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The Paranormal is Hilarious - Until it Happens to You!

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 08:51 AM PDT

Two of my brothers live in New England. I visit them often. One of my brothers has a neighbor who is very nice but strictly a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal. This neighbor will not allow anything considered paranormal or unknown to touch his thinking or understanding of the world and universe around him.

My brothers both live in the same small town where they are very social and well known. Often I have been to affairs with my brothers when this skeptical neighbor goes out of the way to make sure I am insulted or treated with a nasty slant concerning the fact I write about the paranormal.

Many times I have told this neighbor to simply not read what I write and to ignore what I say. I told this man more then once that he and his wife need to live their lives as they see fit and to allow others to do the same. I try to avoid them when I visit my brothers. They do go out of the way to track me down when I am in my brother’s town with the sole purpose of being rude with loud displays of their limited thinking and knowledge. I ignore them and at times just walk away from them without saying a word.

People like my brothers neighbors are a dime a dozen. They are loud, nasty and rude. They also are people who have never had any type of unknown, strange or paranormal event happen to them or anyone close to them. People like this always have the most to say about subjects they know nothing about.

My job is to write about those who live through experiences, events and encounter things considered unknown. My job is NOT to make people believe what I write. I do not worry about what close-minded, angry -limited people think. My job is to step over them on my way to get the events that do happen out to those interested in things we do not fully understand. My job is to talk about the things paranormal we do not understand that happen to people all over the world every day.

The last week of September I went to visit my brothers for a few days. One day as we were eating lunch on my brother’s patio the phone rang. It was his neighbor’s wife. She was terrified. She was not making sense, crying and completely beside herself. She insisted my brother come over and for him to bring me!

I did not know what to think of this call. I had no choice and drove over to the neighbor’s house with my brother.

We pulled into the neighbor’s driveway to find the neighbor, his wife and his wife’s

Sister sitting on the front porch waiting for us. The three of them were pale white with wide eyes. They sat backs up against the house so close to the wall that they appeared painted onto the house siding. I knew at once something had terrified the three of them.

As we walked up to them the neighbor pointed to the driveway. Their car sat in the driveway with the trunk popped open. The neighbor said, “ They took all the family photo’s “. I thought they must have been robbed but still could not figure out why they insisted I come along with my brother.

I walked up and stood in front of the three of them. All of a sudden the three of them burst out into sobbing tears. They were crying so hard I could not understand what they were saying. My brother and I immediately tried to comfort them so we could figure out what was going on.

We were able to get the three of them into their house and sat them down at their dining room table. My brother poured them a class of wine to try to calm them to a point we could understand what had happened.

We sat with the neighbor, his wife and her sister while they told us what had happened.

The three of them set off that morning for a short trip to the wife’s brother’s house about three hours away. They were bringing him part of the family albums that were left by their parents. The neighbor’s wife and her sister promised to share the albums with their brother and decided to drive over for a visit and to deliver his part of the family photos.

They set off early in the morning and recall driving along and entering the main highway in route to the brother’s house. That was all they could recall. Later in the day about lunch time the three of them woke up in the car. Actually the two sisters woke up or came to in the car. The man, the neighbor, recalls either getting into or out of the car as the two women woke up. He could not recall why he was out of the car or if he was getting out or getting back into it. The three of them were confused, dazed and did not know where they were. They all had terrible headaches. It took them a few minutes to come to their senses. They seemed to be pulled over into a rest stop but there was only empty road and forest around them. They looked at their watches and found that about four hours had lapsed since their last memories, which was riding along the highway to their brothers.

They had to drive for a few miles before they found a sign to get a sense of where they were. They found that they had driven miles out of the way, in the wrong direction, and had no idea at all how they got there or why they were there. They drove for about an hour before they were able to turn on to a main highway they were familiar with.

They were shaken and not feeling well. They turned off the main highway when they came upon a town they knew. They found a small restaurant they had eaten at before and pulled in to its parking lot to try to calm down.

The neighbor got out of his car and walked around it. The two sisters got out of the car as well as they were feeling sick from a strange odor that was drifting through out the car. They rolled down all the windows and opened the doors to air out the car.

The three of them were shocked at the condition of their vehicle. It was covered in mud and dirt. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. The car had been freshly washed for the trip to their brother’s house. They stood in stunned silence looking at their mud-covered car.

They bought coffee and donuts thinking it may help them clear their heads. They called their brother and told him they were not coming. They sat in the car drinking their hot coffee and nibbling on the donuts when the neighbor noticed something on his wife’s face. He thought it was a piece of donut and reached over to brush it away. He found instead an odd round bruise a bit raised on her face. They soon discovered each of them had a small bruise on their faces or necks.

The three of them now frightened and confused decided to take the most populated route back home to their house. When they arrived home they opened the trunk of the car to remove the over night bags they packed. That is when they realized that all the photo albums were gone. A huge box of family photos was missing. They had no memory of stopping much less opening the cars trunk. They had no idea what had happened. They still felt sick and had terrible pains in their heads. They did manage to reason out searching to see if they had left the box in the house. They searched the house; the photos were not there. They were shaken; sick and confused to what happened to them during the hours they lost on their way to their brothers.

The neighbor remembered seeing me in town and sent his wife to call to have me come over to help them understand what they had just encountered.

My brother and I calmed them down and went out to look at their car. It was covered in a heavy mud. It also looked as if it had a few new scratches along the one side. The trunk had two over night bags and nothing else in it. Their photos were nowhere to be found in the car. We did not smell anything odd in the car but did notice a bit of the mud on the dashboard by the drivers seat. We locked the car and returned to the house.

We stayed with the people for about three hours. I listened to them repeat over and over what happened to them with the missing hours being totally blank to all three of them.

My brother made them dinner and I told them to search for any odd items when they could in the car and their baggage. I told them to leave the bags for now in the car and for them to turn on lights at night and lock their house. I also told them to see a doctor in the morning if they were in pain or still suffering from their headaches.

I visited them the next day. The three of them seemed well. They also seemed frightened to death. Something happened to them during the hours they lost that were not explainable or known. They experienced a very typical encounter with a lost time event.

I have no idea what happened to them along that highway or how they ended up miles away in a deserted area without any memory of getting there. I have no idea why all three had strange bruises on their faces and necks and I have no idea why the only thing missing was the box of family photos. I do know I have heard many reports very similar to this one.

I have no idea what occurs during these lost time events. I do know it is a terrifying event that stays forever with those who endure them. I also know that this family will understand now that it is cruel and ignorant to abuse those who live through these experiences. What happened to them is unknown. What happened to them has happened to many other people all over the world. It would be wonderful if we could take this seriously and investigate what it is that occurs to and re locates these people during their lost time events.

I do fear that until more of us have a real experience with the unknown it will remain for many hilarious - until it happens to them.

So much to learn yet so many closed and dumbed down minds intentionally blocking us to the road of truth. Maybe in time enough people will walk the road of the unknown and their jokes will become their living nightmares. Maybe then we will join as one and use our intelligence to solve these mysteries instead of sitting like fools laughing at our own ignorance.

Sounds like a typical abduction case!

This was from Phantoms and Monsters blog.

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