Sunday, August 9, 2009


While I was on vacation over in Grand Coulee, Washington in July the local paper came out on July 22. I was amazed to see an article about crop circles since that little paper only comes out on Wednesdays! The very day I was there! I imagine a lot of you have heard about the crop circles but if you haven't here is the story from "The Star" from Grand Coulee, Washington.

By Roger S. Lucas

There are some new crop circles near Wilbur.

The circles were discovered last Thursday evening by Craig Haden when he was out checking out one of his wheat fields, he said.

At first, Haden found three circles, one large one and two smaller ones.

Then Friday evening his son, Brady, discovered three more circles adjacent to the three discovered earlier.

The circles are located two miles east of Wilbur and south of US 2, in a remote area of Haden's 100-acre wheat field.

You can't see the circles from the road unless you go out in the evening when shadows give you a brief outline of the larger circle.

Brady drove a reporter to the circles in his pickup truck Saturday morning. It took about 15 minutes to get to them from the road. The wheat lays flattened in a counter-clockwise direction, and the three circles discovered Friday are difficult to see from the other three, though not that far away.

The larger circle, 120 feet across, has another circle inside it, creating a ring. Of the two closer small circles, one is like the larger circle. In the third, the entire circle of wheat is laid tight upon the ground.

Brady thinks some kids are responsible. However, he is the first to admit that he doesn't know how they got into the field, made the circles without leaving a single footprint, or bending over one stalk of wheat.

It's not the first time Wilbur has been in the news for crop circles. Two years ago circles appeared on the Jim Llewellyn farm off Bagdad Road.

This time the circles are in a very remote place. You'd have to know where they are to find them, and then you'd need permission from the Hadens to go out into the field.

Brady measured the large circle. The ring swatch is nine feet wide with the wheat bent over right at ground level.

"When my dad first saw the circles, he called me on his cell phone and told me to get out there," Brady said. "We couldn't find a trace of a footprint, or any place where the wheat was knocked over from someone walking or driving over it."

"We got a call from someone from a UFO outfit the other evening," Brady added.

The circles will be there for another two or three weeks. That's about the time the field will be ready to harvest, Brady noted.

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