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Couple makes friends with Bigfoot
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On September 4, 2011, two of us from the website met with “Stan” and “Sue,” a couple in their thirties, who began having contact with Bigfoot in August 2011. To protect the Bigfoot from those who want to shoot or capture them, the couple chose pseudonyms and will not pinpoint the exact locations of their encounters except to say they occurred in or around the Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. The following is their story in their own words.

STAN: I should first explain that I’ve been interested in Bigfoot since I was a young boy and saw the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video of a Bigfoot. As an adult, I’ve researched the subject and talked with individuals who’ve had contact with the Bigfoot. I’ve learned that meditating in remote mountain areas can sometimes attract the Bigfoot who are highly psychic and spiritual.

SUE: We’ve been attempting to make contact with Bigfoot or Sasquatch that way for some time but nothing happened until Sunday, August 21, 2011.

STAN: That day we set out on a long hike into the mountains about 4 p.m. After four hours of strenuous hiking, we found a spot that felt right for our meditation.

SUE: We were deep into the woods and absolutely nobody was around. As we began meditating, I heard the words in my head “Close your eyes” but it was as clear as if someone had spoken the words out loud. Then all sorts of unusual things began to happen.

STAN: We could hear about five or six pairs of bipedal footsteps around us. We felt immense energy and heard the walking for about an hour while we meditated. Every time I telepathically asked for verification of their presence we would hear a loud sound or an 800-pound bird call – obviously not a bird. We heard muffled voices, too. It was like when you hear people talking way off in the distance but you can’t understand what they’re saying.

SUE: It was so intense but every time I started to peek, I heard the words “Keep your eyes closed.”

STAN: We eventually understood that they were communicating telepathically and wanted us to keep our eyes shut because they were afraid they might spook us if we saw them.

SUE: I felt very scared, but only because there are a lot of bears in the area we were in. I telepathically communicated that I was sorry for my fear, but explained that I was afraid there might be bears around. I then telepathically heard “I am not a bear” in a humorous tone. I repeatedly asked if it was them and I got the answer “Yes” every single time.

STAN: We were not at all scared of the Bigfoot because we have done extensive research on them and know that they are by nature gentle creatures if approached in the correct manner. Though our previous attempts to contact them weren’t successful, we felt we were successful this time because we hiked far into the woods and were in a very clear frame of mind.

SUE: Our experience with the Bigfoot didn’t end with our meditation. When I started to walk a little further, I heard “Don’t go any further.”

STAN: We also got lost when we tried to go back down the mountain, so I said out loud, “We’re lost. Can you help us?”

SUE: I was really scared, but then we heard an owl sound. It was leading us.


STAN: The following week on August 28, 2011 we hiked up to a mountain ridge. This time we only hiked about a mile into the woods and we meditated earlier – around 5 or 6 o’clock. We felt that only one Bigfoot was present.

SUE: We didn’t get much communication that time, only a strong feeling that one of them was watching us.

STAN: Since then, we have had three encounters near our house which has lots of woods behind it. One time they left us two large hawk feathers at the exact spot where we meditate.

SUE: During one meditation near the house, I asked, “How can such a tiny cricket make such a loud sound?” The Bigfoot response was “Because he does not doubt himself.” I felt it was a message for me to not doubt my telepathic ability.


STAN: There are too many people who just want to capture or even kill a Bigfoot – like they’re the ultimate hunter’s trophy. Such hunters attempt to lure them closer by knocking on trees with large sticks, which is one way the Bigfoot communicate, or by blasting recorded Sasquatch sounds into the woods. Yes, the hunters might get a response but it’s going to be an aggressive response to frighten the hunters away.I would respond the same way if somebody pulled into my driveway, set out a loudspeaker and played a tape of a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. That would make me mad and I’d run the person off my property. So I totally understand why the Bigfoot charge, growl, throw large rocks and give off a defensive odor, like a skunk does, when threatened. Even under attack, though, the Bigfoot do not physically hurt people. They are gentle and prefer to live in harmony with all of nature.

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Daisy said...

Oh!! I cannot describe how wonderful it is to finally meet others who telepathically connected and spoke to Bigfoot..My experience was a few years ago when I happened on a website. The woman lived in the woods and one day she made close contact with a family of Bigfoot. I discerned she was telling the truth and it stirred something deep within me which was a desire to know for sure whether they existed or not. That night as I was preparing to go to sleep, I asked God to reveal the truth to me. I had my eyes closed and was thinking about the day when suddenly, in my minds' eye I saw a beautiful mountain area with a large Bigfoot standing on a ridge looking at me. My breath stopped. I felt shocked but I breathed into it a little and kept looking at him in my mind. He telepathically greeted a nod to me. I realized there was absolutely no doubt they existed! Our interaction was brief but intense..I will never forget the feeling of intelligence, spirituality, caring he exuded..he told me I was welcome to come visit him. I looked at the wooded setting..the moon was big and bright. It was then I realized he was lonely, maybe not so much for himself as he was for his kind..that he yearned for things to be different on this planet..the same that so many of us human do.
I felt a kinship with him in that I too was not of this planet and came from the stars to be here. I too felt I had been dropped off accidentally and forgotten.
At the end of our time, he said again to me. "You are always welcome to come visit."
I knew that the reasons why most do not see them or have contact is because Bigfoot can discern the heart of people. Occasionally someone will see one by accident, take a picture and spend endless hours and money trying to 'prove' it to the "experts". They do not have a pure heart. They want to exploit Bigfoot for gain and fame. And then there's people like me who simply want to know the truth and boom, there it is..and I believe it. I suppose if I ever travel up towards the mountains, I may stop just to see if he's up the ridge at water's edge...that'd be nice..