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The following is information given by Colin McCarthy on George Adamski resulting from the personal meeting with him in 1959. It was later printed in the SCORITON MYSTERY.

“During the course of the evening someone asked whether the space visitors were good or bad. Adamski hesitated a little and said that in the beginning he thought they were all good, but he had since received information that there were certain people on certain planets, he did not say where, negative types, who were coming to Earth. A wave of them was expected within one to two years. He said then that we would probably find lots of ‘funny’ UFO landings taking place and strange kidnappings - he was not very explicit and changed the subject as if he realized he had said something out of turn. Significantly, independent confirmation of this took place in Australia about a year later.” (This was before all the abductions started to take place - Ed.)


“One Summer’s day, a milkman was up very early beginning his rounds at Wanda Beach, south of Sydney. The sun was not quite up. He heard a whining, swishing noise and noticed a pulsating light shining behind the sand dunes. Suspecting a fire he wandered over to investigate. There he came across a conventional, disc-shaped device, pulsing with a violet light, the whining hum becoming louder and softer with each pulsation. The object was hovering two feet above the ground. He was in two minds whether to run or to investigate further. He decided on the latter and as he went towards it two quite ordinary looking men came out from behind it and confronted him. He said they were dressed as you would imagine any spaceman to be dressed, with fish bowl shaped helmets, transparent at the front. Their eyes were vivid blue and slanted in oriental fashion. They spoke in perfect English but he noticed that although their lips were moving, the voice appeared to be coming from a square box on the belt. A fairly astute man, he got the impression it was some sort of translating device. The lips were not moving with the words, which sounded very metallic, as though coming through some sort of electronic equipment. Later on they said a couple of words that did not translate and they simply came back in their own language.

They said they had come on a very long journey from somewhere near the galactic centre. A name was mentioned but it came out in a garble - of course it would not have had any relation to our star field at all. They said they were part of an expedition which was approaching the planet Earth. The people of the solar system had called for help because there was a space war brewing and consequently they had come to do a survey. In fact, they had actually to sneak through enemy territory to get here; space travel was not a simple matter of going from A to B in a straight line, they had to follow curved magnetic routes through the galaxy and they had to come through that area to get here.

These beings have a rule in three of four systems in the Orion Nebula, they told him.

Apparently, the Orion groups were very advanced scientifically, but not morally or spiritually, and they were hungry for new worlds to feast their eyes upon. The Earth, they said, was one of the most magnificent planets in this particular galactic field, or star cluster, in natural resources, forests, vegetation, etc. They decided this was a good planet to take over, and they would have taken over long before now if it was not for the vigilance of certain “Goodies” who are working for God, or the Infinite. They said these groups from the region of Orion had already ruined a planet in our solar system once before. This was the planet Lucifer-Maldek which blew up and is now part of the asteroid belt.

A number of other things were told him which he could not remember. He did ask how their space ship worked and they tried to explain, but owing to the limits of the translating device this came out garbled too. Then they told him that they could not really explain to him how it worked because this was beyond Earth science at the moment. Finally, they said they were going back; they had carried out their survey and they were going to return to their home base and report to their Council what they had seen and make a recommendation that a full-scale expedition should be sent. There was a danger they might not get back as they had to get through the Orion Nebula. This would take three years. If they were lucky, in another six or seven years they would return and contact him again. He asked why they should contact him again, he could not get much sense out of the answer. They said it was something to do with his aura. They said he was going to be used for a certain job, but for the moment he would know nothing about this, he was just to continue his life and not even speak about the experience. Two years went by before he even mentioned to anybody what had happened.”

An interesting piece of information they gave was that the negative race itself was physically weak and they were attempting to create a stock; an Orion-cum-Earth race, which would eventually take over this planet and become a member of their civilization.


What do I mean by that? Simply this. Through studying many cases of abductions by alien “type” beings, through current affairs of the world political scene and through awareness of individual consciousness, we can see the mileposts of past, present and future scenarios as they unfold.

To try and pull this scenario together into a comprehensive picture will be difficult in a short synopsis. One could write volumes on each aspect.

Let us begin with “The Bible Revisited,” a little booklet published by myself. In this book written by Roland Smyth, we see the extra-terrestrials masquerading as “Gods” or the “Elohim.” “El” means one; “Elohim” means many. The Bible states that the Gods took wives from the Earth and had children. This was the beginning of our neotany scenario. A sudden shift in consciousness emerged.

To understand the “Plan” we must examine all sources of data. Of course, my personal favorite is through the hypnosis cases I work with. Just recently has it begun to come together so that now the veil of ignorance is being slowly lifted.

Throughout recorded history there have been recorded visitations of “angels, Madonas, elves, fairies, Leprechauns, ghosts and apparitions.” Today we recognize some of them as “aliens,” EBE’s, Grays, Plijarans, Reticulans. Only the names have changed. The mode operendi is the same. Our awareness of intelligence has changed and is constantly expanding.

Let us move now to the present era. We are now beginning to “see” the overall plan. Many books have been written - each with a different aspect of the puzzle. Some of the current books and publications that will bring an awareness to you as an individual are: The Bible Revisited, The War in Heaven, Transformation, The Intruders, Light Years, the Gulf Breeze Sightings, The Watchers, Encounter, Extraterrestrials Among Us, All of Wendelle Stevens ‘UFO Contact From...” series of books, Alien Tide, The Ultimate Deception, The Soul Source, Cosmic Conspiracy, The Matrix, UFO Magazine, K. C. DePoss’s White papers: “The final solution,” “Conflict of Interest,” and “The war on Drugs.”

Once you have read all of the above books and publications your perspective will definitely change into a more comprehensive viewpoint of the overall picture.

The understanding that I have through all of the above and hypnosis cases I have worked with is that this is not a new phenomena; it is only seen in a new perspective. Since the Elohim “modern man” has purportedly been seeded on Earth by a race of beings called the “Watchers.”

The Watchers purpose is to preserve man, animals, flora and fauna. A genetic manipulation (not experiment) has always been under way. The Watchers (see Raymond Fowler’s book by the same name) are of the same “essence” as ourselves. They were created specifically to take care of Earth. Abductions are a result of their care taking. They are checking their handy work and upgrading it while at the same time creating more of the “Watchers” to continue their mission. Who created the “Watchers” is another question but the information has been given that there is a superior race to them that initiated this “Plan” long ago. They are of the light or positive side.

The Watchers resemble human fetuses at three months and for good reason. Fetuses were removed from “human” mothers at 3 months, genetically altered to complete the cycle of development aboard ships in special containers. The results of these are the “Watchers.”

One nebulous aspect has not been determined. When abductees have been regressed to former lives they find the same “alien” contact in that life. We have never pursued going back far enough to find the origin of the particular abductee. Perhaps that would shed further light on “why” they are being tracked throughout each lifetime. I have a strong suspicion that I know the reason.

From regressions the following criteria emerged.

o The percipient has been tracked throughout each life. A case I worked with describes remembering visitations in his past life by the same entity that abducted him in this life. At moment of death in an airplane crash he saw “them” in a craft off his wing tip. The same beings took him out of the airplane and put him into the new body. Another case remembers being in Alexander’s Army. The same entities as today visited him then and took him up in their ship.

o At moment of death “abductees” were put into a younger “cloned” body of themselves. A case in point (but there are more I have uncovered through hypnosis), “The Scoriton Mystery.” Many abductees have seen cloned bodies of themselves on board space ships. The percipient was then taken to a place where his experiences were taken out and examined for emotional content. After that he was put in an apparatus that took the soul or essence out and returned it to a human host to be born on earth to begin the cycle again. The interim body was preserved on board ships or in one case another planet to be used by the EBEs at their discretion. A presumption of mine is that when Pat McGuire was in Aerial Sharon’s body in the 6 Day War in Israel Aerial Sharon’s soul was placed in one of those bodies awaiting Pats return.

o The “Watchers” told Betty Andreasson that when great changes are going to occur on earth a more concentrated effort is made to preserve the human form. These bodies will inhabit the earth at a later date, as referred to in Bruce Smith’s abduction case. He was told that the “millions” of children who are the result of cross breeding between humans and aliens will inhabit the earth in the years 2020 to 2030. The earth will not be as you know it now”.

As a result of the children being raised on space ships they have not known human emotion or love. That is another reason he and others like him have been repeatedly picked up. They wanted him to instill “human” caring (or parenting) into their psyche for a more balanced being.

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