Sunday, January 10, 2010



1. Israel will bomb Iran in month of Dec. Will cause gold to go over 2K. Will affect financial markets. Russia will tell Iran not to retaliate.

2. NY - there will be a terrorist move on the subway in the month of March - will take a large tole of human lives.

3. Nuclear attack on Paris.

4. US is going to have a barter system for lower echelon.

5. Top story - black male will receive a white double hand transplant.

6. Autistic people will wake up or interact with us. Could be new energy?

7. One of the coldest winters on record. In Seoul Korea it snowed for the first time in 50 years. Snow covered England and that hadn't happened in many decades. Temperatures in Florida froze the fruit. Everywhere the temperature was far below normal.

8. Massive earthquakes - sky orange - ground opens up. JANUARY 12, Earthquake in Haiti, 7.0. 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Hospitals collapsed. Big crack in ground. 4.8 in South Africa, 6.1 in Bahamas, Soufriere Volcano in Montserrat, dome collapsed. 6.3 earthquake South coast of Argentina. Jan. 17, 2010 - Depth of 6.2 miles. Jan. 18. earthquake NE NM and CO border 4.1. Jan 18 270 tremors in the Yellowstone caldera, 3.3 magnitude. Jan. 19, Cayman Islands 5.8, Haiti Jan. 20. 5.9 earthquake (aftershock). Feb. 27, 2010, 8.8 earthquake in Chili. Tsunami on coast of Chili sent 7.7 waves of water into town south of Santiago. Tsunami of at least 6' expected in Hawaii. Also tsunami's up coast of California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska but those will be lower like 2 1/2 feet. Tsunami may reach Easter Island, Japan, Australia, Russia. Pacific basin countries are on alert. Animals acting weird just before the earthquake in Chili. Blackbirds along CA coast acting weird, killer whale at Sea World in Orlando kills its trainer. One man called in to say his Gerbal was hitting his head on the top of his cage. Never acted like that before! This was preceding the earthquake.

9. Israel is going to attack Iran - Russia will be declared a super power.

10. Attack on freighter in Somalia. International force will mobilize and take out the pirates.

11. We will have biggest drop in financial markets being caused by one or more states going bankrupt. Catastrophe in state causes it.

12. Mass awakening, people are more acceptable of the paranormal. Becoming more psyche aware.

13. A few states going down - saw the disaster. Huge tidal wave coming over entire W. Coast because we are living on the ring of fire. Earthquake off coast of Oregon causes tsunami. See #8.

14. Obama on TV announces aliens do exist. He has a green alien talk to everyone on TV. They are going to change the world.

15. Discover a new species. A wonderful thing. Alive - something more than a 1 cell animal. Positive - wonderful thing - here on earth.

16. A lot of people who are handicapped like the caller in a wheelchair will get up and walk.

17. Sometime in spring - March 21 - June 21 - tornado outbreak in US will surpass ones in 1974. Hundreds of tornadoes.

18. Terrorist attack - not planes or trains - populated area - start shooting everyone.

19. This year the reason for the bees dying off will be disclosed. Will affect world markets.

20. New volcanoes erupting in US and world. Serious earthquake because of volcanoes.

21. Hall of Records will be found in Grand Canyon. Lakota Sioux remnants of Mayans.

22. Super storm - hurricane a monster typhoon just keeps growing. Breaks laws of climatology as it goes over land - keeps going.

23. River Ganges will slow to a trickle. Unexplained but it is why people are getting sterile.

24. Show UFO Hunters - Bill Birnes will develop a sister show. Call ins with their UFO stories.

25. Summer - map on earthquake 7.3 in California.

26. Rediscovery North Pole hollow earth entrance - Sept. 2010. Caller was stationed in Area 51 for 11 years, read Adm. Bird’s original diary and saw messages given to him. Saw hole in pole and craft going in and out while flying over it.

27. A lot of people will look within to find their spiritual awareness. Angels will be able to communicate with us.

28. Interesting affect on political system. Will give honest politicians into office by lie detector test. Gives us peace of mind. A new group of politicians.

29. Steal a body of a terrorist in Afghanistan and bury it in a pig skin so terrorism will drop off.

30. 2010 whatever is supposed to happen in 2012 will happen in 2010. A rapture like a dimensional shift. 15% will go.

31. Volcano in Mojave will erupt in summer.

32. Within few weeks of New Years chaos in US - terrorists or war - oil will go up - probably when Israel attacks Iran.

33. Planet X will become visible for all to see - that will bring enlightenment so say the Hopi Elders.

34. Terrorists, government and CIA officials are all working together - Marshall Law - NWO.

35. March or April - more gay people coming out. It will be a big deal. Huge resurgence in violence against gay people - population against them.

36. Boston will get hit by a big hurricane by a Girls name. Yankee Red Sox and Patriots there at the time.

37. Obama will use hemp in industry to create jobs. Art Bell said legalize marijuana but the guy didn’t say that.

38. Yellowstone will erupt. Sea lions in San Francisco left before Thanksgiving. Prelude to that. Prelude by earthquake in Mexico will go up Cascade Mountains and hit Yellowstone. The sea lions have been located. They went up to the Oregon coast.

39. New industry - pest control with bugs, 44% in 2010.

40. Nanotechnology will improve paralysis victims - will restimulate spine

41. Go to another currency - dollar will crash half way down - not all the way.

42. San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl. Not true - the Saints won on Feb. 8

43. San Francisco - Northern CA - earthquake. January 9, 2010, 6.5 earthquake in northern CA

44. Major blackout - feels like Las Vegas and in the SW part of the US. Will last for days - creates chaos

45. Major athlete will pass away.

46. Within next 2 months 5.0 earthquake in San Francisco bay area. Happened on Jan. 9. 6.5

47. Great year - stock market will rise to a new high of 14,500. He knows the Secret (Book)

48. Because of terrorism a new transportation will eliminate airplanes - Jumper?

49. Vibrations of our planet, as it increases all people will increase - latent abilities will come

50. Headlines in American papers will read “OBAMA GETS OSOMA

51. George Noory will be replaced on C2C this year.

52. Man will discover God is a being of light. Will send a laser back saying how bad we are.

53. Massive increase in crime - Police officers will ask for money to hire more police officers.

54. Virus of the brain - people can’t think straight anymore.

55. Event to precede psychic awareness - renewal of ghost dance by white young people and teenagers and 20 somethings. Return of the ghost children. Buffalo woman has come already.

56. Discover life outside of planet.

57. California will have a small tsunami - reveals new species from underwater. See #8.

58. Bigfoot - there will be undeniable proof. Area 52 will be broken wide open. Area 52 is in AZ. They are breeding them out there.

59. Sun is going to take center stage sometime this year. Major changes.

60. Major celebrity admits to being abducted by aliens.

61. Madman Markham is going to reappear. He was a time traveler that disappeared from earth.

62. 2010 will be the year we get a new state.

63. Something will stop the collider from going on line (CERN) Not true, it went on line.

64. Going to be more e-mails that will crack global warming. Indictments of key people.

65. By summer fish will be disappearing - fish restaurants will close.

66. Random event generators that measure consciousness will also measure animals consciousness. Connected through the heart.

67. Mid 19 - 20th Century - they are going to find gold coins that have been forged. Families lose heirlooms.

68. Major outbreak of virulent flu next year. H1N1 has been found in turkeys and birds. By Feb it was announced that the H1N1 pandemic is over.

69. 8+ earthquakes in Mendocino area. Methane plume under San Andreas fault in ocean. It is imminent. Seals have left San Francisco bay. Found on Oregon Coast. 6.5 earthquake on 1/9/10

70. Medical breakthrough that will stop the aging process.

71. Dream by caller - vivid - battle in Afghanistan near Pakistani border - we learn about Osama Bin Lodin. He has been dead for some time.

72. Dream by caller - spider webs falling out of sky - interprets that world wide web breaks down.

73. Couple of big breakthroughs this year. Cure for MS and other vision problems like Glaucoma.

74. Announce multinational venture - they will go to Mars next year.

75. Fresh water wars.

76. Israel attacking Iran. Iran will retaliate. Israel will then “nuke” them.

77. Cattle mutilations - we will find out that big business is trying to put out small business. Will find out something this year.

78. We are going to see World peace!!

79. Saints are going to win the Super Bowl. TRUE! ON FEB. 7, THEY WON!

80. People from Latin America - there is going to be a lot of murders along the border up into the US. Caused by drugs.

81. Dream - observing prominent figure - cameras following - walks into dark room - starts to gnaw on humans - cannibalism.

82. Discover Lake Tahoe is actually a volcano.

83. Homosexual word will be changed to homophile.

84. Watch space programs - saw an international need to avert something - like a meteor. Space dynamic will be activated. Sense of urgency to it. Thing falls into water. 2010 Clarion call. Russia has announced they are creating something to avert a meteor headed for earth.

85. Mother earth releasing gas of methane in ocean will replenish ozone.

86. In August there will be a financial collapse which will bring on NWO currency.

87. Unprecedented rise in religious fervor. World wide hand-holding will happen.

88. South of the border in Mexico - cartels will get so powerful that the government will be toppled. US forced to go down there. We will legalize all drugs because of it!

89. Hubble deep field - looks back in time. With advanced technology we will get a picture of something that will show the big bang.

90. This year will be closer to the coming of the Lord!! Economy will get better.

91. US is going to cease to exist - Nuclear strike with Russia and China working together. Says Obama will not retaliate and Russia and China will divide the world between them.

We hope that the negative predictions do not happen and the positive ones do!


gil said...
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WiccanKrista said...

This is going to sound really weird...

I was meditating today with these stones called Boji Stones. They spoke to me, they told me that they are an energetic echo from a meteorite that hit earth. Their energy was from a planet in the Vegan system. The beings it came from are part energy, and part physical, and can phase back and forth between. They are highly developed, and spiritual. The human race is distantly related to them, and we have some similarities. I was shown pictures of them and their planet. They also told me that humans are waking up, and that we are almost ready. They have been preparing us for a very long time to accept the existence of beings on other worlds. They mean us no harm, and have a very bright and reassuring energy. They told me to look up the Vegan system on the internet. Hence I found your blog.

I was just wondering if you've ever encountered anything like that?

Madge said...

# 15