Sunday, January 4, 2009


Art Bell host

1. Alien spacecraft will land in Memphis TN - needs a platform to land - 4 or 5 people to greet them. Caller was part of the prophecy. Official spokesman.

2. Nuclear holocaust in the states. Device in U.S.

3. New monarch on throne of England. Not Prince Charles, he will be passed up because of Camela. Prince William will be king.

4. Representative of Congress will be hypnotized (Dennis Kuchinich) by Budd Hopkins - for missing time.

5. Major earthquake in some west coast city - Seattle?

6. US and Canada (N. America) will increase communism - Canada black communism

7. Economy will flounder - martial law in some bigger cities

8. Increasingly hard winter - shortage of food in the spring.

9. Nuclear device will go off in Saudi oil fields.

10. Honeymoon of Barack Obama will be over by October.

11. Finally proof that Bigfoot does exist. It may come by either dead or alive.

12. C2C listeners will form an insomniacs club.

13. Year of the homicides. Highest rate in US caused by the homeless, the economy and lost jobs.

14. Commercial real estate sector will fold within the first 4 months of 2009. Grocery stores buy on credit, they may shut down. US $ will become valueless by June 2009.

15. Core inflation will rise to 10 to 15% by third or fourth quarter.

16. Barack Obama will nationalize electric producing companies.

17. Sept. 15, 2009 nationwide, possibly world wide, pandemic unleashed by our own gov't for population control. They already have the cure. BO was in Pueblo on Sept. 15, 2008 and that is why he got the same date for 2009.

18. Adam Sandler - be in headlines more.

19. Life outside solar system will be discovered on planets very much like earth. Possibly NASA spacecraft or SETI will discover it.

20. Gold and precious metals will be taken over by the government.

21. Moon will continue to get brighter and bigger.

22. New Moon 2009 - 18 - 20th be great for happenings at Rashinani - first contact - during rapture. New contact on earth - UFO Contact (??)

23. Chrysler and GM will merge by October. Thinks things will be good eventually.

24. A cocker spaniel in White House for first dog.

25. Forests living in NW forest will die. A vision.

26. End of March - unions fall - April stock market goes up.

27. Major sports in US will collapse in 2009.

28. Russia is going to do something to flex their military might.

29. June 18 on C2C will do power of intention to make things better.

30. High profile person - tire accident - car or plane.

31. California is going to shake in Orange County area.

32. Full disclosure of UFOs, Obama disclosure president.

33. A bloodbath on Mexican border before April it will cause government to put troops on border.

34. 2009 will see some event catastrophic in nature will stop trucking for food in stores.

35. Australia - last 3 or 4 months is going to be some kind of earth movement off of SW coast of Australia. Possible tsunami.

36. Global leaders will realize to prevent war one currency - one wage - same situation everywhere.

37. By end of second quarter stocks will be -7000 will be precipitated by fall of GM and Chrysler.

38. July 24 - world peace.

39. NAU Announcement will be declared this year. Only solution to the economy which will tank. Canada, US and Mexico.

40. Hotel fire, if not in US proper, will be run by an American, high loss of life, some miracle rescues.

41. Blimp Crash.

42. People will overthrow gov't because the people are fed up with the way it is run.

43. George Noory will be married this year.

44. In city of Phoenix the rain gauge at Sky Harbor airport will register .8 5 times in one day.

45. Investigations into artificial manipulation of oil prices.

46. Auto production will be cut in half.

47. See changes in NAFTA agreement - level the playing field

48. BO will play a main part in bringing peace to the Middle East.

49. First time US will not stand with Israel this year.

50. February or June, process - day of the great political smash. All currency of the world rendered useless.

51. Within next month will be a major terrorist event around England or near there. Like 9/11 here. BO is a hero.

52. Sometime in mid summer someone will throw a monkey wrench into the Bankers plans. In the end we will come out better for us. Within 3 months we can roll back to previous levels.

53. In February some meteorites will hit the ground like hail in one little neck of the woods. You can go out and pick them up.

54. US will break up into regional countries minus VA, TX and ??. Capital will be in Atlanta. It will begin on April 24 Confederate Memorial Day.

55. Hoover Dam will break from an earthquake and from snow melt. It will refill the Salton Sea.

56. Beginning of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Events on Mayan Calendar to start surfacing. In February it will start.

57. Armed rebellion of the US people against the gov't. Revolution to get back to the way it was supposed to be.

58. Economy gets worse.

59. Obama's national socialist health care plan will go through - a socialist police state will start in 2015. Gov't will run everything.

60. Disney will attempt to buy Christmas - or attempt to anyway, everything except Santa.

61. People are going to wake up and see BO is not the savior they thought he was.

62. Big time natural disaster is going to happen that will put us over the edge.

63. Green gadgets - surge in entrepreneurialship in US. Small business will start up - good for the economy.

64. Rise in death toll in 2009.

65. Plans for NAU and Amero will be disclosed by end of year.

66. NE Ohio earthquake before October near Warren or Youngstown.

67. Globalist will announce they have taken over the world - caller thinks it will be great!

68. Genetic engineering causes outbreak of food poisoning.

69. Scandal with BO this year.

70. Hear about an announcement about (Infrastructure) the trains it will cost a trillion dollars but the returns will be ten times more. Will put people to work - new deal will come through.

71. Major seismic event in Yellowstone this year. Volcanic (already happened)

72. New member in Art's family! Could be for Dolly the cat.

73. Unity in US with US citizens - illegals will be transported to country of residence.

74. Sometime this year major news about Jon Bene Ramsey case.

75. Toys. A huge insurgent about hands on toys.

76. BO, they are going to test him in first half of 2009. He rallies the people and puts a stop from the downslide we are in.

77. Obama and Biden administration will expand assault - semi automatic weapon ban of 1994.

78. Manning boys will meet in Superbowl.

79. Shift in consciousness - faith and love. Negative things are going to be overcome.

80. Dome of the Rock destroyed. Temple will be rebuilt.

81. Our country will be growing our own food to supplement what we have.

82. Americans will bring upward slope to the American economy without the government.

83. Ark of the Covenant may be found in 2009. Will be brought out. We need peace in the world now. A consciousness has been placed within it.

84. People that are disgruntled about BO - criminal types are going to mess up things in the oval office. A Watergate type thing.

85. Black Panthers are going to try to come back to power now that Obama is in.

86. Predicts California will not sink in the ocean.

87. Main stream media will admit peak oil is a reality.

88. Wet in the desert this year. Houses sliding off the hills. Flowers will be blooming and the desert is green.

89. Massive earthquakes in Yellowstone - high magnitude in July and august

90. Something will turn up in our DNA. New kind of engineering this year. Has something to do with junk DNA.

91. This will be the year of alcohol as a fuel. Use waste products as a fuel.

92. Poseidon adventure - rogue wave will hit one of the cruise ships.

93. People will gather together and create self sustaining societies (communities).

94. There will be a new energy source in the coming year. Static electricity will be harnessed.

95. In the next year more revelations as to how we come to be what we are. Return to the Golden Rule and brotherly love.

96. Keith Ledger will win an Oscar for the new Bat Man movie.

97. Early 09 we capture Osama Bin Laden. Feather in the cap of Obama.

98. Young people in America - early teens and early 20's. Movement will start this year. Secret society. All across the country. Person to person group. Adults will be wondering what is going on.

99. Next year we will see microbial life exists on Mars. All ingredients for life is there.

100. Seeds and garden products sales will be skyrocketing this year. Seeds may run out this year.

101. 2009 precursor will bring us to fascism. End of Mayan calendar will lift the yoke of slavery off of the Mayans.

102. Second half toward end of year Art Bell will return on a regular basis - 2 or 3 days a week or whatever.

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