Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alien Abduction Stories: The Sergeant Charles L. Moody Abduction

It is said that the people who are abducted by aliens are usually mid-American red necks who love a good tipple of whisky. Unfortunately this is something that is said by those who have never looked further into alien abductions. This story is about a man who was a Sergeant in the US Air Force.Alien abduction stories moody
This alien abduction story involves one Sergeant Charles L. Moody on August 13, 1975. Moody was watching a meteor shower from Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert. It was about 1:15 A.M. when he witnessed a glowing metallic, disk-shaped object fall from the sky about 300 feet away.

The UFO was about 50 feet long and between 18-20 feet wide. As it reached to an altitude of 15-20 feet above the ground it wobbled on its own axis then started to slowly move towards Moody in a steady manner. Moody jumped into his car but was unable to start it. The UFO stopped about 70 feet away. As he watched he could hear a high pitched humming noise, he could see a rectangular window in the craft and he could see shadows of humanoid beings. The high pitched humming stopped and he could feel a strange numbness permeating throughout his whole body.

The next thing Sergeant Moody remembers was watching the object rise up into the sky and disappear into the distance. He turned the ignition key and the car started. He drove off in speed terrified.

Moody arrived home to find that it was now 3:A.M. He was missing around one and a half hours of time. The following day Moody suffered lower back pain.

A rash broke out over his lower body a few days later. A physician recommended that he should try self -hypnosis to try and recall what happened to him in that lost one and a half hours.

Over the following weeks Moody was able to piece together a near complete picture of events of that night. After he was overcome by numbness that night in the car, he recalls seeing two humanoid beings approaching the car.

He described them as being around six feet tall wearing skin tight black clothing. He was involved in a brief scuffle with them and he was rendered unconscious. He later woke on a slab inside the craft. His limbs were heavy and immovable and stood next to him was what he believed to be the beings leader.

This being was smaller than the two who had taken Moody from his car, he was wearing a silvery white suit. Like the other two he also had a large hairless head, a protruding brow, roundish eyes, small ears and nose with very thin lips. They had a whitish grey coloured skin.

Moody was asked telepathically if he was prepared to behave peacefully. Moody agreed and the leader relieved his paralysis by applying a rod like device to his back.

He was taken around to different parts of the ship, he was shown the drive unit that powered the craft. He recalls there being a sweet stifling odour. He was told that there was a mother ship that was situated miles above earth. They promised him a future meeting with the occupants but that closer contact of Earth men would not happen for another twenty years.

Moody was told by the aliens that he will not remember anything for about two weeks, and then the smaller alien put his hands on the sides of his head and rendered him unconscious again.

Charles McQuiston, a co-inventor of the Psychological Stress Evaluator did an analysis of Moody’s claims and said they appeared to be true. One investigator however questions the validity of Moody’s claims, Jim Lorenzen noticed a couple of ‘big’ contradictions in Moody’s accounts.

In an early telling Moody said that the mother ship was about 400 miles above the Earth, he later went on to say it was 6,000 miles away. A big difference.

He also said one time that the aliens that took him from the car were frail creatures but later said they were 6 feet tall.

Real Alien Abductions Stories would like to say, I have seen men who are 6 feet tall and frail. You can be both. So I am not sure that that is a valid argument against the case. Still what ever happened to Charles L. Moody on August 13, 1975 in the New Mexico desert is a intriguing alien abduction story.


Chuck said...

Interesting case , Thanks for posting this :o)

Z. Ray Wakeman said...

A lot of strange 'stuff'...happens in
New Mexico...I wonder why...(!)

Z. Ray Wakeman

Unknown said...

What interested me was the date. August 11 threw 13 but a different year I experienced similar things

Unknown said...

What interested me was the date. August 11 threw 13 but a different year I experienced similar things