beings leader.

This being was smaller than the two who had taken Moody from his car, he was wearing a silvery white suit. Like the other two he also had a large hairless head, a protruding brow, roundish eyes, small ears and nose with very thin lips. They had a whitish grey coloured skin.

Moody was asked telepathically if he was prepared to behave peacefully. Moody agreed and the leader relieved his paralysis by applying a rod like device to his back.

He was taken around to different parts of the ship, he was shown the drive unit that powered the craft. He recalls there being a sweet stifling odour. He was told that there was a mother ship that was situated miles above earth. They promised him a future meeting with the occupants but that closer contact of Earth men would not happen for another twenty years.

Moody was told by the aliens that he will not remember anything for about two weeks, and then the smaller alien put his hands on the sides of his head and rendered him unconscious again.

Charles McQuiston, a co-inventor of the Psychological Stress Evaluator did an analysis of Moody’s claims and said they appeared to be true. One investigator however questions the validity of Moody’s claims, Jim Lorenzen noticed a couple of ‘big’ contradictions in Moody’s accounts.

In an early telling Moody said that the mother ship was about 400 miles above the Earth, he later went on to say it was 6,000 miles away. A big difference.

He also said one time that the aliens that took him from the car were frail creatures but later said they were 6 feet tall.

Real Alien Abductions Stories would like to say, I have seen men who are 6 feet tall and frail. You can be both. So I am not sure that that is a valid argument against the case. Still what ever happened to Charles L. Moody on August 13, 1975 in the New Mexico desert is a intriguing alien abduction story.

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Some people don't believe in UFOs or Bigfoot creature at all, and those who do can't even agree on the theory of their origins.

"It's not up to us to make any judgments on anybody's ideas, "Gordon said.  "We're trying to deal with things more as a scientific phenomenon to find evidence that those things (that are being reported) are out there.  We're still looking for the answers of what this is all about."

At one time, the United States Air Force actively investigated reports of UFOs in operations called Project Sign and Project Grudge.  "They later wound up being called Project Blue Book," Gordon said.  "In 1969 they dropped all public level of UFO research and stated that the government has no interest in UFO reports.  However, through the Freedom of Information Act, I and other researchers around the country have obtained many documents from major agencies such as the Air Force, CIA, FBI, NORAD and the NSA that show there have been many cases of UFO investigations through the late 1980s.  There are still reports coming in."

Incidents with UFOs are classified in three levels.  A close encounter of the first kind involves the sighting of an unexplained aerial object within 500 feet.  These are by far the most common.  Take for instance the persistent UFO that a prominent Westmoreland County man encountered at about 11:55 p.m. August 30, 1983, on Route17 between Derry and Kinston Dam (on Route 30).  "There were some lights and he looked up and saw an object above his vehicle." Gordon said.  "He heard sounds like 'whoop whoop whoop' and the noise was so intense that it vibrated his body from head to toe. He was frightened."

The man kept his car moving so that it passed under the object, but it went ahead of him above the road so that he had to drive under it again.  Then it moved ahead of him so that he passed under it a third time before it disappeared.

"He described it as 100 to 300 feet in diameter and it stretched across both sides of the road," Gordon said.  "There were many lights, glowing amber, and when he passed under it he had a claustrophobic feeling like being closed in.  He described it as feeling like going into an underground parking garage."

If anyone else saw the object, they didn't report it.  But several persons individually observed and subsequently reported a UFO sighting on February 10, 1988, near Blough, a village near the borders of Somerset and Cambria Counties.  The sightings occurred between 7:45 and 8:30 p.m. over a creek near Hooversville.  Three cars stopped and the occupants watched a lighted craft send down about a half dozen laser type lights onto the treetops in the woods.  It hovered noiselessly, as if there were no propellers nor engine.  They said it was about 50 to 60 feet long by 25 feet wide, and it looked like a shiny metallic football.  There were two rows of steady lights.  In the distance, there appeared to be another circular shaped object in the sky.  Then at 8 p.m. a motorist going over the nearby McNally Bridge saw something rise from below.  Another person near Davidsville saw a small silent "ship in the sky," about 20 feet in diameter with blinking lights.  He drove to a rise in the road to get a better view, but it disappeared.

A woman driving her car on Route 220 near Altoona had not only a sighting but also what she claimed was an indirect encounter with a UFO. It was about 8 p.m. October 15, 1983, and as she approached the Bellwood turnoff she became aware of a loud whirring sound.  Through the right window she observed a bright, silvery, saucer-shaped object about 24 feet in diameter and 30 feet off the ground.

As it passed over to the left, the right side of her car lifted about two to three feet off the ground.  She grabbed the steering wheel and tried the brakes but there was no response.  The headlights were blinking off and on.  The car went down for a second, came back up, then thudded back to the ground, stalled and wouldn't start for 20 minutes.  Gordon later learned that others claimed to see UFOs in the area at the same time.

Close encounters of the second kind leave some sort of physical evidence, like broken tree tops, burnt areas on the ground or in more recent years, the mysterious  "crop circles" that have appeared all over the world.

At about 2:30 p.m. September 2, 1989, a man near Ebensburg saw an unidentified craft hovering noiselessly over his pond 50 feet from where he stood.  It was about 30 feet off the ground, 15 to 20 feet long and 8 to 10 feet high. "He said it was more spherical in shape, with a silvery upper part and underneath it was orange red," Gordon said.  "In the center were glass-like structures, like amber windows, and there were yellow-green lights and protrusions from the sphere."

The witness saw a mist coming down from the craft. It suddenly moved "like a hummingbird" and was gone.  The whole sighting lasted about 45 seconds.  He then found that a  grassy area about four feet tall had been swirled down in a 12-foot circular pattern, counterclockwise.

In 190 similar types of circles made news around the world and in the states but there was no media coverage of a series of circles in rural areas of southwestern Pennsylvania.  In a Washington County field, a farmer found three rings arranged within each other like a target.  The circles measured 54 and 40 feet with a smaller circle in the middle.  The other incident happened in August near Chicora, Butler County.  Those three circles, measuring 32 to 33 feet in diameter, were interconnected in an oat field.  In both cases, the crops wee swirled without the stems breaking, unlike being trampled, and there were no tracks into the area.

Gordon believes that the farmers' insistence on anonymity supports their sincerity.  They had nothing to gain by making bogus reports.  Furthermore, when he and other PSU team members wee investigating the Butler County incident no less than three separate individuals videotaped a spinning top-shaped object hovering nearby.

Close encounters of the third kind involve an unknown object accompanied by some type of life form.  This the most rare type of indent, but also the most frightening.

"There have been sporadic reports of occupant sightings in Fayette, Indiana Butler and Westmoreland Counties," Gordon said.  "We've had alleged abduction reports over the years, and we get numerous people who call us about their missing time experiences, most for which involve having seen some type of UFO."

Some people claim to consciously remember certain details of being taken aboard UFOs.  Others recall details under hypnosis.  The lifeforms they say they encounter appear to be humanoid, and the universal description is the same: three to four feet tall, abnormally large heads, very often with large and usually slanted eyes.  Witnesses report undergoing physical exams that include probing and tissue sampling, and they frequently have little scoop marks in their skin.  Others are later plagued by unexplained physical and emotional symptoms.

"These encounters have a major effect on their lives, and it varies from positive to negative," Gordon said.  "Some people develop emotional problems from dealing with their encounters.  People are very reluctant to talk about this because they're afraid people will think they're crazy.  But when they realize others have gone through what they have, they're able to go through it much easier."

All of the cases pose more questions than there are answers, and Gordon doesn't claim to have explanations for any of them.  He just knows that there are things going on that defy logic as we know it,  and are yet to be understood.

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Dear Aileen:

I am writing this story to you because of a dream I had two months ago and your face appeared in it.  I think my story should be told by you.

I would like to share my incident with the readers.  It happened in August of 1970 in the state of New Hampshire, the city of Dover.

The surrounding environment was a dirt road surrounded by trees - very isolated and no one around.  My friend and I were walking back to our homes which were down the hill where we played a lot.  We had to be home for supper and it was coming to be dusk so we were in a hurry.  All of a sudden we both looked up in the sky to see an object that looked like it was falling.

We both started to run but both were frozen by some kind of light.  As we both were paralyzed by a ray we watched this spaceship land.  I know that I wanted to scream but I couldn't.

All of a sudden a hatch came down from the top and four little gray men came out and carried us aboard.  Their heads were larger than ours with large slanted eyes with small noses and small mouths that didn't move.  I could hear them without their mouths moving.  They took us into separate rooms so I didn't see what happened to my friend.  They told me he will be alright.

They started using different instruments on me, but I didn't know why.  I started to wonder what they were going to do when I heard a female voice telling me that everything was going to be okay.

As she came out of the shadows where she was standing I noticed she looked like us a little bit.  Her skin was gray and cold to the touch.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend and wondered if I had intercourse before.  I said no.  She then told me it was going to be for another race and it wouldn't hurt.

She then told me some other things I can't remember but I am going to be hypnotized to remember everything.

I do remember she told me in time I would remember but they had to erase what had happened to prevent shock and for my own protection.  She then put an instrument on my head and that is when I lost the memory of that day.  The last thing I remember is my friend and I were at the same spot.

We both took off as fast as we could run and when we got to our houses our parents asked us where we both had been because it was pitch black by then.  We told our parents but they said it was kid fantasy and was dismissed.

We were so afraid to go to Garrison Hill after that incident for maybe a couple of weeks, but we finally did and where the spaceship landed was burned in a circle with three indents on the outside of it.

I was entering sixth grade then and got straight F's the first term.  The funny thing is I was an above average student.

This a true story that really happened to me and I hope that you would print it if you like  By the way, I see them all the time now!  Thank you LLL,II, E.Lebanon, ME.

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Personal encounters

Lifetime of encounters: A recollection of anomalous events by Albert S. Rosales

Why have I always been curious and attracted by paranormal events and strange incidents? I wish I knew the complete answer. But I can remember growing up in Santa Clara, Las Villas (then) Cuba and as I child experiencing events which I can now only look back and realize that they were "not normal".

One of my earliest memories which I have only mentioned a couple of times (along with almost everything I am mentioning in this summary) was in Santa Clara, where me and my family lived on an unpaved road called "Callejon de las Flores" (literally translated to 'Flowers alley") I must have been around 6 or 7 when I was walking back to my room from the kitchen along a corridor which ran the length of the house when I glanced at an old mirror that hung from the wall on the corridor and saw the image of a man looking down at me with a broad smile on his face. At that time and now I could only describe the "man" as looking like those Spanish soldiers or Conquistadors pictured in old history books, wearing what seemed to be metallic armor and an oval metallic helmet, of course he had a black beard and was grinning down at me. Startled I looked behind me, I found myself alone in the corridor and ran to the kitchen crying and told my mother; of course I was reprimanded for being "a dreamer".

Around the same time I developed an uncanny fear of sleeping in the dark, a fear that I am somewhat ashamed to admit that remains with me to this day. I would run to my parent's bedroom and beg to sleep with them, eventually they would relent and let me, but many times I ended up sleeping alone trembling with fear. 

It was during that same time period (1964-1965?) that I experienced a very vivid "dream" in which I was sitting at the kitchen table along with several very tall figures or luminous men (or maybe they wore metallic luminous uniforms) they seemed friendly and spoke to me for what seemed like a long time, they told me their name and other details which to this day I do not recall. I never encountered them again in my "dreams".

One summer in the same year my family and I went to a beach in Las Villas Province on the north coast called 'El Salto" near the fishing town of Caibarrien. One morning I left the cabana and was "lost" until close to 1800 hours. According to my mother I was found at the end of a disused pier which was very difficult to reach since most of the boards were missing or broken, they never understood how (a very young boy) made it safely to the end of the pier without falling in the water. Of course all I could remember from that day was walking alone in the sand when suddenly several 'crabs' came out of nowhere and approached me. Later I found myself lying down on the floorboards at the end of the pier looking into the water.

Maybe 6 months after this "encounter" my favorite uncle, which I loved dearly, died in a horrible car accident on his way to Matanzas province in Cuba. Me and my mother (his sister) were terribly affected by this, and my mother required months of psychiatric therapy to deal with this unfortunate event. Perhaps a week after his death I experienced something that at that time I thought it must have been related to uncle's Toño's passing, but I remain unsure. One afternoon as I walked to my grandmother's house along the same unpaved road something made me glance up to the northwest sky, there among the clouds I saw what resembled a white cloaked human shaped figure which seemed to be staring down at me, I could not tell how far away it was and could not see any facial features. At this point the figure seemed to wave at me several times, but remained still in place, I stopped and waved back several times, briefly thinking that it must have been my dead uncle's spirit. This went on for several seconds until I briefly glanced away to see if there was anyone else around and when I looked back the cloaked figure had vanished. 

It was around this same time during one of the numerous blackouts in the area while several neighbor's sat outside talking and I played dominos with some of the other children, a luminous object seemed to drop out from the sky and glide above a row of houses directly across from mine, of course I had no idea what it was and I have never heard of UFOs or Ovnis, it seemed to be a metallic egg-shaped craft which emitted a luminous beam of white light from its bottom section. No one could hear any sound coming from it and many of the neighbors yelled out that it was "Los Americanos!" due to the post-Bay of Pigs hysteria that persisted in the region. After a few seconds the object glided over my house and over the indoor patio, I ran inside the house and ran after the object, I looked back and realized that I was alone; everyone else seemed to have lost interest on it. The object stopped over the patio and seemed to hover there forever while I stood mesmerized under it, staring at its lights. Before I knew it the craft was gone and it was very late, I seemed to be wet and everyone had gone to bed. I have no other memories of that night. 

Also around the same time period again while under another blackout I was outside playing alone in the street when I heard a terrific sound directly above me, which today I could only compare it to an aircraft breaking the sound barrier, that very well might have been the case. 

A few days after that again under blackout conditions several neighbors and me saw a huge 'ball of fire" hovering close to the ground at the end of the unpaved street, we all ran into our homes.

At age nine my family finally got their visa to migrate to Spain and eventually to the USA. We lived in Madrid Spain for almost a year (in the famed Barrio Lavapies neighborhood). During my stay in Spain (1968) there was a nationwide UFO flap at the time and I remembered reading about incidents in the newspaper. This was the first time that I heard of the possibility of extraterrestrial craft visiting the Earth.

Me and my family moved to Miami in late 1968 and my experiences continued, I have now become very interested (sometimes obsessed) with the UFO phenomena and other paranormal themes. I read my first UFO book which I believe was one of Frank Edward's books and have not stopped since.

During 1969 I remember writing to APRO after me and my sister saw a strange object hovering outside our apartment window one night, the object seemed metallic and had what appeared to be legs hanging down from it. I never received a reply from APRO.

During the early 70's I experienced several incidents which remain unexplainable to this date. I recall during the wave of 1975, possibly during November, me and my late father were walking out of a local grocery store when we both looked up towards the north and saw what appeared to be a formation of crimson colored discs flying briskly over the city in an echelon formation. As we stood and watched an elderly gentleman seemed to come out of nowhere and go directly to us without looking at what we were looking at immediately attempted to debunk the incident, explaining the event as "an air force experiment" (again he did not bother to look up) and I couldn't understand how can you explain something away like that. I had never seen him before and never saw him again; he looked like a "very normal" elderly white gentleman with thinning hair and glasses.

In late 1975 or 1976 I was visiting the same supermarket when I noticed a strange "family" walk into the store. They definitely looked out of place but no one else seemed to pay any attention to them, I felt somewhat embarrassed as I stared at them. They looked "Scandinavian" very tall and thin, with sparsely blondish hair covering their over sized heads.. They had large blue oval shaped eyes and wore loose-fitting clothing. I remember seeing a father, mother and two youngsters, perhaps a girl and a boy. They wandered around the store and then left in a brand new black vehicle, possibly a Mercedes. A couple of months later as I walked to the end of my street where we lived a car pulled behind me and stopped, when I looked I was stunned to see the same "Scandinavian" family, in a brand new black car. I remember them asking directions, I don't recall where to, but they seemed very familiar. 

In August I joined the US Navy and went to boot camp in Great Lakes outside of Chicago. At that time I had subscribed to the old Saga UFO Magazine, which I enjoyed immensely, and received it at the base. I still chuckle at times when one day I was called into the office of the commanding officer and was asked why I subscribed to "this rag", as he held the latest copy up to my face. However he let me keep it.

While at boot camp I remember one paranormal event that occurred at the barracks one night while I was pulling guard duty from 0100A to 0500A (I think). One of the fellow recruits, W.H. came running over to where I was standing guard, he seemed scared and was sweating profusely, and he told me to follow him to his standup locker. I did while I approached the locker I could hear a loud tapping sound, coming apparently from inside one of the drawers in the locker, the tapping sound got louder and by now there were several of us awake. At this point W.H. said something that stunned all of us, he said that the tapping was "the spirit of his grandfather who had passed and was here visiting him". Obviously some of the men did not believe him and went back to sleep but some others including me, took him seriously. One of the men took the locker apart in order to find a rational explanation but the tapping went on. W.H. decided to get some sleep and we all left him. The tapping soon stopped.

I was a radioman on board the USS Yosemite AD-19, a destroyer tender (now decommissioned) out of Mayport Florida and during the winter of 1977 went on my first Mediterranean cruise. It was mostly uneventful for one time while the ship was moored at the Balearic port of Palma de Mallorca I was on the top deck looking through the ship's binoculars and noticed what appeared to be a silvery disc flying over the town at a distance, it briefly stop to hover and then shot away. I never did mention this to anybody.
I received an Honorable discharge from the Navy in August of 1980 and went to work with my ailing father in Miami Florida. We spoke at times of my interest in UFOs and other paranormal subjects. He seemed skeptical on the surface but to this day I really think he was a believer. 

One evening while returning from work with him a bright white light with a cross like structure in the middle flew over the car, we both saw it and heard no sound.

In August 1989 my father had a fatal stroke in the hospital and during the funeral there was a strange visitor at the funeral parlor. It was very late, close to 0400A and only the immediate family (brothers, me, my sister, and mother) and a couple of others were left in the viewing room. I heard a sort of a racket coming from the now locked front door and went to see what it was. At the front door I found a young employee of the parlor arguing with a "little man" wearing a dark brown suit and white tie who apparently insisted on being let in. The little man had a "swarthy" complexion, slanted eyes and did not seem familiar. The employee asked me if I knew the strange little man, I said no, and walked away. About 10 minutes later most of the remaining family members slept on the easy chairs and recliners, (I sat half awake on one of the recliners) I noticed the little man standing by my father's casket, apparently talking to himself what I thought was gibberish or some kind of "chanting". I could not get up from the recliner and everyone else was sleeping or catatonic. After a few minutes the little character walked away towards the front door and disappear, I never saw him again. Later I found out that only a couple of others had seen him that night. To this day I don't know who he was.

Mysterious occurrences continue to happen in my life and sometimes these involved close family members. Around 1994 my youngest son (a skeptic now) swears he saw a disc with 'windows" hovering at the end of the street where we used to live, in the Shenandoah section of Miami. He was serious about it and always insisted that he did not make the story up. I believed him. During this time and throughout my divorce I experienced an endless bout of "night terrors" I felt drained and exhausted and almost went to a psychiatrist for help.

While living with my mother in the Coral Gables section of Dade County I saw a curious entity one day as I was leaving her complex. As I pulled out of the parking lot my attention was immediately drawn to a strange "character" standing in the middle of the road and looking around as if lost. To this day I cannot say if the person was male or female but it was striking in appearance. The figure was very tall and broad, blond haired, and seemed to have a pair of folded wings on its back (!) it wore sandals and a robe-like tunic. It seemed powerful and totally out of place, it looked around and spotted me in my car and I felt some fear and apprehension, I looked away and drove in the opposite direction and when I looked back the figure had vanished.

Later while living in what I termed "the haunted duplex" I experienced some paranormal happenings. One night I woke up and saw a dark figure, possibly of a female looming over the bed, I screamed (waking everyone one up) and it vanished. Months later in the same room I saw an image in the mirror of somebody wearing brown tattered clothing, of course there was nobody there and when I looked again it was gone. 

 Around the same time my middle son was studying late (in the same duplex) when he felt something brush past him, looking back he saw what he described as a bearded man wearing a brown monk's habit who disappeared. He felt no fear and thought the figure was benevolent. 

Again in the same duplex one afternoon as I slumbered on the sofa I saw the figure of woman with long hair and wearing a white robe quickly scamper from my bedroom to the bathroom. I got up and of course there wasn't anybody there. 

One of my latest episodes involved a rather severe case of night terror in which I suddenly felt extreme terror and felt "a ball of energy" land on my chest. I tried to scream but only managed weak groans, the more I tried to move the more pain I felt as it seemed to "crush" me.  I stopped struggling and it suddenly went away.

I will continue to record all other incidents and try to remember some forgotten ones.  

I have 18,000 summaries of humanoid encounters.  People can contact me for more information at

MAY 26, 2012

    • May 26

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Author Leland Lovelace told about such a discovery in Lost Mines and Buried Treasure.  Lovelace said two prospectors were searching for a gold strike in the desolate mountains of southwestern Nevada.  The two men were digging in the arid soil when a cave-in led them into a vast underground tunnel.  Following the passageway, they went deep into the mountain and entered a large subterranean room

The two astonished prospectors held their torches high and saw that the cave was furnished with chairs and tables.  The furniture was very large, as if manufactured for a race of giants.  Dishes cast from gold and silver were also found on the tables.  Other artifacts made from precious metals were discovered in the cavern.

Lovelace did not inform his readers as to what the prospectors did with their discovery.  We can assume they carried as much of the precious metal as possible from the scene, then melted down the objects for their gold and silver.  This often occurs when a gold-seeker finds a rare archaeological discovery.  Rather than risk the treasure being taken over by the state or federal government, these men play a game of "finder's keepers"r.

In 1904, a prospector named J. C. Brown claimed to have made an intriguing discover in the Cascade mountain range of California.  Brown had been hired by the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England to prospect for gold in these isolated areas.  During his second trip into the Cascades, Brown found a man made tunnel carved into a solid rock wall.  According to old reports, a landslide had destroyed a rock wall that hid the tunnel entrance.

Brown followed the enormous tunnel through the mountain and came to a large, man made cavern.  The room was lined with sheets of tempered copper.  Strange circular shields hammered from gold were hung on the walls.  Unusual artifacts and statues were located in niches in the cavern walls.  Unusual drawings, strange art, undecipherable hieroglyphics and the skeletons of what was apparently a giant race were found in rooms leading off from the large cavern.

Unwilling to share his discovery with his English employers, Brown did not report the treasure cavern.  Instead, he continued to work for various mining companies for the next thirty years until his retirement.  Then, in 1934, he popped up in Stockton, California, with a map and an intriguing tale.  Within a few days, eighty people were willing to assist the now-aging prospector in getting the precious artifacts out of the cave.

On June 19, 1934, Brown and his followers traveled into the Cascade mountains.  They camped by a small stream, waiting until morning when Brown was to show the group an entrance into the treasure cavern.  However, during the night, the old prospector vanished.  He has not been seen since that night.

Fearing that Brown had somehow duped the eighty people, detectives on the Stockton police department investigated.  "Brown didn't take a cent from anyone," the detectives said after their check-out.

The police chief asked, "What was his game?"

The detective shrugged.

"Was he murdered out there?" asked the chief.

"He was probably an old liar who knew his time was up," replied one of the detectives.

"Brown was a kindly old gentleman of advanced years when he arrived in Stockton," a doctor wrote several yeas ago. "I was a curious young man at that time, always interested in occult lore.  Anything that smelled of adventure grabbed my interest.  Brown's stories were fascinating.  They may have been tall stories about mythical things by an old man looking for companionship.  Somehow, over the years, I've gained new respect for the old man.  I believe he was telling the truth.  I don't know his reasons, but I think he changed his mind at the last minute and decided not to reveal the location of the lost treasure vault of the Lemurian giants."

Another unusual mystery occurred when the miners at the Lion Coal Company in Watts, Utah, were drilling an eight-foot seam of coal a few years ago.  The miners were nearing the end of their seam when they pushed through the earth into a pair of ancient tunnels inside the mountain.

"The two tunnels were about two hundred feet apart," miners told newsmen after their discover.  "They were about six feet high, six feet wide, and several smaller shafts ran from both sides of each tunnel."

The mysterious tunnels were 450 feet from the nearest entrance.  Weather and erosion had erased any sign of an outside entrance.  "We couldn't find an opening," the miners agreed.  "There also wasn't any sign of tools or equipment that might have been used to make the tunnels."

At a news conference, a reporter asked, "Could these tunnels have been formed by some natural process?"

A miner shook his head.  "I've been underground for the past seventeen years.  I've drilled into a lot of pockets and cavities, but you know when they're formed by nature."

Subsequently, professor J.D. Jennings of the University of Utah checked out the mysterious subterranean shafts.  He stated they were man made.  However, he also doubted that the enigmatic tunnels were made by Indians mining in that area.

Who - or what - created the tunnels has remained a mystery.  Perhaps, in some manner, they are linked with the  hollow-earth mystery.  They may have been left by miners who supplied energy to an advanced civilization back in the dim mists of prehistory.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ryan Combs
THANK YOU Ryan Combs
I have never been one for having an interest in the unknown
 or the paranormal, but when someone you trust tells of an
 experience from their past, sometimes you have to give the
 benefit of the doubt. I was reading Your True Tales about a
 month ago and came across a story that took place in New Jersey
 on or about the area of Doris Duke farms. After reading it my
 jaw dropped because this story gave the one that was told to
 me some validity. My grandfather told me this story back in
 1991, a few years before he passed away... and so it goes.

My grandfather worked from the late 1950s to the early '70s as

 a landscaper on the Duke Estate in Somerset, N.J. When he told
 this story to my sister and me, he was foggy when giving the
 exact dates, but he was still very sharp and explained it with
 incredible detail. My grandfather's job was to manicure and care
 for the lawns in the north section of the property (whatever that 
meant) and other various duties. He said that in the summer of
1972, one August afternoon, he was told by the head grounds
keeper that he would be working overtime and that he was needed
 because a shipment was being delivered from Wisconsin. They 
 needed about eight men to unload a crate and to bring it into the
 garden area.

That night, the truck arrived and it was getting late. The men who

 were asked to stay for overtime were eager to get things done and
 over with and be on their way. When the truck pulled up, my
 grandfather said that the crate was about 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. 
 When he asked what was inside it, the one in charge said they were 
 exotic trees.

What happened next was enough to make half of the team get up 

and walk off the job and not care about the consequences. 
When the men started pushing the crate off of the flatbed truck,
a blood-curdling scream was unleashed from within the box.
All of the men let go of their grip and the crate fell to the floor. 
As everyone jumped back, realizing that this was anything but a 
tree, the head keep did all he could to 'save the contents' real
identity and said that there was a black bear inside of it.

While the men were regaining their composure, most of the

helpers walked off the job. They said they didn't want to get
hurt or mauled dealing with a wild animal without the proper
safety equipment, so off they went, including my grandfather.
Only two men stayed to finish what they were asked, and so 
this is what was told to my grandfather.

The two remaining men managed to get the load onto a dolly

and then drag it into the garden compound. While guiding the
crate down the main path, balance was lost and the crate came
off the wheels. The hard hit was enough to crack the side of the
crate and loosen the side panel, which fell off and exposed the
contents. What the two remaining men witnessed that night 
was enough to make them seek employment elsewhere.

What I am telling you was how it was told to me. Inside the

crate sat a creature that had the shape of a man, but was 
anything but a man. They couldn't give a height measurement
ince the creature was in a sitting position, but they said it was huge
It had the shape of a man with a very large frame, only it was 
covered with black hair. The "creature" was strapped down and
had shackles on his legs and feet and arms. The face didn't look
like a man, but had some human features. The workers said it
looked more like a monkey or a gorilla. The hair was extremely
long and dirty. At one point, one of the men said they thought that
this "thing" was trying to speak or communicate with words,
but all it did was keep on drooling. They were under the
impression that this creature was heavily sedated because
it couldn't keep his head up straight; it rested its head on its chest.

A couple of inches away from the creature's head was an 

empty water bottle nailed to the wall. On the other side of the
creature was an IV stand connected to the wall and stuck to 
its arm. It might have been used to feed this "creature" during
its transport. One of the oddest parts to this story was that my
grandfather was told that this creature was sitting on a rocking
chair! I could never understand this. After thinking about it, though,
I think it was maybe to prevent this "thing" from getting cramps
during the move. They also said that the odor was overpowering
and enough to make anyone pass out -- the combined smells of
urine, waste and body odor was rank.

My Grandfather stuck by this story until the very end. About 

two weeks before he passed away, my sister reminded me to 
bring it up again and confront him, which I did. There was no
need to go over the story again because we both knew how it
went. I just asked him, "Papa, remember the crate you had to 
move in Jersey?" He just looked at me, smiled and said, "Of
course." I said, "Did you embellish at all?" He said, "No, there
was no reason to. It happened the way I said it happened." I 
said, "Because now would be the time to tell me."

He looked at me and said, "You want to know if I embellished

the story. The truth is that I am guilty of the opposite." There
was so much that I left out... the story was just the beginning. 
Remember something, I worked there for two more years after 
that. There are things that a young mind should not hear." I said,
"But I am not a child anymore. I am sure I can handle what it is
that you have to say."

Grandfather said, "Tomorrow I will finish the story. Come back

 tomorrow." But there was no tomorrow. Grandfather passed 
away at 2 a.m. at New York Hospital. This is a true story.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


BOSTROM:  What do you think the diameter was?
Joe:  It's hard to judge because we were a little distance from it.  I would say that it was at a bare minimum of 50 feet.It could have been as far across as 150 feet.  It was very difficult to judge.  It was a mirrored surface.  So you're looking at something and the jungle is being reflected and its really hard to judge the size.  I know it was at least as tall as a five story building.  What didn't make any sense is why it should be spheroid.  Whatever propulsion system it required, I don't know.  Perhaps it's some type of anti-gravity drive and you'd have to have everything centered.
BOSTROM:  Was it round like a ball?
Joe:  Round like a ball.  Perfectly round as far as I could tell.  There was one symbol on the side of what appeared to be, I would say, black paint.  Either this, or there was just no coating on this area, of a simple symbol of an arc.  Almost like a pyramid with a line drawn underneath it.

We returned to base.  The Thais of course weren't going to say anything to anybody.  They saw nothing.  They heard nothing.  They were just along for the ride, which was a typical reaction for the Thais. They didn't want o get involved.  They were quite shaken by it as we were.  It took us approximately three days to get back to the border.
BOSTROM:  What did everybody talk about on the way back?
Joe:  Absolutely nothing.  We decided on the way back that nobody say anything.  We didn't hear anything.  We didn't know anything about it.  We got back to the base and the first thing we did was head for a hot shower, because you had to pull all the lice off you and everything else and felt pretty darn dirty.

BOSTROM:  The boy that got knocked down, was he alright?
Joe:  He was alright at that point  At that point he was fine.  He seemed to be just fine.  He was a corporal and went to his barracks.  I was in officer's barracks.  A fellow from the Provost Marshal's office came in and informed me that I had to report to the Captain's office immediately  I said, do I have time to rinse off?  He said, just barely.  He said put on some clothes and get over there.  They want to talk to you right now.  I asked him what it was about.  He said, I don't know, they won't tell me, just get your tail over there, it's something very heavy.  He said they were quite confused about something  I walked into the Captain's office.  We were met by the captain, a couple of majors, a Colonel and some civilians.  If you've ever worked with anybody with the "firm" they reek of it.  You generally expect them in gray flannel suits and white socks but these fellows just reeked of the "firm" and (name withheld) was in it.
BOSTROM: __________?
Joe: ______________, this gentleman rode with MJ.
BOSTROM:  The what now?
Joe:  MJ - Majestic 12.
Joe:  Right.  The only way we ever heard him call it was MJ-12 or MJ.  We knew he worked for that.  We didn't know what the heck it was.  The only thing we knew was that any enemy aircraft that was sighted had to be reported to him.  Any photographs we took had to be given to him.  They were overly concerned about enemy aircraft, unusual sightings, things like that.  Just anything out of the ordinary.  So we dealt with him sometimes almost on a daily basis.  He'd call us in occasionally to look at photographs and say, what is this?  And we'd say that's a Russian gun ship; it has so much armament - OK that's what I want to know, thank you very much, discuss this with no one and have a nice day.  He was very single sided with information.  We gave him everything.  He told us nothing  Absolutely nothing.  He was a cold blooded man.  I don't think I ever saw the man sweat.  Most of the time he wore a black suit or a dark gray flannel suit.  When you are in Thailand and it's at that point in the year it's somewhere between 97 and 100 degrees, 100 to 110% relatively humidity, it's so hot you get heat that's like fog.  And he was cold blooded.  I've never seen another human being in my life like that.  I don't think I ever saw him sweat except for this incident.  And he had a cold sweat going into this.  He ended up taking his jacket off.  You never see him outside of a jacket.  They sat us down and they grilled us for that day at least 3 1/2 to 4 hours.  And they kept asking the same questions over and over.  And I was trying to find out who it was that told them because when we got back together later nobody had said anything.  So something, or somebody, snitched and said well you don't tell anybody you told.
BOSTROM:  Someone would have had to run in immediately and tell them.
Joe:  We hadn't been back more than an hour.  We usually took a shower, got cleaned up and got a little rest before we were debriefed because that could sometimes take many hours.  It was very interesting.  They even sequestered us in our quarters.  We were told not to have any outside activities at all and meals would be brought to us.  We were not to talk to any unauthorized personnel which meant them or someone directly with authorization from the Provost Marshal's Office.  Then we spent the next 3 to 3 1/2 weeks talking to various people, some of which I don't know who in the heck they were.  Several were psychologists.  It was very obvious by the kind of questions we were being asked and they started dragging out the ink blots.  If your familiar with the Military when they generally bring in the ink blots and try to make it sound like something of a sexual nature they leave you alone. They figure this guys healthy, this guys fine and get out of my office - you are alright.  We went on with this for two or 2 1/2 weeks then they started using narcohypnosis.
BOSTROM:  How did that operate?.
Joe:  Essentially they sit you in a chair, make sure your nice and comfy.  Hook up the sphygmomanometer, blood pressure tape, and get you highly relaxed using soothing music sometimes, and give you an injection of a basically, what is called a hypnotic drug.  There were drugs like Seconal, Scopolamine - the type that have a tendency to reducing what they call psychic resistance.  You get your body as relaxed as possible and you loose your will.  They actually hypnotize you at that point.  It's a combination of drugs and hypnosis.  It's my understanding we were trained in our training to go through tortures and things like that.  There wasn't a one of us that couldn't pass a polygraph test and lie about his age, the color of his mother and the color of the sky.  They had us as well covered as they could in case we were captured we knew how to respond  The only thing I can say that occurred during that time was that in one way or another they altered our memories.  Now, I do not know whether they.. we saw something else... or they gave us a different memory and that's what we ended up with or what we saw was much worse than occurred and I toned it down.  I do know that every one of us still have occasional nightmares about it and we get flashes of things that are just an incredible blood-bath.  George was reassigned from our unit after we had all cleared through medical and psychological.  I was called into the Captain's office, approximately what would have been 6 or 8 weeks after the incident to identify a body they told me was George.  Now I'd seen the man on the base a few days before.  The body they showed me was far, far decomposed.  Even in the jungle where you have rapid decomposition.
BOSTROM:  But you couldn't positively identify the body?
Joe:  I couldn't identify it as George.  The flesh was all liquified.
BOSTROM:  So for all you could see it may have been someone else.
Joe:  The only thing I can say is his tissue had seemed to suffer from some kind of extreme disruption - like every cell wall had been broken.  Like you see with a cold sore. It's called lisodumine when the cells rupture and the virus comes out for some kind of bacteriological agent in it that affected it.  I don't think it was the latter.  I think whatever happened to him - whether they transferred him to show me the body and say that's George.
BOSTROM:  Why would they show you a body you couldn't identify?
Joe:  The people we were dealing with were very, very careful about covering all avenues.  They never left a thread hanging - and I don't know - I lost all track of it at that point.  As far as I knew he was dead.  Why, I was called in to identify the body and sign the papers.  The only way I could identify him was his dog tags.  The usual thing was that during combat, because of the nature of our unit. dog tags were retrieved by a ranking officer and returned to you when you returned to base.  We carried what was called T8407-?-T101 which was called a get-out-of-jail-free card.  It was a cardboard card with two sides and department logo on one side to say the individual was  allowed to be carrying strange and unusual weapons, may or may not be in uniform and not to be detained for any reason whatsoever.  If this card is found on a body it is to be burned with the body and reported to a telephone number state side and a group to contact and it went back to combak.

BOSTROM:  Is that about all you can remember?
Joe: Well that's the problem.  If we really sit down and try to pressure us through it, you get confused.  I talked to a couple of fellows that were involved in it and they have the same kind of problem. Slowly but surely, things emerge and over the years more and more has come up.  It was years before I ever had a desire at all to talk about it.  Not because it was frightening because the "firm" told us not to or that they were going to place it under the National Security act, but because I absolutely had no desire whatsoever to talk about it.

BOSTROM:  Do you remember any other details such as how they entered the craft?
Joe:  It was like a section slid down.  Like it just created itself on the side and slid down.
BOSTROM: Do you remember a ramp?
Joe: It slid down and it tilted down to the ground had a stair on it and formed a ramp for them to walk right up with steps on it.
BOSTROM:  Did it look like they were walking on steps?
Joe:  It had steps on it because they were stepping and it wasn't like they shuffled on the ramp.  Their gait was very smooth, almost unerring and they covered a lot of ground in a little bit of time.  But the main problem is like I said, if we sit down and try to really go through the details and think hard about it I end up almost with an anxiety attack.  Whatever it was that they did to bury those things is pretty permanent.  Over the years, I still occasionally have nightmares about it.  I'd wake up in a cold sweat and I'd remember for awhile.  It's frustrating.  I find myself angry because I don't know what the heck they did to us.
BOSTROM:  Do you know one or two of the people and can you get a hold of them today?
Joe: Yes, there's five or six I could get a hold of.  Most of them just refuse to talk about it at all.  Two of them I know still work for the "firm."  They are active so they're not going to talk about it.  Bill suffers from delayed stress syndrome and when he came home he was never the same.
BOSTROM:  Has someone contacted you lately on this?
Joe:  I still have some friends with the "firm."  I did some work for them after I was discharged from the service.  One of them called me on a very friendly basis just as a friend.

BOSTROM:  What is the "firm?
Joe:  When you hear people involved in security; I'll let you in a little secret here.  They never call a certain agency of the government the company.  They like to call it - it's referred to as the "firm."  Again, what we were with was literally a front for that agencies military part which we are not supposed to have one of... it had one.  Recently there have been little leaks about that.  I did find out that a few weeks after we had our incident there were at least two more.

One of which, some fellows were pinned down and two of those little fellows stepped out of the woods.  One of them threw a small object out between them and the Phaphet Lao that had them pinned down.  They described it as a darkness grenade instead of a smoke grenade.  It put up enough of a partition of darkness that they were able to escape and they came back.  Regardless of how tight security is on a base like that everybody more or less sleeps in the same bed.  Many things get out.  These guys came back and immediately came down - what the hell did they do to you guys when you saw that thing and they went through the same procedure.  Recently I was talking to a good friend of mine who was in Thailand with the Air Force and we were talking about it and laughing about the fellow from the "firm" calling me and he said what happened when I told him and he looked at me and said, "Oh, you boys!" because he'd heard about the incident and people took it either with great hilarity - it was the funniest thing they had ever heard, or quite a few people were scared and we never did find out what Uncle Sam had determined about it. I can well imagine what they determined about it.  We were all on drugs or swamp gas but they never released that information to us.

BOSTROM:  Did you hear of any other cases like that in the region?
Joe:  There was quite a few.  They were always seeing them.  Even back in World War II in Burma.  They had the Foo Fighters.  Fellows kept seeing them follow along the aircraft.  The only thing I can say is whoever or whatever these humanoids are is they are very interested in our work here.

BOSTROM:  What did the guys that saw the smoke bomb say about the craft?
Joe:  They didn't see a craft.  All they saw was the fellows that we had seen - some of the smaller ones.
BOSTROM:  They just appeared there?
Joe:  They heard a noise out in the jungle and these two fellows came in and they heard it over the gunfire so evidently whatever it was - was very, very loud.  These fellows peeked out - looked around - looked at them and they see them clearly.  They turned to each other and whatever discussion they had- one of hem reached up and threw a small object and they said it was small enough - it couldn't be any smaller than a tennis ball and it went off with a loud pop.  Not an explosion but a pop.  It's just like dark gas.  It came up like smoke does but it was darkness and they looked at each other and said "what the hell is this? and one of them said, "I don't care, let's get out of here."  So they high-tailed it out.  It took the Phaphet Lao back far enough that they couldn't pursue them.  They never seen anything like that and never did we.

BOSTROM:  Did they take their clothes to check for residue?
Joe:  They'd done that several times.  They took our fatigues.  Other than that, one of the most interesting things about this - our memories were never exactly the same.  Whatever they did it altered our memories - affected it with great permanence, but there is no such thing as a total block.  Those things come in surges.  I know that up to that point in time, I've always been fascinated with the idea - had always want to believe in it, but never really saw enough that really made me believe that they're was any such thing. Whoever, or whatever, I'm convinced that they're not present populace of this earth?
BOSTROM:  You don't care about my recording this?
Joe: No, I have no problems with it at all.


Joe has returned to active duty with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The following article was sent to me by a member in Illinois.  What is intriguing is the mention of MJ12 way before we ever heard of it publicly.  This is Part 1 as this is very long.

By Peter A. Bostrom

ABSTRACTThe following is word-for-word as transcribed from a tape interview by myself with a retired military "Special Forces" officer who served in Thailand during the Vietnam War.  This is an account of a close encounter with several EBEs and their space vehicle.

Unlike other countless reports of similar "high strangeness" meetings with extraterrestrials this account is maybe even more interesting because it happened in "war time" surroundings in Cambodia, a country out-of-bounds for US troops at the time, plus there is mention of MJ12 as a government entity who was involved with the gathering of information about Unidentified Objects in the air space in and around Thailand and it shows how determined the government is to extract all information it can on the subject.  Also there is mention of another strange encounter from the same general area.

I will use the name Joe in place of this gentleman's real name.  I spoke with Joe off and on for several weeks.  When he spoke about this encounter he never changed his story and I believe he wants to give the true account as he himself believed it happened.  As my conversations continued with Joe he said he had a message that he could freely speak about the subject of his encounter with the extraterrestrials in Cambodia and anything else concerning the subject "since this information will be made public in the near future anyway," but he was not to specifically indicate the true reason why he was in Cambodia.  This "other officer" also talked about the UFO subject in general saying such things as the Roswell crash really happened and described precise methods of how people are taken to see the alien vehicle and bodies using high security procedures in transporting these people who need to go there for various reasons. He also talked about two different alien beings.  One name he used was the "Grays" and the other was the "Nordics."


Joe:  Basically I will describe what happened.  In September 1971 I was stationed with the Army in Thailand.  Originally a routine mission in Cambodia close to an area called Tonle Sap just south of Angkor Wat, where the temples are.

We had gone on a previous mission in answer to some problems and had gone back in on a search and destroy mission.  This area we were mainly concerned about was insurgents from the Khmer Rouge - Pol Pot's people.  They were really wreaking havoc at the time with the local indigenous personnel.  We were after one group and when going through the jungle we heard some noises coming from a hidden area.
BOSTROM:  You heard a noise?
Joe: We heard some noises that sounded like generators or machinery.  Something with a hum.
BOSTROM:  So that's what attracted you?
Joe:  Yes, we assumed they had some kind of refueling station or something out there.  It's quite common for the Khmer Rouge and Phaphet Lao to use a high clearing in the jungle to make an artificial clearing for refueling helicopters, things like that.  They didn't have too many.  Most of them were Russian made - and they could refuel them - and we thought we really struck on a good one this time or thought they were building equipment buildings or bunkers or such.

When we came into the clearing we were quite surprised to find something quite unlike what I've ever seen before.  At the time I held the rank of Lieutenant. We had with us approximately fourteen Special Forces, of our country, and several dozen Thai arranged with us.

BOSTROM:  So you were in Special Forces?
Joe;  Yes, I was originally with the 101st Airborne Special Tactical Unit.  We were reassigned 506th Air Calvary sent to Thailand.  They were with the auspices of a group we won't discuss for obvious reasons.  During this time there had been several reports of some strange instances.  We more or less "poo-pooed" them thinking they were people getting scared in combat.  You have a few guys taking drugs, we didn't have anybody in our unit that was. You just don't really know.  Things come out of the jungle.  You see them flying through the trees and it looks quite different than it would in broad daylight in an open area.

We entered the clearing.  It was almost spherical in shape suspended on four legs.  The base of which it looked like it touched the ground.  I couldn't really tell if it was actually on the ground or not and there were a number of - the best description I could say, were humanoids.  It's difficult to remember for a couple of reasons that we'll get into a little later.  There were at least as many of them as there were of us.
BOSTROM:  How many do you think"
Joe:  I would say there was anywhere between 16 to 21.  There was quite a few.  There wasn't just a handful of fellows out there in the jungle. 

Their appearance was not that of any human being I'd ever seen on earth.  Skin was a grayish whitish color.  They were wearing what appeared to be a one piece jump suit which was silver in color.  Much like the metalized Mylar like a heat suit. It didn't appear to be a pressure suit of any kind.  We found out later that it was quite a strong material.  When we approached they really didn't notice us at first and when they did they turned toward us.  Some of the fellows were carrying items; the only way I can describe it, are some type of instruments.  

Didn't see any weapons anywhere.  Made a quick judgment.  It didn't look like any weapon I'd ever seen so I thought it could be safe.  We had a young corporal with us.  Well, this was his second time in combat and he didn't react very well.  These, well, I'll call them aliens; one of the aliens turned toward him with something in his hand which he evidently thought was a weapon of some type and he felt threatened and let loose a short burst of fire from a Browning FNFAL which is literally a three way Winchester.  It has a 150 grain slug; the same hitting power as the 30-0-6 out to 15 yards.  About the shortest burst you could fire on full auto is somewhere between 8 and 12 rounds, which of a distance from 30 to 35 feet where it struck this fellow would devastate a normal human being.  The only thing I can justify, we wear flack jackets most of the time.  The material, whatever it was, is of the same material as the "second chance" like we had which was a compact, lightweight bullet proof vest.  I've been struck several times with slugs with those - rib cage broken, you get bruised very badly.  You feel like you are going to die, but as a general rule, unless its an armor piercing slug or some type of Teflon siding jacket, they don't penetrate.  I've never seen one penetrate.  I've seen 50 caliber shells go through but nothing much smaller than that.  Nothing except for that high caliber and high velocity will pierce it.  Occasionally a tracer will burn a pretty good size hole in it.  When it struck this fellow he went down - dropped like a stone, like he was dead.  We assumed he was dead.

Out of the group most of them were all approximately the same height.  I would say some were five foot or less; maybe four foot eight inches - in that range. They were very, very small people.  More like dwarfs in nature and perfectly proportioned.  The arms didn't seem to be any longer than they should be.  Except for one fellow who was about five-six or five-seven.

He intervened at this point.  I pushed the weapon down that George had in his hand.  I thought, "God" this guy is going to kill us. At this point I was terror stricken.  We didn't know who these guys were.  Something like this happens - all the science fiction movies you've ever seen in your life run through your mind.  You think "Oh my God" are they going to pull out ray guns?  Are they going to atomize us, or are they going to turn us into rabbits or pigs or something like this?

BOSTROM:  Did any of them ever say anything?
Joe:  Never heard a single word.  This fellow turned to me evidently knowing that I was platoon commander.  He raised his hand with palm out and fingers up in just a peaceful gesture and stopped and walked over to George and struck him on the cheek and it wasn't a real heavy blow.  It was something like you'd smack your child to get his attention, but the effect was devastating.  George went down like a limp rag, just like an electric shock had gone through him. The only thing I could figure is either this fellow is lots stronger than we can imagine he was or he did something else.  You've seen blows even in martial arts that don't appear to be very heavy but have a devastating effect.  He went down like a stone - just a limp rag.  He recovered very quickly.  About that time I was trying to pull him up, I didn't know what we were going to do at that point.  I didn't want anybody else to fire because I figured if we open fire on these guys - we were dead.  I was scared.  I soiled my pants at that point - a nervous reaction.  I didn't know quite what to do.  

With the exception of George, we were all veterans of at least 20 to 15 fire fights.  We were relatively well seasoned combat veterans.  It could have been George's third time out, it must have been his first or second,  I would say probably second and he was green and he panicked and I thought, well, he just paid the price for it.  This fellow just killed him.  He recovered.  I tried to pull him up and turned around about the time the fellow being shot got up and  brushed himself off - and I thought "on shit" these fellows are going to wipe us out.  If an FNFAL didn't take him down in 8 to 12 shots that is one tough little hombre.  The only thing I could figure is that the material is tough enough that it acted as a cushion just like a vest.  The fellow was visibly shaken.  He didn't seem to be in tip top shape but he obviously wasn't dead and there weren't any marks on him

We spent many times picking slugs out of our flack jackets and they'd get too worn and we'd just replace it.  It smarts.  It will knock you out cold sometimes from the impact.  Its like having a very large electric shock run through your body.  What takes people out, knocks them out flat, is not the actual impact of the bullet but the nervous reaction of the impact and it will literally lay you out flat before you hit the ground.  Every muscle in your body goes rigid.  So they have basically the same physiological reaction that we do.

When he turned to me and made a gesture to stop I thought OK, then everything is going to be alright.  George recovered and he turned around again and placed his palm up toward me again to stop and I had a feeling that everything was OK.  I had a very strong impression.  I'm not going to say that it was some kind of telepathic message.  It didn't really seem like anything like that.  It seemed like "Hey, it's cool, he panicked and I understand the situation."  

At this point they packed up all their little instruments, packed themselves back into the craft and left almost soundlessly.There was a little noise.  It sat there on the ground as what looked like a quadruped with four legs resting on the ground with pads on them retracted back into the body of the craft which was spheroid and then it just lifted straight up off the ground.  I didn't see any visible means of propulsion.  There was a little noise.  It was hard to tell if it was just the wind blowing through there or what.  It was just like an instantaneous burst of speed.
(To be continued)