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The Beginning: It's hard to really say when my story really began. There are dreams in my past that I feel may or may not be related. I will not bore you with those details. There are two things I must relate to you before I tell you about the night of the Visitors. All of these things transpired within a six-month period.

The Nightmare: Like most dreams, the nightmare was kind of stupid. The only reason I am reporting it is because it is most likely related because of the Buzzing sound I heard during the nightmare. In the Nightmare, I was hiding beneath the floorboards of a building somewhere. I could see the space above the floorboards through the cracks between the boards. Above the floor was an object that I remember being similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. On it's front side was a very bright light. It was searching for me, and I was hiding. It made a loud buzzing sound. The same sound I heard the night of the Visitors.

The Helicopter: I have been plagued off and on through out my life with sleepwalking. To me sleepwalking is semi-conscious, almost a trance like state, other times I remember nothing at all. I have even hurt myself running in my sleep. Sleepwalking is a very bizarre experience. My memory of the night of the helicopter is rather blurred. I was in the familiar trance like state while a helicopter was flying extremely close to the house and shining its lights in the window. This also woke up my girlfriend. The really bizarre part of this incident was that I was crouched down near the floor, near the window, yelling at my girlfriend to get down. I was extremely afraid and very panicked. She later told me that I kept telling her that "They were going to get us". I do not remember how this episode ended.

The Night of the Visitors: A few months after the Helicopter incident I had the most bizarre experience of my life. It was May 2, 1992. I awoke; around 3 a.m. to some noise or activity outside my window. My first impression was that someone was messing with my car outside, however I did not get up to look out. I felt as though there was a crowd outside my window. I remember thinking that if I was quiet, and did not move, they would not know I was there. Fear set in. I knew it was "Them".

About this time I started to hear a very strange buzzing noise. (The same buzzing noise I heard in the nightmare.) It was very faint at first but grew louder with each passing second. It soon became very loud, almost loud enough to vibrate objects in the room. I continued to lie very still. My heart was beating very loud and my body was full of adrenaline. I was both absolutely terrified and totally in awe. I knew what was happening. As I lay on the bed, I watched the sky through the Venetian blinds.

They were open wide enough to see the outside sky very clearly. As the buzzing grew louder, I saw a triangle shaped craft slowly appear, turn, and head towards my house from the corner of the block. It had three lights. One up front, and two at the back to form a triangle. It reminded me of a helicopter without rotors. It continued in my direction until it was almost just past the window. It is here that the memory ends. I awoke nearly an hour and fifteen minutes later. Everything was back to normal. I have a small image in my memory of seeing this thing up close near one of it's lights. It was a dull flat black color with very little shine. It appeared to be held together by rivets.

I do very much feel that this was not a dream, as I was too full of adrenalin to be asleep. The event seemed too real.

Thank you Eric

Thank you Brian for this case history

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

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