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GEORGE NOORY:  East of the Rockies, you are up on Coast to Coast.  Welcome to the program - hi there.

Caller:  Hey, George - it's Joe.  How are you this evening?

George:  I'm doin fine.  You?

Caller:  I'm good, I'm listen in' to you on 104.7.  East of the Rockies.

I got a story I wanta tell ya.   In line with your theme tonight "Strangest thing that ever happened to me."

I do a lot of work for the Military - for certain agencies.  Back in 1989 ...'90 I was working' a project... out in the Skunkworks.  And.. I was part of a team that was taken in to do the Skunkwords in California.  And... it's amazing.

You go into this place and go down, and, as you go into the facility, the walls are granite.  Polished granite.

We were taken into a room - we were workin'  on the Stealth bomber.  There was a problem with peeling and flaking.  And the Israeli radar had spotted the Stealth bombers.  So, part of what we were to do was to come up with a solution to fix the problem of the peeling and flaking on the fuselage of the stealth craft.

George:  And the peeling and flaking was causing radar to pick it up, ya mean?

Caller:  That's right.  What happens is, it's called, uh, 'coupling and yielding' and people who are out there, you're scientific guys... will understand that.  Uh - frequencies, 16.27 gigahertz.  For example, if an aircraft is flying in conventional radar like, let's say you're Cleveland Central.  All the planes are being' hit with 16.25 gigahertz.  That causes heat to form on the fuselage.  That heat has to be defused, now, if you don't have a ram - a radar attenuating material to defuse that heat.  The RAM material, the Radio Attenuating Material peels and flakes.  Anyhow to make a long story short...

We were taken into the Skunkworks, and down into a facility... and, part of the solution to the problem - and this was just - an' in fact 

I'm workin' - I was workin' in my lab late tonight and found out this was declassified  and what I'm about to tell you has only been told twice: once to my wife, and once to our board of directors, in a secret meeting.  Anyhow, I've received an e-mail tonight - this is no longer classified - so I'm tellin' the story -

George: Okay.

Caller:  I can't believe it myself - it's the strangest thing that ever happened to me.  And I gotta tell ya... I been to Area 51, and I've seen some strange stuff, but I never saw anything like this. Okay?

So they take us into this room - there are 12 of us guys.  And, we're never allowed to exchange names.  No information, and they took us into this one room where there were 12 seats.  No tables, and a man... walked... this is so strange I can't even believe it myself:

A man walked out of the wall.

George:  A man walked... out of the wall?

Caller:  Out of a polished... wall.

George:  A human being?

Caller:  A human being.

George:  Okay.

Caller: - Wait a minute - it gets - it gets weirder.

This man identified himself as Robert Julius Oppenheimer.  He gave a six minute lecture.. on Cesium 235 element.  Turned around walked back into the wall.  

Name:  Julius Robert Oppenheimer
Academic, Engineer, Physicst
Birth Date:  April 22, 1904
Death Date:  February 18, 1967
Eduction:  Harvard University
Gottingen University
 Worked on the Manhattan Project

Four armed guards came in - moved us out... took us into a corridor ... put us on a blue bus with blacked out windows and, we went.  And, we came out of the place - it was night time and went to an airport -- we're in Nevada.  And I went in I know... I went in in California.  But we came out in Nevada. 

Now as we were driving away and it was night time... as we were leaving this... facility there were red lights.  And I could see these red lights moving.  And the only thing I could think, it was the side of the mountain moving. 

And - well the projects declassified now, so I told the story twice.. I don't know, maybe there's -

George:  Now, and what year was this?

Caller:  This was 1989.  Janu - uh December 1990.

George:  When did Oppenheimer die?

Caller:  I believe 1952.  (Actually it was 1967)

George:  That's what I thought, it was waaay before this.

Caller:  That's and uh, we were - woo woo I - I never... as we were never introduced to one another - uh, we were told that the project was classified - we eventually solved... the problem.  I've never seen any of these people... again.  Never having contact from anybody.  But I was read the security act of 1971 and instructed by an under secretary that if anyone ever contacts me that I had to report that to the Department of Defense.

George:  Whatta you think the significance was of Oppenheimer walking through the wall, for crying out-loud?

Caller:  George... I gotta tell you this... Your people, and your listeners is really my link to sanity and reality, because there is time travel.  I'm convinced.  There has to be.  How else would this guy walk through a granite wall.  And I'm no dummy.  I've got five college degrees and I don't drink, and I don't use drugs - and I know what the heck I saw.  I know what these other guys saw.

George: I wish - and I would've given my right arm now, not really, but I would loved to have been there.  

The week's up.  George thanks the producers and the show goes out with the usual end theme playing. 


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