Thursday, December 15, 2011


From Jorge Martin


I'm sending you here three photos of apparent cosmic wormholes photographed
in the sky over Puerto Rico, all of which I analyzed with Photoshop digital filters.

Photo #1 was obtained by a well known physician, Dr. Walter Cotté, in the area of Lajas, Puerto Rico (in the southwestern region of our country, and shows what seems to be a wormhole in the sky from which oval and spherical-shaped objects are emerging to our atmosphere.

Photo #2 was obtained by Mr. Víctor Román in the area of the city of Aguadilla
(northwestern region of Puerto Rico), and shows something similar to
photo #1, but with a front view.

Photo #3 was obtained by Mrs. Wanda Vélez in Lajas, Puerto Rico
(southwestern region of Puerto Rico), and it speaks for itself once submitted to
the digital filters, as you will see.

Please post the images in your blog, and ask if any of your readers have similar pictures to analyze.

Should you need to contact me for more details, or anyone else interested in the images,etc.,
send an e-mail to my new e-mail address, which is:

Or call me by phone: (787) 758-0692

Also, I wish you a very merry Christmas season and a New Year 2012 full of happiness, health, love and successes.

Thank you.


Jorge Martin

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#1 Dr. Cotté's Lajas anomaly .jpg#1 Dr. Cotté's Lajas anomaly .jpg
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Dr. Cotté - Cotté Glow edges crop.jpgDr. Cotté - Cotté Glow edges crop.jpg
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#2 Aguadilla anomaly .jpg#2 Aguadilla anomaly .jpg
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Aguadilla Sol-Inv. .jpgAguadilla Sol-Inv. .jpg
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Aguadilla watercolor Sol-Inv. crop.jpgAguadilla watercolor Sol-Inv. crop.jpg
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#3 Wanda Vélez .jpg#3 Wanda Vélez .jpg
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Wanda Vélez Find edges - Glow edges.jpgWanda Vélez Find edges - Glow edges.jpg
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Wanda Vélez Find edges.jpgWanda Vélez Find edges.jpg
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Wanda Vélez Sol-Inv-Glow .jpgWanda Vélez Sol-Inv-Glow .jpg
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Wanda Vélez Sol-Inv.jpgWanda Vélez Sol-Inv.jpg
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Cullan Hudson said...

After having lived in Puerto Rico for several years, I don't doubt mysteries abound. However, as a graphic designer, I must confess: Photoshop is not a scientific, forensic tool. It is used to manipulate digital image data for aesthetic purposes. The filters used in no way authenticate the images presented.