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My Transforming Encounter
By William Hamilton III

In 1976, urged by my good friend John Maxfield, we searched for a man named Brian Scott who claimed he had been abducted six times. This was an amazing claim in that year and we were glad when we finally located Brian through writer Jim Frazier.

On his 16th birthday he saw a glowing orange ball of light come down from the sky to within a foot of where he stood, then it darted skyward, leaving the youthful Brian dumbfounded. The ball of light returned on many occasions, and on one particular night it came into his house and passed in front of a dresser mirror. Its reflection could not be seen in the mirror. Brian grabbed a broom and tried to bat the ball out of the house.

Brian's first encounter with alien entities took place on the night of March 14, 1971 near Apache Junction, Arizona. Apache Junction is located near the haunting Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.

As we studied Brian and the remarkable automatic writings and drawings he executed while in a state of trance, we were drawn into his circle more and more as if under the influence of a growing vortex.

In December of 1976, Brian and Jim Frazier set off for Peru and Bolivia. Brian was instructed by the mysterious being, Voltar, to go to Tiahuanaco and the Marcahuasi Plateau and stand inside the Portal del Sol, the Gate of the Sun. Marcahuasi is a unique mountain top, geologically unlike any of the surrounding Andes, located 80KM north east of Lima, Peru. Brian found he could not comply with the request made by Voltar because the Gate of the Sun was encircled by a fence and posted with a guard to preserve this ancient monument from prying hands.

Brian was told that if he reached out with his hands and touched the ancient stone blocks, he would make contact with Voltar, mind-to-mind, and be able to perceive the ancient past of Tiahuanaco. Brian did this, only standing in the portal to the ruins of the Temple of Kalasasaya. He allegedly passed on to a higher state of mind and underwent a transformation from Brian to Brian-Voltar for a period of weeks.

My job as a fledgling MUFON field investigator was to gather the facts and interview witnesses and make reports all with an objective frame of mind. Unfortunately, this ideal situation just doesn’t exist and one becomes entangled like a quantum particle with the phenomena one is investigating.

When a group of us went to LAX to meet Brian and Jim at the end of December and welcome them back home, I was unprepared for subsequent events. When Brian-as-Voltar came through customs, the inspector asked him if he was high and the overshadowing personality of Voltar now speaking through Brian in what appeared to be a normal state and not in trance replied that he was high on love. This did not sit well with the inspector and he asked further where Brian was from and when the reply came that he was from Epsilon Eridani, the inspector was baffled and asked if that was anywhere near Pasadena, California! It was hilarious.

When we sat down to have coffee, Brian, who was an inveterate smoker, never touched a cigarette and talked about eating flowers. It was as if one person went to Bolivia and another one returned in his place wearing the same body. Voltar as Brian would look around and remark on something he could see happening on the other side of a wall which is something we could not do.

As my friend John Maxfield drove me back to Los Angeles on the San Diego freeway and we passed Santa Monica Bay I noticed a large object hovering in the clouds above the bay that had an orange glow outlining its bulk. I asked John to exit the freeway at the next turnoff so I might get a better look at it with my binoculars.

John drove us off the freeway to a residential side street where he parked. I got out of the car fast as I was afraid the mysterious object would fly away. I looked carefully at the object through my binoculars and determined that it was cylindrical in shape. As I peered through the magnifying lenses, a bright red light similar to a red laser seemed to emanate from the side of this object and enter my glasses and triggered something in my brain as if a “door opened”. I put down the binoculars and told John that we should get back in the car and drive to our usual hangout, Denny’s coffee shop remarking that Hector would be there. By the time we got there it was around 2 am.

As we sat around a booth, Hector walked through the front door and joined us to talk. I had been saying some strange things since seeing the light, and I had everyone’s attention. John wondered where I was getting this information from, and I could not tell him with any certainty.

As the days of January passed, and we had at least two encounters with strange men, and as we progressed in the study of the strange drawings that Jim Frazier gave us , we divined one revelation after another, and my mental processing seemed to accelerate so that I was soon doing high speed calculations in competition with electronic calculators, and able to read whole phrases written in Latin or Greek. The efficiency of my mental processing, the frequency of synchronicities that occurred, and the paranormal experiences all started to accelerate until I, myself, went into a catatonic state and later into a period of 8 days where I had full dimensional visions of the cosmos from the beginning of our universe (or one of its beginnings) to the present day and far into the future. I spent a total of 22 days in this accelerated altered state of mind that literally changed my life and had an impact on my family and friends.

The recounting of all the details of this experience that happened in early 1977 would require a book which I once attempted to write and may one day. Suffice to say that I learned the visions of the future to be partly symbolic and a few of these have come to pass and convinced me that these visions were not just hallucinations with no basis in reality. One of the visions involved the drying up of oil from just beneath the surface of the earth as our demands increased resulting in more earthquake activity because I could see the oil acting as a lubricant. There is more to come, and I saw the days get darker, much darker filling with clouds and destruction. Then, there was an abrupt transition, and a new day dawned on earth. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, people were smiling, and communicating non-verbally as well as verbally. Will this all come to pass? If so, when? These are questions I cannot answer even to this day.

For those of you who would like to read more about the Brian Scott story, please link to and you will also be able to read Chapter 2 from my book Alien Magic on the strange saga of Brian Scott. You can visit my website at: and read some of my essays.


The most remarkable abductee I met and investigated was Brian A. Scott, a design engineer who underwent six abductions over a period of five years. I first met Brian in 1976 and was impressed by the amount of data he allegedly received from beings from another solar system. This was unlike other cases I had studied in the volume of data that Brian supplied far exceeded the norm.

Brian had first seen a strange ball of light on his 16 birthday, on October 12, 1959. The glowing orange ball came to within a foot of him, then darted skyward, leaving the youthful Brian dumbfounded. The ball of light returned many times later, and on one occasion Brian tried to repel the ball from his house using a broom stick.

Brian's first encounter with alien entities took place on the night of March 14, 1971, near Apache Junction, Arizona. Apache Junction is located near the haunting Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.

Brian had gone out to Apache Junction that night about 9 PM with his friend Nick Corbin to look for a good range for target shooting with a pistol. He had left the main highway and followed a dirt road for a quarter of a mile. He then parked his car to have a look around. His attention was riveted by the sound of an animal in the distance, but he could not see the animal. As he looked above the Superstition peaks, he was amazed to see a glowing oval object hovering above the mountains. He began to realize that what he was seeing was not a conventional plane or helicopter as it was too large and had a "funny kind of glow around the thing."

The object began to move toward Brian and, as it did, his first thought was to run back to his car and leave the area as fast as he could. Before he could move, the object positioned itself directly over his head and appeared now so large that it filled the sky above him.

The next sensation Brian felt was that of being lifted into the air. Fruitlessly, he reached out to grab something to maintain balance. A feeling of hysteria overcame him. He was being pulled upward by an invisible force through a doorway and was deposited in an outer corridor of a craft where he could feel the mixing of warm and cool air. He could see the lights of Phoenix directly behind him.

When Brian turned in the doorway, he was astonished to see that his friend Nick Corbin had also been lifted aboard this object. The two of them could only stare at each other. Brian could see some bright light coming from the interior of the craft.

Suddenly a door seemed to explode open and Brian could see four silhouettes framed in the light of the open interior hatch. Two of the creatures approached Nick and two approached Brian. Within seconds the creatures began to undress both Nick and Brian. Nick started a struggle to resist the creature's efforts. Brian, seeing any resistance as futile, cooperated with the creatures and finished undressing himself. Nick passed out as the creatures took him off in one direction, and then took Brian in a separate direction.

Brian was taken for a short walk and then turned to the left where he faced another door with a symbol on it. The creature on Brain's left reached out and touched the center of the symbol on the door, and the door opened.

The creatures were described as being 7 and a half feet tall, gray in color, with skin that reminded Brian of the skin of an elephant, with large hands and a very bulky body. Their hands ended in 3 fingers and an oddly bent thumb. The creatures seemed calm and certain of what they were doing.

Brian was led to an inner room, taken to the wall where the creatures then released their hold on Brian. It was at that time that Brian thought about bolting for the door to effect his escape, yet he felt restrained to the wall by an invisible force. Brian found that he could only follow the movements of the creatures with his eyes as they stepped behind a rectangular lighted console. While this occurred, an intense beam of light was directed at him from a box attached to a pole that ran from floor to ceiling. A cable ran from the box up the pole. Another creature stood behind the box, manipulating it.

Brian noticed that the entire room was filled with a mist and he could smell an odor he described as that of dirty socks. The mist or vapor seemed to linger on the creature's skin and was absorbed by it.

The box was lowered to the floor, at which time Brian could feel the sensation of warm and cold fluids running up and down his legs. He distinctly got the feeling he had urinated, and he felt strange in the pit of his stomach as the light of the box played over his body. As the light shone in his eyes, it caused a numbing sensation and gave Brian a headache. At this point, the creature extinguished the light and departed through a doorway, at which time another creature entered the room. This new creature was taller than the others, almost nine feet tall!

The new creature approached Brian and placed his hand on top of Brian's head. Brian felt as if thousands of thoughts were rushing into his mind. Brian asked the creature who he was and what he wanted. Brian could hear the creature reply, but its speech was rapid and slurred. The creature replied again, this time at a slower rate and in perfect English, saying, "There will be no pain of this." At this time all pain fled from Brian's body. He continued to ask the creature who he was, where he was from, and what he wanted. The creature replied, "I will tell you, and I will show you." Then Brian got the sensation of leaving the craft as if its walls melted away. He saw a holographic-type projection of domed cities on the surface of an alien planet. The creature explained that this was his old home planet before its destruction, and before the time of the virus that had mutated and killed his people. The hulky creatures were not as they appeared to be, but were wearing a projected "cloak of sorrow" in memory of the days of those who had gone before them. The cloak was also a biological shield against contaminants.

After the projected image disappeared, Brian found himself free from restraint and could move freely again. As the creature turned to leave, Brian still demanded to know who the creature was. At this point the creature turned to face Brian and said, "I lift the veil of projection." Brian saw the creature in his true form as a human being about seven feet tall with long red hair and piercing blue eyes. The being further said, "I am Voltar," then left the room.

Brian was escorted back to the first corridor where he had entered the craft. There he saw his friend Nick Corbin once again, and his crumpled clothes were left for him to dress. In a gentle motion Brian was lifted into the air and deposited back on the desert where he began to walk, looking for help. He noticed a light on the ground, which he discovered to be his own flashlight that he had dropped when he first sighted the UFO. As he returned to his car, he could remember clearly everything that had just happened. Later, after turning on his car radio and discovering it was now 11:10 PM, and that he had been out and away from his car for two hours, he began to forget. Brian had over an hour's drive to get home to where he lived in Glendale. By the time he arrived home, he could only remember seeing a strange light in the sky.

Brian had five subsequent abductions with the last abduction occurring on June 22, 1976. Brian went through a post-abduction phase involving trances, automatic writings and drawings, and an experience of transformation on December 22, 1976, at the ruins of Tioahuanaco, Bolivia. After that time he was given ten projects to accomplish and has quietly disappeared to work on these projects to be culminated by December 25, 2011!
Since this article was written Linda Moulten Howe wrote a long article on Brian Scott and an update on his activities.

Some of you may remember this article(s) from my first blog "UFO Experiences". It was presented in April 2005. For newcomers it will be enlightening.

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