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The Biographical story of Extraterrestrial Contact of Artist Christian Fedor Flores-Cordova

The Hooded Beings and the river.

As I felt the panic course through my body, I couldn’t help but to submit to my instinct to survive and struggle for air and with every desperate attempt to inhale, I would fill my lungs with more of the river’s water. I could feel my lungs extending, getting fuller and tighter and my chest becoming stiffer and stiffer as they could not respond to my asphyxiating demand for air.

With my last attempt to breathe for one last time came the realisation that it was pointless to continue to fight this unwinnable situation and a calm tranquillity that I have not felt since overcame me. As my body became motionless I tilted my head towards the surface of the water and could see the last bubbles of air escaping me, leaving me forever.

I could see the sunshine’s rays pierce the waters surface as I submerged ever slowly when suddenly a warm and disembodied voice spoke into my mind and said “remember this…”

Then in what I can only describe to be my 7 year old life played in my mind’s eye at great speed just like a movie in reverse, my consciousness or my perception was immersed in another reality in time yet it was nonetheless intelligible and I could at the same time focus on specific points of my life and see in precise detail what was going on and all still in reverse.

All manner of memories came flooding my mind, memories of my dead father as he picked me up as an infant came to me clear as the day it happened, all this filled with every single nuance of feeling, love and care that he had for me as he would place me in my cot and would caress me goodnight, memories of my brothers Carol and Sebastian crying, playing and curiously enough pretending if that’s the right word that the dinner table was an imaginary flying vehicle as well as when my grandmother Tixia would be carrying and biting my face every time she felt the need to express her total adoration of my plump complexion.

The time when me and my older brother spent almost two years at the so called “City of Children” which was the name given to the largest orphanage in the City. We were there for most of the week and spent the weekends at my grandmothers house because my mother had nowhere to live together with all of us, she was forced to leave us there at the behest of a man that many years later I found to have played a hand in the disappearance of my father.

The first day that I was left there at the orphanage, my older brother and I were taken there together but my brother was left in a different part of the orphanage. I was brought to play with other children that were seated in a circle in the grass with another lady that was probably a teacher or supervisor.

I recall that a few meters from where we were, there was a very large corn farm and all I could see was corn growing and old, dry and very tall tree in the distance. I was wondering what was this clapping game that they were playing and my mother slowly walked away form the circle of children and myself.

The terrifying nights when I was being tortured by some unknown boogie man that would hide under the bed and would pull my hair as I was trying to fall asleep. I guess very oddly it came through the window and pulled me through it and returned me almost immediately back onto the top bunk in the dorm.

There were about 50 other children in that dormitory. The fear and shock was obvious in the faces of all the other children because they were all awakened by this event for they all heard the strident squeal of what ever that thing was that pulled me through the window had made. All the children agreed next morning that it was a witch.

This made such an impact on all the other children that they told the teachers and so I was told to sleep on the opposite side of the dorm where there were no windows. I continued being harassed by some strange being but not as violently as that particular time and the bunk that I had used was from that point on always empty.

But there were several memories of those days as an infant that never made sense until now.
Yet the earliest memory of my encounters with these strange beings happened in the first house that we as a family occupied, which was the house where I last saw my father alive.

There were these memories that as I said never made much sense in the context of my life until I began researching in earnest the subject of extraterrestrial contact.

Memories of small beings entering my room as a child of 4 years of age now made sense. I was there, in bed quivering like a leaf feeling wave after wave of fear travel up and down my body in the dark waiting for them. I knew they were coming again, as I lay waiting in almost hysterical fear. I could not make sense how, just how, they or from where it was, that they were getting into the room. The door was closed but they were still getting into the room. The room would become cold and my panic would surge as I knew that they were coming, the little dark beings dressed in monk robes, beings smaller than me, they were no taller than 3 foot, their shoulders and heads were not much higher than the bed. They didn’t seem to have disproportioned bodies, they were simply small.

As I laid there waiting for another visitation I would become paralysed with the most excruciating fear that I have ever known.

With that, a climatic apex of fear, I would realize that they have arrived. I could see them walking into the faintly lit room which was normally filled with ambient light from the outside through the window. Dark short figures would begin emerging through the walls of my room accompanied by an eerie blue glow, moving rather oddly, fast as well as in a slow haze. At this point the fear would be so great that you wish to yell yet you can’t or perhaps they were rendering me incapable of doing so.

But no matter how much I wanted to struggle free of this unknown and unseen force that detained my body I could not break free or even move a finger. All I could do was to continue breathing and move my eyes. My eyes was literally the only part of my body I knew I could still excerpt some control over. So I would watch them, I would watch them get closer and closer to the edge of my bed and observed them shuffle closer and yet I knew they were walking. They would appear to take almost no time in doing all of this as if time would compress and decompress in spurts producing hazy sections in my perception of them and the event as if somehow something was wrong with my perception of time.

As they would come closer they would begin by lifting their globed hands and to my immense panic and fear, they would place them on my stomach and abdomen area. The sensation of extremely cold hands was what has allowed me to remember these events. It was their excruciatingly cold hands touching my abdomen that has to this day stuck and is forever in my memory.

The experiences with these beings was so terrifying and had me in such a panic stricken way that I would not dare sleep in that room without leaving the door open and the light on, yet they would still come and no one would know.

I thought that maybe if my dog Laica; a beautiful female German shepherd would stay in the room while I slept there the experiences would stop and that my dog would somehow stop them from coming into the room, at least that was my plan.

And so I asked my mother if I could sleep with the dog in my room, I explained to her with my child’s language that I could not sleep because there was things coming at night and would pull my bed covers off of me and would grab me with their cold hands and that I could not take it anymore. My mother thought that most probably I was just having nightmares and that she better amuse me by letting me have the dog in the room once or twice.

So I brought my German shepherd into the room after having a bath with my younger brother Sebastian. He was still a baby and needed to sleep with my mother. But anyhow I set the dog next to me in the bed. I was glad to see that my dog was very much enjoying the nicer bedding arrangement to its usual dog house.

I made sure that the door was still open when my mother switched the light off and kissed me good night with the sleeping dog by my side, and she said “sleep with angels my darling."

I fell asleep comfortable that nothing would happen, yet suddenly I awoke in the middle of the night with my dog growling like never before at something and I’m immobilised from head to toe but my dog was up and off the bed and on my left side of the bed closer to the door.

As I felt them closer my dog gave a very loud yelp and became totally silent. And the panic exploded in my mind and along with my dog’s hysterical alarm their cold hands began once again penetrating my body and the cold feeling was so unbearable that I passed out loosing consciousness and fading with the echo of my dog’s yelp.

As I awoke next morning to the realisation that it did not work, I tried to bring my dog into the room for another attempt but it would leave as soon as everyone in the house was quiet and sleeping. The beings continued terrorizing me for what I believe was another four times until I could not bare it any longer and I asked my mother to let me sleep in the bunk bed above my older brother Carol who is one year older than me.

My mother thinking that perhaps there could be a haunting in the house and obviously in that room, so she took the crucifix from her necklace chain and handed it to me to wear while I slept, telling me that she was sure that this would stop the monsters coming. I guess that my mother being a Catholic thought that this was the best way to deal with an unwanted spirit.

She hoped that God’s protection would keep me from being terrorized at night and that it would keep these creatures as I described them to her at bay and away from her children. A troublesome spirit was the last thing my mother wanted considering that we were already living a nightmare as the country’s government had just been taken over by a corrupt military junta and the country had been declared under martial law and political activism would be stomped out by force, which we experienced first hand.

As a child I had no idea why my father was not at home during this particular time and only remembered him coming and going from the house, but the memory of the last night that he was with us, was still in my mind even without the help of this near drowning yet I waited many years for his return.

But as I fell asleep tightly gripping the crucifix in my hand hoping that from this night I would get some rest from the visitations. I made myself comfortable in the top bunk bed, feeling enthusiastic that if these were evil spirits they would be afraid to come now that I had a crucifix.

That night I remember being someplace else with other children and being taught strange things, but these teachings made little sense to me, until now.

The next morning the crucifix was gone and to my great distress and anxiety I never did find it again, even though I searched the bunk beds and the bedroom all morning until I could no longer. Even though I had lost the only thing that so far could stop my nocturnal distress, the visitations seemed to have stopped or at least I had lost all notions of them occurring again.

But as I moved closer and closer to the very start of my life I was shown or I saw the day when I learned to walk for the first time. It is strange it is not like I wanted to walk, I was there crawling as my mother had put me down on the floor at the entrance of my grandfathers apartment. I crawled and just got myself up and began walking just like that and I guess it was a highlight for myself as a baby and then as I continued moving closer to the very beginnings of my life, I could see myself being carried around in the arms of my mother’s mum my beloved grandmother Tixia. And now even closer to the beginning I could hear myself talking saying ‘I must become many, I must become hundreds, I must become thousands, I must become ….” And that was the stark feeling that I had in what I can only say was my baby’s mind.” This to me was so very odd.

Why would I be saying that in the first place, except I would hear it once again much later in my life.

As I recalled this entire sequence of events not only the most important events are exposed to me but everything else and I mean everything, all the nuances, just as having a Video Cassette Player, rewind your life and watch it as it happened. I do believe that this event in my life, and where it happened, hold a great significance to me which I would later come to discover.

This river where I was drowning had another unusual event for me. It took place almost 12 months before the near drowning. During the previous school holidays we had come to enjoy this part of the country with my mother, south of the capital, and towards the mountains back in the late 70’s was called “El Manzano “. It was a very beautiful area filled with small narrow valleys and cliffs it was on the skirts of the pre-Andes mountains. I was there with my younger brother Sebastian, my mother and her brother Luis, and some neighbors. We had a nice day, the weather was beautiful and we ate our lunch with my uncle because the tent needed to be set up, so my uncle said that he would do that and since we had kind of arrived in the afternoon it was better that me and my brother Sebastian would go and gather some dry wood to start a small campfire so that we can make tea later once the sun starts to set.

As my brother and I set off to search for wood we walked for about half an hour down river where it merged with the much larger white-water causeway which separated the small valley area where we were, with the sloping skirt of a small a mountainside. We got to the rapids edge, and we found quite a lot of dry wood in this area in between the rocks near the river. All of a sudden on the other side of the river movement caught my attention. I turned to look at it and to my surprise and utter shock was a very large wild puma.

It appeared to be very agitated and seemed that it really wanted to come near us but the river was in its way. It paced back and forth like a house cat that wants to go out the door but we assumed that this large cat wanted to get a taste of me and my brother. It stopped pacing and gave me a deep stare across the water and it loudly roared in anger, and immediately we screamed “run!!!” We ran back to the tent as fast as our legs could carry us. We ran the entire way nearly pissing our pants with fright.

I recall my uncle Luis carrying me on his shoulders while he would kneel in the rock pool which by the way was much deeper than my body’s total length so this was a cause for great concern for me because I was not used to swimming in deep water anyways. This didn’t seem to bother my uncle one little bit as he persisted to make me drink gulps of water with every dip he took. Thanks to my lucky stars he grew bored and allowed me to get away from this sadistic game he was playing with me because I was not laughing.

Suddenly I saw my mother a few meters from where I was. She was chatting away with a group of ladies in bikinis that she appeared to know. I rushed to say hello to my mother for I was really missing her since I had not seen her almost from the time that we had arrived on the chartered bus at this vacation area. I guess she was sick of hearing us complaining on the bus during the trip to this summer spot. I saw that she was smoking a cigarette with these other ladies and seemed very interested in what they were talking about I noticed that one of the ladies was my auntie, the wife of my father’s older brother, her name was Monica. I asked my mother if I could hang around her for a little while. She said that she and the ladies wanted to go into the river and continued chatting but warned me not to come to swim in that area where she was going because it was very deep and really stressed it that I should not come to swim there. She and her companions proceeded to walk closer to the edge of the river. My mother said one last time “don’t come to swim over here is dangerous.” Well I thought I guess I better return to where I left my uncle Luis. But he was also very much enjoying the company of some other young men that apparently he knew because he seemed rather happy to see them there as well.

So I decided to go to the rivers edge as well, I sat on a large submerged rock for a while but the rivers current was making me move to the next rock with quite a lot of force but I thought I could still manage to sit on the rocks in the water. Suddenly the rock where I was sitting rolled with the current and made me loose my balance and the current began to drag me further down the river closer to the area where my mother had warned me about. No matter what I tried I couldn’t stop my self from being carried down stream. All of a sudden I realised where I was, I could not feel the river’s floor.

Light being that presented me with a vision

This is the first chapter of a book Christian Fedor Flore-Cordova is writing about his contact with alien beings. Taken off of Face Book without permission.

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