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Posted by Phoenix
(From "I was abducted" forum)

Hello, I have just found this board and am "glad" that so many have had the same experiences I have had. I don't feel so weird/alone. I have been involved with "meetings" with the aliens since I can remember...My first memory is from about 4-5 years old.. the meetings have come in waves ever since... is that common with any of you? Sometimes it goes away for a long time and then starts up again..It always seems to happen in cycles for me. Sometimes it has been terrifying, other times I have fought back, other times have been "educational"/classroom-like, and others have just been rides in ships, "talks" with them (telepathic/mind images/feelings-their lips do not move you know, at least for me!) sometimes I have been shown and allowed to "fly-think" the ship I am in. Sound nuts?? All I can say is I remember these things as real memories and it felt real.

One of the times I went with "them" I was with a spiritual group in California near Joshua Tree near an area called Giant Rock in 1992. I was sleeping with everyone on top of a large hill made of milky quartz, (people drive their 4 wheelers over it now) and I had a "dream" where I was told to wake up and get the car keys from my friend Tammy and go sleep in the car. I then woke up and Tammy was sitting up in her sleeping bag with her backpack in her lap..I asked her what she was doing and she literally said to me "They told me to give you the car keys and to tell you they are going to take you tonight." She then jingled the keys and put them in my hand. Talk about weird!

I walked down the hill and towards the car...footsteps (not mine) were following me on my right side about 6 yards away in the was dark so I could not see anyone...I truly was the only other person awake at that time (other than my friend)..I got to the car and remember LOCKING THE DOORS because I was kinda scared...I was laying in the back seat when I heard the footsteps all around my the time I thought that it sounded like little kids, the steps sounded "light" like someone small would make.

I heard a "voice" in my head say that it was going to begin and my feet started to "buzz" the Buzz traveled up to my calves and I freaked and told them to stop, that I did not want to stopped and a couple minutes later my feet started buzzing again..the buzz got to my knees before I freaked again and said "Stop!" It stopped again and receded down to my feet again and ebbed away...the third (and final) time it got to my waist before I got scared again...imagine this buzz feeling physical and electrical all at the same time, inside you and around you. It did not hurt at all. I said stop again and this time the "voice/feeling" said that it was not possible at this time to stop and that it was going to have to happen. The buzz kept going up from my waist and when it reached my neck I "blacked out".

The next thing I can remember was being aware of being in a ship with walls that could be opaqued and made transparent with just a thought. An Aryan sorta Jesus looking person was with me the whole time I was in the ship (the parts I remember anyway) There were some smaller looking "people" in chairs facing a bank of softly lighted instrument panels, they never looked at me the whole time. I can also remember having philosophical type discussions with the Jesus guy about Earth and what was coming...he let me fly the ship for a few minutes and I can remember what the Planet Earth looks like from space..soooooo amazing, like a HUGE jewel. Anyway, the next memory or rather reality is I was awake in the back seat of my car and ALL THE DOORS WERE UNLOCKED AND WIDE OPEN! Everyone was still up on the hill asleep! I can remember telling my friend Tammy about all this that morning (later on) and telling her that I believed she did not go back asleep that night-I remember seeing her in a separate "view-screen" on the wall of the ship, and she sat up all night waiting to see something, anything, in the sky.

I can remember this clear as day and it really happened to me at Giant rock. This is just one of many and sometimes wonderful moments with "them". Other times are more horrific and troubling to my psyche...I am at least glad to have something of a balance, although I am generally afraid of the greys. I still wonder why this has always been a part of the fabric of my life...and hope it will be explained to me some day in a way I can understand that won't hurt my mind, ya know what I mean?

Well, that's the first time I have told so many people this story of mine at one time...most people think it sounds cool but I can FEEL their minds don't hear it as real, therefore they do not really believe it happened to me...that's too bad cause I am 110% knowing it did! So long till next time...thanks for any comments on the cycles thing..anyone else a "lifer?" Peace, Phoenix

From "Alien Abductions"

I have had the same feeling of the buzzing, starting in my feet and working its way up my back to the top of my head. I was laying on my right side in bed. It did not paralyze me though. Then all of a sudden it was gone. I have always wondered what it was. Maybe now I know! - P. Urial

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MICHAEL said...

Phoenix, Remembering your contacts this time around IS pretty cool? Now reach inward and listen for your genetic memories of contact through the ages.