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By Phil..

What have you learned about the greys from your experiences? Are they tall or short?

The small greys are under 4 feet tall. I saw two of them beside my bed Aug. '99 and noticed the standing one, one was kneeling, was shorter than my dresser and I measured it later and it's 4 feet tall. They were wearing silver jump suits with a zipper up the middle with a black insignia on the left chest. It looked like a long upside down triangle with a squiggle around it some have described as being a serpent which some think links them to reptilians.

Can you describe your surroundings when taken?

When I was 4 I suddenly got a defiant attitude, they probably gave me, and I went marching into the middle of the woods near my home where my mom told me not to go because I could get lost. I got in the middle of it and looked up and saw a bright white light hovering above a very tall old pine tree. It was their ship but I didn't know that then. It was as bright as the sun.

I looked down and a small grey leaned out from behind a tree and then walked up to me and touched me then we both floated up to the ship. Then I was in a room with about 25 greys, tall and short. A tall one about 4 1/2 feet tall told me telepathically "Don't be afraid. We are your friends." I said "You are?" He said "We are your friends." I got a brain implant during that and it was off the charts traumatic.

Afterward the tall grey stared at me for what seemed like an eternity as we stood next to the operating table. He told me he would always be with me; watching me. I've read this is how bonding happens with them. When a tall grey stares at you he is connecting to your mind via your optic nerves and basically it's a Dr. Spock mind meld where you're minds connect so he knows all your thoughts, memories, feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, etc. It's parasetic in a way how contact becomes a part of you forever.

When I first got on the ship I noticed it smelled horrible like really bad body odor. I told the tall grey It stinks in here. He looked at me and said you have a very strong sense of smell. It's true I do and I can sense odors before anyone else around me like I'm part dog or something. They change us when they take us in many ways. My psychic abilities, and we all have them, are increased after contact. I have been invisible to others many times in my life and I think I do it subconsciously or they are controlling it, not sure which. Sometimes I'm told what's going to happen before it happens and it always comes true. Sometimes I'm shown visions in my mind's eye of what is going to happen and later it happens that way. Usually, they take me as I'm about to fall asleep or am asleep. I'll sense their presence and feel a knot of fear in my gut and mind. I become paralyzed and can only move my eyes. Then they make my entire body vibrate very hard all over for several seconds then they take me to their ship.

One time, Summer '84, I was driving to my parent's for dinner. It was 5pm. I saw a bright light coming my direction on the other side of the highway flying above tree top level and slow. The red light turned green and I turned right onto the highway and thought I gotta see this and pulled off the road, rolled down the window, put the car in park and turned it off.

At that time my memory went blank at the point the light was directly across the highway from me. I was slumped over open mouthed drooling on my leg and looked at the clock wondering why I was now facing the other direction and slumped over looking at the clock. It was 28 minutes later with no explanation where 28 minutes went. I had missing time. It wasn't until March '03 when they woke me up that I recalled it.

They landed on the highway, landing gear down with a narrow metal stairway coming down from the side of the ship with a small landing at the top next to the door. A man in a pickup truck was about to pass me at full speed when they froze everything in the area. His truck froze beside my car. A small grey came and told me "Hurry, we gotta go." They took the man from the truck beside me and me and followed the man up the stairs to the top of the landing. I leaned against the railing next to the open door and thought This is so cool. Then I went inside and there was the tall grey and a white man wearing a tangerine colored jumpsuit. That man is usually with the tall grey everytime I'm taken. It felt like a reunion even though my gut was in a constant knot of fear. I said "Hey, How you doing? What's it been? 5 years?" I shook hands with both of them. I'm always hyper excited, scared to death, and very curious every time they take me.

Next thing I recall I'm on the exam table face down and the tall grey is doing something to my back, removing fluid I think for the hybrids maybe was the gist of what the tall grey was relaying telepathically. It's a matter of interpreting the grey's thoughts as to what he means, mixed in with occasional telepathic sentences. He told me "You're going to have back problems when you get older." I do and it's lower back pain big time. I wish now they'd replace my spine because I know they could. If I don't exercise it hurts.

Then they told me to get inside a box. It was like a sweat box you get inside only I was completely enclosed. I have no idea what happened in that box.

Next thing I recall I'm becoming conscious in my car and I drive to my parent's house. I get there and they had already eaten. I said I can't believe you didn't wait for me. My sister said Phil we waited an hour for you. Where have you been? Talk about feeling confused. All I remembered was seeing the light back then. It wasn't until almost 20 years later I recalled what happened.

What are the common factors that occur in all your abductions?

Examine me on the operating table. Replace implants sometimes. Sometimes make me have sex with a female hybrid which I don't want to do and detest recalling. Inject me with a huge shot in my arm. Some say it is to modify our DNA. I think it probably keeps us healthy as well as heightens our ability to make contact with them etc. Just a guess as I have no idea what's in that shot.. Some say it makes us more like them, probably. However they could be taking blood too. Upload information into my brain via needle probes in the back left side of my neck into my brain stem. I think they can also download whatever we know for what reasons I don't know. I think they make clones of us in case we need replacement parts because I saw mine in a tube that went from the floor to the ceiling standing in bluish fluid. Or maybe it's a replacement body. They have the technology to transfer souls from one body to another. They play God.

Why do they do the things they do to you?

From what I've read, those they take have a certain special genetic marker in our DNA that lends itself well for the creation of the hybrids. I've been active in their breeding program since puberty, age 13. I lost my virginity to them for God's sake.

Do you believe they are operating under their own free will?

Best I can tell the greys do what they do by their own free will. There are theories they are under Reptilian control and that the Reptilians are under Annunaki control. But how can anyone prove that is true? The greys don't usually tell anyone why they do what they do. Best I can do is determine why from their actions.

Do you believe they feel for their captives i.e. Stockholm Syndrome?

As for me, and I can only speak for myself, I think the greys try to treat me gently most of the time because my DNA is important to them for the creation of hybrids. They give all abductees this overwhelming obsessive feeling we have some very important task to perform in this life and that we are very special people but we have not got a clue what that mission is. They've told me telepathically all my life when I am at home or just minding my own business out of the blue You are the chosen one. They tell all abductees this. It's how they process all of us.

I try very hard not to lead a fearful life in fear of them and of being taken but it is a fact of life for me and many abductees. Everyone's experience is different. An abductee of the greys reading this post will tell you their experience is different or similar to mine. I learn more about my own experiences or recall more when I read another abductee's experiences. We each hold little pieces of the big puzzle of why they do what they do because they've shown or told each of us different things. They don't interact with all of us the same way so we each come away with different experiences. The hard part is getting an abductee to overcome their programmed fear to open up and share their experiences. That was a big step for me, that and fearing being attacked on public groups or ridiculed by skeptics and paid debunkers. Being an abductee comes with a huge harassment factor. We debate among each other whether the greys are benevolent or malevolent. Their actions speak volumes in that regard. The truth is they can be both or neither depending on their agenda with the individual. I think being cooperative makes the encounter go positive as opposed to fighting and I have fought before.



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Other than confusing Dr. Spock with Star Trek's Mr. Spock, the tale is interesting.