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There has been a lot of discussion about "what" was on the trailer on I-20. Here is a first hand account.

Location. Near Arlington Texas

Date: August 8 2009 Time: midnight-0100am

Around this time local citizens were awakened by a series of extremely loud explosions, soon after a traveler on I-20 took a picture of a strange disc-like object being transported near the area: Your browser may not support display of this image. . Concerned citizens contacted local police and media. There was no official response to the extremely loud explosion reports. A media blackout left the people of Arlington to draw their own conclusions. Additional information states that numerous callers began phoning local stations with reports of a strange sight on Interstate 20, which runs between Dallas and Ft. Worth. They described a surreal scene---a large, flatbed truck was carrying what appeared to be a UFO on its trailer. The 18-wheeler appeared to be escorted by what appeared to be military vehicles, and they were flanked by Dallas Police Department vehicles and personnel. In the immediate vicinity of the entourage, incoming ramps to the freeway were closed. Some of the callers, who got close enough to see the parade of vehicles, stated that the large UFO was giving off steam or smoke. One driver, who was escorted to the side of the highway, managed to take two photographs with his cell phone. The photos are not clear and taken from a distance.

HC addendum


Additional information by researcher Manuel Navarrete:

This report comes as a result of an interview with a member of the Dallas Police Department. I was approached by the officer who had read the article that I posted on about the incident in Dallas, Texas. He contacted me and we communicated via e-mail (his choice) and after he gave me information to verify that he was a member of the Dallas Police Department, He offered to give me information in regards to the incident that occurred on the evening of August 7 and early morning of August 8, 2009.

The only condition that he had was that he did not want to reveal his name, or any other information that would allow him to be identified by anyone of his superiors or by any of the agencies that were involved in the operation that night. I tentatively agreed, and then sought the advice of another one of my fellow researchers to see where I stood in regards to this. I then contacted him and agreed to his terms and set up a time for us to discuss the events of that evening.

The officer, who was an 8 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was assigned to normal street patrol in a particular section of the city (again information has been withheld per his request). He was called via his mobile phone and requested to report back to the district police station, no explanation was given, no words other than “We need you to report back to the station immediately” He was told that someone would meet him at the entrance and to do as he was instructed. As sudden as the call came, it ended with the other party simply hanging up.

The officer then proceeded to the station as instructed; when he arrived at the station, he noticed that other patrol cars were also arriving and that the other dozen or so officers looked just as confused as he did. The officer was met by a pair of men in black fatigues who greeted the officers, they then asked the officers to please, leave all communication items in their patrol cars. No radios, no mobile phones were to be taken inside with them.

After a short pause of bewildered mumbling, the officers complied and then were walked into the station; they were lead into one of the station briefing areas. They were met by a couple supervisors and more men in black fatigues.

The men were briefed that their help was needed to provide an impromptu escort for a truck carrying “cargo”. No other information was given, no questions were asked by the officers. They were told that this was a military operation and that they needed to act to secure the “cargo” and clean up the situation before the sun rose. They were told normally, military personnel would handle the situation, but since time was of the essence, they were going to use officers of the Dallas Police Department to secure the route the flat bed would take. The military officer in charge advised them that this was not going to be “pretty” and that “they had no time to wrap up the present, nice and neat”.

The officer at this point made the comment to me that he felt that this was not the first time this particular military officer had done this. When asked, the officer noted that the military personnel, who were in the room, including the officer, wore only the solid black fatigues, black combat boots and had no name tags, rank insignia, or unit designation on their uniforms.

It is here that the military officer instructed the officers that anything that happened during this “exercise” would have be held in the strictest secrecy, no one was allowed to talk about this, not to each other, not to their families, and not to fellow officers. The reports that they filled out would be handed directly to their supervisor who was instructed on how to handle those reports and hand them over to the military for safekeeping. The officer then stated that they were all required to sign a paper stating that they could be prosecuted for talking about this operation to anyone with out express permission from the United States government.

It was here that we took a few minutes break since the officer asked if we could take a few minutes break, he had to use the bathroom and grab bottled water. I agreed and pretty much did the same.

When we came back, we kind of re-capped the events up to the point, making sure to try to get as much as I could into the report. The officer again, reiterated that he would not give out any information that could possibly lead to his identification. I again agreed to his terms and proceeded with the interview.

The officer stated that he was given his instructions, he and four other officers were to block entrances to on ramps to Interstate 20, not allowing anyone access to the interstate till the convoy was safely down the road. He was instructed if the drivers were already on the interstate, to pull them over and hold them there until the convoy passed, using his car and himself, if possible to shield the driver and any passengers from seeing the flatbed as it passed by and continued down the road. They were instructed that the flat bed’s driver was instructed to keep driving as high a speed as he could without compromising the load’s integrity. Therefore it was up to the officers to keep the path clear of civilian vehicles.

The officer would not give specific details as to where exactly they met up with the truck or where the truck originated its journey. The officer threatened to end the interview if I kept insisting that he give out specific details. The only tidbit of information the officer gave me, was a passing comment that he was able to look out the window and see mixture of moon light and other lights reflecting off of Joe Pool Lake. The officer stated that they met a large semi- truck pulling a flat bed truck with what looked like a circular object on the back of it. The object was securely chained to the flat bed, but was uncovered. The object was a sort of dull gun metal grey from what he could see as the truck sped under the street lights. The officer noted that when the truck initially passed, there seemed to be a strange odor. The officer did not say if it came from the smoldering object on the back of the truck. He stated it smelt a lot like smoldering sulfur

The officer then described how the went about blocking the roads, while one blocked the exits or pulled over motorists, others would race ahead to clear out traffic and block other on-ramps and access points to the interstate, once the convoy had passed and gotten sufficiently down the road, he would then open the road back up and race to catch up and re-join the others in the rotation. He described how some of the government vehicles assisted them by blocking the on-ramps, he stated the vehicles carried four people in each one, each one of the passengers were dressed in full battle fatigues with body armor and carrying weapons. As the convoy wound its way through the interstate, the procedure was all the same, stop anyone already on the road, and block traffic from coming onto the interstate. The officer stated that they travelled approximately 10-12 miles before they were radioed instructions to proceed back to the station. When asked about the destination of the object, he responded that he did not know, others took over the job of escorting the truck and they were told to head back to the station post haste.

The officer then told of being met there by other men, these men did not wear fatigues, but wore suits. They were debriefed and told that they had taken part of a government response drill. That was being conducted in major cities through out the United States to gauge the response time of the military and local law enforcement to an incident such as the crash of a highly classified government plane or satellite. They were instructed, as before that they were not to speak of this; they would have to keep it to themselves for the sake of military security. They were then instructed on the procedure of turning in any reports that they had to write up to the police department supervisor.

At this point the officer’s family had returned home and the officer advised me that he did not want to speak with them present. He advised that we could make arrangements to speak again and wrap up the interview at a later time, when he would not expose the family to this. I agreed and advised him that I would write him back to set up the time.

I have written him back, twice and have not heard a response back, when I attempted to write him back a third time, the email came back to me as a failed to deliver. I therefore decided to publish as much as I could with the information given to me.

Manuel Navarette


Thank you Albert Rosales for the above information.
From Humanoid Contacts.


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