Thursday, September 3, 2009


By (name withheld)

I have recently come to realize that I, my wife and my eight-year-old son have been involved with some form of contact that I cannot explain. I have joined an abduction group, which has helped me greatly, and I feel that I have now come to terms with my experiences. Even so, I have written only a brief account here, because writing about my encounters still gives me a bit of fear.

About 16 months ago, my wife and son and I moved to the US from England. We bought a house in October. Everything was fine until February.

Then the lady next door told me that a man had been photographing our house. I thought nothing about it -- until I saw a man drive up in a blue Jeep, take one photograph and drive away. When this happened three more times over a nine day period, I began to worry. The last time it happened, I ran outside, only to see a red car with a government license place racing away.

Next we started getting weird telephone calls -- beeping noises, silent lines... It worried me.

On about March 16, my wife was awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a bright blue light in the bedroom. Strangely, she simply went back to sleep. That same night, I awoke in a bright white room. I remember that three small cream-colored or pale white "things" were on my right, and a human-looking female, who was trying to calm me, was on my left. Something was placed on my lower back and I felt terrible pain.

When I awoke, the room was lit with blue light. I thought I was dying. I was sweating, my heart raced, and all I could see was the image of those three beings in my mind. I suffered trauma for about 3 1/2 months. I know that what happened was more than a dream.

After this encounter, I remembered that three years before in England, I had had another experience, during which two beings stood at the side of my bed. One pulled the sheets back and held my leg. I remember feeling a floating sensation, then being in a dark room. At the time, I just thought it was a dream.

I have always had memories of seeing white shapes in my bedroom as a child. My parents said I used to talk to an invisible friend when I was between the ages of about six and eight. My wife and I have both seen blue and purple balls of light in our house. And I have had fantastic out-of-body experiences -- but I still do not trust the things behind them.

I think "aliens" are inter-dimensional, soulless spirits, whose bodies need to feed on our emotions. In one "dream," I was shown a gray being and told, "We have no souls, spirits or feelings." I also know that there is more than one race of these beings. I have seen white ones, gray ones and some that look reptilian.

I believe that the whole UFO/alien agenda is far beyond our present comprehension, and that soon humanity will come to realize that we are only one small piece in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

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