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In July 2006 I read the transcript of someone by the initial “Z”. He was telling about his past with the government where he taught remote viewing. Since he retired he decided to give it a go himself. Before he had not experienced it, only taught the method. What happened had significance to me and opened my eyes. Recently I read a transcript that verified what he saw while remote viewing or out of body. It was hard to determine which.

The following is a transcript of one of his experiences:


I couldn’t sleep. I’ve spent the last couple hours typing up what I could remember. I just had an experience that couldn’t compare to all the experiences in my life wrapped up into a few moments. I was successful this night. But now I am disturbed beyond belief.

Last night, after another hot bath, I decided to try to have another fully conscious OBE. I wanted to go to bed early this time before I got too tired and fell asleep. But here it is. My long drawn out experience I had tonight. Its long, bear with me, but I felt it necessary to record this as I don’t know what will come next.

....I decided to take another hot bath. The Epsom salts and wraps help clear any energy blockages that I have, and will prepare me mentally for an astral trip. I meditate gently while in the bath, to relax every part of my body.

Once I exit, I feel like I weigh a ton, and I quickly towel off, and head to bed. I am in a very relaxed state, but mentally I am not tired. ... As soon as I began my meditation techniques I could feel my energy body just itching to break free. I felt a tug at my leg, and next thing I knew I was out of my body!

I look up and there is one of my guides Rudo. He was waiting for me to go to sleep. He had yanked me out of my body! I was disoriented, and then remembered what to do to focus myself and energy to be more conscious. He had to have had a good reason to yank me out of my body. He had only done this once before during a crisis when a love one was dying.

He said that I had wished to see “the powers that be,” and learn more about this situation. That I had wished to understand the nature of evil and why we must fight it. He said now was my chance.

George was having a meeting with rarely seen people. They are not seen in society and do not even have legal names. They do not exist as people legally on this planet. They are not bound by admiralty law, and have no social security number or exist in any government file anywhere. I knew of them, but now I was going to have my chance to finally see one in person. I had only heard reports from team members on this.

These beings are also known as the Anunnaki. They look human enough, but are much, much older and more advanced than us. They seem to be part reptilian, but like I said, they had this sort of ability to see into the astral realm when they need to. You can see when they look at you with their inner eyelids open. Like a cat with a flashlight in their face or a deer in headlights. Most people can get this effect too, but not as intense and it gives the look that their eyes glow red. Some people have seen them as shadow people with red eyes in the dark. It seems to be a natural ability to see in the dark and into other dimensions. They are millions of years ahead of us, and think they know better. They are the secret rulers behind our world. I’ve heard that they have a form of “familiar” that have similar powers. You could almost call it the dark side of the force really. I had suspected a few people were familiars, like Bush and Company but that is another story.

At least that is what I have been able to piece together. Of course I could be wrong on this. Nobody knows exactly, but maybe some of these human minions who serve these masters may know more.

Here was my chance to find out.

I raised more energy and told him I was good to go. He said that we had to phase into a higher reality and look in on them from outside the RTZ (Real Time Zone). This was sort of like looking at them from outside the fish bowl. It would be harder to see and hear things from there, but we could put our ear to the wall so to speak. He held my hand and a flash of light went before my eyes. Next thing I knew I could see a shimmering pool of water below us. Inside the room was none other than George H. W. Bush, Sr. My guide said to stick my face into the pool, or my consciousness so to speak. I felt this membrane on my energy body as it vibrated and I could see and hear what was going on in the room.

There was a fireplace in the background, which was lit, which I found odd for the summertime. It was a cheery looking room with fleshy colors, pictures of family and military memorabilia. George Bush Sr., was with a woman, who was serving him something that looked like tea. He looked much older than usual, and did not have a very happy look on his face.

He motioned for the lady to leave, as his phone rang. He talked and acknowledged someone on the phone, asking them to please hold to verify they were alone. He stood up and looked around the room, scanning everything with his eyes. They were glowing RED as flame! I was shocked so much I said “wow!”. Immediately George Sr. Turned his head upward and glared directly at me!!

I jumped back and pulled my head out of the pool. I freaked out. I said “he can’t see us can he?”

Rudo said “No. God can look down through all planes of existence. He can see all the way down into what you call hell. But those in the lower planes can only see up a couple levels or dimensions. Humans in the material plane cannot see past the first few planes upward. But that is only the most developed human beings though. The most spiritually developed for good or evil. You yourself are starting to be able to see through the veil, but you still need more time.”

“What you call Fallen Angels were cast down into the material plane and lower. They have lost their ability to reach past the kingdom level. But they can still move between the lower planes. We are in the Kingdom level. They cannot see us. They are forbidden by God. But we can see all that is below. Much higher up you have what is called Heaven. There are 12 dimensions, and the thirteenth is God.”

All I could say was “wow” again. I was relieved that he set my mind at ease.

I then realized that George Sr. Had finished his phone call and had hung up the phone. There was a bright flash of light outside the house. The windows were beaming in orange light. Minutes later, 3 men in suits entered the room. One of them had a device I had recognized before as some sort of detection device, and was waving it around like a Star Trek tricorder. After a few waves of the “Tricorder” he nodded.

The main individual who talked was old, with a black turtleneck with a suit coat. His hair was white as snow, and had an accompanying white beard that was trimmed nicely. He seemed tall from my perspective, much taller than George Bush Sr. (Giants?) Who had only briefly stood to acknowledge them when they entered the room.

I didn’t hear any names called, but I did hear Bush mumble under his breath when greeting the person “Anu” or something like that, and the old man ignored him.

I thought to myself, could that be ANU of Sumerian lore?

The old man began to talk and mentioned the immediate situation involving Syria, Iran and North Korea. He also mentioned a few other countries with key people who were still in power. He seemed to be talking down to George Sr. almost in a demeaning way. Nevertheless George Sr. was respectful in every way. They discussed how now the time had come to interface these remaining rogue countries with the ruling part of the world. That there was a deadline and that George and their government had stalled long enough. He stated that other nations were following orders and the USA had lagged behind the “plan.”

He was upset that he had “come all this way” and things were not ready. He was very upset that he left “his Son’s to handle this world,” and they had done nothing but quarrel with each other for millennia.

George argued respectfully back that doing something obviously against the will of the people would cause a revolt and that they were still in the process of installing new powers to continue to sway the public into docility. He argued that the military would not follow them unless they had a good reason to go to war.

The elder got immediately mad and said that it didn’t matter any more at this point, that time was running out and he didn’t care if millions had to die. He said billions more were at stake soon. He was raising his voice now in anger. (Could that be what Swine Flu vaccinations are all about?)

George asked “What do you want us to do?”

The elder replied. “Unfortunately, the only way to bring “the plan” to fruition will be the suffering of your nation. Your way didn’t work, and now it will be my way. IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE TO SERVE ME, I SUGGEST THAT YOU DO EXACTLY AS I SAY.”

Then the elders eyes narrowed and he got very serious. “I know about your secret projects to try and defeat us.”

George’s face went flush. “What projects? We only are doing R&D into technologies, that’s all.”

The elder said dismissively “Don’t worry. It would take you thousands of years to harm us. Your time is almost up anyway. Now do as I order. You wouldn’t want to start having health problems now would you? Or your wife? We’ve given you good health, power, wealth, and a life of luxury. DO NOT FAIL ME NOW ON THE EVE OF OUR VICTORY.”

George looked very old and tired now. He looked like a defeated man. “I will do as you say. What do you want us to do with North Korea?’

The elder stood up, and said “First of all, I want you to seek political solutions while moving more equipment and people into South Asia secretly. I want you to fly your aircraft to spy on them and provoke them. Publicly I want you to say nothing too provocative, but try and rally nations against them. Their tests bother you but you will pursue sanctions with the UN. Secretly I want you to continue your preparations to start a war on multiple countries. You know which ones I’m talking about. But you must wait for my command. I will return once I have instructed our Israeli people what to do about their situation. This is finally starting to happen. THE WORLD IS ALMOST OURS.”

George agreed.

Then the elder started walking to the door. “Do whatever you need to do on your home soil to secure the power you need. Whatever is necessary! Dispose of anyone in your way who prevents you from this. (Dead microbiologists?) OUR DESTINY IS ALMOST UPON US! THE DESTROYER WILL RETURN. WE WILL HAVE THE RADIANT SOULS OF BILLIONS, AND HE WILL NOT HAVE HIS PRIZE.”

He turned in the doorway, and with an evil smile, he said “We must make war by the end of next....” I woke up. I heard the doorbell wake me up from sleep.




IUS - Interdimensional Universe Structure

MPG - Money-Power-Grid

GSSC - God-Spirit-Soul Complex

HMS - Human Mind System

SBL - Sensory Bi-Location

GMS - Genetic Manipulation System

Genetic Manipulation System (GMS) – This system was an outgrowth of various interdimensional races working to create a suitable instrument for accessing the physical world. It was Anu who specifically wanted to not only access the physical world in order to exploit its resources, but to do so by suppressing the infinite beings that would power the human instruments so he had the equivalent of willing slaves. Yes, infinite beings can be suppressed into finite beings when they are subjected to HMS. In the course of engineering the human instrument, it was decided to create GMS as a means to modify the human instrument over time, as it evolved, to ensure it would never achieve self-realization or the Sovereign Integral state of awareness. The state of satori, nirvana, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, and rapture were all different names for heightened states within the GSSC, which was still within the HMS domain, but these became checkpoints that triggered GMS interventions. The true state of the Sovereign Integral – even after death of the human instrument – was never realized by a member of the human family until very recently.

Human beings are both dimensional and interdimensional. First Source is all of us. It is the Collective Us. It is not a God living in some distant pocket of the universe. First Source is the Human Collective unencumbered with the HMS. First Source divided itself into individualized expressions – us. In the beginning, we inhabited dimensions that were not material, but existed at quantum levels of time and space. However, as the dimensions grew in density through the expansion of creation (our creation), we, as individualized, interdimensional beings, were seduced to enter the human body. This seduction was a co-conspiracy of forces led by Anu, the King of the Anunnaki, who required enslaved workers to mine the physical gold that was present on Earth in abundance. Those beings we now consider the Atlanteans, were interdimensional living upon Earth, and Anu, with great cunning, convinced them to embody in human instruments.

This embodiment was a grand experiment in human engineering, and the Human Mind System (HMS) was at the core of this project. Anu realized that the only way to enslave the Atlanteans was to sheath them in a mind system that would reduce their capacity to express their true nature, and instead, express the programs embedded within the HMS. These programs were the creation of Anu and his scientists.

The Anunnaki created the HMS in order to consign the Sovereign Integral – the true Self that is infinite and eternal – into a prison of conjured illusions and deceptions. So the human instrument was fitted with HMS and the Sovereign Integral was placed within it as the life force, that which powered the human instrument. An aspect of GSSC was the program we call the fear of death, the fear of separation, the fear of non-existence.

It was this fear, so powerfully felt by humans, that gave rise to the construct of a separate God, from which a separate Spirit filled the universe, and from which we were all created in separation. Whether one arrives to God through religion or spirituality, does not matter, it is the same effect of appeasing the fear of death within the individual just as the program specified. In effect, Anu, the King of Anunnaki, positioned himself to be God of the human world.
And there you have it, you now know who visited George G.W. Bush Sr. and told him what to do or else!

(The second part was taken from the Wingmakers)

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