Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dear Kalani:

Mitch Batros said on C2C the other night that the Canary Islands are experiencing so many earthquakes every hour. He said they are all around 3.5 - 4. Have you felt those? George said isn't that where LaPalma is? Mitch said yes and if it goes a huge tsunami will go across the ocean and hit the east coast over 100 feet high and will go into the main land several miles. What is your take on that?


Well, Mitch should take a little valium and calm himself down. I receive his email notices and follow his material on the sun.

Yes, the quakes are occurring on the island of El Hierro. My father in law is from that island. I love that island. It is so alone and mysterious. There are about 20,000 people who live there. It is kind of a Celtic culture, very different from some of the other Canary Islands.

Yes, over the last two months or so they have had well over 8000 registered quakes. They started off small (1.0, 1.5, etc.) but in the last few days they have reached 3.8. I have not heard of any 4.0 quakes yet.

The island is on alert and hundreds of people have been evacuated from key areas. One of them is the city of La Frontera. La Frontera I feel is a danger point as it is on a shelf that could conceivably sink if there is a huge quake. This has happened in many places around the world throughout history, with loss of life. It has happened in Hawaii back when.

The authorities are handling the situation very, very well. In fact, it is being handled with kindness, and respect for the population. Something that is rare here, since in spanish culture rudeness is the name of the game.

No, we do not feel those quakes here on Tenerife. Thank goodness.

Everyone is very surprised at this event as it came out of nowhere. The last eruption on El Hierro occurred in the 1500s if I have my facts correct.

The authorities cannot say what will happen there. Either escalating quakes to relieve the pressure from underground lava, or an eruption. I doubt that the eruption will be violent. But one never knows.

As for that 100 foot wave, well that talk comes from a theoretical collapse of landmass on the island of La Palma, which is NW of El Hierro. If there is a collapse of La Frontera, then it may be possible, but it would have to collapse all at once. If it collapses irregularly, then the competing wave pressures in the ocean may cancel out anything big.

Everyone in the Canaries and Europe is aware of what is happening. We monitor all the news from out satellite subscription and we are seeing most of the news generated out of the European Union.

So, yes, it may be a big deal, but that remains largely unknown at this time.


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P. Urial said...

Hi Aileen. The man I told you I met in Spain witnessed an unusual sight off one of the islands of the Canary Islands. He had drawn an illustration along with the written material he gave me. The illustration depicted a huge craft of some kind floating on the water. On the craft where human like figures on top of the craft. He said the human like figures were doing work on top of the craft. The man also pointed out that the craft was so huge it reminded him of an island. I would think that there might be a underwater base near the Canary Islands. Maybe these earth quakes are from aliens working on their base. What do you think?
James S.