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Photos: UFOs Captured - Bucks County, Plumstead Township, Pa

Posted: 06 Dec 2008 11:47 AM CST

Witness statement: 3 objects with very bright white lights hovering for approximately 5 minutes (7:05 pm eastern time) in the near distance. Again approximately (9:45pm easter time) 1 object with bright white lights flying over a farm field not far from original sighting.

12/5/08 approximately 7:05pm eastern time: My family was leaving for a night out when we noticed 3 very bright white lights in the near distance outside our front door of our home. I took some pictures (enclosed) with a digital camera but the zoom didn't do a very good job so the pictures look farther away then we actually seen with our naked eyes. We stood there and watched in amazement and wonder what exactly they were. All three object were hovering in a fixed spot and then one object would glide what seemed to be in a slow motion toward one of the others and stop and then distanced itself further and had colorful blinking lights and what sounded like a quite (helicopter propeller) like sound, but quieter. Because of the time and our prior commitment, we had to leave but we had plenty to talk about and thought maybe it was military related since a naval air base is located 10 to 15 miles south in Horsham, PA.

12/5/08 approximately 9:45pm eastern time: My family was returning home and seen just one object with the same exact description (bright white lights) and what looked to be a circular shape but was hard to make out because the lights were so bright and very close to the objects underbelly (which made the object look blurred to the naked eye) even my family members said they couldn't make it out for the same reasons, the bright lights were just so bright which made it look blurry. It was flying close to the ground over farm fields off of Stump & Haring Roads in Plumstead and after trying to follow it for a minute or two with our vehicle, it was gone into the crystal clear, star-lit sky.

From Phantoms and Monsters Blog

By Jorge Martin

Strange things have always happened in Puerto Rico, says Jorge Martin, the island's principal UFO investigator and editor of a Spanish-language publication covering UFOs and the paranormal, called Enigma! But something happened in 1987, because the number of incidents has grown incredibly - abductions, encounters, UFO phenomena...

My belief is that Puerto Rico seems to be a principal operations center for these UFO beings, whoever they are, wherever they come from, Martin comments.

They seem to be underground on the island, because they are seen going into the water in different places and going into mountains in different areas. The areas are distant from one another, but people describe the same thing.

The typical pattern of events, according to witnesses interviewed by Martin, begins with a small glow at the side of a hill or mountain. An object may seem to appear out of nowhere, and then, the whole thing seems to mesh with the mountain, and everything disappears. Sometimes people see definite metal-looking type craft and other times they see a flat craft engulfed in light.

UFOs up to a half-mile in size have been reported over the island, appearing with what Martin and others feel is an unusual degree of openness. A spectacular cigar-shaped object recently made a show of itself, releasing a number of smaller objects as it hovered above a large political rally that had attracted hundreds. The government is very much involved with this, says Martin. They know everything that's going on.

The mountainous areas where UFOs are said to be entering and leaving are constantly surveyed by the military.


In an eerie echo of Budd Hopkins' report on abduction research, a creature encountered last month near Loiza, on the northeast end of the island, appears to be trying to get in contact mostly with Puerto Rican children.

In one terrifying encounter, a group of children playing in a brushy area came upon a landed UFO about 15 feet in diameter. The children, ages 7 to 12, began banging on it and tossing rocks against the hull. One of them got near to the edge of the object, and from one end something opened and this very long arm came out and grabbed him by the leg. A friend tried to help him, but then ran away. Then another arm and hand came out and grabbed his hand... the child was frightened, hysterical. He grabbed a piece of wood and began pounding on the hand of this being.

The creature eventually let loose of the child, but not before it appeared to lose a finger, which the child purportedly put in a piece of paper and tried to carry home. The child said he dropped it, and was too afraid to spend time looking for it.


Other reports of this particular creature have started to come in. It has been described as three feet tall, very thin, greenish in color with a large, relatively pointed head, pointed ears and reddish eyes. But as in most compilations of alien encounters, this being is exceptional. Usually the reports are of the EBE/grey or human type of creature and on some occasions in some areas, the big-foot creatures, which seem to be related to the UFO phenomenon also.

A wave of mutilations began in Puerto Rico - carcasses of small domestic and farm animals such as dogs, chickens, pigs and goats have been found by citizens, reports that other media on the island won't touch.

Along with other phenomena, standard abduction sequences are commonplace. Right now I have a list of about 250 people who have been in this kind of situation and they are expecting some kind of help, or they want to know everything that has happened to them.... in most of the cases, the so-called greys are involved.

In an odd twist, many reports have separated the tasks of certain unidentified beings into defined categories- the so-called greys doing the initial physical examination and taking of samples, while human-like figures, mostly men, explain to the subjects what has been done to them. I have had old people with arthritis who have been cured and people with destroyed kidneys which have been completely restored. It is explained to abductees that by working with the chakra energies, they can rearrange the tissues and organs and do these cures.

In one outstanding case that I have observed, a female abductee, while under hypnotic regression, related events that dealt with two different races of greys, one of whom was in the company of US military officials. Such abductee testimony, combined with the sheer abundance of other sighting and encounter reports in Puerto Rico since 1987, has led me to speculate that the island is being used as an experimental site to test the effects of open alien contact on a population, to see the psychological and sociological reactions to the process.


These are simple people, religious people and as these things come out, they are more confident now, and are talking about what they have seen. Last year myself and two other witnesses saw a UFO - very shiny, with no wings - comes out at 3 p.m. in the afternoon in a region entirely controlled by the US military. Some of these things happen, and then immediately you can see F-14s or an A-7 or AWACs planes.... every day it is more and more open. If you see one thing, you see the other; UFOs being chased by US jet fighters and vice versa!

On some occasions, I begin thinking: are these jets chasing them - or are they escorting them?

P. Urial

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