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The event I'm going to relate happened at our house, in a sparsely populated part of the countryside.The house has two stories and is built on a steep hill, so that when you look out the windows on the second floor, you can see into the tops of the trees that grow next to the house.

At about nine p.m., what I thought was a large car with bright headlights rolled down our gravel driveway.  I was washing the dinner dishes while looking out the kitchen window, which overlooks the circular driveway, but I didn't see any car there, so I thought nothing of it and went on up to bed.

We slept until about seven a.m., and when I was back at the kitchen sink after breakfast, I looked out the window to see a woman in a red windbreaker jacket enter the stables.  She was wearing white pants, and was holding a long stick in her hand.  I told my daughter to go see who it was, but when she returned, she said no one was there.  I then saw a man jump off the pump house nearby, which is eight feet tall, and run off towards the trees.  He was small, with brown hair, and seemed to bounce in a way that had no relation to gravity.

Next, I left to do some marketing, and when I returned my husband walked up to me and said, "There are people in the trees!  We've been trying to talk to them, but they won't answer."  My husband and I walked up to the front porch, where we saw the children calling up at the treetops, 'Come down, we won't hurt you.'  I looked and saw that whoever was up there had constructed some sort of platform.

We went upstairs to look out of the bedroom window at the beings we had been trying to talk to from below.  The second story windows are just at the right height so that we could view them in a level plane.  The trees they were in are right outside this window, about sixteen or twenty feet away, so we could see the beings clearly.

I said to my daughter, 'Do you see what  I see?

  She said, 'Yes Mom, there's two of them.  What's that thing coming out of that one's head?'  I noticed that there was some kind of beautiful beaded antenna sticking out of the left side of the head of one of the beings.  One of them looked slightly Oriental, and the other seemed more American, but smaller and with a brown mustache.  One of them had on a remarkable piece of jewelry -- it was a band striped in different metals of all colors: silver, gold, platinum, green, red, purple and black.  We could only see them from the chest up, since the branches and leaves covered the rest of their bodies.  I got the feeling they were monitoring everything; our yard, the air, perhaps radio waves.

Since they continued to ignore us, we went downstairs and outside again.  I felt brave and wanted to find out more about what was going on, so I went and got our Rottweiler dog.  Holding him by the collar, I explored underneath the trees.  This caused a commotion, and I saw ten or twelve pairs of legs, all wearing white pants, scamper away from me up the hill.  I let go of the dog, and as I approached the house, I saw a woman who was the same type of being you describe in your books.  She was dressed in a kelly green jumpsuit and was too long and thin to be a human being.  She was climbing among the branches of one of the trees next to the house.  I said, 'You have no right to do that without my permission; you should have asked.'  I instantly realized how silly this accusation sounded, and I quickly opened the front door and went back into the house

Back upstairs, at the bathroom window this time, I was able to get a closer look at her.  She was unlike anything I've ever seen.  Her arms were long and unbelievably thin, and she had some sort of faun colored soft leather flight cap on, of the type that pilots used to wear in the old-fashioned open cockpits of early planes.  She was also wearing goggles from the same era, although the lenses were shaped to fit her large, slanted eyes.  I can't recall that she had a mouth, or much of a nose.  She had soft-looking gloves on, and her jumpsuit was closed down the front with some sort of metal fasteners.  She looked like she was engaged in filming, and aimed a black video-type gadget directly at me.  I immediately jumped into the shower and jerked the curtain shut as fast as I could, whereupon my husband walked in.

I said, 'Did you see her?' and he said no, so determined to learn more, I left the bathroom and went out of the house, across the front yard and into the rundown paddock area of the property.  There I saw the most incredible being that I have ever seen.  It was almost indescribable -- a silver, crystal, moving mass of energy and light with the exact same striped band of jewelry that I described before on it, perhaps where a neck would be  I stood three feet away from it, awestruck.

The children and I are a little bit vague about what happened the rest of the day.  We remember that at about four p.m. two of our friends arrived, and I told them to come and see the people in the trees.  I insisted that they come upstairs with me and look out the windows, but we saw nothing.

The next morning, as we headed for the beach, we noticed that the birds were back in the trees again.  There had been one there the previous day.  My daughters and their girlfriend and my husband and I all talked about our adventure while at the beach.  Jini had seen the man with the mustache, as well as some of the other beings.  My daughters Dana and Ruth verified their height; Jini showed me with her hand how tall they were (about five feet).  My husband took the stance of denial, postulating that we'd all somehow had similar hallucinations.  Since then, he's acknowledged their presence, but is reluctant to discuss it.

I got very ill after that visit.  The following week I lost thirteen pounds.  I needed two liters of intravenous fluids the following Friday.  On Saturday I was better, after a week of sore throats, fevers, restless nights and nauseous days.  My littlest one has ground her teeth down, and pulls the covers entirely over her head every night, but we're more calm about it now than we used to be.
Used with permission by Whitley Strieber out of his book "The Communion Letters"

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