Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The following was heard on Coast to Coast am from a caller to George Noory.  Guest was Maria Jones.

There are several more interesting calls on different dates that we will be submitting so keep tuned!

George Noory:  We've got Rex in Tucson, Arizona - first time caller.  Good morning, Rex.

Rex:  Good morning George.  How are you? 

GN:  Okay, Sir.  Thank you.

Rex:  In 1981 I was doing home repair work and I met a fella who was a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.  Over a number of months for 'im - we 'came pretty good friends.  And he and I got into a lot of philosophical conversations.  One day he says, "Have you ever heard of an area called "Dreamland?"

Marie Jones:  (Delighted) Aaah. (she has a good laugh, more delight.)

Rex:  I said, "No I haven't."  At the time I really hadn't.  But, by this time in my life I - I'm thoroughly into it.  But at the time he said - he said to me, he says, "well, I did a lot of flying, he says, 'up in Nevada,' he says, "if you can think of it, he says, 'they are working on it there.'

I've always been a time... time travel fanatic, and I says, 'Are they working on time travel?' And he said, "I took an oath that I wouldn't say anything.  When I retire, I could lose my retirement benefits and everything that I've worked for,' but he says,'If you can think of it, they are working on it.'

Rex:  So over the years, I've - you know - I've listened to people - their stories on Area 51 - Dreamland - all of this.  And I put this together over the years - and I think one of these days I'm gonna have to get through to Art or George and tell 'em this  story, because it was unbelievable at the time.

And it really captured my imagination.  One of the things he said, 'If I could go back in time,' he says, 'Id love to study the Bible and see' ya know 'see this'. I thought 'that's incredible.  I don't think I would like to change anything in y life.  Because I'm very happy with my life as it is.  Hey, I'm just afraid I'd just screw up something along the line.

GN:  Makes it worse

Rex:  Yeah, makes it worse, ya know, cause I'm so happy right now with my life - I've got a great life and I thought, 'you know, there are other things.. that would be interesting to see - but I'm afraid..  You know, it's like I've always thought about... woo - what were the disasters that people like to go back to and study - and I'm thinking... what if somebody, as a recreational time traveler, actually caused these disasters in the past by changing something.'

GN:  Great Story.

Rex:  For years I have been wanting to get through and tell that story.  Ya know, I met this guy - he was an incredible person - he's still alive.  But I just thought you know - that's interesting.  He says, 'If you can think of it, they're working on it."

GN:  That backs up many of the things that we've thought about area 51 indeed.  Rex, thanks for that story - sharing that with us as well.

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