Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sent out by CAUS

When I was five years old and living in a coal mining camp in West Virginia I saw a spaceship and ran home to tell everyone about it. I don't have to tell you what he reaction was and from that day to this I've felt alone and like I didn't fit in. It would be revealed later in life that I was taken on that day of my first conscious sighting.

When I was twenty-one I had just come back to the states from a tour of duty in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division in 1967. I was assigned to Co. A 41st Infantry C.D.E.C. or Combat Developments (Experimental) Command based at Ft. Ord, CA. On Monday morning we would be bussed about 80 miles out in the Mojave Desert to another installation called "Hunter Ligget Military Reservation." We did all of our so-called experiments at night and slept in the mornings and had work details n the afternoons. We did very important things like rake rocks! If you had duty on the weekends you would stay there and the rest had weekend passes and would return to Ord.

One night in late October of 1967 myself and three other soldiers were on guard duty and had met in a predetermined place to see how we were going to switch areas so we didn't have to look at the same things all night long. That's when I noticed a dim light moving from left to right and said "Hey, you guys look at that... what the hell is that?" The object then got bigger and brighter and started leaving off an orange fluorescing trail and five smaller ships dropped out of the bottom and formed a V formation and headed right straight for us. At that time I checked a nearby clock and it was two or three minutes before 11 pm. When I turned around they were almost on top of us and were 50 to 60 feet in diameter. At that time I began to hear a kind of electronic blip, it sounded like water dripping into a large bowl but with echo's, it was then I realized that I couldn't move and I was face to face with what I was told did not exist.

The reality set in when I found myself on a table getting some kind of exam. Not knowing how I got dressed I was led to a room where I had an encounter with what I perceived to be an angel because of its radiant piercing light and love that penetrated my very existing soul. I know we had a long conversation because I was missing from my post for three hours.

The next thing I knew I was standing where I had been before looking straight up at nothing. I didn't even get to see them leave but they told me they would be back and I would see them again. My so-called friends were standing there speechless and I told them we had to report this to my Platoon Sgt. Palmer but they didn't want to report. I had to be the spokesman for myself since they wouldn't report. Palmer tried to talk me out of what I was about to do and I told him it was my job as I was on guard duty and bound by my oath to report anything strange or unusual and this definitely fell into this category. I told him okay then I was AWOL for three hours, where in the hell was I? What he told me next was this: if you persist with this you will go to the Psych Ward back at Ft. Ord. He then told me that himself and others had seen these things too and to keep my mouth shut about it. With that statement I became furious and told him to put it on record and I meant right now. He put it on record and I went to the ward. While I was there the staff convinced themselves that I had seen something but as to what it was, they didn't have a clue.

When I returned to duty I was spurned and made fun of so I started telling everyone I came in contact with about the situation out there and was sent back to the Psych Ward. This time my Executive Officer Lt. Hammond came to the back door of the ward to tell me that himself and three other officers had chased strange lights all over the desert for three nights in a row but could never catch up to them.

This was a good man, he believed me from the beginning and followed through trying to help me. If he went to Vietnam I hope and pray that he made it home safely and by some miracle reads this story.

After the event happened my company designation was changed from Co. A to Co. G (why? COVER-UP) It is my opinion that "Hunter Liggett" was at that time an abduction terminal and probably still is because of its close proximity to Edwards and Area-51 and all of the other secret goings on in the Mojave Desert. It is my opinion that the only trap that I was caught in was the one 'THEY" told me did not exist.


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