Thursday, May 19, 2011


Montauk Point Long Island New York
Date: Summer 1970
Time: afternoon

The young witness and her boyfriend were sitting on some dunes behind an isolated cliff when suddenly they heard a loud buzzing sound, like bees. They both sit up, but then lay back down again, apparently unable to move. The buzzing gets louder and a man wearing a soldier uniform appears, looking down at the witness. On his right there is another soldier, he kicks the witness boyfriend leg apparently making sure that he was unconscious. Two other men appear, one is very tan, with dark hair and dark glasses, the other seemed to be more fair. They then carry both the witness and her boyfriend to a nearby jeep.

They travel north through the dunes and then enter a large garage door apparently on the side of a hill. Inside the place looks like a garage, she is taken through a hallway while her boyfriend is apparently taken to another location. They then enter an elevator and apparently descend. The door opens into a much darker place, there is a very unpleasant odor present and is very cold. She is then taken into a very dark room and laid on top of a padded table.

The men then leave the room. The witness then sees something approaching her from her left. She then sees a 6-7-foot tall creature, with large pointed ears. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He had pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and has a tail. The being comes to the foot of the table pulls off the witness shorts and bathing suit bottom; he pushes her legs open and pulls her down toward him.

The terrified witness hears a raspy sound coming from the creature. He then inserts something inside her; she feels terrific pain, apparently giving the creature a lot of pleasure. After an unknown length of time the creature steps back and disappears. After a few minutes' two soldiers enter the room and take the witness up the elevator and into a well-lit room, filled with equipment and dials. She is then placed on a table covered in white and strapped down, including her head.

Then a group of 5-6 people come into the room. They wore white gowns and masks and hats that covered their heads. They appeared to be male, but there is one female with them. The witness head is turned on its side and taped to the table, and a small portion of the area above and behind her right ear is shaved. A few minutes later she feels a prick in her arm and she passes out. Her next conscious memory was of being in the dunes with her boyfriend.

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Luminero said...

Montauk is a good place to stay away from! Read the Montauk Chronicles.