Sunday, June 7, 2009


Stunned onlookers watch as mysterious orange UFOs swoop across Britain's skies

By David Wilkes
Last updated at 10:41 AM on 04th June 2009

Darting silently in formation, the mysterious glowing orbs light up the night sky.

Some say these orange lights even weave in between each other with the precision of a synchronised flying team from some far corner of the universe.

Clusters of more than 100 have been spotted across Britain and even Holland, leaving onlookers with an eerie sense that, for all the mystifying beauty of the strange objects, they may have just witnessed an armada of invading UFOs.

UFO sighting above Lincoln

Stunned: Families in Lincoln spotted glowing orange spheres grouped together in the sky on Sunday night


Eerie: Witnesses reported seeing the lights flying in an apparent formation, dodging and darting around each other before disappearing

The most recent sighting was on Sunday when they were seen in two locations, Merseyside and Lincoln. Days earlier a similar phenomenon was spotted over Cambridgeshire, where one witness claims each was as big as a house.

The sightings have prompted defence officials to check their logs and sent UFO fans into orbits of excitement. Engineer Paul Slight, 54, took photos on his mobile phone of the strange objects hovering over Lincoln at 10.30pm while he was cycling home after a day out with friends.

'There were 26 of them at first, dodging and darting in between each other like they were playing a game,' he said.


These four strange orange lights were captured in this photograph taken in Holland on May 11

'After that, seven more arrived and weaved through the crowd of lights like strange kinds of aircraft. After five minutes of moving around, they hung in the air for a second then shot off into the sky and disappeared.'

A spokesman for nearby RAF Cranwell said the base was closed at the weekend so the lights could not be attributed to its aircraft. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense is examining claims that the Merseyside lights were connected to an exercise involving HMS Daring, docked in Liverpool.

An ex-military source claimed the lights were dropped by jets to simulate the path of a missile in order to test the warship's radar systems.


Military exercise: Experts are investigating whether these orange lights above Merseyside were 'counter measures' to test the defenses of a Royal Navy ship

HMS Daring, believed to have been taking part in an exericise when UFOs were spotted over Merseyside

HMS Daring, which is currently docked at Liverpool, uses radar-activated guns. It is believed the lights seen may have been 'counter-measures' to test its defences

In Cambridgeshire, banker Scott Boswell, 37, said he saw more than 100 lights flying less than two miles above his home in Hinchingbrooke. The former soldier and experienced pilot said: 'I know they weren't aircraft – they were silent.

'And I was a soldier for a decade so I could immediately rule out flares or weather balloons. I really have no idea what they were.'

On the same night, May 27, at around 11.30pm guesthouse owner Auberon Hedgecoe, 40, of nearby Huntingdon, also saw the lights. 'There was no sound,' he said.


Unexplained: An image manufactured by Auberon Hedgecoe of how the lights appeared over a half an hour period above Huntingdon

Hedgecoe family who spotted mysterious lights over head near Huntingdon

The Hedgecoe family, from left Suzi, Barney, friend Zac and Auberon, saw 50 of the orange lights above Huntingdon and described them as being 'as big as a house'

'They were traveling 15 at a time and every six minutes more seemed to be coming over the horizon. They were not planes. They were not balloons.

Each one was the size of a building.' Last night it emerged a woman has contacted her local newspaper to claim that the lights over Lincoln were Chinese lanterns – mini hot air balloons – set off at her wedding reception.

'They looked amazing, hope you all enjoyed the spectacle,' she said.

Nick Pope, the former head of the MoD's UFO Project, supported the Chinese lantern theory.

'I'm not disparaging the whole UFO phenomenon, but I'd say 99 per cent of UFO reports involving orange lights in the sky these days are attributable to these lanterns.'



Anonymous said...

I've never believed in ufo's just because of unexplained lights untill the 4th of july of 2011. As we were pulling in the drive way that night my wife noticed four orange lights over the horizon. these lights came straight toward our neighbor hood and slowed right above me. My wife had already went in the house then two of the four vanished. the third later did the same, these orange fuzzy spheres are exactly what i seen on this site that i finally found. Then the fourth one just blew my mind, it lowered its altitude to about that of a small plane right over my tree and the fuzz of the light was gone and there it was (cant believe i'm saying this) a dull orange saucer with a grayish circle spinning around off center from the bottom. This whatever it was then slowly move over the tree line. I live in kenosha wisconsin usa.

Amber said...

As i was entering my front door one evening in Jan 2012, my wife opened the door and looked over my shoulder, training my eyes on her line of sight. I witnessed an orange light advancing slowly towards my home over the tree line about 500 yards away. This craft of whatever origin was no more than 1500 feet in altitude. It then moved to the left, or North of my home maintaining a seemingly slow rate of speed. The craft came to a stop and my wife then grabbed the video recorder. We both soon realized that there was more than one aircraft. However the others appeared to be helicopters and airplanes. We counted no less than 27, flying in a loose perimeter, perhaps 15 miles wide, circular in pattern, and at different altitudes, with some aircraft criss- crossing the perimeter. We watched as one of the aircraft approached the orange light. The aircraft was closing in, with less than a miles distance from the orange light when the light got very bright then disapeared right before our eyes. We continued to watch as the aircraft circled around for atleast an hour. Not a typical night for me, sure makes me wonder.
John, FL

Made In Mosaic by Trish Metzner-Lynch said...
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Nisarg Gor said...

I just saw two same orange glowing UFOs flying across 7:30pm evening sky in Surat, India. They flew from South to North direction and remained visible for a couple of minites. As soon as I switched on my camera and tried to capture, it got lost and invisible! They were flying parallel to each other. Hard luck! Couldn't take a snap.

Bluegrassgal said...

My husband and I saw a group of at least a hundred lights in the sky on Sunday night, June 30, 2013. This happened at 11 p.m. The lights traveled east to west and were gone in a matter of 2 to 3 minutes.

These lights were fairly high in the sky, upper cloud level, and moved at a fast past. The group seemed to swarm across the sky. The group was traveling in a rather loose round or ball shape. Near the edges of the circle there were lights that were moving in and out of the group.

There were also stragglers that quickly caught up with the group as they moved across the sky. These lights appeared smallish and they had blinking red, blue, green, yellow lights. These color-changing lights appeared to be like an LED light.

I have lived near the airport almost all my life and have never seen or experience anything like I saw that night. There was no noise. There was no wind, at least at the ground level on that evening.

I was so shaken; I placed a call to 911 and sent an email to the local television station. I thought for sure someone else would have seen the phenomenon but I cannot find any other report online.