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21 October 2009

UFO crash in Russia last week
Michael Cohen
Residents living in and around the village of Pil-Egor in Russia's Komi Republic witnessed a fiery object or UFO come crashing to the ground on Saturday 17 in the evening. The glow from the event was so strong it lit up the night sky as if it was day and the noise could be heard for hundreds of miles.
Now debate ‘rages’ within the offices of the local authorities as to what the object might have been. UFOs? A meteor? Or perhaps a rocket?
The local Chairman of the local civil protection office, Anotoly Nyukin, insists that no rockets could have landed in the area nor was it likely that it originated from a satellite. The government has commenced questioning residents of a number of villages, as well as going around to schools to quiz pupils, as to what they remembered of the event so at to get clues.
Witnesses in Pil-Egor described the object or UFO as a glowing ball that flew over the town and then exploded on impact as it landed in a forest. Allegedly, the ground shook violently during the event.

The Komi Republic is a region of great mystery in general: Home to the incredible Manpupuner rock formation (see amazing photos below). No one knows if these massive objects (There's a man leaning on one in the first photo) are natural, man-made or created by extraterrestrials and information about them is scarce. Komi legend has it that ancient sky-spirits built them and used to gather in their shadows when they descended to earth.

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